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Our KTLK-Version - 1 CH 35(pg 144)Ashu's Legacy (Page 58)

Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2012 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SSA777

Happy Anniversary to you Libra!  thanks for the SBS link.. Watched the segments and will catch up on the updates and youtube once I am back in town.   Also waiting for the next chapters,

Thanks for the anniversary wishes.Smile

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by shah1485

Originally posted by shah1485

Originally posted by turags

Libra..real cool..Thumbs Up  ..and Guys..don't look at me for more intimate scenes...i am inserting lyrics of different songs these days...i know i am probably pathetic...but what to do!!! Ermm
Thankyou very much bothe the anniversary wishes and like the new chap.Smile

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ssktlk Senior Member

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Posted: 27 June 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Happy Anniversary Libra, and great story by you and turags, always look forward to it. Awesome job.

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maxnruby Groupbie

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Happy Anniversary Libra!! Wow! 24 years!! And while celebrating our 10th, I was thinking how did we manage to live with each other without anyone getting harmed? LOL  24 is surely a long way to go. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssktlk

Happy Anniversary Libra, and great story by you and turags, always look forward to it. Awesome job.
Thank youSmile
Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2012 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
WinkQUOTE=maxnruby] Happy Anniversary Libra!! Wow! 24 years!! And while celebrating our 10th, I was thinking how did we manage to live with each other without anyone getting harmed? LOL  24 is surely a long way to go. CONGRATULATIONS!!![/QUOTE]

After 12 yearsp pretend he s not there. Works for me. But then there are times you need something then go all out.LOLWink
Thanks for the anniversary wishes.Smile

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Hi Everyone!! here is chapter 22 for you. Since its Libra's 24th Wedding Anniversary, Libra - this is especially for you. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Anniversary once again!!

Chapter 22:

Morning light is filtering through the curtains and Ashu stretches himself and automatically reaches his hand for Nidhi. His hand searches the empty side of the bed and he opens his eyes to look for her. She is not there in the room. "Now where has she gone!! This girl doesn't know the meaning of slow down." It was almost early hrs of the morning by the time both of them had finally drifted off to sleep and now she is already up and about. He keeps grumbling to himself and gets ready. He exerted himself too much yesterday with the trip to police station and again to hospital and bringing Nidhi home..so his knee was hurting him quite badly. He takes the walking stick and comes in to the hall with a slight limp. The sight that meets his eyes stops him in his tracks. Armaan and Nidhi are sitting in the hall each with their respective cups of coffee and Armaan is teaching Nidhi some kind of funny gesture that included slapping hands on the table and then clapping them. Nidhi is almost doubling up with laughter and Armaan was teasing her that she is too slow. 

Ashu ' whats happening here? 

Armaan ' I was just trying turn Nidhi into Rowdy Rathore. 

Ashu ' Rowdy what? 

Armaan ' Rowdy Rathore..its the latest movie..why am I even telling you about latest movies? You probably haven't seen a movie after Rajesh Khanna's Aaradhana and this is his son in law's movie. 

Nidhi giggles at that and Ashu glares at his friend. HK brings Ashu's tea in the mean while and Armaan and Nidhi continue their jintata jita jita. Ashu roles his eyes and shakes his head at that tune and what they were doing. He asks where Baba is and Armaan says he is out for a walk. HK comes in and asks Nidhi what to make for bfast and she says she'll come and gets up. That sudden movement makes her dizzy and she staggers and falls back on the sofa in a heap. Ashu shouts "Nidhi!" he pushes Armaan out of the way and sits beside Nidhi and slaps her face and keeps calling her name. he shouts for HK to bring some juice and checks and makes sure the hand was not bleeding again. Once reassured of that he checks the pulse and asks Armaan to bring the BP machine from his room. Nidhi slowly opens her eyes and gives a dazed confused kind of look around the room and finally looks at Ashu and says what happened? Ashu ' you fainted. You should still be in bed Nidhi not sitting here playing these silly games with Armaan. Don't you know what it means when a doctor says take it easy for a few days? Nidhi - I am fine. Just got a bit dizzy because I got up so suddenly. Ashu checks the BP and makes her drink the juice when the phone rings. It was from CV saying that DB has slight temperature and might not be able to come today. Ashu assures him not to worry and take care of DB by giving her a paracetamol and a light diet. Her worry over the last few days must be catching up with her. CV offers to send CS to help out but Ashu declines saying there should be someone over there to take care of DB. 

While he was talking to CB, Nidhi and Armaan were busy making plans for the evening. Nidhi wanted to see a movie and have popcorn. Ashu on hearing that says, "No Nidhi. You are neither going to go to a movie nor having popcorn. Armaan, if you keep giving her these ideas, you might as well go back to your house. Both of you are worse than 2 kids in a candy store." Armaan says no they are not going OUT to a movie but getting the movie IN the house. A DVD and moves on to crack jokes on how Ashu might not know what a DVD means. He must be used to the old cassette model types and VCRs. 

Everyone is at the bfast table and talking when Anji walks in in another of her traditional salwar with ghoonghat. She is pretty nervous and says Ranga's parents want to meet her. Ashu hears this and says, "Anji, before that, call Ranganath and tell him to come and meet me. I want to talk to him about you and all this you people are doing." Anji hesitates a bit but calls Ranga. He comes immediately.

Ashu ' Dr Ranganath, what is it that you people are doing here? I understand that you want you want your parents to get impressed with Anji. But is this the only way to do it? Have you thought of what you are going to do after they agree? Are you going to ask Solanki uncle and Shyama aunty also to act? And then what? You will marry Anji. But what will happen afterwards Ranganath? How long will you keep your parents in the dark? Or are you going to turn Anji completely into someone else?

Ranganath by the end of this speech, is sweating. He wasn't this scared even when he went to talk to Anji's dad. Just that morning he thanked God that Anji is an only child and didn't have any brothers that he had to worry about. Looks like he thanked God too soon. Dr Ashutosh was breathing down fire at him and if he is not wrong has just appointed himself into that role! God save him now. He takes a deep breath and tells Dr Ashutosh that this was just to create a good first impression and make them consider lifting their opposition to the marriage. He assures Dr Ashutosh that he would never leave Anji and wouldn't dream of changing her. Ashu tells him to think carefully before doing anything hasty that would result in Anji getting hurt. He never had a taste of what a real family would be like and now that he has, he is willing to learn what it takes to keep that family happy. He hesitantly glances at Nidhi as if trying to guess what she is thinking of his interference in her friend's life and one glance at her tells him that he has become her hero again. He is beginning to realize that at the end of the day his Nidhi needed only two things. Him and her family. As long as both those depts are happy, Nidhi is also happy. 

After discussing this, Ranganath gives the papers concerning Nidhi's reinstatement as an intern at KGH and also Ashu's joining report for him to go through and sign. Ashu tells him that Nidhi will start after a couple of days and he will be coming to the hospital from tomorrow but asks him not to schedule any surgeries as he might not be able to stand for so long so soon. Both Nidhi and Ashu sign the papers and Ranganath says, "one more thing sir. There was a management committee meet yesterday and they have informed me that a new MBA person has been hired to take care of the promotional aspect of KGH. What with so many super speciality hospitals popping up, they felt someone is needed to make KGH more visible. Nidhi ' WOW! That's a great idea. More people will get to know about our hospital. Ashu ' what great idea Nidhi? Why do we even need some non doctor coming and giving advice on hospital related issues. This is not some business where you advertise a product. And KGH has been in this city for so long. Why do we need to promote it? Ranganath interrupts, says bye to everyone and leaves along with Anji. 

Nidhi ' so Dr Ashutosh..looks like I am going to hound you again in KGH 

Ashu ' yes Dr Nidhi Mathur. But your initial duty will be in the paediatric ward. And make sure you are not late. The dean over there is very strict. In fact, I heard that the interns calls him Dr Heart Stone. 

Nidhi smiles at that and moves behind his chair and hugs him from behind. "yeah I know. But don't worry. I have a medicine with me which if he takes will turn his stone heart into sweet heart." 

Ashu ' oh yeah? What is that medicine? 

Nidhi ' you want the dosage now or later? 

Ashu smilingly turns his head and looks at her. His smile however gets replaced by his desire. This close he could see her glistering lips and feel her breath on his face. Most of all the love and happiness shining from her face. The rest of the family seeing this leave them alone with a smile on their faces. 

Later that morning Nidhi finds Ashu in their room getting ready.

Nidhi - "you are going somewhere?"

Ashu ' yes Nidhi. We have to meet Mallika. I just spoke to the agent and he has appraised the house. Lets just get this over and done with.

Nidhi quickly gets ready and both of them leave. All through the way Ashu holds on to Nidhi's injured hand and wonders if it was a good idea to bring her along. Why did I allow Mallika to do this to me? How did I allow this unhealthy relationship to fester for so long? Why did I not recognize the signs of her madness before? What was this stranglehold that she had over me that allowed her the power to hurt someone who was dearer to me than life? Was it because she was the first human being who had never left my side, even after I had rejected her?  For I did reject her, I know that for sure. There was never any doubt in my mind and I never allowed her to entertain doubts. She was a wonderful friend and that is all she would be. I knew she loved me but I thought those were her emotions to deal with. I had made my side of the story clear. She was a dear friend for whom I had done many things and who had done many things for me but none of them ever added up to love. At least not in my mind and I had made sure not in hers too, the minute I got wind of her feelings. She did not give up easily and neither did I. She kept making her overtures and I kept rejecting them. I thought she got the message. But no! His thoughts get distracted when Nidhi puts her head on his shoulder and squeezes his hand. She could guess the direction of his thoughts and was offering silent support. He puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her into a one armed hug in acknowledgement. 

Both of them reach the police station and after signing are allowed to meet Mallika. She is in a cell towards the end of the row and gets up when she sees both of them. If it were not for the bars separating them, he would have thought she was the same Mallika who used to be his friend and worked in KGH. No trace of any insanity. A calm face free of malice. 

Ashu ' Mallika, I have asked an agent to appraise baba's house that you had given me as a gift. The value is a little less than what you paid for it so I am going to deposit the full amount of what you paid into your bank account. As soon as the transfer is done, I will pass on the details to your brother. I thought I should tell you that in person. 

Mallika ' what would I need the money for Ashutosh. I thought if I bought the house, I will get your gratitude and then your love will follow. I refused to accept that my 12 year wait was all for nothing. I wanted you by any means possible. 

Ashu ' and that's what I kept telling you Mallika. You can't force or order love. It just happens. Your refusal to accept that fact has cost us both. i lost my once very dear friend and you lost all your present and future and any chance of happiness and contentment that you might have had. Good bye Mallika! 

All through this Nidhi was silent. She never spoke a word. But to Mallika, her silence spoke louder than any words that she would ever hear. They spoke of her love for Ashutosh and her trust in that love, her refusal to let ego come in between her and her husband and above all her silence screamed that no matter what I WILL NOT LEAVE HIS SIDE. Both of them turn and make their way back. Mallika's eyes follow them, sees the way Nidhi supports Ashu when his knee stiffens up and he stumbles. Sees the way Ashu holds on to her for support.


That night dinner was a boisterous affair with Armaan narrating incidents of his fashion house in Mumbai and Nidhi discussing the designs she liked best. Ashu thinks that with these two people around, one day soon I will forget how to talk and my ears will keep ringing with their chatter. They get ready to watch the movie while Ashu just wants his wife preferably on a bed. He keeps looking at Nidhi as if to say come away but Nidhi gives a naughty smile and tells Armaan to start the movie and goes into the kitchen to get popcorn. With no other choice, he follows Armaan into the hall and sits on the sofa. Nidhi gets the pop corn and a blanket from the room and settles herself beside Ashu saying I want my place. Saying that she takes his arm, puts it around her shoulder and rests her head on his shoulder, looks at him and says "THIS is my place." Ashu smiles indulgently and the movie starts. He is not interested in watching but was just enjoying the sensation of his wife pressed up against him. He makes sure she is fully wrapped under the blanket so that no one can see anything. His hand slowly moves from her shoulder to her waist. She was wearing a blue saree so that gave him the perfect excuse to feel her soft skin and caress it. Goosebumps rise on her at the feel of what he was doing and she holds his hand and brings it back to her shoulder. He slides it from the shoulder to her neck and unties the string of the blouse at her neck. She pinches his thigh and pulls off his hand again. Seeing her munching on the popcorn, he takes a piece of it from the bowl and makes sure everyone Armaan and Baba were watching the movie and feeds her. She takes it along with his finger and slightly sucks the finger before releasing it. God! What is he turning into? He had avoided it for all these years but looks like now the desire had him firmly in its grip and has no intention of leaving any time soon. As if its making up for the lost time and drowning him in its force. He can't take it anymore and excuses himself saying that he was feeling sleepy and leaves the room. Nidhi couldn't enjoy the movie after that so she too leaves after a few minutes and follows him.


Ashu is on the bed pretending to be asleep when Nidhi walks in. "aap so gaye?" he doesn't answer. "ok then I think I'll go and watch the rest of the movie with Arm'" before she could complete her sentence Ashu gets hold of her pallu and pulls  it. She turns towards him at the same time and her beauty is revealed to him without the saree obscuring it. She crosses her arms in shyness and turns away from him. He hugs her from behind and whispers "aap ko sharmana bhi aata hain?" all the while his lips are playing havoc at her neck and his hands are busy finishing the undressing job they started. Nidhi closes her eyes in delight and ecstasy.."Dr Ashutosh.." "yes Dr Nidhi what can I do for you?" her hands creep up to caress his hair. She turns in his arms and hides her face in his chest. Images from the previous night implode in her mind and sensations of every time he made love to her exploded in her body. Ashu ' "do you know that I was jealous of that movie today because it held so much of your attention? I wanted you to look at ME, be with ME mind body and soul" his touch was driving her crazy. He lifts her face to his as he speaks. His eyes drugged with passion and desire. "Nidhi" he groans and enfolds her into his body. He feels her surrender and crushes her into his body making no attempt to temper his response to her surrender. Nidhi was disintegrating in her need for him and both fall on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs to spend yet another night of being awake and tasting the delights of each other.

 comments welcome!! Blushing 


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Lovely...just the right mix of everything...and baby, you've mastered innuendo all right...and was I glad to see that movie watching scene,...have given up hopes of watching it on the show...sigh! Clap

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