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Originally posted by Libra

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whens the next chapter coming

tomorrow has become today...and we are waiting...Day Dreaming

just a while longerBig smile

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can u pl give us a tentative time?

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Originally posted by nandinibose

can u pl give us a tentative time?


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Hi, guys. Hope youlike it.Big smile


Nidhi, literally flew out of the hospital, and came to a dead stop when she saw what her husband had bought for her. in front of her eyes stood the most beautiful car she had ever seen, a deep red Toyota Innova.  Ashu, smiled indulgently seeing the excitement on is wife's face. The car had been worth the price he paid for it.  The smile on her face was worth ten such cars.
Nidhi-   I can't believe you did this. its beautiful, but why? We don't need another car just yet.
Ashu-  Yes we do Nidhi. I don't like it when you have to take taxis home, after work. Its not safe, besides you will need a car when the baby comes, and this is perfect for a family. It has a lot of room, and it is one of the safest cars on the market today.  And I want both of my girls to be happy.
Nidhi-  I dont know what to say except, lets go for a ride!
Ashu, laughed-  well sweetheart. its the middle of the day and we are both technically still on the clock, so how about we make a date for when we both get off.  Huh?
Nidhi-  Ok, Sir. Its a date. but what about your car, how can we both go in my car, when yours is still here?
Ashu-  I already anticipated this, so I sent my car home with the delivery guys who brought your car here, for me. So we're all set.  Now, I have to get back to work sweetheart, I have a surgery scheduled  in another half hour, and I have to get ready for that.

Since, Dr. Rangnath, had returned from  his honeymoon, he had taken over his duties in the administration department, and Ashutosh had assigned Nidhi as intern to the childrens ward.

Nidhi, went back to work happily. Today was a good day for her, getting back to the duties she loved the most, and also a new car, and then a date with her favorite man to look forward to that evening. Life didnt get any better.

At lunch time, she went up to Ashu's cabin, but he wasn't there, and she was informed by his peon that her husband was still in surgery, and had left word that she should have lunch without him, as his surgery would last for a while.

Even though she wanted to wait for him, his baby had other ideas, it seemed that there was no way she would let her mommy stay hungry, she demanded her lunch, so with a smile and a pat on her stomach, Nidhi turned and headed towards the canteen.  On the way she made a slight detour and went to Rohan's office, to see if he was available for lunch.  She also wanted to talk to him about Aanchal.  Nidhi was so glad her friend was moving on with his life.  Every time she saw him, she felt guilty for her happiness, and the fact that she was so happy, when she knew that because of her, her best friend was unhappy.  But, finally he was also on his way to a life of his own. She would miss him though, not that he was going anywhere, its just that she had been the center of his attention for so long, selfishly she had gotten used to that.  Anyway, (the selfish part had lasted only for a few moments) now she was very happy for him, and wished him as much happiness as she had found with Ashutosh.  
Rohan was in his office when she knocked on his door, and poked her head in.
Nidhi-  Are you free right now.  I thought that we could go to lunch together. Its been a while since we had any time alone together and I thought that it would be fun.
Rohan-  Actually, Nidhi, I was thinking the same thing. I found out that Dr. Ashutosh was going to be busy with surgery this afternoon, and I knew you'd be free.  So, I was was just about to ask you for lunch also.
Nidhi smiled sheepishly-  Rohan, I didn't mean it that way. I wanted to have lunch with you too, its just that some how, with one thing or another I just keeping missing the opportunities.  But I have missed you, missed talking to you and our times together.  You know that no one can take your place in my life, don't you? You are my best friend.
Rohan- Hey, don't be so serious, I didn't mean it that way. I understand that your husband is your first priority, of course you would want to spend time with him. And I also know that I am your friend, and am an important part of your life. So, don't worry, chill yaar.   Come on now, let's go to lunch.
Rohan, placed the order for lunch, he remembered all her favorite things, including her changed liked and dislikes, since she had gotten pregnant. It made her really happy to see that it was just like old times, Rohan teasing her and both of them laughing and having a good time together.  He was her old Rohan again. He was whole again. And she had Aanchal to thank for that, the only thing was that Rohan didn't see that yet, He himself didn't know that he was in love, and she was going to have fun watching him as he discovered that fact, but at the same time she couldn't let the opportunity to tease him go either!
Nidhi-  So, how is Aanchal.   Baat  kahan tak  pahonchi?
Rohan looked up at her, and a blush spread throught out his face.
Rohan- What do you mean, kaunsi baat?
Nidhi-  Rohan, you don't need  to act in front of me. Mujhe sab pataa hai, I can see everything.
Rohan- I have no idea what you are talking about!
Nidhi-  If you don't know what I am talking about then why are you blushing?
Rohan- You know you are quite annoying?  I never realized quite how much until now.
Nidhi laughed-  Rohan, stop stalling and spill the beans.  I know that         you like her.  I know you and I can see it clearly on your face. When are you going to stop denying the fact, and admit it?
Rohan was quiet, then- Well...I do like her a bit. But aisi koi baat nahin hai, jaise aap soch rahi hain, she is a nice person.  And, I also don't know how she feels.
Nidhi- Of course you do, I told you and also showed you the other day, Didn't I? 
Rohan-  Yea... but...i don't think, I mean I don't know...that     she...that I...I mean Nidhi, you know how I feel about...
before he could say another word, she cut him off, what had started off as a light teasing between friends, suddenly took on a serious note. Nidhi understood what he was trying to say.
Nidhi-  Rohan I understand, and I know what you felt towards me. And we also know that we are both friends, best friends. You don't need to feel awkward with me. I am very happy, and I will always love you as my friend.  We both need to forget and go on. I have and now its your turn. From what I have seen, Aanchal is a really nice person, and I loved her smile.  If you give her and yourself a even half a chance, I think that you will be very happy.  And that is what I want for you, what I have always wanted for you.  So now Tell Me.
Rohan- Ok.  And I am glad. And I want you to know that no matter what, you were, are, and always will be my best friend.
Nidhi- Rohan.  You are still stalling.
Both of them looked at each other and started laughing.  They were still laughing when Ashu saw them there a minute later.  He went to their table and sat down.
Ashu-  Kya ho raha hai. What are you two laughing about?
Rohan and Nidhi looked at each other and smiled.  then Nidhi looked up.
Nidhi- Kuch Nahin, we were just catching up and talking about old times, and I was asking Rohan to give me the scoop on Aanchal.
Rohan looked chagrined- Nidhi...
Ashu, taking pity on him, sided with him-Nidhi quit bothering him. He will tell you when the time is right, for now stop being so nosy.
Rohan gave Ashu a thankful look, and glared at Nidhi promising a reprisal with his eyes.  Nidhi  grinned and stuck her tongue out at him. 
After that they just talked about general things, and also touched upon the progress of the marketing campaign.  After lunch, all three went to their respective departments to continue with work.
Towards the end of day, Ashu was back in his office finishing  up some patient charts, when his phone rang. It was his friend the DGP.
Prashant- Hello Ashu, how are you? Do you have a minute to talk?
Ashu-  Hi, Prashant, I am doing well.  And for you I always have time, so tell me what can I do for you?
Prashant-  Well, Ashu, I know what happened a couple of weeks ago, when you went to visit Mallika at the prison.  The prison Warden told me how upset and worried you looked when you left. Well, he and I had a long talk on the subject, and I am calling to reassure you that as far as Mallika is concerned, you have nothing to worry about.  I know what she is capable of and so does the warden, and we have taken extra precautions, to make sure that you and your family will never have any cause to worry about anything from her side. Also, her contact with anyone from the outside has been severely restricted, once we realized that she had been in contact with somebody who was keeping an eye on you and your family and reporting to her.  From now on all calls coming to her or being made by her will be screened, and no one other than her lawyer will be allowed to visit with her.  Her brother also called and notified us that he no longer wants to have any contact with his sister, and that he does not want her to be allowed to have any contact with him or his family.  He has also cut off all her finances.  I have also called your lawyer and informed him about this whole situation, and he will be calling you in the next day or so also.  He wants you to file a restraining notice against Mallika.  He thinks that will also be a good deterrent against her calling you, or bothering  you again.  So you see, with all these actions, it will be next to impossible for her to even try anything. I, myself will also keep regular tabs on her. I promise you my friend, she will never bother you or be a threat to you ever again.  I promise also that I will keep looking into who the person was, who was spying on you and your family, for her.  But for now, I want you to rest easy, and take care of your wife, she needs you the most right now.  And please call me with the good news as soon as it happens.
Ashu, breathed a sigh of tremendous relief. As if a great burden had just been removed from his shoulders.
Ashu- Prashant, I don't know how to thank you my friend.  For the past couple of weeks I have really been worried about Nidhi and Baba. But today you have relieved me of that worry.  I will be able able to sleep at night peacefully now.
Prashant laughed- Glad I could be of service, after all thats what the department is for right.  Ok, Ashu, take care and I will call again, and give my love to Nidhi Bhabhi and the baby.
After Hanging up with Prashant, Ashu looked up at the time, and rushed to finish up with his work. He knew Nidhi would be coming to his office to pick him up soon.
Meanwhile, Nidhi also had gotten a phone call, that had put a damper on her plans for the evening. DB had called up soon after lunch, and had asked her and Ashu to come to CV's house for dinner. She had overruled  all of Nidhi's excuses, and said that it was very important that both she and Ashu be at the house tonight, there was something important happening and both of them had to be there. When Nidhi told her about her new car, and that she was Going to be taking her husband out for a ride and then they had planned to have dinner out also to celebrate DB said.
DB- Arre bhai ride ki baat hai, toh yahan aa jaao, car ki pehli ride ke liye apne Baba ke ghar tak aane se better aur kaunsi si jagah ho sakti hai?  Aur, kya hai, isske bahane hum bhi  teri nayi car ko dekh lenge, hain na.  Theek hai bachche. Bas ab main aur kuch nahin sunna chahati, baat pakki hai. Tere aur Ashutosh ko aaj yahan aana hi padega.  Meri bachchi, bahut jaroori hai, agar nahin hota toh main itna zor nahin deti.
After reluctantly agreeing to her demands Nidhi hung up.  She had a scowl on her face, all her plans for a romantic evening with her husband had been ruined.  Moreover, she had not been even given a chance to talk it over with Ashu.  She hoped that he would not mind too much.
Ashu, was just finishing up, when Nidhi walked into his office.  He could see how excited she was.  He loved this childlike quality of hers so much. But then to him, she was adorable no matter what.  At his age, he had thought he was past all these feelings, but ever since he had married Nidhi, Ashu found himself looking forward to each and every day.  Her excitement was so contagious, that by the time they reached the car, Ashu was as excited about the car as she was, nearly enough to almost forget his conversation with Prashant.  Nearly, but not quite. Ashu knew that he had to tell her, and now that the danger had passed, he wanted to tell her, hiding something, anything from his wife made him feel very uncomfortable.  And on this point though, he was more scared of her than Mallika.  
Nidhi, was keeping up a chatter. He could barely hear himself think. Well, life was never boring with her.  He was about to speak up, when Nidhi said-   I need to tell you something, I hope that you will not get upset, but DB called me after lunch, and I did not have time to tell you as I was busy.  Anyway, she wanted us to go to my Baba's house tonight. she said that it was important that we both be there, she just wouldn't take no for an answer.  So, I hope its ok with you?
Ashu-  Nidhi, why would I get angry for something so small.  I don't have any problems going to your fathers house for dinner, and if DB insisted we both be there, then it must be important.  We can have our date for dinner and drive tomorrow.  I wish you would stop feeling nervous about every little thing concerning your family. You forget, they are my family also now.  And things come up, I understand that.  Besides, I love being part of your family, you know that, so stop worrying and drive there already.
As she neared Baba's house, curiosity got the better of her and she started wondering what was so important that made DB be so insistent about them going over. Well, they would soon find out.
DB opened the door for them, and after touching her feet and giving her a hug, they walked into the house.  Nidhi, had barely gone a few steps and she stopped short, when she saw who was sitting there talking to Baba, in the living room.  Baba looked up when he saw them and came over to hug Nidhi, and greet Ashutosh.  Baba smiled at Nidhi's expression, and led her over to the couple that were seated on the sofa.
Baba-  Nidhi, beta I know that you are surprised.  It was I who insisted that DB keep tonight as a surprise for you.  
Nidhi, was so surprised, she would never have guessed that she would ever see her cousin Mandira, in lucknow, let alone in her house.  And beside her sat her husband Mahindra.  She had never met him before, she had only seen his pictures, that is why she was able to recognize him. She looked at her Baba and DB with a question in her eyes. And then turned to greet her cousin.
Nidhi-  Mandira Di, its so nice to see you.  I am so surprised!
Mandira hugged Nidhi-  Its good to see you again too, Nidhi.  And believe me I am as surprised to be here, as you are to see me.
Nidhi-  But Di, how? When?
Mandira laughed at her confusion-  DB called me last week.  She had found out from my father that we were in India on business, and Called me.  She asked me to come here with my husband. Nidhi, DB apologized to me about the way she had behaved with me the last time I was here.  I could not believe my ears.  But the chance to patch up with my family, was just too good to be true, and I could not give up this chance so here I am.  I am so happy, I can't tell you.
Nidhi-  Di, I am very happy also.  I felt really bad at how you left our house.  But now that you are here, I Want to introduce you to my husband, Dr. Ashutosh Mathur.
Mandira-  Nidhi, you dont need to introduce me, I remember him.  how could I forget.  That evening he was my white knight.  And now he is yours for a lifetime.  I am so happy for you Nidhi.  It is because of you and the way you handled the whole situation of yours and Ashutosh's relationship, that changed DB's outlook, and she called me here. Do you know that DB also is the one who talked to my father and patched things up between us, also.
Mandira, then, turned to face Ashu, and went to him and gave him a big hug.  Nidhi, could see that Ashu, was also very emotionally moved.
Mandira-  Welcome to the family Ashutosh.  And congratulations on your marriage. I hope you realize how lucky you are.  You have a very brave wife.  Not many girls her age have the guts to stand up  for their convictions.  I  chose to run away from my family, rather than fight for my love, which Nidhi did. And look how beautifully it turned out, both of you got married with the blessings of your elders, and also because of you two, I have also been reunited with my family.  I dont know how to express my gratitude to the both of you.
Ashu-  Mandira, there is no need for gratitude or thank you's. We are family.  that says it all. And you are right, I am a very lucky man.
Mandira-  I wish the both of you every happiness in the world.  
Ashu-  We  both appreciate your best wishes. And I am glad that in the end it turned out well for you also.  Welcome back to the family.
Mandira, introduced them to her husband, who in turn shook hands with Ashu, and hugged Nidhi with affection. He also said thankyou to the both of them for being instrumental in reuniting his wife with her family.
Like Ashu, his wife's happiness was paramount to him also, and he told them how unhappy she had been ever since their marriage, at her estrangement with them.
All of them sat down and the conversations thereafter, were free of all tension.   Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Nidhi, asked her father to excuse her for a few minutes, and went to see DB, who was in the kitchen, busy yelling at CS to get the dinner ready quickly and on the table.  Nidhi went up to her and Hugged her tightly.
Nidhi-  DB, I am so proud of you. What you did could not have been easy. And on top of that to apologize and admit your mistakes, that to to your granddaughter and her husband must have been very hard.  And I know that my DB is the only one in the world courageous enough to have done something like this.  DB, I love you very much and I am also very proud that, you are not only my grandmother, but also my mother.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.
Just then Ashu also came into the kitchen,
Ashu- And I too am the  luckiest son/son-in-law in the world. I am very proud of you too, DB.
DB had tears in her eyes, when she embraced the both of them,
DB-  OK, you two, now stop it or I will start to cry also. I just did what had to be done, and what was right. Now go on, go to the living room, while I see that dinner is made properly, otherwise, my great grandchild will say, that his grandmother, didn't feed him properly.
Nidhi hugged DB again and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Ashu- DB I agree with everything you said, except one thing.
When DB, and Nidhi looked at him with questions on their faces, he said
Ashu-  You called you granchild 'HIM'.  But I need to correct you there, it not him its 'HER'.
DB, and Nidhi both laughed at that. Then they left the Kitchen and once again went to join the group in the living room.  They saw that the Shyama aunty, and Solanki Uncle were both there also.  
At the dining table, Mandira looked at DB and Ashu, who were busy, trying to heap food on Nidhi's plate, with a puzzled look.
Mandira-  DB, why are you forcing Nidhi to eat so much.
DB-  Arre, ab nahin khayegi toh kab khayegi.  thats why I made so many things.  Nidhi is so picky nowadays I never know what she will and what she won't  like.  After all, I want my grandchild to be nice and healthy when He is born.
DB made sure she stressed the word HE, and looked at Ashu with a grin while she was saying it.  Every time Nidhi saw the affection between these two, it made her so happy.  Ashu, just grinned back,
Ashu-  DB you know my views on that, your great grandbaby will be a girl, you mark my words.
Both of them really enjoyed this banter with each other regarding the sex of he baby.  
Mandira, who was also watching this exchange, had a bemused look on her face.  she couldn't believe her eyes and ears, 'this was DB' she thought.   Then the next instant she shot up from her chair and went to hug Nidhi and congratulate her once again for her good news.  
DB-  Haan, haan yeh khabar hai hi itni achchi.  Aur tu, Mandira tu kab yeh khabar humein sunayegi?  Teri shaadi ko to ab kafi saal ho gaye hain, ab teri baari hai.  Agli baari jab bhi mere se baat kare toh main yeh khabar tujhse bhi sunna chahati hoon, warna mujhse baat mat karna.
Mandira gave DB a shy smile and looked at her husband adoringly.
Mandira-  Well DB,  agar aap itna zor dein rahin hain toh theek hai.  Hamari khushkhabri par humein bhi apna aashiwaad de deejiye.
After her announcement, there was a moment of stunned silence before, everyone started talking at once, and DB with a big smile on her face went to give her blessings to Mandira and her husband.  Nidhi, also hugged Mandira, and gave her a big kiss on her cheek,
Nidhi-  Mandira Di, congratulations, why didn't you give us this good news before, why did you keep quiet?  This is so wonderful.  So, how far along are you, and when is the baby due?
Mandira-   The Baby is due at the end of december, and I didn't say anything, because I was too nervous about this meeting, and then with all the excitement, and meeting you guys and everything I didn't get the chance.
Nidhi-  Wow Di, this is so exciting.  Both of our babies are going to be so close in age.  We need to keep in touch now, when you leave.  And we also have to make sure that both our children become friends.  But, kya  Di, its not fair, you are furhter along, and look so good, while I am getting fat.  Do you see this DB.  You too Ashutosh.  So, now can you guys please stop trying to stuff me like a turkey, every chance you get,  I am fine.  If you both keep on feeding me like this I am going to end up as big as a house.
Ashu-  Koi baat nahin Nidhi, I will still love you no matter how big you get.  Now lets eat before my daughter starts complaining.   
Everyone at the table laughed.  It was a wonderful dinner.  Nidhi was so glad that she came.  Meeting Mandira like this and under such happy circumstances, was such a pleasant surprise.  And DB had been the biggest surprise of all.
By the time they got home, BB and Arman, both had gone to bed.  So, Ashu and Nidhi went straight to their bedroom, they were tired, it had been a very eventful day, for the both of them, and Ashu knew that it was not over yet.  He still had to tell Nidhi about Mallika.
As soon as Nidhi sat down in front of her mirror at the dressing table, to comb her hair, Ashu came and took the brush from her hands and began to do the job himself.  Nidhi, loved it when her husband pampered her, she also loved it when they were alone together like this.  This was special, their time with each other, when there was no one else but them.  Nidhi, looked up to say something, but the look on Ashu's face stopped her.  She knew that look, he wanted to say smething but didn't know how.
Nidhi-   You know, instead of wasting time, you might just as well go ahead and tell me and get it over with.
Ashu. looked at his wife, and smiled, she knew him so well,
Ashu-  I was just working up the courage to tell you.  But promise you wont kill me first?
Nidhi-  I promise, I wont kill you, I will just beat you up.  Now out with it.
Ashu-  Ok.  here goes, its about Mallika.
Just the mention of her name took the smile off her face and her eyes, instead it  replaced the smile with a look of apprehension.  Ashu hated that he had to do that to her.  So he started at the beginning, from the day he had received  the call from Mallika's brother Aditya, to the call he had received from his friend DGP Prashant.  Nidhi, listened patiently, without interrupting him even once.  Once he had finished, she looked up at him, but still she did not say anything.  Ashu realized that this must be how a lamb felt before being sent to the slaughter house.
Ashu-  Nidhi aren't you going to say something?  Are you very angry with me? I am sorry sweetheart.
Nidhi- What do you want me to say Ashutosh? If you are expecting me to be angry with you, then I am afraid that you are in for a disappointment.  I am not angry or upset.
Ashu, was stunned, when would she ever react the way he expected.  He could never predict her responses, she got angry when he least expected, and she didn't when he thought she would.
Ashu- You aren't, But why?
Nidhi-  Because I love you and I know that you love me.  I also know that if you hid this from me, you had to have had a good reason.  Ashutosh, I know that you would only do this if you were protecting me.
And since I am pregnant, the reason is self explanatory.  I had just come out of the hospital, Anji had just gotten married, and you were worried that any extra strain or stress could have been harmful for me or the baby. Right?(when he nodded) So, why did you think I would be mad at you.  I might go off the deep end sometimes, but I am not that crazy.  Ashutosh, when are you going to realize that I trust you and believe in you, more than I do in myself. 
It seemed to him that Nidhi, was always surprising him.  He hoped that she always would.  The depth of her feelings for him, humbled him as nothing else ever had.  And her absolute trust rendered him speechless, so he just  knelt down in front of her and put his head on her lap and put his arms around her waist, Nidhi also put her arms around him, and they both stayed like that for several minutes, both content with just holding each other.  Finally, Ashu raised his head and looked at her, into her eyes, while his own eyes were trying to convey what was in his heart, laying bare his very soul before her.  Nidhi bent down and kissed his eyelids and hugged him once again and said
Nidhi- Chaliye ab soo jaatein hain, bahut der ho gayi hai.  Subaha, hospital bhi toh jaana hai na?
Ashu once again thought, with her everything was just that easy.  No anger, no recriminations, no tantrums. just simple acceptance, would he ever understand her.  Then with a sigh, he gave up, and decided to go with the flow.   Actually, it was good for him, kam se kam  pitai se toh bach gaya.
Ashu-  Bas sirf sona hai, aur kuch nahin?  Itni der thodi hi hui hai.
Nidhi, tongue in cheek,- Not tonight Darling, I have a headache!
Ashu, stood stunned for a second and then laughed till he had tears running down his cheeks and a stitch in his side.  She was absolutely precious, and totally crazy.  There was no one like his Nidhi.
That was his last coherent thought before he went on to show his wayward wife that he had a surefire cure for her headache.
The next day, both both them got and went to work together, in Nidhi's new car.  They planned to go for their drive after work, so it was easier to go ahead and take one car. Before, they got out of the car, Ashu pulled Nidhi close, and gave her a quick kiss.  Nidhi couldn't get over how daring her husband was becoming,  she also noticed that he was also getting used to public displays of affection, not that she had any complaints  regarding those.
The morning started out normally, Nidhi made rounds of the childrens ward with her Resident incharge(her former batch mate and friend)Dr. Jyotika.  Everything was going well, and all the children were happy to have their Favorite Doctor with them.  Towards the end of the morning rounds, they were informed by one of the interns in the ER, that they were bringing in an extremely sick child, with some indeterminate illness.  Dr. Jyotika, asked Nidhi to go ahead with the ER intern and do the preliminaries on the child, while she finished up the rounds. She told Nidhi, that she would follow shortly.
On the way to the ER, the intern filled her in on the details regarding the case.  Apparently the child had been sick, on and off, for a while now.  His pediatricians had not been able to figure out what was wrong with him.  Then a couple of weeks ago,  he(the child) had gotten a high fever, and was put on a dose of antibiotics, after the first course, which had not worked, his doctor had put him on a higher and lengthier dose.  The second course had seemed to be working, but the child had a relapse, and now the fever was almost 104.5, and was refusing to come down.  The ER doctors were currently trying to bring it down by giving him fever reducers, and alcohol baths.  Nidhi asked the age of the child and was informed that he was only 12 years old, his name was Avinash, and he was in the 6th grade.
When she got to the ER, she was informed that the fever had come down and was now 101.2.  Nidhi, took the patients chart to look at symptoms.  Avinash had presented with  Fever and certain Flu like symptoms, and also
* Weakness and fatigue
* Loss of appetite 
* Swollen  and bleeding gums
* Sweating, especially at night
* Bone and  joint pain
*Chest pain when taking a deep breath 
*Hair loss 
* Mouth sores  
*Swollen lymph nodes
He also had a skin rash, sort of like a "butterfly" rash over the cheeks and bridge of the nose.  Apparently, the rash  seemed to get worse when exposed to sunlight.  He also had other more concerning symptoms that if sever enough and not treated properly and immediately, could affect major organs of the body. they were:
 -headaches, numbness, tingling, seizures, vision problems.  These could affect the Brain, and Nervous system.
-abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.  Which could affect the Digestive tract.
- also abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Which could affect the Heart.
-coughing up blood and difficulty breathing which involved the Lung
His skin was a patchy skin color, and his fingers changed color when  they were cold.
After an inital exam Nidhi asked for some further tests to be done, on the patient namely,
Antibody tests, including antinuclear antibody (ANA) panel
Chest x-ray
Kidney biopsy 
And a complete Urinalysis
an EkG
and also a CAT scan
When Jyotika came in a while Later Nidhi had things under control, and was waiting on the test results.  She gave the patient's chart to her resident and waited for Dr. Jyotika to read over the initial diagnosis and symptoms, and also examine the patient herself.
After reading the chart only, and omitting patient exam,  Jyotika looked at Nidhi and asked her to call the doctor on call in the Oncolgy department.
Nidhi-  Dr. Jyotika, why do we need an oncologist?
Dr. J-  Dr. Nidhi, its clear from the chart that what we have here is a child who has clear symptoms of  Leukemia.
Nidhi-  But Dr. Jyotika, he also has other symptoms, which have nothing to do with leukemia.  And if we look the the whole picture, it looks more like Lupus.  I have ordered all the necessary tests.  Once we get the results, we will  know conclusively.
Dr. J-  Dr. Nidhi, I dont need to see the test results to know that what we have here is leukemia, and this child needs immediate treatment.
Nidhi- Dr. J I think that this little boy has lupus, and the wrong treatment can be very dangerous for him.  He seems to have quite a few of the more serious symptoms, which if not treated properly can lead to more permanent damage of the vital organs.
Dr. J- Dr. Nidhi,  you need to remember that I am the resident and you are my intern. I am therefore more qualified to make a diagnosis, regarding the patient.
Nidhi was about to argue back, when Ashutosh walked in.  He had come in at the tail end of Dr. J's statement, and had a fairly good idea of what was going on.  He  took the chart from Jyotika and spent a few minutes looking over it, then spent a few minutes doing an exam on the child, and all his extremities.  Only when he had finished going over both, did he look up at the two of them.
Ashu- So, Dr's what seems to be the problem here?
Nidhi was about to speak first, when Ashu looked at Dr. J
Ashu- Dr. J you first.
Dr. J- Sir, after looking carefully at the patient and reading his chart, I have concluded that this child has Leukemia.  But Dr. Nidhi is arguing with me, and insists that it is Lupus.
Ashu-  Now you Dr. Nidhi, what is your opinion?
Nidhi- Dr. Ashutosh, I believe that the child has lupus.  I know that lupus and leukemia can often be mistaken for one another, but in this case the patient is exhibiting some other symptoms which have nothing to do with leukemia, on the other hand, they all point towards lupus.  I feel that if he gets the wrong treatment, we may do more harm than good. And I was just trying to convince Dr. J to wait until all the test results come back, before making any decisions.
Ashu- Dr. Nidhi, you need to remember that you are an intern, and Dr. J is your resident, and therefore your senior.  It  is your duty to follow the orders of your seniors.  Alright Dr. J, go ahead and order your oncology consult, and we will take it from there.
Nidhi could not believe that Ashutosh had just taken Jyotika's side over her.  She knew that she was right.  But apparently her own husband didn't think so, he doubted her competence.  She couldn't wait to see their reactions when she was proven right.  So, she stood there, stoically.  Dr. Bhalla, from the oncology department had been paged and they were all waiting for him to arrive .  When Dr. Bhalla, got there,  he was brought up to date on the case and also the difference of opinion bet the two junior doctors, after listening to all the details he then looked at the chart, and examined the patient.  Nidhi, noticed that Ashutosh just stood to one side, being a silent observer. After, his examination, Dr. Bhalla went over to Ashutosh, and both of them conferred in hushed tones.  During this time, one of the staff had  brought the lab results, and handed it over to Dr. Bhalla.  After looking them over, he handed them to Ashutosh, who also looked them over.  Then Dr. Bhalla turned towards, Dr. J.
Dr. Bhalla-  Dr. Jyotika,  did you examine the patient?
Dr. J-  Well, sir, I...I...
Dr. Bhalla-  Dr.  did you or did you not examine the patient?
Dr. J-   Sir, I looked over the charts, but I didn't really examine the patient.  
Dr. B-  So, just by looking at the charts, you made your conclusion!  You didn't even give the patient a look, and yet,  you told Dr. Ashutosh that you had examined the patient.  Well Dr. if you had bothered to examine the patient, you would have seen other symptoms just like Dr. Nidhi said.  Other than whats on that chart, the patient's joints, his knees, fingers, wrist joints are swollen, and look arthritic, which is a clear indication along with his more obvious symptoms , of Lupus.  Also, as per her suggestion, if you had given Dr. Nidhi the courtesy of waiting for the lab results you could have read the results for yourself, and we could have avoided this whole argument.  I know that lupus and leukemia often have similar symptoms, and the diagnosis'  get mixed up, but in this case, it is not so. along with leukemia like symptoms the patients also clearly exhibited  other symptoms, and it was those that you should have paid attention to.  
Dr B turned to face Ashutosh, who had been silent throughout,
Dr. B-  Dr. Ashutosh, I'll go back upstairs now, as you won't be needing me.  And, by the way, Dr. Nidhi, excellent work.  Keep it up.
Dr. J remained silent after Dr. B left, she couldn't quite meet Nidhi's or Ashutosh's eyes.
Ashutosh-  Okay, now that we have cleared that up, lets get back to work.  Dr. J , I presume that I can now safely leave the patient in your care, and he will get the proper treatment?
Dr. J-  Yes sir, and I am sorry sir, I will not be so careless next time.
With a nod, Ashu, left the ER.  He felt really bad at not taking Nidhi's side, but he had to keep silent, he had no other recourse.  He knew that Nidhi's diagnosis had been correct, right from the beginning.  But, Being Nidhi's husband and also Chief of staff, Ashu had known that this situation would inevitably arise sooner or later, where he would be called on to make decisions and take sides.  He also knew that if he were to take Nidhi's side, he would be accused of being partial because she was his wife.  Basically for him it was a loose loose situation either way.  But, for Nidhi, he was willing put up with anything.  He just hoped that she would understand, why he had kept silent.
Just as he was about to step into the elevator, he remembered that he had left his stethoscope in the ER. He headed back.  He was stopped right outside the ER, by another intern who had a question.   He was about to go in when he heard Dr. J talking with somebody
Dr. J-  I should have known Dr. Ashutosh would take her side, after all she is his wife.  He could not reprimand me directly so he had another doctor do it for him. He was probably telling Dr. B that I had misdiagnosed the patient, and that his wife was right.   I just wish that he could have reprimanded me in private, instead of having some other Doctor insult me like that in front of everyone.  I mean I know I made a mistake, but it wasn't that big of a deal.
At that point Ashu, had had enough, so he went in.  As soon as they saw him, Jyotika stopped talking.  Ashu, got his steth, and on his way out, he asked Jyotika to come with him.  He took her into his office, and closed the door and sat down.
Ashu-  Dr. I am really disappointed in you.  Instead of admitting your mistake, and feeling bad, you are trying to put the blame on me.  I expected more of you.  You were trying to show Nidhi up by treating her like a lowly intern, and in trying to establish your superiority over her, you got careless and  misdiagnosed a patient.  It could have been a potential disaster if he had been treated for anything else, and we would have had a major crisis on our hands for negligence.  Instead of being grateful to Nidhi, you are trying to put the blame on her for being my wife, and getting special treatment, when infact its just the opposite, as you very well know.  Shame on you.  Let me tell you something, had she wanted to take advantage of the fact that she is my wife, she would have, for that matter if I had wanted to take my wife's side I would have done so long before, had I so chosen.   In fact if you recall, I did not say a single word to you.  I thought better of you than that Dr.  But as of now let me tell you that you are on official notice, and any more mistakes, or carelessness on your part, and proper action will be taken.  I will let you go today with just this talk.  But, unprofessional behaviour, and personal issues will not be tolerated.  Is that understood Dr. Jyotika.
Dr. J-  Yes sir.  I apologize sir, I let my petty feelings of jealousy cloud my professional judgement.  I promise you it will not happen again.  I will also go and apologize to your wi...to Dr. Nidhi, immediately.
After she left, Ashu shook his head in irritation.   The rest of the day was pretty routine.
Afterwards, Ashu went to get Nidhi from the children's ward, and was told that Dr. Nidhi was already finished for the day, and had left word that she would be waiting for him outside the hospital.  Ashu, found her standing near the car, and she didn't look very happy.  Oh no, he thought, he was definitely in the dog house.  He was going to have his work cut out for him in  patching up with her, then the next  thought cheered him up also,  making up was the best part of a fight. So , he also had something to look forward to.  
All the way home, and all through dinner, Nidhi, barely spoke to him. She was so adorable when she was angry.  It was going to be fun, making up tonight, but definitely not easy.  She was really POed at him.  He had to think of something, that would soften her up, and after that he could handle the rest.  So, after dinner, Ashu excused himself, and told them that he was going to retire for the night as it had been a very tiring day, and he had a full day of surgeries scheduled for tomorrow, so he needed to get a good nights sleep and be well rested.  
Nidhi, could not believe him, he had actually gone to bed, and that too without her.  He hadn't even asked her if she was tired, and wanted to join him.  THE RAT.  He was a coward, he knew she was angry and wanted to be asleep before her, so that he wouldn't have to face her about what had happened today, and why he had kept quiet.  Well, she'd see about that.  AAj nahin toh kal, kabhi na kabhi toh he would have to deal with her.  
All the while she was finishing up her chores for the evening, Nidhi seethed.  The later it got, the angrier she became.  When, she had finished all her work, she said good night to BB and Armanji, and went to her bedroom.  She opened the door, and stood still, not believing her eyes and what they saw.  The room had bit lit with candles, there were  dozens of them, everywhere. all lit, giving the room an almost ethreal ambience.  And in the middle stood Ashutosh, Holding a teddy bear, that had a heart with "I am Sorry" written in the Middle, and he also had a huge bouquet of the most beautiful pink roses, she had ever seen.  
My God, he knew her, knew exactly what to do to soften her up.  But she was his wife and she would not give in, not yet and not that easily.  She wanted him to stew for a bit, like she had been doing, since he had pretended to retire for the night.  So, she ignored him and turned around and went into the bathroom and locked the door.  She could just imagine his face right about now, she thought with glee.  
Nidhi, took her time getting ready for bed, with a nice long shower, although half way through, she started feeling guilty.  She should  not have done that to him.  It was really petty of her, during the shower she had started thinking about the incident at the hospital, and realized why he had not taken her side and spoken up.  How could he have.  She was so stupid, Nidhi thought to herself.  How could she have misjudged him like that.  It was unfair of her to even think that he would or should have given  her any preferential  treatment.  It would undermine his authority and respect in the hospital if he ever did that.  If she had tried to look at things from his point of view right from the beginning, she would have seen that he had had no choice. He was absolutely correct in how he had handled the situation in the ER between her and her resident doctor.  Nidhi felt ashamed at herself for being so selfish.  And despite it not being his fault he had been trying to make up with her, and she had behaved like a spoiled brat.  Well she was going to make up for her behavior, Nidhi thought, and proceeded to hurry up and get ready.
When she came out, she saw Ashu, sitting at his desk, looking lost.  
She went straight over to him and put her arms around him from the back and hugged him and said
Nidhi- Can you ever forgive me? I have been so stupid.  I should have realized why you did not take my side today.  You were absolutely right to have kept your distance from the situation.  If I hadn't been so full of myself and my status as your wife, I would have realized immediately that you had no choice.  I am so sorry. Can you forgive me for my short sightedness and my petty, and  bratty behavior today?
Ashu-  Nidhi, you never cease to amaze me, you know that!
 At her puzzled look, He went on-  Nobody else but you would have come to this conclusion all by themselves.  any other wife would have made her husband crawl, and for a while there  thought that I would have to also.  But the minute you calmed down and thought about it, here you are, saying sorry to me and taking the blame.  No one but my Nidhi, would have the courage to do that. I AM  VERY PROUD OF YOU, Nidhi, and I  feel honored that you are my wife.  I love you very much.
Nidhi- I love you too.  I wanted to thank you for doing all this for me, its beautiful.
Ashu, looked at her, she was smiling at him, her face was tilted and just mere  inches above his.  Nidhi, leaned towards him and in surprise he said,
Ashu-  Nidhi what are you doing?
 She laughed and said- I am going to have my way with you, husband mine, so I would advise that you not try to question or argue with me on this!  I am a very determined woman, and when I want something, I go for it.
Ashu- So, I see.  And you have decided to have your way with me, now have you?  
He said with a smile.
Nidhi-  Yes!
She said it with a very serious face, then with an equally determined look in her eyes started to unbutton his shirt.
Nidhi-  I have decided that I have to make it up to you.  So, you are not going anywhere, until I have atoned for my  bad behavior.
Ashu burst out laughing-   Nidhi, you really are something, aren't you?
And who says I want to go anywhere.  I am right here, where I want to be,  with my wife.  So, sweetheart, go ahead and atone, who am I to stop a determined woman.
He held out his arms to her, and she came to him, unhesitatingly, with complete trust.  He was hers, there was no doubt about it.  She knew that come what may, he would always love her , understand her, and accept her, completely, with all her faults and quirks. She wasn't a fool, she knew that what they had between them was very special and very unique.  They had the kind of love that poems were written about, and that most people only dreamed of, and waited  a lifetime for. She went to him and wrapped her arms around him.
Nidhi-  Make love to me, Ashutosh.
 And stood on tip toes to place her  lips to his.  She shivered as his hands skimmed down her body, and slid up again.  She pressed against him, delighting in the shower of sensations, and murmured his name.  Her absolute trust in him and the fact that she never hesitated to show him,  always left him shaken, he thought as he kissed her back.  Then he pulled back and looked at her.
Ashu-  You stop my heart Nidhi, you know that.  Before you came into my life, I was so lonely.  It seemed that my heart was one big void that could never be filled. But ever since the  moment you came into my life, you have filled all the empty spaces in my being.  You and your love have completed me, as nothing else ever could have.  You have given me everything I had ever dreamed of and so much much more.  I am whole today only because of you. And this, our tiny little bundle of joy, this is a bonus, that I had never even counted on.  I would have been happy and complete with just you Nidhi.  You are all  I have ever needed or wanted out of life, and You are all I will ever need.  
Nidhi, looked at him with wonder, this wonderful wonderful man, fate had chosen for her, and felt humbled.  Ashu never hesitated to show her what was in his heart, and never hesitated to show the world what she meant to him.  she was so lucky.
The, with unsteady hands, tear glazed eyes, she slid his shirt from his shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, and with the same unsteady hands untied her robe and let it join his shirt on the floor, then once again offered him her lips.  And with his lips on hers and their arms around each other, he lowered her onto their bed.  While one hand was tangled in her hair, the other was slipping her nightgown down over her shoulders, arms, hips and legs. then he raised his head to look at her.  it seemed that he found every inch , every curve, of hers fascinating.  And he splayed his hands over the swell in her stomach, where their child lay, it seemed that no matter how often or how much, it would never be enough, he would never get tired of just watching her and looking at her.  She was his very own private miracle.
Desire, passion, pleasure, excitement, and love, all these emotions flowed from him to her and back, as he gently, and with a great deal of love took her over the edge, to their own special, private place, where there was no one else but the two of them, together forever.
Afterwards, they both fell asleep, in each others arms, and when She  woke up in the middle of the night and opened her eyes,  she saw that Ashu's face was so close to hers that she had to ease back a little and blink to focus on him.  He was deep in sleep, with his arm around her waist, and one leg trapping her underneath him.  And his breathing was slow and even,  and he was completely relaxed and totally vulnerable.  She loved him so much,  that her heart nearly burst with the intensity of her feelings. 
 Very gently, she reached out and brushed away the hair on his forehead.  She  had everything any woman could ever want, and she was very happy.  Not able to resist herself, Nidhi, very lightly, so as not to wake him, touched her lips to his, and trailed her fingertips over his shoulders and down his back, and the need once again grew and spread inside of her.
As dreams went, Ashu thought, this was one of the best.  He was dreaming that Nidhi was in bed beside him with her body pressed against his, and her beautiful fingers were stroking along his skin, and her mouth was toying with his, and when he reached for her she sighed with pleasure.  He dreamt that her arms were around him, like silken ropes that had tied him to her.  Then she said his name once, then twice, and yet again, until finally, her voice penetrated the haze of his dream world, and he woke up and opened his eyes, to find that it had not been a dream.  She really was there, beside him, smiling at him with those beautiful big brown eyes, that were promising him the world.  And her beautiful body, ripe with their child was curved against his.  She looked at him and smiled and said"good morning", but before she could say anything else, his mouth closed over hers and their dream and reality melded together. 
Ashu,  woke up again, for the second time during the night, only to find that Nidhi was not in the bed.  He glanced at the alarm clock and saw that it was only 5:00 am. He got up and checked in the bathroom, to make sure she was ok, but she was not there either.  Then he noticed the sliver of light that was coming from underneath the bedroom door.
She was probably hungry, and had gone to the Kitchen to get something to eat, he thought with a laugh.  Well, his baby was certainly going to have a healthy appetite.  Nidhi, had already told him that the doctor had told her that the baby was going to be big, Just like her father, Nidhi  had said.  Just the thought of their child, filled him with warmth and happiness.  Well, might as well go and join her, he thought.  He knew that he would  not sleep any way, if she wasn't there with him. 
So, he washed his face, and stepped out of the bedroom towards the kitchen, but before he could get there he stopped, Nidhi was indeed sitting at the dining table and eating.  But the strange thing was that DB, Arman, and BB were also there with her, and she was all dressed up. She looked like she was all set to go out.  She wore a red churidaar suit, and had red bangles and even a red bindi.  He was puzzled.  Just what was going on here?
Ashu- Yahan kya ho raha hai? Aap sab log Itni subaha kya kar rahe ho and Nidhi, why are you so dressed up?
They all looked up at him, when he spoke, But Nidhi was the one who answered-   Well I am eating as you can see.
Ashu-   Yes Nidhi I can see that, but why are you so dressed up?  Itni early sirf khaane ke liye toh nahin, whats going on, what are you up too?
Nidhi-  Well, you see today is Teej, so I am fasting.   Iss vrat mein, mujhe subaha jaldi uthke Khana hota hai.  And then I have to fast the rest of the day.  I can only eat after the moon rise tonight.  Chand dekh kar hi vrat khol sakti hoon.  So getting up first thing and getting ready and eating is part of the custom in todays fast.
Ashu- What are you fasting for, if I may ask?
Uh oh, Nidhi thought, I knew this was going to happen, He is really angry.  The softer his voice, meant, the more angry he was.  Oh, Well!
Nidhi-  Yeh vrat patni apne pati ki lambi umar ke liye rakhti hain.  I must have forgotten to mention it to you last night.
Ashu-  Dont insult my intelligence Nidhi.  You knew very well, that if you had told me, I would never have allowed you to fast.  Of all the Hair brained Ideas, this one takes the cake.  Are you totally out your mind, or have you forgotten that you are pregnant.  You should not be fasting at all.  and this fast, is too severe.  No Nidhi, you cannot keep this fast, I will not allow it.
Nidhi looked at her family sitting on the table, all of them had a smug "I told you so" smile on their face.  She shook her head, at them.  
Nidhi-  Ashutosh, please calm down, and listen to me, OK? But first let me finish my food.
After she had eaten, she stood up and took his hand and led him from the room.  She wanted to talk to him in private.
Ashu-  No matter what you say, you will not change my mind, there is no way I will let you fast.
Nidhi-  Please, listen to me Ashutosh.  I know that you are concerned about me and the baby.  But this fast is very important to me.  All my life I have heard about it and its significance, I have seen Shyama Aunty keeping it every year, and I used to dream about keeping it for my husband when I got married.  Please, don't make me break my fast, I promise I will be fine.  I have even taken off work, so I could stay at home and relax today, just for this purpose.  And Anji and Shyama Aunty will be coming to spend the day here with me, they are fasting also.  And DB came so early just to make sure I ate properly in the morning.  I means a lot to me Ashutosh.   I want to keep this fast for you.  I love you, and I want to fast for your long life, its my privillege and also my right as your wife, Please don't take that away from me.
I promise tomorrow I will make up for it. I will eat whatever you tell me to.
Nidhi looked at him pleadingly.  Ashu, sighed in defeat, when she looked at him like that, he couldn't say no.
Ashu-  Nidhi, what you are doing is not fair.  You know I can't say no to you when you ask like that.  But, for the record, I am really mad at you for not telling me last night, and for this morning, for making me give in to you, inspite of my better judgement.
Nidhi's face lit up-  Thank you, thank you.  I love you, lots and lots and lots.  
Ashu-  Wait a minute, you also have to promise me that you will take it easy, no strenuous activities.  Nidhi, I want your word that you will take of your self and our baby.
Nidhi-  I promise I will take care of myself, and your daughter, and I will not do any work, strenuous, or otherwise.  
Nidhi, gave him a big kiss and hurried out.  Ashu, went after her, and sat down at the dining table.  When in Rome...He thought and started eating.  After everyone had finished, DB told Nidhi to go rest for a while because, after Anji came, she knew that there was no way Nidhi would take a nap.  Nidhi, went to the bedroom to lie down, and five minutes later Ashu joined her.
Nidhi-  Ashutosh, its 7:00am,  you have to get ready, or you will be late  to the hospital.
Ashu-  No, I won't be going today. I have decided that I will stay at home with you, anyways my schedule is light so there should not be a problem.  
Nidhi-  I know why you are doing this, for me na?  You are taking off work to stay at home, to take care of me.  Ashutosh, I know you love me a lot, and are worried I won't take care of myself.  You might have been right, if it had been just me, but I know that I am carrying our baby, and I have to take care of her, so please trust me when I say I will.
Now, I want you to go and get ready and go take care of your patients.
Ashu, got up, reluctantly, and went to get ready.  
When he came out of the shower, Nidhi had already fallen asleep, so he kissed her gently, and left the room.  On his way out, he went to the kitchen to speak to DB.
Ashu-  DB, I am leaving for the hospital now. I will be back in the evening.  Nidhi is sleeping.  I just wanted to let you know, before I left.
DB-  Theek hai Beta, jaao, and don't worry about Nidhi.  I will take care of her.
Ashu-  I know you will DB, thats the only reason that I am going.  Otherwise, I would be staying at home with her.
DB smiled-  Ashu, you need to come back in time, you can't be late today.  Nidhi can't  won't be able to break her fast unless you are here.
Ashu-  I know DB, Nidhi already told me.  I promise I will be back in plenty of time.
Ashu, finished up work early, and was home by 5 that evening.  Even Nidhi was surprised to see him home so early.  Anji was as always happy to see her Jeejaji, and went to give him a hug.  Nidhi, was amazed at the bond that had formed between these two.  She remembered that in the beginning how much Anji had been against her relationship with Ashutosh.  She was so happy, everything had worked out.
DB was also smiling, she too was happy that he had come home early.   She asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink.
Ashu- No DB, I don't want anything right now.  I am very tired, I think I will go lie down for a little while.
DB-  Yes thats a good idea.  You woke up pretty early, a nap will be good, or you will not enjoy yourself this evening.   We will be having a full house here today, so you will need to be fresh.
Ashu, really was tired, he had not been lying about that, and was glad of the opportunity to get the time to relax.  After five minutes, he felt the bed on his give a little, and even half asleep, he knew it was Nidhi, but he did not even have the energy to open his eyes.  He just gave her a smile when she kissed him.  
Ashu, was asleep, even before she had a chance to say hello.  Nidhi looked at him tenderly and brushed the hair off his forehead, gave him a another little kiss there, then she left him to his nap.  When she came back in an hour later to get ready for the evening, he was still fast asleep.  Poor guy, she thought, he really must have been exhausted.
Barely half an hour later, Dr. Rangnath arrived and soon thereafter Rohan came and brought a surprise guest with him, it was Aanchal.  Nidhi was extremely happy to see that their relationship was progressing.  
It was fun and noisy having everyone here together like this, and she loved it.  Aanchal, after a little while also relaxed and joined in, in all the craziness.  Nidhi, was missing Ashutosh, he was the only one absent.  So, she went to check in on him.  When she went in the room, she was surprised to see Ashutosh was already up, and was almost ready.  He had taken a shower and was wearing a Navy blue kurta pajama suit, was was looking very very handsome.  Ashu looked over, when he heard the door open, and saw Nidhi come in.  She was looking absolutely stunning.  Nidhi was wearing a golden and red Sari, with all the matching accessories.  He saw that she had mehendi on her hands as well.  She looked like a new bride.  The way she had worn the sari today, with the pallu coming down in the front, you couldn't even tell that she was pregnant, that too almost 21 weeks.  Ashu walked over too her. and put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, and nuzzled her neck and gave her a kiss on her shoulder.
Ashu-  You look beautiful Nidhi, just like a new bride.
Nidhi-  But that is what I am.  We haven't been married a year yet, so I am still a new bride.  
Ashu-  Yes you are.  Only you are a new bride who also happens to be a little over five months pregnant.  
Nidhi-  I know that.  But at least for today, anyone that didn't know that would not be able to tell.
Ashu, tongue in cheek-  Yes no one could tell you are pregnant, they would just say that the bride is just a tad bit on the chubby side.
Ashu, seeing the look on her face started laughing.
Ashu-  Sorry, sweetheart, I just could not resist teasing you.  No kidding, you look stunning.  come on now lets go out everyone will be wondering where we are.
Everybody was laughing and talking, and having a good time.  Ashu, however was getting anxious for the moon to come out.  It had been a long time since Nidhi had eaten, or had anything to drink.  Just then chote sarkar,ran inside yelling that the moon had come out.  Ashu, sighed in relief.  Nidhi, Anji, and Shyama Aunty picked up their Pooja Thaalis, and went out into the yard to look at the moon and preform the pooja.  Pehle sab ne apne apne pati ki aarti  utaari, phir chalni mein diya rakh kar chaand ko dekha, phir apne pati ko chalni se dekha, and phir chaand to pani ka ark diya.  Then Nidhi, handed the thali to Ashutosh.  He looked at her puzzled as to why she had handed her thali to him, did he have to do the pooja also?  But the next second  he saw Shyama Aunty and Anji had also done the same, and were bending down to touch their husbands feet.  When Nidhi started to bend down, he stopped her.
Ashu-  Yeh kya kar rahi ho Nidhi.  Mai koi bhagwan thodi hi hoon.
Nidhi-  I know that you are not god.  lekin hamari, sankriti mein pati to bhagwan ka darja diya jata hai.  And this is part of the tradition.  Patni , Pati ke pair chooti hai ( this shows her respect for him) and uska pati usse, sada suhagan rehne ka aashirwad deta hai.  I know that, you don't believe in all of this Ashutosh, but I believe in traditions and customs, for me they are beautiful and have deep and profound meaning. so...
After she touched his feet, Ashu, gave her his blessing like she had asked him to do.  Then DB told him that he had to give Nidhi a sip of water with his own hands to break her fast.  Ashu, picked up the glass of water from her thali, and brought it to her mouth so that she could take a sip.  But before he could tip the water into her mouth, Nidhi took the glass from him.  Ashu looked at her, puzzled
Ashu-   Kya  hua, did I do something wrong Nidhi.?
Nidhi-  You didn't do anything wrong.  But I want you to take a sip of water and break your fast first.  Then I will break mine.
Ashu stared at her in surprise, how had she known, he had not said anything to her.
She smiled at him tenderly-  What?  Aapko lagta tha ke mujhe pata nahin chalega.  Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai.  Jab aapne subaha, khaana khaya tha, mujhe tab hi pata chal gaya tha.  Aur agar aap tab nahin bhi khaate, toh mujhe pata hai, ki aap yeh vrat jaroor rakhte.  Agar main bhookhi rahungi, toh aap khana kha hi nahin sakte.  I think you are forgetting that I know you.  What I don't understand though, is why would you try to hide that from me.  Any way, Chaliye, ab jaldi se mere haath se pani leejiye aur apna vrat kholiye. 
Dinner was also a happy but noisy affair.   After everyone had left,  Baba told Ashu to take Nidhi to the bedroom and make her lie down. 
After changing clothes and washing up, Nidhi gladly lay down.  She was really tired, it had been a long day.  But it had also been a lot of fun.
After a few minutes Ashu joined her, and he too sighed with relief.  He scooted close and put her head on his shoulder, and his free hand on her tummy.  This had become a habit of his ever since the day he had found out the she was pregnant.  Almost as if he were protecting, the baby within. Nidhi, thought that this was really endearing, and she put one of her hands on top of his. 
Ashu-  Nidhi, I think that you need to take the day off tomorrow also.  You look exhausted.
Nidhi-  Ashutosh, I cant keep taking time off just because I am your wife and I am pregnant.  Other women who work can't do that, so why should I get special treatment?  Kal , jo hua tha, yaad hai na?  Why did you not take my side yesterday, if that was the case?
Ashu-  You have me there.  But...
Nidhi- No buts.  Its not professional.  And besides, I have to go in tomorrow,  I have my check up with Dr. Kothari, in the morning.
Ashu- Theek hai.  What time is your appointment. I will join you.
Nidhi-  9:00 am.  But its just the routine monthly checkup.  Aisi koi baat nahin.  If you are busy, I will handle it myself, and will update you on our progress.
Ashu-  Nidhi,  I want to be there. It is important to me also.
Nidhi-  I know that Ashutosh.  But if you get busy, I dont want you to get stressed.  And on that note, I am going to say good night, I am really exhausted.  
She  raised herself up to kiss him, but he stopped her.
Ashu- Don't get up, I will give you a kiss, but first let me say good night to my angel. 
Then he bent down to talk to the baby.  Ashutosh, kissed her stomach, and said good night to the baby.  No sooner had he done that, when he felt  something move against his hand, it was very slight, but he felt it.  Ashu looked up at Nidhi, she also had an amazed look on her face.
Nidhi-  you felt that too?
Ashu nodded-  Yes.  Nidhi was that the baby?
Nidhi-  I think so.
Ashu-  Isn't it too early, for me to be able to feel it also?  Are you sure it was the baby?
Nidhi, looked at him with exasperation-  Well, it certainly wasn't gas.  I think I would know the difference.  of course it was the baby.  I have been feeling tiny movements for a few days now, but I could never be sure.  Today was the first time, that the movement was that strong.  It was definitely the baby.
As soon as she said that, she realized the significance of her words.  Their baby was big enough now for them to fell it kicking.  It was the most amazing feeling, it somehow made it more real.
Both of them were so over whelmed, they had no words.
Ashu-  Nidhi she responded to my words.  My baby recognizes my voice.
Nidhi-  Well, I don't see why she shouldn't?  You have been talking to her everyday, since we found out.  And you are her daddy.  It might be a little early but the doctor told me that the baby is big in size, so maybe thats the reason why we can feel her move early.
Ashu-  Now I am definitely going to be there for your appointment.  
I love you Nidhi.
Nidhi-  I love you too...  "daddy".
The next morning, both of them overslept, so they had to get ready in a rush.  And since they were going separately in their respective cars, they hardly had time to say more than good morning and give each other a quick kiss.
Nidhi was making early morning rounds, when she got a text from Ashu, telling her that he had gotten called for an emergency, and that he wouldn't be able to make it in time for her appointment.  She texted him back, and reassured him that it was not a problem, and if there was anything important then she would give him a call.
Nidhi, was so busy, that she barely made it to the doctors office in time for her appointment.  After the preliminaries had been taken care of by the nurse, Nidhi was taken into the exam room, so that the doctor could  do the check up.  Dr. Kothari, came into the room and greeted Nidhi.  Than she began by asking how everything was going and if there was anything important Nidhi wanted to discuss with her.  Nidhi told her about feeling the baby's movements.  Dr. Kothari frowned at that.
Dr.K-  You felt movements.  Its a little early for that, and even though the baby is a little big, the movements shouldn't  be so obvious yet.  Nidhi, I think that we need to do a sonography.  Your weight gain is also a little concerning.  I think that I would feel better if we cover all our bases, just to be sure.  
Nidhi was starting to feel scared- Dr.  Is something wrong with the baby.
Dr. K-  No, No Nidhi, its just a suspicion I am having, and  I  just want want to confirm it before sharing it with you.  But don't worry, the baby is fine, I promise you.  Do you want to call Dr. Ashutosh?
Nidhi-  No.  He can't come, He is in surgery.
Dr. K-  Okay, no problem.  I am here with you. So, lets go ahead to the sonography room.
Dr. K accompanied Nidhi, and made her comfortable, and started the scan.  After a couple of minutes, she looked at Nidhi with a huge grin on her face.
Dr. K-  Yes, Nidhi, my suspicion is correct.  Come let me show you.
Then she turned the monitor so that it was facing Nidhi.  And once again put the scanner on her stomach.
Dr. K-  Look Nidhi, do you see them.?
Nidhi-  THEM?
Dr. K- Yes Nidhi, congratulations you are going to have twins.  I know last time we did the scan I did not see that, but sometimes the babies are one behind the other, and when they are small (early stage of pregnancy) you cant see them both.  But as they get bigger, it becomes more obvious.  So Nidhi, you need to prepare for two babies instead of one.  Congratulations!  I know its against the rules, but, what the heck, you are Dr. Ashutosh's wife, I can bend the rules a little for you.  So do you want to know the sex of your babies?
When Nidhi nodded. Dr K  said-  What do you want?
Nidhi-  it doesn't really matter to me, as long as they are healthy.  But my Husband wants a girl, and my grandmother wants the baby to be a boy.
Dr K- Well Nidhi, they are both going to get their wish, you are going to have one of each.  Dr. Ashutosh is going to be very pleased, and I suspect, also a little upset that he missed this.
Nidhi, suddenly had an idea.
Nidhi- Dr. K, please don't say anything to him, I want it to be a surprise.  It will be so much fun, to see his reaction when they are born.  Please.
Dr. K laughed-  OK, Nidhi, I wont say a word. I promise.
When Nidhi left the office a litle while later, she had a dazed look in her eyes and the biggest grin you ever saw on her face.
Twins, she thought, She couldn't wait to see his reaction to that.  Well he was the one who always said, that when she did something wholeheartedly, she went all out, he wasn't kidding.  She really had gone all out this time. 

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 August 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Clap Aanchal at AshNi home was a nice touch Anu...and love this Ashu...you have managed to redeem both of them Ashu and Nidhi in a big way...Twins?? oh Boy!! Ashu is gonna have twins...!!! am i going to have fun in my next chap...and you covered Teej too...yaar yeh chapter poora serial mein hota toh it would have covered a whole week episodes...and the hospital issue...Clap

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Originally posted by turags

Clap Aanchal at AshNi home was a nice touch Anu...and love this Ashu...you have managed to redeem both of them Ashu and Nidhi in a big way...Twins?? oh Boy!! Ashu is gonna have twins...!!! am i going to have fun in my next chap...and you covered Teej too...yaar yeh chapter poora serial mein hota toh it would have covered a whole week episodes...and the hospital issue...Clap

thanks turags.  i had to redeem them both.  was too depressed by them in the show.  kuch toh karna tha na, so i could rest easy over the weekend.  And not just for me, but for all our friends that read our ff, and who were also in a similar mood like me.  i hope they like this chap too.Embarrassed

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Wow...thank u for the update...Big smile

amazing...Nidhi n Aashu are having twinsClapClapBig smile...
the red toyota innova..seems like Nidhi is going to be a super mom...with a nice SUV carrying kids to n fro...TongueSmile..lovely part...
Thank god Malika issue is over...not like CV's on show...trying to bring her back again n again!!!
It was so good to read the closure on Mandira issue too...i appreciate that u  both donot leave any loose ends to the story!!!Star

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wow libra this was a fantastic chapter loved it thanks for it...
left all my work and reading it...great work.

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