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Our KTLK-Version - 1 CH 35(pg 144)Ashu's Legacy (Page 100)

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Angry Oyeji ...my chap has Ashu's bday party and Nidhi's super special gift to him on that day...have to bring that chap out on 25th July as per records, its Ashu's bday that day...so delay by Libra now will delay that one too...still don't want her to post the next chap?? Embarrassed

LOLare bola na.. now waiting eagerly. I will be more than happy to read Ashu's B'day party chapter. But again will be busy this week as my son and Ashu share a same birthdate..Embarrassed But will try to catch up  with your updates..Smile

Aap ke bete ka naam bhi Ashutosh hain kya?? Wink jokes apart, wish him a happy birthday in advance...have fun..

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Sorry guys, went for pizza after the movie. Just got home, and finished editing.so here it is.Smile

                                     CHAPTER  29

       His wife was totally crazy! "Abhi! You are saying sab ko abhi, batana hai! Nidhi, tum bilkul pagal ho. Anji and Rangnath  just finished getting married 2seconds ago. They are surrounded by a million people, how do you propose to tell everyone, unless you mean that  literally". Nidhi, laughed at her husband's irritation,"arre baba, I didn't mean right this second, I meant that before Anji leaves. I know we had initially discussed telling everyone tomorrow, when she came home for the Pag Phera. But I can't wait any longer. Besides, either we tell them  now or you are going to here about the incident this afternoon, when you dragged me to our room, from DB. She caught me just before the pheras, and questioned me , as why we or rather you were acting like a teenager. In polite words, she was telling me that we need to learn to control our hormones. I won't tell you her exact words. But that's the gist of it. So..."   Ashu's, face became an interesting shade of crimson and he looked at her with a horrified expression," SHE THINKS WE SHOULD LEARN TO DO WHAT???...  Fine,  ok, you win. Let's go ahead and tell everyone. I don't think I can face DB till this has been cleared up. Waise tumhari tarha, tumhari DB bhi one piece hai, so how do you want to do this".  Nidhi giggled and said," The way I see it is there is still at least one hour till the mahurat for the bidaai. Let's see if we can round everybody up in one place for even 5minutes. And then we can tell them. I really want Anji and Dr. Rangnath to know, along with the rest of the family, because I won't be able to control myself for much longer, and if I tell everyone and she is not here than, she'll be very hurt. So you find whom ever you can and I'll do the same and we can ask Rohan and Armanji to help us".  Ashu-" No Nidhi, you stay put, you've done enough running around for today, I'll go get everyone with Arman's help, and bring them here".  So, Nidhi sat down on the sofa and put her feet up, with a sigh of relief, and put her head back on the cushion and closed her eyes.  She was feeling rather tired, and was glad to get the chance to rest for a bit. 

       While, Baba and Rohan agreed act as hosts for the rest of the guests ouside, the  family all  gathered in the living room hall, in the house.  When, everyone came in they were all looking questioningly at Ashu, because Rohan had told them all that Ashu wanted to tell them something, even Rangnath and his parents were invited to this family gathering. DB, on seeing Nidhi sitting down on the sofa with her feet propped up, spoke first, "Nidhi, beta , what kind of manners are these, all your elders are standing and you are sitting. I have been observing you these past few days, you are letting everyone else do all the work and have all the men in your house catering to all your whims. I have heard about Joru ka gulam, but this household takes the cake. You have all these men dancing to your tunes, while you are sitting and enjoying. I hate to say it beta, but you are getting very lazy. Tumhari umar mein itna aalsi hona acchi baat nahin hai".  Nidhi, looked at her husband with amusement, and Ashu looked at her smiling. Then Nidhi took hold his hand and stood up, Ashu tried to stop her, but she said ,"it's ok, for what needs to be said, I need to stand anyway, I don't think that this sofa is big enough to accommodate everyone at once. Let me handle this you relax and just stand by my side, ok?  Oh and by the way, I love you. Just thought I'd tell you now, as after this announcement we are not get to have much alone time together for a while.".  Nidhi squeezed his hand in reassurance, took a deep breath and spoke," DB agar yeh sab log  iss samay meri iss halat mein bhi mujhe pamper nahin karengein, toh aap mere pati ko hi dosh doge aur inse gussa karoge, ke aisi  halat mein bhi meri bachchi ka khayal nahin rakkha, kaise pati ho doctor.  After all DB, Aapke gusse se sab ko dar Lagta hai, toh yeh aapko kaise gussa kar sakte the".  There was sunned silence for a few seconds, Nidhi had a grin on her face, as she observed everyone's, open mouthed surprise. This was a real Kodak moment, and it looked as if Armanji had read her mind, because he had taken out his camera and was clicking away to glory. Then everyone started talking at once and ran up to hug her. It's a good thing she was standing, or the sofa might have tipped. Anji reached and first,"Nidhi, what are you saying? When did you find out and how come you didn't tell me. Oh I am so happy, I am going to be a massi. So how far along are you, when is the baby due"?   Before Nidhi, could answer her DB pulled her away from Anji and hugged her, then  her father, Solanki Uncle and Shyama Aunty and then Dr. Rangnath's parents and finally Rangnath himself. Once the round of hugging and congratulations were over, DB once again came and took her in her arms and gently kissed Nidhis, forehead, there were tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks, and the same was the case of her father, And Anji and her parents.  Then DB spoke up"Nidhi, meri bachchi, why didn't you tell us"?  Nidhi,"DB, I am sorry I wanted to tell all of you but, with Anjis wedding so close, I didn't want the attention to fall on me, this was her time and I wanted Anji to get all the attention. If I had said anything then all of you including Anji, would have been running around me. So I kept quiet. We had thought that we would announce tomorrow, but as soon the wedding was finished, I just could not wait anymore".  DB,"bachche, I understand why you did this, but I don't think that it was fair, to keep something so big from all of us," then she looked at Ashu and Arman,"Now I  understand why you all were running around Nidhi, and catering to her, and in the process, looking like fools, you were trying to take care of her. I am proud of you Ashutosh, my baby is so lucky to have you as her husband, and also be a part of such a loving and caring  family.". DB gave Ashu and Arman both a hug and then went to Nidhi,"but as of now, you all are relieved of your duties, I will take care of my baby, you don't have to worry anymore. Nidhi, I am so happy today, you have made my wish come true. So now, I want to know the details, is everything ok"?  Nidhi, looked at her husband and rolled her eyes and started answering DB and Anjis questions," yes DB, I am absolutely fine. We found out two weeks ago,"and when DB would have spoken on hearing that, nidhi went on,"now please don't get angry DB, I just told you all the reasons. Please, see I made your wish come true, you can't mad at me".  When DB smiled, nidhi said,"I am three months pregnant, and the baby is due  on the 14th of February .  And everything is absolutely fine the baby is healthy and normal, and so am I". Once again the family surrounded her. They were all looking so happy. Even Rangnath's parents came up to her and gave her their blessing, his father said," dekha, Guddu ki ma,  bahu, ke paon, kitne shubh hain, hum toh bahu ko lekar abhi tak ghar bhi nahin  gaye, aur shaadi hote hi,  yahan par hi  itni achchi khabar pata chali,  ke beti kushkhabri sunane wali hai, hum nana nani banege, isse zyada khushi  ki  baat aur ke hove hai. Jeeti raho beti, sada kush raho, aur phoolo phalo".  Rangnath's mother too. Hugged nidhi and gave her her blessings.  Just then DB announced,"Arre bhai zara koi waqt ko to dekho, bidaai, ka muhurat ho Gaya hai. Chalo, chalo, Baaki baatein Anji ki bidaai ke baad aaram se baith kar karenge". Anji, "DB this is not fair, mere ko  toh  bhaga rahein hain, aur mere peeche se sab  baatein karengein. Mujhe bhi Sunni hai, sari baatein, mein bhi to Maasi hoon, mujhe kaise exclude kar saktein hain"?  DB,"Arre bachche, Tera toh jaane ka waqt ho Gaya hai ab. Yehi to shaadi ka matlab hai, meri bachchi, apno ko chod kar naye ghar jaana aur naye parivar ka hissa banna, aur naya sansar basaana. Yeh to duniya ka niyam hai beta, isse kaun bhag sakta hai. Chal beta chal." saying that DB hugged a tearful Anji and led her out, and everyone followed.

      Nidhi, stayed behind, and when her father started to leave, she caught his hand and stopped him.  Nidhi, also stopped Ashu, and asked him to stay. Then she went to her father and put her head on his shoulders and hugged him. Her father hugged her tightly  to himself. Nidhi-"Baba, you haven't said anything,aren't you happy, you're going to be a grandfather"!  CV-"Beta, how can you even say that. I can't tell you how happy I am. There are no words that can describe how I feel. If only your mother were here with us today, my happiness would be complete. But I now she is with us in spirit and she is blessing all three of you, with all the health and happiness that is possible under Gods grace.   Beta, tum abhi nahin samajh sakti ki kitni khushi milti  hai, jab yeh khabar bachche apne Maa Baap ko detein hain. Duniya ka sara sukh us ek pal  mein mil jata hai,  poori zindagi  ki mehenat safal ho jaati hai us pal mein, jis pal mein yeh khabar sunne ko milti hai.  Jis  pal ka sapna har  Maa Baap tab se dekhtein hai, jab se woh khud Maa Baap baatein hain, woh mera aur tumhari Maa ka sapna aaj tumne poora kiya hai.  Mujhe aaj bhi  kal ki si hi baat Lagti hai, jab tumhari Maa ne mujhe bataya tha ke tum hamari zindagi mein aani  waali ho, aur phir .woh pal jab maine tumhe sab se pehle apni godh mein liya tha. Woh kushi,  meri bachchi, ab tumhari zindagi mein bhi aane waali hai, yeh soch ke bhi mera dil bhar aata hai.  Beta Nidhi, itni khushi toh mujhe tumhare paida hone pe bhi nahin hui thi, jitni tumhari yeh  khabar milne par mujhe aaj hui hai. Mere bachchon, Bhagwaan kare, ke tumhara aane waala bachcha tum dono ki  zindagi mein  bhi utni hi khushiyan bharde, jitni khushi Nidhi ne hamare ghar mein janam lene ke baad se hamare ghar aur zindagi mein di hain.  Beta Bhagwaan kare ke Teri jaisi beti, aur aulaad sab ko mile. May god bless the both of you with all the health wealth and happiness and success that this life has to offer". Saying this he once more clasped Nidhi against himself, while tears of joy ran unashamedly down his face.  Ashu, too had tears in his eyes as he witnessed this father daughter union. Then he also began to dream of his future, he saw himself in exactly the same spot as his father-in-law, only it was him and he was holding his daughter, while Nidhi stood beside them smiling. What a beautiful dream to look forward to. And all this was going to be possible just because of his wife. She had brought all happiness into his life, he had no words with which to even begin to thank her.

       Anji's bidaai, reminded her of her own. She could sympathize with Anji and her anguish at being separated from her parents. She was basically saying  goodbye not only to her parents, but also to life as she knew it along with all things familiar. She knew it felt like you were stepping into a dark hole, and had no idea what lay on the other end. It was a whole new world a new life, where, long with the joy of being with the one you loved there were also uncertainties as to the future and what lay ahead. Nidhi, knew exactly what Anji was feeling, but she also knew that her friend would be very happy with her chosen life partner.  That, Rangnath loved Anji with his whole heart, was plain for everyone to see.  A whole new chapter was about to start in Anji's life, and Nidhi as hugged Anji, she wished  for her friend, her sister, all the happiness and joy in the world,  as much joy and happiness as she had found with Ashutosh.  She knew that in a  very short period of time, he too, had really come to accept Anji as the sister of his heart, and now his eyes held the same joy and sadness as that of real a brother seeing his beloved sister, leaving him to start a whole new life.  Nidhi, looked at her husband, and her heart over flowed with love, and she thanked her lucky stars for sending him into her life. And also thanked god for the new life inside her that was yet to come into this world, and  the family who loved him even before he was here.  

       After Anji's bidaai, DB took Nidhi to the house and told her to change and relax, and that she and the rest of the family, would see to the last of the guests. DB -"Bas ab bahut bhaag daud kar li. Ab tu aaram kar. Hum sab log mehmano ko vida  karke aate hain, aur  phir sab milkar ek saath baith kar aaram se chai coffee peeyenge". Nidhi, looked at her grandmother, with affection and indulgence, she knew that this was only the beginning. It was going to be an experience of a life time, the next 6months, in more ways than one. And she couldn't wait.  Nidhi had barely had time to freshen up and come sit down on the sofa, when the whole family came in, and just plopped themselves down, wherever there was space, they were all exhausted, it had been a long and tiring two weeks,  and, if she was this exhausted and she had barely done any work, she could imagine how they must be feeling.  Nidhi, got up and said,"Aap sab log, thodi der aaram kariye, main sab ke liye coffee aur kuch khaane ko lekar aati hoon".  No sooner than these words were out of her mouth, DB, and Shyama Aunty, stood up. DB-"Maine tujhe kya bola tha, aaram karne ko kaha tha  na. Phir tu kyon khadi ho gayi. Shyama aur main hain na, hum lekar aate  hain, tujhe uthna mana hai".  Nidhi-"DB, I am pregnant, I am not an invalid. I know I need rest but I can do a little work also, besides, I havent done  nearly as much as any of you.  And I have also rested for a bit. So please calm down I am fine".   Knowing Nidhi as he knew her now, Ashu knew that DB had her work cut out for her. Suddenly, he thought, what if our daughter is like her mother, god help me what am I gonna do. Then he thought, If only he were so lucky, and he looked at his wife and mother-in-law who were still arguing on their way to the kitchen, and laughed softly. He wondered if DB knew who had just won. Well if his daughter was like her mother, she'd have him dancing to her tune just like her mother did. He knew that she already held his heart in her tiny little hands and she wasn't even born yet.  A few minutes later, DB and Nidhi came out of the kitchen, along with Shyama Aunty, and Chote Sarkar, the only thing Nidhi was carrying was a tall glass filled with a milky white  drink, which he assumed was milk.  He presumed correctly that DB would not let nidhi drink coffee at this time of night, because, Nidhi had a scowl on hr face.  Well he knew who,had just won round 2.

       About an hour later, after getting an extensive lecture on the do and don't for someone in her condition, from everyone, Nidhi decided it was time that she went to bed. Her act triggered every body else, and so good nights were said before  everyone retired for the night.  

       Alone in their room, Nidhi was pacing back and forth in the room and muttering to herself. Something about running away and coming back after the baby was born, she was even saying something about leaving him behind and just disappearing for the next 6 months. Ashu stood in the doorway and kept smiling at her running tirade. She must have sensed his presence, because, she suddenly stopped mid stride and mid sentence, and looked at him with annoyance," aap wahan par khade khade haste hi rahenge ya meri help karenge"?  Ashu -"You need help?  Seriously sweetheart, I am  on DB's side  in this. You are a hand full, and even in the best of circumstances, I am no match for you. But now, with you in this condition, I'm putty in your hands and you know it. Uh uh, I am cheering for DB, she's the only one that can put a brake on the Nidhi express". Nidhi-" Well if  that's the way you want it then fine. The baby and I are not talking to you!  Good night"!   Nidhi, flounced off and lay down on the bed. Ashu came to the bed and lay down beside her and shut off the lights. And as he was about to take her into his arms, she turned over and scooted away from him.  Ashu, scooted close to her, and put his arm around her, and his face near her ear,"Nidhi, meri, ek baat ka jawab dogi?  Please tell me are you  going to be a mom or are you going to be the baby.   Sweetheart, think please. Everyone has your best interest at heart over here. Granted that You need a certain bit of space and freedom , but think about it from our point of view also. If you were in our place what would you do"?   Nidhi, was quiet for a couple of minutes, then she sighed and turned towards him,"I am sorry, it's just been a long day, and I guess I am tired. I  should have been ready for all this huh? I mean I expected it. I don't know why I am so upset, it just seems that now a days I just can't control my emotions. I am sorry, Ashutosh, I'll not to fly off the deep end.". Ashu-"thats ok sweetheart, I understand. But you also have to understand DB, she loves you and only wants to take care you and the baby,  we all do, and yes we are going to go overboard also, but you'll just have to grin and bear it. After all, that's the price you must pay, to be the center of so many people's lives. Specially mine.  And remember once, this little one comes you are not going to have all my attention you will have to share. And then I'll have at least one person who'll be on my side for a change. And on that note, I just realized I haven't had a chance to talk to  my princess today," ashu slid down and lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach,"Hi princess, its your daddy, how's my little girl. Well sweetheart, it's been a very eventful day. Your Anji Massi got married today, and then we told the whole family about you. Everybody was so happy, to hear about you, they can't wait for you to get here, specially your great grandmother and your grandfather. But nobody is more excited than your daddy. I love you baby, you be a good girl now, and take care of your mommy".  Every time he talked to their baby,  she was overcome with love for him.    Nidhi-" ok, I think it's my turn now. I need my husband too".  Ashutosh smiled and went to his wife, he couldn't have the mother of his child unhappy, now could he? He then proceeded to show his wife that it was indeed her turn!  Boy, this was so much fun, he thought, and it also felt good to be so in demand.  More than that, it felt even more wonderful to be so loved.

       The next morning when she woke up, Nidhi felt totally refreshed and full of energy. A good nights sleep had worked wonders,and  of course making love with her husband might've also been a bit of a contributing factor.  She knew it was later than the time she normally woke up. But today she was glad that she hadn't had to get up early.  Being pregnant did have its advantages.  It was going to be an exciting day, Anji was coming home for her Pag Pheras, Nidhi couldn't wait to quiz her about last night and her first morning with her new in laws.   She got up quickly and went to  get ready, and in the process she found out that what DB had said last night (DB had taken nidhi aside and commented that she was gaining weight, and her clothes were getting a bit tight), was indeed true, she was getting fat.  It was a good thing, but she just hadnt expected it to happen this fast. Damn, she thought, she needed to buy new clothes.  She had been wanting to wear this beautiful form fitting churidar Kurta suit, but it would not fit. It seemed she had started getting bigger in embarrassing places, just not her stomach. So in the end she opted for a navy blue and dark pink shaded chiffon saree, with silver and blue and pink paisley leaves embroidered all over it, and a silver border, and as usual she wore the matching bangles and bindi. The pregnancy added an extra glow to her natural beauty. The result was that she looked absolutely beautiful.

       It seemed that DB was waiting for her to come down. The minute Nidhi, came, DB pulled her to the dining table,"arre beta, kitni der  kardi uthne mein, sab log nashta bhi kar chukein hain, bas tu hi reh gayi hai. Chal  ab jaldi se kuch kha le, Anji aati hi hogi. Ashutosh usse lene gaya hai".  Nidhi was really surprised and touched to hear that, because bringing the bride home the next day was either up to the father or, if the bride had one then,  the brother of the bride. It appeared that her husband was taking his duties as Jeeja and Brother very seriously.  She was still pondering on that when, DB came and placed hot gobhi parathas in front of her, her favorite breakfast food.  She had already thrown up once soon after she has woken up, she just hoped that she would be able to keep this delicious food down. It was tricky, what she could or what she couldn't keep down. Nidhi had barely taken a couple of bites ,when DB placed a glass of milk in front of her. The sight and smell of the milk made her stomach revolt.  Nidhi turned her face and tried to take deep breaths facing away from the table when a can of seven up was placed into her hands, it was Armanji , she smiled greatfully and took a couple of sips, and her stomach started to settle down. DB, who  was quietly witnessing this entire episode, smiled brightly and thought to herself, 'my nidhi is obviously in very good 
hands '.  She took the glass of milk and returned it to the kitchen. Nidhi was still eating when the door opened, and Ashu said,"look who I have here, the prodigal has returned"!   

       Nidhi was the first to jump up, and she ran to hug her friend.  Anji was wearing a heavy dark green zari sari, poor thing she looked so miserable already, that nidhi didn't have the heart to tell her that she looked like a plant. So, the attack of the in laws had begun, she laughed and thought to herself. Before she could say anything, the rest of the family arrived and Shyama Aunty, brought the pooja thali and preformed the rites welcoming her daughter back to her house for the first time as a married woman.  Then Anji came in and hugged everybody.  DB came over to Nidhi and said,"Achcha, beta , ab dono saheliyan saath saath baith kar ke kuch khaa lo. Nidhi, tune abhi tak apne parathe khatm, bhi nahin kare, ab, toh thande bhi ho gaye honge.  Chalo  baitho, main tum dono ke liye garam garam parathe laati hoon".  Just then Anji spoke up, "Nahin DB main abhi kuch nahin kha sakti, meri saas ne subah, subah itna khila diya hai, ke agar maine ek bhi tukda khaya toh mera pet phat jayega.  Nidhi, tu kha le.  Par chal abhi andar tere kamre mein chalte hain, tu wahin aaram se baith kar kha lena, mujhe tujhse bahut is baatein Karni hain".  All the elders looked at the both of them with indulgence, and amusement, and CV said,"tum dono kabhi nahin badlogi".  Everyone laughed and both the friends held hands and went in.  Ashu, meanwhile was looking a little put off, at being thoroughly ignored by both his wife and saali. Looking at his expression, Shyama Aunty said,"Jamai  babu, ab in sab baaton ke liye toh aapko tayyar rehna padega, jab bhi yeh dono milti hain aise hi hota hai. Abhi, toh kuch ghanton ke liye apni biwi ko bhool jayiye, yeh dono itni jaldi apne kamre se nahin nikalna waali. Aayiye aap  hamare saath baithiye, hum aapko company denge".  Just then Nidhi, came out of the room for a minute,"DB, I am still hungry can I have another paratha please"?  DB, delighted that her bachchi was eating , jumped up and went to get her one more.  

       Nidhi, was about to follow her into the kitchen, when, Ashu's phone rang.  She wondered who was calling,  he was supposed to have the day off today, he had even arranged to have a replacement ready, in case of an emergency. So, full of curiosity, she went to the dining area, where he was talking on the phone, it was somebody from the hospital, she tapped his arm, and when he looked at her, she gestured questioningly. Ashu asked the person on the other end to hold on for a minute,"it's one of the staff from events and management, apparently this years all India doctors medical convention is going to be held in Kerala, in two weeks, and I am on the list of guest lecturers this year, so I will have to attend, it will be a weeks trip. They wanted to know if you would be accompanying me. They were just confirming with me so that they could go ahead and finalize the arrangements.  Of course I said no, theres no way you can come with me in this state". Nidhi, remembered the last time they had both been in Kerala together. It had been such a traumatic time for them both. She had very sad and unpleasant memories of that place. But, she thought, this was a perfect opportunity to go back and erase all the bad memories and replace them with happy ones, it could be like a second honeymoon for them both, she was suddenly very excited. She softly asked him to hang up, as she had something to say. Ashu looked at her annoyed, he didn't like it when she interrupted him in between work. But, he sighed and told the person, on the phone that he would call right back and confirm, and hung up.  Nidhi,"I want to come with you, please Ashutosh. Besides, women travel well into the last trimester, there are no rules against it." Ashu-"No, Nidhi, I can't take that chance with you and our baby.  I rather be safe, and err on the side of caution. There is no way you can come, I will not allow it"!  Nidhi-"You know what you are don't you? You are a Male Chauvanist P... I can't believe in this day and age you are behaving like a caveman." Ashu-"Sweetheart, you can call me anything you like, I won't feel bad I promise. I'll chalk it down to your hormones. But you are not going, and that's final"!  Nidhi, was almost in tears, seeing this Ashu relented and said,"Okay fine, why don't we do this, why don't we call Dr. Kothari tomorrow, and ask her. I am sure she will say exactly the same thing. Then will you listen to me?". Nidhi-"ok, Ashu, but please call her Now. And whatever she says, I'll abide by it. But if she says yes will you also listen"?  Ashu-"I promise I will, you have my word on it. But you also need to promise that if she says no, then you won't pout and cry and will agree to stay behind cheerfully"?  Nidhi-"yes, I promise, but I want you to call her now"!  He was about to argue, but thought better of it, Nidhi would not let this go. She would drive him bananas till he settled this, so might as well give in gracefully, he thought. Ashu, smiled smugly, there as no way Dr. Kothari would give Nidhi permission for such a lengthy trip, that also included several hours of air travel , he was positive of that. So he put a call through to the doctor, better to get this done with and settled, he thought.
Dr. Kothari-" Hello Dr. Ashutosh, how can I help you today? I hope everything is alright with Nidhi"?  Ashu, relayed the whole situation and then asked her opinion as to whether Nidhi could accompany him. Dr. Kothari-"of course, she can Dr. Ashutosh, there is no reason why she can't. She is just barely beginning her second trimester, and she also seems to be in good health. Women are allowed air travel up to their seventh month, so there shoul be no issues at all. Just please make sure she has a visit with me before you both leave for the trip. So you guys go and have fun, it might be the last time before the baby arrives and then you won't ever get to be alone again, till your old age, so go and enjoy yourselves".  Ashutosh, scowled at the phone, and Nidhi, seeing his scowl, grinned," So, Dr. Ashutosh, I guess I am coming. Please call the hospital back and confirm our reservations . It's gonna be so much fun, I can't wait. I am going to to tell Anji".  With she hurried away. Ashu, looked at his wife's retreating back and smiled wryly, it seems that with her, he could never win. But in the next instant he smiled," of course, there the up side to this also, I get to have my wife to myself, without any interruptions for a whole week. I get to have her full undivided attention" he muttered to himself, and then  proceeded to call the hospital and confirm both of their reservations at the convention.  

           She was literally skipping, went she went back to the room, with her parathas, and pickle.  Nidhi saw that Anji had used the time she had been away, talking to Ashu, by changing Out of the ugly green sari, into one of her jeans and t shirts. Nidhi, took one look at her and started laughing,"I was wondering how long that would take. Honestly Anji, you were looking like a Cactus, decorated like a Christmas tree.  So yaar, tell me everything, kal tere yahan se jaane ke baad se  lekar  yahan aane tak. I want to know everything that happened. Most importantly Kal Raat kya hua. I bet Dr. Rangnath was really romantic. So now come on give. Spill the details pal".  Anji laughed and hugged Nidhi, then sighed and made a woebegone face, "yaar, Dr. Rangnath toh tab romantic hote, agar unhe mauka milta.   We didn't even get to sit in the same room, much less sleep together.  You know how late my bidaai, was, well when we got to the house, all of the customs could not get done, and apparently, in their family , jab tak saari rasmein aur shagun poore nahin  ho jaate we can't even be in the same room alone together, yaar, humein toh hand holding bhi allowed nahin hai jab tak".  At this pont Nidhi could not hold back her laughter, and she burst out,"yaar, mujhe Lagta tha ki meri suhaag raat boring rahi. But Teri toh yaar,  it was classic. Chalo, apni beti ko batane mein sochna nahin padega, if she ever asks you.  You can be absolutely honest. Toh bataa ke abhi poore huae ke nahin, saare customs"?   Anji-"kya yaar, I wish. Mujhe toh theek tarha se sone ko bhi nahin Mila hai. My saasu maa woke me up at the crack of dawn, and made me go take a bath,  because we had to go to the mandir,  wahan par koi pooja Karni thi.  That's why I was wearing that monstrosity.  At least I got to take off  some of the jewelry before I came, nahin toh aisa lag raha tha ke poore ka poora, jewelry store pehen rakkha hua tha.  And abhi, toh yeh shuruat hai. Tu meri love story ki tragedy sunegi, toh hansegi, itni besharam hai tu, that you're not going to sympathize with me, I don't know why I am even telling you".  Nidhi, was having so much fun, this was better than a comedy flick any day,"yaar, ab kaise, stop kar sakti hai.  You can't leave me hanging like this. Come na tell me, I promise I won't laugh. Chal yaar, Anji, please please".   Anji sighed, she knew that Nidhi, would not be able to keep her promise, but she was her best friend, and since childhood they had shared everything with each other, she bet that till day, Nidhi shared more about what was in her heart, with her than even her husband. Plus she knew that she had to talk to someone or she would explode, so"alright alright. Well you know how Dr. Rangnath has taken a week off for our honeymoon. Well guess where we are going.  We have to go with his parents to their village, apparently, since they could not invite everyone from there to the wedding, we have to go back, and wahan par there'll  be a gathering of all the relatives and friends, so that everyone can be part of the wedding festivities, and this is not all, all the rasams that we did here, we have to do them again, for the benefit of all the relatives.  I am just glad that we don't have to get married all over again. Oh My God, what if they don't let Dr. Rangnath and me near each other until then, tab mera kya hoga ".  By this time Nidhi, was rolling on the bed with laughter. Her stomach was starting to hurt. She had no idea what this was doing to her baby, though, but it couldn't be that bad, the munchkin was also probably having a good laugh at the expense of his Massi. "Anji, tujhe toh apni story ko Bollywood mein David Dhawan ko send Karni chahiye, I bet he could make a movie out of this".  Anji-"Nidhi, yaar main kya karoon, help me na. Koi to idea soch, I am dying here".  Nidhi-"Anji, isme main kya kar sakti hoon, for that matter, iss mamle mein koi kuch nahin kar sakta hai. Sweety, you'll just have to grin and bear it, kehtein hain na sabar ka phal meetha hota hain, well Darling in your case, this is going to take on a whole new meaning.  I dread to think tum dono ka kya haal hone wala hain"   Anji-"yaar, Nidhi you have to help me, if you cant do anything, then tere ko mere saath  gaon chalna  hoga, . I cant do it all by myself, mujhe kya pata gaon mein kya karte hain,  I'll  probably have to have a ghoonghat also, oh my god, Nidhi, main nahin bachne waali. You have to come with me. Tujhe hamari friendship ki kasam"   That set Nidhi off on another laughter spree, when she managed to contol herself she said," Anji, I'd  come with you if I could, I swear, but first of all I dont think Dr. Ashutosh can take any more time off from the hospital right now, and I know that neither he nor anyone else will let me go by myself. Plus he has been invited to give a lecture on some new surgical technique in neurology, at the All India Doctors Medical Convention in Kerala.  So we have to go there. This is my chance to erase all the sad memories of that place and replace them with new and happy ones, it'll be like a second honeymoon for us", she looked at Anji and grinned with mischief,"sorry yaar". Anji, looked at her for a minute in mock anger, then she too smiled and hugged her friend. Nidhi had gone through a lot, and fought hard for her happiness, she deserved it. Also Dr. Ashutosh loved Nidhi a lot, and was a wonderful person, Anji was very happy, for her friend/sister.  Then Nidhi, put a hand on her stomach,"dekha baby, aapki Anji Massi ne aapki mamma ko kitna hansaya hai.   Aap ko bhi hansi aayi na"?  Anji, "oh Nidhi, I am sorry yaar, mein apne mein hi itni kho gayi, ke Maine apne aane wale nephew /niece ke bare mein to kuch poocha hi nahin".  Nidhi-"don't worry yaar, abhi bahut time hai.  I want you to enjoy with you new husband right now. Baby ke saath bhi time aayega.  And besides, he knows his Massi will love him a lot and will spoil him.". Anji-" Massi, will not love him a lot, she already does adore him",  then Anji put her hand gently on Nidhi's stomach,"time is strange, isn't it Nidhi. Pata nahin kahan jaata hai. In the blink of an eye everything changes. It seems like yesterday, we were both little, and we were busy playing and fighting, growing up, now look.  You are about to become a mom and the dynamics of all our relations are about to change yet again. Our lives will revolve around him/her now. I am so excited Nidhi, I can hardly wait.   Oh and on another note, the due date is February 14th hunh?  Toh iska matlab yeh tumhare aur Jeejaji ke Jungle Adventure ka phal hai na?". Nidhi blushed at that,"you have become very besharam, yaar Anji. Abhi, tu gaon se wapas aa, tab main poochoongi ki tera aur Dr. Rangnath ka gaon ka milan kaise raha. After all turn about is fair play na? So, when are you guys leaving"?    Anji-"yaar, we will be leaving this evening, by train. Apparently it's an all night trip.  I can't even stay here the whole day today.  I have to leave after lunch. Dr. Rangnath will be coming to pick me up". Nidhi, was very disappointed,"kya Anji, I thought that we would have the whole day together, to talk and have fun.  Abhi toh we have not even begun to discuss anything about the baby yet. Aur tujhe pata hai, my clothes have already started to get a bit tight, I will be needing maternity clothes soon. I am going to have so much fun, shopping, for myself and the baby, Kaash tu bhi mere saath hoti yaar".  Anji-" Oye, you can't go shopping without me, neither for you and definitely not for the baby.  I'll be back in a week, aur utne  mein kuch nahin hone wala, you will have to wait, there is no way you can do anything without me. Waise bhi you've known for two weeks, and didn't even tell me. Pata hai, mujhe shock iss baat ka hai, that when, since childhood we have shared everything with each other, I mean even if we tried it was impossible to keep anything from each other, how could you have managed to keep something so huge from me. And I am more surprised at myself, that I didn't notice you were hiding something".  Nidhi, had been about to answer, when there was knock at door, and DB and Shyama Aunty came in. "agar app dono ki baatein khatam ho gayi ho toh you both need to come downstairs now. Dr. Rangnath is here, and lunch is ready. Anji, beta, he told me that you guys are leaving for their village this evening, so you need to leave right after lunch".  After looking at Anjis sad face her mom hugged her and said,"it's ok beta, aisi baatein toh hoti hain shaadi ke baad. Don't worry. See, the bright side, you'll be back after a week, and then you can visit Nidhi anytime and  you can also come and visit you father and me anytime, and stay as long as you want, so cheer up now. Chalo beta, khushi khushi apne sasuraal jaao, aur wahan se khushi khushi wapas aao and start your new life.  But right now let's go down and have lunch, you girls  have been up here for hours. Now you both need to spend a little time with everyone else also.  It was a fun lunch, and the food was great.  Afterwards, Anji, changed back into her ugly green saari, and bid everyone a tearful goodbye and left.

       After Anjis departure, Shyama Aunty and Solanki Uncle, after thanking Ashutosh and BB, also departed for their house. Soon after, CV and DB also came to take leave from BB and Ashutosh.  CV-"Dr. Mathur, I want to thank you and Ashutosh, for making everything so special for Anji, of course now we also understand the other reason.  As her father, it makes me so happy, to see my little girl a part of a family that loves her so, much that they would move heaven and earth to see her happy and well.    And, also, at this time, I wanted to take your permission, for Bhua and I to go back to our house".  Before Baba could say anything Ashu spoke up,"Baba, aap itni jaldi kaise jaa sakte hain.  Agar aap abhi gaye, toh mujhe bahut bura lagega.  Aur waise bhi, abhi toh aapko humne itni badiya khabar di hai, aur abhi toh hum sabne theek tarha se celebrate bhi nahin kara. I refuse to let you guys leave for the time being. Aapko abhi, philhal yahin rehna padega. Yeh bhi toh aapka hi ghar hai, aur jaise Nidhi aapki beti hai, main bhi aapka beta hoon, aapko meri zid manni hi padegi ".   The look on Baba's face at Ashutosh's words was enough to make Nidhi fall in love with her husband all over again, he was such a wonderful person, with an immense capacity to love, its just that he himself didn't know that.  Then DB spoke,"Yog, agar damadji keh rahe hain, to maan lo. Mujhe bhi achcha lagega, main thoda waqt apni bachchi, ke saath bitaa paaungi, aur thoda sa  isse pamper bhi kar sakungi". CV noddded his agreement and said,"theek hai Bhua, jaisi aapki marzi. Thank you Ashutosh beta, every father deserves a Son-in-law like you".  BB also smiled and said,"Achcha kiya Col. Ab kuch  dino ke liye  mujhe bhi achchi, company mil jaayegi, aur samdhanji ke haath se  bana achcha mazedar khaana  khaane ko milega. Bahut Mazaa aayega."
 So, while they were all busy chatting,  she went up to take a nap. Looks like her days, nights, like and dislikes were also not going to under her control for a while. She smiled gently, and touched her stomach,"life really is wonderful sometimes " Nidhi thought, then added,"I love you baby, and I can't wait till you're here, so I can hold you in my arms."

         Nidhi, was woken up by her husbands kiss.  Ashutosh, "it's time to get up sleepyhead,  it's almost evening.  And DB is waiting for you, she says that it's time for you to eat somthing. She sent me up here to get you, so get up and come out to the living room hall, everyone's waiting, DB made something special for you." Nidhi, put her arms around him and hugged him, and told him that she would be right down.  Once again she had trouble find something to wear, that wasn't  a bit tight, she really needed to get a few things tomorrow, she thought to herself.  But first she needed to have a talk to her father.

       Nidhi, ran into him, on the way down.  Nidhi-"Baba, I need to talk to you, if you have a minute.". CV-"of course beta, what do you need?". 
Nidhi-"Baba, I was wondering if I could have access to my trust fund accounts".   CV-"sure, beta, it's something I've been wanting to do ever since you became a doctor. Your mother started up that account for you when you were born, and she wanted you to have it when you became a doctor, I tried to bring up the subject several times, but you never paid attention or showed any interest. Of course Beta, that money is yours, I'll take care of it first thing tomorrow morning, as soon as the bank opens. It's under your maiden name right now, so I need to put it under your married name, you have changed your name legally haven't you"?  Nidhi-"yes Baba, I took care of that after a couple of weeks when I got married".  CV-"that's good beta, ok, I'll get it done as soon as possible, and hopefully you'll have access to your accounts  by tomorrow evening, and beta,  i also want to let you know that, because my business has also done so well these past few months, since we got the contract from the foreign company, I have managed to recoup, mostly all my losses, so, I have also put the money from the sale amount of your grandfathers house, into your account also", when she would have protested,her father said,"beta, you know very well that I could never keep that money, your grandfather had left the house to you and you had to sell it for me, it's something that needed to be done, please don't argue, the decision is all final. So, sweetheart, with the money your mother put in, initially, and with what I've added to it over the years,  plus with the money for the house, you are quite a wealthy young lady". Nidhi, smiled at that and said-"Baba one more thing, could you please put the account in  both mine and Dr. Ashutosh's names and one other thing, could you get me a credit card with the account also?".   CV-"Nidhi, beta I am so proud of you, that is exactly what I would have expected from mine and Nandini's (nidhis mom)daughter, and yes I'll apply for a credit card for you also, in the meantime, here take mine, you know I hardly use it anyway, and I also have another. So use this until you get yours, or actually better still, I want you to keep this one also. It'll make me feel that my little girl is still my little girl, when I get your bills".  She smiled and hugged her father, then turned to walk down the hall to go to the living room, but found Ashutosh, standing in her way, he looked very angry.  Nidhi, looked at him puzzled and worriedly asked,"what's wrong, why do you look so angry, is everything alright"?  Ashutosh-"Nidhi, could you please come to my study with me  for a minute, there is something important I need to talk to you about".   Nidhi was puzzled, but followed him down the hall to his study.

       Ashu-"Nidhi, just exactly why were you asking your father for money, and credit cards. Is there something you need"?  Nidhi-"Ashutosh, all I was doing was asking him to tranfer my trust fund account to our name. What's wrong with that. My mother started that account for me when I was born, it's mine to do with what I please, so what's the big deal if I asked my father for access to my own money".  Ashutosh-"I do not need anyone else's money Nidhi. Certainly not yours,and I would also prefer that you not accept that money, I am perfectly capable of supporting my family, and providing for all their needs".  Nidhi was starting to get really angry now, he was being very unreasonable. Nidhi-"what is wrong with you. I will not and cannot abide by these foolish ideas of yours. That money is my mother's gift to me, a legacy if you will. She wanted me to have it. The account is in my name, and Baba had guardianship of it till, I passed my medical, and became a doctor. Baba has been after me ever since to do the transfer. But I've been lazy and kept putting it off since. I just thought that now was as good a time as any to finish off pending business. I don't understand, what you are trying to say".   Ashutosh-"ok then, I'll try and make it very clear, you are not going to accept that money Nidhi, it's an insult to me if you do. I make enough to support us and can provide you With everything you want. So, I don't want your money, and will not give you permission to take it".   Nidhi, who up until then, had been trying to understand and control her anger, saw red,"Permission! Permission! YOU WILL NOT GIVE ME PERMISSION to accept my own money, from MY OWN FATHER. That's rich Dr. Ashutosh. You really are a piece of work, you know that. Aap ke liye to main hamesha bachchi rahoongi.  Even after marrying me, you still consider me a child. So when I don't do somthing you like I am a child, but when you get your way, and I do what you want, then you smile and pat my head give me hugs, and smile at me and everything is fine. But go against your wishes then all hell is  let loose.  Now you say, that you can give me what I want, but the other day, I when I spent money, and then was YOUR  hard earned money, which I had no right over, because I didn't earn it. But you have a right to tell me that I can't have my own money, my mothers last gift to me. Well let me tell you a few things Dr. Ashutosh Mathur, that is my money, to do with as I please., I will not listen to you or abide your wishes. I will also spend it any way I like. And  because its mine, I'll  do what I choose with it, and what I choose to do is have the money my mother gave me put under mine and my husbands name. You see Ashutosh, for me you and I are one and the same, there is no difference between us, there hasn't been since the moment I fell in love with you. And the day we got married, I handed my whole self into your care, body and soul. So I if can give you myself then anything and everything I have, as far as I am concerned, whether it's money or even a safety pin is yours also. Aapki nazaron mein, Aapke aur mere mein phark ho sakta hai, Lekin mere liye hum dono ek hain, Jo mera hai woh aapka bhi  hai, meri har cheez  pe aapka barabar ka haq hai, aapse alag mere liye mera kuch bhi nahin hai. But apparently aapki nazaron mein Jo aapka hai woh aap hi ka hai, uspe mera koi haq nahin hai, chahe woh  aapka ghar ho, ya Aapke paise. Ashutosh, aapka aur mera , zindagi  ko dekhne ka nazariya alag hai. I have changed a lot to accommodate you, I have also tolerated a lot, and bent over backwards at times to please you, but not this. You need to think about things from other peoples perspective also, things are not always black and white, there are many shades of grey in between. Just because you think something is wrong or  right, doesn't automatically make it so.  I think you need to start putting yourself in other peoples shoes,  my shoes before going off the deep end. I am a daughter as well as being your wife, infact I was a daughter long before I ever met you. Ashutosh,  I really don't want to discuss this with you any more, the subject is closed. I am not going to do what you want, you can accept that graciously or not your choice. How big a deal you choose to make of it is also up to you. At this point what you do is your problem, I don't care, and now before I really say too much more, I am leaving, I think I am going to go for a walk, to clear my head and calm myself down, I'll be leaving from the back, so it'll be up to you how you want to handle it, in front of everyone".   
           Nidhi was walking along the road side, behind her home.  She was really feeling miserable about her fight with Ashutosh.   Although, she really couldn't lay all the blame at his feet, in fact, if anything the blame lay more with her, she knew about his insecurities, she knew how he had spent his childhood and under what conditions he had grown up, and still had not been able to control herself from loosing her temper. Her only  justification for saying all those hurtful things was that, somewhere inside her the things he had said to her that night not so long ago, about her being a spendthrift, and not caring about the value of money because she had never had to earn it, and the biggest hurt of all was him saying, "doosron ka paisa kharch karna bahut aasan hota hai, khud kamaogi toh pata chalega". Those words had left a deep wound in her heart.  Not that his anger hadn't been justified. It was.  She had gone overboard in spending. She should have thought before spending so much, her only excuse was that, she had never had to think  too much before spending money before, and Baba had never complained, about the amount of her expenditures.  But, what  she had done had been really thoughtless. Ashutosh  worked very hard all his life to earn money, and he also knew what it was like to do without, so for him to spend like that on anything  but necessities was unthinkable. Nidhi knew that he had only spoken in anger and had really not meant to hurt her,  but,  there were ways to explain things, and what he had said was very hurtful and unfortunately hurtful words tended to leave scars, which when scratched, became open wounds again.  So when the whole money issue came up she couldn't control herself and said what, until then she had kept in her heart.   She had known that it would hurt him, yet she had been unable to control herself. She knew that she had to go and apologize. To try and take the hurt she had caused, away.

         Nidhi had just started to turn around and head back to the house, when she heard a deafeningly loud boom, and felt a tremor coming from the ground.  It took her a few seconds to register that that  sound was an explosion and the tremor was probably caused by it.  Then all of a sudden there was another explosion even louder than the first. Nidhi, looked around for the source, and realized that it had probably came from the nearby temple and the ashram that  adjoined it. It never even occurred for her to think twice, or of her condition. The only thought was that she was a doctor and that there were people over at the explosion site that were going to need her. Nidhi, hurried as fast as she could. The site that met her eyes, was one that she would never forget, it would be etched into her mind for as long as she lived. The devastation was incomprehensible. Pieces of debris was still falling to the ground. Luckily she had her phone with her.  She called the police and notified them, and gave them the location of the bombing and identified herself and informed them that she was a physician and was at the site, and asked the police to contact the fire, rescue  and emergency medical  teams, and have them send out all available personnel, to the site, also to arrange for as many volunteers as they could get, along with ambulances and medical triage equipment and medicines that would be needed in the field. Nidhi, also called the KGH ER department, and gave them a brief overview of the situation and asked them to notify all the other hospitals and medical facilities nearby and to have them send staff, equipment, and medicines to the site.  She then, tried to call Ashutosh, on his cell but it was switched off. She tried a few times, when she couldn't get through she put a call through to Rohan, he answered on the first ring. She quickly explained everything to him, and asked him to notify hospitals and solicit all the help he could get. She asked him to  also notify Ashutosh, and let him know where she was.  Before, Rohan could inform her that Ashutosh had been called for an emergency surgery, Nidhi had hung up. She had also asked him to,notify the family also. So he called up to their house, and when Baba picked up the phone, Rohan sighed in relief. He had no idea how he would have explained the situation to her DB.  But Baba was a different matter altogether, being a doctor himself, Rohan knew that he would understand the demands of being a doctor in a situation like this. Baba-"Rohan beta, I understand that Nidhi has to be there and do whatever she can, but in her condition it won't be good for her, so you need to be there and make sure she stays alright." Rohan-"Baba, I am sorry I can't be at the site with her. I have to be here at the hospital and help get the ER ready and to call all the doctors on staff and set up a triage unit outside. Basically I need to be here to help prepare for the victims who will be coming in.". Baba, understood. He didn't like the situation, but there was nothing he could do.  He went and informed CV and DB, and Arman, they were also not happy, and were extremely concerned about Nidhi. But they too were helpless. Nidhi was at the site, her phone was off. It was also no use for them to go there, for one thing there would be a huge crowd and the other being that they would not be allowed on site. Baba tried to call Ashu, and since he too was in surgery his phone was also off. There was nothing they do, but wait and pray,  for the victims and for Nidhi.

       Nidhi, had never seen anything more gruesome and so incredibly heart wrenching as these poor innocent people who were the victims of this senseless act of violence.  She saw dead  and the dying, and injured lying everywhere, amidst, scattered  debris and body parts. Some were screaming from pain,  and some were people who were fortunate enough to have had been far enough away from the blast to escape major injury and some who had minor injuries were trying to help other people and some were  just in shock and were trying to look for family members.   Five minutes after the explosion, the emergency response teams started arriving.  The police were assigned to handle perimeter security. The fire department handled rescue and recovery.  

       Immediately after the explosion, the chaos phase started and the family members, and bystanders and media, started arriving after hearing the news reports.   And Nidhi, being the first medical professional on scene  and also a doctor was put in charge of the objective of sorting patients according to their severity of their injuries,  As she was a part of the medical profession she was given the task of handling this critical task properly until the arrival of senior doctors , who arrived within 15 minutes also soon thereafter, which to Nidhi seemed like an eternity, 24 EMT 's and seven ambulances were on-site. A few minutes later, an EMS command vehicle responded to the scene.  The  Rescue operations shifted from normal to disaster mode. A disaster coordinator was appointed, and  the first triage unit was set up next to the bombing site. Rescue workers decided to classify patients in two categories based on the severity of their injuries. The patients that were tagged with the number 1 were assigned to patients who were in severe need of medical attention, while a zero was assigned to all others. By  the time 30minutes had passed there were more than 30 ambulances on-site.  And within 35minutes the first patient was transported from the site. Within an hour after the bombing,  68 patients had been transported to hospitals, and before a complete hour was up  more than  50 ambulances (including the first 30 )had arrived on-site helping transport victims to various hospitals.  Nidhi, herself,  stayed on site and helped out where ever she could. She didn't even have time to think about what she was doing, she saw the old, the young, and little children, all with injuries bad enough to make even the hardest of hearts melt with pity and sympathy. She gave injections , sewed and bandaged wounds, she even assisted in emergency amputations.  Some  poor souls, of course were beyond any help. She did not even have time to look at them properly, so she said a little prayer for them and their loved ones.  However, despite  the seemingly endless number of wounded and the chaos that followed the explosion, Nidhi knew that today she had made a difference, she had managed to save several lives.

       When officials recognized that many victims were going directly from the site to hospitals, they decided to move the triage unit closer to the bombing site.  By the end of the day, approximately 290 people had been treated at the site and and been sent to the various hospitals for treatment of their injuries. 
         Apparently the temple had had a large crowd during that time due to it being a very auspicious day, and also the number of marriages taking place, in the city during this time of year.

        When there was nothing more she could do, Nidhi rode with an ambulance taking a critical patient, with severe head injuries, multiple fractures, serious chest wounds and shrapnel in  both arms and legs.  To KGH . 

      When Nidhi arrived at the hospital she saw that one of the senior surgeons was doing an initial  evaluation  of the patients that were coming in.  Of the nearly 92 victims that had been transferred to  KGH with  severe bodily  and internal injuries, 21 had died in route and among the survivors, 32 severely injured  suffered tissue wounds and penetrations caused by  the blast,  and  1 victim suffered a major limb amputation.  Out remaining 38,  9 had  second and third degree burns that were caused  by flammable materials on the scene which ignited, due to the blast. Within 8-10 minutes of her arrival , 18 of the remaining 28 patients were brought to the ER.  4 patients were brought to the trauma room and 6 patients were directed to the admitting area. One of them was a 17-year-old male with severe brain injury was pulseless and had to have an emergency thoracotomy.  The doctors tried to resuscitate him, but their efforts failed, and  he was pronounced dead within  10 minutes of his arrival.  There was also  a 14-year-old girl  who had sustained multiple shrapnel wounds to her lower extremities.. Her injuries included multiple open fractures of the femur and tibia, and a bilateral obstruction of tibial artery. The fractures were nailed, but because she developed hypothermia and she was transferred to the ICU.  But, she had continued to bleed profusely from multiple entry sites and  was being given numerous units of red blood cells, this, hopefully would stop the bleeding over the course of the day or so.   After an initial evaluation,  one patient with severe injury was transferred from the admitting area to the trauma room.  Ten patients with minor injuries were discharged from the ER. 

       Nidhi, helped out as much as she could till she was ready to drop from exhaustion.  One of the doctors, also a friend of Ashutosh, seeing her in that state said,"Dr. Nidhi, you should go up to your husbands cabin and take some rest. You have done enough for one day. We all know that you the first one at the scene, and you have been working non stop since. You deserve a break. Please go, there's not very much for you to do now, everything is under control.  Great job, all of us at KGH are very proud of you ".   

       Nidhi, did not need any more encouragement. She felt like she was ready to drop.  She turned and left the ER, and walked towards the stairs leading to the first floor, where Ashutosh's cabin was located. She had almost reached the top step, when suddenly everything went black.  By chance ,or sheer luck if can call it that, Dr. Kothari, was right behind Nidhi, on the stairs, and she managed to catch her just in time. Dr. Kothari checked her pulse as she yelled for some help. As luck would have it, Ashutosh was in his cabin at the time and he heard her  shouting for help.  Ashu, ran out of his office to the stairs and saw Dr. Kothari sitting on the stairs, holding an unconscious Nidhi, in her arms. Ashu, took one look at Nidhi, and at her pale face, and the bottom dropped out of his world.  Before he could reach them , a couple of orderlies got there first, and, with their help they got Nidhi into an exam room.

       Dr.  Kothari, checked nidhi over thoroughly. She even did an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok  with the baby.   Ashu wished Nidhi, was awake to see the baby with him, but she was unconscious, so the doctor made a DVD of the baby, for him to show her, when she woke up.   After checking her out, the doctor told Ashu that both a Nidhi and the baby were fine, but as an extra precaution she put them both on a monitor  and had Nidhi moved  to a private room on the Obstetrics and Gynecology  floor. She also told Ashu that she would be keeping Nidhi for a day it two at the hospital, just to make sure.  After making sure that Nidhi was comfortable, Dr. Kothari, asked Ashutosh to accompany her to her office, she said there were some things that she needed to discuss with him.  When they got there, she asked him to sit and took the seat opposite him at her desk. Ashutosh, felt like a naughty child who had been asked into the principals office, because he had been bad, and needed to be reprimanded.  Dr.Kothari-"Dr. Ashutosh, I am sorry to say this but, I had thought you to be a bit more responsible towards your wife and unborn child, and your wife's health. I know I had told you that she is healthy, and allowed to do anything, but I also said that there were limits.  She's pregnant, Dr. Ashutosh,  she's not super woman. I can't understand why you let her  work for so long,  firstly  at site of the bombing, then here at the ER. I know that she was the first one at the site but you should have forced her to go home after the recue teams had gotten there, and then afterwards when  she came here to the hospital.  Do you realize that she has been working Non stop for the last almost 18 hours. You do realize that anything could have happened, you are lucky that both of them are fine. I understand that you are a very dedicated doctor, but you are a husband also, and it is your duty to take care of your pregnant wife,  sometimes Dr. Ashutosh, you need to put family ahead of duty. How could you just stand to let her work like that.  Any way, you have been extremely lucky this time, but you really need to act a bit more  responsibly towards your wife and her health.  I am going to be keeping her here for at a day or two, just to be sure she gets total rest and also to make sure there are no reprecussions".  Feeling thoroughly and justifiably chastened, Ashutosh said,"you are right doctor, I should have paid more attention to my wife and her needs, I am sorry I will take better care of her from now onwards.  The only thing that I can say in my defense is that, I have been here, at the hospital  for the past almost 20 hours or so. Actually last night we got into a little argument and Nidhi walked off saying that she was going for a walk to calm down, and before I could go after her I got called here for an emergency surgery, and after that, I got involved with the bombing victims. I had just come out of surgery, when  I heard  your  shout for help in the stairwell, and that was when I saw Nidhi with you. Dr. Kothari, I have not even  had time to sit in between surgeries,  let alone call home.  I had no idea that Nidhi, was even near the bombing site".   Dr. Kothari-"I am so sorry Dr.  Ashutosh, I had no idea, that you did not know. I guess you have also,  not had a chance to hear that your wife is quite the hero. Not only was she the first on the scene, but she is the one who made the calls to the emergency rescue teams, and the police.  Then in the field she helped not only in prioritizing the patient care, but also assisted in numerous surgeries both minor and major, and also assisted in amputations. We,have been told that she never once lost her focus or her calm, all the doctors and EMT's at the site  were very impressed with her, it seems that she is a natural born doctor.  You should be very proud her.  When I found out she was still at the hospital, I was on my way to force her into resting, and there I was fortunate enough to have been behind her and stop her fall.  I won't lie to you Dr. Ashutosh, it was a close call, anything could have happened if she had fallen down those stairs".  Ashutosh, paled when he realized what a close call his wife had nearly had. "Dr. Kothari, is everything really ok, or are you hiding something from me. I mean Nidhi, still has not woken up, and I am getting really worried". Dr. K-"not at all doctor, your wife and child are fine, and the reason she has not woken up yet is because, I have given  her a mild sedative in her I'V fluids. She is exhausted, and needs complete rest. So a  few hours of sleep, and a couple of days of complete rest here at the hospital will do wonders for her. Now I'll  let you go to your wife. I'll be back later to check up on her".  

       In Nidhis room, Ashutosh, made a couple of phone call, the more important one being, the call home. As expected, everyone was going crazy with worry, over Nidhi. Ashu calmed them and and told them the whole story. He also told them that, Nidhi and the baby were both absolutely fine and that she was sleeping, because the doctor had given her a sedative, and that she was going to be keeping Nidhi at the hospital for 1-2days, just to be cautious, but he assured them that she was fine.  Ashu, wanted them to stay home till she woke up, he assured DB that he himself would call, as soon as she woke up, but DB would not listen to anything he had to say, and she informed him that they wer all coming to,the hospital, as soon as they could.

       After his phone calls where'd done, Ashu went and sat near her bed, and took her hand. He remembered their fight, and felt ashamed of himself. He remembered Nidhi's harsh word of yesterday. Those words had made him take a hard look at himself.   Nidhi, had shown him a not so pretty side of his character.  Her words, though harsh, were very true.  She was right. He  had been very rigid, in his belief in his principles
And his thinking, when dealing with Nidhi. She was also,right in saying that, so,far she had been the one, who had bent down time and again  when confronted with his unreasonableness.  But he vowed to change. He was wrong, and next time he would try and see things from her perspective also, before passing judgement.  Right now, he was just thankful, and she was fine. If anything had happened to her today, it would have been his fault.  He didn't know how he would have lived with himself if anything had happened to her or the baby.    

       Ashu, was still lost in his thoughts, when he felt nidhis hand take a hold of his.  He looked and saw that she was awake and looking at him, she was crying. Without a word, Ashu took her into his arms, and to his surprise, nidhi started to cry uncontrollably.  He tried to calm her down but she was inconsolable. She kept on babbling about the bomb site, in between sobs,"Ashutosh, it was all so horrible...all those people, even children, all over the place, dead, dying hurt...and I could not do anything to help them or take their pain away until help came... All those people everywhere lying among body parts and debris... It was all so horrible, so painful, I tried, and I tried but I could not do much, and all those people ...".  Ashu  was horrified, his poor Nidhi, no one should have to witness such suffering let alone be put right smack in the middle. He did not know what to say or do to help her, so he just held her and let her talk and cry it out of her system.  After a while, when she calmed down, he tried to draw away, but Nidhi clung to him, unwilling to let him go.  Ashu-" Nidhi, sweetheart, you need to let me go, just for a minute, I promise I am not going anywhere, I just want you to drink some water, come on honey, let me go.". Finally after a couple of minutes she let Ashu pull away , but just enough to get the glass of water that was on the table, she kept a hold of one of his hands.  She was still heaving, dry sobs, so Ashu had to hold the glass and help her to drink.  It took another few minutes for her to totally calm down.   When she had, she once again reached for him and hugged him to her, as if she would never let him go.  Ashu knew he had to apologize to her,  so he drew away a little,  just enough so he could look into her eyes, and then he kissed her eyes and forehead, and then somehow, both of them said, together,"I am sorry, no not you, I am sorry...". Then both started to laugh. Ashu-"Nidhi, let me go first. I want to say I am sorry about yesterday, I behaved like a hypocritical jerk. I don't..." Nidhi didn't let him say another word, and put her lips to his and kissed him. Then she drew away"No, Ashutosh, you don't have anything to be sorry about. It was just as much my fault also. I knew  that you did not mean anything, you just get angry and then you say things that you don't mean. But I knew what I was saying, and I knew that my words would hurt you,  yet I could not stop myself. It's just that I was so angry and I just lost all control and sense of reasoning, and just blurted out everything that came to mind". Ashu-" no, sweetheart, I've been a jerk and hypocrite also, about a lot of things, and your words, though harsh, made me take a good look at myself, and made me realize that, I really didn't like myself too much. So, not only do I need to apologize, I need to thank you also. From now on I promise that I will try to think about things from your perspective also,  or talk to you,  before I loose my cool...". Once again Nidhi did not let him finish," ok so we're  both sorry, now let's forget about the whole thing. And I will tell Baba tomorrow, that I won't be needing the money.". Ashu-" no honey,  you were right, it's your mothers last gift to you, of course you have to accept it. And maybe if I am ever in a money crunch, cause you see my wife likes to spend a lot of money on me, buying me all these great things,  so maybe you could lend me some so I can pay off my debts. Hunh"?  The both smiled and hugged then Ashu drew back again, and this time it was he that put his lips over Nidhis and kissed her. Ashu-" Nidhi, if anything had happened to you or our baby today, I don't know what I would have done".  Nidhi-"but nothing happened. We are both fine. So please no more sad talk. I've seen  enough bad stuff, to last me a life time in the last day.  If there's  anything  I've learnt during my experience, is that life is too short, there not enough time even for love, so we should not waste what time we do have over trivial fights and issues that in the long run have no bearing on our lives, unless we let it. So no more sorries. It just love. All you are allowed to say to me is that you love me, and will always love me. And of course our baby too". Ashu marveled,at her ability to forgive  and forget, and make mountains seem like tiny little mole hills. Ashu, " your wish is my command wife. I love you, I adore you, and I will always love you, now and for all time, and I love our little princess also". Once again they drew together for a kiss. Then suddenly Nidhi drew away" Ashutosh aap bare kharab hain, mujhe aapse koi baat nahin karni".  Ashutosh, looked at her, he was utterly lost, he had not idea what just happened, one moment , they were kissing and making up, the next his wife was saying she didn't want to talk to  him.  Ashu-" What happened Nidhi, did I do anything wrong"?  Nidhi-"yes, itni der ho gayi, and you have not once asked me if I wanted anything. Sorry bol diya, I love you bhi bol diya, hug bhi kar liya, and kiss bhi kar liya, par asli baat to poochi hi nahin".  Ashu-" Nidhi, would you stop talking in riddles, and tell me what I didn't ask you. Saaf saaf batao, what is it that I didn't ask you. What do you want? ". Nidhi-"that's what you didn't ask me" Ashu looked at her like she had gone totally bananas, "what didn't I ask you sweetheart? Nidhi,you need to calm down honey, tell me what do you want, what didn't I ask you?". Nidhi sighed in  exasperation, then like talking to a child she said," that's what I've been trying to tell you Ashutosh, itni der se, you haven't once asked me if I want anything.  You forgot didn't you? I haven't eaten anything since lunch yesterday, and both of us, your baby and me , we  are starving." Ashu laughed, and shook his head, she really was a piece of work, this wife of his."  ok Boss, tell me aap dono ko kya khana hai"?  Nidhi-"will since you are asking so nicely, I will tell you. Although  i have to tell you that its not me so much as your baby, who wants this. Hum dono ko GOL GAPPE khaane ka man kar raha hai".  Ashu, looked at her stunned for a second , and burst out laughing. Then he bent towards her to give her another kiss, when suddenly, the door flew open,"Nidhi, meri bacchi...

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Arrey waah anu di... finally the update... Thodi deir se padhte hain... phir reply karenge...ok...
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ClapCongratulations  on the 100 th page of your FF Embarrassed Clap Clap Clap

Hope this FF has another 100/200 pages Embarrassed
Is FF ko kisi ki nazar na lage Embarrassed Hehe Big smile

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Thanks, for your encouragement and appreciation.. They mean a lot.
And also thanks for the beat wishes  for the 100 page Smile

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