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14th June 2010 - Makes one hell of a date
Forever they will have our hearts for the awesomeness of it all

Zindagi gawa kar bhi jo zindgi mile

Har khushi gawa kr bhi jo ek khushi mile

Who maang loon tere liye

Tere liye tere liye

"Pehle pyar  ko samajta nhi hey aur jab samajta hey tou bas pyar ko hi samajta hey"-----------Harshad said these words when he was asked about his character anurag.

Tere liye was not just a typical love story; it was a journey of a confused soul anurag who was unaware of differences between true love and infatuation. It was a journey of tani who dreamt of getting someone like SRK and hritik roshan but ended up getting married to her fat best friend that too at the age of 14. Tere liye was not just a TV show,it was a full package of a brilliant team work.. Be it scripting, presentation, story, direction and acting offcourse.

Why TL and TaAnu are so special? Watch any classical scene of this show and you will get the answer. TaAnu were two different parts of a single soul who met because of fate separated due to circumstances and again brought back together because of destiny but with, different thoughts and different perspective of life. When Anurag returned after eight years, he was a total changed person, with a different shape, different looks and different thoughts off course.  On the other hand, tani's changes were not that noticeable but her practicality was vanished. The young tani who used to argue with her parents about the possible bad consequences of marriage was happily carrying the burden of that marriage.

Later these changes in their personalities resulted in a severe heartbreak of tani and guilt in anurag plus a number of miss understandings between him and his current girlfriend nupur. However, TaAnu's relationship was a way above than any miss understandings they again met first as friends and then as eternal soul mates. Even before the realization of love, one can see what they both meant for each other, especially in the confrontation scene..However, anurag was too mad at tani but one can just feel his pure love for her and her selfless concern for him.

Later he realized his love and brought her back, they got married after facing a number of obstacles but during all these struggles they remained one..At least from hearts. From the streets of Kolkata where they used to chase each other to the bed of their suhaag raat they actually lived a love story

They reached their destination of love but we their fans were left in distress after getting the news of TL going off air because of some useless conflict between SP and BT

TaAnu's journey was like a blind road trip, full of surprises, adventures, obstacles but a true journey a journey to find its destination, and we all wanted to be a part of it because we had started sharing a bond with our amazingly bonded couple and their relations


once he asked to her---"hmara rishta kia hey" yea they were childhood man and wife and later they again tied the knot in their adulthood but before their second marriage was their relationship really all about a forced relation? NOT AT ALL! Was it friendship? Just friendship? Or love? only love? Was it just a friend's emotion that made onu carry those heavy cartoons like a worker  and sell his watch to buy a chain for tani? Was it just a  friend's concern that made tani sell her mother's gift chain to buy a new jacket for onu? N their hug after that scene was it just a friendly hug? At that, time onu was far away from the realization of love and tani was not expecting him to reciprocate her love! Then what were those moments nothing but a spontaneous flow of emotions who doesn't need to be named by this materialistic world it doesn't need a reason a plan or anything it's a divine thing which generates with God's grace to join two hearts, two souls two people.

Even their love was not a regular love watch the scene in which onu realized his love for tani and when tani was trying her best to bring "his" love back in his life'watch the scene for Onu's restlessness his unable-to-bear-this-pain-anymore expression and his silent pleadings to his actual love- don't-leave-me-please on the other she was all lost and broken because she thought she failed to bring his happiness back, unaware of the fact that SHE is his only happiness, his only desire, his only dream, his LOVE.. and their scene at railway station his words were reflecting his heart which was untouched by anyone else and what he was inside it one and only his "teekhi mishti". She was unable to believe her ears but her heart was rejoicing the joy of being with him forever his words were touching  her soul but she was still thinking that it's a dream and then the last shot  their hand holding shot with a silent promise that I will not let you go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their confession was equally divine, which come with the trademark jealousy of anurag, as a result of fear of losing her but when it came even the sky celebrated it by covering them with its sweet water droplets he loved her, he adored her but in his confession he said that I just wanna make you haapy, I always wanted to make you happy but unfortunately I ended up giving you pains her happiness was more important to him than his own love he sipped his tears to promise that he will not let her cry again

I will go on and on on in describing how beautiful TaAnu were! But it wasn't just their bond which was out of this world! Can anybody describe the bond which onu used to share with laboni ma in words or the bond tani used to share with nilu ma! Anurag and robby relaSigh but our beloved show with such divinity was forced to became a martyr, in the clash of two "titans" the great SP and BT. There was some news about differences between SP and BT and as a result SP decided to take all revenge from our poor TL and us  they insulted them at SPA, stopped giving us promos and what not.

At last on 1st April 2011 it ended leaving the emptiness of pagal onu in us. The worst part was they showed that our, very own pagal onu was faking his madness' Pagal onu who was the main USP of this show was faking his madness!!!! This is what who call the best method of butchering a beautiful story, and a beautiful character. They made us accept that all those sufferings, all those pain which we saw in pagal' onu's eyes were not true. All the failed attempts tani made in bringing back "her" onu was worthless! NO it wasn't a lie''those people made it a lie for the sake of their useless conflict'

We got a sbs seggy of the last day shoot, n what we saw the whole cast and crew was disappointed and crying as the packed up L even our HarshIya L all of them were hugging each other and crying L and we all cried with them

They say everything happens happens for good! Really?

Whatever the circumstances were, no matter how ridiculous the end was, Tere Liye went like a winner! The divinity, the beauty they portrayed made all of us cry for a mere TV show,no promos, no promotion nothing but it remained in top 10 of trp charts till the very end, we can never forget how beautiful TaAnu were! and what performance PraDev and HarshIya gave how amazing the whole cast was, that their bond made all all of us cry buckets

For us Tere Liye will never end, the meaning and picture of love which TaAnu showed us will never fade their cute kulfi dates, their cute fights, onu-laboni ma's bond, tani-nilu ma's relation, onu's uncountable slaps on robby's face, Ritesh evilness and above all our sweet Tere Liye family will br cherished forever!!!!!!!!!

Sigh, but the saddest part is whenever we will remember these beautiful memories, along with the pure bliss of feeling love through their hearts we will feel an emptiness in our hearts

Love you Tere Liye

Love you HarshIya

Love you PraDev

Love you TaAnu and we love whole cast and crew of Tere liye

Thank you for giving us TaAnu and such a beautiful story

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"Yeh kahaani hai Anurag aur Taani ki...uss ishq ki jo ibaadat ban gayi."

One of the promos for Balaji's latest show, Tere Liye, began with this simple, but very effective line. And gosh, did that line sum of the story of our TaAnu!

There were some who were excited about the show when it was announced due to its brilliant cast, there were some who were nervous about the heroine, and there were some who vowed to quit on hearing that Harshad Chopra, the star of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil, was being paired up with another actress. There were doubts and fears, and curiosity about whether this show would be a KZK Part 2, given that the hero's name was Anurag.

The promos changed all that. There was mystery around them, and a tinge of sadness, and already many were drawn to this concept that seemed to have been done before, yet felt so unique.

The first few promos didn't feature Anurag or Taani at all. In fact, we never saw their faces in the first three, which revealed three strangers speaking about a boy and girl who seemed so far apart from each other, yet whose love was so strong. From a college student who was Taani's junior, we learned that their love was an inspiration for Calcutta's youngsters...from a pujaran, we learnt that they knew each other from childhood and that they faced many obstacles to their love...from a boatman, we realised how far away they were. Sepia-tinted and blurred, Taani and Anurag seemed to radiate hope even though we couldn't see them.

We saw our first glimpse of pagal Onu in a promo that concentrated on TaAnu's story, which said two simple things -- their love lead Anurag to madness, and Taani to a never-ending wait for her lover to return. Yet the same promo captured glimpses of the magic that was yet to emerge: Taani and Anurag's carefree, fluid movements as they roamed about Calcutta in a cycle rickshaw and looked outside from a tram; Anurag's mischievousness in a dargah where he showered Taani with rose petals and blew away a strand of her hair, and Taani's grief when she realises that it was all just a faded memory; Taani brushing coal away from Anurag's feet, and then staring wistfully at the mark it has left on her palm. These were beautiful moments, filled with pathos, filled with a sense of sorrow at something so special gone so soon.

The pagal Onu in this promo was different from the bearded silent man we saw in the serial...there was a silent anger about him that threatened to bubble over, a passion that could easily be seen from the way he wrote her name on the floor, a fear that made him jump out of still waters, screaming Taani's name. It made us wonder...what HAD driven this man to such a state? Was it Taani? How were they separated?

Those questions were answered (somewhat) in the last promo, which revealed to us the beautiful Sufi-inspired title track, and showed scenes of Taani giving Anurag a ring and running away in tears, presumably at the sight of another woman becoming his fiancee. We saw a RNBDJ-inspired moment, where the two lovers run around a hill, giddy in their love -- and a picture of a smiling Taani holding out a ring emerges. This promo filled us with fear too, for Taani seemed to have been crushed by a tram in the end, making us wonder whether he went crazy thinking that she was dead.

Many of us were affected by that promo and couldn't wait to see the show begin. Many embraced Anupriya after the promos, loving her freshness and innocence, and were wowed by Harshad's portrayal as a madman and a passionate lover. Many had high hopes after seeing the promos, and were ecstatic when the show met their expectations. All in all, the promos were magic all on their own, just as TL and TaAnu were.

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Main duniya bhula dunga

Teri chahat mein

Main khud ko mita dunga

Teri chahat mein''..

Even these words are not enough to describe his dedication, his passion for her, his sacrifices for her, his LOVE for her'. On 14th June 2010 a question hit us..Why a guy who born with a silver spoon in his mouth is living a life which is not a bit less than hell?  Son of a well to do father, whose identity changed from being his father's son to a young, dashing, successful star of corporate world with the progress of story, who had everything money, power, luxuries, a glittering career.. Then why on earth instead of signing million dollars deals he ended in a mental assalym and was busy scribing it's not so well maintained wall with a name "Mishti". WHY??????????? This question haunted us through out those ten months and it still haunts us' sigh

A girl, standing outside said- main hoon mishti, ye mere pati hai! And our hearts skipped a few beats..OMG His "mishti" is there for him, we thought now he will definitely react! But he left all of us open mouthed as he failed to recognize her and he was uncomfortable with her touch!!!!!

Juda hokay bhi tu mujhme kahin baki hey

Palkon pe ban ke aansu, tu chali aati hey

We thought poor girl, he must have forgotten her she must be dead in his thoughts. But again we were wrong, she was ALIVE.. Very much alive somewhere in him where he himself was unable to find her, but she was there may be in his heart, may be in his soul or may be in his memories but she was there with him----his tears..oops sorry his tear from his left eye proved that he is living with her fragrance in his each and every breathe. May be he was too lost in "her" to remain connected to this materialistic world. He has preserved everything of her in his soul'her melodious voice, her laughter, her teekhi comments on his round shape, their kulfi dates, their countless fights, and their indefinable relationship everything'along with that emptiness in his eyes'he was indeed a deewana, who forgot his identity but did not forget her identity 'her soothing voice..Can we forget the day when he started, shaking his head and tapping his beautiful fingers just to get drowned in the sweet voice of his sweet heart''.his silence, his pain, his desire to relish the sufferings of love and her determination to pull him out of his sufferings is something too divine to be described in words.

Deewana sach hi kehta hey,sab mein ek deewana chipa hey

Though nothing in this world can define them and their relation but this line successfully does this to a large extent'they both were deewane'throughout their journey they were famous for their cute fights and even in that assalym they were busy in fighting. He was keen to destroy his life and she was determined to save him.. He was shouting let me die for my "teekhi mishit" and she was screaming I will not let you kill my "99 kgs".  In the very first episode of our beloved show, our beloved Jodi did nothing but mesmerized us and said'''..

Come fall in love with us''''''''..

Tere Liye is a story about two childhood friends where friendship turned to love.. It started with childhood.. Of course we as viewers wanted to see our leads Harshad n Anupriya in the show but then the show started with the childhood track.. Devarsh as Anurag and Prachi as Taani.. They played TaAnu par excellence.. Teenage days and budding feelings.. Marriage to your best friend when they didnt even know the meaning of it.. Bearing their mothers love for each other more than themselves.. LOL The attitude wala Onu.. The one who used to love to see Taani in orange color.. Who worked at a cafe so that he could get her saree.. It was all so genuine.. When Subodh started having feelings for Taani, Onu made sure that it didnt reach Taani.. He taking her blame on himself.. When the time of parting came, he have her his lucky charm that it will protect her till her "mota angel" doesnt come back..There was a place that PraDev(like we called them) carved for HarshIya as TaAnu.. When the news of the leap came, there was a lot of happiness but at some corner of the heart there was also a sad feeling that we wont be able to see PraDev again... That was that standard set by them as TaAnu.. As much as HarshIya's contribution to TaAnu as a jodi, a share of its success also goes to PraDev...  

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TaAnu as friends

"Friendship may not culminate in love but love should consist of friendship.." It is very important to be friends with the person you marry..The base of love has to be friendship and Anurag-Taani were just that or should I say more than that... Friends forever...  The "Motu" and "Teekhi Mishti" combination...  LOL The love that build between them gradually was a result of the wonderful friendship they shared.. The small small things they both did for each other... Sharing an umbrella, he working as a waiter to get her the saree and the biggest of all, Taani sacrificing her love for him...

At loggerheads

"What is love without hardships..??"  The equation seemed to change when Onu told Taani that "I love you but Im not in love for you" The harsh reality hit Taani that the person for whom she waited  for so many years told her that she is not the one he "LOVED" What was the meaning of love here? Onu never knew that she loved him.. The childhood marriage meant the world to her and when it was revealed that he loves? Nupur(It was never love is another  thingLOL) Taani's breakdown and Onu thinking of ways to make her life a better one by making her marry Sushant.. Taani could not take it and told him not to interfere in her life and telling doesn't feel the same for her doesn't mean he will fix her with someone.. How many instances she might have told herself that she didn't care, but the time when Onu got hurt on his forehead and she getting equally hurt told her feelings for him..


Again as Friends

"If you love someone, set it free.. if it comes back to you, its yours if it doesnt it never was" Taani left Onu free' After Nupur left Onu for her modeling dreams, it was Taani who came to the rescue of the Ganguly's hereby putting others happiness before hers.. The engagement happened.. Taani had many responsibilities than one.. A heartbroken Onu who started getting formal with Taani around him.. Slowly and gradually he realized what she means to him... The support system of his life... Who can forget the "Mehsoos karo" Scene.. The most amazing of it all.. The scene where she told him that she believes in him more than anything else which made him believe in himself...

More than friends

"Being with you makes me happy and helps me smile" For Taani, it was always more than friends and it was just matter of time that Onu realized.. Subodh going close to Taani made Onu aware of his true feelings for her.. Onu always had feelings for Taani but he hid it behind the veil of friendship. The separation part in childhood and Nupur in his life might have hindered his thoughts but his heart always beat for her.. Her happiness being his 1stpreference, he smiling seeing her lips curving into a sweet smile, his contentment around her even is world is against him, him finding solace in her presence was his love that he feels for her. And then came the fear of loosing his best friend rather his love, when you are in love but not sure about it that is the time when it hit your hard, mere presence of anyone around your love just kills you within, arouses feelings of getting eloped with her in a place where it would be just you and your love but feelings comes in package of confusion, frustration as to why its hurting you to see your love with someone else, it could be just friendship and even if not then also it should not bother you and Onu went through the same, he got to know that Taani was aware about Nupur but didn't told him, he was distressed over it but it was just a shield he used to vent out his real anger over her spending time with Subodh, his fear of loosing her to a person who really cares for her ultimately resulting into a verbal spat between them, it was not that he misunderstood Taani, he simply misunderstood his feelings. His possessiveness, angst, irritation was all for his love for Taani.


TaAnu as lovers

"It's not being in love that makes me happy, its being in love with you that does"  Taani still felt that Nupur is the one for him and she decided to unite them but destiny had other plans.. Onu realized what he feels for Taani.. Who can forget the railway scene? He kept her hand on his heart making her realize what she means to him.. The confession.. Day Dreaming A unique and so like TaAnu.. Heart Of course we missed the hug, but the titanic pose was so different.. Never ever did before' Our TaAnu are unique.. Heart After the confession when Onu asked for a divorce, everyone was taken aback.. Only Taani had that trust in him.. The cute nok jhoks during the Kamini Aunty track.. LOLTaani being there for Onu during the jail track.. His pillar of strength who bind his family together.. Days of hardship were over and Onu Taani's relationship culminated into marriage..

As Husband Wife

"A successful relationship requires falling in love, always with the same person." The day arrived.. 17thFebruary, when Onu and Taani became one... Day Dreaming A dream come true for all of us.. The beginning of bliss.. When they got married, it was always thought that love marriages are not about feeling awkward with each other.. But here it was different.. LOL The big night and the awkwardness was quite visible.. Taani thinking how different the room has become and Onu asking her that hope she is not finding him weird.. A step towards a lifetime of togetherness.. Onu and Taani were always there for each other.. Though Onu was apprehensive about Taani's emotional behavior, he knew that she is like that.. Him always being there for her.. Their fights were always there.. And well, that's what makes it a journey.. "Kabhi khushi kabhi gum"

As Parents

"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives you a fairy tale" Onu and Taani first dreams of becoming parents.. Heart By the fake waterfall.. LOL Onu telling her that he wants a "Pyaar ki nishani"Day Dreaming Onu and Taani had always proved themselves as good parents to someone like Kuhoo who had lost her mother.. When the good news finally struck Taani, Onu was going away from her.. And when she wanted to share the happiness with him, the disaster took place.. Joyel, their daughter spent years of her life being "Anurag Ganguly's" daughter.. A father who wud be back one day as told by her mother.. And he did come back.. Onu and Taani's relationship with Joyel was not highlighted that much but nonetheless when the news first struck Taani, it helped her get back to normal from the shock of Kuhoo's death.. Joyel was one of the foremost reasons that Taani lived after it was believed that Onu died'

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Like eyelocks, hugs and kisses, dances also have a special place in making the jodi's chemistry even hotter. What spells romance more than the hero lifting his girl, her head thrown back in the pleasure of the moment, falling into his arms? What shows passion better than the possessiveness with which he holds her as they dance, what reveals trust better than that instant where she rests her head on his heart? Harshad and Anupriya, both talented dancers and actors, brought so much to the few dances that they got in the show...so much so that those moments have been eternally etched in our memories. Here are the six dances that made our dils go dhak dhak for TaAnu...


TaAnu's very first dance was technically a very simple one, though both of them were dressed to kill in white, and Taani for the first time had the opportunity to wear a stylish salwar that caught the eye with its jewel-encrusted dupatta. But it was meant to be a simple prom-style dance with slow movements and lots of hand-holding, nothing fancy. What made it really special though, was the sheer emotion between the two.

 Set to the song 'Pal', a mellow song about the good memories that pass us by so quickly, we see the tension literally oozing from Taani...sad that the meaning of their friendship has changed, nervous of what Sushant will think, afraid of whether she would forget herself in the magic of the moment and let her feelings show...there was so much hesitation in Taani's movements, and Onu's behaviour was such a perfect contrast to that -- so comfortable in the arms of his best friend, relaxed, so assured of himself that it makes you wonder how he could NOT be afraid of what Sushant or Nupur would make of them dancing together! Just the sheer emotion in Taani's eyes and the affection in Onu's is enough to make this dance routine such a beautiful one.

 This is a dance where people are supposed to constantly change partners, but here we see TaAnu always returning to each other after a few seconds with another partner. Kind of like TaAnu's relationship in real; no matter how many times their paths separate their roads always lead them back to each other.

DANDIYA -- 14th OCT 2010:


 This is a short, but rather satisfying sequence because of how protective Onu is of Taani in this scene. Set in a dandiya function that TaAnu are expected to attend, it finds our hero and heroine playing dandiya with each other and with other partners. At one point, Onu sees a man staring at Taani's back and deftly moves to her, covering her choli with the palloo of her sari and sending a look the man's way that says 'move away, this lady is spoken for

DREAM SEQUENCE -- 16th OCT 2010:

This dreamy, lyrical number was set both to 'Saiyaan' and the title track, both of which were sung by Kailash Kher. The background is misty and dreamlike, the movements slow and graceful, the garments flowy and floating around the dancers. Taani's dream sequence is one that many thought predicted the future storyline, given that Nupur was seen to leave and then return in the song, and Onu seemed torn between the two women by the end.

 The first section of this dance piece was dedicated to TaAnu's friendship and intangible love, and their movements revealed the pain and suffering they felt at their parting. Often Onu grabs Taani's hand to pull her to him, and their dancing in this piece resembles a poignant ballet.

 The second section begins with Nupur's entry at the end of 'Saiyaan', and with the title track playing. Here, the dancing portrays fun and happiness and seems more energetic -- Onu and Nupur are seen leaping around and jumping, as Taani watches on, synchronizing her steps alone with the other two and singing as she does so. Eventually Nupur moves out of the picture for a short while, and Onu and Taani throw themselves into a passionate embrace. Ridden with guilt, Taani moves away, and Onu chooses Nupur, and all three provide a grand ending to the song. 


 The beauty of this number was such that viewers forgot for a moment to be angry at Taani for imagining such a scenario...sigh!

SALSA - 21st OCT 2010:

Most TLians complained that their TVs stopped working after this performance due to the excess electricity from TaAnu's chemistry  It was an Indianized version of a salsa dance, but TaAnu made this one scorching, searing hot! Set to the song 'Behke Behke Nain' from Aisha, the performance had a beautiful touch of realism by showing Taani faltering in her steps in the beginning, before she gets comfortable with the routine and matches salsa king Anurag step for step 

 Anurag doesn't take his eyes off Taani in this dance for a second in this performance, and his growing attraction to Taani is so obvious in this dance you could literally feel it. Her hair, almost whipping around him as she swings to the beat, makes this pieces that much sexier! The final touch -- Taani caught snugly in Onu's arms -- turns this performance into a real work of art.


When Vandy updated this spectacularly romantic episode for us, she started it off by saying, "I'm your (half-dead) updater for today". Who wouldn't be? We loved TaAnu and their rain scenes, but this dance took their rishta with rain to a whole new level!!

 Set to 'Baahon Ke Darmiyaan', this number found TaAnu being finally aware of the feelings they have for each other, and this time ONU was the one who initiated the dance! Here, we see Taani slowly, but trustingly place her hand of Onu's, moving playfully away from him before being pulled back into his strong arms, and shivering at the effect of his nearness to her. Uff, was that performance hot or what?

 The performance lasted only a minute or two but it felt like forever...just Taani, and Onu, and the rain gods...working their spells on us and leaving us to drool until we had no saliva left!



 Many loved the dance because TaAnu's chemistry was impeccable here, and some were mad at Onu because in his temper he was tossing Taani around like a sack of potatoes! Following his realization that he might just be in love with her, and jealous of her relationship with Subodh, he takes his anger out on poor Taani in his performance to the song 'Tumhi Dekho Na', where Taani both basks in the pleasure of his embrance AND experiences pain from his constant grabbing and pushing. Not nice, Onu!

 The dance begins with Onu having an ironlike grip on her shoulders that makes Taani nervous, after which he flings her around the room, barely able to suppress his frustration. Again, expressions reign supreme in this sequence -- Onu's looks at Taani reveal a fury that he is trying hard to keep in check, while Taani's shows hurt confusion. When Taani tells him that his aggressive grip is causing her pain, Onu pushes her away, almost ashamed with himself. A piece just brimming over with repressed passion.



 One of the most graceful dances from TaAnu, this performance really showed how much the two have matured as partners...where earlier hidden emotions provided a certain amount of tension and heat to the dances, this particular dance routine showed them as two people secure in their relationship, certain of their trust in each other even as Taani attempts to hide her plan to rescue Onu by marrying Riteish.

 Many will remember the sari that Taani wears here as one that Onu had imagined her wearing in a dream sequence in December, and the added touch of a yellow rose in her hair gave her a look that made her resemble Sharmila Tagore. Harshiya also showed their comfort level as co-actors in this dance sequence -- they both stop and begin in time with each other, beautifully managing some neat lifts. A member on I-F once commented that the lift in this particular sequence could only be done neatly if the heroine held her balance while being lifted, not just given all her weight for the hero to carry! This was a still, poignant dance, with a particularly incredible step -- Taani leans towards the direction of the floor, while Onu holds her with a single arm. This particular shot, caught in shadows, adds that air of mystery and elegance to the number.

 Sadly, this beautiful piece was to be their last dance piece as a couple...but you can see how in demand they are as a dance jodi given that even two years later shows get requests for a dance performance from millions of fans!

KAISI PAHELI - 28th FEB 20 11 :

This one was different in the sense that it was more of a family dance, where everyone danced with everyone else...TaAnu and Robi dancing with each others' mothers and Shekhar flirting with the troupe dancer was an absolute treat...I'm sure a whole lot of us said, 'woah Bhopu, we didn't know you had it in you!'

 A definite whiff of fresh air after all arguments and fights TaAnu were having post their wedding...that's what this dance sequence was!

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Tere Liye was supposed to be a tragic love story, and in so many ways it was -- no doubt about it. It made us cry...for TaAnu, so close yet so far apart. It made us growl in anger...for the despicable bunch of lowlives who tried to separate them every chance they got. It made us sick with worry...would they stay together or wouldn't they? Would Riteish win or wouldn't he? Will SP axe the show or won't they? Will the bashers win or won't they?

But most of all...it made us laugh. At Onu's love for rasgullas and at Taani's enthusiastic kulfi-eating, at Neelu and Laboni's matchmaking efforts and at AM-PM's unintentional jokes. But most of all...the forum that held us all together, was a fun place to be and the members always celebrated every moment of the show, king-sized style!


'Pagal Onu kab aayega?' *dreamy emoticon* - Just about everyone on practically everyday!

"Onu pagal kyun ho gaye?" This question was on everyone's lips the moment the promos came out. Yet nobody had ANY idea how popular this dhaadi-aur-moochwala aadmi who made a grab for Taani's box of sweets and didn't even notice who was giving them (or, well, pretended not to...stupid CVs :@), would become. Pagal Onu became a character all on his own -- he had his own VM hub, his own AT, his own OS collection that Meg had painstakingly put together, and he made everyone analyse the normal Onu for signs of madness! Whether it was his bholaapan, his sulks, his tears, his cleanliness, he had us jumping on the Bus to the assylum in two seconds flat! 


"While their families comfortably sleep...a group of paagal onu fans are busy climbing into a bus to visit the famous Paagalkhana where Anurag Ganguly currently resides living the life of a recluse as...Paagal Onu..." - Megzy, 16th Feb 2011

This thread found every TL fan fighting for seats...I bet no other assylum would ever have this much traffic OR demand!   Entry was only allowed if you answered three questions: How long have you been a pagal Onu fan, what pagalpann will you do in the bus, and what will you do when you reach the assylum? Took us just two days to get the bus full...Pagal Onu ki jai ho!!


"my ONU is ishmart, eater, imagine if he starts holding the kulfi like soapy suggests, he would eat only one kulfi at a time!" - Fungrl to Nads, on Nads asking why he holds all six kulfis together; 2nd July 2010.

Needless to say, the same Nads wouldn't have it any other way  Nor would any TaAnu fan! Oh how we waited and waited for those rain and kulfi scenes, and how much we loved to see Onu eat rasgullas! Ramya Capsie and Vandy, the cap masters of the forum, always got us rasgulla snaps to drool over and nobody knew who was tastier: Onu or the rasgulla! Just to see him squeeze the syrup out of them before popping them into his mouth...mmm I'm getting hungry now  And it wasn't just sweets -- I'd often want a puchka in the middle of the night after seeing an episode where they had puchkas together.

We were mostly kulfi lovers though -- after it was responsible for our favourite Baahon Ke Darmiyaan rain dance scene! one of the reasons our MOTW was always called the kulfi of the week! Like the MOTW thread creators would say: "we can't grill you or fry you because the kulfi will melt, so we shall freeze you..." }:-)


"what does that become...
the Terrible Quintet AT...
does that not sound more like a gnat?
or a fly you can swat?
it is only fitting for things that make up the TQAT!!!" 
-- Biraj, 4th Nov 2010

We all hate villains, no second thoughts about that. But I don't think many forums out there have an AT for them! Ours did, and here was where we laughed our heads off at these five clowns: Riteish, Ananya, Shekhar, Nupur aaand...her purple wig! Our hopes were pinned on Nupur keeping her purple wig with her forever, but alas! This was not to be!

This AT was responsible for the entry of all the Gulzars and Javed Akhtars in the forums -- they all had at least one poem or other to write about this despicable bunch!


"gel ko hataao, udte zulfon ko laao
taani aur anurag ko ek kardo, nupur ko outer space tak door bhagaao
yehi hum chahte hai, yehi humari ichcha hai, humare liye
aur yehi kekta mai ko karna hoga uske daily soap mein, jiska naam hai tere liye" - NehAditya8791, in the Ghar Se Nikaaldo Andolan thread.

This for once was inspired by someone other than TaAnu...though none of us really liked Taposh that much, and would have gladly liked to add him in the TQ, he got us all fired up on one thing -- andolans! TLians came up with andolans for everything: the Gel Gel Go Away Andolan, the Nupur ko Ghar Se Nikaaldo Andolan, and the most famous of them all -- the Taani ke Kamre mein Onu Andolan, in which ironically, our inspiration Taposh was the main villain  We came up with our own slogans and our own plans to get the gel out of Onu's hair, Nupur out of the Ganguly house, and Onu out of Taposh's room!


"Onu Taani ke pati hain, one and only, always and forever! Today was the day last year when we were introduced to this one and only truth!" - Manasi's FB status, 31st August 2011.

Funny this was that nobody was v happy with the marriage in the beginning, but TaAnu's rishta was so strong, so deep, that even the skeptics among us started believing in their marriage! Onu Taani ke Pati hain was the best thing to have happened to us...it kept us hoping despite the presence of slimeball Riteish, it kept us from being completely pessimistic, it turned the ultimate pessimist among all of us, Tayaba, into a complete optimist for TaAnu, and it kept us all together! Even after TL got over, we were held together by Onu Taani ke Pati Hain...look at this thread for proof  : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1771045

Onu Taani key pati hain -- pehla pati, aakhri pati, aur in dono patiyon ke beech sab ke sab patiyon bhi. We're very thorough people, we don't like leaving any clauses open for the CVs!   


"No under-16 sochnewaale besharams allowed! You need to have above-18 waali soch to be here." - Lubzy, on creating the thread.

The inspiration for this one was from the least likely person in TL to be inspired by -- Jonaki! We were so fed up with Taani thinking about the whole world besides her husband, on her OWN wedding day, that we wished for once she would be at least a little more besharam -- whether it was making plans for her suhaag raat or donning a nightie. The mission of the PTB group was to kidnap Taani and not return her until she lost the last bits of sharam left  Our motto? We had two -- "sabr ka phal meetha nahin, besharmi hota hain" and "duniya badal jaaye ya taqdeer, halaat badal jaaye ya haqueeqat, ek sach toh kabhi nahi badlega, hum besharam thay, besharam hai aur hamesha besharam rahengay!"

We found a leader for this thread in Lubzy, who is an exemplary OS-writer, and who never hesitates in making people hungry for TaAnu with her Besharam OSs. The PTBians have kept the thread alive and kicking for the past two years (with a grand total of 25 threads!) and leave no stone unturned to do their equally-besharam jodi proud!


"Bachoun Key Liye lagney mey abhi kitna time hey?" - Nads on the EDT, 4th January 2011.

CVs are people we love...and also love to hate. Mostly because sometimes they give us brilliant concepts, heart-touching scenes, scorching romance, and sometimes they forget who the focus of the serial is. TL definitely suffered from such CVs from time to time: they would concentrate of Riteish and Ananya, Nupur and her schemes and TapLi and RoNaki, so much so that sometimes we'd wait and wait to see TaAnu! Kabhi bachchon ke liye toh kabhi TapLi RoNaki ke liye...sometimes we were just lucky to see TaAnu say something!

At such times we'd vent by changing the title or making threads where we (in our imaginations) told Taani off for her mahaanta. Sample this rewrite of Sheila ki Jawani that Shonaa wrote when Taani was busy investigating on her own wedding day:

"Woh hai Taaniii,
Taani Ban-energyyy,
she's too mahaan for you,
woh apni shaadi enjoy na karniii!"

Wish the CVs would remember that sometimes


"@iHrithik StarPlus told us you said when in doubt just dance we all did but doubt's still there can you tell if AnuragTani performed at SPA"

A few minutes later...

"@star_parivaar kul tak tou hum dance kartey kartey behosh ho jaien gey doubt phir bhi clear nahi ho ga Hrithik ney ghalat advise diya kia?"

- Nads' attempt to irritate the hell out of SP on Twitter!

When SP decided, unfairly, to axe TL and push the TL family out of the nominations, all hell broke loose. Already furious over the stepmotherly treatment TL was getting, TLians protested from every medium possible and made SP 'yad kar their naani', as a member of the forum would put it. SP still went forward with the axeing, and the PH continued ignoring the serial but TL had a vast number of fans that wouldn't let it go, and they fought till the very end! Whether it was for including TaAnu in all the categories, making sure Harshiya made it to Macau, or flocking the SP FB pages to give the channel a piece of their mind, TLians made sure that everyone knew how in love with TL they were!

We were a mad bunch indeed, and gosh were we proud of it! 

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"Yeh MERE Baba ke dukaan hain! Aur yeh...yeh mujhe mere best friend ne diye..."

After a not-so-promising start, given that Onu wants to buy Bhimal's sweetshop just as Taani has arrived to retrieve it, Onu finally realises why the angry-looking young lady in a pink-and-green anarkali suit wants the shop so badly, when he sees her take away the laughing Buddha that he'd once given her to keep in the shop. Shocked at first by Taani's audacity, he stops and questions her. Taani, already broken by her inability to save the sweetshop, tells him that though the shop is his there are many memories within it that he can never own...not knowing that the man in front of her was in every one of those memories 

The TL bg music that plays as Onu realises that it is Taani in front of him, makes this moment that much more special  Especially the way 'janmon ka pyaar tere liye, khushiyaan hazaar tere liye' plays the moment Taani tells him who gave her the laughing Buddha.

This scene was excellent technically too, because it shows us through Onu's eyes how he sees the little Taani in the young stranger who had just given him the tongue-lashing of his life. Here, we see Prachi and Anupriya match each other step for step...kudos to both of them for making the resemblances so strong between the two!


This was one of the scenes where we started suspecting that probably Onu's madness was dormant already, and that it became a serious thing only after a huge sadma must have happened. There were discussions and discussions on Onu's impulsive act of staying outside Taani's house all night in the rain, only to make sure he set things straight with her.
What a contrast between the previous scene - where he broke Taani's heart by saying 'I love you but I'm not in love with you' - and this one. What kind of relationship was this, where you say you do not love someone yet wait outside their house in rain because you know you've hurt them? Taani crying in her room was heart-wrenching enough, but Onu's sorrowfully blank face - not even aware of the droplets falling down his nose - made you want to cry for how horrible this situation was for the two of them.


Anurag - "Taani main tujhse kuch poochna chaahta hoon. Main chaahta hoon ke tu uska sach sach jawaab de. Tu jo bhi jawaab dehgi woh mera sach hoga. Main us par palat kar kohi bhi sawal nahin karoonga. Kyunke aaj bhi main tujhpe viswas kartha hoon. Pooja kartha hoon main teri. Mujhe poora yakin hai ke tu mujhse kabhi kuch nahin chupaayegi. Kabhi jhoot nahin bholegi mujhse.

Jab Nupur mujhe chorkar gayi thi, toh kya tujhe patha tha ke voh mujhe chorke jaane vaali hai?

Kya tujhe patha tha ke voh mujhe chorkar jaane vaali hai?? Taani main tujhse kuch pochraha hoon: Kya tujhe patha tha ke voh mujhe chorkar jaane vaali hai?!!"

Taani - "Onu Maine usse rokne ki bohat."

Anurag - Matlab tujhe patha tha?? Tujhe patha tha aur tune mujhe nahin bataaya. Taani itni badi baat mujhse chupaake rakhi thi??... Kyun Taani? Kyun kiya tune aisa? Main tujhpar apne aap se zayada vishwas kartha hoon, tune mera vishwas nahin, mujhe tod diya.

Jab Nupur mujhe chorke chaligayi thi, tab bhi mujhe itni takleef nahin huwi thi jitni aaj, aaj horahi hai. Kyun kiya tune mere saath aisa? Kyun kiya.

Main jaantha hoon. Tune yeh sab kiya apne khud ke liye. Taani agar tune yeh pyaar ke liye kiya hota na? Toh main tujhe maaf kardeta. Lekin tune yeh pyaar ke liye nahin kiya. Tune Shekhar Ganguly ke bte Anurag Ganguly ko paane ke liye kiya!

Taani, main tujhe kabhi maaf nahin karoonga.

Jab Nupur mujhe chorke gayi thi, toh mujhe laga tune mera saath diya. Saath nahin diya tha tune mera. Woh tera swaarth tha! Tu chaahti ke voh chalejaye. Tu chaahti thi ke voh jaaye aur tu meri zindagi main vaapas aaya! Tu chaahti thi! I hate! I hate doing this! Mujhe nafrat horahi hai kehte huwe lekin yahi sach hai! Tune sirf mera istimaal kiya! Tune mera saath tab tak diya jab tak mere paas paisa tha. Mera haath tab tak pakar ke rakha jab tak tujhe umeed thi ke main paise kamaa paaoongha. Aur jab woh umeed margayi: you moved on!! Tu mujhe chorke us Subodh ke paas chaligayi!

Jab dekho, jidhar dekho: Subodh, Taani! Subodh, Taani! Subodh, Taani!! Jahaan dekho: Subodh, Taani! Subodh, Taani! Har waqt, har jagah, tum saath saath hote. Mujhse jhoot bol bol ke tu Subodh se milti hai!

Mujhe kyun taqleef horahi hai?? Mujhe kyun taqleef."

Taani - "Onu! Tu mujhse aise kaise baat karsakta hai??

Anurag: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My bad. Main tujhse aise kaise baat karsakta hoon? Main tujhse aise kaise baat karsakta hoon. Yeh tera personal maamla hoga na? I'm sorry.

Kaun hoon tera?? Dost. Jab Nupur mujhe chorke gayi tune mera saath diya: kaun hoon main tera? Dost??

Aaj Subodh ke bare main tujhse pooch nahin sakta. Kaun hoon main tera? Dost??

Jab Nupur mujhe chorke jaarahi tujhe patha tha. Tune mujhe bataaya nahin. Usse jaane diya. Kaun hoon main tera? Dost??

Us waqt, jab mere paas paisa tha: Toh tu mujhe dost se zayada banana chaahti thi. Aur aaj jab mere paas paisa nahin hai toh: kaun hoon main tera? Dost??

Jab mere paas paisa tha tune Nupur ko mujhse door kardiya. Aur aaj jab mere paas paisa nahin hai tu mujhe chorke Subodh ke paas jaarahi hai? Kyun? Kya ristha hai hamara? Kaun hoon main tera? Dost??

Kyun tujhse itna lagaav hai?

Kaun hoon main tera?

Jab Nupur mujhe chorke gayi thi. Toh mujhe laga ke mera shareer ka ek hissa tootgaya hai. Lekin aaj, aaj mujhe lagta hai ke meri aatma mujhe chorke chaligayi.

Nupur ne mujhe zakhmi kiya. Tune mujhe maar daala! Maar daala!!

Jaa Taani jaa, jeele apni zindagi. Khush rahe, Subodh ke saath. Main dua karoonga ke, ke zindagi main kabhi kohi taqleef, kabhi kohi pareshaani na ho.

Meri har saans, har aas, har jazbaat, aaj bhi sirf tere liye.

Jaa Taani jaa, main chortha hoon tujhe. Aur tere saath. Apni saari duniya chortha hoon.

Apne andar tere liye itni karvaahat bardoongha. Ke tu agar kabhi saamne bhi aayi toh andekha bhi kardoonga. Aur dua mangoogha ke zindagi ke kisi bhi mor par, tujhe karvaahat dekhne na pare. Kyunke aaj bhi, har khwaish sirf tere liye.


Anurag - "Kuch mehsoos hua? Taani jo baat main tujhse kehna chahta hoon usey mehsoon karne mein mujhe khudko bhaut waqt lag gaya, itna waqt ki pata he nahi chala ki kab? Kahan? Kaise? Kya hua? Lekin jab mehsoos kia toh ehsaas hua yeh toh hamesha se tha sirf mehsoos ab hua hai. Humara rishta kya hai?"

"Kuch der pehle ek anjaane insaan ne mujhse pucha. Tune hamesha pucha, us din gusse mein maine tujhse pucha. Kya rishta hai humara?"

"Taani mujhe is sawaal ka jawab mil gaya hai. Tu kahegi toh main ek minute mein bol dunga lekin tune he kaha tha naa duniya mein kuch cheezon ko sirf mehsoos kia jaa sakta hai tu mehsoos kar sakti hai meri aakhon mein dekh Taani

Kya dikhai deta hai tujhe?

Main kya feel karta hoon tere liye?

Mere jazbaat, mere dil ki dhadkan kya keh rahi hai tu mehsoos kar sakti hai."

Taani -" Onu... mujhe darr lag raha hai"

Anurag -  Kyun?

Taani - Mujhe...Mujhe vishvas nahi ho raha hai

Tu Onurag nahi ho sakta"

Anurag - "Tera he Onu hoon

Sunne Ki koshish kar mera dill, meri dhadkan kya keh rahi hai. Yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan kya keh raha hai, samah, yeh hawa kya keh rahi hai, yeh shor kya keh raha hai, main kya keh raha hoon, meri aakhein kya keh rahi hai.

Sunne ki koshish kar , Taani

Main kahun...main kahon main kya kehna chahta hoon."


Anurag - "Socha tha jab tujh sey ye baat kahoun ga hathoun mey phool hoon gey romantic jaga ho gi hum donoun akeley hoon gey

Sahi maukey ka intezar kar raha tha lekin sahi mauka kabhi aaya hi nahi

Pehli baar jab bolney ki koshish ki tou ter iankhoun mey anso the

Doosri baar bheer bara station tha

Aur aaj jab finally bola tou iss sunsan si sarak pey

Apney sab sey barey dushman key samney

Aaaj samajh aaya taani, sahi mauka nahi hota, sahi baat hoti hey

Aur baat sahi hoti hey tou mauka apney aap sahi ho jata hey

Kehtey hien sab sey paak jazbat ko hoontoun pey aney mey bohat waqt lagta hey

Par aik baar jab wo hontoun pey a jatey hien unn sey bara sach aur koi bhi nahi hota

Mujhe bhi bohat waqt lag gaya tani, pehley ehsas honey mey, phir uss ehsas ko pehchanney mey

Aur sab sey ziada waqt tujhe ye baat bataney me

Yehi mera sach hey tani, meri haqeeqat yehi hey

Mey tujh sey pyar karta hoon

Mey ney phir sey wohi kar diya na, tujhe sab sey bari khushi deni chahi aur teri ankhoun mey anso dey diye"






"Ajj bhagwan zaror bohat roey hoon gey

Kiun key meri tani jo ro rahi hey

Bin mausam barsat tabhi hoti hey jab bhagwan ya tou bohat khush hotey hien ya tou bohat udas

Aaj bhagwan bohat khush hoon gey

Hum donoun ko dekh key"


Taani - "Onu, ab humara kya hoga?"

Onu -" Kuch nahi."
 "Tu aur main hamesha hum rahenge
 Taani agar main yahan 14 saal ke lie raha naa toh yahan ki har eet pe hum honge
 Agar main marrkar kisi aur duniya mein chala gaya toh us duniya mein hum honge
 Tere yeh haath jab bhi dua maagne ke lie uthenge toh un duaon mein hum honge
 Teri har Khushi, har ehsaas mein hum honge
 Hum honge"


Anurag - "Tu meri thi, hai aur hamesha rahegi"

Taani - "Duniya badal jaye ya takdeer, halat badle ya haqeeqat
Ek sach kabhi nahi badal sakta, Onu, Taani Anurag kit hi, hai aur hamesha teri he rahegi
Humara rishta dil se juda hai, Onu. Hum bachpan mein bhi ek the, aaj bhi ek hai aur kal bhi ek rahenge. Har kasam se, har rasam se main tujhse judi hoon toh kisi aur se shaadi karne ka toh sawal he nahi hota naa"


One of TaAnu's most beautiful pre-wedding scenes, this little gem happened in the middle of Taani's haldi. Onu bribes a collegemate of Taani's to get her to Subodh's office, and meets her without actually taking a look at her face!

 This scene is adorable because Onu is both a devoted lover - unable to spend even a minute away from Taani - and a man who respects the customs that bind them. He doesn't look at Taani, knowing it could possibly bring bad luck to them, but our Onu is ishmart and finds a way 

 All we see in the frame are their hands...reaching out to each other, Onu's thumb rubbing the centre of Taani's palm, their smiles as their hands touched and the wind blowing in their hair...that was enough to make us go totally lattoo over them xD


On 17th February 2011, our favourite couple - Anurag Ganguly and Taani Bannerjee - finally brought their now-matured relationship to the next level, Bengali style! Dressed in the traditional dhoti/sari and topors, their faces glowing in the light of the mandap fire, TaAnu made their vows to each other...vows that were heard by none but the two of them. 

 This was an emotional epi for all of us because this was the moment we were all waiting for, and for many months we feared it might never happen. So to see our Onu and Taani freely, fearlessly taking their vows - no villains to take them away from each other, no one to judge their relationship and label Onu's feelings for Taani as 'humdardi' - was heartwarming for all of us.

 The greatest thing abt this episode was how well the flashbacks were mixed with the present...how Jr. TaAnu's rejection of their bal-vivah was such a contrast to their happiness at their second wedding...how obvious their feelings for each other were...how protective they were of each other. When we saw flashes of their bal-vivah alongside the happy ceremony we saw that day, we couldn't help but remember how close we felt to TaAnu themselves.

 The best treat was yet to come though. For immediately after the shaadi scenes, we got a glimpse of pagal Onu


This scene came to us after an intensely stressful week as TaAnu fans: we were subjected to Taani's jasoosgiri during the wedding and reception, and had seen the nighty issue take a rather irritating turn, with Taani believing that Onu had bought it and scolding him like hell for it. It was beautiful and magical...and it was also realistic. Taani and Onu, though best friends and lovers, were new to this and the nervousness showed...whether it was in Onu's gulping his milk, Taani asking him if enough sugar was added. The only time Taani forgot how scared she was, was when she started complaining how hot it was because of the candles 

 There was a light moment where the decorations fell all over them and Onu grumbled about Taani forever remaining jhalli, but Taani so cutely manaofied him that Onu couldn't help but feel romantic again.

 Having a song like 'In Lamhon Ke Daaman' made the scene even more exquisite...it reminded us of the purity of their relationship, and how intensely connected they were to each other.


Wish it never happened...

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This was one of the cutest segment.. LOL Harshad teasing Anu.. The golgappa match.. Waise bhi Harshad ke hotey hue no one can win and poor Anu was also finding it spicy.. One can't help but keep craving for golgappa's seeing them eat.. Coming back to segment, the way he was eating golgappas from her hand also and not allowing her to eat..ROFL How cud she even think about winning the competition with Harshad in picture..? ROFL Loved the way they were feeding each other.. First the golgappas and then the dessert.. And it was so awww of Harshad to say that he has ordered the dessert because Anupriya found the golgappas spicy and the golgappas were not that nice so he didn't want her to fall ill.. HeartAnupriya also said that it's the 1st time, she lost against him.. Aur kitney matches hue they iske pehle?? Shocked

Anupriya's bday 26/11/10.. Day Dreaming The reporter asked for Harshad.. And he was among the crowd.. And when he came, he got a chair.. Anu telling him that she cant expect anything else from him and he can only give her this.. LOL Harshad telling her that she belongs here and asking her "Kitney dino se ghar nahi gayi" Seriously, I was like ROfling.. Cycle as gift.. ROFL And then Harshad telling everyone to feed her the one piece coz he was damn sure she will not have more.. Health conscious, u see.. LOL Who can forget that "I will define Anupriya Kapoor in one thing" "Meethi Choori" Heart Very very cute segment..


One of my most favorite segments.. The scene here in is my most fav scene.. The terrace or the "palat" scene if u call it.. LOL A forehead kiss and Taani teasing him.. LOL He telling that Taani was throwing tantrums so he decided to go the other way.. Jealousy way.. LOLTaani not liking Kamini and he flirting with her.. Towards the end, Harshad telling that she is looking beautiful and the green-golden combination is doing wonders to her and he likes the long earrings she is wearing.. In turn Taani says, "Mujhe issi se shaadi karni hai" Day Dreaming Aww

Onu stops Taani & Ritesh wedding and the famous "Duniya badal jaaye ya takdeer, Taani Anurag ki thi, hai aur humesha rahegi.." And then the masti that followed.. Harshad telling that this is a new fashion started by Onu-Taani that she will wear sindoor on her maang and he also has to prove his love so he has put blood all over his face.. LOL Then the promises that followed.. Harshad not allowing her to talk and she adamant on telling what Onu had to say.. LOL Her fingers.. How can one forget them.. LOL She was dancing her fingers in front of him and he was teasing her by pretending to bite them.. We also saw a glimpse of possessive Onu when she said "jaati hoon main Ritesh ke paas" and he said, Sambhal lenge hum mil baant ke.. Awww.. Day Dreaming

Never ever felt that we would ever get HarshIya again after Tere Liye ended.. But the day came and what an amazing day for them to get together back again.. It was our rockstar's birthday.. There could not have been anything better than seeing them together and that too color oriented.. Orange was never this wonderful.. Heart The seggy was on the sets of our show and Anupriya teased him regarding his age.. LOL The cake cutting.. And those hugs.. He removing that extra cream from the cake.. Health conscious joh main kehti rehti hoon woh aise hee nahi kehti.. LOL Anu showed him a bhootiya scooter as his bday gift and yaadein taaza ho gayi.. LOL of her last birthday of course.. Day Dreaming Towards the end Harshad thanking Anupriya and Muzammil Sir for taking out time for this celebration.. It was one segment that will stay forever fresh in our hearts.. HarshIya, we love you more than love..

26th Nov 2011.. Expectations of seeing HarshIya were close to 0% coz of some articles lingering.. LOL But SBB gave a pleasant shock.. "Tere vaaste mera Ishq Sufiyana" They played it and we went in dreamland.. I remember I pinched myself almost 3-4 times to believe what I was hearing.. Tears of joy.. Heartwhelming experience.. Heart Well only HarshIya have that power to make me crazy to this extent.. Coming to the seggy.. Supriyaji, Kaliji were present along with Harshad to celebrate Anu's bday and one thing that was common between them was their praises for the birthday gal.. The cake made its appearance and after the cake cutting Anu got a bit emotional when Supriyaji said that she wishes she gets a cast like TL.. Harshad wished that she stays happy always and celebrates her bday with them every year.. There was a continuation to this segment as well where all of them did poll kholl of Anu of how she is one great cook.. And how her fingers do the talking.. LOL Harshad also saying that she is very dedicated and we cudnt help but go to heaven and stay there.. LOL An amazing segment which brought big smiles on our faces.. So full of genuineness.. It was a pleasant surprise for all TLians that the Tere Liye cast is so close to each other.. Heart May they always remain..

Hamesha and forever.. Like the song says, they will remain forever where it matters the most.. In our hearts.. The last segment of TL while the show was still on.. India won the worldcup and we lost our Tere Liye the same day.. Like all good things come to an end with a heavy heart all of the cast and crew bid farewell to their most dear venture.. The cake cutting ceremony.. Tears of separation.. Unhappy One cudnt help but notice their bonding.. This cast was one of the best..


Tere Liye indeed had the best cast & crew.. Its evident when Harshad says that its very rare that you bond with each & every person and there is a motivation to come to work.. In this industry where actors are insecure about their image and place the Tere Liye cast bonding came as a breath of fresh air.. Of course we lost our show way too early than we should have but nonetheless the memories it gave us have been enough for us.. Thats why the craze of this show, TaAnu & HarshIya is going on increasing day by day.. Shows might come and go.. New jodis too.. But Tere Liye has a place that no one can touch.. Harshad & Anupriya have carved a place for themselves that sets them aside from the rest.. Like every other HarshIyaian even I have dreams of seeing them together again and my subconscious mind tells me that one day we will get them together.. God bless Harshad, Anupriya and Tere Liye Cast.. The happiness you and Tere Liye got in our lives is immeasurable.. Love you, adore you.. 

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