Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 28/4/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

Statutory Warning: This episode is perfectly safe for consumption by diabetics, asthamatics and persons with cardiac arrhythmia…

Something Big did happen, but it's not what you think!!!Tongue


Last time, we left Jassi talking to her Papaji at the Walia House…



Everyone is seated around the table having a hearty dinner! Armaan is seated opposite JessicaTongue, everyone is plainly having fun. Amrit brings a serving of dal for Jassi and Nandu says teasingly, "Don't feed her so much, she'll grow FAT! She is a model, she has a figure to maintain!" Amrit says, "Does this really happen? Has Jassi ever gained weight by eating the food I cooked?" Nandu giggles, "That's different, Auntyji! Jassi is just like you when you see her face and looks, but her body type is slim like Uncleji's!" Billu growls, "Started your nonsense again, have you?" Nandu keeps up the high spirits, "Oh ho, I'm telling ya, Auntyji puts so much ghee into her food, that even if a thin person sits down to eat, he stands up all fattened up!!!"

Jassi grins naughtily and ruffles his hair. Nandu immediately recoils and warns her, "Don't!" Jassi says playfully, "Why not? I will!" and ruffles his hair again! He adjusts himself and looks disgusted. He warns her again, "I told you, Don't!" Jassi asks seriously, "And if I don't stop doing it?" Nandu says, "Then I won't sit with you!" and walks off in a huff! Everyone looks at his retreating back in surprise. Bebe looks sad. Jassi asks everyone, "Arre, what did I do that he felt so bad?" and calles after him again, "Nandu??" Amrit says understandingly, "Actually, beta, Jassi would play with his hair exactly the same way. He is missing her… their friendship ran very deep." Armaan looks pensive, the others make a sad face. Billu says grumpily that there is no need to talk about her again!! Bebe looks put out.

Billu shouts at Nandu to lower the volume of the TV and impatiently goes over to where Nandu is standing watching the telly with the remote in his hand. "Abe, gadhe, switch off the TV! Just because you've left your meal halfway, does it mean you won't let us eat in peace either?" Nandu replies softly, his eyes glued to he telly, "Uncleji, look…"Shocked

Mallika's interview is being broadcast at that very second! She is saying in her usual laconic style, "Well, the loss that Gulmohur incurred because of Jasmeet Walia has been almost covered! What DID she think? That she would run away with all of Gulmohur's money and Gulmohur will close down, be destroyed? Actually, her problem was that Jasmeet Walia wanted to become Mallika Seth. From the very beginning, she had been eyeing my money, my position, Gulmohur.. and even my fianc! She should have known that she came to Gulmohur to work as a common secretary.. that she can never ever match up to me, Mallika Seth of Gulmohur!Dead"

Pausing to take a deep, dramatic breath, she continues, "Oh well, maybe it's all for the best that Jasmeet Walia abandoned Gulmohur and ran away, because she is now a part of Gulmohur's history." Facing the camera, she chatters excitedly to woo the viewers, "I'm very very happy to announce the future of Gulmohur, who is none other than our country's top model, the supermodel, Jessica Bedi!"


Everyone has been listening to the little drama with shock! Armaan rolling his eyes, wishing he was anywhere but there… Bebe and Amrit looking depressed, Nandu hearing every word with rapt attention and Billu looking as though he would like to strangle Mallika!! Eventually, he snatches the remote from Nandu, switches the TV off and stomps away, leaving Jassi thinking, "This house, this family can never be happy until I prove Jassi's innocence and tell the world what REALLY happened in Gulmohur!"Ouch



Raj comes in and applauds Mallika! "Mallika, first you have such a dramatic pose to the press, and now such a dramatic interview! You're too good yaar, you've REALLY taken Gulmohur to new heights!Tongue" Mallika says with barely disguised pleasure, "Thank you, Raj! Well, if you look at it, you do deserve some of the credit for that! After all, you're the one who arranged my interview with India's biggest news channel!" Raj says fumblingly, "Actually that reporter was not the least bit interested in your interview.. so I offered her a package deal!" Mallika asks him darkly, what do u mean, Package Deal?

Raj says, "I promised them that Jessica will give them an exclusive interview on behalf of our company!" Mallika blows up! "Whatttttt? Ms. Nose-in-the-air Jessica? Have you spoken to her or not?" Raj says sheepishly, "No I haven't… that's the problem! And if she refuses to give the interview that channel is going to lambaste our Gulmohur.. that's for sure!" Mallika is nearly crying with frustration! "HOW am I going to ask her to do this? She eats up my head for even the tiniest things.. she is gonna kill me for this….huh Model kahinki!!"



Armaan comes in through the door and begins shaking a bespectacled Jassi, his eyes full of passion, the urgency in his voice uncontrollable. "Jassi! Why didn't you tell me before that you are Jassi? Why Jassi, why?" Jassi tries to protest. "No.. I'm, I'm Jessica!" Armaan holds her very close and stares down into her eyes, angry! "Jassi why did you deceive me like this, WHY? Look into my eyes and tell me now that you are not Jassi but Jessica!! Jassi, please…." Cry

She struggles but he has pinned her to the wall… Suddenly Purab materializes and shouts, "Armaan!" Armaan keeps up his pleas, "Jassi, Jassi!" Purab asks him to leave her at once! He drags Armaan away. Armaan says softly, "I love you Jassi! Jassi I love you..." Purab shouts again, "Leave her alone Armaan!" Jassi whispers, "I am not Jassi…" Armaan loses it! He shouts to her that she is Jassi, say it! I love you, Jassi! Listen to me, Jassi! JASSSIIIII!!!!"CryCryCry

Turns out, Jassi is drrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaming…………. with her specs on (like yours truly predicted yesterdayTongue)…

She wakes up with a start! She is sitting on the couch in Purab's home. Purab comes and sits next to her. He enquires if she is OK! Jassi asks him if Armaan had just come, and Purab asks quizzically, "Armaan? Here? Not at all…" Jassi says distractedly, "I thought he had come to know that I am Jassi, Purab..!"

Purab says gently, "Come to your senses, Jassi… You were just dreaming. You know Jassi, sometimes I think that it would be a good thing if they came to know that YOU are Jassi!" Jassi is surprised and asks him why? Purab replies, "I can't see you like this! And then, I fear that you will forget to be Jassi if you try too hard to become Jessica…!"

Jassi is bewildered and asks him, "What are you saying, Purab? You know why I am doing all of this! Do you think I'm having a ball being away from my family?" Purab says he knows that, but, "Do you even have a plan? Have you ever thought how you will make Mallika admit her wrongdoings to trap you?" Jassi thinks, "This I haven't thought of! But the truth must be found. Purab is right.. I have to make a plan soon!"



Mallika pops a pill and gives an exaggerated sigh. Armaan walks in and sees her, and equires why she is having medicines. Mallika says in a pathetic voice, "Armaan, see how tensed I am .. I think I'm going to be very, very ill!" Armaan asks, "Can I help?" Mallika begins, "Yes, you can ask Jessica to…." Armaan completes for her, "give the interview, right?" Mallika says beseechingly, "Armaan, Armaan, this is a matter of life and death! But wait – how'd you know?" Armaan says Raj told him. Mallika begs him, Armaan, you will do his for me, won't you?

Armaan looks blazingly angry! "NO! Mallika, you dug up that old Jassi episode and once again accused her falsely of so many wrongdoings! Mallika, how long will you keep on using others, how long? She's not even here to defend herself!" Mallika is outraged to hear his and shouts, "If your Jassi is so innocent, why on earth doesn't she come here and defend herself anyway? Oh well, any publicity is good publicity. If Gulmohur gets publicity because of this affair, why are YOU so mad?"

Armaan is enraged to hear this and raises his hand to slap her, "Mallika!!!!!!" Mallika is shocked to see this but keeps silent…. The air is crackling with animosity! Armaan realizes he was just about to hit her when he lowers his hand and curls it into a fist and leaves the room!!!Tongue



Jassi and Nandini are out shopping. Nandini shows her a dress but Jassi looks lost in thought. Nandini sighs, "What happened? It's not good to keep thinking about that all the time, you know!" Jassi informs her that she incapable of thinking about anything else unless she develops a plan. Nandini tells her that is not right. "You know, there is a saying in Zen Buddhism.. if you live in today, then both your yesterdays and tomorrows will take care of themselves! Sometimes questions are not answered by asking questions, but by life itself!"

Just then, Jassi's cell rings – it's Mallika at the other end. Jassi says unenthusiastically, Hi Mallika. Mallika makes a sweet face and rattles on with deliberate enthusiasm, "Jessica, sweetie! You know what, I've fixed up a television interview for you and I know I should have asked you first but this is so very important for Gulmohur .. so.. you'll do it, won't you?" As an afterthought, "Please?" Jassi says shortly, "I am busy right now. Call me later. Bye!"

She hangs up and tells Nandini with a shrug, "I don't know.. some kind of interview she wants me to give." A salesgirl comes up to them with a blue sequined dress and both the ladies begin to admire it. The girl begins her sales pitch, "This made of quick wear fabric, for instance, if wine falls on it, it will neither look wet nor will it stain!" This sets off alarm bells ringing in Jassi head! She remembers a long ago incident of a sozzled Mallika saying helplessly, "I am sooooo fond of wine..!" Nandini snaps her back to the present and Jassi says, "Ma'am, you only said that sometimes questions are not answered by asking questions, but by life itself.. I found my question in this dress! Now Mallika will fall into the trap all by herself…"



Mallika enters swiftly calling out his name while Raj is talking to someone on the phone. "But how is that my fault? But, but, you have to understand… Hello, Hello? HELLO?"  He looks disgusted! Mallika asks him what the matter is now! He tells her that was Sharmila from VTV.. Mallika enquired what she said and Raj says, "She said, Don't forget to watch the TV tonite! She is gonna make a grand laughing stock of our company! Didn't I tell you to convince Jessica any which way???" Mallika says hotly, "I did try my best, Raj!"

Raj switches on the TV with his remote and tunes in to see an interviewer saying, "Do you agree with Mallika Seth that your arrival has made Gulmohur's stars start shining again? What would you like to say about this to our viewers?" The camera pans in on Jessica, who is sitting there with a composed smile and says sweetly, "I do not agree with Mallika Seth at all!" Mallika covers her eyes with her hands in shock, steeling herself for what she will hear next!

Jassi goes on to say, "The fact is, I am extremely grateful to Mallika for thinking I am so capable, for giving me so much respect.. if the truth be told, I am in Gulmohur only because of Mallika! I think Mallika has had the major contribution in taking Gulmohur where it is today! Mallika, I hope you are listening, Thank you!Big smile" Mallika peels away her fingers and gives a whoop of joy!!!!



Billu is standing and lecturing Bebe and Amrit. "See the result of not doing as I had been asking you to do! Our worst enemy sent her own best friend to our house!" Bebe says she cannot agree with him. She says, "IF I know even a little bit about human nature, this girl can never be Mallika's friend!" Billu scolds her that this is not a drama, it's news, and news is the truth!

Jassi knocks at their door and understands their mood. She says reluctantly, "Er… I was just passing by and thought I would say Hello!" All of them give her stern looks except Bebe. Billu welcomes her caustically and says they were dying to see her face. Bebe gives her a reassuring smile. Jassi says, "I think you must have seen my interview." Billu replies, "Ji! In full color! Truth is, you can clearly make out people's changing faces on the color TV! Nandu told us something quite different about the relationship between yourself and Mallika-JI!??" Jassi answers, "In our world, nothing we say is ever 100% true." Billu says that since they had already heard 50%, would she mind enlightening them over the other 50%?

Amrit is distressed at the situation which seems to be heading for a showdown and says, "Ji, zara suniye!" and calls him over to the side, saying she wants to discuss something. Billu follows her reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Bebe says to Jassi, "My son is a little old-fashioned! He doesn't realize the things one has to do to survive in today's world! But we are the babes of today, rightWink!!!!! We understand everything!!!" Jassi gives her a big, warm hug and large tears roll down Bebe's cheeks. Jassi says, "I had a reason for doing all this, Bebe!" Bebe looks surprised and Jassi stumbles over her words, "May I call you Bebe?" Bebe's face is wet with tears and she says that since no one else does, she may, Bebe would like it… it would make her feel that Jassi is around somewhere!

Jassi wipes away Bebe's tears and says, "Since you have permitted me to call you Bebe, will you bless your granddaughter? I am going on a mission." Bebe says, adorably, placing her hand on Jassi's head.. "My blessings are with you! Wahe Guruji will grant you success!" Jassi is very touched and thinks determinedly, "Mallika Seth! No one can save you nowAngry!"



Mallika is talking to Jassi on the phone, as fake and sweet as ever. "Jessicaaaaa! I was just talking about you! Your interview was soooo goodBig smile! Of course we should party, love! Tonite, dinner at your place? That's a great idea, of course I'll see you! Lets do this – I'll arrange for dinner, don't worry about it! Great.. you like wine too! Our tastes are so similar! Ok darling.. bye bye tata have fuuuun!!"

She hangs up and imperiously commands the all-purpose guy standing next to her, "Listen! If anyone asks about me, tell them that Mallika Ma'am has gone over to her friend Jessica Bedi's house for dinner! OK?"



There is a clinking of wine glasses as Jassi and Mallika celebrate! They are sitting on Jassi's plush sofas having a great time. "Cheers!" Mallika says. "You know, I always did have the feeling that deep down inside, you and I are very alikeTongue! Now take for example, we only met a few days ago, but I already feel like I've known you for years!" Jassi gives a fake grin and agrees, "I knowww!"

They walk up to the bar cabinet and Jassi exclaims, "My God, Mallika… this bottle is already finished!" They giggle like a couple of schoolgirls and Mallika comments, "You know, Jessica.. I get high on wine really, really fast!!!!!" and starts laughing. She is really tipsy!

Jassi fills up her glass and Mallika starts off, "You know, Jessica, very few people know how crazy I am about wine! You know, who used to keep track of all these small, small things? That JASSI! You know, she would sit in her small cabin at her small desk writing these small things in her small diary with her small pen! And Do you know Why?? Because she was a Small Person!!!!" Mallika breaks out into a peal of laughter and Jassi laughs with her though she is fuming inside.

Mallika announces again, "Finished! Jessica, it's so much fun talking to you, I just don't know where all these drinks went!!!" Jassi is playing the amiable host and offers to make another drink. She is plying her with wine! Mallika says, "Thank you, darling!!" and goes over to admire the lamp.

When her drink is ready, she holds Jassi's hand and pulls her alongside herself gently, "Come come come come come! Actually, Mallika Seth never says Thankyou to ANYONE, not even Armaan! But today, I, Mallika Seth, would like to say Thankyou to you! Today, the things you said about me… that too on TELEVISION…! You're such a sweeeetheart!!!" and breaks out again into peals of drunken laughter!! Jassi says sweetly, oh I said nothing at all. Mallika says naughtily, "Jessica, now that you and I are together, you just wait and watch, we'll take Gulmohur soooo high!" She notices that the third bottle is also empty!

Jassi takes advantage of Mallika's unguarded moments and says, "Mallika, we are friends now right?" Mallika answers – exactly!!! Best friends! Jassi says, "So… we won't hide a thing from each other!" Mallika agrees, saying No! neverrrr! Jassi says with a big smile, "Promise?" Mallika goes – Rrrrright!

Jassi begins the inquisition. "So tell me. What is the relationship between you and Armaan?" Mallika looks like she is about to cry! "Armaan? I would've had a relationship with Armaan only if that Jassi had not come between us!" Jassi nods wisely, "Jassi!!! So…. Did Jassi really defraud the company, Mallika?" Mallika gives her a cryptic look, as if remembering something particularly and pleasurably vindictive..

Mallika teases her and says, "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…. Nahin!" Jassi asks, "So then?" Mallika says teasingly, "I know! I know who did it! And you are my friend now, so no secrets! You too, drink! Drink, come on!" Jassi tries to avoid being thrust on and takes Mallika's glass pretending to sip the wine. Mallika announces that she will tell her who committed the fraud. Jassi asks, "WHO?" Mallika says woozily, "The name of the person is….!"

Barely are the words out of her mouth than she crashes down onto the couch! She groans, "No secrets, Jessicaaa" and promptly loses consciousness, leaving Jassi grinding her teeth in frustration!


The next morning, Mallika comes to lying on the couch. Jassi enters with a cup of coffee and a cheerful, "Good Morning!" Mallika is sober, albeit with a hangover, and feeling pretty stupid. "I'm… I'm sorry, Jessica! I think I had too much to drink last night!" Jassi sits next to her and says brightly, "So do have some coffee, your headache will go down!" Mallika says she is feeling very embarrassed, God knows what Jassi must be thinking about her… Jassi says there is no need to be sorry, as this kind of thing is common between friends!

Mallika admits that last night got out of hand, and she does not even recall what happened before she lost consciousness! Jassi seizes her chance and says warmly, "We just talked a lot, that's all, like two friends talk!" Mallika says lightly, "Is that so! So what beans did I spill?"

Jassi says she does not remember too much herself, "but you were talking about someone.. wazzhername… Jassi! The way you taught her a lesson, Mallika!" Jassi makes an awed face! "When she was trying to steal Armaan from you, you know!" Mallika grimaces, "Ohhh. That thing…" Jassi goes on looking suitably impressed, "Ya! And you said how that naukrani was dreaming of becoming a Maharani! My GOD! And how cleverly you manipulated all the accounts, Mallika! And how you shamed her in front of her family and the world, so much so that she ran away from home! And no one even knows where that girl is! Heheh!! Mallika, I must say, you're tooo good, huh! Genius!"

Mallika is preening by now! She is flattered beyond words. She agrees with Jassi, "Yaa! That's true! She had no idea whom she was antagonizing – Me! She will never be able to hold her head up again as long as Mallika Seth is alive!" Jassi looks awed! Mallika spits out, "Stupid Secretary!"

Then Mallika delivers her coup de grace.. "The best part is, I transferred all the money from her account and thrust all the blame upon that stupid Jassi's head!" Jassi is amazed and pleased to hear the admission at last and stares at Mallika with a victorious smile!



Bebe, Billu and Amrit are sitting together and Billu confesses that since the sale of the house has already gone through, he is feeling very strange to still be living there!

Jassi comes in and informs them, "I have come to tell you that you will have to stay on in this house for another few months!"

Bebe tells her lovingly, "Then you have to keep coming and visiting us like a member of this family!"

Jassi is only too happy and just for fun, practices wearing her big black Jassi specs!!!Geek

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*Shona* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

Thanx soooooooooo much QB! Its getting really interesting now.Tongue


loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
thanks soooo much QB!!!!!

Puddles66 Newbie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

Thanks!!  I'd LOVE to see how Jassi take's care of Mallika's bs.

jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
tanx man.  I dunno what to say...
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Cryomg i cant belive that i new smethin was gonna be messed. but armaan better figure out jessica is jassi or i really am gonna have a heart attackDeadCry
jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Alright Piscean, where are you buddy...I am waiting for u...I want you to be very happy reading this...

it damn took Purab to get Jassi's dumb @$$ to get crackin' on her mission.  Tongue
saarahkhann IF-Dazzler

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gr8 update queenbee....thanx so much

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