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BV Written Update 7\6

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BV Written Update 7\6

in pink my personal comment

Part 1

anandi enters in shiv office - opens gate ...
omg!3rd world war at the stage of being shree ganesh...LOL LOL do we get to see ice melt keyaa LOL

and threw the envelop in front of shiv at his desk and he is liek wht it is..she says read...and he opens and read and then smiles and says to anandi wooowww this is great...btu anandi is not in mood to listen to shiv...and says now you will be quit happy after reading all this and now you want to congratulate your self and want to stamp your back...huh!what do you think of yourself huh!i know behind this fast process is you...because i know very well how gvernment works and their progress...this is imposible kee so soon they will give consent letter for inspection and all...what do you think ke i wont be able to guess..what do you think anandi is helpless and form a village so she is idiot and anyone can insult her...i know what HS said you about me...i have been listning all this abut me from ages now and it now even stoped hurting me...but i dont need your  protection and help... what did you thought anandi is helpless girl whose huby has left her and she is not worth of any thing and can never achiv anything in life...i know i am not like girls from city nor i can talk like them and has attitude and education like them...but let me tell you one thing striaght i am not that helpless as you think i am..l am quit capable of doing things on my own and i can find my own ways to this world and can stand for myself at any moment of time and life..i dont need charity form you or from anyone in this entire world...i will not acept this charity form you..and mind you mr.SHIV RAJ SHEKHAR when the inspector will come i will deny him to do any such thing and any help from your charity 
ohk now i cna take breath LOL lolzzz i cant exctly put into words about anandi's outbrust..but it was so clear indication she is fighting within her self for wht pighead did to her and she taking out unintentnunly on shiv..coz she is badly hurt and tilll now evrything was inside her heart and bearing all pain but she now cant keep it and is really low on self confidence where MIND YOU ALL WHERE HER SELFCONFIDENCE IN HER LOVE LIFE IS CONCERN ... and she cant take a man from city infact from abroad is helping her and want to be good to her...she was badly hurt her selfestem on personal level was badly hurt by pighead Cry

oh!our so cool handsome rajeshtani bankaa chora just smiles and says you said what you wanted to why dont you sit down and let me speak my version too... 
oh!man he was all so cool and swweet and like icing on bhe but so sweet and tasty to swallow whole in one gulp ..ufff... i am in love LOL 

but anandi ji is in rudr roop and in no mood to sit...lolzz shiv ji piks up glass of water and gives to anandi and says atleast have a water naa please...and anandi takes the glass of water finally after little persuation form shiv and then is standing... lolzz..shiv again says its not good to stand and drink please have a sit and drink our anandi ji sits and take 2 sip of water and keeps the glas shiv starts ... i am not only collector of jaitsir for all this progress but i have other moral responsiblity too which i have to do as a collector and in this one major roll is to make the education of betterment for woman...and your school is one of it and i used my power to betterment of your school so what wrong did i do?no!nothing i did nothing wrong in it...for your ego or for my ego i wont let the progrees of jaitsir and woman of it be go down..if left on the way you wanted your school to be prgreesed then by the time it will be given to you lots of woman would loose beeter education and i as not only a collector will axcept it but as my moral duty too this is non aceptable to me.even if again i have to use this power again for the betterment of jaisir i wont back down a bit because a girl name anandi's ego wont like anandi ji..i have soem moral duties also and i will use evrything in withn my reach to have that...and i am happy ot know that we both are on same we both want nothing but only beeter for jaitsir and good...and now thank you for leting me say what i wanted to say LOL LOL  and shiv ji maharaj bends down his head and starts doing his work ... lolzzz 
no one has buufed off anandi in such a cool and elegant way...hahahhaha..she was so baffeled by calmness of shiv and by his explantion kee what to say...jaisay kee one day gauri mata wokes up and find she is not working in SNG any more ROFL ROFL ROFL

anandi standing their with sad and confused eyes and then says sorry!shiv is like sorry is not at all required...and says we both wants nothing but good for jaitsir so all good... and then anandi's ask for the letter and he smilies and says its all yours and belong to you only and as anandi takes it and about to leave shiv says you heard what HS said to me all about you..but belive me what i said to him was not of some concern for helpless for you and all but because i ahve my own thughts and openion and it is not based on goosips i heard or on what people comes and says me..i make my decision about people and form my own openion on the basisi of what i see or hear myself and i understand v.well who are bad and good and i ahve fineeyes to track down if the people are good or what i said to HS was because i respect you a lot...a girl who is intelligent and good from heart and nice and all hardworking and always has place for all kind of people in heart for their betterment of life and i formed all this openion about you on our 1st interaction...and after today now i have more respct for you in my heart then i ahd befor 
omg!anandi was like she was hit by atom bomb and hwoever much she wants to run she will be attacked by it...means shiv goodness was all over anandi and however much she wanted to run all over evrywhere she was surrounded by him and his goodnesss

 anandi leves his office and sits in jeep and jeeps goes out of gate and another car enters inside the collector office... part 1 ends 
you all can rest now 

- - - - - -
- - -

Part 2

the car stops and shows heeellss of a sandels and then legs  LOL  and then dress and then a girl with gogels Cool and sees the heading of collector office board and smiles and takes out gogs and says finally i am here...and then same girl pulling red suitcase and walking down the evryone at office is loosing their marbles and lolzzz eyes are out seeing girl in tights and in mini skirt walking by collector office...she reches the peon and ask him to let go her by pass and he is like whome you want to meet and she tries to say about shiv but she dosent know how to tell him as she dosent know hindi properly...and then she says at alkst she wants to meet shiv and before she can complete the peon says collector saab dosent meet anyone like that you have any appointment to meet him...and before she can reaply she has or not or the peon can send her back shiv voice comes by sayin "her apointment is with me only"and as soon as the girl sees shiv their is elephant size smile on her face and she leaves her suticase and runs shouting hey!desii boy and runs directly into his arms Angry 
how dare she runs in shiv's arm...his 6pak..omg!now is theri any criminal on loose i mean killer..i will give supare for this girl..just say your price Dead fully dead this girl not even a single hair should be left Angry 

and shiv too hugs her tight and then sees evryone watching him and her and he leaves her and says so you are finally here and she is also happy to see her desi boy 
i cant belive shiv looking so handsome killer atombobm in hair cuting...ufff i serzly died form heart lost...i dont know if i would be able to do the update coz i am doing nopthing but rewind and watching himm and rewind and watching him Heart Heart Day Dreaming 

she is like she had a lovely time in marrige in udaypur and she had a fabulus time over their...she enjoyed being in rajesthan...and now she wants to ahve time with him too and shiv says he has arranged for her staying in guest house and she is happy and then says she wants to eat rajesthani shiv is little confused because she wants to eat complete rajesthani food not half or less but whole of it..and he was shoked and asked her the girl who never eat beyond piza and burger wants to eat this kind of food..but she is like she dosent know she wants to eat and he has to arrange it for her...shiv is like ohk go and freshen up and callshis peon and says him to tkae her luggage in guest house as BS has done all their whats necessary for  her arrengment and then she leves saying will wait for shiv is like what to do and what not to do how to bring this kind of complete rajestani food for her and then sudenly she remebers DS and says ohk thats much beter idea and will ask her help ...
omg!i thught today they wont show gaga couple..but ehre goes my dream in drain 

city senario showing...and gauri a=in manager office of SNG hospital and gauri asking the mamnger for placement of pighead jagat pita ji maharaj...but manger is not intrested as he says the lowest qualification for job here is MS and your huby is only MBBS..gauri mata is like i know but pighead is capable for evrything require in dr. and he cant do the MS as some family problem but he is very capable and able dr. and manager had no option left and then says to gauri mata ohk we will call him and take his intrview and then will see what to do and what not to do and gauri mata is quit happy and about to leaves but then stops and manager again ask what it is and she says their is one more request ..and he asks whats ...and she says not to say anything to her huby about this thing as she asked him for his interview and job thing and manager is all smart and got what she is saying and says not to worry..her huby wil never know about it and gauri mata is happy and leves the office ...
oyy part ends dear 

- - - - - -
- - -

Part 3

shiv is outside the singhs hevelli and coem out of his open jeep and adjust his suit and is now almost walking towards door but stops as he is not comfortable asking DS for the food and dosent know what to do or say when he inside...and is in delima how he will ask for the food..alerady they ahve done so much for him now he goes and directly ask for he cant he cant be this selfish and wants to turn around and leav but that moment DS coems too in her jeep and shiv sses he geting out and wants to duck down or vanish but DS sees him and is so happy seeing shiv at her homeLOL and ask shiv what eh doing here and he is all liek what to say and what not to saya nd then says he need soem help form her and DS is liek lets go inside and talk and he is like its ohk just kee he wanted to ask if she knows about any cook who can cook for him as his cook has left and even BS is also not here and DS is like why and he is like if not cook she jsut tells him what to bring form market to ahve good food or from where to buy all this and he will just dot it down in paper and he turns around towrds jeep to take out the paper but DS stops him and says its not required but shiv is like he has to make this food avilable as their is soem guest of his from london and he needs to ahve that food for that guest

DS mind is like oh!more opertunity to bring anandi and shiv together and laughs and says why he need to jot down and shiv is liek then hwo will the cook manage without masala and all and will cook ...DS is liek all laughing and says her kitchen is their naa...and shiv is like again more confused and says nah!he cant take masala nad all form ehr kitchen but its too sweet of her ...but DS is like why its nothing like this and shiv is quit happy and proud of himself and then ask DS at what time he should send his peon and DS is confused and ask why to send peon and now shiv is confused and says to take the tiifing the food just now DS promised and DS is like no!no!why to send peon..bring your guest here and we will give full rajesthani tretment of food and hospitality and shiv is like shoked and says no no he cant and says how he can take so much advantage of her like that...its not good but DS is like you calling me dadiji naa then why his guest cant come to her home too..huh!he is like a grandson now as he calling her grandson naa so why not and shiv is so happy and like so full of respect and gratitude...
the serial ends guys over..

Precap - shiv coems and their is ziant size smile on her face and shiv too comes and then DS and all are like where is the guest and then shiv signals comeon and then shows his guest which gives quit a heartattack kick to DS and her all planing LOL and next anandi is puting tika on shiv's guest head and DS is like to anandi  now do the tika of shiv too and anandi is in quit shock and DS is like dio it

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bakwas updateLOL
super boringLOL
just likeEmbarrassed


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@ek spno ki pari oyyy dath andar rakh warna aisa ghusa marungee naa sab bahar ajygaa and waisy bhe u need change over of teth u smell quit smels to my home and even from indsde my lapieee...yaakesss
and i dont need your comment rascal as i know you always gaist my update coz it ate your time hahahaahahhahahah ROFL ROFL

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@Payalibm: i hate u...u jealous bone not me! chi chi soo bad u strt fighting everywhr...improve on ur updates u done a bad bad job! u a rat always eating everything of mine!
seriously take my comments in considerationLOL

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thank u for the lovely update! Embarrassed...loved AnSh scene today Day Dreaming

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I loved your comments in red, they were quite funny. But I will request you to shorten the update . It becomes quite tiresome to read it. Don't describe the scene in so much detail. Just hit the point, A shouted at S,as she considered him to be helping her out of pity. Reading is not same as viewing. if scene develops this slowly while reading, it becomes quite tiresome to continue with it. Thanks for the update and loved your comments.

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Can we just please have a concise update.  The way the other normal posters do.  Black regular font, stick to the point.  I.E. "Shiv went to DS and asked if he knew a cook".  "Gauri went to HR and asked HR not to let them know that she came looking for a job for jagat".

Personal comments at the end.  Straight need for cutie putie shiv, gauri mata.  I cannot even understand todays update due to the rainbow colors, the italics and the very strange font. 

I couldnt even get thru the update and now I am not even motivated to watch the show except to see what ashi looks like.

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Thanks for the update.

Well, from watching todays episode, I felt
1. Aashi has a crush on Shiv, ( When Shiv says he will never change he will always be like this- look at Ashi's expressions )

2. Nothing wrong with the way Shiv asked for Dadisa's help. He was shy and felt awkward abt it... Asking directly for bringing Ashi to Dadisa's place would be like self inviting. Well, Dadisa herself inviting them sounds much better.

3. Anandi _ Shiv convo was great. It brought out her suppressed feelings and Shiv handled her so nicely. I can see Anandi melting slowly. She didnt know what hit her, I mean what didnt hit her actually. 

4. Dadisa's face was to look out for in precap!

Shiv was looking so handsome with his haircutDay Dreaming 

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