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Rajwada Express 9: The Royal Engagement

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Rajwada Express #9
The Royal Engagement
Polo: I don't get it...
Mais: neither. I mean it's so stupid!
Reeha: What? What? What?
Mais: Just look at that
*shakes head*
Polo: Not only stupid, it's pathetic!
Mais: I tell you!
Reeha: Erm...guys?
Arya: Only the dumbest person on earth could've missed that!
Reeha: Oh yeah! I get you!
*Polo, Mais and Arya look at her*
Reeha: I mean, I can totally get what's wrong with this scene!
Polo: Really? Do tell what it is..
Reeha: You're only making me say this cuz you don't know what's wrong with this.
*makes a smug face*
Polo: Are you kidding me?
Mais: Don't...just let it be.
Polo: But she doesn't know what's wrong with the scene!
Mais: Yeah, I know that. You know that. And apparently she knows that as well.
*Maisy, Polo and Arya give Reeha one look and start shaking their head*
Arya: The thing is, do the CVs think we are stupid or something?
Polo: Yeah I mean a 5th grader could've caught that!
Mais: Tell me about it!
Reeha: And I am so smart!
Mais: Oh yeah? Then tell me what's wrong with the scene where JN is back home after the kidnapping?
Reeha: Duh! It's so simple! Her lipstick does not match with her dress.
Polo: ...
Mais: ...
Arya: Can I please tie her up?
*Jyo peeps in through the door*
Jyo: You have my permission.
*Arya, Polo and Mais start cornering Reeha*
Reeha: I messed up again, didn't I?
Most Funny scene of the week- Paro
Worst Scene of the Week - Arya
Most romantic Scene of the Week - Wendy
Most evil scene of the week -Mais-
Best Dialogue of the week- Amnu
Best Character of the Week -Amnu
Most Irritating Character of the Week - Prachurya
Most Funny Character of the Week - -Mais-
Best dressed Character of the week- Reeha
Filler of the Week - Polo
Post of the week - Reeha
Videomix of the week - Arya
Non-animated Icon of the week - Harjot
Animated icon of the week - Harjot
Avatar of the week - Wadi.Doll
Siggy of the week - Silent Princess
Picture of the Week - Wadi.Doll
Best FF/SS of the Week - Ranjana
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Most Active Member of the Week - Reeha
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Credit for all the Signatures and Banners here goes to Megha(AbHaYrOcKz)Star
Credit for the Sign Off Image goes to Shivangi (CIDManeetNakash)Star
Getting everything together-Reeha

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Monday June 4th
"Aryan Kidnaps Jainandini"
The episode begins with UV sitting Manyata and telling her that they both will watch the sunset together. Manyata tells him that didn't they decide to pretend only in front of the family then why is he doing all this. UV hushes her up and tells her to look out for the sunset. Manyata rolls her eyes in irritation and checks her phone. UV notices this and asks her what is so important that she is so busy with her phone. Manyata says it's nothing and then makes their drink and gives it UV. She pretends to drink but purposely drops the drink messing her and UV's clothes. Manyata apologizes for ruining the clothes and excuses herself to go change her dress. UV lets her go. Manyata is happy with her victory while UV catches on to Manyata's lies.
Manyata comes to the caf and searches for JN. She calls her but JN doesn't answer and Manyata vows to not leave JN if she is playing games with her again. She asks the manager about JN who tells her that a guy came and took her with him. Manyata comes back home and sees UV waiting. Manyata questions him about JN and asks where he hid JN. UV yells at her for first lying to him and ditching him and now blaming him. UV warns her to stop her childish games or else it won't be good for her and her family. Manyata apologizes saying she will keep in mind to always remember the contract.
JN is tied up in the chair, her mouth covered but she still tries scream for help.
Manyata is pacing around in her room when Vijay bhai comes and asks her about what is worrying her. Manyata tells him about how UV has hidden JN. Vijay bhai tells her that she is making herself hate UV and that's why she keeps blaming UV for everything that goes wrong.
JN is shocked to see Aryan walking towards her.
Vijay bhai asks Manyata what did JN lie about. Manyata says that JN in her selfish lied to her once again and made her think about the past she is trying to forget. A maid comes and informs Manyata that Jaggat has come to meet her.
Aryan tells JN that living on the hills has an advantage but the birds chirping on his window irritates him and he ends up shooting them.
Jaggat apologizes for coming without informing and says that he is worried about JN as she had called him for coffee but didn't show up and isn't even answering his calls. Manyata questions him if JN called him at the caf and Jaggat says yes. Manyata turns to UV and tells him to stop pretending and tell everyone what he did with JN. UV says if he wanted to do something then he would have done it with her not JN. Menaka wonders where JN could be.
Aryan yells at JN for telling others about him and trying to trap him in her games. Aryan tells JN that he won't be affected by her tears and he is not Jaggat who will get trapped into her charms so easily. He tells her let's see who will come to rescue her from his trap.
Jaggat once again tells the family about how JN called him and invited him and his friend for coffee. He remembers back to JN telling him to bring Aryan with him to the coffee shop at 7. Jaggat suddenly gets up and takes his leave. Manyata tells the family that she has informed the police and warned them not to leak it the reporters. UV tells her to lets go and search at the caf. Manyata doesn't respond at first but then agrees to go with UV.
Manyata and UV reach the caf. UV questions the waiter while Manyata walks to the manager and asks him whether UV was the one who was with JN but the manager tells her that it was not UV. Manyata walks away from the caf with UV walking after her calling out to her and asking her what happened between JN and her that JN has now disappeared. Manyata says that nothing happened JN is once again troubling her and the family and she once again fell in her trap and now both him and her are burning in hatred. UV tells her he can't hate her and assures that he will solve this problem. Manyata sees JN's car and tells UV about it. The waiter tells them that the car has been there since last night. Manyata is worried and believes JN is in some danger. She calls JN's phone which is answered by Aryan. Manyata shocked to hear the voice.
Tuesday June 5th
"Jainandini Rescued, Manyata's Resolve"
The episode begins with Manyata shocked to hear a man's voice and UV comes and takes the phone away from her and tries to talk to the person but Aryan doesn't answer. Aryan in anger throws the phone shocking JN. UV asks Manyata who answered the phone and did the person say anything. Manyata tries to tell him that it sounded like Akash but stops herself from saying that.
Brijraj is frustrated about having to endure one problem after another. UV tries to calm him down and says that the person JN went with was someone she knew and it could be possible that Manyata also knows that person since Manyata heard the voice of that person.
Aryan angry at JN and says that her family should have been glad to get rid of her.
Police tell the family that the call has been traced; it was from somewhere in lonavla. UV and Brijraj get ready to go with the police Manyata tries to follow but Brijraj refuses saying she should be at home but Manyata is adamant. Vijay bhai and Komal tell her not to go and Manyata finally relents. UV tells Brijraj to stay and that he will go and then tells Manyata to come with him as he knows she likes to face her enemies and he wll stand by her to always protect her.
JN tries to talk through her gag while Aryan watches her. Jaggat comes there and rushes to JN and unties her ignoring Aryan. Aryan tries to stop him. JN pleads with him to let her go and promises to not tell about him to others. Jaggat tells him to stop with his madness, Aryan tells him about how JN is playing games with him and trying to prove him as someone else. Jaggat tells him that he knows JN is playing with his feelings and trying to prove him as someone else but that doesn't mean others will believe him to someone else other then Aryan. Jaggat tells him to let her go, she has learned her lesson and will not say anything to anyone about him and the family is searching for her. Jaggat drags Aryan away from there saying her family and police will be here anytime now. JN screams for Jaggat to at least untie her and to not leave her there alone.
The police and Manveer arrive at the place and find JN tied up and unconscious. Manyata sees JN and calls out to her, JN cries out saying to take her from there. Manyata hugs JN and tells her to lets go from there. JN clings to Manyata and cries remembering Aryan's threats.
The family waiting for JN and sees her walking him in. Brijraj hugs JN and asks her where she was and if she is alright. JN hugs Komal and cries while Manyata and UV watch in confusion. The police tell JN that they need to question her and questions her about the person who was with her and who did this to her. JN remembers back to Aryan's threat of not revealing anything to anyone about him. JN denies about anyone being there and lies saying she had gone for trekking and lost her way that's all. Manyata and UV are shocked to hear this. Manyata questions JN on why she is lying and who was the man that answered the phone. JN says that she parked her car at the caf parking lot and went on for her walk and trekking and couldn't find any network and when finally a call came and maybe because of network problem Manyata mistook her voice for a man's. UV thanks the inspector and tells him to dismiss the case as everything is fine now.
Manyata walks away in anger. Vijay bah teases JN and Komal tells her that from henceforth she will not go anywhere without her guards.
Manyata in her room calling a number but it is not being answered. She remembers JN's words about Akash living in Lonavla and remembers hearing Akash's voice on the phone and then remembers UV's words of always protecting her and JN's words of Akash being dead. UV comes into her room and takes her phone and sees that she was still trying to call JN. UV asks her who it was she heard that she is trying to find out about by calling JN's cell. He tells her that JN plays her stupid games all the time and she falls in her trap. Manyata says that she has learned that there are two sides to everything – good and bad; and now she will always do what is right. UV stares at her in confusion.
Wednesday June 6th
"Manveer Engagement"
Vijay bhai questions JN about what happened to her and why she is so scared. JN doesn't tell him anything confusing Vijay bhai further on why she is hiding everything.
Manyata tells UV that she can't wait any longer and they will get engaged tomorrow because one problem after another comes up. UV tells her it's too early and they need to get the mahurat for it too. Manyata tells him that if it's in their destiny then they will have a happy married life. UV finally relents and agrees to get engaged with her soon.
JN talks to Jaggat on phone and tells him that he must have learned that Aryan is hiding something from him. Jaggat tries to apologize for whatever happened with her but JN tells him that it's better to forget each other.
Manyata and UV announce the family that they have decided to get engagement tomorrow itself. The family is shocked but happy to hear this news. The family blesses them and Vijay bhai congratulates them. JN apologizes to Manyata and thanks her for helping her and then congratulates Manyata and UV.
Tara upset to see the anger between Aryan and Jaggat and tells them to solve their fight and then call her.
Manyata in her room, UV comes there and puts a necklace on Manyata and tells her that it's their family. UV tells her to wear this necklace for their engagement because he wants her rule the hearts of all Jaighad. He tells her that he is willing to wait for her love.
Aryan apologizes to Jaggat for losing his control and tells him that he will also apologize to JN. Jaggat says that JN will not even see him but Aryan insists Jaggat to take him to JN so that he can personally apologize to her.
Giriraj and Brijraj hug and congratulate each other for the occasion.
Rajpurohit prepares things for the puja.
Komal and the female family members are with Manyata. Komal puts haldi on Manyata. Vijay bhai comes and teases Manyata. JN takes Vijay bhai out of the room and tells him that she knows he is there to keep an on her but he need not worry as she is done with playing games. Vijay bhai asks what exactly happened to her that has changed her.
Manyata walks downstairs with Unnati while UV stares at her in a daze. UV and Manyata stand before each other with the family surrounding them. The maid brings the tray holding the rings. UV tells Manyata to forward her hand. Manyata hesitantly lifts her hand but suddenly imagines Akash. UV calls out to her and brings her out from her day dreaming. UV holds her face and promises her that no one and nothing will come between them. Manyata says that today is the day to move forward but UV tells her that no it's the day to walk together.
Thursday June 7th
"Manveer ready to Marry; Manyata spots Akash"
Episode begins with Unnu doing ManVeer's aarti and Brij blessing them to always be happy. Brij tells UV that he is more than a son-in-law for them--he is like a son. Brij says that he has saved the family's pride and respect. Monu tells Brij that is just the beginning and says everyone is going to be okay again. Brij says he really hopes so and Monu-Brij hug. Everyone is happy.
Aryan tells Jagat to call JN so he can apologize to her. Jagat calls, but JN disconnects again and again. JN messages him saying Monu is getting engaged and Aryan looks shocked and a bit angry too. Jagat finds it rather strange that she is getting so engaged so soon.
Monu telling DS to get better soon b/c she needs her since she has made some mistakes without her. UV comes there and tells her he will make her mood better. He gives her the contract in which she gets her house back. Monu thanks him and UV says why since this is the reason for their engagement. Monu says b/c he kept his promise. Meanwhile, Aryan is driving extremely fast in anger with Tara. UV says that he is a Royal and his promise is his respect--he kept his promise and she kept hers. Monu says she will fulfill her DS's promise and returns the contract to UV saying that many years ago DS made a promise to his family and when she fulfills that promise she will take the contract from him. She promises that this time she isn't going to run and UV thanks her for trusting him and promises that he will never break this trust of hers. Tara asks Aryan why is he driving so fast b/c she is getting scared.
Giriraj wants to know what he is doing since the contract is in hands. UV says that he is fulfilling his promise and Giriraj asks if this is what he has taught him. UV says that Giri has only taught him that relationships are useless and should be used for one's benefit. UV tells him that he gave Monu the contract, but she returned the papers back to him. He tells Giri that he loves Monu and Giri will never understand this. He gives Giri the contract and walks away and Giri says that he has to use his head b/c now UV has started thinking with his heart, but in the end only he (giri) will win.
Unnu and Vijay teasing Monu about her dull attitude despite getting engaged, but Monu says that she isn't gong to act like she's on Comedy Circus. Vijay tells JN to plot something to jazz up the party and JN tells everyone that she can leave the party if Monu has a problem. Monu says that Vijay is just joking so don't fell bad and JN says that it wasn't a joke. She walks away, but UV stops her and says he will like it if she stays b/c they in the same family now. JN says his over-confidence will be the end of him one day. She says that his marriage might not be successful b/c marriage is just the beginning--she says that this was not a bad blessing, but just come advice. They all agree to go shopping for some saris and stuff.
Aryan is in a restaurant and finally apologizes to Tara saying that sometimes when he gets mad he can't control himself. Tara says no worries, but she just gets worried for him. Aryan is happy to know that she cares so much about him. They have a little nok-jhok ad Aryan says that since he made a mistake he wants to fix it by going anywhere that she wants.
ManVeer has a nok-jhok while shopping and UV is happy that both are going to get married. Monu says that on her wedding both she and him are going to wear a sari and UV says he can do anything in their love, but he can't wear a sari. Vijay jokes that it will look nice on him instead. More jokes among them. Finally, Monu spots Akash/Aryan-Tara in the same shop and is shocked.
Loads of Love,
Sarah & Hetel

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"So Stylish"

Weird , Weird..very weird...DEK seems to have forgotten how to make people laugh...with VB and Manyata becoming saner, the jokes and sunny scenes seem to have disappeared after scrutinizing every scene Wacko... this one seems to come closer to being a funny scene than any other scene Geek...After UV and Manyata's engagement, everyone decides to go to the mall to do some shopping, the mall while choosing sarees , Manyata suddenly, selects one and wraps it around UV's head saying he should wear this saree...its like a revenge for making her change so many times during her makeover...UV laughs and says it will look better on her than on him...VB says in between , that may be Manyata can buy a saree for him, he will look good for sure...everyone laughs at the joke LOL...hmmm...i know that did not generate much of a laugh...well i ony wish, the writers bring back their funnier side, and give us some awesome dose of funny scenes like before LOL

Well...i cant seem to end without this special mention...there is one guy in the show, who at least cracks me up whenever i see him...and thats none other than Jaggat...he can turn any dialogue into a comic one and any scene into a funny might seem mean by the way i am saying, but lol thats the only comic relief i am getting from DEK these days LOL
Some snapshots of the funny scene of the week LOL
Loads of Love,
"Daaku Aryan"

Aryan hostages jay and give you an idea about the cruelty within him...his torture was inhumane...lets keep aside jay being princess she is human being in very first place him torturing her cruelly is not acceptable big no to cruelty..and his dialogues ..i felt pity for this person who kills innocent birds just because their chirping disturbs him it doesn't mean he can kill any living it a bird or a law gives him the authority to kill any life ...aryan's entry was big no for me..but I thought this character hav some caliber to show but him being cruel to no limit gave me more reasons to hate him...poor soul J was in tears..common any person whose life is at stake is scared ...and yo boy here comes jay's lover boy who comes there to rescue the damsel in distress and changes color even faster than a chameleon can do..ahh cruelty and selfishness at its peak

Aryan or whoever u are get a life dude...try to be a littlie wont harm u..Jagat take a stand for urself..and J try not to dig pits for others..;)

Loads of Love,
"Romance pe Romance pe Romance"
Alright my fellow ManVeer dreamers, This week was one of the best weeks in DEK history, in context to ManVeer as well as story line. All ManVeer scenes were way too dreamy and heart warming may be more because this week we came across a different UV and different Manyata. All scenes were so pure, subtle and sweet isn't it? Major reason behind these delightful scenes was the huge positive curve in Manyata's character graph and all the UV fanatics must be very happy to see another layer of our vintage Yuvraaj which was of a lovable committed guy who unconditionally loves his fiancee and is ready to wait for her love all his life.The one word that can define these moments is BEAUTIFUL.
So the week begins with the same old vengeance crap but beautifully ended with a dreamy engagement and some cute nok-jhok. I know CVs are unpredictable! SIGH
All ManVeer moments were heart touching for sure if not heart beat skipping.
Well this week there were many eye ball grabbing sweet ManVeer moments and it will be very unfair to choose one among them and our new Mr. Cool in town , Aryan and Backfiring Queen Rajkumari JN can finally get some credit for their kidnapping kidnapping game which resulted in those beautiful and delightful ManVeer moments.

Starting from UV and Manyata's confrontation in coffee shop where UV consoles Manyata that he can never hate her and explaining the potential of them as a couple( which we knew since the beginningLOL), to Manyata requesting UV for their quick engagement and UV accepting it by cutely kissing her hands followed by UV evoking hidden feelings inside Manyata by assuring her that he can wait for her love till eternity while adorning her with his mom's ancestral necklace.

And at the end a Fantastic finale given to this week , just left another gulabjamun in our mouths. No I am not talking about how delicious UV looks but about those LOVELY scenes which were immense pleasure to Manveerian's eyes. Simple and elegant engagement in which UV assured Manyata that they are inseparable and Manyata and UV trusting each other by handing over contracts was beyond adorable.That scene was something deeper then those words..., It was a mutual trust in Manyata's eyes for UV and determination of retaining that trust forever in UV's eyes. This scene changes entire equation b/w them in few minutes.
This week CVs proved that we can remove the unromantic labels from their foreheads. So hats off to them.
Loads of Love,
Wendy & Fia
"Dekho Aya Kaun...Main hoon Don!!!!!!!"
Can I just say how much I loved this scene? Not because I finally got to see J being taught the lesson of her life but just how amazingly it was done!

J is tied to a chair, barefooted, with a cloth stuffed in her mouth which prevents her from speaking (isn't it a wonderful picture? <3). She is desperate, fighting a lost battle with the ropes that are restraining her, wanting to shout for help but in vain. All her efforts are just lost. When...dun dun dun! Enters Aryan!

The man was evil dude, pure evil. Walking towards her with nothing but evilness of what he was capable of doing written on his face, no wonder J got shivers up her spine. Coming to her, he wasted no time in telling her that she had crossed a line which he had drawn and had specifically warned her not to cross. But she crossed anyway. And, just like with a child, you are punished when you do wrong. There was the coldness in his tone and the wrath of the words that got to you. How he, using a real life analogy, he warned her of the things he could do to her. J was sweating, shivering and begging for mercy but he didn't care.

It was a treat seeing J looking so scared. For once there was someone who didn't give a damn about this girl. That's where the evilness of it all lied. Aryan is completely apathetic in regards to J. To him all that mattered was what her action could have caused him. That clear air of authority mixed with the evilness really made Aryan stand apart. For once I did not find any flaw in him. Evilness is this guy's territory and reality. It's so good to finally see him being him.

Loads of Love,

"Manyata hum tumse vaada karte hain ki humare aur tumahre beech koi bhi mahi aayega, kuch bhi nahi aayega"


There were many good dialogues this week such as Aryan threatening J or J's marriage advice to UV.  And am I the only one who saw irony in that. But this one stood out because that someone is just waiting to come between them. This is a promise that will be put to test soon. And we know that no matter how evil this Aryan guy is UV can sure beat him. His love for M is so all consuming that it gives him extra edge over anyone. They should just remember the promise of walking together they made to each other. Let's get ourselves ready for a battle of duty and love and two evil minds.

Loads of Love,

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"The Queen still Rules"

The Crown of Best Character of the week goes to Yuvrani Manyata.

Second time in a row the crown princess of Devgarh is character of the week. She is showed great potential and responsibility without any foolishness. She decided to get engaged to UV and is going through it with great princess poise. She did not even take the papers of the house from Uday. She did not want to have any loophole for her to back out as she finally realized how important it is to keep her grandmother's promise. And most important she finally overcame her Aakash infatuation. I think she deserves a great round of applause for that. She is finally growing out of her childish acts. And she is going to need all the wisdom and patience to deal with what is coming for her future. This Aryan guy seems really fishy. Something about him just does not fit. And I have no idea when will she finally realize that J is not someone she should trust. J is also planning something behind that mask of apology and niceness.

Let's see if the princess can make a hatrick.

Loads of Love,
"Jaggu Bhai Strikes again!"
My, oh my! Where to start?

So, obviously you are worried about J. You should be, you "love" this girl. But she doesn't show up where you agreed to meet, is not picking up your calls; the danger bell is starting to ring. You head straight for her home where her family is starting to get worried about her. You tell them your dilemma and worry and about everything that was agreed between you and J. When suddenly the light bulb shines above your head and you are reminded of your friend's involvement in this matter. And you run away from there!


You went to a girl's house who is missing, her family is getting worried, you go there and increase their worry and after nearly giving them a heart attack you rush away just like that saying that you have some "important work"? I'll get to beating you with my chappal after I am done laughing and removing the tears of frustration from my eyes.

Ok, let's forget that. You find J with Aryan. You stop Aryan from crossing the line as this could lead into serious trouble. For once, you are making sense. You are talking logic and giving attitude. You leave the girl tied to the chair, finally making yourself looking like a logical hero in my eyes.

Then, J calls you and showing you your auqat left, right and center. Now is your time honey! Now is the time that you shout that lady, you used me twice and this time I am the one abandoning you and thus giving you the right to walk towards the sunset in a heroic style. Alas, my eager eyes were left there waiting for this ruin. Why?

Cuz you opened your mouth.

You started begging for an apology?! Apology?! Like a complete pathetic loser that you are! What was that you
showed to J in front of Aryan? Were you in some competition "Who is cooler? Me or Aryan's jacket?" Well dude, the jacket won. BIG TIME! You do NOT abandon a girl tied to a chair after giving her family a heart attack and showing her attitude just to beg for mercy like a pathetic loser the next day.

You know what's really funny? You actually expected her to forgive you. Well, J was still too traumatized by what had happened to her I'll do the honors instead. Now, I laugh at your sheer pathetic-ness.


Now, I run after you with the chappal in my hand because of your sheer pathetic-ness.

*runs after Jaggu Bhai*
Loads of Love,
"Jaggu Bhai is on a ROLL"
This week the crown goes the guy rejected by the girl he loved and also by the audience- yes I am talking abt our very own Jaggu Dada aka Jagat. From the day he came back, the audience expected some substance to be added to his character but all he brought with him was a moment of hope and whole lot of patheticness, wannabe-UV act and oh yeah, he brought Aryan with him. Moving on, the guy's attitude was unfathomable this week. One time he rushed to rescue his Princess and the next moment while dealing with his friend starts the rant about knowing that the girl is playing with his emotions and even better- leaves J tied to the chair shouting for help. The next day, the guy is running behind J telling her not to blame him for everything that happened and even is angry on Aryan for creating distance between J and himself. Dude, do u have the Ghajini waali bimari(Short Term Memory loss) or are you so desperate that even if you know that the girl is playing with your emotions, you will run after her begging for another chance? At one time, I felt bad for Jagat when J ditched him. When he returned and J started using him, I still felt bad. But after seeing this unfathomable logic of running behind the girl who used him and expecting her to give him a chance after leaving her in worst condition, I think the guy has a loose screw- or over-irritating despo attitude. But what really bugs me the most is his cool guy attitude which seems so forced and fake. I don't blame people if they changed channel on his scenes or skipped his scenes while watching online
Loads of Love,
"Ok, but this was BAAAD"
Now, I'm normally inlove with various outfits in the show, but this week one charecter left me pulling some hairs...or...rather...the stylists made me want to shoot my self.
JN's Pink and Black Dress.
It was meant to be the life partner of Aryan's Maroon Velvet Jacket.
Both are so terribly meant for eachother!
The parachut material, then the choppy finish makes the dress look like someone cut up two perfectly good dresses and stitched them together.Manyata looked good at her engagement but I was a little "underwhelmed" to be honest, it wasn't stunning, but wasn't bad. Loved Unnu's white suit, and Uday looks fab as per usual. No picture this week, sorry guys! <3
Loads of Love,
"What Bakwaas"
This is like the One hundredth time I will say it...


and with this special effect inside my mind...

Hey NOT my fault!You know... how some fillers ARE necessary in a Drama, but then they should also make some sense, scene-wise, plot-wise, dialogue-wise. Only that's NOT happening.

Coming to the fillers This Week. One fine morning, the evil Princess JaiNandini, goes out from the Palace, determined to make her evil plan successful this time... and there comes someone even more evil than her... kidnaps her and threatens her... leaves her tied up in a deserted place.The Good Princess Manyata with her Grey Prince UdayVeer comes in search for her, and rescues her... with the help of MUMBAI POLICE. They take her home and interrogate her. They ask everything starting with how- where- when, and Jay gives the best lie she cud for those questions, how one fine morning she wants to go trekking, however she leaves the car behind and then climbs up the hills and lost her way... and what she forgot to clarify or rather the CLEVEREST Inspectors forgot to ask was HOW SHE GOT TIED UP?... IN THE FIRST PLACE! Like ISNT that the first thing they should ask her? Who appointed U guys?

...and who wrote that scene?

So where does that stand? One fine morning Princess JayNandini climbs up the hill, and she looses her way... and she magically gets into a deserted garage, and ties herself up just for what...FUN?You Got to be KIDDING ME!

You have to be really DUMB to be satisfied with that explanation.


How I wish They would just be technically correct and use their head sometimes.D'oh

Come to think of it, It does put the MUMBAI POLICE in wrong light contrary to CRIME PATROL... Eh?

Anyways... Moving on...

Like I said, DIALOGUES should make some sense sometimes! For example...

A: Tumhara boyfriend aik number ka gadha hai. Aur nahin ti kya. Aap kay chehray pe muskurahat lanay ki jaga aap ke mathay pe shikan deta hai.

T : Ho gaya. Shikan and all that.
A : Theek hai shikan chortay hain. Chicken to khayen gi na

A: Chicken bhi nai? Kamaal hai yaar, shikan nahin, chicken nahin

*annoying laughter*

A: Okay Tara baby, I have to make it up to you. Ab ghalti hui hai to sudharni to paregi na. Hai kay nahin? To aaj jo aap bolengi woh karengay. Aap jahan bolengi wahan jaengay okay?
T: Okay.

Me:*scratching head* Erm... what? What does Shikan (furrowed brow) got to do with Chicken?

"Kamaal hai yaar, shikan nahin, chicken nahin"

^^what sense does that make? okay I get the overly boyfriend act, and pacifying your girlfriend and all lovey-dovey act... but what was that?

Just because The words Rhyme with each other??? Really?

I watched it like five times, first to understand the meaning literally, then the underlying meaning if any and then I tried to understand if there was any double meaning... or any dirty meaning...LOL

I have something for the dialogue writer... for penning such an awful dialogue...
Presenting the...


thats all from me!
Loads of Love,
It seems that Manyata is finally getting to an emotional attachement level with JN, she cares about her, and wants her safe and sound. This scene shows how much progress Manyata has made on the maturity scale and shows that she is capable of being a great Mahrani and Sister. JN on the other hand...we have no idea.LOL
Loads of Love,

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
"I've gotta Question for you"
These days we're all wondering if DEK's plot is being butcheredLOL.So the best post has to be by 'MsLucious' which is 'Has DEK losts its charm?.'.It aks a hard hitting question to our viewers about our stance on the show, and withover 300 votes it was very popular!
Loads of Love,
* * * * * * * * * *
"Achi Lagte Ho."
A cute VM on Manveer.Fabulus editing and use of scenes.Special mention to the colouring effect of the vm.

By: TheRazoQueen
Loads of Love,
We loved your VM! Thank you for sharing and creating!
* * * * * * * * * *
I believe this week was the last part posted of this FF and on behalf of all your crazy DEK readers thanks for giving us such a cute, romantic and amazing FF full of ManVeerliscious AWESOMENESS!! Big smile Best FF this week is:

"Tera Mera Pyaar"

Direct Link:
This OS was so beautifully written and correctly portrayed the passion of our Yuvraaj and Yuvraani's love! Embarrassed Best OS of this week is:

"OS: Anatomy of a Broken Heart"

Direct Link:
Continue the amazing work everyone! This week there were more and more FF's and SS's and it's wonderful to read such amazing work! At the same time, it's harder to keep track of all of them so if you know any OS/FF/SS that deserves recognition do PM me about it! Big smile

ClapClapClap ClapClapClap
Loads of Love,
* * * * * * * * * *
"Keep on Rocking!"
Well, you may or may not have guessed correctly but akishi_t is our Most Active Member of the week! ! Always contributing, and helping this forum come alive! Keep it up!
Loads of Love,
thank you for bringing our Forum to life! Enjoy this prize from us! <3

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"Ravishing in Red..."
By: ~Saraa~
Loads of Love,
Here is your prize for turning our knees into mush!
* * * * * * * * *
"We we go together"
By: -Faiza-
Loads of Love,
Keep up the FABULOUS WORK!
* * * * * * * * *
"Lady in Red..."
By: -Niha-
Loads of Love,
Here you go you amazing artist!
* * * * * * * * *
"I'll always be there..."
By: SanoCreations
Loads of Love,
Silent Princess
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! Please enjoy this gift!

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Confusion, Confusion

I cant believe I am saying this but I am actually interested in seeing how this Akash (aryan) ' manyata- Uday drama is going to play out.

I feel like this week was a whole lot of confusion.

Some very very important questions came to mind watching this weeks episodes- if Aryan is a totally new person then why is he concerned that JN is going to sell out his identity? Why doesn't he want her to talk about him? Why was he shocked to hear about Manyata's engagement?

Cv's I think you are slipping up or is this part of your game??

Also please please no rona dronA for next week ' because now manayta knows Akash (Aryan) is alive.

And a bit of thanks for the Engagement finally !! Party

Loads of Love,

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Manveer Appreciation Thread has hit the 46th mark
"Shahid Yeh Pyaar Hai"
* * *
We have a new Rajkumari this week!
Fia is our 18h Princess
Please go grill her!
* * *
Need to Talk it up?
DEK Royal Batien Chat Thread #4
* * *
Interested in being a Part of the DEK News Letter Team?
Please PM reeha...k (ie Reeha) for inquires as to which positions are opend!
OK This was a NASTY week for the NL.
Not because of the entries- those were fabulous as per usual, but because of my computer's temprament! It failed me!!!!!!!!!! :( So much so that I had to hassle Maisy, and she helped quite a bit, so major love Mais, thank you for trying to help me out!
I'd like to welcome our new Member, Jazzy (the Jazzgirl) for stepping up to help, and also congradulate her on a job well done!
We're saying good bye to Rashmi, but I'd like to thank her for the amazing entries she's always submitted! Thanks <3
Please be so kind to excuse the lack of pictures, as the letter was very late and I did not have time to crop and add any. Promise we'll make up for it next time! <3
ALSO, Please be reminded that the 10th NL is coming up next week! WHOOT WHOOT!
On that note: If there are any Siggy makers who are interested in re-designing some our our title heading banners, PLEASE PM ME! We'd like to have another selection to mix things up.
Also, thanks to Maisy to the Title and the intro convo!

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