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KYPH - Update for 28th April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:16am | IP Logged


If Angad looks any sexier than he does now, I would just fall off the bed tossing and turning, trying to catch some sleep, just dreaming of Angad!!! Man, where was he all this while??? Not just reeking of sheer magnetism, his acting is what adds the icing on the Cake…..pure dynamite! And his scenes with Kripa are just explosive, the way his face burns in anger, you feel that he will just jump on Kripa and wrangle her neck any moment!!! Poor Prithvi wanted to propose Kripa tonight, but Mishti darling poured cold water over it, quite unwittingly though! Dadi has sensed not just Kripa's anguish but Angad's deadly attraction towards Kripa….and she is upto something!


Kripa is sitting alone in her bedroom, pondering over all that Angad just said and still not believing Prithvi's actions. The phone rings, its Harshini, who whispers conspiratorially on the phone and asks Kripa why isnt' she coming, a lost and irritated Kripa tells her that she is not feeling too well and that is why she decided to give the dinner a miss, and to apologize the others for the same. Prithvi, Mishti and Harshini are sitting together, and as Harshini tells them Kripa is not very well and hence won't be able to join, Prithvi immediately senses what could be wrong (not just sensitive, but smart too, I like this lad!) and excuses himself from the dinner. Harshini is disappointed, but Mishti understands and smiles to herself.

The door bell rings and Kripa is taken aback at seeing Prithvi standing there looking kind of guilty. Kripa is very upset, as Prithvi asks her if she is feeling better now. Kripa tells him that she had never expected this of Prithvi and for God Sake, he didn't have to show his position and wealth by baling out Kripa like this. Kripa tells him that it was her decision to sign the contract and she shared her problem with Prithvi, because she considered and trusted him as a friend and not because she expected him to come running in her aid (Lovely dialogues uttered by Kripa in this scene, wish I could put the exact words, can't recollect now!) Prithvi is calm and collected and tells her that his reason for helping out Kripa was not to shown his power and position, but because he believed that what Kripa did was correct and he knows that by not wanting to perform with Angad, she is trying to help out Tania and not harm Angad in anyway. Prithvi says that he admires Kripa's strength and sentiments, and that is the reason he decided to help her out. Kripa is still upset and tells Prithvi that it is not a question of her not fulfilling the terms & conditions of the contract, it is a question of commitment and loyalty to one's own decision and if she has the brains and guts to sign a contract, she can find her own way to either fulfill it or not. Prithvi tells Kripa that he really admires the strength and self-respect in her and will always stand by her, Kripa melts and apologizes to Prithvi and says that she knows Prithvi did not help her out to show his position but because he considers her as a friend.


The next scene shows Prithvi and Kripa walking towards the main gate, where she is seeing him off, both of them are laughing and talking very animatedly. Just then our dude's Car is shown parked outside the gate, and Angad is looking at both Kripa and Prithvi from the rear view of his mirror and gnashing his teeth in anger and seems to be in a foul mood. As Kripa laughs gaily over something that Prithvi has just said, Angad goes completely mad with anger and his eyes burn with  jealousy. As Prithvi is shown going off in his Car, Angad steps out and goes towards Kripa who is completely put-off after seeing him and just makes a unpleasant face and walks off. Angad being Angad cannot resist passing an acidic comment on Kripa, follows her dutifully to the Outhouse and as Kripa (who has not noticed him following her) goes inside, Angad comes and stands near the door with his hand resting on one side and he is staring at Kripa, as if he will have for dinner tonight! Kripa notices him and is furious at seeing him, and asks him rather rudely, what is he doing here? Angad who was waiting for this, very acerbically comments that, oh, I didn't know that only your boyfriends are allowed in the Outhouse. Kripa is disgusted and shouts on him that Prithvi is not her boyfriend. Angad who is now in full glory gives one sharp look at Kripa and tells her that, all that nonsense she was sprouting about self-respect and all, and then she has her ''special friends'' coming over at odd times to meet her and help her out. Kripa is completely mad at Angad and just keeps staring at him in cold rage, waiting for him to finish. Angad then says some pretty nasty things to Kripa, he tells her that, she saw his picture somewhere, fell in love with his image and then when she came to Mumbai and discovered that Angad the person was not like Angad the Star, it broke her heart. How the hell is that his problem? (Hey, this is exactly what we were discussing a few days back!) Angad says that if he is being a hypocrite, that is because, his profession demands so, at least he does what he believes in his real life and if he says that he doesn't believe in love and relationships, it is because he doesn't! Atleast he is not a double minded charlatan like Kripa is, who talks about values and morals and then has her ''special friends'' dropping by at her place and going out of their way to help her. Angad is absolutely reeking of sheer jealousy, but he talks sense, in one way! Kripa first keeps listening then tells him to shut up and now listen to her. Kripa says that first and foremost Prithvi is not her boyfriend but her well-wisher and a good friend, but obviously, a person like Angad who does not believe in love and relationship, would never understand what friendship is. Kripa says that all that Angad just said had little bit of truth and a lot of envy. Kripa tells Angad that he is just plain jealous of Prithvi and that he cannot bear to see that someone is helping her out. (I felt that what Kripa said was equally correct!) Kripa tells him that she is not taking Prithvi's help and that she will sort out her problem herself, because she is not one who will give precedence to herself over her friends, unlike him. Kripa says something rather nasty to Angad (can't recollect exactly) and Angad totally loses his cool and utters, ''You Bloody….'' Kripa is stunned and keeps staring at him, while Dadi enters suddenly and is shocked and says, ''Angad? Mind your language, yeh kya bol rahe ho tum. Aur yeh ho kya raha he tum dono ke beech mein?'' Angad who suddenly realizes Dadi's presence is bewildered and gives one look at Kripa and walks out of the room! Dadi comes inside, looking dismayed and asks Kripa what was going on between both of you. Kripa who looks totally staggered mutter something and is not able to control her tears. Dadi looks very confused and tells Kripa, that till date, she has never heard Angad ever uttering a single profanity against anyone, and that she still cannot believe her ears over what Angad just said to Kripa. Dadi tells a weeping Kripa that she will speak to Angad and ask him to apologize to her.


Angad is sitting in his rocking chair with a glass of chilled beer (to drown his woes over Ms. Sharma, I guess!) and has a frustrated and highly disturbed expression over his face. He hears Dadi's voice calling out for him, and he immediately gets up and tries to hide the glass (Awww, see he has so much respect for his elders, he won't even pretend to drink in front of them) Dadi comes in and very indulgently tells Angad that how much more is he going to drink, and that he should just stop for today. Angad looks very embarrassed and has no reply. Dadi then gets a very sad expression and tells Angad that though she knows that Angad is a little short on temper, she had never expected Angad to say such a thing to Kripa and what on earth provoked him into doing this. Angad looks like a school kid caught cheating and trying to give an explanation to the teacher! Angad makes a frustrated grunt and tells Dadi that he doesn't know why Kripa irks and irritates him to such an extent that he is not able to control himself and just loses his cool over her. Angad looks very fore lone and guilty and walks out of the room, while Dadi smiles to herself and says that she knows now, why Angad lost his cool with Kripa. Till date, no one had the guts to question or argue with Angad, and Kripa not just stood bravely infront of him, she actually showed the true picture of Angad to himself and that is why he could not digest the fact that someone could behave with him in such a manner.


Angad, Kartik and Mannan are in a Press Conference talking to the Media about their forthcoming Concert. Angad utters the same stuff about love and feelings and says that only a person who can believe in love can sing from the heart and reach out to people. Then the Media persons begin to ask him about his new co-singer for the upcoming Concert, Kartik and Angad get an embarrassed look and try to avoid the question, but the Media is persistent. Just then Kripa walks in and though Angad is surprised, he very coolly tells the Media present, that his new co-singer has just arrived, why don't you guys speak to her directly. Kripa smiles confidently and arrives on the podium and sits right besides Angad who again has the same grumpy expression on his face but alternates it with a smile for the Tv! As Kripa keeps smiling and answering questions from the journalists, Angad very cutely, says in a sarcastic voice, while continuously pretending to smile, that, she finally came to her senses and decided to perform with him, Kripa who is no less than him, does the same thing and tells him in the same vein that she decided to perform with Angad because she did not want to take either Prithvi or Angad's favor for that matter and deal with her own problem herself. Angad just makes a funny face!

BOSE HOUSE – Prithvi and Damini

Prithiv is sitting on his couch and watching Kripa's press conference and has a completely love-struck expression on his face, Damini comes from behind and is surprised at Prithvi's strange expression and then looks at the Television Set and smiles to herself. Damini asks Prithvi very sweetly what is so lost in, Prithvi tells his mother that he wants to confess something to someone, Damini smiles and asks him if that someone is a girl. Prithvi says that yes, and also a very good friend of his and he is afraid that she might take what he says in a wrong sense and he doesn't want to lose a good friend. Damini tells him that he should not worry about what her reaction might be, he should just go and say what he wants to right away. Prithvi gets a wide smile on his face as Damini hugs Prithvi affectionately and pats his head!

THE COFFEE HOUSE – Angad, Prithvi, Kripa and Mishti

Mishti calls up Angad and invites him for a Cup of Coffee, and tells a surprised Angad that she wants to discuss his forthcoming World Tour. Angad is cool and tells her that he will be there on time. Meanwhile Prithvi calls up Kripa who is sitting with Harshini and asks her out for Coffee, Kripa is surprised and asks him if any special reasons, he says that nothing, he just wants to discuss about the Concert. Kripa is like ok, whatever you say, while Harshini tells Kripa that she has these butterflies in her tummy for Prithvi and can she ask him what he feels about her. Kripa is very happy and tells her that she will surely talk to Prithvi on this.

Angad and Mishti are chatting in a very jovial vein, and as girls nearby keep giving him wistful looks, he very cutely gives a flying kiss to one of them and makes a face at Mishti and tells her, I tell you these girls, it becomes rather tough to handle them all the time. Mishti is like, oh lay off, she laughs and tells him that she knows Angad is very fond of all this female attention and he is saying this only to impress her. Angad retorts very cutely that Mishti is already impressed with him, is there any need of him to further impress her. Mishti breaks out laughing and chides him playfully. Just then Prithvi and Kripa enter, and Mishti is elated at seeing them, and calls them towards herself. Angad is very upset and completely ignores both of them, its only when Prithvi says hi, he replies in a sullen way!  (That way, Angad is such a baccha and Prithvi is so mature!) Kripa is highly discomfited at seeing Angad and doesn't say anything to him. Mishti forces Prithvi to join them, he makes a very cute, irritated face to her and says, whatever and sits down much to his disappointment! Kripa ends up sitting right next to Angad who keeps giving her strange side-way glances. There is a very uncomfortable silence round the table, as Prithvi goes off to get Coffee for Kripa and the others! Mishti then comments that how is the rehearsals coming along and how are both Angad and Kripa getting along. Angad just makes an even more sulkier face while Kripa says something sarcastic about the rehearsals. Mishti senses that there is some issue between both of them, but is not clear about it. Thankfully Prithvi joins them, and Kripa then says rather emotionally that she is really and truly grateful to both Prithvi and Mishti for their unconditional support to her and its only because of them and Dadi that she has been able to fulfill the contract, else she would have completely given up. Angad is still giving her funny stares! Kripa then very innocently says that she is really looking forward to going back to Naintial now once the concert is over, as soon as she says this both Angad and Prithvi look astonished and dismayed! While Angad has a curious look on his face, Prithvi looks highly disappointed and sad! Mishti looks startled  too and asks Kripa why does she want to go back to Nainital so soon, Kripa gets a poignant look on her face and gives one side-way glance to Angad and says that she has no reasons left for her to stay back in Mumbai once the concert is over. Angad looks kind of guilty and Prithvi looks totally gloomy! Mishti smiles and gives one look at Prithvi and says that, she has a reason to stay back in Mumbai, only she has not noticed it till now. Angad senses what Mishti means, and looks highly displeased, while Prithvi is embarrassed out of his life and gives one shove to Mishti under the table!!! Mishti gives a cute wink at Prithvi who is just miserable about what Kripa just said, while Kripa tells Mishti that she has thought over it a lot many times, and that she will surely go back to Naintial once the Concert is over. The episode ends on Angad's mystified face and Prithvi's distressed one!


I would say today's episode was a ho hum episode, so-so! Actually the fault lies with us, when we have seen something spectacular, we just get more and more greedy and lust for better things! But there was a spectacular showdown scene b/w Angad and Kripa, and both of them had some rather spiteful & ghastly things to tell each other! Angad rocks in his dialogue delivery and his expression are so natural, you feel that he is actually fuming with anger or for that matter is genuinely confused about something! This boy is really good and may his talent take him places! Kripa is…..ok! Actually she was good today, but she pales into insignificance in front of Angad, not her fault! And sorry to say this, but her expressions are pretty funny at times, it seems she puts too much effort into her acting and it shows! Prithvi is another natural actor, but his character is so, that most people would misunderstand it for lack of acting or being wooden, but I don't think so, he is very good with his role and does full justice to it! Mishti is like a spark of fire in a cold winter night, she is vibrant, confident and acts quite well! Harshini looks plain silly! Dadi rocks like no-one else and Maya Alagh does a fantabulous job of it! The dialogues were just too good, especially the one in the scene between Kripa and Prithvi and  then the one between Angad and Kripa! The episode did not contribute much in the sense of moving the story forward, but Angad's performance (and yeah, he looks like a dream) combined with the anticipation that Monday is going to rock like anything else, made it worthwhile!


Wait till Monday for that………..


Safiyah Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Hey thanx Chillyflakes for updating it. I was waitin for it for so long. How come there r no hindi lyrics today. They were awesome. Thanx anyways.
Jots Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:23am | IP Logged

cheers me dears, chilly ur a star!!!!!now i dont care if i have to miss the epi 2day cos ive read ur wonderful update!! Big smile


usa_girl0021 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:27am | IP Logged
thanks chilliflakes keep it up
msbrigades IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Thanks, awesome update
crazyfan Goldie

Joined: 26 April 2005
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:29am | IP Logged
chillyflakes u r just awesome!!! i was waiting for ur
update since so long!!! thnku so much!!!!!! Tongue
mermaid Groupbie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Good job chillyClap. I'd like to say that i am an avid reader and have read many authors both Indian and international. Pls try n take ur writing seriously, u have a future thr. I can tell u this coz u have the ability of holding the reader's interest. I am becoming more a fan of ur writing than KYPH.

Think abt it.

sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Clapthax  alot chilly

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