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How are you doing Arhians? Until a few hours ago, i was nothing but a mere silent reader who dropped occasional comments and compliments on  the fab posts written by people lyk ArhiAbhiya aka Simran di, munchy di, maya di, daredevilpreyas, Zaynah.sobti...Oh there are loads of them. However, I've decided that now its time for me to voice, or as in this case, display my ideas to the world. I am an aspiring writer and i don't really expect many comments but still, if u lyk d concept then please let me know so that i may PM you. Your feedback encourages me to write more and if this FF doesn't get a good response, please don't blame me if i just end it abruptly. I really hope u guyz like it. And please excuse my spellings. I'm a more of a fb addict which can clearly be seen in my language. Constructive criticism is most welcome.
Secondly, i really don't have time to prepare a banner cuz i m preparing for NTSE and i'll update this FF in my free time. That basically means that if you're free and want to donate a banner to this FF, you're most welcome. I'll adopt it right away. Me lazy...i noe! LOL okay so enough of my blabbering. Here u go!

*Fingers Crossed* 


She aimlessly scurried down the road, kicking pebbles randomly. Tomorrow was her birthday n she wanted to reach her home early, so that she could give small hints about the gifts that she desires to her family, hoping that they don't end up wasting money on buying gifts that might not come in her use in future. She hummed a soft tune as she scampered at the time of dusk, occasionally rubbing her arms, for it had started to get cold.  As she hurried past the now dark lanes, a slight murmur made her halt in her steps. Her ears perked up instantly as the cold blowing wind added a slight red tint to them. To say that she was scared would be an understatement, she was terrified! She slowly turned herself round and looked for the source of the whispering. That is when she located a group of three men standing in the narrow alley, muttering amongst themselves about somebody called Payal, which coincidentally was her sister's name, "or maybe that wasn't much of a coincidence", she thought ruefully. They might actually be mumbling about her only. Her eyes widened at the horrifying possibilities. She quickly hid herself behind a nearby tree, straining her ears real hard, to get the most of their conversation. "They have to be goons", she concluded, "else what would they be doing in such a secluded place at this hour of the night and that too whispering? They surely are planning something vicious. I must inform the police, but before that i should listen to what they are saying. There are chances that i might have been mistaken in judging them." She anyways took out her phone and pressed the record button so that it might serve as an evidence later. As she aimed the poor device, which quite resembled an antique piece of the nineteenth century now, at the possible gang, her eyes widened in horror. Even in the dim light she could easily make out that none of their faces was getting recorded in the phone's 8 megapixel camera. The only thing visible was an oak tree, which was at their background and as much as she could see, the frame of a tall man obstructed it from her view. However, in her camera, it was clearly visible. Her hands began shaking. She pocketed the phone with her vibrating hands and leaned closer to at least hear something useful. Her terror increased tenfold as she processed their conversation in her mind. 
"Have you asked Payal about her whereabouts?"
"Payal's whereabouts?"
"No, u idiots. Hers."
"Oh! hers? Yeah, she was saying that sometime around today is her eighteenth birthday and they'll be flying soon to India as her birthday surprise. The rest of the work will be done at their arrival."
One of the goons rubbed his hands together, half because of the cold and half because of the excitement now bubbling inside him. 
Khushi's blood turned ice-cold as she hearkened to their talk. She unconsciously stepped behind, only to stumble over the rocks on the dusk-trodden path. Khushi pursed her lips together, trying to prevent the cry of agony escaping from her mouth. She slowly peeped in the lane, only to find all of them disappearing into thin air after muttering a barely audible phrase. The only thing left was a howling wind, blowing fiercely from from one place to another, daring her to disclose the secret that she had hid under the cloak of darkness since God knows when. Khushi was now aghast, and not to forget, shocked beyond words. "Who were they? Oh. no wait! What exactly were they?", she thought, now supporting her aching back with the woody tree trunk. "They were not humans for sure. Then were they aliens? Demons maybe? What about evil minded robots? As they showed in Resident evil? Is the world in danger? And what if..." She was way too busy pondering over her observations and drawing out silly conclusions that she never noticed a person approach her. She raised her head a little on hearing a slight sound around her and found a pair of brown orbs, staring at her intently. His eyes, she noticed, were a whirlpool of emotions and held a mysterious depth to them which could make anyone drown in them. They were slowly turning the shade of honey, as sparks exuded from his fingers, and his face lit up with a dark smirk, before everything went blank.

About the Characters all i can say is that their nature is the same, however this is not even a percent like the show and its storyline. Its way too different because most of the characters are not human. This FF shall have humor, although it begins on a serious note. Please pardon me if you've already read anything similar...which i don't think is possible because this is solely my idea. But, u never know! LOL

P.S. i hope it doesn't show in this FF that i'm just a fourteen year old girl because i really don't want u guyz reading posts that might bore you to death! ROFL

P.P.S Didn't proofread! Cuz mum is all set to murder me if i stay up even for a minute more! ROFL So kindly remit my mistakes. 

Anywayz...comment and like pls?

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I request all my readers to inform me if they find any copy of my work, hard or soft one. I might be new but i m well aware of this plagiarism insect prevailing amongst people and i m so not gonna support it. My real name is Arshnoor,yeah alright, but i prefer being referred to as Simar. The former one is reserved for certain people only.


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Prologue - Pg1

Part1 - Pg1

Part2 - Pg 1

Note - Pg 2

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res for thanking the likers

Lastdesire thanx for commenting!


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Okay so u guyz nw hv d 1st part...Njoy! n pls at least cmmnt here...jst 1 cmmnt wud do no bad! or mayB even a like! It takes hardly a second. I m updating dis post cuz i was inspired by nav_bat who is a fab ryter on this forum n who initially started with hardly any cmmnt. So i hv decided 2 continue dis with just a SINGLE like. u go. Dun break my heart all over again. Pls do cmmnt. I hv d 2nd update ready in my laptop. I just need a gud response. That's it!

Khushi furrowed her brows and scrunched her eyes as she felt a sharp beam of light hurt them. She brought up her left hand to shield them from that blinding source of brilliance, and if by any chance it was her elder sister with that pesky little torch in her hand, ready to act as her alarm clock right in the very beginning of the morning, then she would make sure that the bloody device doesn't remain in one piece EVER AGAIN. For five whole good minutes, she waited - waited for her sister to stop attacking her eyes for heaven's sake but when it seemed as if she had vowed to vex her to the fullest that day, she raised her right foot to kick her right in the abdomen as if to convey the fact that this isn't funny, only to draw it back and wince in unbearable pain. "Ouch!" she cried. Her ears could hear faint and muffled voices of people; however, they all seemed to be at least a mile away. Slowly the sounds became clearer and she then realized that they belonged to her family. She tried opening her already paining eyes. At first they seemed to be stuck with fevicol and if it was Payal di's another sick prank, she is totally in for it, she thought. But when she finally managed 2 open them after a couple of vain attempts, she found her vision to be very hazy. Her mind registered four figures around her but she couldn't make out their faces as her head hurt too badly for that. As the view became more distinct, she took in her surroundings. She noticed her parents and her sister bent on her side, looking extremely tensed. Her eyes hovered over their faces for a minute before they were fixed on the figure clad in a white T and blue ripped jeans, staring intently at her from a corner of the room and passing her a small comforting smile. Yes, it was him and this time she knew she wasn't hallucinating. After a tedious wait for one whole year, today she is seeing him, right infront of her!!! Khushi had a strong urge to do a chicken dance that very moment but she controlled her self, considering the fact that once again her mother will start calling her with that horrifying nickname "Sanka Devi" all over the place. She remembered how last time she had persuaded her mother to forget that stupid pet name by dressing like at ghost , entering her room at midnight and scaring the daylights out of her. She had threatened to murder her if she will not spare her daughter and her ears. And by the time she went to bed, it was already a quarter past two and because of sleeping late, the next she got a nice scolding from her History teacher for dozing off in the middle of the lecture. Khushi mentally shuddered at the mere thought of having to do all those things once again and so, she chose to keep quiet for the moment. She now tried to divert her concentration back on the smiling male figure infront of her!

"Bhaiyya! You're back. Wow! When? How? Why? Ouch!" She groaned as she felt her head hurt, very severely this time. Daniel chuckled at his younger sister's antics. "Why the hell do I feel like a Chihuahua out of the OT after a shock-treatment?" Khushi asked. This made Shashi smile. His daughter was back to her normal crazy self again. "Would you guys stop smiling like lunatics and tell me what is wrong with me?" "Damn you girl! In your haste to reach home as early as possible, you accidently ran into a wall and hurt your head due to which you became unconscious and'" Payal had started explaining when Khushi interrupted, "and the wall was kind enough to give me a lift home! Seriously jiji, do you think I would buy that?" "Well, u might if you let me explain further", Payal replied while Khushi just simply nodded. "Yep, so a watchman of a nearby building found you unconscious after you 'ran into the wall' with you perfectly functioning eyes", she said sarcastically, "and he checked your phone for some important number to contact. He saw the number of your home and called us, and voila, you got here", she completed the explanation while stretching her hands for the last part as if doing a ballet step.  "And what is he doing here? Shouldn't he be at the Harvard's?" Khushi asked while pointing her finger towards Daniel. "You're less of a sister and more of a question paper!" Payal remarked. "I mean like you're hurt, you must be have a throbbing headache and instead of asking for any painkiller or maybe something to eat, you want to pose as Nancy Drew! Wow!" "That wasn't an answer to my question", Khushi retorted back, still adamant to get her answer. "My course is finished Sisty", Daniel replied, now smiling.  "Oh! Ok", and after saying this she snuggled deeper into her bed, to drift back into her deep slumber, only to get up with a jerk almost a second later. "What did you call me, Bhaiyya?" she asked while pointing her index finger towards his face. "Oh! That? It's a new name for you. Sisty. It's nice na?" he answered, smirking. "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Khushi asked, now visibly annoyed. "Well, sisty is the short form of sistery. I didn't mind calling you a sistery but..erm'that sounded more of like a poodle suffering from a severe itching disease and so I stuck with Sisty", he replied while stuffing his hands in his pocket. "This stupid pet name of mine! Argghhh! It sounds more like sissy rather than sisty". Daniel shrugged, Payal sniggered and Khushi fumed. "And from next time, never ever use the word poodle infront of me", Khushi added while looking spitefully at their neighbour's house from her window. Daniel followed her gaze and asked "why?" "It's a long story Danz. She'll tell you on the way", Payal said. "On the way? What do you mean by ON-THE-WAY?" Khushi asked. "Damn, didn't I tell you? Okay then, my dear cutie pie, Congratulations because we are going to India to meet your Buaji as your eighteenth birthday gift", Payal replied. However, khushi did not reply as she was too busy recollecting the place where she had heard anything even remotely similar. Payal snapped her fingers infront of her which brought her out of her reverie. "Hello, are you even listening Khushi?" She gave her jiji a weak nod, while still engrossed in her thoughts. "Okay, let me pack your suitcase. You must be tired. Rest for some time. And Danz, stay away from her". "Yes boss!" they both said in unison while giving Payal a salute.  And Payal shook her head.




Daniel huffed and he puffed.  "What exactly have you both stuffed inside your bags? Stones?" he asked. "Well, they are just some girly things", Payal replied. "To be honest di, I never knew that girls use things as heavy as boxing equipment", Daniel replied. "And hey, wait a sec. Why the hell am I carrying your bags as well as mine when u both have a pair of perfectly functioning hands?" "Because you're our brother", Khushi said. "Such a curse", he muttered under his breath. "Sisty at least you can come and help me just a little bit, please?" "Call me Khushi first", Khushi demanded. "Khushi, Khushi, My dear Khushi! Please help your elder brother?" "Okay!" Khushi stuffed her phone in the pocket of her jeans and walked back to help Daniel carry the suitcases but on noticing her neighbor along with her poodle, she halted in her steps. Both of them were glaring at her and she looked back at them even more fiercely. "What's up Sisty?" Daniel asked, now suddenly looking more interested in the scene in front of him rather than the heavy bags that he was carrying like a mule. "Bhaiyya, you've no idea!" Khushi said while Daniel noted that this time she didn't mind him calling her Sisty. This means that whatever was going between these three was very scandalous and interesting. "Yes?" he leaned closer to her while mentally rubbing his hands in excitement to have got at least some time-pass for their eight hour flight to India, while Payal shook her head and said,"you are the only boy i have even seen in my life who is interested in Gossip". But Daniel gracefully ignored the remark and bent even more to Khushi's side to get her part of the story rather than Payal's annoying remarks."These creatures'" Khushi began while Daniel noticed their appearance. The poodle was white in colour with a horrendous cut of its hair. It had a pale pink collar around its neck adorned with a shocking pink bow. Its mistress was a tall, middle aged woman with a carrot-sized nose and blonde hair. She had worn a pale pink dress with pink fluffy shoes and a shocking pink boa while a feather hat rested on her Shrek-sized head. "They both look so'.so'." Daniel remarked, while still unable to find the correct words. "Similar. I know", Khushi completed. "And that's what I and Payal were talking that unfortunate morning when she suddenly out of nowhere turned up behind us, snorted literally on our faces and walked away with her head held at the height of The Statue of Liberty. I still think she had heard the whole conversation. And since that day, she started behaving really weirdly with us. At first we just shrugged it off, but on Pet show, she really crossed her limits. We had a bluebird as a pet, back then, named Muffin. It was the cutest living thing that I had ever set my eyes upon. Yep, so you know, a fortnight after "that" incident, a Pet show was organized in the locality. I was really very excited. I and jiji taught Muffin many feats such as finding five blueberries from a basket of fruit, making low tweeting noises from its throat and'.Hey! Don't look at jiji like that! I taught it the latter part! You know I'm like a professional animal trainer." Daniel rolled his eyes while Khushi continued.  "Yeah, so that day in the pet show Miss I-am-a-poodle's-look-alike also came there with her long-lost brother of a pet to participate, and as she was putting it, to win too.  She was walking down the corridors with that spiteful creature while all the people were staring at her as that day she hadn't worn any hats on her football sized head, plus her hair were also tied in a big bun'.so, well you can imagine. Suddenly, that poodle stopped walking, or should I say "hopping" and stood at one point on the floor, struggling all the while. At first this Evil-version-of-Helen-Keller never noticed. She had already reached the end of the long corridor and was turning, but when the corner of her eyes failed to see any giant cotton ball trailing behind, she turned back and then started shouting at the top of her lungs! Just because a small speck of her poodle's hair was stuck on a chewing gum, she created such a big hullabaloo out of it! And at that very moment, I and jiji were passing by with muffin in my hand. Coincidentally, I was having a chewing gum at that time. So that's it. She pointed at me and started fussing saying that I had plotted this scheme so that she and her "baby" don't get to participate in the show because I knew that they were better.  Baby? I mean seriously? Anyways, she refused to let the show start and threatened to call her lawyer if I and my stupid pet were not disqualified from the show. And in the end, that is what happened. Poor muffin, he was sooo depressed! We all had worked so hard. And so in order to revenge on her, the next morning muffin peed on her "baby's" head! Well, I was very happy and I even patted Muffin on his back but jiji, amma, babuji and Lady Shrek-all were really pissed off. And in the end, I had to free poor muffin. And you know one day that poodle'." And Khushi continued her silly stories while time seemed to pass so quickly for Daniel that he never realized when they had landed on the Delhi Airport.

Okay...i know u feel like killing me cuz mayB some of you expected the update to involve magic and spells and wands and witches and this was more of a filler...I can assure you that its all on its way but presently i had to introduce Daniel for he is a very important character in the magical world. You'll get to know the rest as the story unfolds. I'll try updating in the next 3-4 days. Till then i want loads of comments cuz it takes a lot of effort to write these stories. The writers must b knowing it.

 K, I'll take your leave now.  

N dis is what i imagine daniel 2 b. (Jean Ackles) cuz I looove SuperNatural! The winchestor brothers r way 2 sexy n Dean (d Daniel here) being d witty 1, is my Favorite! Big smile

Its d man in black and white.

N yeah, the poodle part, is a semi-real story! LOL

P.S. pardon my spellings. I am a total FB addict. *sheepish smile*

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hey do continue and pm me da update...i lyk ur ff...i love dean 2...hez a u better continue Senior Member

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Originally posted by lastdesire

hey do continue and pm me da update...i lyk ur ff...i love dean 2...hez a u better continue

At last i had sum1 2 cmmnt here. i had got many requests from silent readers bt inspite of my asking they nvr bothered 2 leave a single cmmnt. I was planning 2 discontinue dis ff bt when i visited it here n saw yr cmmnt, i was over-joyed! so yah i m nt discontinuing it. Give me some time 2 frame the nxt update. I'm bsy wid my studies so mayb 4-5 days wud do. 

N yeah, for supernatural fans, dis FF has Daniel, which as the name suggests, is Dean in the indian mode. 

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Heya Friends I'm back wid the next part as promised. Hope you enjoy. N pls i expect a better response this time frm the readers. As i mentioned before, a lack of response shall force me to discontinue this FF. This FF is very close to my heart as it is my first official piece ever. I don't need people to comment to tell me that i write well. At the young age of fourteen, if i m able to manage better grammar than many writers, i guess i am pretty good. I just need views to motivate me on spending hours of my time, which according to Mum can be utilized in studying, trying to provide you guyz with a desired track. I have a pretty prestigious examination to prepare for, and i still have no idea as to why in my right i even thought of starting this FF. But now that i have, its my duty to continue. 

This part has 3000+ words, n so i don't want any complaints on the length of this FF.

Daniel rolled his eyes and rerolled them such that now they quite resembled a roller-coaster while the bacteria in their vicinity had puked their protoplasm out. But hey, it wasn't his fault. It was his peculiar surroundings that forced him to do so. Again, he sighed, as his eyes had spotted another Indian pair of women on the Delhi airport, dressed in bright and flashy outfits to readily colour-blind the bystander; fussing with the airport staff because they wouldn't allow them to carry their home-made bottle of mango pickle which according to them, contained pure mustard oil and one kg of perfectly dried mangoes, whose rate had hiked to Rs. 54/kg due to the negligence of the Indian government. How he wished that if only he could record that whole thing, dropping in comments occasionally, and submit it as the case of study of paranoids and aliens that existed on the earth; he would have surely been awarded with an A+ along with a "keep up the good work" from his cranky Bio teacher, Mr. Granger.


 India was one good country to be in, he concluded. Everything was good about this country, the pleasant weather, the delicious food, the breathtaking view, the rich culture and history and the entertaining people...everything but the only reason to dislike his annual fortnight stay at this abode of the Gods, the hostess of their stay, his Buaji. His curious eyes spotted a fat figure scurrying towards them with a hand on her forehead, that seemed cello taped there, stupefying every person she came across with her loud ranting of "Hai re Nandkishore" on their faces. And then those people would follow their gazes to the direction in which they'd see that fat creature heading, spare their family a really pitied glance and then hurry on their way once again. Another loud Hai re Nandkishore from somewhere near brought Daniel out of his I-hate-my-life reverie and he raised his eyes a bit, only to meet the football sized ones of Buaji who affectionately pinched his cheeks (a bit too harshly) leaving them red and throbbing for quite some time. She continued remarking on how Daniel seemed to have lost another five kg making him look extremely skinny and unattractive which meant that nobody would marry him any time soon and that his mother should have started her search of a cultured Indian girl for him. "The way she has been saying this since all these past years, my weight now accounts to -10 kg", he thought amused. She moved on to Khushi and Payal and resumed her commentary.


Daniel, who now looked highly bored and was unable to find some fancy Aunties fighting, for his entertainment; stepped forward in order to get out of the stuffy atmosphere of the family reunion only to stumble because of something big. He reflexively extended his arms to catch it and that's when a girl happened to fall in them. Where he expected a suave and sexy Indian model to fall in them, much to his dismay, the lucky girl was Pammi, Buaji's 102 kg weighted maid. She fluttered her eye-lids flirtatiously as Daniel's horrorstricken face took in her appearance. She had her hair tied tightly in a side plait while her pitch-dark complexioned face was brushed unevenly with a bronzer as a poor attempt of make-up. She had put on a lipstick as red as blood while she gave him a big toothy grin in which he noticed bits of coriander of something similar stuck in her yellow teeth. Her red and yellow outfit along with her exotic smell of sweat, mud and dirt added to his disgust. Daniel looked here and there trying to spot his Buaji so that she could take Pammi away from him and noticed her busily dawdling away with a few other Indian women and his family, discussing a new sale in the Sarojini Nagar market, while all the cells in his body screamed for mercy as Pammi shifted in his arms slightly, her whole weight being supported by his poor hands. She wound her arms around his neck as to mark the beginning of her sycophantic arts and asked "How was your trip Danni-yaal ji?" while her hot breath, which smelled similar to rotten meat, washed over his face. And on saying that, she ran away from there with the nail of her index finger stuffed inside her mouth, as her sorry attempt of looking shy. Daniel shuddered all this while, begging God to have mercy on him and let him have a bath as soon as possible.


After a debate with himself for five good-whole minutes, Daniel decided to go back to the company of his family and the busily chatting Aunties to prevent himself from all kinds of physical harm from any Indian maid. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans and hurried towards them. On reaching there, he looked at his father's bored to death expression and pictured himself with a similar face in less than ten minutes. However, this time, he didn't seem to mind this torture at all! He was ready to do anything to escape another love attack from Pammi, lest she might change her mind about making a shy exit and come back in all her maid-glory, ready to drag him along with her to her cycle; tie him at the backseat with her duppata and then happily ride to Buaji's home while humming some Bhojpuri song. Daniel's body quaked with abhorrence at the mental image of the horrifying possibilities and this immediately convinced his ears to endure the vocal suffering.


And so, he was standing at the Delhi airport from the past one hour, his hands ready to rip the insides of the pockets of his jeans, all due to the intensity of boredom that he was now tolerating. However, much to his horror none of the ladies were planning to leave the airport anytime soon, all the credit to given to their big mouths. They had seemed to have discussed all the topics on this world, starting from the price-hike these days to the their choice of beverages, from to what cuisine of food they had expertise in preparing to the kind of shoes they prefer to wear, from the breed of the pet dog of Buaji's neighbor to why some daughter-in-law kicked her Mother-in-law out of her house in a random daily-soap and from SRK's latest scandal to the attitude that the rickshaw-drivers have these days - Every bloody topic except returning home! He sighed and sighed and sighed; and when there was practically smoke coming out of nostrils, he politely suggested going to Buaji's house and resting, lest she might not twist his ear for even uttering any harsh word. And he really had to control his urge of doing a chicken dance at the very place, when Buaji had given her consent for his insinuation after giving it a real good ten minute thought, as if he was asking her if he could campfire in the forests of Africa. Huh!




On reaching their house in Laxminagar, Daniel shoved open the old creaking door practically plopped on the 2 century old bed of Buaji's resulting in two things:

1.       The bed groaning due to sudden and heavy weight.

2.       Buaji giving him a thirty minute lecture on not ruining any property her house, and saying a "hai-re-nandkishore" after every 15 seconds.

But Daniel didn't give a damn to anything. His body was aching very badly and he didn't trust it to remain in one piece anymore without receiving some good amount of rest. Maybe that was the reason why he dozed off in the middle of Buaji's speech causing her to Hai-re-nandkishore for another half an hour and for Khushi to hide secretly behind Buaji's noisy furniture, trying to record as much as she could of her aunt confidential talks with a non-existent person, to present as an evidence for her being half-mad to the police; lest she tries to kill her in future for wearing shorts and skirts.


After about an hour of pacifying and lame justifications from Shashi for his children's behavior, Buaji at last tried to calm down and grabbed her Pooja thaali after stuffing a bell in Payal's hand and asking her to ring it while she sung the evening aarti in her hoarse voice, much to the misfortune of Payal's ears. After about fifteen minutes, as she sang the last verses of her prayers, she grabbed a pair of incense sticks along with her thaali and started roaming with them in the entire house, with a continuously ringing bell following her. As she neared the room which was assigned to the siblings for their stay, a curious noise attracted her sharp ears, making them perk up instantly. She crouched towards a wall, with the incense sticks and thaali clutched in her hand, peeped here and there cautiously; and then used her Herculean leg to push open the door of the room ' like a suspicious cop. And that's when her eyes saw a very disturbing sight of Khushi wearing mustard micro-mini shorts paired with a coral lace top as her night clothes, singing Justin Bieber's Baby at the top of her voice, with her ipod plugged to her ears. When Buaji's slow brain processed the fact that she had been singing a bhajan not two minutes ago and here her own niece was singing an outrageously horrendous English song in her house right in her own country India, which was actually ruled by the British for more than 200 years, she began to feel dizzy and the thaali from her hand seemed slipping. Had it been any other old woman, the glossy plate would have landed on the floor instantly, but since it was none other than the massive Buaji ' the plate was hoisted upwards because of her force and the fateful thing landed straight on the head of an unsuspecting and merrily sleeping Daniel. "Holy f-ing Shit!" he cursed and that made Buaji feel even more light-headed. Payal, who was standing the closest to her, didn't even bother with helping her because the last thing that she wanted was to sacrifice her limbs as a part of Buaji's dramas. Khushi who also seemed to have recovered from her Justin Bieber's fit, and was now humming another tune, all the while watching the whole scene unfold. Daniel sat cross-legged on the body, massaging his aching temple, secretly wishing for popcorns for the now-playing- Buaji-and-her-antics-while-she-imagined-herself-as-madhubala-straight-out-of-the-seventies scene. And so three pairs of amused eyes watched Buaji slowly swaying before looking here and there as if waiting for her Nand-kishore to pop out of some corner and collect her in his arms. But almost a moment after Buaji landed flat on her butt, and groaned while Shashi and Garima rushed inside the room; as the siblings looked at each other frightened. The fear was not because now they were up for the lecture of the century on values and Indian culture, but because all of them could swear at that moment that they all felt the Earth quake a tiny bit, the moment Buaji fell.


The whole evening passed with the couple trying to calm a wailing and howling Buaji, who seemed to have vowed to cross the whole limit of melodramas. The siblings kept sniggering continuously and the moments when Buaji would call her Nandkishore and cuss at them in her own unique way, they would burst into an uncontrollable fit of giggles, only to be silenced by death glares shot by their parents. Shashi and Garima seriously suggested peril, but that was the least they cared about at the moment. Presently they had a nonstop free entertainment and there was no way that they were going to miss out on it just because it was really impolite to laugh when your own Buaji is crying for no reason. Now how would they know what is the exact protocol at one's house when one's own aunt is giving a comedy performance? And so, the parents had to admonish their children at the end of the fateful day to please their hostess, although amidst their eye-to-eye talk, they did convey that they didn't really mean much of it.


After sometime, everyone retired to their beds. The only room with an AC was assigned to the younger group. And so all three of them were to sleep on the same bed. Payal had no problem with it. She quietly slept in her corner, while Daniel and Khushi were kick-boxing for more space which resulted in Payal be thrown off the bed and land flat on her face. She got up angrily and gave both Daniel and Khushi a firm punch in the gut, successfully intimidating to not to move even a muscle throughout the night while she gained her beauty sleep.



The radiant sun came out of its hiding and its naughty golden rays peaked through the window, tickling her face. Her face glowed with the brightness as her sharp features got highlighted by the generosity of a giant spotlight. The birds chirped excitedly and the leaves ruffled with the flow of the wind, providing music to her ears. Khushi sat up on her bed and stretched lazily and smiled slowly at the resplendent golden morning. She hauled her body from the comfy bed, and after taking one last look at it, went to freshen up, softly humming the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna.


In half an hour's time, she met her family at the breakfast table. The three siblings were chirpier than usual, which did not go unnoticed by the sharp eyes of the elders. Buaji was still eyeing Khushi strangely after the previous night's incident, while Daniel, who had noticed Buaji's looks; had a very hard time controlling his laughter. He was drinking water when Khushi got up from the dining table and her shorts were now noticed by Buaji, making her "hai-re-nandkishore" once again, causing him to spurt water right on her face as she was sitting opposite to him. To escape any further lectures, Payal hurriedly made an excuse of exploring the neighborhood and successfully high tailed out of the crime scene with her brother and sister.


On reaching the deserted mill, the siblings heaved a sigh of relief, and then shared a hearty laugh at being successful in spoofing their aunt. They were still smiling when a blinding beam of light caused Khushi's body to smack with the mill's drawn shutter, instantly wiping the smiles off from everybody's face. Daniel and Payal were instantly on their guard with a spray of purple and brown sparks from their fingers respectively. A group of cloaked men appeared before them, their faces veiled in such a way that only their eyes were visible. Daniel looked at them menacingly and instantly boomed a brown beam through both of his hands causing two of the men to be knocked on the floor. He transformed his sparks in the shape of a sword and slashed through the bodies of another pair, leaving them to hiss in pain while clutching their limbs. Payal formed a purple shield around Khushi with her left hand and stood right infront of her, ready to bear the whole brunt of intruders' attack on her. She chanted words that were alien to Khushi, and then screamed at the top of her lungs as the purple energy exuded from the centre of her palm, as if she was giving out the essence of her life. She was a fierce lioness, ready to anything for her loved ones. She cast a shield on Daniel as a man tried to stab him on his back, with his powers whilst he was busy knocking out the others. The coordination of the duo was perfect, as well as professional, while all Khushi did was standing stupefied on her place or pinching herself occasionally; with the hope that this nightmare will end any moment. Alas, it didn't! In a time span shorter than ten minutes, all the cloaked people were lying on the ground, either unconscious, or dead. Just as the trio decided to flee from that place, a man wrapped up in an indigo cloak appeared before them. He was of a tough built, everyone could sense it. His black beady eyes were glowing with ominous mirth as he raised his hand and successfully pinned both Daniel and Payal to the wall. They both struggled against the vice-like grip of his magic and tried to attack him with their own, but he seemed way too stronger. They both were already pretty exhausted from their fight but they knew that they couldn't let anything happen to their baby sister. Adrenaline coursed through their veins making Daniel claw on the rope-shaped energy while Payal had considerably calmed down and was reciting some spells in order to loosen the clutch.  Just as the mysterious Beady-eyed man was about to turn his attention towards Khushi and harm her, a big flash of red light caused him to divert his interest. He looked around for the source of the brilliance and saw another person covered in black staring at him. He had molten brown orbs, and a strong body with prominent muscles. His eyes were dark with wrath as he kept clenching and unclenching his fist. Khushi instantly felt a feeling of deja-vu take over her. She had seen those eyes somewhere, but just couldn't quite well place her finger on it. She watched in awe as he freed her siblings with just the shake of his finger and beat the beady-eyed person black and blue by merely standing there, with the use of his red ounces of power. The man fled for his life, before vowing with utmost sincerity to revenge for his insult and assault. The mysterious yet strong man in black now came to Payal and Daniel and landed them on the ground with care. Khushi who had just recovered from her 'lets-gape-like-a-fool-at-the-eerie-stranger' gave Payal and Daniel accusing glares, as they shook their heads, knowing that they were in for a life-long lecture and Drama from Sanka-Devi herself. Nobody seemed to notice the chocolate-eyed man who had disappeared into thin air, right after caressing Khushi's face with the back of his hand.

I'll leave it till here n wud try giving a teaser if i get some gud comments. My holidays are coming to an end and with the frequent power cuts, i'm afraid i'll not be able to update regularly. But watever it is, i'll try keeping my readers happy wid a cute Arhi track n lots of humor.

I wud seriously appreciate if you mind pressing the like button n atleast giving a one-line comment, because it takes lots of hardwork n brain-frying to write such updates.

P.S. I'm an fb addict, so kindly pardon my spellings outside the update. I didn't proofread cuz its pretty late nw n my family is ready to strangle me for spending so much time on this site. 



P.P.S. I request u all to always point out my grammatical mistakes so that i can improve. I don't mind, i swear. I'm jst a kiddo, n u guyz r experienced writers, n so i wud luv 2 b taught this way. Smile

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loved was a complete package...buajiz antics were hillarious...ilmao...dere was action 2...dun 4get a bit romance wen da stranger carassed her face...hey u shud continue...thnx 4 da pm friend...

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