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6th June - The morning after!

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
It must be beyond midnight now and the Mathurs, Mehek and Sitaram are still outside their homes, wondering where Sanchi must be. Sobha is amused by the whole scenario. I fail to comprehend how a woman (with a daughter herself) could laugh at a father's plight at such a critical juncture!
Lo! Here arrives Abhimanyu. He probably did not expect Mehek to be there at his place, so late into the night. 
She immediately pounces upon him 'Where is Sanchi...tell us you cheat... where is she?'
Wonder of wonders! He denies having any knowledge of the incident or of being at the place of the crime, despite Mehek screaming herself hoarse. The Mathurs do not know whom to believe and whom not to. 
Sobha is momentarily surprised at the sudden turn of events (probably realizes that her son is a few shades worse off than even she could ever be!) However, her maternal instincts quickly take over and she jumps to protect her son's honour. She fights back against Mehek, accusing her of lying and falsely blaming her son of misdeeds.
Standing in the midst of the clamour, a silent Abhimanyu thinks to himself 'Good for you Mehek... you made a fool of me last night and now I've done the same to you... anyway, now that I know Sanchi is going to be mine no more... why should I risk myself and go against Indu Singh?'
Sitaram watches his son and suspects his involvement in the entire kidnapping. Just as he starts prodding his son to reveal any information he'd have about Sanchi's whereabouts, Sobha once again insults her husband and takes her son aside. 
Basically, the point being that; the entire episode leads the parents nowhere!
Mehek eventually tries comforting Sanchi's parents 'I would not allow anything to happen to Sanchi...we'll search for her everywhere...just be brave uncle...aunty...'

It's daytime and the forsaken party of Sanchi-seekers have made their way to the university grounds now. It's there that Mehek spots the ominous white car. She rushes to it, letting Tarachand know that this one looked exactly like the one that was used to abduct Sanchi. She quickly scans the vehicle to find Sanchi's bicycle secured on top. The party had found their answers. They run inside the campus. 
There is a large crowd (like nearly every other day) pooling around the entrance of a particular classroom. Tarachand and Mehek spot the 4 musketeers - Yogi, Guddu, Rajjo and Lucky standing there, acting somewhat like security guards.
On spotting the distressed family of their bhabhi, the boys welcome them pleasantly 'Welcome...welcome...please come... don't worry no one's gone anywhere... they are here...' they indicate to the room 'Bhaiyya and bhabhi are inside the room...they wanted to meet alone... they could not find a place to meet alone.. so they ended up shifting here instead. The wife and husband have been here since last night...playing love games!'
Veena feels like the Universe had come crashing around her. The despondent Tarachand plunges forward, banging on the door and calling out for his daughter. 
Yogi steps forth and attempts to stop the frenzied father 'The couple are spending some time's the first time after their wedding that they are doing so...please be patient.'

Owing to all the ruckus and din on the corridors, Indu Singh ultimately opens the door. His attire is noteworthy (looked like AD had really had a sleepover!) His tunic buttons are half undone, his hair even more ruffled, the tell-tale tikka faded and his eyes groggy. 
He stretches and yawns lazily, as he notes the crowd around the classroom 'Oh this is quite a spectacle here (so he says!)'
Sanchi immediately emerges from behind, pining to be freed from confinement.
Observing the couple in such a state, many from the crowd lower their eyes; some in their empathy for Sanchi and some in shame. 
'Dear father-in-law, last night Sanchi and I enjoyed a beautiful memorable night together in the college campus' the impudent Indu explains
Sitaram closes his eyes in disgust.
'Now this is hot news...why are you so confounded?' Indu continues 'Oh! Forgive us... it took a while for us to open the door...what could we do... it was our first night together after all... we overslept.. how could we just wake up and come to the door..we are humans you know...'

The friends chip in, ' you both are husband and wife in true sense.. after have been married to each other and now spent time together too...Sanchi, in all ways, you can consider yourself Sanchi Indu Singh'
The lifeless girl who had been silently enduring the humiliation so long, hurries forward to take solace in her father's comforting shoulders. However, Indu pulls her back and restrains her 'I have taken this hand to be mine forever...remember that I will be by your side forever...' he pauses 'Now if you want to go to your mother, you can do so'
The goon then turns to the agonized Tarachand 'Father-in-law, why don't you call the media.. this is such hot news.. you'll get paid..imagine the headlines - A First Night in the college classroom!'
Appalled by the episode, some of the students start murmuring 'Yesterday Sanchi showed us something else and said that her relationship with Indu Singh is over...what is this...'
Indu overhears their gossip and interrupts them brazenly 'Whatever I do, I do it openly...when as husband and wife, we have no problems between each other, why do you guys comment on us?'
Tarachand takes Sanchi by her hand and pulls her to his side finally. She seems like a dead doll now, completely stripped of spirit and zeal. She stays quiet all through, not responding to the disgraceful glares or the conversations - obviously it would be too embarrassing and nearly impossible for her to openly declare that they did not have sex.

As the family walk away, Indu Singh advices them mockingly 'Please take care of my wife for me...if she gets even a little hurt, I can't withstand it... she's loved me so much all through the night...' he trails off 'Taking care... takingg care!'

Fresh back at the campus
In a yellow kurta; the brute storms in, fresh to fend off any new problems that the day might bring his way. He boasts 'Everyone was taking her side yesterday morning... now lets see how they take her side...'
Lucky requests Indu to enlighten them on what happened over the night. However, he receives a tight slap in return 'Whatever happens between Sanchi and I was my personal don't interfere...'
The boys feel downcast observing his retaliation. They whine 'Bhaiyyaji, we just wanted to tease you that's all...why did you have to get so worked up about it...'
'Worked up about what... when I didn't do anything... what should I describe?' he explains plainly 'All through the night, she was on one side of the room... I on the other side' 
His friends are gob-smacked. The genuinely did not expect this. He confesses 'My intention is not to force her (to have sex)... I want to break her pride...that's all.. all this was just to show the world that we are one...let her try telling anyone about what happened last night, and lets see how anyone will believe her...'
'But what would you gain out of all this bhaiyyaji?'
'In love one does not weigh loss or profit, one gauges only victory and defeat! She refused to accept she HAS to accept me as her husband in front of the world.'

Veenaji is thankful that Indu did not do anything disastrous with her daughter, but she is confused at the same time 'That man who never wanted anything bad for you, why did he keep you locked up within a room like this..' 
'To defeat me and my self-respect' Sanchi replies sadly 'Yesterday, I made a mockery of him in front of everyone, so he did the same to me today. He wanted to mortify me in front of everyone'
Mehek is angry 'I knew that Indu Singh was cheap...however, I didn't know he could fall so low' she reads her friend's tearful face 'Don't cry Sanchi...we must do something to try and erase this insult...but, what do we do?'

Indu Singh hears from a compounder that the VC had summoned him
Letting out a wry frown, the carefree Indu tells his friends 'I'll just take VC sir's blessings and be back...'
He walks up to the office and casually taps the door, not surprised to find professor Janardhan backbiting him. 
Seeing Indu arrive; the chancellor instantly gives him an earful, taking him to task about his repulsive antics in the college grounds recently 'How did you manage to do something so disgusting in the you even know the meaning of carrying out something so cheap...I will force you to leave the college.' 
'What is wrong in using a classroom to teach my legally wedded wife some lessons of love' Indu quips shamelessly
'How dare you? Using the campus for your reception...the classroom for your...' the VC finds himself outraged. He threatens Indu 'We will take action against you, Indu...'
Indu mocks their efforts to try and subdue him.
'You have crossed all limits of will not stand in this year's elections...this is both my decision and the managing committee's.'
Finally, the VC had said something that hit Indu where it hurt most. He warns them back 'VC sir, forget about the managing committee...anyone might try, but none can stop me from standing in these elections...and that too for that good-for-nothing Sanchi? I will go ahead and stand in the elections, you wait and watch!'
The both exchange a few more heated words, before a ruffled Indu exits the corridor. 

'I feel like I've lost and Indu has won against me...I saw how everyone was eyeing me...judging me...but, I didn't even have an answer to give anyone...Indu singh made everyone believe something that he wanted them to...and I couldn't do anything about it' Sanchi mutters faintly to Mehek 'Everyone must think I lied! One on hand, I deny the marriage and on the other hand, I spent the night with him.' she cowers in pain at the thought 'I don't know if I can ever win the trust of my classmates and teachers again.' 

Precap - Indu is addressing a crowd, especially a man. A worried Sanchi is standing behind Indu.
'I love her...I married her.. did I cheat her.. is it wrong to love.. tell me if I am wrong... you guys are the judge, tell me if I've done something wrong...'

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thank u ,nice detailed update
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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
I am speechless... every episode is showing negative side of Indu singh.
Just hoping to see old Indu singh very soon.
Till then Confused

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roshaeldsouza91 IF-Rockerz

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lashy awesome update as usual...

today i felt like crying.. indu's char is being brutally murdered infront of my eyes..

felt seriously bad for sanchi her self-respect is hurt now... ohho kya hoga kya hoga.. let me gain my conciousness..

but one more thing i noticed... "he couldn't take his freinds saying something about her"... stupid then why did you have to do this... mental 

guddu ko toh pitne ka mann kar raha tha.. apni bhabhiji ke liye koi aissa bolta hai beta teri band pakki hai jab inka problem solve hua toh.
and he says i wont harm her physically but crush her ego.. gosh abhi bhi chances hai love ka...

then he said in love profit aur loss nahi dekhte .. but jeet ya haar that is what matter... he said LOVE ummeed abhi bhi...

but the way he spoke shamelessly infront of VC .. then calling sanchi chirkutt... sab mithi me mil gaya.. sapna sapna hi reh gaya mera..

was feeling so bad for sanchi.. her self-respect is hurt... how she was standing their without any answers... and then at home fully dejected.. insulted infront of every1 ohh god..

precap- kya college hai kya kya hota hai yahan.. no rules no regulations.. hadd ho gai... hone kya wala hai aage.. confused... dimaag kaam nahi karr raha mera ab..

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roshaeldsouza91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rashsharma40

I am speechless... every episode is showing negative side of Indu singh.
Just hoping to see old Indu singh very soon.
Till then Confused


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suki11 Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the lovely update and post Lashy!

For me today's epi was actually quite interesting, as we all now certain things about certain characters. Mannu has proved that he never truly cared one iota for Sanchi, for him it was never love just plain disgusting lust. But if he has loved anyone in his life then that is himself. Shoba whatever her faults actually does care for her children, but although she can quickly see other peoples flaws and schemes, she is blind to her own children's true natures.
Also Mahak regardless of her dumb smirking habit is a very good friend. I absolutely loved the way she supported Sanchi's parents today. She can really irritate me sometimes, but she was good as she slogged on determinedly in her hunt for her bestie. Plus she seems to have inherited Sanchi's gusto, as even after a physically and mentally draining night, she still attempted to install Sanchi with some fighting spirit.

Coming to Sanchi, finally she seems to have realised that she is behaving like a fool by constantly provoking Indu! As she told her parents today with a weary, defeated attitude, 'Indu Singh did what he did because I made a tamasha out of him, so he in return made an even bigger tamasha out of me!'
Thank God she finally acknowledged that whatever happened was as a direct result of her previous actions to humiliate Indu, and thus score another victory in their ridculas game of tit for tat!

This new humbled and worn out Sanchi is natural, after all her schemes and lies anyone would be drained of all emotions! I really do feel for her, in the space of 24hrs she went through every possible emotion there was! She began her day expectant, and nervous as she prepared to expose Indu, to determined and passionate as she faced him. Then she was triumphant and jubilant, as she gained the students support and respect. Which then lead to her becoming arogrogant and smug, as she smirked at a seething Indu, and proceeded to celebrate with Mahak. She then became worried and anxious, as she was followed which quickly lead to fear and panic as she was kidnapped.
Locked in the classroom with Indu she alternated between terror and rage as Indu intimidated her and then laid his plans bare. Which then in resulted in her being both frustrated and miserable, as she realised she had been well and truly enmeshed in Indu's trap this time.
She then had to go through another deeply shameful and humiliating public encounter as Indu created yet again another tamasha in the morning. And finally she ended the 24hr rollercoaster of events and emotions defeated and humbled. What a day! But if I was Sanchi I would hold on the fact that no matter what, the 'Sun will set to Rise again'. Just like the sun, Sanchi will once again reclaim her rightful place in the sky. After all she is the lead character lol!

Speaking of characters, now let's come to my favourite in RJN, our dashing, badmarsh antihero Mr. Indu Singh! Oooh we learned today how low he can stoop as he laid bare the most intimate night of a couples life in such a crude, degrading manner. But was this the very same man who a few hours later after creating such scene, slapped one of his closest friends for daring to ask for gory details?! He snapped at poor Lucky, that whatever happened in the classroom was between him and Sanchi. 'That's our personal matter' he hissed at his gang. So erm Indu darling if it was so personal why did you err, make such a public spectacle of it a few hrs earlier?!
He proceeded to reveal the truth to his friends that nothing happened physical at all happened between him and Sanchi. As his gang looked confused he attempted to explain that forcing her was not his way. I actually wasn't surprised by their baffled looks, as if zoorzabastdi wasn't his way, why the hell was he madly trying to force Sanchi to love him in the first place?!
Anyhow as Indus's friends struggled to comprehend that Indu was never going to force himself physically on Sanchi, Indu continued to explain that he only wanted to crush and destroy her ego and pride.

You know what I wish the best of luck to Indu for that because Sanchi does need to be dragged off her high horse. But at the same time I say girl power to Sanchi, as she really needs to kick Indu's arrogant ass off his mountain top!
Lol as Guddo and co still failed to get what exactly Indu was so happy about, they rightly questioned him what he was gaining out of this relationship then? To which Indu replied with my fav dialogue of the epi 'In the game of love one does not look at gain and loss, but rather at victory and defeat'. So true Indu dearest, but erm when did this become a game of love for you?! I thought you hated Sanchi and bond her to you through a rista of hate. So where and when did love come into the picture again?! Lol a perfect example of an Freudian slip of the tongue here I think folks!
Also I'm still rather sadly loving Indu's possessive and protective streak, as he lashed out at the boys who were insulting Sanchi. I almost oohed and ahhed over him saying 'If you have something to say about what we did, say it to me!' Until I reminded myself that the reason those boys were talking their filth in the first place was because of Indu and it was what he wanted!

Finally, nice to see after all our anger at using the classroom as the scene of the mock SR, CVS show us Indu being punished for doing so! Yay good on you VC Saab for banning Indu from putting himself forward for elections!
Although I have to say if Sanchi is still allowed to put herself forward, then that's not technically fair. Especially if everyone still thinks she willingly went into the room with Indu. Plus I know I'm sounding biased as an Indu fan, but why wasn't she pulled up, for showing her recording of Indu so publicly in the first place? She also created a scene and made a tamasha on campus when she didn't need to, so she really should have been reprimanded for that, even if it was just a slap on the wrist.

Personally I would love to see all the students one day turn to Indu and Sanchi, and say 'Why the hell can't you two keep your private business to your selves?! As we are seriously not interested in what goes on in your personal lives and quite frankly were sick of hearing about it! So just get a room and sort out your differences, and make it preferably off campus!'

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