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5th June - A celibate first night!

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Having inflicted a blow at Indu, Sanchi halts for a moment to gauge the situation. She is shocked by the effect of her own actions - he was bleeding profusely from his forehead. She begins to fear - what would an already irate and insensitive man do in retaliation now. 
He whimpers briefly and then brings his blood-stained hand close to hers. She pushes it away in fear - never having known such angst in her life.
'What did you think Sanchi ji? That with one assault on my head, I'll fall down dead?' clutching his head, he staggers slightly 'I thought you were an intelligent person, however you have turned out to be quite a fool. This is not a film...where the 'villain' is struck once and he falls down dead...' 
He brings his bloody palms close to her once again and shows it to her 'This is the bitter truth... just because you got rid of your Mangalsootra and Sindoor...doesn't mean you'll be able to remove the stain of this marriage from your life...' he looks around 'In your very own...your favourite place, I'll teach you lessons of love (hatred)...'
Dreading what she thought he wanted to do to her, she takes a few steps backwards. 
He advances towards her 'What to do Sanchi...I can't stop myself.. I keep being pulled towards you.' 
She desperately tries to avoid him, but how far could she go within a room. Her attempts at dodging him send candle stands rolling down to the ground. 
However, the nonchalant Indu keeps up with her 'Did you know that relationships bound by hatred are far deeper than those bound by love...'
She threatens him desperately 'I'll kill you...I'm telling you... don't come close...' 
He pleads with mock-fear 'Please don't do this sanchi...Sanchi...I'm terrified...I'm scared for my life dear...' he wipes his brow 'see...I'm sweating out of fear'
He lets out a smirk and then inches another step closer to her
Now cornered to the bed, she laments shakily 'Don't touch me...'

Tarachand comes to Tiwari's house, shouting out aloud.. He wants to know where his daughter has been hidden - where Indu Singh has taken her away to. 
Familiar with them this long, he should have known not to expect anything in return apart from a few sarcastic comments on their heartbreaking plight. (The truth also being that the Tiwaris have no clue where Sanchi is!)
Sadanand Tiwari tells Tarachand 'Let me tell you one thing ... they both are married...and there is no law that can stop a husband from meeting with his wife'
'But there is a law against kidnapping...' Tarachand screams angrily 'Where a ruffian can't take an innocent girl against her will...' 
Sadanand calmly explains 'They must have gone somewhere to enjoy stroll around leisurely...'
Sanchi's family decide against wasting any further time with the unhelpful family and leave the place to register a complaint in the police station. 
What was funny to watch was Radha celebrating her victory against Sanchi - the many words of praise she had for Indu Singh...(lol never seen someone be so happy for someone else's SR)
Even funnier was Roop's dilemma - She knows nothing flowery is going to happen out of all this 'If only you had wedded me instead, Indu... we'd be celebrating our honeymoon in Kashmir now' she dreams...(Silly girl!)

Indu sarcastically justifies his actions 'You were the one who begged me to accept you at this very place... in this very classroom...I am fulfilling exactly what you want..I am ready to give you myself wholeheartedly... to accept your love... your soul... your body... then why are you threatening me now?' 
Barely an inch away from her now; Sanchi nudges Indu's chest away, as she shrieks in frustration 'I never thought you would fall to such depths Indu!'
He teases the trembling girl 'Fall? You are my wife... im just asking for my rights...and no one can snatch my rights from me.. not even you!'  

Tarachand's family is trying to register a complaint with a new police officer. However, the policeman is confused by their statement as the man stated to be the kidnapper turns out to actually be the 'husband' Indu Singh
Tarachand has to explain how the wedding took place and that the latest act was also nothing more than a criminal plan by Indu.
The police officer is not convinced 'Why didn't you complain when the incident actually took place? Now there is nothing much I can do...there is no law where I can file a complaint against something like this' 
Tarachand is distraught 'Let me see how you wouldn't you help us? Let me have a word with the senior officer here...this man has used brutal force to marry my daughter and now to kidnap her...and you people don't want to help us..'
The police officer gets offended by the threats and asks the family to leave the place

'Stay away Indu singh' she is about to lose her balance and holds on to one of the streaming garlands of flowers atop the bed 'please don't come close'
His face comes close to hers. He is about to take her cheek in his hand. He watches her - her eyes are shut tightly and she is quivering in fright. They can almost feel each other. That moment probably brought back memories of the girl that he had fallen for in the first place. That very thought makes him even more cross. 
Suddenly digging his fingers into her cheeks, he grits his teeth 'I wouldn't even touch you...' her eyes open on being subjected to the unexpected force, while he curses her 'You are not the Sanchi that I once fell for.. that simplicity...that good-nature has all are someone else altogether!'
Saying so, he pushes her face away forcibly
Trying to regain her composure, she questions him 'Then why are you imprisoning me here?Let me parents must be very worried for me...'
'You seem to be in quite a hurry...first let everyone come to know that we've spent a night together...they are intelligent enough to understand that a wife and husband behind closed doors..must have consummated their relationship...'
While he laughs aloud like a maniac, the basis of his plan dawns upon the devastated Sanchi.
'Now whatever you say or do, no one will accept the fact that you are not my wife...they'll think this lie as the truth...' he pauses 'Whatever you do - study, play, laugh, cry, eat, sleep - but, this lie will haunt you all the time...everyone else will think of you as my wife.. but I'll never let you be so...' 
She falls on the ground, sobbing in tears. Seated on a small stool, he watches her crying and smiles gleefully (why have they killed all of Indu's niceness?)

Tarachand's family go to Indu's lodging, but no one is there

Indu plays around with the silver candlestick 'You hit me so can cause a lot of hurt' 
He tries using the candlestick like a shehnai and starts trumpeting the wedding tune in her ears, agonizing her even further. Eventually, he throws it away and tut tuts at her.
Suddenly he realizes that the bedding arrangements look pristine 'Oh my...shouldn't the mattress look like its been slept on? People should know that we have used it...'  (ahem ahem serious adult dialogues here!)
He falls on the bed and starts making a mess of it, thoroughly enjoying what he is doing. He starts playing with the pillows, strewing flowers around, falls back on the bed and then relaxes on the pillows. He ruffles the flowers and allows a few petals to fall on his face, as he does so. 

Tarachand's family go to Indu's tea shop, but no one is there either

Ultimately after all the planning and execution, it seems like the exhausted Indu has finally dozed off.
Discerning the prolonged silence; Sanchi gets up to check upon him, her cheeks now completely soaked by tears.
Watching his sleeping form, she gulps nervously and then decides to try another chance at escape. She removes the latch and then tries opening the double door, but it fails to open. She tries rattling it hard and the noise wakens Indu from his slumber
'Did you think I was such an idiot? The door has been locked from outside'
He observes the expressions on her forlorn face 'This fear... and this my wedding gift to you dear' he pauses 'Half the night is over and now the remaining half will get over go to sleep now...' 
He resumes his frolicsome antics on the bed
Sanchi falls down on the ground - a defeated girl.

Precap - Indu groggily stretches and lets out a half-yawn, as he opens the classroom door. Some of the buttons on his tunic are undone. Sanchi quickly comes up behind him and notices her family standing there
'Your daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - we just had a beautiful first night together' Indu says shamelessly
Tarachand and Veena are shocked

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Lashy awesome update...
 I was feeling sad for sanchi and his familyConfused. After watching this episode thoda mood off ho gaya...
 As expected he didnt touch sanchi ... I love him for this. Few dialouges were upsetting.
Sanchi really needs to calm down and think twice before making another move. I am not mentally ready to see another ugly side of indu singh.
CV's have taken away all charm and innocence from indu singh s character
I am watching this show till the time I am in love with Indu singh s character. Once i start hating the character i will stop watching this show .

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pariangel29 Newbie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Eee poor sanchi Unhappy

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged

Somewhere, I was saying yesterday the same thing... the bolded portion below. Indu did not fall in love with a Saanchi who was manipulative. This was his point of view.

>>>His face comes close to hers. He is about to take her cheek in his hand. He watches her - her eyes are shut tightly and she is quivering in fright. They can almost feel each other. That moment probably brought back memories of the girl that he had fallen for in the first place. That very thought makes him even more cross. 
Suddenly digging his fingers into her cheeks, he grits his teeth 'I wouldn't even touch you...' her eyes open on being subjected to the unexpected force, while he curses her 'You are not the Sanchi that I once fell for.. that simplicity...that good-nature has all are someone else altogether!'

No matter how bad Indu turns, I will be on the side of Indu Singh. If this happened in real life...then also I would have defended Indu Singh. because that is the way of the world. This girl provoked the guy too many times. The best answer to even a stalker is ignoring the person with periodic rationalization through direct talks to keep sanity meanwhile garnering all public support and finally seeking protection. Saanchi tries everything to do single handedly.

haven't we girls dealt things like this in college before ? We lived in Delhi...Its a tough place for a growing girl and young least in my time...rampant with eve-teasing. Once a guy started harassing us girls over phone...after recognizing the intentions...we started putting the receiver down giving no response...and on certain occassion tricking the guy to talk to our Dad.
Problem was solved in a month.

Then a stalker problem...problem continued for three years...but with full family support nothing happened.

What I mean to say is what Saanchi faced was not a big problem had she dealt with HUMILITY like a girl, involving parents (which means FAMILIAL BACKING)...she sent all wrong signs to Indu and to people like me she proved to be an arrogant fool.

Honestly I don't have any sympathy for her...PHYSICAL RAPE is much bad than what she is going through now...if that had happened she would have started rejecting everything including her the outrage is not that big...that she starts being vindictive so soon in that foolish manner.

Now I am thinking may be the CVs are warning GIRLS SHOULD NOT BE LIKE SAANCHI...

Whatever!!! guys you know me by now...pardon me if I said something unwise...

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Shradha ... agree with you..
Even i faced a situation where a guy kept on telling me he loves and wants to marry me. I would have increased the problem if i would have  reacted like sanchi .
Tit for tat... is not the solution .
Why sanchi is so concerned about college students ... whether they call her babhi or sanchi how it makes a difference when her family and close friend know the truth.

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suki11 Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged

Lashy I've been waiting for your post for hours now! I just love your updates and the way you analyse the INSA scenes!

Today's epi was good, though I wish it been non-stop INSA! I know that to be realistic that they needed to show Tarachand and co run around the city looking for Sanchi like headless chickens. Little, admittedly now useless tips, but doesn't mahak have Indu's phone nom? Why didn't they call him, and ask where he had taken Sanchi, or at least affirm that she was still alive? Long shot I know that he would have answered it but it was worth a try. Also why didn't she at least tell them that mannu was there also and aided Indu in carting Sanchi off? I'm pretty sure he would have answered Sitaram's angry questions in regards to Sanchi's whereabouts, if they had bothered to call him.
Also another top tip for mahak next time you see someone kidnapping your bestie, don't get off your scooter. Stay on it and drive headlong straight into those a*******! Then while they jump back in fear and/or pain get bestie to jump on behind you, and zoom off at warp speed!
Plus if the officer at the police station wouldn't file a complaint against Indu abducting Sanchi, why didn't mahak report him for harassing her? He's slapped her twice, choked her once, and tried to have her fingers cut off, so that's physical assault. He had her abducted and brought to his adda, so that's kidnapping. Plus he had the air let out of tyres, so that's another charge for damaging private property. Hell she can throw in a charge for mental harassment too! Phew all I can say is that Sarachand best swot up well on defending his nephew against all those charges!

Coming too Sarachand I liked how they kept him consistent in his defence of his nephew. The man has a vile soul, but he has one nevertheless, and that soul is extremely loyal and protective over his loved ones i.e. his family. I wouldn't be surprised if they did show him tomorrow already planning in advance the best possible defence for Indu, in case Sanchi and her family attempt to use the law to get back at him.

Tarachand was also good as usual as an impotent and frustrated father, lashing out everyone as he silently curses himself for not having done more to protect his child. I seriously don't think I can bear to see him being harassed so much. Seeing him so helpless, I don't understand why Sanchi hasn't already agreed to his request to just leave the city and Indu behind them. Why does she insist on staying so she can play her ridiculas one-upmanship game with Indu? Her family and friends have suffered far more than her, in her quest to humiliate and ruin Indu.

And for what Sanchi? Because he loved you? I was so pissed the other day when Sanchi told Indu it wasn't her fault he loved her. You know why? Because that meant when she tricked and took advantage of him to get the property papers, she did so knowing that he really loved her. I was under the illusion that she thought he was just obsessed with her, But no, Sanchi knew that it was genuine love from Indu's end, and she really couldn't give a tiny rats a**, that she was playing with his heart. She deliberately set out to break it, in the most cruelest, humiliating and brutal way that she could. And all I have to say is Sanchi shame on you for that! Where did the girl who was so angry at Prabal for playing with her bestie's heart go then eh?! So it was wrong for Prabal to take advantage of Mahak, but ok for you to take advantage of Indu's love? I tell you that there is a serious case of Pot, Kettle, and Black going on there.

Also Mr. Indu 'I never listened to you when I was in love, so why should I listen to you when I hate you' Singh, double shame on you! At least Sanchi has the defence of never proclaiming to care about Indus feelings, but he professed to love Sanchi. So why did he deliberately ignore Sanchi's pleas and desires? Because he's a selfish, egotistical, spoilt brat, who always has to have his own way.
In this battle of egos between Sanchi and Indu, I honestly don't know who will win, but IMO; they're both as bad as each other, so therefore deserve to be together. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing I'll let them decide!

Coming back to today's epi and the all important INSA scenes, once again acting was flawless, and the dialogues crisp and fresh. The way Indu behaved reminded me of what he said in his very first RJN appearance, 'Only I have the right to be both the villain and hero of this campus'.
And indeed in that locked classroom, with Sanchi he exerted his full rights as he bounced madly from hero to villain.
He laughed manically at Sanchi's attempts to physically stop him with the candlestick, and weak hearted baseless threats on his life. There he was the villain as he mocked her by insisting that he was giving her what she wanted, her rights as his wife.
But the hero came to the fore as he thrust his bloody hand at her showing her the harsh reality of her deeds, and life itself. As he pointed out rightly no matter how much Sanchi denies it she is his wife, and he is part of her life. They are bound together, in a solemnised rista of hatred, and though she struggles to she can never truly sever those ties. Indu threw those harsh truths in her face, and our sweet little liar, couldn't simply put, handle it. Especially when he told as his wife no one not even she had the right to keep him away from her.
The way he backed her into a corner, lost for words, the hero in Indu was there suddenly as tears streamed freely down Sanchi's face. He wanted to be close to her, he wanted to wipe those tears away, he still loved her, and God does he hate her for that fact. He really hates her because he truly loves her.

Yet she is the girl that broke his heart, thereby killing his belief and illusions of love. Indu due to Sanchi's manipulations now knows that love is both the sweetest and painful emotion that ever was. So as revenge he is going to get her where it hurts, she used his love, his honesty in his love for her, that which was his strength and made it into his weakness, so he will take her biggest strength her, oh so sweet lies and use them against her.

Sarcasm dripped like acid from his words as he states that she was a 'big advocate of the truth', before laying his plan before her. She's so fond of lies, well then he is going to force her live a lie for the rest of her life. That and that only is Indu's punishment for Sanchi, to turn her own weapon against her.

Indu basked in the shine of his own victory as Sanchi cried silent tears of pain. She used the fact that he never backed down from his word time and time again against him, never believing that Indu would one day use that same chal on her.
Once again Indu also had to have some band baja as he celebrated his victory, so he made his own music, and blew a makeshift trumpet. Is there any symbolism in the fact that he chose the candlestick that Sanchi used to attack him? Does it show that Sanchi's weapon had indeed become his tool for victory?

After some music Indu leaps on to the bed, to muss it up a little, as he is leaving no stone unturned to let this truth be revealed. Sanchi looks on in anguish, at him, and I seriously think part of her was horrified that it wasn't just any mad man she watching, it was her husband who was singing in the joy of having destroyed her name and self-respect . Indu's causally flung petals at her stung her more than any  physical slap, as she knew then it was her husband's curse towards her.

He stated as much after her umpteenth attempt at escape failed. His wedding gift towards her is fear and hatred, both hers and his. Tomorrow he will let her fly free but Indu will do his best to never let the truth escape from that room.

Small ray of hope for Sanchi was that the hero in Indu is still there somewhere. He could have done so much worse to her, starting from the point she hit him with the candlestick, but he didn't. And the fact he didn't, the fact that he controlled both his anger and hatred for her means something. The fact that there was no lust in his eyes today but only love and hatred means something too. Both of them know these facts, and I can only hope that Sanchi doesn't use this knowledge in a negative way.

P.S Guys for those of you who bothered to read this Himalayan post, I'm so sorry for rambling on and on!

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.Smile

Actually not surprised with the episode - see my post 'Public Declaration'WinkSmile...already guessed what Indu was upto. The Q is what will Sanchi do now in retialiation?Ermm
Hmmm, this is never ending...

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ashok80 Newbie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
@ shridevigaddam : Glad that someone as a lady is saying it...coz if i had said something similar i would have been labelled as an MCP...however to elaborate on your point...Though i condone Indu's actions...however no matter what i dig deep in i have always been able to track the source back to Sanchi...except for his initial visits to "Sanchi's" House forcefully ...
She was the one who entered into a deal by asking him to get the papers in return for getting married to him...Sanchi was the one who tried to frame him in false case...Sanchi was the one who went to public first by giving the interview...Sanchi was the one who acted as if she wanted her rights as a wife and Indu did not give her the wifey rights...
and voila what has Indu done..he has done tit for tat...He forcefully married her since it was the deal which she initiated...He retorted to her interview by the Poster Scam...He killed two birds with one stone by "fake suhaagraat" as a fitting reply to her "false case" & "fake wifey claims"
In fact dumbo Sanchi has still not realised that two of the most prized posessions in her life are due to Indu..."1st year scholarship" and "her ancestral house"...
she also made fun of Indu's mom's love for her by playing out the marriage & jail scam , though Indu did go one step lower by physically abusing her father...That is a strict no no for me...No matter what violence has no place in my book...
At the end of it i feel...whatever Sanchi always remains as a mistake...simply because she does it in a minor scale...Indu on the other hand never makes mistakes...he makes BLUNDERS...still he has kept his dignity intact except for pushing his wifey in front of his friends at the end of marriage...he has given her accord of wife...which is a respectful position(though i am not much of it would be knowing you are a goon's wife)...he never defamed her...till the poster scam & now SR...
Another difference i find b/w these two is the primal importance of values these two hold in life...For Indu...its all about feelings...i dont think he is very upset about the fact that Sanchi exposed him in front of the college...if you look through the scene carefully...he gets angry when Sanchi mocks his feelings...she has done earlier too when she rejected him in front of the college...but that did not diminish his love for her...however what has upset him is her disdain and mockery for his feelings...
On the other hand for Sanchi...its all about self respect & identity / false ego...she seemed to be more upset with the fact that Indu did not give her the right of a wife rather than the forceful marriage...she seems to be more upset with the fact that people address her as bhabiji or Sanchi Indu singh...
Both of these people are hurting each other where it hurts the most...Sanchi by making mockery of his feelings & Indu by hurting her self respect / identity...
Anyways was recently watching the Curtain Raiser of RJN...and Indu Singh introduces himself in style saying..."yahaan ke hero bhi hum hain or villain bhi hum"...that means INSA fans will have to wait for a long time till we see them romancing each other...

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