Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee wife!! completed!

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"dont know why i alwaz lose ctrl ovr myself.. wenever she s arnd.. i just cant stop myself.. from loving her.. but neither can i forget wht she did 2 me..  m i right or wrong in romancing.. my wife?!!!"

hi guys.. hv been a member of if for quite sm tym now
n after reading so many ff on if.. thot i d try my hand at it
had read a story.. its a mills n boons novel "sinful truths"
n thot it d suit maneet.. 

in case it is similar 2 ny odr ffs. or nybdy has a prob wid d story.. plz let me know.. i d stop it immediately
ps do hit d like tab.. lets me know its worth continuing!!

part1,2,3; scroll down

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nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Maan Singh Khurana
our main protagonist

Geet Maan Singh Khurana
Maan s wife

Geet s daughter
10 yrs old, fun loving.. n loves her mother a lot

Sameera Rathod
supermodel by profession n aims for a career in film
maan s current girl frnd

Mohinder Handa
Geet s father
a former royal of hoshiarpur..
though financially weak.. still wants a royal life style..
n his priced possession in d handa haveli

Dev Malhotra
more abt him as d ff progresses

Aditya aka adi
maan s second in command n business partner

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

chapter 1,2,3: page 1                            
chapter 4: page 3 
chapter 5: page 7 
chapter 6: page 11    
chapter 7: page 12
chapter8/9: page 17
chapter 10:page 21
chapter 11: page 25
chapter 12: page 27
chapter 13: page 29
chapter 14: page 35
chapter 15: page 39
chapter 16: page 42
chapter 17: page 43
chapter 18: page 48
chapter 19: page 51
chapter 20/21: page 58
chapter22: page 66
chapter 23: page 68
chapter 24: page 76
chapter25/26: page 82
updt note
chapter 27:page 90
chapter 28:page 93
chapter 29
chapter 30
chapter 31
chapter 32
chapter 33
chapter 34

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but what is this sammera is maan's current girlfriendAngry

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nats0101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 1:48pm | IP Logged


It's already been a hectic day.. but dis has 2 b done.. delaying it ny further aint gonna do ny gud.. and now as I head 2wds my wife s flat.. I m trying 2 frame d exact set of words I wish 2 use n get dis done asap..

Parking my fav black colored audi

 in d narrow lane leading 2 her flat.. I tried remembering when was it tht I last saw her.. ages ago.. n though I never failed in depositing the monthly allowance in her account on time without fail.. I cudnt recall ny other interaction wid her.. nt tht I regret it.. but my damn heart sometimes when out of control does wish 2 know whts happening in her life..

Cut tht.. she doesn't deserve even a moment of my time.. especially after what she did to me.. after all our love, promises and marriage.. no it cant b forgotten.. n today I m here to put an end to it..

Yes today after almost ten years of separation.. I legally want to end dis relation so tht I can move on wid sameera.. well frankly I wasn't keen on a commitment especially after my experience wid geet.. but sameera has been so insistent over d past few weeks tht to put an end to all d nagging n more so for my peace of mind.. I might as well put an end to our.. no my non existent relation wid geet..

I rang d bell n waited for geet 2 open the door.. n despite my mind's warning.. my heart waited 2 catch a glimse of d woman.. who at one point meant more than d world for me..



But unfortunately for me.. der was no respite for my heart.. coz it wasn't geet who opened d door.. it was her ten yr old daughter Maahi!! Oh well though I wont accept it it was a partial respite as maahi was a mirror image of geet!! But my mind knows ders more 2 it.. n I wasn't here 2 dig back my past but m here to burry it..


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Awesome start!!!!!!
Loved it !!

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"I m here 2 meet ur mom!"

She glared at me.. n I realized tht she d grown taller n more beautiful than wen I last saw her yrs ago..

"but she isn't home..!"


I was really angry now.. here I was after cancelling my important work to meet geet and tht too after she decided the date n time.. dis was a limit..

"do u know wen she s likely 2 b bk.. I did tell ur mother abt my visit.."

"she might hv mentioned.. but are u comin in or not? u r wetting d entire corridor!!"

Damn dis gal she s givin me.. maan singh khurana attitude.. nobody dare do tht.. but den I really cudnt give her peace of my mind.. firstly it was my work.. I had 2 get it done!! N plus she was just a kid..

"yeah I guess I d wait for ur mother.."

She let me in, handed me a towel to wipe myself b4 I stepped on d rugged carpet tht decorated d floor.. as I glanced arnd I noticed d weary state of d hall.. though done in elegant taste.. afterall geet was an architect n she loved handling d interior decoratn too.. which reminded him of hw elegantly she d designed their lil home just after  their marriage n d memories associated..

"u d prefer black coffee I guess..?"

"how do u know?"

"mom mentioned it smtym.. n she tkes her coffee tht way too.."

When did geet start liking black coffee? My heart beats fasten 2 support her bt again gains ctrl once my brain tells me to not fall for d facade.. damn I m alwaz torn apart btwn dem..

"don't bother.. I guess ur mom wil b bk soon as I don't intend 2 stay long.. plus as a kid u shudnt b handling it.."

"stop pretending you care.. nywaz I ve doin it for long..!!" saying dis maahi walked into d kitchen nd inspite of myself I found myself behind her to ensure her safety!!

I noticed she did it perfectly n added a cube of sugar just d way I liked it.. n it tasted just like d way geet used 2 make it..

"perfect.." d word escaped my mouth b4 I cud stop myself.. n maahi gave a winning smile..

"um.. so whr has geet gone?"

"she s gone 2 meet nanu.. he s nt well..!!"

Oh so geet s gone 2 meet her loving royal highness dad.. well I ve alwaz been amazed 2 c relatn btwn geet n her dad.. coz I wasn't lucky enuf 2 hv d love of either of my parents as dey died when I m young n dadi was all I had bt she too died a yrs aftr my marriage.. guess she must b glad nt having 2 witness d future of our relatn..

"k.. so whts wrong wid him?"

"well he was operated last week n mum says his heart has bcm weak..!!"

So d old man was a heart pt .. damn y dint geet tell me? but wen had she in d past few yrs.. ten 2 b precise

"k.. so I guess she shud b bk soon..?"

" I don't know.."

"but hw cm did geet leave u all by ur self?" I said suddenly scared as 2 hw dis lil gal managed all on her own.. their society dint even have proper security guards..

"oh don't underestimate me.. I go for tai chi classes.. nd I know self defense!!"

Tht definitely caught me off guard.. tai chi was my favorite activity n geet knew tht well.. d no of times I caught her drooling over me.. n she loved it.. and

"hello.. omg babaji.. here m askin him if he wants more coffee n he isn't even answering!!"

But instead of comin bk into d real world.. I got lost remembering hw geet s favorite hobby was talkin 2 her babaji.. I wondered if it was still d same.. n d way maahi spoke.. probably it still is.. infact I dint even notice maahi walk out of d room..

She returned wid her drawing book n started sketching..

Though I wasn't interested I glanced from d corner of my eye n noticed her sketching building.. not normal for a ten yr old..but well I wasn't surprised after all she was geet s daughter n geet was naturally gifted.. d no of times she had cm up wid new ideas when we were working..

Maahi wasn't bad either.. infact it seemed tht she d inherited her mother s talent.. but she wasn't getting her garden ryt outside d bungalow she d sketched.

"um.. I don't think it ll work out tht way.."

"I dint ask u.. I wil ask mom wen she s bk.. after all she s an architect!!"

I dint miss d pride in her voice.. nd I knew hw it felt.. after all I was der wen geet received her architect degree..

"I m an architect too!!"

"really.. so wht all have u constructed?"

"like u d know"

"try me.."

"well have u heard of xyz mall, dome stadium, abc hall?"

" u designed dome stadium..?!!"

Ps guys sm imaginary str


"well thts my favorite.. I love d entrance etc etc.. wow.. its awesm.. infact mom took me der bt never mentioned u!!" twas gr8 2 c admiratn in her eyes!!

Well geet had been selective abt givin maahi info abt me..

Which brought us 2 d most controversial part of my relatnship wid geet..

Geet alwaz told maahi she is my daughter.. wen I knew d truth tht she wasn't!!

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But b4 I cud get into my past again. My cell buzzed.. it was sameera..

"wer r u darling.. u r supposed 2 cm wid me 2 d xyz s for dinner.. remember/ its my golden chance for d movie!!"

Oh god.. I did forget all abt tht.. I was supposes 2 get done wid geet  n den meet sameera..

"um.. sam..  actually I ll b a bit late!!"

"wht wer r u.. u promised me tht u ll accompany me.."  d anger evident in her voice

"I m still at geet s place.."

She dint even let me complete "oh.. so u spoke 2 her abt d divorce?" she was suddenly so calm..

" umm.. no actually geet isn't here.. its only maahi..'

"this is a limit.. wht r u doin der wen u r supposed 2 b der wid me.. neither is she der n y r u spending tym wid tht kid?":

I for sm reason dint like d way she said tht kid.. maahi wasn't bad.. she liked my work.. my heart screamt..

Suddenly d door beel rang.. n maahi rushed 2 get it..i hurriedly cut d call.. to finally meet d woman who was no is my wife!!


Geet gave maahi a quick hug n a peck on her forehead as she removed her rain coat..  her perfect figure came into view..she was still dresses in office wear.. wearing a formal skirt n top..  she seemed 2 have lost wt n seemed really stressed out.. it invoked a sense of protectiveness in me.. it was alwaz my dream 2 keep her safe in my arms alwaz.. but..

Thts wen she saw me.. n her expressions changed from tiredness to alert..

"omg maan.. m so sorry.. it just slipped outta my mind tht u were cming here.. m so so sorry. Wo I had 2 urgently  leave for .. um.. some work.. sorry.. when did u cm? did maahi get u smthng 2 drink.."

 sm thngs never change.. like geet s habbit to speak so much.. nt tht I minded.. I had alwaz adored tht!!

" relax geet.. just settle down .. we aren't really strangers.. so stop being so formal.. freshen up den well talk!!"

Geet gave me smile.. but t wasnt  her usual mesmerizing one.. d one which captured my heart.. filled my life wid happiness, which washed away all my tiredness.. wonder wer dose days were gone..  if it wasn't for geet herself.. we wud have been d happiest couple nd probably a kid like maahi.. did I just think dat.. no.. controlling my anguish at d situatn I stayed quite coz she seemed physically n mentally fatigued..

"just give me a few minutes.. I ll b bk." 

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