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4th June - WHAT AN EPISODE!!! Thriller again...

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged

The looming thrill, the harrowing scenes, Indu's terrifying expressions, Sanchi's helplessness, disturbing dialogues, the realistic violence - everything excelled even the forced wedding episode. I was so unlucky that I had to watch the episode with my husband sitting opposite me, my two children wailing/running around and with two cleaners who decided to pop in now out of all times (I had to hide my laptop from them while watching, lest they thought of me some sort of psycho-perv lol)

Anyway, I guess the effect brought about by all this was purely because Indu Singh was a degree more humiliated and a shade angrier today, then he probably ever was! 

Before I start my rant and praise Aniruddh's efforts here, I would like to take a moment to think of all those helpless women who have been subjected to the horrid experience of kidnapping and rape (which happens probably more often than we think it does!). Here we still hope that Indu might not inflict the worst on Sanchi...but, nevertheless, may we not in RJN's brilliance forget even for a moment that in reality, this would have to be a girl's worst fears come true... 

Back to the episode - 

Back at the university office, the officer who had declined Sanchi's form apologises profusely for his actions. He confesses that he had been influenced by Indu and acted very badly towards her. He commends her on her valiant efforts against Indu Singh 'No man should force anyone to do such things and get away with it...this campus is very fortunate to have a brave girl like you!'
He even summons a compounder and ensures that her scholarship application is fast-tracked to the VC's office. 
'Consider your application processed and accepted' he tells her
Sanchi and Mehek are over the moon
She steps out of the office, jubilant at the victory...elated that her self-esteem had been restored - she did not have to attach the 'Indu Singh' surname to hers in order to receive the scholarship. 

The university terrace 
Manwa is making tall and false claims 'If only I had not given in to their excuses..if only I used my intelligence...why did I act so foolishly...if only I had made that one call to you..' He is wholly aware of what he is doing and what the consequences would be (hats off to CVs for making a character like Manwa, he is more powerful than a whole load of negative females in serials today)
He continues his rant, only irking Indu Singh further 'My silly decision of not making that one call to you, has now resulted in your embarrassment bhaiyyaji... sometimes, I think I act very clever, when in reality, it turns out to be pure stupidity...' 
Guddu takes him to task 'You idiot! Don't you know how cunning bhabhiji is? How could you just take her words to be true? You should have warned us beforehand!'
'And I am more cunning than she is... if I hadn't done this, how would bhaiyyaji step forth to make his next plans to destroy Sanchi?' Manwa tells himself

Just then Indu's glance falls on Sanchi, as she is stepping out of the office.
She hears the ruckus above and looks up at Indu. He is seething in the agony of defeat. She smirks at him, ensuring he gets a good glimpse of her victorious grins. This makes his blood boil even more. 
Eventually, she leaves. Indu Singh takes a vow 'Sanchi Indu Singh, you have roused a fire in me than can raze anything in its path' he asks his mates to shut up 'Why are you boys mourning now? It's Sanchi's turn to mourn. The seeds that she has sown...well... she has to reap its harvest too, isn't it?' He shouts aloud 'Now she will confront the REAL INDU SINGH - an Indu Singh that probably no one has ever met before...I swear... I shall destroy Sanchi's respect, pride and self-esteem' he bellows angrily 'She loves making a mark for herself...she wants to come up in life.. I'll show her how...I'll make her life miserable now...'

Sanchi and Mehek joyously discuss about how their sting operation had succeeded. They are relieved (the lull before the storm) and decide upon visiting an eatery to celebrate their victory. Their discussions are being overheard by Yogi who seems to give Indu live updates of Sanchi's whereabouts.
'So you are out to feast... after ruining my respect? Wait and watch Sanchi ...wait and watch' Indu tells himself

The fateful hilly by-lanes of Benares
How vivacious she looks - like a free bird. Her hair flies about dreamily and her thoughts light, as she makes her way home after the small celebration, she had had with Mehek. Cycling along, she quietly treads on the lonely kutcha lanes that look eerily similar to the one she had been kidnapped from, not very long ago. Suddenly, she senses a car following her - this time a white one! 
The mood that the scene has set for us audience might be quite thrilling, but one can only begin to imagine what the poor lone girl must be going through. She starts increasing the pace of her pedals. For a brief second, she turns around and finds none there. Then lo! it materializes like out of nowhere. The white car.
Being the wise girl she is, she immediately reaches for her handbag to make a call to Mehek. However, on dipping her hand in, she gets a painful recollection - her phone had been left behind with Mehek. Mehek had briefly borrowed her phone to make a call to her parents and forgotten to return it. 
For a few minutes, the never-say-die attitude in the girl supports her diminishing confidence and she continues pedalling her cycle voraciously. However, for how long could her cycle keep up with a 4 wheeled drive? 
The white car ultimately rushes forward and halts, blocking her way. 
The first person to step out of the car is Yogi, then we meet Guddu and unusually Manwa too. (He does not want to miss out on the action this time!)
Finally we see the man holding the reigns of the operation, Indu Singh himself.
Stepping out in his green kurta, he blots out the sun's rays as he does so. (these sequences have been shot so brilliantly, one would have butterflies in the tummy while watching them)

In the meanwhile; Mehek realizes that Sanchi's phone is with her, when Veenaji calls to enquire about Sanchi's whereabouts. Mehek reassures Veenaji that Sanchi must be fine and on her way home. However; after keeping the call, she understands that Sanchi must need her phone and decides to make a brief detour to Sanchi's place to drop her phone off. 

At the desolate place, the trapped Sanchi tries running the other way around now. However, 3 well built men out-play her within a few seconds. They drag her and bring her in front of their 'bhaiyyaji'
Indu Singh has become quite an expert at this, I must say (and we get to see the tell-tale arm wringing and those ferocious kaahes too - lots of it...hee hee) 'Don't squirm so much Sanchi...come along...I am taking you to your favourite place now...'
The gang take her cycle along too...after all, she would need it to return home after the fiasco.

Mehek arrives at the scene, just on time. She witnesses the kidnapping taking place and becomes desperate to help her friend. (My my girls, she is one true friend... she actually risked her own life to save her friend's)
However, the irate Manwa now steps forth to stop her. It was like as though he was playing his own little part at getting back at her for his insult the previous night. When Mehek ferociously fights him off, Indu steps out of the car. He restrains her and warns her to stay within limits. Giving her a tight slap, he asks his friends to have the air from her tyres removed (Indu's brains work well when charged I must say!)
Mehek is left with little choice but to try and regain her composure, while her friend was being whisked away and her scooter tyres being punctured!
[OMG I cannot see Indu turning positive after this at all... he was as bad as bad can be girls :(]

Once the car takes away with Sanchi cornered within, Mehek tries and runs for a short distance with the car. Desperation makes one do futile actions. [However, it did show what a true friend she was indeed!] She finally gives up. With no phone (Was it smashed?), with no bike  - what would she do? She actually runs all the way to Sanchi's house. It was nearly nightfall by the time she did reach the residence. Exasperated and a nervous wreck; she heaves and sobs taking a few moments to collect herself, before she could actually blurt out the episode to Sanchi's parents.

A blindfolded Sanchi is dragged into the college grounds. She incessantly tries putting up a resistance against the men restraining her, but to no avail. 
Indu finally reveals 'Stop putting up such a struggle... we have reached your favourite place...' Saying so, her blindfold is removed.

The petrified Sanchi is shocked to find herself at the college grounds. 
'You love this place' Indu smiles 'I love this place too' he blushes
Eventually he reveals his plan 'Tonight whatever happens between the two of us here.. tomorrow morning the entire campus will witness the truth...' 

The doors to the shut classroom are finally opened and we get to see the amount of efforts Indu Singh's gang had put in for the sake of their bhaiyyaji's first night. (the eternal hopeful gang, like the eternal hopeful us!) 
The room was decorated in silk drapes, candles, flowers, festoons and what not! Indu is impressed and dances around in glee. 
He turns around to watch Sanchi's expressions. She is speechless, cornered, terrorized and probably finds herself as helpless as one can be!
Indu instructs his friends with a soft smile, all the while gazing at Sanchi 'Don't let her run... whatever she much ever she wriggles...squirms...screeches...suffers...I'll just be back'
(Mwah! AD's expressions are noteworthy here! Bloody hell -sorry for the swearing..but, I can't imagine what sanchi must be going through)

Indu Singh returns, dressed exactly like he was on his wedding day (minus the turban). 
He turns a shade pinker 'When I become happy, your bhabhi must feel even happier.. what beautiful arrangements my friends...thank you...'
Manwa is standing in the background watching all of it. He did want to avenge his insult and probably destroy Sanchi - but he finds himself unable to watch what was going on!

As a frantic last attempt, Sanchi again makes a dash for it. However, her path is blocked by the ever-loyal gang of Indu.
Indu frowns at her with an angry glare, warning her not to try anything so again. 
Sanchi is tearful. She points her finger at him and hurls empty threats 'Indu Singh.. don't do this... if something wrong happens to me, nothing good will happen to you either'
Indu Singh seems least perturbed. 
He advices his friends with a grin 'Just leave us alone...its our personal time now (blush)...whatever happens...WHATEVER... do NOT disturb us until tomorrow morning!'
Everyone joins Indu Singh in his blushing game.

Finally the rogue steps forth to secure the latch on the classroom door. Sanchi takes advantage of the opportunity and grabbing a silver candlestick hits him on his forehead - hard!
His forehead starts bleeding. The assault had caught him off-guard - injuring him quite deeply. Sanchi was quite taken aback herself too.
Trying to collect himself, Indu dabs his hand on his forehead and watches the blood streaming down. 
His eyes turn a shade more vindictive.

PRECAP - Indu has cornered a heartbroken Sanchi to the bed. His palms are near the profile of her face. He wants to feel her - probably lovingly. He wants to caress her (which he would have, under normal circumstances) However, his animal instincts soon take over and he grabs her face crudely. His fingers dig into her cheeks.

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged

I am sure your update is juicier than the actual episode. LOL

thank you.


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Rams3697 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Thank u soo much dear @lashy...for the updates...i couldn't do it...until june i'm can u update it till june 20.

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suki11 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged

Brilliant post again lashy!

OMG what an epi! From the point that Sanchi realised that she was being followed I was on the edge of my seat!
I liked the way the peon acknowledged he was wrong, and helped her submit her form, but I wonder how genuine he was about it. This was the same peon who originally refused to help Sanchi, way back when she first ever tried to get a scholarship. This man is corrupt, and more importantly he is weak, so I doubt he still really has come round to supporting Sanchi.

And like you Lashy, I have to give it to mannu, that boy is smart, shrewd and sure knows how to stir up trouble. No wonder Indu got him into his gang, and still after suspecting him of betrayal hasn't booted him out. Lol I used to think Indu was dumb not to, but now I know that Indu knew mannu although being a creepy little worm, still has his benefits! If anyone wants to know how to get revenge, just go to mannu for advice, as he is your man!

Woah is all I have to say to Sanchi, when she smirked at Indu as she looked up at him. Why, oh, why Sanchi are you so unbelievably dumb sometimes?! She should have given him a blank look, or even a pissed off one, but a jubilant smug smirk?! That girl is a perfect example of the saying, 'Give a fool enough rope and they are sure to hang themselves!'
I really hope after this mock SR Sanchi realises that she has to stop this tit for tat game with Indu. Fine get revenge on him, but stop matching him insult for insult. In other words stop going public with all your schemes! As Sanchi must know by now that stabbing Indu in the back and publicly humiliating him, never works! It just enrages him further, and hurts her and family even more in the long run.

I felt so bad for Sanchi when she was cornered by Indu and his boys but also at the same time; did she really expect Indu to do nothing?! Both this pati and patni Jodi don't understand each other at all! The other day Indu thought he had Sanchi humbled and defeated and today Sanchi thought she had shamed and knocked Indu down. When are they going to accept the fact that neither of them are going to admit defeat?!

I can't believe that this time even mannu came along for the ride! Point to be noted that this time Sanchi avoided calling him bhaiya. I wonder why she did that? Also once again both Sanchi and Indu should be glad of having such good and true friends! Loved Mahak, getting up even after Indu slapped her down to help Sanchi. That poor girl has to go through so much crap just for being Sanchi's friend! Still I had to laugh when Indu warned her to not interfere between husband and wife!

The best part of today's epi had to be Indu dancing and smiling with glee in his mock SR classroom. I really liked it when he told Sanchi he had brought her to the one place that she had he both loved. And when he told his boys that if he was happy that Sanchi was bound to be happy also, and then blew out the candle, I was like damn you AD for being so hot! Poor Sanchi she was stunned, into a helpless silence, and could barely choke a few weak empty threats at Indu. But I loved the way again that cut her words short and really let her know who was in control this time.

Finally we all know how Indu got hit! Lol after all the Cludo style guessing, we now know it was Sanchi in the classroom, with the candlestick! But boy did Indu look mad, as he saw his own blood on his hands; even Sanchi seemed more terrified than she ever has before of him.

We all know that Indu isn't going to force himself on her, more likely than not, he's going to spend the whole night insulting her. I just hope that somehow some of the things he says and does leaves Sanchi with a somewhat positive impression of him. Unlikely I know, but I think it is really important now for the story to move on that however miniscule it might be that, Sanchi develops some good feelings towards Indu!

Also on a side note the SBS clip showed both Sitaram and Tarachand storming onto the campus, so I wonder if a jealous mannu informed his daddy dearest where Sanchi and Indu were? More likely he did it out of spite and anger to further humiliate Sanchi, and make Indu less favourable than ever in her father's eyes!

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ashok80 Newbie

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Awesome Post Suki as usual...
I too have a feeling that Indu will not force himself on her... in fact he will speak his heart out in this meeting...In fact i was recently watching Salman's "Tere Nam" and i had an eerie feeling that RJN is very similar...fault me for that... coz i am a huge fan of Salman & recently started adoring AD so much...on & off i get a feeling that RJN has glimpses of the same...i have a strong belief that this scene is very similar to the one where Salman kidnaps the heroine and speaks his heart out...after which she actually starts respecting him / his love... Hope the same happens here...however i don't want RJN to go with a tragic ending similar to Tere Naam...i want to see INSA & more specifically  AD & PS romancing on screen...They make such a cute couple...In fact i hope they are a pair even in their real life...

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Lashy thanks for the update...
It was another great episode ... Class performance by Anirudh dave...
The way indu singh starred at sanchi when she smiled at him .
Sanchi should have gone underground Confused... instead she was celebrating her temporary victory on indu singh .
I felt bad for sanchi when again she was kidnapped Cry...
mehak poor girl ... SLAP ouch...
Indu singh is always in his best while showing hatred towards sanchi...
Best scene was when sanchi hit him... she was really terrified after hitting him. 
The way indu singh was looking at his blood stained hand ... oh god mar hi dala...

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roshaeldsouza91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
oh my my ... LASHY thnx again for the brilliant update.. i must tell you.. i haven't watched the epi yet... but the way you have written ... dont ask how i felt.. gosh it was scary ... i'll watch it and then comment... 
but yaa it is girl's biggest nightmare come true...

suki..  no comments awesome post yaar...

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
I loved these words of indu singh and the way he said to sanchi..
Jab prem karte thay tab nahi suni tu aab to nafrat kartay hai tu kaisay baat maan le...

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