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.:.Khatta-Meetha Express #4 - Zyaada Tension.:.

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Khatta-Meetha Express #4 - Zyaada Tension

Ridzzi Enters: Hello Everyone.
Jyoti: Ridzzi Shocked Juliet.. U are Ridzzi Now! changed?!! Shocked What should I call u.. Ermm
Stuti: Ridzzi Stern Smile What else, She killed Romeo first and Juliet now.. Stern Smile
Ridzzi: NOO! I said nah.. i am Not a Killer AngrySleepy
Oh God Sleepy Again u'll started
Ridzzi: Yessshhh But naahh, Stuti always Starts.. D'ohD'oh
Stuti: Shocked kyaaa? Jhutiii.. Angry
Ridzzi: No Jhuti, I m Sachi.. Cool u are Jhutiii
Jyoti: Ufff.. D'oh Not again.. STOOOP Now!
Ridzzi: Shocked Okay Ouch

Jyoti: We Welcome Everyone to the

Ridzzi: Parvarrish Newsletter Issue #4 Party
Which is Called the Famous 'Khatta-Meetha Express'

I would Like to thank all the NL-Team Members, for their Help and the Entire Forum Members' for their endless Support. Great Stuff by everyone! Special thanks to Jyoti for being such a sweet Moderator and allowing me to put up the NL

Enjoy Reading Everyone! Hope U Like this Issue, and I would like to know ur Feedback on this NL, So that we can Improve and do better in the upcoming NL issues

A Big thank You to the Members of the NL-Team

>Dialogue Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Picture Of the Week: SBSrocks
> Summary Of the Week: swethasyam08
> Emotional Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Funny Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Boring Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Best Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Irritating Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Best Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Rating Of the Week: sns23
> Best Costume Of the Week: sns23
> Best Episode Of the Week: Priyank.
> Filler Episode Of the Week: swethasyam08

> Avi Of the Week: jyoti06
> Siggie Of the Week: jyoti06
> Song for the Thread: -Ridzzi-

> Winner Siggie/Avi: Sublime Fantasy (FB)
> Newsletter Banners/Logos: -Stutz- & shareen
> Post Layout/Idea: -Ridzzi
- & jyoti06

Loads Of Love,
NL-Heads: Jyoti (jyoti06Cool and Ridzzi (-Ridzzi-) Approve


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delightful. IF-Stunnerz

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28th  May, 2012 Epi # 136
Sweety ji reaches Rocky's school and checks the prelims % and it was 62%. She is shocked but Rocky is like ok coz he can get in to arts easily. Lucky ji too was happy for his %.

Raavi's friends tease her and she is disappointed for getting less %. Later Pinky ji comes and checks for Raavi's % and it was 42%. She is shocked and searches for Raavi and finds her sitting on a bench disappointed. Raavi says though she did well but she didn't score good marks. Jeet ji n Pinky ji says that they won't scold her nor angry on her. They say that she can score better in the boards.

Sweety ji n Lcuky ji wants Rocky to take science but Rocky want to concentrate on sports and also he is not interested in science. Both Mom n son fi8 for that leaving Lucky ji confused.

Pinky ji n Jeet ji talks to the school principal for reevaluation of Raavi's papers. Principal says that Raavi's writing gets worse at the end. The cut off for commerce is 85% so they decide to help Raavi in planning for her studies as well as to improve her writing skills.

Rocky gets selected as the captain of the football team and Sweety ji all fuming says that she has decided to make him engineer and now she will do it and show.

29th May, 2012
Epi # 137
Rocky, Ginny and Lucky are surprised to see empty dishes on the table! Sweetyji & Rocky have fi8, where Sweety ji tries to convince Rocky for Engineering. Frustrated Rocky frustrated says that there are ways through sports too but Sweety ji isn't convinced so he leaves from there leaving Sweety ji angry.

Pinky ji gets some pens and asks Raavi to choose one that is comfortable for her. She shouts at Raashi n Sunny for drinking water straight from bottle. She adds that if germs get on to the bottle, Raavi may be effected before exams which is not good. Rashi n Sunny are surprised to see her.

Pinky and Sweety talk on the phone, and they discuss going to school next day to get the exam time table.

Rocky was playing on the computer and Ginny asks him why he's being acting so. Rocky says that he will do what he wants to do. Lucky comes in irritated and Rocky is scared. Lucky asks him what is he willing to sacrifice? Rocky doesn't understand. Lucky ji says when he turns 18, he will get him a motorcycle if he takes Science.

Rocky says he'll do science, but he wont study with Sweety ji anymore. Lucky ji says he will manage and suggest him not to tell anyone about the deal. Sweety ji doesn't convince.

Pinky ji and Sweety ji note down the exam timetable. They discover that English, Hindi and Math papers are back to back and there is a long gap before the social science paper (history and geography). Pinky ji is worried that Raavi has no time for Math, and Sweety ji is worried about the gap before the history paper.

Later Sweety ji is worried for Rocky's studies and finds his I-Pod. She drops it in his coat and runs the washing machine. Lucky ji comes home and he hears the machine making some noise, and goes to investigate it. Sweety is worried.

30th May, 2012
Epi # 138
Lucky ji comes and checks out in the washing machine and finds the I-pod. Sweety ji behaves as if she doesn't know anything and says that Rocky don't care for things. Lucky ji is doubtful but leaves.

Pinky ji talks to Jeet ji over phone while he was with clients. He feels embarrassed for the situation while Pinky ji goes on saying the plans she thought to Raavi's studies.

Raavi's teacher selects her for Newsletter editorial and she introduces her to Harsh who is the head for NL. Rocky suggests his friends for some stupid awards instead. Raavi's friends tease her but she ignores.

Sweety ji n Pinky ji talks over phone abt Rocky n Raavi's studies. Pinky ji later asks Raashi to switch of the TV as it disturbs Raavi's studies.

Rocky looses interest on studies and he goes in search of I-pod but Sweety ji says they don't know abt it. Next day, Sweety ji shows him his coat and asks he doesn't care abt the things. Rocky feels bad. Sweety ji thinks she has done Chhal and its time for Sheh aur Maat.

31st May, 2012
Epi # 139
Rocky is sad for his I-pod. Sweety says if he studies as per her instructions, he will get new one.

Some baba takes Pinky ji's innocence as advantage n says her daughter is in danger n he will remove it from her. She takes him home. When Jeet ji n kids enter home, its covered with smoke n baba shouts some mantras. Jeet ji is disappointed with Pinky ji n explains her, what if Baba takes advantage n do something wrong. Pinky ji apologizes n says she is worried abt Raavi.

Rocky switches on the cable connection and was enjoying the music with book in his hands too. Sweety ji comes in anger and takes away the TV from his room. She says to Lucky ji that she is worried for his board exams and she has to do it. Rocky overhears their convo and knows that Sweety ji has intentionally dropped the I-pod in Washing machine.

Rocky's friends suggest him to act like a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) patient and explains the symptoms. Rocky makes Lovely to support him in this.

Ginny pleads Sweety ji for going to a movie. Rocky comes home and  Sweety ji is happy that Rocky's center is near and enquires abt Raavi's center but Pinky ji has no idea.

While having the food, Rocky starts his act of losing his sight and falls down.

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Not at All.. No Emotional Scene At ALL.. All was Mischievous and Bore! Sleepy There was More of boring scene more than Emotional or any kind of scene. There was 1. The One in which Raavi cries on Pinky's lap saying sorry for not being up to their expectation that scene was emotional, rest NONE!

Again NO funny thing other than Raashi and Sunny playing the fool and wanting to watch TV. Other than that nothing Was Funny LOL

Yessshh.. Here comes my Fav. Section for this Week Pinch Boring Boring Boring! Lets Start, that scene in the school where Those 2 girls come and laugh at Raavi was a bore. Then Scene where Sweety plays her Chhal, of washing of the I-pod was bore and the way Lucky ji acted this week was very Feeka Unhappy
He wasn't on charge i guess, Then Rocky, Rocky acting like a blind person is DUMB and Boring! I didn't like it at All. Sleepy Then Pinky calling that Baba in the House.. Dead Damn Boring.

Honestly i really liked the way the principal spoke to Jeet-Pinky, well that was the only scene which i really liked and would like to make that the Best Scene, Pinky having faith on her daughter and making her practice handwriting was definitely Best scene in the entire week. Thumbs Up

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this week's episodes were all about exams, marks and future careers discussions.. I tried to find something out of these.. and I came to an excellent pictureWink guess what?

Woh hain cute sa RaashiEmbarrassed aur hamare motu raam sunnyLOLWink I liked the way raashi talked to pinky when she asked them to close the T.V as it will be a disturbance for raaviLOL she said that in a complete different tone and both sunny and raashi were very funny <3Big smile best brother-sister.

Sweety Ahluwalia

Look at this lady! She doesn't look a day older than 25, let alone the mother of 2 teens!! Loved this look of hers!!

Jeet Ahuja
Though there wasn't a clear call for Best character this week, but out of all, Jeet Ahuja deserves the credit to be the one .. His calm and fatherly type caring nature not only helped Raavi to regain her confidence and bounce back to studies, but also his reaction over Pinky's OTT drama of Babaji and all focused light on such stupid superstitions which we really need to get rid of.. He is not only sensible and protective, but his silent way of encouraging Raavi, his small small concerns over his daughter's studies, yet his effort not to show his tension in fronta his family and wife, these are really praise-worthy Embarrassed Every girl will want a father like him Clap

Mother-Son Duo. Rocky-Sweety Ahluwalia
Oh and unlike Best Character of the week, here we actually have a TIE between two major drama-holders LOL Urf Rocky Ahluwalia and Sweety Ahluwalia.. ClapROFL Both are equally annoying and dramebaaz when it comes to fulfill their wishes Angry But somehow Sweety Ahluwalia must take little bit more credit of getting nerves on thousand such students whose parents force their dreams onto them and dont let them pursue careers of their interests.. She is not only a nagging and dominating mother, but her constant evil tactics of making Rocky follow her orders and not giving him space, breaking his iPods and forcing him to take science etc etc makes her truly Devil Mom Thumbs Down

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Sweety Ji : Aur kisika gala toh daba nahi sakti.. Mann karta hai khud ka hi gala daba de !!!!!!!!!!

This small bit surely deserves to be DOTW only because of the way it was said.. Seeing Rocky enjoying with his 62% makes her too frustrated to maintain her calm ( which she really isn't ROFL ).. And audience can totally connect with her for such small small 'lamenting' type dialog over her kid's studiesLOL..

30th May, Wednesday, Episode # 138
No such good episode for the week, however, the Wed one was an average episode of all the 4 episodes aired, hence, this would be my selection.

31st May, 2012 Epi # 139
The baba thing and all it's a bit odd I felt.
That's the only thing I felt a filler rest all is as per the track.

Rating- 4/5

I love the way they are tackling this issue! Other than the whole PTSD part of course! This week's episode cut straight to the chase, with the declaration of 10th preliminary exam results - both Raavi and Rocky not having fared up to expectations.

Raavi wants to do well - but is definitely disgruntled with the way Pinky is handling the whole issue. Raavi's initial disappointment with her marks, has affected Pinky deeply. She is not able to see beyond Raavi and her disappointment, and look at the actual reason - why Raavi performed so badly. Maybe, Pinky should have let Jeet take over- considering, he has an inkling that maybe Raavi is not interested in following their dream taking up MBA. Finally how will this issue will turn out - we can only wait and see.

On the other hand, Sweety has openly expressed her disappointment with Rocky's performance. She expects great things out of her son - is she wrong - most definitely not, after all it is but natural to want your child to excel at what he does. But should she have forced this on Rocky - maybe not. She is appalled to see Rocky being so disinterested in studies - she definitely did not raise him to be this way! She knows Rocky is capable of much much more - but is unable to understand why he is refusing to put in the required effort and do well. Is this just the result of misled energy? Or is Rocky just acting out to irritate his mom?

Either way, both the story-lines are extremely interesting! Will Pinky and Sweety give in and understand what they truly need to do for their children? Or will Rocky and Raavi end up living life the way their parents want them to ? Or will they take a middle road - so that both the parents and the children, will be happy at the end of the day? We can only wait and see, what the future episodes have in store for us!

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In this Section we have the Avi and Siggy of the Week, in which the creators of our forum, their creations will be shown and they will be given a small gift. Big smile

Best Siggy maker of the Week Goes toZaryab-Khan

Here is the Siggy Made by Zaryab-Khan

Here's Your Gift!!

No Avis were made for this week Ouch

Here's Your Gift!!

^ No One Gets this Prize ConfusedLOL

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Ridzzi Reporting
Yay.. NL #4 is up! Hats off to the members of the NL for their Co-operation and Help! Hope you guys enjoy this edition! Congratulations to the winners Hug Also Guys, it was Disappointing to see not even 1 Avi in the CG and very less Creations, Guys its a small request, please make Siggy's and Avis for this Section, may it be Members of the NL or Members of the forum, please keep making Sigs/Avis for the Forum and post it in the Creations Gallery. Also, please give ur views, likes and comments so that we can work and do the NL #5 Better!


[This is a Members Only Post]


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This is the best Ri <3 I need to catch up ASAP and then spam you know where ROFL Nicely done Hug

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