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IPKKND - My Life Story! (Imp Note on Pg 145)

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Posted: 03 June 2012 at 8:25pm | IP Logged

Hi friends!


I haven't really posted anything after the predictions (which were actually suggestions to the CVs) that became very popular with everyone. Although everyone's comments were wonderful and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, these 3 really touched my heart:


1.    Posted: 26 March 2012 at 10:11pm | IP Logged  Electric_BuBBleLove the way you think!

2.     Posted: 28 March 2012 at 10:37pm | IP Logged AstuteASR: Oh God!!! Its such a beautiful story track, you should have written a story around it, I mean have an amazing talent...

3.     Posted: 27 March 2012 at 5:38pm | IP Logged xarmaanloverx: This is fantastic stuff!! Been a silent reader, but had to comment today! You haven't bragged; just written enough to get someone's imagination triggered! A real impressive writing style! Well done hun! 


Reference to my Predictions (in case anyone missed it):

Part 1:

Part 2:


As you might be aware, I'm not a regular writer but write only when I have something that is really worth your and my time and effort, I'm going to share something special with you yet again.


IPKKND no doubt stole our hearts for being so unique but in my heart, it holds a special place for another reason. It captures many incidents of my life in a beautiful way, some good, some bad but nevertheless the characters Arnav and Khushi are very close portrayal of me and my husband (not only in personalities and beliefs but also physical appearance). And please don't assume I look exactly like Sanaya or my hubby looks like Barun! LOL! The character of Khushi required someone who is petite, fair, innocent -faced, delicate structured, has cute looks that attracts everyone, one who thinks from the heart, wants to see everyone in a win-win situation, lives in the moment and that is what I am and look like as well. While the character of ASR required someone arrogant looking, perfect postured, straight forward, fierce when angry, extremely intelligent and street smart, carries himself with grace and charisma, weighs everything in life based on the end result and far sighted, which is what my hubby SRK is like.


I have noted more than 15 incidents of my life being aired on the show, some better in reality and some better shown on the show. So now I'm going to put those incidents in the form of a story/FF keeping the characters intact i.e. me as Khushi and my hubby as ASR. The only difference this FF would have from other FF (that maybe imaginary), is that this is based on real life.


I think when we see all that on the screen, it may be quite entertaining. Whereas, in reality when we are tested like Khushi was, it isn't as merry as it seems.  A situation where even when you say or do the right thing, you will be cornered till you can explain your actions or words in the right way at the right time. And if you cannot do that, you will be punished for it and similarly if accused of anything, you are deemed guilty till you can prove your innocence.  Where if you haven't prepared yourself with all the facts of the conversation or request you are about to make, your conversation will end in 2 minutes. Where no one is a match against ASR's witty one-liners and when he wants to make a point, he does not need to argue at all to prove anything. He simply asks a few short questions and leads you to his point, rather than convince you about it



Prologue: My Story (Meri Kahaani)


This is a story of my life with incidents and dialogues that have actually happened. The characters are inspired by Khushi and Arnav of IPKKND but the background and facts will be entirely different from the show (i.e. will be based on reality, although I may have to twist and turn some facts to mould them to flow with the story). Hope you will enjoy the ride down my memory lane.


Arnav Saleem Riyaasat is an arrogant, shrewd and straightforward personality. A well-established muslim businessman in Australia, who is dealing in IT software. A self-made man, who has learnt from the bitter experience of life, the way to deal with people ' a complete perfectionist. He has a younger brother called Akash, who is totally the opposite in personality but still, they share a great bonding. Lavanya is his closest friend and colleague, who is a young divorcee. His mother Anjuman resides in India and being very religious she keeps travelling off and on to the religious places in Saudi Arabia and sometimes visits her son in Australia.


Khushi Khan Gul is a well-educated, chirpy, and naive but a capable girl, who is good at almost everything she tries but lacks in self-confidence. A muslim girl residing in Dubai, who has great faith in Allah (the Lord of the Mankind, Jinns and all that exists) and speaks to Him often. Her family is about to migrate to Canada having obtained a permanent residency status and is looking forward to finding her a match in Canada. Payal is her closest friend.


Destiny plays a role and her path crosses ASR's and she is completely torn apart between her parents' wishes and the divine occurrences (not romantic) that happen between her and ASR.


 It's a tale of adventure, humour, heartache, faith, realization, love and hatred that continues till date ;)


Some of the IPKKND incidents that are common in my life are:


Khushi asking God to show her signs when the right person arrives, Diwali shock, heated conversation leading to Khushi leaving the city, her photo shoot in red sari, Khushi's silent treatment towards ASR, Khushi's unexpected engagement, Khushi and Arnav bet where the winner gets to ask for almost anything, splashing water at each other, written contracts for financial agreements, furniture fight, ASR in garden whenever in distress, Khushi speaking to God whenever in trouble, Khushi helping ASR and Lavanya to get together at her own cost, ASR's dislike for sweets and Khushi's craze for it, Divine occurance whenever they are together (instead of the wind, ASR & I have a divine connection of mind that makes us think of the exact same thing at the same moment more than often and its frequency sometimes scares us), dream sequence of ASR planning a surprise for Khushi, etc.


ARHI Vm made by my dear friend ACTywm (Abeer) on my story - Meri Kahani: 




This narration will be as close to reality as possible and will be followed by a situation based Vm, mostly by my buddies Ghausia and Abeer/ACTywm (so please comment on that as well). As this will take a lot of my time and effort, I am seeking comments on what you think about each chapter, as it will encourage me to update regularly. If all good Insha-Allah (God-willing), I hope to send updates once a week (Thursdays), as I work full-time and have a lot of work at home as well (no domestic help in Australia, so you have  to do everything from scratch for yourselves, regardless of how well off you maybe).




Chapter 1 - Page 1
Chapter 2 - Page 7
Chapter 3 - Page 14
Chapter 4 - Page 29
Chapter 5 - Page 44
Chapter 6 - Page 58
Chapter 7 - Page 72
Chapter 8 - Page 85
Chapter 9 - Page 98
Chapter 10 - Page 116
Chapter 11 - Page 127

Chapter 12 - New Thread:

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My Story: Chapter 1


Khushi was sitting in front of her computer and staring at the zoomed in pic of Arnav Saleem Riyaasat on her screen. The photo looked so real that she felt uncomfortable at the intensity at which his eyes seemed to be staring at her. His sharp features, glowing face and lean athletic body made him look really handsome and enticing. She felt dazed and was lost in thought.


Her father had wanted her to get married ever since she had turned 20 but she had kept postponing it all the while in the name of her studies and now that she was in the final year of her MBA, she knew well there was no more escape from it. Her 9-5 job as an HR Officer in an MNC and her MBA classes after work kept her thoroughly busy leaving only the weekends at her disposal for socializing with friends and family.


"If you don't find a good match for yourself before your graduation, then don't complain when we do the honours for you. Offcourse we are not going to force anyone on you but it will be mandatory for you to make a selection from our list of shortlisted potential grooms". Her father's words echoed in her ears.


She had had many admirers in her office as well as her university due to her cute innocent looks and her petite figure that made her look good in anything she wore, be it western or traditional and brought her lots of attention and complements. But somehow she had stayed clear of any slight possibility of a relationship. Her bitter experience in the past with Shyam had left her in a state, where she did not want to interact with men at any level or trust any man again. He had been with her in the early years of her BBA.  A very shady personality who pretended to be very helpful in assignments and projects and one day, he actually proposed to Khushi. She smartly told him to speak to her parents if he was serious, as this was the best way to scare away playboys. To her surprise he came to her house and won the heart of not only her best friend Payal but her parents as well. Just when the time came for the parents of both sides to meet, she realized his parents were not aware of their son's intentions and nor were they willing to get him married to a non-bengali girl (as Khushi was from the northern side of India). So Shyam conveniently moved on to a relationship with a Bengali girl in the same university, leaving Khushi to brood over the sudden rejection.


Ever since the incident, Khushi got herself busy with studies and work. Her only amusement was driving through the blood-thirsty roads of Shaikh Zayed in Dubai, which is lined with beautiful glass sky-scrapers and highest speed limit posts, with loud trance music so it could fill her emptiness when she was by herself in the car. With her love for sweets, her silly pranks, her ability to make people around her laugh, her passion for singing and dancing with her family and friends, she successfully covered up the scars that remained in her heart from the eyes of the world. She spent a lot of time trying out new restaurants with Payal, and after dinner, they sat for hours together by the river banks of Bur Dubai Creek, watching the reflection of city lights on the waves and sharing their day to day affairs.


"I'm very happy for you Payal! Jeejaji really doesn't know what a diamond he has got! And please stop crying. I will be fine. Allah has created us in pairs. When the right time comes my prince charming will arrive from a place we would have never imagined and when that happens, I will wait for a sign from Allah. I have always asked Him for it and you know '"


"No prayer is ever lost in Allah's court, as Allah answers them all" Both echoed the repeated saying in the hadith books (for muslims) and hugged each other.


Although Khushi was overjoyed see Payal getting married but deep inside she knew she will be deprived of her only companion, with whom she felt secure and could share everything underneath the sky.  Not only would it leave a blank spot in her life but will also further worsen the pressure of her parents, who had been waiting for Khushi's marriage for a long time but kept it low for her studies. Now that Payal was married and Khushi's MBA was about to finish within the year, Khushi knew well she could no longer evade the issue.


Since Khushi had failed to find a suitor for herself due to her lack of interest, her father took over the matter. But again finding a groom for a daughter in countries outside India is not as easy as it is in India (where you know lot of people and someone or the other can refer you to families looking out for a match for their son). People living abroad always face a great challenge when it comes to marrying their daughters. Firstly, because they don't have the option of marrying their daughters in India, since she has always lived abroad and may find it difficult to not only adjust to a new family but also to the new surroundings and life style, which might be a contrast to the environment abroad. Second issue is, there are very few families that a person living abroad has time to socialize with as friends and occasionally meets a few colleagues' families at parties organised by work places. Hence if there was no potential groom for your daughter within the small pool of your contacts, you really were left at the mercy of those few contacts, to lead you to potential grooms they knew from their other own contacts (which would be few again).


Having exhausted all his contacts, Khushi's father finally resorted to his last option ' (a matrimonial site that almost all Indian parents living abroad, who have children of marriageable age and no contacts to lead them to potential grooms, register their children at). The rules he laid down were simple. Khushi had to go through profiles of many guys each day, only those in Canada and if no one in Canada seemed right, then the next option was Dubai, with the condition that the guy must at least be willing to settle in Canada at some point in future. The reason being her family was in the process of migrating to Canada in a year's time. All expats who lived in Dubai were on working visas. So once they retire, they had to return to their home country, unless they migrate to one of the western countries that gives them its citizenship and allows them to stay there permanently. This is exactly what Khushi's father had done and hence he hoped to find an alliance in Canada itself for her, so their only daughter could be easily accessible for her parents and vice versa.


Khushi spent hours going through the profiles of guys in Canada but nothing really caught her eye. And then her eyes fell upon the top listed profiles that were given more prominence and then finally her eyes landed on a picture of a very handsome guy "Arnav Saleem Riyasat". 'Wow" Khushi thought as she could not take her eyes off him. She entered his profile to read his details.


"A well established young Australian businessman dealing in IT software. A perfectionist who expects nothing less from his life partner. Straight forward and hard working. Prefers to be given his space, when needed and is looking for a life partner who can independently handle household issues, as well as carry herself well at social events."


Khushi's mind started racing, "If he is all that successful, well settled in Australia and to add to all that, he is no doubt good looking, he should have girls all over him everywhere. Then what the heck is he doing on This must be a fake profile! And even if it weren't, I have no business in it, as he is not even in Canada." No sooner had she said this, the host of the profile came online. Khushi was aware that allowed members to see who was checking out their profile and hence immediately closed it but it was too late. She could see the chat request from Arnav Saleem Riyasat flashing on her screen! Her heart was thumping in her chest and one part of her mind was screaming, "No Khushi! Don't! Just don't accept it! You were almost drooling over him a while back, you might just give it away" the other part screaming, "What are you waiting for? Just accept it! How else will you know him?"


ARHI Vm on Khushi's plight in this situation: 




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sps1234 Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
luvd it!!!pls do continue...

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-Smiles- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
I really liked it..please do continue! And thank you very much for the PM.

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sheks007 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm...awaiting further reads eagerly..nice story..hope it has turned out to be sweet in your real life...

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PhoenixRadar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 June 2012 at 12:31am | IP Logged
Ola Deedee!!!!!
Wassup?? *hi-fi-ing* Hug
YAY YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You put it up at last!!!!!
Prologue is Awesome!!! Well, you literally put it all out of your system and let all the readers know that it's based on reality and your life!!! So it's like an Autobiography, but with different names!! heehee...LOL

Chapter One was *sigh* *Day dreaming* Beautifully written! Loved the way you put in all things necessary to know for us readers! The past, present and plans for the future! Well, presented Deedee!!!! You ain't an amateur, I can say that proudly!!! Mwh... :* I love it already!!!
Oh kay!! At first I thought that Arnav's family member may have put up his profile or something, 'cos may be even in his family someone will be pestering him to get married, like his grand mom! :P But now I see that he, himself, has come online! Or has he? Meaning is the real Arnav Saleem Riyaasat!!! Day Dreaming And I LOVE the Name you've given to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is *sigh* Sexy and tingly!!! Heheheh...main toh abhi bacchi hi hoon!! :P Embarrassed

Coming to the videos...
Love the Meri Kahaani Video! Day Dreaming It is very beautifully done Clap and right to the point, covering almost all of what you've mentioned in your prologue! But I would've loved to see the Water-splashing scene here too, but may be it didn't suit the song, or the start which you wanted to give, or may be even you want it to be shown only when you're going to be giving an update related to it! :D Am I right or Am I right? hahahah...Wink
Aye haaye! I very much love the song from the day it was aired in Navya!!!
My Heart goes all Dheem Tana...
My Heart goes all Dheem Tana... *dancing around* Silly Dancing
*suddenly stopping at the sight of Deedee's jaw dropping* Oops! Heheheh... LOL*grinning sheepishly* Well, I LOVE IT!!!!! Embarrassed

@Abeer: Beautifully Done!!Clap Hats off to you for taking so much time to make VMs for my Deedee! That's really sweet of you! I don't know if he'll see my comment or not, but do convey my message to him! :D

Annie Wink

P.S.: Hmm...long comment!! Star Would you like the same length for all your updates? *in an apron, with a platter in hand and looking expectantly with a Sheldon-Cooper-fake-smile*

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Shariqa! This is freaking amazing. Clap Wow, I had no idea that you were such a brilliant narrater. I am thoroughly involved and intrigued by this story of yours. More so because it seems very realistic too since the popularity of nowadays is widespread. Anyhow, really excited to read further about how this story unfolds. Awesome beginning my dear. You have laid out the backdrop of the story pretty well. Thanks for the PM dear. I shall be eagerly awaiting the next update. Hopefully it comes soon.

P.S. - The main reason why I am even more thrilled about this story is because it has glimpes of your real life in it. I am dying to know more about the exciting love story of your life. Big smile Thanks dear for sharing something this personal with everyone here in the forum.

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Nice story.
Pls do continue.
Thanks for the PM.

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