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Monday, June 4th, Episode 180
 pics by ratna akka 
Episode starts with meenu and family ,meenu mom asks that are you thinking abt the same think ans meenu dad says yes and what to do next and all three are sad 
then there comes RS then as usual they makes fun and he aks meenu that are you confident that your marriage will be done na ? meenu says i am confident and then 
then meenu dad asks to RS that no problem na ?? RS says in that sad voice that no problem
then he asks atha why so sad da telling ,RS says that  life na problems irrukum bt enna mathri allkul problems illana bore adikum nu he says.
Then shifts to saro house there saradha reading news paper she hears a song "yarukaga yarukuga" she then mulichifies then comes out and checks that RS is lying down 
and she asks that enna have you drank ka ??? he says yes and she asks enna this new habit drinking in that morning ?? he says its getting more time for night naa so athuku song allam ma he says no i dnt put any song !!! then she asks him to comes in
then both hears that song and rushes out and see there saro also drank and he put that song ,
then saradha says to RS see he has drank !! RS says i know he will drank and says how many times he has drank with out giving me !!! then saro says that  yes mom i have drank i cant forget meenu and at the same time i cant leave you to so i drank bt i mixed and drank RS says dai all will mix and drink da he says illa pa illa i mixed some poison in that ,saradha  is worried 
then she says i dnt know that you like meenu this much da no problem you marry her then he wakes up bt RS dai calm down 
then saradha says some how take out the poison naa pls than tyhey both take saro in to that room
 and RS says saradha to stay out then in side la both goes and dances for oli beeli song 
then afte some time saradha comes in see saro is fine bt RS is tired and saro says that amma dnt worry nothing for appa 
he will be fine then he leaves RS to her and he goes telling that i have lots of work for marriage nu 
then shifts to meenu and family taking abt leaving to their house then all were taking abt the marriage then meenu says that dnt worry appa with this time mama and saro would have done some drama and he done , meenu mom says ok bt i dnt think saradha will accept in this !! meenu says all will be ok maa then bell rings RS comes then all asks abt what happened and you came alone ,
then he says who said i came alone nu and calls saradha she comes 
as usual he talks bt RS says she has came here to says some thing bt which she has not said before than she hesitates then he asks her to so she says sorry then meenu dad also asks sorry then they
 says abt their plan of going to hme tomorrow then RS says ok appo tomorrow lunch in our house then RS says ok we will leave no meet you tomorrow then he gives signal to meenu to come and get blessing for saradha she also does then they both left ,
then shifts to saro house ther all comes all goes in meenu sees saro and RS leaves them and goes in 
Then meenu smiles at him and saro was casual and she asks why are you like some thing da he says no nothing then she asks him to catch her hand and take her in both goes in happily 
Originally posted by migan

Tuesday, June 5th, Episode 181
Pictures by Ratna
Part - 1

Tamil in Mottai madi trying to smoke. Saro comes there and Tamil drops the cigarette. Saro says it is ok. But Tamil says I don't smoke infront of my family members. Saro gets emotional and thanks Tamil for making them part of the family. Tamil tells it is only 2 weeks for the marriage coming close. She asks sorry for his rude behavior previously. Tamil asks Saro to take care of Meenu. He holds his hand and tells he will take care but as a brother he has to ask that. Also he asks Saro to protect Meenu from his mom. Saro holds Tamil hands and assures that. Tamil becomes emotional and hugs Saro. Both cry again.

All ready to eat. (Saro missisng). VV and RS decide to serve and they provoke Saradha and she is sitting to eat. Both guys serve and everyone eat happily. (Saro missing - Yenge???)
VV and RS hug each other and say they wish their family to be united like that alwaysnnu.

Part - 2

Meenu goes looking for Saro. Saro standing in a corner. Sad. Meenu asks why is he sad and standing alone? They start talking and Saro says sorry for the troubles he caused all along. It is only 13 days for the weddign and he can't wait.

Meenu tells sorry as well saying if he gave 10 troubles she would have gives 10,000 troubles and every time a problem gets over she wants to marry Saro even more than anything. She is happy for that. She tells it is Saro's Patience and give and take only solve the issues.

yelo Yelo song is playing in the back ground. Meenu says sorry for some thing else and Saro correctly guesses and Meenu tells OK I know we never kissed as lovers but go aheadnnu. Saro asks is this true Meenu says Yes and becomes too shy.

Saro comes close to her telling he is going to bayangarama kissing nnu. Meenu scolds no running commentary just go for it. Saro coems close and holds Meenu hand. He tells I will wait for 13 more days. All like us because we are decent lovers and we will continue to be that. He tells this is the last time he is seeing her as lover and next time when they meet it will be groom ready to marry her. Meenu tells for others we will be husband wife but we will always be lovers. He tells not only that we will prove to be the best husband wife ever. They smile.


Saro driving to work(Bike yenna aachu???) - he hears a radio program likes the voice - calls Shaw ans asks him - shaw doesn't know as well but tell very sweet voice, and they both speed up to office. There Saro combs his hair and peeks into the program room. Slowly the girl talkin on the mike turns her head and it is Yamini. Saro gets shocked. Shaw also is shocked.


Originally posted by hopper_ocean

Wednesday, June 6h, Episode 182

Update & pictures by atina
Seeing Yamini doing the radio prog...Sarav is shocked and Yamini makes fun of him. Sarav asks her why she did not inform him about her arrival..
.Yamini replies," I simply wanted to give you a surprise...more over you were asking me in my dremas" nee eppo thirimbi vareh nu" I Saruuu... ...Saravanaaa" Sarav asks her what is happening...She tells , mmm...un perai solli solli paarkaren"
Then she sings " un perai sollumbotheh ul nenjil kondaattam
unnodu vaazhathaaneh ..uyir vaazhum poraattam" Sarav does mind talking," ayo...I thought all the scenes are done but she is starting from the beginning...?" Yamini calls him again...and Sarav responds ," enammaaa" Yamini asks," what is this...calling me amma...hey...can we go for our honey moon to Scotland?" Sarav replies," polaam...but ava should accept illiyaa?"
Yami asks who is that ava? Srav tells," af...athu my mother...she does not like cold places that is why" Yami," ayo what is the connection between that and our honeymoon trip...?" Sarav sammalichufies and tells," ok...ok tell me why all of a sudden you came back like this?" Yami tells," two important things going to happen in my lkife this is our wedding and then the next is..I got a chance to sing in movies under Yuvans music direction..."
Sarav is happy to hear this and says Soooper...Yami ells," I have resifgned my job too" Hearing this Sarav reacted ..happy...then controls himself and does again his mind talking," appa...she will not come to the office so innum two weeks thaan somehow I have to samaalichufy everything" then he tells," Yamini...that is good...has anyone told you anything at all...?illiyaa...?good one thing...just go to ootty or some place like that and start practicing music without any the time everything will be over"
Yami smiles and tells," Saravanna...I have come right...wait and see your life will be changing so colourful daa?...Saravanaa...even if I dont get any of this it is ok daa for me...enakku nee oruthan pothum daa..." Saravanan mind talks," Saravanaa...unnoda fuse pogaama irunthaan careful daa"
Worried Saravanan is asking suggestion to his friend Shaw..who makes fun of him about Yami's arrival back and suggest," dei...saruyaana aapu da thing is sure...seruppu adi...for you...but the question is...whose seruppu? yamini's or Menakshi's...?...saridaa...saridaa...yamini has resigned...which means she will not comew to the office...and she has even chanhged her telephone number too right? so you just keep her busy with something else for this ten days and then finish the marriage and get back daa...then everything will be ok daa...but do not talk about this to anyone..."
Meenu is in the kitchen wiht her mum...who suggests to her to learn more variety of food like chilli chicken and ginger chicken etc. Meenu's sis comes there and inform that Arunachalam police is there to see Meenu akka. Meenakshi goes to the hall where Arunachalam is talking with VV. He hands over some sweets and flower to Meenu. VV tells that he has to go out to distribute the wedding card...and le leaves.
Arun asks about the weddinbg and all the wedding work. He asks about Thamizh and Saravanan..being friendly nowadays. He wishes her for a happy married life. Meenu asks about his wedding.
Arun hesitates and tells," Do not mistake me meenakshi...If at all this wedding of yours nadakaama poittaa...I may get another chance illiyaa? I am sorry to talk like this...but still I request you to consider if at all a siutuation happens like that..." He leaves.
Sarav calls Meenu's cell..and VV picks it up as Meenu is not around. Here Sarav goes," yenna Kallada kurichee...?" VV quickly tells that it is him...but Sarav asks," yei Meenu are you doing mimicry again...I know it is you...dee...yen chella maamaa...pattu maamaa...bujee maamaaa...ummmahg...ummmah...ummmah" VV feels embarassed and stops him and tells that it is really him...Sarav oreh vazhiyals...and asks sorry...VV continues," maapillai it is ok...ok let me also tell you something...dont mistake me okay vaa...en chella maapillai...laddu maapilai...pattu maapilai...ummmahg...ummmah...ummmah..."
Srav...stops him...and VV tells," see...not only your dad...even engalukkum commedy varum illeh?" Meenu comes and asks what is going on...VV smiles and tells ewhat happened...Meenu laghs and asks sorry to him and take the phone from him. VV goes inside. Sarav tells ," yei menaakchee...your dad is too good in giving kisses dee...he is far better than you dee..."
Meenu stops him and tells about Arunachalams visit to her house. Sarav asks whether she ate that sweet whish he brought? Meenu replies," mmm...nallal saapitten...and also the flowers ..I am wearing want to know what he said to me?...he said that he will marry onky after my marriage is over nu..." Sarav screms from his ennd," see..seee I told you...he is not good...yei dont laugh...kaduppa irukku dee...what is this both villai and villies all do the entries at the same time?"
Meenu asks," villain... saree...who is that villleee?" Sarav manages and tells," intha malligaa thaan...she sent me a message avlothaan..." Meenu asks about the message...Sarav...tells,"
you are my heart thirudina kedi
I am a lovely lady
unnodathu kattana body
Meenachee un pondaatee
naan venumnaan un vepaattee"
Meenu asks," really did she say like this? she smiles...Sarav tells," I have a doubt in that last lkine only...vai paattee...yaa...vepaattee ya nu?" Meenu tells," it is ok daa...I trust you daa..I know who ever come in between you will be a kavukka mudiyaatha kappal nu"
Sarav stops her and asks," appuram...I have some thing which your appa gave me...I will give back to you...and you can return that to him...okay vaa?"...Meenu laughs and tells..." yei...yei vendaam...vendaam...?" Both of them are happy with smiling faces...
Originally posted by hopper_ocean


Saro House

Saradha brings arathi for RS and he lovingly ask her what's for breakfast. She with sign language shows thosai nu. RS ask why she is not talking and Saradha signs she is mouna viradham nuShockedLOL.

RS is happy and goes up with his paper. And gets more shock when he sees Yamini. RS volaran in shock ROFL ROFL cause of seeing her and Yamini says she arrived yesterday. And she is here today to see both RS and Saradha to get blessing from them. RS tries to lie Saradha not around nu when Saradha appears. Yamini with full paasam calls her attai nu and Saradha full emotion showing how upset she is ROFLROFL over acting Saradha today in mouna viradham get up ROFL

She tries to sign to Yamini that when Y went to London, everything is finish here. She no longer can be her DIL nu. But lucky for RS and US ROFLROFLROFL Y did not understand what saradha saying. She ask how long this mouna viradham and RS answers for her one month. Y says she came to tell them an important news but looks like it has to wait. Y then says bye and leaves.

RS very happy and tells Saradha today god has tied her mouth. Saradha opens her mouth and ask RS if he knows what would have happen if only she open her mouth and talk (ShockedShocked adhan open panniyachae ROFL) RS says he knows... story would have gone back from Episode one all over again ROFLROFLROFL. This time nothing will change. The wedding will take place.

Meenu friend Lakshimi comes to visit her. Brings her so many things for Meenu for her marriage. Meenu ask why this formalities. Laksmi has tears and says she has to do all this. She futher tells Meenu that the chain Saro put for her wedding is not return back to him yet. Her husband Subu refuse to as its her father's duty to give that while her father says she is married already, so its up to her husband to deal with this. Meenu gets angry and ask how can her father do like this. Worst, how can a friend like Subbu do this to his friend. Meenu ask Laksmi if Saro never ask back for the chain. Laksmi says he did call once ... but Subbu did not entertain the call. Still, Saro send over expensive saree and suit for both of them together with wedding invitation card and ask them to make sure they come for wedding. Laksmi says she only have read about good people but in her life, its only Saro the first one she has seen. Meenu is touched with this.

Meenu calls Saro and cries. She says Laksmi came and told everything. Meenu says sorry cause of her only that day Saro gave the chain. She wonders how come Saro is not angry with Subbu. Saro laughs and says its because of Subbu wedding, Saro got a wife like Meenu. She means everything then anything else. Meenu is all touched and says i love you love you love you love you many times Embarrassed

Saro busy distrubuting card and Shah ask what will happen if Yamini comes to know about this. Saro is not concern about it cause Yamini no longer coming to office plus no one has her new number. Further Yamini is going to Banglore for some voice testing and will be back only after 15 days. So by then wedding is finish and he will say sorry to Yamini. Both goes on giving card when suddenly Yamini makes entry. Both thiru thiru mulichify LOL

Yamini ask what card is that... Saro volaran saying greeting card then said name card Shocked while Shah says its raisin card ShockedROFL Yamini says good joke and ask Saro what card is this? It looks like wedding card.

Both Saro and shah thiru thirufy. Yamini suddenly gets angry and scolds them for doing like this and cheating her. She never expected all this. PALAR! Shocked

She slaps Shah Shocked She scolds him for not telling her about his own wedding ShockedShockedShocked shah shock. He tries to tell its not his wedding but Saro PALAR slaps him ShockedShocked pavam shah gets slap from both side
ROFLROFLROFL Yamini is very angry Shah hides this matter from him and calls Shah father ShockedShocked Shah begs Saro to help him but Saro being selfish ask him to adjust and bear this lie for him. Shah father tells Yamini he too does not know anything about this wedding. PALAR!! Shocked another slap Yamini gives him. She then tells Saro not to friend Shah anymore, scolds Shah nicely and leaves. Shah tries to tell the truth but this time PALAR Shocked from Saro. Pavam Shah today semma slap ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL


Originally posted by hopper_ocean


Saro and yamini comes together in nike.Yamini tells tht beach is the best.Saro teases her tht she likes the untidy beach a lot.They bth leave from thr.

Saro nd Yamini r walking in beach.Saro is wearing helmet nd yamini is confused.She aks him why he is wearing it nd asks him to remove it.Saro tells her tht he is nt able to hear anything.Yamini tells him tht it is so hot nd he is wearing helmet.Saro removes it.Saro tells tht u knw it is so hot thn why they wanna come to beach.He tells that they would have spoke in home itself.Yamini takes it as some other meaning and tells him tht they can go. For that Saro tells that Beach itself is ok for him.Yamini laughs and Saro tells tht she became bad after seeing so many eng movies in London.Saro prays to muruga tht no one should see them.

Saro and Yamini starts walking wen some uncle comes to them nd tells Saro tht he got the card. Saro tells tht he sent Pongal wishes card when yamini asks him abt it.Uncle asks whether this is the bride pointing yamini and she says yes.Uncle says tht they both are looking like Surya and Jo.Saro thinks tht whether he have seen Jo before nu.Uncle tells them to go behind a boat and talk freely.Saro asks him to leave.That uncle leaves and yamini asks abt the boat.Saro asks what someone will think think if they see us and yamini tells tht u have tell to ur uncle nd all so it does nt matter if anyone sees us.

Meenu's ex-fiance(sry..i forgot his nameEmbarrassed) comes to the same beach. Someone calls him and he talks abt some case.Yamini asks Saro why every lover prefers Beach and he tells tht cost is low-sundal 5 Rs nd Bhajji 10 Rs.LOL.Yamini tells tht she wants sundal nw.Saro goes to get sundal.Yamini's kerchief goes to meenu's exy in air.She gets it from him leaves.

Meenu's exy sees Saro coming with Sundal.He sees Saro and yamini together and is confused.He then see them leaving together in bike.

Meenu's exy comes to see Meenu.Meenu and her sis is confused abt his arrival.He asks abt tamil nd meenu tells tht he went to mill.He gives something to Meenu and asks her to give it to tamil.

He leaves.But comes back again and asks sudha to bring some water.He tells Meenu that he wants to tel something and not to mistake him.Meenu aks him to tell abt it.He tells tht he went to chennai for some work and saw Saro in beach with a gal called yamini.He further tells tht he felt bad when he saw them talking.He tells that a going to be married guy should not behave like this and warning/punishing saro is upto her.Meenu tells him that there is no secrets between her and saro.She tells him tht she knws tht saro loved yamini.She further tells tht she will torture Saro but she will never doubt her.She tells tht she knws tht he went to beach with yamini nd if he sees him again he himself can go and talk to him and does not want to complain to her.She also tells tht she knows he did nt told with the bad intention but she does not want to doubt Saro after listening to him.She aks him to not tell her if he sees like this again and he leaves.

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by : Roshini1494
Sent : 10 June 2012 at 1:22pm

Meenu calls Saro and asks where he is.then she asks what he is doing in office.He tells tht he is doing work and meenu asks which work. He tells tht he is doing office work.Meenu asks him whether he is nt working for any women in his office like putting mehendhi nd combing hair.Saro remains silent for some time and then tells tht she is insulting him.

She then asks what he done yesterday.Saro tells tht he was so busy.He tells tht he was giving invitation to all nd meenu asks whether he gave invitations to all his past,present nd future lovers.Meenu tells tht she just asked for fun.He tells tht he don't knw abt future lover,gave invitation to present lover and past lover is in London.Meenu thinks tht he himself will come to point.Meenu aks whether he did not met yamini and spoke to her.Saro tells No nd asks wat she done yesterday.Meenu tells tht she came to Kottivakam Beach.Saro is shocked.ROFL

She tells tht she was going for a walk in kottivakam beach.She saw a man like him and girl like yamini.(Sangu sound in the BGROFLROFLROFL).Meenu tells tht it was a nice love scene.Saro weeps and Meenu asks him to tell all the details.Saro tells tht marriage will stop.Saro tells tht she came suddenly and meenu tells tht he must have given the card.He replies tht he went to beach only to give the card.Meenu asks why he took yamini to Beach.Saro tells tht otherwise she vl get angry and meenu asks the reason for it.Saro replied tht there is nothing and meenu aks whether he is hiding something from her.Meenu tells she vl tel tht he tld to her nd thn only went if someone else informs her abt it.Saro tells tht she could have lied to him tht she knws it nd meenu informs him tht she lied.Meenu further tells she tld tht saro informed her everything nd sent tht arunachalam but saro insulted her.Saro asks sorry and meenu tells tht lot of things happened between them nd she will not doubt him.But she feels bad when someone tells her about him.Saro tells sorry repeatedly and meenu tells tht she wants to be the one who knws everything abt him.Saro tells I Love U and ends the call.Meenu smiles but Saro gets worried.

Saro at hme calls his friend and asks him why he did nt came to hme.His friend tell tht we are going tomorrow only.His friend asks whr is yamini and Saro informs him tht she is in bangalore.Saro ells his frnd tht yamini will nt call him but if she calls asks him to act as if he is busy and cuts the call.

Yamini comes and his frnds hides under the table.

Yamini finds him and asks him to come out.

Yamini asks whether he is getting ready for marriage and is Saro also coming.His frnd tells yes.Yamini tells tht she knws saro will come to his marriage and his frnd thinks tht till this time the lie is maintaining as if his marriage gona happen.Yamini asks whether he vl nt give the card and his frnd aks her to got o hme and he vl bring the card.Yamini tells tht she vl not be able to come to hme as she wants to go to Bangalore for voice training.Yamini tells tht she vl come to his hme after marriage.She leaves.

Yamini sits near the reception waiting for station head.She goes through the magazines while waiting to meet him.She sees the invitation and takes it.

She opens and sees it. She wonders why pillayar photo is printed in Bhai's wedding card.She wonders whether it is inter caste marriage.She opend and reads it.She gets shocked after seeing Meenakshi and Saravanan's name in the card.Shocked

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thanks sneha for the updates Hug

belly dance semma super ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL meenu akka i really do hope you watch this episode ... you too kalki ROFLROFL pls dont miss seeing both father son doing belly dance ROFLROFLROFL the entire episode was so hilarious especially the part RS pottufy tamil infront of VV ROFLROFLROFL

so now saradha has agreed for the marriage. Looks like RS gave us hint nethu regards the wedding, i am betting the wedding is going to take place this week or next week Ermm

awww looks like we got a cute romance scene from both saro and meenu Day Dreaming and the best part its going to be meenu akka updating tomorrow ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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sneha thank you for the lovely update
i am going try and watch it - my daugher having exams Mon & Tue so didn't watch anything - i will try today
saravan - old flame back in town - i saw the ad
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thanks meenu akka for the super updates Hug

ROFL akka .. semma essu nenga ROFLROFL i like the way Saro said lets remain as decent lovers nu Embarrassed Hopefully wedding happens fast .. since so many hints are giving out this week ...and even saro saying the next they meet will be as husband and wife nu Embarrassed

Shocked villi vandhutalaa... Wacko

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can any mods make this topic sticky pls? Ermm

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Shocked villi villan same time entry?? Kalyanam nadandha madhiri taan lols LOL Thanks atina for the updates & pictures.

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thanks sneha, migan and ratna for the updates...
Thursday episode is super...commedy paa...I was LOL & LOL...
sema jokes...good one...

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Thank you Atinama and Ratna for the updates.

So funny and pavam Shaw in the middle. Sema comedy.

Now Villi comes to know of the wedding(in Friday episode I guess) - innum wedding drag pannuvangala???

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