Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-ME-2nd June 2012

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This is my first ever written update...I saw nobody has done it till now so I thought to take the initiative...sorry for any mistakes...Smile
The episode begins with Gopi thanking KanhaJi n saying that this trophy belongs to u...
Just then Rashi n Hetal come dere n praise her for singing so good n winning the competition, n Rashi said, in Dhawal Bhai's language, u sang 'bestumbest'!!!!!
Then Hetal tells Gopi that I'll prepare something sweet for u today, something which u like...n then Rashi says Gopi loves Basundi since childhood, n Hetal goes to prepare Basundi...(Rashi was genuinely happy for Gopi...she was at her best)
Just then Anita passes from there, n Rashi calls her n says, "Anita, did u see Gopi's trophy, n then Anita says m not in a mood to talk..but Rashi teases her more n says I know u must b feeling bad, but u should have practised more"...Anita gets angry n shouts at Rashi to which Rashi replies that all of us could see how u were trying to put Gopi's confidence down by commenting on her but good that she sang beautifully n gave answer to all your comments!!!!! Gopi was asking Rashi to keep quiet n leave from there but Rashi continued.
Just then Koki arrives n shouts on Rashi n asks her if she doesn't know how to talk to a 'Guest'(Koki knows how to put someone down very wellLOL)
Rashi n Gopii leave from dere.
Koki tells Anita that I want to talk to you.
She tells Anita that u had challenged me, n now see, my Gopi Bahu has won all d challenges n has proved that she is the best bahu n wife, n didn't u see how happy n impressed Ahem was by Gopi's I advise u to better forget the past n move on in life.
Anita gets upset n goes to her room  thinking of how Ahem was praising Gopi for singing competition n then how happy Gopi was...she gets agitated n throws the blanket on the floor n shouts "I'll not giv up that easily...Gopi wil hav to pay for this...I'll ruin her innocent face which she uses to impress everyone...
Scene shifts to Gohem's room...Gopi was ironing her Saree, just then Ahem enters...he asks Gopi to get a cup of Green Tea...Gopi doesn't switch off the iron but keeps it in a vertical positin on the saree n leaves to get the tea...just the Ahem searches for some file on the near table,something falls n Ahem bends to pick it up but due to this the iron falls on the saree...
Gopi comes with the tea n sees the iron on the saree, n then sees that the saree has got burnt...n thinks how did it fall I kept it straight n left...Ahem hears this n realizes wat happened n apologizes that it happened bcoz of his mistake...he asks Gopi if she felt bad to which Gopi says its okay...Smile
Scene shifts to the dining table...Ahem tells Koki that the Thepla is very good today...Koki says bcoz My Gopi Bahu has prepared it...Anita smirks, n then Ahem tells Gopi that I knew that u had made it...Gopi blushes n gives him another Thepla to which Anita fumes with angerEmbarrassed
Rashi then tells Jigar about the singing competition n how Gopi defeated which Jigar says that he missed all the fun...Rashi says, its okay, u can see Gopi's Trophy atleast...
All the men leave...then Gopi helps Baa to get up to which Baa giv Gopi her blessings n says hope you always b happy n Rashi then says that the reason for this smile is Jiju's praise...
Anita gets more agitated...Koki tells Rashi that today I m giving u the responsibility to prepare Chunda(it is a kind of mango pickle, sweet n sour)...
Wen everyone leaves, Anita says to herself I'll ruin this smile on Gopi's face today...n this time I'll win in my plans as well as my Ahem's love
Scene shifts to a saree shop...Ahem is looking in all d directions n realizes that the shop is full of women, n that he is d only guy dere...he goes to a counter where a salesman is standing who asks him wat is he looking for...Ahem says saree n then the guy says what type of saree Kanjiwaram, Banarsi n many other names...Ahem says u just start showing,,,,,he shows a few sarees but Ahem is all confused n unable to decide...the guy asks which color saree u want for bhabhiji n Ahem thinks(I think he doesn't know Gopi's favourite color)...he thinks n then sees a green saree, n says may b Gopi wil like dis as green is my favourite color...
Ahem asks d salesman to pack all the three sarees, the ladies nearby smiles that how cute he is unable to decide n therefore, has taken all d sarees...the salesman too tells Ahem that it looks like u r purchasing a saree for the first time for Bhabhiji...Ahem gets embarassed n leaves from dereLOL
Scene shifts to MM...Anita secretly goes in the kitchen thinking that this is the best time...Gopi wil come to kitchen after drying the clothes to prepare lunch, Rashi is making chunda, Koki n Hetal are in Baa's room n wil only come at lunch time...she then takes out something needle like pointed object n starts making holes in the cylinder pipe...just the she hears someone coming n meethi comes dere to take something...Anita hides n comes out after Meethi leaves...she makes another hole in the pipe...n then gets happy n says now I'll see how she impresses others...she smells n says nobody should come to know of it n therefore sprays something else(room freshner) in d kitchen...
then she quickly goes out of the kitcen n hides behind a pillar..she sees Gopi coming to the kitchen n gets happy...Gopi goes to the kitchen n makes dough...then she puts a pan on the gas n puts some Ghee in it..Anita is continuously watching Gopi, just then someone puts a hand on her back n Anita gets shocked to see Koki...Koki asks her wat is she doin here...Anita says there was some network problem n she had to send some urgent its done so she leaves from dere...
Gopi smells something wierd n thinks from where is dis smell coming...Anita is watching Gopi from upstairs  n thinks I shouldn't b around the kitchen now  bcoz if Koki will catch me dis time then it wil b a problem...Gopi ignores the smell n tries to light the gas...but the lighter doesn't work...she goes n takes out another lighter...she is about to switch on the gas but suddenly she remembers something n leaves from the kitchen...
The doorbell rings n Meethi opens the door...Ahem asks for Gopi n Meethi says she is in d kitchen...Meethi asks for the shopping bags in Ahem's hand n Ahem says its okay I'll take themBig smile...he goes towards the kitchen but gets someone's call n says I'll come in some time for the I have postponed it...!!!
Scene shifts to Anita's room who is nervous n thinks only few more minutes left...n then she tries to pass the time by reading some magazine but then she is all excited n nervous n can't concentrate on anything...suddenly there's a knock on her door n she gets more nervous n opens the door...Anita says u!!!
Rashi says yes, I had prepared Chunda n thought if you'd like to taste some...Anita says me???
Rashi says yes u, so that I can confirm whether the spices n sweetness are both in right proportion...n who can tell about sweet n spicy mix better than u!!!!!! Anita smirks n asks Rashi to leave as she is in no mood to taste anything!!! Rashi gets furious n is about to leave but Anita stops her n asks if she's goin to the kitchen??? Rashi says yes n Anita gets tensed n asks her sweetly if she doesn't want to make her taste the Chunda...Rashi gives confused looks n Anita tastes the Chunda n says its amazing!!!
Just then Anita seess Gopi coming dere n is shocked!!!!! She tells Gopi that wat are u doing here, I thought u were in the kitchen...Gopi says yes n asks her if she wants something?? Anita says no, just then Rashi thanx Gopi for reminding her about adding turmeric...Koki also comes dere n notices watever is going on dere..
In the kitchen Ahem once again gets a call n while taking he slips on somethings, the bags in his hands fall but he manages to balance himself n sees water spilled...he bends down to pick the bags n thinks Meethi should have cleaned he gets up he puts his hand on the lighter on the table by mistake n the lighter ignites n there is a huge flash of fire n Ahem falls n shouts out loudly...everyone hears Ahem's cry n Koki says Ahem n everybody runs down the stairs...Hetal n Baa were sitting on the swing they too run towards the kitchen...
In the meanwhile Ahem is unable to balance himself n slips on few more things n falls n faints... n the can of Ghee n oil fall down n spill around which spread the fire more...the sarees which Ahem brought also catch fire...everyone reaches outside the kitchen n are shocked to see the fire...just then Meethi comes n tells that Ahem Bhai just went inside the Kitchen...Everyone is dumbstruck n Gopi n Koki get hyper n try to get in shouting Ahem's name...but Hetal holds Koki's hand n Rashi holds Gopi's hand...Anita is standing behind and watching all this with utter shock n disbelief...she has tears in her eyes n her hands on her mouth, all her trick has backfired afterall!!!!Ouch
Ahem is lying in the kitchen unconscious in the kitchen with the fire spreading n surrounding him on all sides...Baa starts crying n prays to Kanhaji to save her grandson from all this...Gopi runs to the backdoor of the kitchen n shouts Ahem's name...Rashi too comes running n says, Gopi the door is closed from inside we can't do anything...
Meanwhile Hetal calls the fire brigade...
Gopi then thinks something n runs upstairs...she comes back with a blanket in her hand...she comes outside the kitchen where everyone is crying n praying...Meethi is standing with a bucket of water n throwing water on the fire continuously...
Without a thought, Gopi enters the kitchen with the blanket...everybody is shocked to see her entering, n Koki shouts Gopi Bahu...Gopi slowly enters fighting the fire with the blanket...just then we see Ahem's blazer has caught fire n he is lying all unconscious...everyone cries more...Gopi hesitates n thinks for a while but then gathers all her courage n reaches Ahem...she quickly puts the blanket on his back n the fire on his blazer dies down...
Then she tries to wake him up but he remains unconscious...she then goes near the cylinder n switches off the nob of the cylinder...then she gets a glass of water, goes to Ahem n sprinkles water on his face...everyone outside is watching dumbstruck n Anita still shocked!!!!!!!
Ahem gains consciousness n is shocked to see Gopi dere n asks her wat is she doin here n why did she come inside??? Gopi says "for u"!!!!!!
Both share an eyelock...Then Gopi gives the balnket to Ahem n puts it around him to cover him...Ahem asks Gopi also to come inside the blanket...Gopi first hesitates but Ahem says come on Gopi, be quick!!! Gopi also comes inside the blanket n then both slowly succeed in coming out of the kichen...everyone is crying(Rashi looked extremely genunielly worried for Gopi today, her tears said it all)...Koki thanks Gopi that today u put ur own life in danger to save my Ahem Dikra!!! Then Koki hugs Ahem...Koki then asks Gopi if she is fine too??? Gopi says yes n Koki hugs her too...then everyone leaves from there but Anita keeps standing there all shocked n with tears in her eyes!!!!!
Precap For Monday: - Everyone is sitting in the hall...Hetal  thanks God for saving the lives of both their children...Chirag, Parag n Jigar are also sitting there...Hetal then wonders that how did this fire take place??
Just then Rashi comes and says that the fire brigade people told Meethi that there were holes in the cylinder pipe...Koki gets thinking!!!!!!!!
Sorry if I missed anything and for the errors too!!!!!!! Hope u'll like it!!!!
Luvly!!!!!!! Smile

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thanks for the update dear.. and appreciate itSmile...

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

thanks for the update dear.. and appreciate itSmile...

Thanks Munni!!!!!Tongue

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Originally posted by Nilu.Dasuni

good job!

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L Thanks a ton for such a wonderful and detilaed update.. Smile

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Thanks Arnisha n Visha!!!!!!!Smile
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luvly dear u have written really lovely nice update.Thumbs Up

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Excellent update! Thanks Luvly.

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