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Louian Newsletter Of the Month - 2nd Edition

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**Will be added later on**

Khushi: Summers finally here! Yayyy!!

Person X: Grrr... and hot too!

Khushi: Isn't that good? I am tired of the cold whether! The Sun makes me feel cozy..

X: And me lazy!! Can't we just postpone the edition?

Juleka: No ways! You think I will allow you that Stern Smile

Khushi: Lets sip some coffee and get to work!

X: *These two are impossible!* Ok, miss khushi and miss hitler!

Khushi: So folks, we welcome you all to Dil-Dosti-Dance's 2nd NLBig smile

Sharon is feeling something for swayam, she always had but never accepted it. So will she go ahead and accept it? She is behaving nicely with swayam and feel different with him,so is this love?
Will she accept she loves Swayam...she is still in the phase of it.
So will she go and tell Swayam..and confess her love or at least give a chance to the Swaron relationship? Or is swayam going to ask her before that..and forget his Book is closed thing.
With Shivam too entering what more twists will come?

1. I knw u all hate this guy. It's said by none other our verryyy own Shivam. "lagta haist.louis mein nayi character ki season hai" - this obviously was said because of she is d Nayi character.

2. Okayy this is said by our diva sharon: "Zyada intensity hamare liye achi nahin hai" - This was said to our lover boy Swayam... As sharon thinks Swayam is tooo intense towards Sharon..

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We take this opportunity for everyone part of the News Letter on submitting their sections in on time. Hug

Regards, News Letter Heads
Khushi {..first.rain..}  and Juleka {Illyria}

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Week 1: 1st to 3rd may,2012

Rey accompanies with Swayam at his home and both of them apologise Taani for Sharon's rude behaviour. Taani is very sleepy next day as she had practised dancing by seeing videos at late night, but Swayam thinks she was listening to music. Meanwhile in class, Simmi tells Sharon that she was wrong in insulting Taani and Vishakha takes sharon's side. Vice Principal comes and tells Rey and SwaRon that they have to organise a charity event for their school.

Swayam wants to talk to Sharon something, but she refuses to talk alone. So they take Rey, who acts neutral and innocent, but he is enjoying their talk and tries to resolve their fight. Swayam apologizes to Sharon and says she needn't do as he deserved everything and it was his fault. He also tells her he has different feelings for her and not friendship. Simmi and Rinni tell Sharon when she scolds them that all this was Sharon's fault and she was rude to Swayam and lost her cool. Sharon agrees and hugs them.

Taani is practicing dance late night in rehearsal hall in college so Swayam won't understand at home. Rey goes and sees it and is shocked to see she can't dance, and is very angry on her.He thinks he will be in a mess even if he told all abt Taani, because all will blame Swayam then.

Swayam was concerned about Taani as she went home late, but she made some excuse!

Rey goes at his home and is surprised to see Nilesh, Vishakha playing playstation at his home..and then remembers he had called them. Also Vicky and Neha come out of his bedroom, and he is angry on them. Neha had told her parents she is going to Vicky's place and Rey gets hyper that all were telling so many lies..she, Taani. Soo he scolds them all, all apologize.

Next day Taani keeps following Rey apologizing. She wanted him to forgive her. Rey forgives her at last..and tells her he will teach her dancing secretly. So she was very happy. Swaron are working for charity event in projector room. Swayam acts too formal and weird and Sharon thinks he is irritating her and goes away.

Swayam is confused and goes to Rey at night in bb court and asks him abt Sharon that he has done every single thing for her but still she is irritated. Rey advices him to try sex charm thing till Sharon is impressed by Swayam. Then Rey goes and teaches basic warm up steps to Taani next day in early morn.

Week 2: 7th to 10th May,2012

Rey teaches Swayam a bit how to do stylish things and sex charm thing. Soin front of whole gang in canteen while discussing charity event thing, Swayam acts that way and calls Sharon babe. She is shocked..and surprised, after sometime she is feeling odd and goes away.Gang tease Swaron. Meanwhile Sharon is thinking abt Swayam's changed behaviour and was surprised to see why was it affecting her..and she gets all memories of Swayam. Meanwhile Taani feels she should practise more and asks Rey abt it, so they decide to practise dance at night too.

Taani goes in rehearsal hall and starts doing Kathak cos she had always loved it, Rey comes and is impressed to see her dedication towards Kathak.So he tells her she should do solo in front of everyone next day, so that all can know she can dance. But she is not prepared. Rey asks Swayam to come next day at 9am to college along with his team, he wanted to surprise them by Taani's dance. He doesn't allow Vicky or nilesh surprise was for weaklings. They were sad. But Rey loses his temper and Swayam calms him down,. As Taani doesn't turn up. He calls her and scolds her and says she doesn't deserve to be 6th dancer, she is hardly concerned abt any1. Taani really feels sad and thinks she should do something abt it, as she was wrong, Rey had helped her so much.

Rey thinks Sharon can be weaklings 6th dancer. Meanwhile Sharon gets some great news and wanted to surprise everyone. She calls Swayam, and he is surprised that she called and was out of words. Also he tells her its good that 1st time she was listening to Swayam. Sharon is bit excited and tells him to meet with his team in canteen later. Rinni and simmi are shocked to see Sharon blushing..and tease her, Sharon covers it up and says Swayam has changed.Meanwhile whole gang comes in canteen except Rey and Sharon tells the surprise, it is that Dazzlers are given a chance again to participate in Footloose, all are very happy, and they dance.

Rey comes but he is not very happy about the news as he was concerned abt 6th dancer. Just then Shivam enters and all are super angry on him cos of what he had done. He tells them that he has taken admission in the college, and every1 was shocked.Shivam is acting too innocent and good, Rey,Swayam, Sharon decide to go to Vice principal to discuss about this but he wasn't there.Meanwhile Shivam's gang wasn't allowing others to play bb in bb court, so amar,nil,Vicky,bharat go and both gangs have a fight and Shivam's gang injures these 4 badly. The girls come and take them in hospital..

Meanwhile Rey,Swayam,Sharon see all this via mms. They are very angry and Rey gets hyper, Swayam asks him to calm down and think. They go in hospital where all were very hurt. Rey was very angry seeing this, and without listening to Swayam he goes to the bb court. He warns Shivam's gang once but they tease him, so he decides to teach them a lesson. All get hurt and Rey fights the all.

Week 3: 14th to 17th May,2012

It starts raining.All guys come and start fighting with Shivam's gang. Swayam is trying to stop everyone from fighting. Shivam too enters the bb court and Swayam loses his cool. He gets super hyper and punches Shivam hard, and scolds him that he hurt Sharon. Sharon was shocked and surprised to See Swayam like this. Meanwhile a new Vice Principal comes and asks them to stop the fight and all of them go in his office.

He scolds them on their behaviour and takes Shivam's side. Shivam asks him to forgive them, and all were kinda the VP gives them a chance, and tells them dazzlers got a chance due to Shivam in footloose and now KR is out. All were surprised as well as angry on Shivam.

At night Sharon is rehearsing at home, when she gets some memories of Swayam during Fotloose and thinks abt bb court incident. She thinks Swayam has changed lots. She is getting all memories which she shared with Swayam and is sitting on the bed. Rey pops in and she is scared, and Rey tells her that they are best friends and the bond Sharon and Rey share. Sharon tells Rey she wont fight with Swayam anymore afterall that happened. Rey was very happy, and asks her to tell him. But she says Swayam is very affected by her and is sensitive so she wont tell him, and didn't want to hurt him more as she knew he loved her. Rey was happy and surprised and tells her instead of talking abt Shivam they talked abt Swayam. Then he goes as next day was imp.

Next day morning all are in rehearsal hall, and Sharon tells Rey he shouldn't have fought,Rey tells her he wont keep quiet if some1 hurts his friends. All girls try to tell guys same, but no one listens.

Then Sharon indirectly tells Swayam that he had really got hyper with Shivam and it was not right to get so angry. Sayam is shocked, Rey takes the chance and tells, That people change in love and u should remain with the person you love. Then in front of the college, Taani does a Kathak performance, and all are very impressed by it, and tell her good except Vishakha as she missed Kriya.Swayam thinks as a start it was good and Taani can practise and get better. Sharon thinks her dance style was different so dazzlers had to accordingly start working with their rehearsals.

At night Rey and taani were gonna start to practise dance, when Shivam comes. Taani hides, Shivams shows sympathy towards Rey and his team, and wanted to apologise them, and meet Sharon. Rey warns him to stay away frm his friends and specially Sharon. Shivam also tells abt Kriya. So Taani understands that Kria was Rey's ex gf. She decides to find everything abt Kriya so she asks all girls and they tell her about Kriya.

Next day whole gang is discussing abt charity event. VP calls Sharon, Rey,Swayam and asks them to include Shivam with them. All get pissed off but Rey loses his cool and VP warns him. Swayam tells ok to VP, they go out and Sharon also snaps at swayam, Rey understands his fault.Shivam joins the gang for charity event discussions, all are pissed off to see him but Swayam and rey try to tell they have to work with him, and don't have time to waste. No one had got good ideas for charity event.

Shivam suggests to have a concert and dance..and as dancers of St Louis were talented, tickets wud be sold. Sharon,Rey, Swayam were impressed with idea and accept it and accordingly they divide their work. Shivam tries to apologise but no1 was intrested, and ask him to leave after discussion. Rey tells Swayam that they should include Taani in the event so she understands abt the work.

Sharon apologises to Swayam abt snapping at him and he was surprised.

Week 4: 21st to 24th May,2012

Sharon tells Swayam that he is not as calm and simple as he looks. He is very intense inside and Swayam explains she was right and he was emotional.Taani tries to help someone but no1 wanted it, so finally she finds Shivam who was accepting her help, but Rey comes and asks him to stay away. Taani decides to impress Rey by being like Kriya exactly.

So taani orders dress like Kriya at home. Swayam was confused and talks to rey,Vicky, neha abt it..and Neha says that this means Taani was in love. Rey thinks Shivam had done this and was concerned.Next day Sharon didn't want to talk much to Shivam and was finding it odd, Swayam guesses it and talks to Shivam by coming forward. Sharon was relieved and happy. Meanwhile Taani weras dress like Kriya..and behaves like Kriya. Whole gang also ssees and is shocked.

Rey sees her and is shocked as he gets all Kriya's memories too. Vishakha thinks Rey is overprotective of Taani and Swayam shud do that job.Sharon and Swayam are in the projector room and are seeing videos of dance fest. Sharon suggests she and Swayam should do Parso doble as they never did it in front of the crowd. Swayam was surprised and says they shudnt and she should do a dance with Rey as all dances of Swaron strted or ended with fight.

Then Swayam asks Sharon for a dance and they do a dance on Chura Liya tumne jo dil ko song.They sway to music and do a romantic dance'then Sharon blushes and leaves. Swayam feels it as a dream and thinks God shouldn't break it.Sharon gets memories of the dance and was thinking what had happened to her, had her heart accepted Swayam.

Meanwhile Taani acts like Kriya with Rey fighting for no reason, throwing attitude and getting angry and says she will work with Shivam. Rey is shocked at her attitude and asks her the reason. She tells she only thought about Rey and Kriya too behaved with him the same way, and Taani wanted to understand Rey lie Kriya and wanted him to give her a chance. Rey is just too surprised, shocked and angry hearing this.

This month it was really tough to decide the biggest, most acute headache of the month. Since I can just talk about scenes or characters related to the show, I can't include the absence and/or overdose of expressions as displayed by certain people who shall remain unnamed.

Anyways, after much thought and inner conflicts I think the honourable title for the most brain chewing thing of this month would go to the desperate attempt on Taani's part to become Kriya's less glamorous incarnate.

Personally, I disliked it because after watching the awesome performance of Swayam and Sharon, it came as a bit of a downer. The girl has an irritating quality about her that just manages to aggravate anyone who watches any of her scenes. Of course, I'm talking about the character of Taani. Character being the key word.

Her obsession with Rey is getting out of hand and someone needs to knock some sense into that girl. Her vehement stubbornness to not understand that it's mentally torturing him, not to mention that she comes across as highly shallow and stupid, has led us all to wonder how exactly are the creatives on the show planning on blooming the yet non-existent bud of love between them. Personally speaking, I'm not even remotely curious to know how their love story is going to progress. I watch the show solely for Swayam and Sharon. I would say I watch it for the rest of the D3 gang (excluding Taani of course) if they could be given the chance to contribute their two cents. But sadly they are not.

But I'm not here to give my personal opinion. I'm here to give my unbiased opinion. And my unbiased opinion is that the Creatives should tone it down a bit. Taani seems to have more irritating qualities than required and majority of the viewership can hardly stand it. (Read: Absolutely CAN'T stand it.)

Attempting to make another Kriya is highly illogical and the Creatives are advised to tread carefully. They seem to be playing with fire here. When this headache might turn into a full-fledged hatred, you never know.

Our beloved Lousians are all together these day. So it is very difficult to select a single scene for the unity of the month. But still it has to be done.

The scene this month in which i felt really happy seeing everyone was the one when Sharon told everyone about Dazzlers re-entry in the Footlose competition.

It was obvious that the Dazzlers will be happy, but the Weeklings knowing that they have such an intense competition once again, were equally happy!! And even the Dazzlers did not think that they would have competition from the Weeklings. They just wanted to share their happiness with their friends.
And the dance after that. It was as heart warming as it was amazing!! Loved this scene to the CORE...!!!

The dance that shines the month of May was undoubtedly the 'Chura Liya Hai' sequence sole fully danced by Swayam and Sharon. The amazing track, the lovely moment, the best dance all in all that glamour's not only SwaRon's life but the whole D3 month. The most awaited moment in the duration of May has to be this dance. Swayam and Sharon living the moment, as they dance most sensuously blocking the rest of the world out and their eyes shows all the feelings they have towards each other. Never once breaking the eye contact as they slowly dance their heart out leaving a most touching mark in the dance. As much as the message was passed and the love was in the air, this dance will surely mark a new relationship in Swayam and Shaorn's life. The relationship that was full of ups and downs till now. An Unspoken relationship gets its name ' Surely the Dance ' Joy to the world or, over here Dance ' Accepting the Love.

To top the beautiful moment, 'In Lamhon ke' sequence sensuously danced by Rey and Kria during the Dance Fest is played in the over head, as the over head becomes SwaRon's spotlight. Bringing unforgettable KriyAnsh memories back as SwaRon's weaves their loving memories ' This not only marks the best Dance of May but also the Picture Perfect moment of the month.

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I deceive my own favourites again, and confess that nobody on the show is more dazzling than Rey anymore. He does things, a lot of things together ' he manages his friends, he helps those who don't need the managing, he acts cupid with his own heart healing and he gives dancing lessons in private. Swayam and Sharon do not make sense these days. Taani hasn't done a thing to be awarded this, leaves me with the gang which is nearly non-existent, except for Vishakha and her unnecessary snout comments. So, Rey it is ' he has his flaws, a lot of em but he seems to be the only one close the original D3 these days! Here's to Rey, for being an efficient multitasking man and sticking to his character!

The platonic love/friendship

Sharon accepted it; she admitted that there are no more reasons for her and Swayam to be apart. Did she actually, for real? That part came as a surprise for most of us but the person she confessed it to, there were no surprises there it had to be Rey. He is right he can hug her, tease her whenever he wanted without any consideration of the love angle because that's how their relationship is, that's how it has always been and how it should be. It is effortless no pretences no facade just plain and simple love. The care and concern for each other has been evident since the beginning and the scene as on 15th may cemented it even further. Right from the start when Rey jumps on her bed till the end when he pretends to sleep there, each scene makes us go "aww". They mock and tease each other, share their insecurities and their friendship glows through it all.

Start of something new

They have danced before-once on the request of Nicole ma'am, once for the sake of the dance fest, once as a challenge to tango but as Swayam proclaimed it had always begun or ended in a fight. But that was not the case as on 25th may 2012, this day was different. They danced, yes together, yes but willingly. It didn't involve difficult choreographed steps or didn't emphasise particularly on dance like the previous one's but no less than them on the romance quotient. The mood was right, the lights perfect, the song apt and emotions swayed them to the music. The after effects of this "projector room dance" were equally heart warming. Like Swayam we all wish this doesn't end like a dream maybe the difference from then and now is a sure shot sign of what the future might hold because this time, when the dance ended Sharon ran away just like before but the difference is - her smile.

Platonic best-friendship is out of my understanding, because I don't see how your best friend isn't the one you'd wanna stay put with. Therefore, Sharon and Rey never made sense to me, albeit they had a very nice scene this month. The whole scene in which Rey sneaks into Sharon's room and they talk about Sharon and Swayam. It was heartfelt and beautiful, possibly the best scene of the month. They are awesome actors, and while their relationship is still beyond my understanding, the scene was very nicely presented, awesome.

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Life is beautiful, anymore than the backside of a cow. D3 didn't have it in it this month to make anything tearful; only, I did wanna tear my hair out a few times. So, the only tearful part of life this month is that D3 has lost its touch, and I don't know how they will regain it.

May was a Waaay better month when it came to comedy.. There were few really adorable and Tummy aching Laughter scene.. Here is My Take on the Most hilarious scenes of the Month!!

#1 - Taani's and ONLY Cute and oh-so-Adorable imagination of Sharon and Swayam fighting like two year olds when Sharon would find about her inability to Dance!! Sneha and Shantanu did the Entire thing so Adorably.. It made us Awww and ROFL At the Same time..

#2 - The RETURN Of the NICKY Bros!! God Bless the CVs for that!! There were two Very VERY Funny scenes.. one being the Entire ViHa fiasco in Rey's house and Then the Part where Rey decides to Give a HUGE Surprise for the Weaklings team And NicKy Bros Go all ' Dost Dost naa Raha!!' Amazing to see those too Again.. And Vicky Man!! Elephant and horse rides in the BB Court!! He really is the Brains!! :D

#3 - I shall be damned if i dont Mention the Sexy *Hilarious* Charms of our darling Swayam Shikawat.. Right from his Failed attempts in front of the mirror to the Babe calling thin.. Found it absolutely funny.. 

#4 - Rey was killer with his Running commentary and Cuteness.. The entire Khullam khulla Baat karenge hum dono thing was Just brilliant man..

And with that Im done for the Month! More ROFLing expected during the Event.. Lets see what the Show has in store for us in my Favorite month.. :)

It seems as if the D3 team has decided to reuse every KriYaansh thing that holds importance for the fans and KriYaansh themselves.

Last month the KriYaansh Dil Se Rey sequence was reused with Taani. And this month, it was another attack on our hearts when the white dress that Kriya wore on KriYaansh's first meeting was worn by Taani. The fans were once again left heart broken as that dress was not only special for KriYaansh but even the fans also cherished it.

It has pained my heart to write this section the 2 times i have written it. I hope next month I wont have to endure this kind of pain again.

Ello Amigos!
Okay first I would like to say, SwaRaon track is moving aage!Dancing Have been waiting for this like for ages and ages!LOL
Now onto work!Cool I would indefinitely say that Swayam aka Shaantanu is doing a fab job now. His character has finally started shaping up well. I really liked the way he reacted when Sharon told him about the designs sent by Shivam. So yeah this week it is Swayam.

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KriYansh Writer: Snigdha_arsha
Work name: Chasing Midnight
Your Gift. Feel free to use for the month of June!

SwaRon writer: -.nandhini.-
Work name: OS: Always by your side
Your Gift. Feel free to use for the month of June! 

Mix Writer: muzzy_sk
Work name: Friendship and Luv redifined
Your Gift. Feel free to use for the month of June!

Winner: Kanks aka Savage.
Your Gift: 

Winner: devil_of_heaven

Your Gift: 

Winner: 100littledevils
VM Name: D3 Title Track 

Your gift: 

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Name: Asha_Arsha
Your Gift: 

Name: luv_arsha
Your Gift: 

Name: manasie
Your Gift: 

Name: SwaRonArsha95
Your Gift: 

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From hARSHA_Neeti
1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
The scene is KR's pre-valentine night scene...

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? and Why?
The most beautiful thing which I liked about the scene is to see  the saddest  part of a true love, the extent to which a gal can go just to keep her love happy after her exit...
When I saw the scene for the 1st tym, tears were just rolling down my cheeks without any control, I couldn't think anything, I was disturbed the entire day but then when I saw it again & I noticed a very beautiful thing in it... 
Although it was sad but still it reflected a gal's strength to make herself a wamp in her love's eyes just for the sake of happiness & cheers in her love's life ahead, she was able to sacrifice her own love...
Now how I made this anaysis is described below-
Kria who had realized her true & passionating love  sumdays ago.. made the greatest sacrifice... To make, rey  move ahead in life, to make Rey live happily ever after she chose to make herself a vamp at d end.. Thats true love.. which doesnt belive in getting love  but can do anything to keep his/her love happy 4evr..& Kria Ghai set its best example in this scene.. 
Although while  hurting Rey she's million tyms more hurt and than Rey but stil she endured the pain of sepration along with the pain of hurting some1 whom you  cant even imagine in dreams to hurt... She managed to keep herslf strong & bring tears on that person's eyes whose each single tear is able to kill hr heart 10000 times...
Keeping million stones in hr heart she proved dat "love" as a "ditch" whose feelings were slowly bcuming her life...
& all dese 4 what??
 jst 4 d happiness & gudlife of hr love widout hr...
great job kria Clap1 needs 2 b vry strong & passionate 2 his/hr love  2 do wat u did on prevalentine's nyt..
U set an example of unconditional, evrlasting & most dedicated lovestory...
I also respect d obedience dat kria showed to hr mom & proved 2 b a vry gud daughter , setting anothr example of obedience & honour dat shud be given to our parents decision, coz parents r equivalent to God in dis earth!!! 
HATS OFF 2 u kria 4 ur last scene!!

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise
One thing dat i wud like 2 change in d scene is dat smriti shud hav returnd early 4m bank & cud here KR's convo so dat she cud realize dat rey is not dat typ of  guy as she thinks of him , she cud understand dat 2 wat an extent hr daughtr loves rey & also how obedient is hr daughtr 2wards hr... She cud also undersatnd d intensity & pureness of kriyaansh lovestory... hope dis cud have happened..

From kittu_arsha
1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
My Favourite Scene was The Love Confession b/w Rey n Kria..When Kria Told rey That He's More Than Just Friend To Her! :)

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? and Why?
The Thing I Love The Most About This Scene is The Intensity Ofcourse..the Intensity Of Love..It could b Easily seen in Their Eyes That They are Soo Much In Love..The Last Scene in which Kria could not tie the dori of her Choli..Rey comes..closes his eyes...n thn Ties..Tht was Surely the Sign of True Love!Tongue

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise
The Thing I Would change about the scene is That though kria said rey is more thn just friend to him..she could have confesed it more maybe by telling she loves him..I m jst saying this coz mayb if she would have done this Rey wouldn't have doubted Kria's love for him after whatever she she likes Swayam n all..Rey misunderstood her..he couldn't Understand her Love..He thinks that Kria never ever confessed..It was him who always thought she loved he neva said anything like that..If she said she loved him..mayb..just mayb Rey won't doubt their Love..the chemistry they shared! Embarrassed

I would say this month receives 8 out of 10. While the SwaRon track moves on, it gives us immense pleasure. On the other hand, rey proves to be the best and caring friend for Sharon and Swayam and everyone else. He also proves that he isn't going to forget his first love anytime soon. Just for that, i would love to rate it 10/10. But I can't. There are a few flaws. The reason for Taani's entrance still remains unclear to many and her character seems to influence no one in a positive way. She wishes to enter Rey's life without even knowing his past? That isn't logical and even though it is sad and Rey understands he might have been too harsh, few things remain unclear. D3 is loosing it's charm. At one time, it would be the best youth show. Now? Cannot say the same with guarantee. Hope the CVs stay put on their promises made months ago. 

Behind the Curtains - May 

Two beautiful talks with our lovely people of Dil Dosti Dance makes up the Behind the Curtains for this month. 

First, the lovely chat with the lovely couple Sharon and Swayam portrayed by Shena and Shantanu. Having the quick chat with the duo the couple shares so many things. They both tell the audience on the back story of how they ended up on D3 set, how their parents felt of them getting in to television industry. Stating the common between the two will be certainly dance as neither of them ever thought or acting. Dancing passion was already there that came more from both of their parents. They sweetly thank their parents who lovingly supported them and even forced then not making them quit in their passion. The lovely momentum when asked if off-screen, then whom would you choose to be your dance partner. Affectionately both choose each other and share how they have gotten used too and comfortable dancing together. Talking about the team bond behind the curtains. Duo states that they are like one family, where they share all the happiness, entertainment and every thing. Help each other and jell along more closer than a family. 

Shantanu keep up your time pass and hope that you soon get a leave to go see your family. Sneha keep up the work of going home, and taking a tour of it for like four times, waking every one up and then yourself going to sleep. That is really sweet how you either miss your family and love to spend time with them. All the best and may u achieve more great heights as Swayam and Sharon.

Second, is the very recent interview with Reyansh Singhania portrayed by Kunwar Amarjeet Singh. The heartthrob of millions of girls, the dazzling dancer, and even an inspiration to many. In a short chat with him, he talks about the upcoming track. The track that the team is currently working on on-screens. Charity Event. Rey tells us to expect really great surprises and twists during this event as this event is going to be one memorable for every one. At the event Sharon and Rey will be seen doing a duet along side Nilesh and Simi are performing a duet too. And the most of all the first time when ALL the weaklings and dazzlings are going to share a stage in front of audience.The dancing part of the event does seems look-forward to moment, let's hope the back stage moments will be as lovely too. Aside the event Kunwar Amar shares the back story on how he got the role of Rey. To be true, he had came to apply as a choreographer of the show, but instead he was told to audition and the result we all know. He was selected and now rules our hearts as Rey. He talks more on Kunwar and Rey, how the characteristics amongst them differ or match. Just like Shantanuu and Sneha Rey give the same note on the lovely bond the whole D3 team shared behind the curtains. The bond that is more closer than a family! 

That is so sweet to know that the lovely bond of friendship and family love we see on-scree is no different behind the curtains. And I will say that is what makes a successful show. Sharing a bond where competition on acting and fan following is over looked by sharing each other happiness and helping the other do better. All the best Dil Dosti Dance and its entire team in front and behind the camera. Hoping to see some fan-satisfactory episodes in upcoming future. 

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Heya!! We're back with the second edition of Newsletter. Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you so much for the support in 1st one. Really thrilled and let's keep this going. Congratulations to the winners Hug I had more to say but forgot. So till next time. Take care!  

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