Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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(18+ content...if anyone have problem pls let me know personally)

It was 30th december 2011...i was sitting in a hotel room in Goa  impossibly alone and single...i always thought there was something remotely erotic about hotel might be because whenever my ex-girlfriend and I got it on, it was always in a hotel room...but apart from that, a hotel room has its own might have a dozen couples move in and out of a room, but as long as it is clean, no one will know...the hotel room has its dim, subdued lighting that makes you want to sit closer to each other, making it nearly as good as a candlight dinner...there are this satin white sheets, with the slight mustard or brown blankets that make you want to snuggle up in an cool cozy air conditioned environment...the small TV in the corner that you can leave on to cover up any loud moans you make...the shower that washes away the scent of sex from your body...the lift in which you can grab, kiss and get a feel for the last time...i sighed remembering my ex-girlfriend...we had a long two years lusicious relationship...and now she dumped me just because she was going abroad to study and I wasn't, and had left me broken family had a big laugh at my expense...I was all alone, and thankfully two of my friends, armaan and prem decided to drag my ass out of depression...their cure was simple...A vacation in Goa for new year...So, we planned it...and now we are here in a posh beachside 5 star hotel, thanks to my fathers bank balance...we got two adjoining rooms, just in case if our luck clicks and we get some sexy chicks for night out...

Armaan brought along his car and we drove down on our first night itself...however, my friends deserted me, and I didn't mind it at all...the thing is that although I was the depressed one, they had the right to have, on the first day we got there, we dressed up and headed to a disco where armaan and prem, both expert dancers hit it off with two white chicks and soon disappeared with them, leaving me clutching some overly expensive drink in my hand bitching to some girl about my ex...she too got bored and left me, and I made my way back to the hotel and slept...this vacation is supposed to be the most popular thing amongst most indians my age, but all I did was go to sleep...It was morning and due to my military upbringing i woke up early at around 5 am and sat around doing nothing...both of my friends had disappeared and were probably in the arms of, or on top of some chick, and weren't expected to return till late afternoon or evening...i sat around for a few minutes and finally decided to take a good, long morning jog, that would probably be the best thing to do...i splashed on some aftershave to counter the sweat and after putting on a pair of running shorts, socks and shoes and a t shirt, I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and headed downstairs...the hotel was a beachside hotel, and it was a Saturday morning, so there was practically nobody on the I ran, I promised myself to get over that bitch, my ex, even if it was the last thing I would do in my life.
I was not used to running on sand as I ran on the street or pavement back home and soon got tired...i sat by the beach contemplating my decision and finally decided to grab a bite and walked towards the beachside bar-restaurant and looked for the bartender...being morning, the place was deserted...the bartender, with whom armaan had struck up a conversation the previous night, was a young man, still in college and was working here part-time to finance his education...he smiled at me through tired eyes, and I ordered myself a cup of tea, which he did not serve...settling on a glass of lemonade, I looked around the bar once seemed that the property ran this place in the morning primarily to serve people pick-me-up cocktails...
After a night of heavy drinking and partying, it was the least people could expect. It felt odd that the cure to excessive drinking was another drink...As I scanned the bar I saw a girl sitting alone in the corner fiddling with her drink, some kind of orange juice...less than twenty, she was a fair, with pretty hazel eyes and curly black hair...she wore a orange party dress which showed off enough cleavage to get any straight man loose his she moved in her bar stool, I saw her back looked buxom...she seemed to be lonely and unwilling to move her drink around...i called the bartender and sent her another drink, and waited for her response...the bartender returned and informed me that although she was unwilling to accept a free drink from a perfect stranger, but she was ok with being introduced first...i made my way over to her table...i realized that this was the first time I was hitting on a girl properly after being dumped, and by god, I wasn't dressed for white t shirt which I wore to my jog was sweaty and clung to my body, and my shoes were full of sand...and the girl was beautiful...angelic to be precise...well heighted, around 5'5...had a sexy curvaceous figure, slender creamy velvety legs...white milky skin...soft curly long hair...her curls kept falling on her plum rosy cheeks...i was swaeting looking at she was super hot...and here i was a complete short black crew cut style hair was longer and now physique, which I had earned over years of grueling boxing and karate training and tai-chi with broad shoulders, a muscular body and a smooth chest which was quite sweaty now, and I had stubble from not having shaved that probably felt like sandpaper to anyone who touched it...i was not dressed but hell, you have to start somewhere...

I made my way over and introduced myself...

"hi...this is MAAN SINGH KHURANA (with an attitude)...she gave me her sweet smile to god that was the killer one...
after waitin for a while, i raised my eye brows expecting her to introduce herself...she understood and forwarded her hand for a handshake...getting embarrassed...
"hello...i am GEET HANDA...its nice meeting you"
"same here"...i smiled genuinely...

"What are you doing in a bar so early?"I asked...

"Well, it's a long story."                                              

"I have time."                                              

"My friends and I came down for a week, you know...and basically its four of us, two guys and two girl friend brought her guy along and I don't even know where they are...and the other guy he's gay...he hit it off last night with this cute Latino guy and they've gone back to our place...and I'm here, locked out of my own hotel room, waiting for them to come back." she pouted...and i felt sympathetic for her...

"You tried calling them and all?" i inquired...

"I tried...but they are either not answering or switched, I am waiting here." she sighed...

"Till what time are you going to wait here?" i felt concerned...

"I don't know, till they come back."

"Which is?" i raised my eye brows...                                        

"I guess around noon...then, I'm going to get some sleep."

" do you find Goa? And where are you from?" i tried diverting her mind and started a conversation...

In general, our conversation was simple and she told me that she was from Mumbai and was studying in a college there...her friends had come down for the week as a vacation and there was no way she was going to get back into the room...we chatted for a while...i told her I was from Delhi and doing my MBA studies there and that I too was alone, but I had my own room here...soon we began to flirt...she was hot, and didn't seem to mind my sweaty appearance...Fortunately, the aftershave was killing off most of the smell.

"So, have you been to the beach yet?" I asked.

"We did walk by it." she replied...       

"No, I mean to the beach...into the sea."

"No...we might go this evening...if my friends return"

"hmmm...chalo let's go for a swim"...i asked casually...

"No way" she replied quick enough...

"Come on, lets take a walk and we put our feet in the water at least."

"No, my dress will get spoilt...and I don't have sandals for the sand."

"Neither do i...lets go take a wash in the sea...Come on"...I said, and cast off my shoes and keys were at the reception and I was going to take a wash in the sea...

Geet followed me and took off her shoes and walked to the beach with me...i waded into the shallow water, and as the waves went over her ankles she seemed to want to turn back...i held her hand and coaxed her deeper, pulling her closer to me...and she seemed willing to join me, as long as I went before her...we were in slightly deeper water, when I began to get really wild thoughts...the water had made her loose dress stick closer to her body, and her ass was being framed out by the water...her breasts, although not wet, were being touched by the sea spray and were looking aroused...i wanted her, and considering the fact that I had nothing to lose, I did something really risky...letting go of her hand, I jumped into the water and swam a few meters away...thankfully, I had been a passable swimmer in school and showed it off...geet nearly screamed seeing me take off...i swam deeper, and then using my full height stood or floated in the water and began to shower her with sea water...geet pouted cutely but didn't seem to mind it much and playfully began to throw some spray back at me...i continued to splash water at her, making her come into the water all the same...
i liked the way things were going...Geet's cleavage was in and out of the water, and her breasts were looking delicious...i continued to spray her and so did she...the game had become tinged with a lot of sexuality now...i cast off my shirt and threw it on the deserted beach, letting my mausculine taut chest mingle in the water...geet seemed to be good at adapting...after a particularly harsh bit of water hit my eyes, blinding me for a few seconds, I stood up again, looking for her, and she seemed to have disappeared...suddenly, water from my right hit me again, and she was there, throwing water at me...i had enough and I dipped under water like a shark and grabbed her body and rose out of the water...geet was now in my arms, my left arm under her knees, my right under her neck and lifted her clean out of it...she laughed loudly and clung to me, and finding no shirt clung to my chest...we looked into each others eyes...could there be more to this swim in the sea?
Precap:- "I will be a real gentlemen...i promise...come with me"Embarrassed
hello guys...this is my first OS...hope u will like it...its as kind of an 18+ if u have any prblm wid it then let me know personally...
it wud be a completely maan's monolog in this he is narrating...please give me ur views on how u fiond it...
please hit the like button n comment...
My other workBig smile

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Part-1(scroll up)

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amazing os
loved the first part
continue soon

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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cont soon

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Sounds Good Big smile

Update Soon =]

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lovely os 
i m dying to read teh next part

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