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MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY thread 3 : epilogue : pg 119

madhubala123 IF-Rockerz

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Hi frnzzz 

Thank You for your amazing support...Hug

I feel so proud and happy to start a new thread for "MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY"

Love is blind...

U may fall in love with a person at the first sight

U may fall in love with a person whom u dont know

U may fall in love with a person whom u have never seen

U may fall in love with a person whom u know but u have never seen

U may fall in love with a person whom u havent seen but heard about

U may fall in love with a person even if u know they wont love u back

U may fall in love with a person knowing that they belong to someone else

But will u love a person even if u don't know whether they exist or not???

An unusual love story of two pure souls!
Here comes a mystified love story...

"MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY" -A soulful love story!!

His heart had so much of love deep within...that unveiled when his mystique mishty walked into his life...
He wasnt sure if she exists but he is sure that his love is true and that exists in his heart...
Will the mystique mishty love him like he loves her?
If she loves him,will she fulfill his dream?

 His simple dream to have a life with her! 

Is she a fairy? an angel? a spirit or a human being?

He dont know nor does she...but still they are in love...
The world may call him crazy or possessed but he didnt care!

He is happy with his mishty...she exists only for him!

But will she cross her limits...her world for him??

Time will answer...
Here begins a love story of two souls...

"MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY" - a soulful love story


Thanks a lottt dear... Big smile




PART 45 : page 1

PART 46 : page 8

Part 47 : page 14

Epilogue : page 119

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madhubala123 IF-Rockerz

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Thank U for all the love and support...Smile 


The moment Maan shook his hands with Vikram he could see some kind of sparkle in his eyes. Maan felt a negative energy around him and the next moment he realised Mishty was not with him. He panicked suddenly surprising Adi and Vikram.

Adi : Maan sir shall we now discuss the deal?
He marched out of his cabin. Vikram smirked seeing this helpless state of Maan. Adi couldn't do much. He was happy that Vikram was not offended by this rude behaviour of Maan. After all it was a 500crore deal.

Maan ran all over his office searching for his mishty. He felt he lost her again.. Defeated he went back to conference hall and fell on the couch where they had their little romance a few moments ago.
"Ap pareshan kyu ho?"
He opened his eyes immediately searching for the source of the voice that just breath his life. And there stood she in front of him like a kid who was ready to take any punishment from his teacher for his mischief. He smiled seeing her. Without her,his life would have been so boring. The shocks she gave was enough to solve all the power problems in the country.
Mishty : wat?? Kya socha abhi apney????
She walked towards him threateningly.
Maan : pehle ye batao ki tum mujhe bina bataye waha se bhag ke kyu ayi??
Mishty(gulped): wo...umm..mera mann nhe laga..i dnt know why!
Maan : jhut mat bolo
Mishty : kyu jhut bolu??
Maan : Mishty tell me the truth.. If u dnt tell me wat u feel how would i find you???
Mishty turned away from him her back facing him.
Maan : was it bcoz of him????
Mishty : ...
Maan : why dont u tell me?
Mishty : already ap gussa kar rhe ho..aur agar meri wajah se 500 crore ka deal cancel ho gaya to???
Maan held her by her hand and pinned her to the wall.
Maan : Mishty??
Mishty : ahh.. Maan it hurts..
Maan : gud..and dont u hurt me??? How could you even think that some stupid deal is more important for me than U????
Mishty couldn't meet her eyes with him. She never thot this way.She just didn't want to disturb his work and that too after so many days. But somehow she ends up giving him pain..
Mishty : sorry..
He melted the moment he saw her eyes filled up. He released her arms and found it all goin pink. Ohh.. how could he hurt her???? He was about to smash his hand on the glass table when she stopped.
Mishty : How dare you think of damaging my hubby's property??
Maan lukd at the table.Mishty smiled and held his hand closer to her chest.
Mishty : me to iss property ki baat kar rhe hi thi.
He kissed her forehead as she kissed his palm.
Maan : ye sab to theek he par tumne abhi tak mere sawal ka jawab nhe diya. Why did u run away?
Mishty : wo... I dnt remember him but i just couldn't stand his presence. Somehow i feel he is goin to harm you..
Maan : cant u read his mind?
Mishty : aye lo I just cant stand near him..aur ap mind reading ki soch rhe he babaji kya karu inka..
He frowned.(self-thot) : bas mere samne heroine bano aur dusro se darkar bhag jao..
Mishty : its not darr... I felt pukish...when i saw him.
Maan : Cmon itna bhi bura nhe tha..
She lukd at him jaw-dropped.
Mishty : kuch din me dur kya chali gayi ap to ladko pe bhi line marne lage..
Maan : Mishtyyy...
Before anymore complaints he just slammed her lips. She was so lost in his dark deep eyes...and she just gave in to him as always...

It was a deserted area at the outskirts of the city. Not much signs of life was visible nearby. Among those rugged old ruins and factories stood a building. It was a three storeyed lukd like some one has been living there recently...
In that unsual silence came a car almost crashing a tree that stood in front of the house. Vikram stepped out of the car. Vikram--a man with an envious persona and aura.. Anyone would fall for him. He wasnt less than Maan in anyways. Intelligent,handsome n rich... yet he felt defeated..dejected.. But today was his day. He ran into the house and kicked open the door.
He took a bottle of champaign and popped it in air..
Vikram : Geet me aa gaya... aj me tumhare Maan se milke aya hu.. U were way too confident about ur love,huh?? Wat did you say?? Ek baar me Maan ke samne gaya to zinda nhe lautunga? HAHa...Hahahaa...Geeet...aj mere samne tumhara wo Maan paagalo ki tarah bhaag raha tha.. Aur dekho, he didn't even touch me!!
He raised a toast in front of her pic and sipped his drink.
Vikram : ab to maan jao Geet.. I love you more than your Maan...
His eyes had an evil glint as he said that.
Maan didn't let go the aversion for Vikram that he saw in Mishty's eyes. How could he forget the last time they went near the house where Dev hid her and the way she reacted.. He had already set his men after Vikram where he lived...wat he did..he wanted to know everything. Mishty kept herself away from this matter. First she couldnt stand that guy and also she knew that Maan was way too dangerous to handle whenever it came to saving her.
In the evening they were back to mansion. And mishty wad back to her form.. She just had her own ways of irritating him. She almost emptied the sugar cubes in his black coffee and poor Maan had no other choice but to gulp the whole thing in front of dadima.
The moment they reached the room he pinned her to the door.
Mishty : ap..
Maan : you know how awful that coffee was?
Mishty : how would i..
Maan : U better know..
He nibbled her lips forcefully parting them and probed into her..she could taste the excess sweet in his mouth now.. The fight was slowly turning to a foreplay as she started unbuttoning his shirt.Her hands travelled through his shirt feelin his bare muscle... He groaned and lifted her swiftly to the bed.
As they both lied there panting..
Mishty: make love to me Maan..before i leave!!
Maan raised his head to look at her.
Maan : u leave???no i wont let u..Mishty tumhe kisis bhi halat me nhe janey dunga..
He came on top of her makin it impossible to move.
Mishty : please Maan...i have to.
Maan : KYU???
Mishty: otherwise u will lose ur Geet forev..
He kept his finger on her lips.
Maan : no..dont say that.. I cant take it again...
Mishty: u will come for me na??
Maan : ofcourse Mishty..par tum ho kaha?
Mishty: dnt know..par jaha bhi hu..i will wait for you!!
He kissed on her cheeks her forhead..her neckline..and every inch of her...he was ever so gentle and passionate as he made love to her...knowing that this is a farewell...their emotions peaked..filling it with pain and pleasure. They didn't know when they slept...and when he woke up..he was alone. He knew it would happen...but...still he hoped..if only she was here with him...

But now he had no time to be sad... He had things to do asap!!! He set to his office to seek more info about Vikram. The thot of finding her made him work faster. The more he heard about Vikram the more suspicious he became. He lived isolated. He had not much friends and family. The only thing that bothered him was the be sure that he was after Geet. Wat made him abduct her if he is the one who did that???
Adi barged into his cabin breaking his chain of thots.
Adi: sir...e..e.kkk.. gud news he..
Maan : wat??
Adi: wo post-mortem report me jo body thi...wo.. Geet mam ka nhe he!!!
Maan was already sure about this yet this is an official confirmation. He felt good.
Adi : aur Abhay sir aye he.. He wants to talk to you..
Maan : umm..send him.
Despite all these Maan felt an emptiness without his Mishty... Once again she left behind a mystery...that he had to find..
Maan : I will find you Mishty and i wont let u go ever this time...
PRECAP : Maan and Geet at same place...will they meet?????Shocked

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congrats Smile

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and awsem update

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congrats for the new thread

lovely update

interasting precap

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hope he finds her soon...awesome part...continue soon

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awesome update 
congrtas for new thread

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