Aashka Goradia Is In love

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Happily in love!
Friday, February 11, 2005 15:45:55 IST
AASHKA GORADIA is very mature at 19. Like her small screen character, Kumud, in Kkusum, she is a strong woman, who knows her mind and even speaks it.
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She laughs at rumours linking her with her screen father, Anuj Saxena. "My man is not from this industry. I'm too much in love with him to even think of anyone else," she smiles as she shares a few more secrets with Prema K.

Did you always want to become an actress?
I had never planned on an acting career. I know it sounds very cliched, but it just happened. In fact, I never wanted to be an actress. I came to Mumbai when I was 15 and a half. I have been working since the age of 12. I came across some girls who were participating in the Gladrags contest in 2000. I thought of participating, but only reached the first three rounds. I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear a bikini. Even Maureen Wadia told me that I was too young. So I opted out after that.

How did you survive in Mumbai on your own?
I lived alone as a PG for a long time. Every time I traveled to Mumbai for my auditions, I always wondered where I would stay. I have even stayed in ashrams and dharamshalas. Initially, my father never supported me. I had very little money. So I started working in a marketing company. It was a hard life. One of the senior persons working for the Adhikari Brothers was a family friend. Through him, I bagged a role in their serial. I was not a very confident person then. But today I'm quite happy. I live in a rented flat and soon I will be buying my own house. I have my own car, money, and house. I think it's a great achievement (smiles).

 How did you land your role in Kkusum?
When I auditioned for Kkusum, I thought it would be my last. I was getting quite fed up of this industry. I felt people said one thing, but did something else. I was playing Manish Goyal's girlfriend in Bhabhi. Initially, they told me that I had a major role, but I realized that I was there for a short while and could be discarded any time. So I opted out of the serial, quite dejected. I feel, when you surrender yourself to God, He really supports you. That's what I did. So my role in Kkusum was something that happened to me overnight.  
But weren't you supposed to do Kali's role?
I went to audition for that. I even looked the part, but when Ektaa Kapoor saw me, she insisted that I should be cast as Kumud. She hadn't even met me in person then. I met her only after 20 days of shoot. She spoke to me only over the phone. I still remember her telling me, 'Just do it'. That did it for me. When she was convinced that I was more suited for Kumud's character, there had to be something to it. She has created big TV stars. My hair was blonde so she told the production people to turn my hair black.

So there are no regrets?
Not at all. Too many people love me as Kumud (laughs).

Were you aware that Kali was a negative character?
All that I was told was that she was someone who is over-possessive about her father. Honestly, like I told you I went to audition with a very disinterested attitude.   

Do you relate to Kumud?
At times I'm confused whether I'm being an actor or I'm just being myself. I come that close to her. I think, I'd have to put in too much of effort to play Kali. I feel it's always difficult to portray something you are not. Like Kumud, even I am very emotional and sensitive. I cry if someone tells me anything. I love her innocence, something that I feel I've lost. 

How would you behave if you were Kumud in real life? Would you fight with Kali?
The kind of person that I am, I would never fight back or take revenge. I always believe that something that is mine can never be taken away from me. I am the sort to shed a few tears quietly, but will leave it to the man, if he wants to be with me or another woman. But once he decides to be with me, then he has to be mine completely. I don't stand two-timing.

Are you in love?
(Laughs) Yes, I am! But I know he is not meant for me. I know I can't get him, but that doesn't stop me from loving him.

Are you talking about Anuj Saxena?
(Screams) No! He's just a few years younger than my father. Do you think I would fall for such an older man, especially a married one? I'm too much in love with my man to even think of anyone else. He's a builder and an extremely nice, caring, and adorable human being. I have decided that I will never ever marry, if it's not him! I love him too much and can never think of spending my life with anyone else. I will give up my career for him. The best part is that my parents too like him and are very supportive of my decision. I love  my parents. They are wonderful.

Coming back to work, how about films?
I would love to, but am waiting to mature a bit. I am only 19 and want to work on my acting as well as my looks. I want to tone up my body. So another two years from now, maybe I would be doing films.

Who do u think is the lucky guy?She mentioned he's a body builder cmon guys get to thinking.

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thanks for the articalWinkwonder who is she in love wiv garv or kshitij???
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They say that aashka is in love with anuj.I don't know.but must say they not a great couple
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thanks and i love u avatar natasha5
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thanks yours to and anyways i like everyones avatar.
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didn't someone post this same article a long time ago??

anyways thanks for the article


well we can't guess cuz he is not from the TV industry

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thanx for the article!

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