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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

TD (27 Apr) 2nd ver Update and my take

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:22am | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha 27th April, 2005 - My Update and comments

Thanks for all those nice replies and comments.

Well I got some requests that I also do the update for this particular episode with my comments. Thanks to sree_20 as I have based my update on her early bird thingy. So here goes my update. My views/comments within the update in italics.


Gargi calls up Pori and comes to know that Sum is now OK. Sum mistakes Pori to be the wife of DK. requests Dish to go to her own house. Dish shocked. But DK salvages the situation by saying that Dish will be staying with them till she finds a suitable house for herself. Gargi decides to escapes and gives her power of attorney to Ved. As she is escaping she is face to face with Sum and Dish.


The episode starts with Gargi (she is in a red and black sari with a sleeveless blouse. Same as yesterday) staring at smiling Dish (in a semi dark blue plain sari with some simple chumki work and yes still wearing those bangles and the ring) and pensive Sum (in some light colored sari) . She is afraid and goes to the other side of the room. There also she faces the same two faces. This goes on for some time. Sum and Dish don't speak anything and Gargi rushes back to her room. She keeps her big suitcase on the bed and thinks to herself. What has happened to me ? why am i thinking that Sum and Dish are there in the hall allways. Am i hallucinating ? Just then the voice is heard of Sum. 
Sum : woh isliye kyunki tum ganehghaar ho. 
(Translation: That is because you are guilty)

Dish is standing outside the door and after overhearing all these things starts recording it (What else can these ppl do. For a change this overhearing was ok. Pity that DK did not overhear Dish confessing her love for DK).

Sum: Maine Dhruv se tumhari shaadi karwayi and tumne hi use maar diya.

(Translation: I made Dhruv marry you and you killed him)

Gargi is ruffled and does not know how to react. But then finally she picks up the pieces and retorts to Sum. (she sounded like someone who is very excited and tense).

Gargi. Hum to tumhe maarna chaahte the lekin beech mein Dhruv aagaye.  Lekin koi baat nahin. Agar woh zinda bhi hote to woh tumhae saath hi hote. Lekin maine tumhe bhi unse alag kar diya. (and she kind of looked happy with what she has done).

(Translation: I wanted to kill you but dhruv came in between. But no problem. If he was alive he would have come to you. But i separated you as well)

Sum . Tum itni gir jaogi yeh main kabhi soch bhi nahin sakti thi. Maine tho socha tha ki tum ab tab jail mein hogi. Lekin ab tum jail jaogi.

(Translation: I never thought that you will stoop so low. I had thought that you would be in jail by now. But now you will go to jail)

Gargi starts laughing sarcastically.

Gargi - Tum mujhe jail bejogi. Tumhare baat par vishwas kaub karega ? pagal aurat.

(Translation: You will send me to jail. Who will believe you ? mad woman)

Dish is shocked by the confession. Dish makes a grand entry. She says even if no one believes Sum but now I have recorded ur confession. She plays the tape and the part where Gargi says that she killed Dhruv is being played. Gargi is shocked to the core and runs from the place. Just then we see apna DK (DK in a pale red shirt) standing there. Next it is his turn to confront Sum. (I guess he has heard Sum speaking).  He tells her that how dare she kill his father (but for poor Gargi that guy was already loving Sum. Imagine how Gargi would have felt. But no one is thinking abt it. So even I will not discuss abt the same). Gargi tries to escape from the situation. With a slight smile she says arre sonny, tum bhi kiske baaton mein aa gaye. Main apne suhhag kha khoon kaise kar sakti hoon. (Translation: hey sonny, you also are listening to whose words. How can I kill my own husband ?) Then she sees the look on DK's face and says. Main tho Dhruv kha khoon nahin karna chahthi thi. Woh tho main Sum. (Translation:  I did not want to kill Dhruv but then Sum ) Gargi suddenly realizes that she has unwittingly told DK his mom's name and stops there. DK becomes wild and  pounces on her saying how dare she try to kill his mother. Just the Dish and Sum come over there. Gargi sees Dish and becomes angry. She says 'Jab se tumhare manhoos kadam is ghar mein pade hain yeh sab ho raha hain. ' (Translation: Only because of ur ill luck all these are happening ) Just then Pori comes out saying Gargi auntie. Gargi realizes that she has been  attacked by all of them and screams at Pori. Pori says that she has been at the receiving end of Gargi's taunts all this while but today it is her turn. Gargi once again screams at everybody and says that how dare they all accuse her. She specifically shouts at Dish saying you are a servants daughter and she has the guts to accuse her. DK becomes wild and holds her neck and says that he will kill her. With great difficulty Dish separates both of them.

Here Ved seems to be reading something. He hears the commotion outside and after some dilly dallying decides to go check it out. He sees his mom being cornered by everybody but does not do anything and continues to listen.  He has Gargi's foto in his hands.

In the hall, Gargi says that the whole kanaka empire is hers and if she wants she can throw all of them out of the house. She says that u r a langda (Translation: lame)DK and what can you do ? She calls out for Ved and DK keeps on looking at her with a shocked expression. Dish retorts to Gargi saying do u think that Ved will trust you after all that u have done. Ved will hate u the moment he comes to know that u have killed his dad.

Ved is shocked at realizing that his mom had killed his dad. His eyes get moist and he touches Gargi's face in the fotograph.

Gargi continues ranting at them. When she sees that this does not seem to be have the desired effect (of letting her off the hook) she does an amazing volte face and then begs everyone to forgive her. She says to Sum that she has to forgive her. What she did was not intentional. Sum seems to be cooling down now. Gargi sees that and continues her emotional blackmail by mentioning Ved. Says that my poor beta has just now come back from US. He will be all alone without me. Sum seems to be considering her thoughts as well. DK says that I don't understand why we are still wasting our time and talking with this lady. I will call up the police now. Sum stops him saying nahin beta (Translation: no son) we need to give Gargi a chance for Ved. Ved now seems to be understanding the situation. (I was not able to decipher Ved's feelings at this point. He seems to be sad. But also looked like he was deciding on something). Gargi tells Sum that u understand how it is for a son to be without his mom. While she says this she is looking at DK. DK is looking at Gargi with still the same angry expression. DK and Dish intrerrupt Sum. But Sum is resolute that she will give Gargi one more chance so that she turns over into a new leaf. Gargi looks like thank god I have escaped from this situation now.

Just then Ved comes out. Gargi rushes to him, calling out Ved Ved and embraces him. Everyone looks at Ved and Gargi in amazement. Gargi does a volte face yet again (She proves her negativity. Girgit ki tarah rang badalti rehti hain . girgit is chameleon which changes color according to the situation). She says to Ved that see these people are accusing me. You should throw all of them out of the house. Ved is approaching all of them with his mom in tow. Gargi continues that beta now you should take care of Kanaka. Ved has a steely expression in his eyes. In a very low voice he turns over to his mom and asks her softly. 'Why did u kill my dad mom ?' . Gargi is taken aback. But she regains control and says all these ppl are taking nonsense.I did not kill anyone. Throw all these people out of this house. Ved goes away from her (as if in a symbolic shot that he is not with his mom). Ved says that you are right. There is someone who needs to go away from this house. Gargi looks at everyone as if  she has won this round. She thinks that Ved has believed her. But Ved takes out his mobile, calls up someone and says that 'This is Ved Sehgal. There is one person here who is a killer. It is Gargi Sehgal. Please come and arrest her. '

Gargi is zapped. She notices that there is a kitchen knife on the table (with some really nice red apples also. Looked yummy. Given a chance I would have picked up the apple. But never mind). She stealthily moves towards the table takes out the kitchen knife , pulls out Sum and holds the knife close to her neck. Rest all are completely shocked at this sudden violence and call out to Gargi saying not to do anything. Ved also calls  out. Gargi says that 'Yeh itna aasan nahin ki koi mujhe pakad paye lekin main badi aasani se Sum ko maar sakti hoon'. (Translation: It is not easy to catch me but it is easy to kill Sum ).

Everyone tries to put some sense to Gargi but she refuses to listen. (Looks like Gargi has not heard the saying when you wanna shoot , shoot don't talk. In this context it should be killing with knife and not shoot). Just then Jhansi Rani Disha (forgive me for this comparison but as usual rest of the males look like as if they can't do anything and only the heroine can do everything. Contrary to all the film story line where the heroine is the dumb abala nari - bal is strength. Abala is opposite ).  approaches both of them pushes off Sum. Sum falls on a nearby sofa (Thank god not on the ground as if something had happened to Sum DK would be quick start the blame-game with Dish). A small fight ensues between Dish and Gargi with Gargi having the knife. DK and Ved continue to look at them shocked to do anything constructive. In the small fight Gargi's knife hits Dish (presumably on the stomach. That was not shown very clearly) . Ved looks zapped. DK shouts Dishaaaaaaaaa.......and Dish falls down clutching her hands on the stomach. Scene turns black and white for a second on Disha's face and we see the 'Film Farm' ( I think Rupali Ganguly loved the story 'Animal Farm' ) clipping occupying our screen the next second.

My Take on this episode

The whole episode was shot in a single sequence. Chain of events from Gargi trying to escape till Dish being injured. (Dish killed.....next janam -reincarnation of Dish that is like the serial Tum bin jaon  kahaan ????!!!! Old DK now married to Sanya. Sanya taking revenge now and young Dish...wacko me...). All the scene from the promos that rang mentioned yesterday,were shown in yesterday's episode. Let's see if we have any new promo 2day.

The storyline moved forward and contrary to all our expectations Gargi was exposed 2day (or was this whole scene a dream by Gargi/Sum ??!! . I agree with you jingle that even I had this thought. and 2day we may see Gargi escaping to London. Am thinking of all possibilities now). Somehow I felt that it was melodramatic but something was lacking. (intensity maybe.). I felt similiar when I saw 'the night' scene as well when DK proposes to Dish. (SA people now that you have seen this episode why don't u also come out with ur comments).

Acting wise it was Gargi's day. The whole focus was on her and she did the scene with great aplomb. The way she does volte face between the 'spiteful Gargi' and 'Please forgive me' was something to look out for. Her expressions, modulation was just apt. Rest of people just had to react to whatever that she was saying. But I would like to mention Ved. The scene where in he realizes the truth and he cries. It was very natural and not at all forced.

Questions for the day

    Is TD going to end ? (Yes Kewlsarah I also had the same feeling when I saw the episode yesterday. If Gargi is caught what else is left.. ) What will be the next drama on TD if it continues ? (after marriage misunderstanding between DK and Dish ? or misunderstanding regarding the marriage itself. Maybe sometime later I would post a message on my take on future as well)
  • And my usual question Will DK see the bangles 2day at least ? (ok even Sum might notice the ring at 2day atleast and realize the truth)

btw I would be missing the episode today. and am cursing myself for it. If it turns out to be interesting would watch the repeat (someone tell me the exact timings in India. They keep on changing) and maybe post my comments on monday. sree_20 please don't miss providing an update for today. jingle/twine/lata if possible please provide your comments as well.

OK I end my post here at this note. My usual line -  Your comments/brickbats/smileys are welcome.Let all be known. 


PS : 
This one is for sree_20
Please don't mind for the 2nd version of the update. I had typed a little update anyways and when I saw requests for the same continued with my post. Take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely updates on TD, Astitva and Sindoor. Good that u have started mentioning it as update for TD rather than preview in your post. Looking forward to more posts from u.

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sree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:47am | IP Logged

Hi Swathi

     Your update is really great Smile.........very nice to read..

I loved reading it.ClapThanks for the same. I put mine as Update just bcos you requested me to do it. But let me tell you, your update was simply great,ClapClapClap

I hope I don't miss updating today....Wink

Mamta_ Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:57am | IP Logged

Tx Swathi!!!Smile..........as happy as i am that gargi se chahere se nakab hat chookha hai, does this mean the end of TDQuestionI mean what other suspense & twists r there nowQuestion............hopefully the writers of td r more creative in their thinking than i amWink..........

as 4 my take on the 'night scene', i must admit as romantic as the 1st half of the scene was (i mean we've been waiting a long while 4 either of the D's 2 admit their feelings 4 ea other & here we saw dish in dk's arms) i also felt something was definitely lacking in the scene that continued into the next days episode...........perhaps we expected dish to reciprocate or be a bit more passionate but instead we just saw dish giving her 'baashan' 2 dk about the meaning about relationships & luv, yet she kept tossing & turning while trying 2 sleep thinking about what aai had said 2 her & about dk's declaration of his luv 4 her.........

i think we build up expectations about scenes we would like 2 see & then when they do actually happen we find them 2 b pretty much ordinary...........

2 date my best dk scene still has 2 b the scene where he begs gargi 2 help his mum...........ashish didn't have much dialogue here but his expressions spoke a thousand words..........



AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:01am | IP Logged

Wow Swathi..........................what an update!................love the comments..........................keep it goingThumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down

Proven fact, the truth will always prevailTongue........................Gargi the witch.....................truth finally revealedWink.........................thanks to the writers for not dragging this....................looks like Ashish relayed our comments to themBig smile

Hope this is NOT the END of the road for TD...........................will really miss watching Ashish if it had to end.

Have to agree with Mamta.............................watched the episode where Dk proposes to Dish yesterday and the day before........................wasn't what i expected since i had already seen the Videos posted by Memsaab...........................Scene DID lack the intensity it tried to portray, i think they tried to become to filmy with Dish flying around the room, this end to that end..............................like Disha77 mentioned previously in her update, Ashish looked a bit uncomfortable with this scene.

I find Td so annoying these days besides it lagging two months behind..............................Dk hasn't given Kanaka to Gargi as yet...................but hes just lying around the house doing nothing..............................no scenes of him as a powerful business.............................nothing intriguing at this pointAngryAngryAngry

Hope Dish don't die and be re-incarnated.......................we don't need another sci-fi serial..............................looks like Ved may give Kanaka back to Dk............................it may be bankrupt by now so he will have to work hard to bring it back to its Former Glory

Edited by AALIYAH786 - 28 April 2005 at 1:17am
maja Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:17am | IP Logged

Hey Swathi and sree,

What a great update and comments. Thanks thanks thanks.

I agree with mamta prabhu that the best scene with DK was that where he begs Gargi. It was so emotional with full of expressions that I cant stop my tears every time I see it. I have taped it and sees sometime. A big applause to Ashish for making this scene so remarkable. The only thing I missed that Disha should have gone to him and given some physical comfort like puting a hand on his shoulders or something like that because at that stage they were still had this enemity and she could'nt have hugged him.


lalgulab Goldie

Joined: 07 April 2005
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:37am | IP Logged

Thanks for your comments along with the update, Swathi ClapClap

I agree with all of you about "the night" episode.  I also thought it wasn't as romantic as I thought it would be.  Ashish seemed uncomfortable in that scene.  I think we've seen better scenes between the D's since then where they just share glances at each other.  I personally liked the Holi episode a lot.  But my best DK scene is also the one where he begs Gargi!  He was just marvelous in that one.

Let's see where the show is headed now....

jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:55am | IP Logged
 what if gari goes mad and lands up in the mental hospitalLOL
Nachos Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 3:20am | IP Logged

Thanx for the update

Smile Naina

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