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Send msg to Balaji pointing their illogic (Page 3)

ria_dgr8 Groupbie

Joined: 26 April 2005
Posts: 138

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 6:43am | IP Logged

1) mehak   before   marriage  was  always  a  computer  buff , she  used  to  have  one  net  friend  whom  she  told  all  about   her  life  but  till  2day   it  is  not  clear  that   whether  her  friend  was  varun  or  some body  else .
2) rishi  entering  sujal's  office cabin  so  easily  &  removing  kashish love  letter  which  she  had  kept  in  sujal's  file & placing  the  letter in  piyush  file .
3)rishi  is  a  person  who  loves  his  brother  very  much ,  knowing  pretty well  how  much  sujal  loved  kashish  ,  rishi  created  all  the  fights  & confusion  between  kashish  &  sujal . in  normal  sense  a person  who  loves his  brother  more  than  his  life  will  never  do  such  a  thing .
4)the  1st  day  when  kashish  went  to  R&G for  her  interview it  was  kashish  birthday  ,  &  on  valentine's  day  sujal  tells  that  aaj  se  do saal  phele  hum  mile  the  isi  din  par  .  how come  kashish  birthday  has  become  valentine's  day .  
5)sujal  &  kashish  go  out  for  dinner  when  swayam  is  standing  out of  the  R&G  mansion   , when   sujal  come out   swayam  hides  his  face  ,  but kya  sujal  ko  swayam  ki  gaadi  bhi  nahi  dikayi   dethi hain ,  very  foolish .
6)the  cream  scene  between  sujal &  kashish  was  so  abruptly  ended ,  in that  particular  episode  sujal  &  kashish  were  not  shown  again .
7)now  rishi  has  bought  a  company  for  120 crocres   , but  when  kashish was  kidnapped   sujal  could  not  arrange  for  50  crocres .
8)it  is  told  that  kashish  &  akshat  r  childhood  friends  ,  but  how  did  he  study  in  shimla , becoz   rewa   flash  back  shows  that  she  left shimla  after  C.G  left  her .
9)vasu  knows  that  she  was  wrong  in  suspecting  sujal  for  piyush  death but  still  she  has  not  left  her  wrong  thinking  for  the  garewals .
10)akshat  told  charu   that  sujal  was   invovled  in  the  wine tampering case  but  does  akshat  not realize  that  his  brother  got  both  the  wine contract & the  bombay breweries  by  doing  fraud .
11)now  coming  to  yesterday's  episode  where  kashish  misunderstands  & tells  all  the  truth  to  veena  ,  but  for a  intelligent  character  like kashish  should'nt  she  1st  confirm   for  wat  reason  veena  was  crying & later  tell  the  truth  if  necessary .
12)how  can  swayam  blame veena , sujal  &  rishi  for  all  that  has  happened   with  rewa  becoz  nobody  except  C.G   were   aware  of  the
truth &  even  C.G    never  cared  for  sujal  ,  veena  &  rishi  it  is  now that  he  has  started  caring  for  them.      
13)sujal  in   one  of  the  earlier  episodes  i.e in   jail tells  kashish  that  he  knew  everthing  about  kashish   plans   if  he  knew  then how  did he  come  to  know .
14) during  the  time of  rahul &  kashish  marriage  plans  were  going  on  it  was  pratham  who  told  rahul's  truth  to  sujal , pratham  is  sujal  best  friend  & anu  is  kashish  best  friend  then  how  come  both  pratham  &  anu  were  not  present  at  sujal-kashish  marriage .
15)rahul  singhana  vows  to  make  sujal  &  kashish  life  hell  but  where  is  he  ,  he  is  totally  out  of  picture .
16)swayam  might  end up marrying  charu  in  future  ,  but  when  charu  goes to  invite   akshat  for  her  show  in  GOA   she   tells  akshat  mein  tumhe aur  swayam bhaiya  ko  show  mein  invite  karne  aayi  thi  how  ridiculous she  calls  him  bhaiya  & later  in  future  will  marry  him .
17) now  coming  to   the  scene  which  is  going  to  be  aired  next week ie ;  the  scene    in  the  hospital  where   sujal  will  come  to  know  that it  was  becoz  of  kashish  his  mother  has  come  to  know  about  the truth & the  way  sujal  comes  to  know about that fact is foolish  something  like  C.G    talking  to  himself   in   the  hospital,  this   will  be  the most  pathetic  scene  of  kth  if  the  scene  is  aired  .

arnt they enough or u want more!!!

by sun_423

ria_dgr8 Groupbie

Joined: 26 April 2005
Posts: 138

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 6:44am | IP Logged
1)When Kashish was reading the cards and sujals diary still she didn't
understand that sujal was innocent and after reading them she never
kept them back on their place and strange sujal never noticed that
they were lying on the floor and the cassette was in the player
really strange!!!
2)Why was aman so excited to watch charu's fashion show although when
he was there he was least bothered and he was looking here and there
and Reeva was more happy instead although she hates charu.
by laila!
ria_dgr8 Groupbie

Joined: 26 April 2005
Posts: 138

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 6:51am | IP Logged
hey so called creative people yeh zara apni illogical mistakesto dekho aur sharam ho to resign kardo!!!1.Sujal had given whole of the R&G to varun as a
present on his marriage according to which the Garewals
were only employees but how come they have a share in
the business.
2.Why sujal had to beg Archie for 5 crores when Kashish
was kidnapped didn't he have any share in the company
as he had given back the 10% back to Archie's dad so even
he was a boss of the company and he could have taken the
money whenever he wanted he didn't had to beg!!!
3.When C.G came to take sujal back home what kind of a line he said "
mujhe ab bhi d hai jab main ne tumhen aur piyush ko pehli bar
sharaab peete hue pakra tha" can someone explain me that he has come
to take back sujal or what!!!
4.And by the way whatever sujal did to piyush was published in the
newspaper or what how Swayam is doing the same things.
5.After sujal and Kashish got married and they went to Banglore how
come Kashish came to know that sujal would feel like vomiting after
coming to the (most disgusting) room (in the whole world) I am
talking about the room where according to piyush " Kashish and him
came as two but were going as one thanks to sujal"
6.If Swayam can know about Sujal's trick so why doesn't Rishi know
about them and starts using them. And even if Rishi doesn't know them
so why is Kashish not using her brain aur points bataoon?by munz!!!
sidii Newbie

Joined: 19 March 2005
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 6:54am | IP Logged

Let drama be but, don't you think that they are stretching facts
also a little too much....As far as i know, there is no international
airport in shimla... Jab dekho log land directly in shimla from
america, london... for eg Reva, singhanias, swayam and People can
take a direct flight to america from london... again for eg Sujal,
Mr. Narula....
And sujal could go to london and come back in a day itself during
that singhania fiasco....
And people can take direct flights to shimla from blore. And
moreover come and go in a day... i never knew of this, having stayed
in bangalore through out my life....
If sujal knew from day 1 what kashish was upto, what was the point
in being so shocked when the mechanic told him that kashish knew that
the brakes were not working...
And according to archie she tried to kill kashish because sujal
broke his engagement with her and married kashish... But how could
kashish marry sujal if piyush was still alive when they got married...
and does sujal not know the handwriting of his own brother that he
could not recognise the "dear piyush" which he wrote on kashish's
unaddressed letter. Or is such a successful business man not able to
make out the difference in the handwriting of his assistant and that
of his brother... Okay, so rishi might have disguised his handwriting
to make it look like kashish's which makes him a forger... Then, why
was the need for him to take a camcorder to record piyush's
signature, he could have done it himself...
In sujal and kashish's sangeet, there was a video of all of their
moments when they were a couple... if i'm not wrong, the clip of them
dancing in the foggy place is kashish's dream... Are you trying to
tell us that kashish has a camcorder in her head, that she can record
what she was imagining too.
When cg left riva, she knew that he had married someone else... so
why come back now and make a big issue of this when it is too late...
when she could have as well done it when it would have mattered...
and moreover she had a greater advantage than veena... she had a four
year old son...
What amazes me the most is that the sinhas were a middle class
family... infact they had only one earning member that was professor
sinha.. yet all his daughters could own dresses which were fit for
atleast three months after piyush's death, the inspector found
brake oil on the road which was supposed to be a highway and was
amazingly able to identify it as the brake oil from piyush's car...
and kashish immediately jumps to the conclusion that sujal cut
piyush's brake oil pipe....
By the way, aren't alcoholic beverages made by fermentation. It
takes years to make good quality wine and champagne. The more the
liquor ferments, the better is the quality of wine... And how can a
person who has just entered the wine business launch a drink in
hardly two days???

These are only a few.... So with all due respects to "Ektaji" and
her group of "creative writers", please look through the indian
constituition and through a medical journal and try to bring atleast
some logic in your shows. Most of us watch this show for the
characters Sujal and Kashish and the amazing chemistry they share. so
if you do replace the actors, you can as well say adios to a large
percentage of your viewers.... Instead you can hold on to the actors
and bring a logical conclusion to this meaningless show...


sidii Newbie

Joined: 19 March 2005
Posts: 34

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Some silly points i can think just now.

1) Most important point--- KTH started out as a story of Kashish and
her sisters and how her relationship with Sujal affects all their
lives. Where are her sisters now? Where are Mouli and Kannan? And Why
has Prof disappeared after S+K wedding? Baaki betiyon ko damaad pe
chod gaya kya?

2) KTH was supposed to be a youth-centric story with elders taking
only background role. Why has that changed now? Because creatives
cannot think of a logical story!

2) After S+K marriage, somebody called up that police officer to
inofrm him that Piyush's widow married his best friend. Who caled him
up? Garewals and Rahejas aare big shots in Simla, how come the police
officer doesnt even know about this big event?

3) Sujal was the person who took Piyusha to hospital and broughtth
ebody home. Obviosuly he was t th eaccident site. So hwo come Police
didntot even question him before his arrest?

4) The police didnt even inform the Rahejas that piyush amy have been
murdered. Mahaan Kashish had to tell them it was not an accident but
a murder!

5) Sujal was not even shocked that Piyush was murdered! How can he
accept that his closest friend was murderd and still he did not do
anything? Why?

6) The entire Simla police force, including a special officer who
came just to investigate Piyush's murder never found anything
useful.. what were they doing for more tha a year?

7) Those stupid saboot wale people (dhabewaala, mechanic, chap whom
Saniya bribed) were not even produced in court, to prove Sujal's
innocence. What was Akshat doing?

8) How did Akshat escape from the two kidnappers who were armed with
revolvers? First of all if the kidnappers knew he escaped, why did
they allow him to run for so long without firing from far?

9) At Sujal=Kashsih sangeet ceremony, how did the baccha paty get
videos of specail romantic moments of S+K 9some of them werre dream
sequences! Logic ka baat karte hain!

I'll send in more whenever i rememwer more.

We have tolerated so much nonsense only for Suajl-Kashish jodi and
for the fabulous way in which Rajeev lived the role for us.

Lets keep this rolling guys..

Lots of luv,

maham2kool Newbie

Joined: 22 January 2005
Posts: 26

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 8:43am | IP Logged

1.how can kashish be in love with both piyush n sujal

2.the piyush murder case was so stupidly solved by showing that archie killed piyush n no good mystery scenes were shown in it such simple n stupid

3.rishi had been sleeping with molly for so long time but she is not shown pregnant

4.no birthday of sujal or kashish been shown even thought kth started with kashsish's birthday

5 sujal kashish scenes are never good these days thier honeymoon was not shown either

6 how come akhshat is suddenly kashsih's freind when he was not shown in start

7.where is professor sinha n others

8.sujal was never shown innocent about the past misunderstandings

9.where the hell did reva n sawyaum suddenly appeared from

10.charu is now a days gone with the wind

11 sujal's attitude is gone somewhere

12 suajl's presence is not there why we see kth for him

13 bring rajeev back

maham2kool Newbie

Joined: 22 January 2005
Posts: 26

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 8:49am | IP Logged
1.Mehak was pregnent wih rishi's child just before
kashish and piyush's marraige and the child is born
after piyush's death adn piyush dies after one year of
their marraige . His body is brought home on his 1st
wedding anniversary. That means it took more than a
year for the child to be born. Evry time Mehak takes
so long to delive a child.

Now wat more illogical than this.

2. Akshat is kashish's childhood friend. Akshat is
supposed to be same age as sujal as both veena and
reva were pregnent at the same time. That means Rewa
continued to stay in Shimla even after Akshat was 4-5
yrs old or may be more then she doesnt face CG. She
left him wen She was pregnent with Akshat. Tabh shor
kyon nahin 1machaya and she decides to leave Cg.

3. She was so nice to Veena earlier even wen she knew
she was Cg's wife why then sudden anger she is showing
on veena after Akshat knows the truth. Ab ek dam se
kya ho gaya hai.

Gols & Golu

maham2kool Newbie

Joined: 22 January 2005
Posts: 26

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 8:54am | IP Logged

how come sujal alaways from the start hated his father did he knew that there will be cg-reva relationship coming up in story

tell me creatives why sujal hated his father from start if he had affairs than how sujal knew from beginning

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