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Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)
Kahiin To Hoga (Kahin To Hoga)

Send msg to Balaji pointing their illogic

Bhaskar.T IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:19am | IP Logged

Friends just put up all the illogical facts that you all have seen and go on watching in the comming episodes here. I'll collect them and send them to Balaji's.


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Hard Rock Goldie
Hard Rock
Hard Rock

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:40am | IP Logged


OK some pointers........

Sujal is an arrogant busness man..where has all that arrogance disappeared........one doesnt change so much even if they had got the love of their life back.........

How come Rishi has taken over the reigns of the business ...he doesnt know the ABC of business..all he knows is flirting with a capital F......How can CG and Lalit ask him to crack deals in Sujal's absence.........Whats happened to them..have they retired??? And if they have then why have they come to Bombay ???.....for a holiday?????

Secondly TOKYO is not on another planet.....its on mother earth......and with modern technology and modern communication Sujal and Rishi can be in touch every second regarding business deals.......so how can Rishi goof up so much...also Varun has proved to be doing business well so why isnt he or kashish who has already proved herself as a good business woman have taken over...........The present story track just SUCKS.............

RISHI can compete with SWAYAM only where women are concerned ...let SUJAL and SWAYAM clash where business is concerned.....

Also Mehak's Pregnancy both times seems to be going on forever and ever........very funny...he he he

These issues seem to be bothering me right now...cant remember much about the previous episodes...........i guess the other members will fill in.



Hard Rock Goldie
Hard Rock
Hard Rock

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 12:44am | IP Logged


Another blooper........

Akshat and Kashish are supposed to be childhood / school friends since  I remember Akshat mentioning an Arts and Craft teacher...it also means they are about the same age.....unless Akshat was a duffer and kept repeating classes and then suddenly became smart enough to become a lawyer...Also was Akshat studying alone in Shimla instead of UK or was Kashish studying in UK with Akshat.

It also means Akshat and Sujal are the same age since Veena and Reva were pregnant with Sujal and Akshat at the same time..so that makes Akshat/Sujal /Kashish the same age................

LOGIC SUCKS out here..................BALAJI CREATIVES...............


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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:05am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
Samita Dutta Groupbie
Samita Dutta
Samita Dutta

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Another illogical point is in the case of saniya,the big misunderstanding created by her between sujal & kashish.And they have not showed its clarity yet.How can they forget to clear this main point due to which the serial takes a big turn.
ria_dgr8 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:36am | IP Logged

hey balaji six so called knowalls just have a look at the illogical stuff Dead!!!and before talking nonsense just have a look at u goofiness LOL!!!and i will definitly send this mail to star plus also!!!Angry

1.meheks 15 months pregnancyLOL

2.sujals birthday comes after c.g. and veenas
anniversary but in dono ki anniversary do saal
baad aayi aur oos ke baad c.g. ki birthdayLOL

3.kashish ki birhday se serial shuru hua tha but
3 saal baad bhi ooski birthday nahin aayiLOL

4.valentines day pe sujal aur kashish ka kehna ke
woh do saal pehle valenbtines day pe mile the jabke
woh kashish ki birthday se pehle ya baaad mein mile
thae aur onhe mile teen saal ho gaye haiLOL

5.jab sujal kashish shaadi ke baad banglore gaye the to
piyush ko maare ek saal aur taqreeban 8 months hochuke the
to wahan kashish ko ooski ek dost mili jo keh rahi thi ke
tumhari shaadi ko aaj ek poora saal ho gaya?jab ke piysuh
apni first marriage anniversary se ek din pehle mara thaLOL

6.piyush ke marne waale episode ke one week later waale
episode mein kashish kehti hai ke aap ko mare 8 months ho
gaye hain aur piyush ke marne se pehle kashish 3 months pregnant
thi to oos ka baby kaise nahin born hua tha oos waqt tak aur ooske
one month later bhi kashish ka tummy bilkul flat tha?11 months
pregnancy ke baad bhi tummy itna flat??LOL

7.grown up people 101 dalmations ki towel kab se use karne kage??
woh bhi woh towel kabhi kashish use kartio hai to kabhi rishi!LOL

8.saania dobara wapis aayi lekin kissi ko yeh baat amloom nahin
hui ke sujal ne pehle saania ko plant nahin kia tha?LOL

9.archi pagal thi kya oos ko maloom tha ke woh gaadi piyush ki thi
aur kashish suajl ke saath aeroplane se aayi thi to saaniya ko piyush
ki car ke breaks fail karne ko kyun kaha?LOL

10.saania ne jab dhaabe pe breaks fail kiye to oosne dekha nahin
ke piyush akela hai ooske saath kashish nahi hai to oos ne breaks
kyun fail kiye??LOL

11.kya agar aap ke paas agar apne oos friend kissi ki ring hai jo
accident mein mar gaya hai to kya zaroori ahi ke aap ne oos ka murder
kiya hai??aap oos ki akhri nishaani nahin rakh sakte?LOL

12.kya sujal ka yeh farz tha ke woh piyush ko hospital pohonchae
jsie hi piyush ka accident hua tha?jab sujal wahan se guzre ga to hi
to woh piyush ko hospital le jaye ga!!itna drama karne ki kya zaroorat

13.piysuh ki car jis ke breaks fail huae the woh to burn ho gayi thi
aur blast ho gayi thi to yeh arjun nayak itni investigatrion kis
cheez ki kar raha tha??auisa lag raha tha ke kissi brandnew car ki
components ka discussion chal raha hai!!!LOL

14.kashish to 2 hours mein delhi by car jaati thi aur aati thi so
how come kashish ki kidnapping ke baad sujal was waiting for flight?
he could have come by car!!LOL

15.in the beginning it was shown that sanjana was against rishi and
she was the one who with varuns help asked her friend to give shelter
to mehek and she knew that mehek was pregg with rishi's child then
how come later she was shown rishis childhood best friend and she
married him and later was shocked to find that roshan was rishis
son and not varuns!!!very funny did she loose her memory??LOL

16.suajl was so rich that he gave 225 crores as a wedding gift to
kashish and piyush and the whole r&g to varun but now he doesnt have
50 crores?funny!!LOL

17.how come rishi's room is always different????LOL

18.the place where sanjana went to commit sucide when sujal refused
to marry her was the same bridge below suajl was sitting and when
sujal was shown sitting down in devdaas mood with thoda sa pyar in the
background on top of the bridge sanjana could be seen dioing makeup
for her shot!!!!LOL

19.vasoo knew roshan was rishis son from the beginning so why was she
so shocked later???LOL

20.when sujal came to know that roshan was rishis son he was so
guilty that he couldnt even face kashish then how conme the next
day he asked her out for coffee!!!use sense if u have!! LOL

21.piyush ke marne ke 2 months baad varun mehek ki shaadi hui!
how come piyush ke marne ke ek saal aur more than 4 months later
oon ki anniversary nahin aa rahi!!LOL

22.piysuh ke marne ke 4 months baad proff sinha ki birthday aayi
thi how come jab kahsih and piyush ki shaadi hui thi to oon ki
4 months baad birthday nhain aayi thi aur ab piyush ke marne ke
1 year aur more than 4 months later bhi oonki birthday nahin aayi?LOL

23.meheks pregnancy ko more than 8 months ho gaye hain and her tummy is total flat!!wao!!!LOL

24.Sujal is an arrogant busness man how come u have shown him as a henpecked guy now?LOL

25.rishi jaisa genius banda itne easily swayam ke hathon frame kasie ho gaya?  LOL                                                  

26.kya sujal rishi se phione karke buisness ki khabren nahin leta sirf kashsih ko phone karkle romance karta hai? LOL

27.how come swayam holds sujal responsible for everything!!!
although sujal wasnt even born when c.g left reeva!!!! LOL

28.whenever kth unit goes to mumbai the say the are going to goa
and when ever they go to goa they say we are going to mumbai!
strange! LOL

illogical stuff!!!the list is never ending!!!! u guyz want more or these are enough for u ke tum log chulu bhar paani mein doobjao????Angry

hey sujal fan plzzz post all the mistakes and illogical stuff to balaji as well as starplus!!!!!its a request coz the so called know alls read all the mails before showing them to ekta so shelija ji ke paas jub yeh mail jaye gi to woh zaroor ekta ko yeh mail dikhayen ge and she will take action against these so called know alls who are donkeys and duffers!!!!!its a humble request! 

ria_dgr8 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:31am | IP Logged
So u guyz need illogical points ???? if i m start from the 1st epsiode till now it will be 1000000 illogical points ...aur kuch kaam khud bhi karlo na
 well the most important points is tht :
1) kashish belives tht sujal kill piyush ??? only some bina sir pair ka saboot kay ..she never tries to find out a saboot ....how can some is so dumb ??? ...i mean in this generation even villegers r ver sharp but thiz ....
2)Then dhabba wala see sujal's photo n quickly remeber he is the same guy who come also tht day n even he ask 4 vine ??? strange how can some 1 remebers i mean roz hazron log ata hongay us ka dhabbay per kya sab ki baat yaad rakhta hoga ??? ...is there is some hiiden camera there or wat...
3)Archie killed piyush ????????????? even saniya invlove can anybody explain me wht was it logic tht archie kill piyush ??? ...
4)How can i forget mahek pregnancy ?????? it must be world record tht 1st time in the history some 1 is give birth a child in 15 months ?? even it is come in some article ... n now again same scene mahek is pregnant but now sign of it ??? ...
5)One more addition to the ever growing bloopers on KTH!!! When did
Sujal and Kashish meet on Valentines day first time???? Wasn't it
kashish's b'day????
6)Rahul singhania promise Sujal tht he will destroy him Now where he is gone ????
7)Vasu alwys say tht they have 70% shares in de company if i m not mistaken sujal is take over the buiness remebere befor the accident of piyush ...so ???
8)Where is varun's buiness mind now ??? he alwys take part in buiness but now it was rishi who handle all deals who even dont how 2 handle the buiness just becoz of it Ejaz is replaced so varun character is weak now ????????? ....
9)At Sangeet ceremony suddenly phupii jee agyiin thi now where is she ??? ....
10)Yeh at very begiining at planpur s+k stay in same room n next day archie cum she ask wat they r doing in same room n they said here is only 1 room avilabe only so how can archie get the room if i m not mistekn she get 2 know tht s+k is in planpur when kashish told her abt it at well secene ....
11)Piyush knows tht both r in luv but he never solve the misunderstandings between s+k ...so it is called best frend ???? ...or mahan human being ??? ...
12)Is buddhas r retired from office if they so y they alwys cum in official meetings if they not so y they not go 4 office ??? ...
13)When kashish come to know de truth tht sujal is innocent ...they show snowing near the garage and why it snowed badly after that disappeared...delhi sa shilmla n shimla sa delhi walking distnace per hai kya ???? .....
14)Sujal knows de whole truth abt kashish revenge ????? And what nonsense he didnt say anything becoz he want her khushi? Excuse why did he get married to her? WHY???? And he give a excuse of saying tht he don't want to explain myself ....wah wat a logic ....
15)Bus kashsh ko yeh pata chal gaya sujal is innocent thtz it the scene is complete ??? wht abt saniya case tht arice hire her in other serials they alwys show tht yeh misundersatnding kyu thi n kya waja thi but here ??? ....
16) Kth is a story of s+k n youth entertaining but now iot bceomes typical other serials now wat is new in cuming track the all ghisa pita masala ??? ....
17) Jab cg sujal ko ghar lay ja nay ka liye ata ata hai he come at his sujal lake spot how can he knows abt it ??? ...even wen bfore marrige varun is thinking abt her n mahek relationship sujal also comes there ??? ....
18)While sujal is in jail he keep changes his clothes ??? kya facilities wala jail hai ....
19)At kashish engagement wid rahul singhania sujal cum up wid saboots n rahul's wife in one day how can he find dhair saray saboots ??? ....
20)In last few episodes it show tht rishi is fall in luv wid mahek n he is trying his best to get mahek but wen mahek knows abt his real face he get back his old flirting buiness so is thiz called pyar ??? .....
21)Remember sujal is very happy n dancing in de rain just becoz R&g already get international level wid singhanias so wat thiz tokyo natak ??? ....
22)Sujal is very found of kids remember he want 7 kids but now there is no sign even in future track ???? .....
23)Recenetly it is showed tht sujal is very disturb wen he cum to know tht his mom is second wife of cg n he breaks the mirror n go... n in the next scene it is show tht he is sleeping in de room ...wat abt centre scene ???? they dont show how sujal calm down n so so .....
24) Repeating all old scenes of sujal wid piyush ....we r fool kya ??? ...
25) The remakes scenes of consuming marrige of s+k is proved tht craetive units alwys made mistakes ....ok f9 it is drama but reality n logics bhi kuch hotay hain ...
by siddii
ria_dgr8 Groupbie

Joined: 26 April 2005
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:35am | IP Logged
1)Piyush died somewher close to new year, i.e. either the
30thDec or 31st dec since on the day before the new year ,
r&g had celebrated the barsi. but when kashish and akshat
were investigating to prove sujal innocent., they went to
a hotel and asked the hotel manager if  Archie stayed in
their hotel which is in Delhi on th 28th of jan, which a
ccording to them was the day of piyush's death. if these
people celebrate piyush's barsi on 30th dec how can piyush
die on 28th jan?
2)in the beginning when there was this mehak, rishi varun
issue happening, i.e. when all of them were in college and
rishi used to harass mehak and varun suppoted her, aman
had told rishi that he should not trouble varun since
he is a bachha. that means varun is younger than aman.
and now sudenly few days back, aman calls varun, varun bhaiyya
and mehak bhabhi???
by vrushali

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