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KYPH - Update for 27th April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2005 at 9:45pm | IP Logged


Very good episode, but if yesterday's was 10 /10 on the cuteness factor, today it was 10 / 10 on the Kripa – Angad confrontation factor!!! Angad looked as sexy and macho as ever and boy can he act or what! He looks incredible when he is angry and the whole screen lights up when he smiles! Kripa acted really well today, she does these dramatic scenes rather well, I have noticed. Prithvi is getting so good day by day, I loved his performance today, it was so understated and so natural, he seems to be born to play Prithvi to utmost perfection! Mishti looked very cute, but the surprise factor was Kartik, who is incredible in his acting, very natural and effortless. I think that way KYPH has a cornucopia of excellent talents!


The episode beings with Damini chiding Mishti to get ready soon to leave for the inauguration of the Fashion Show or Boutique, and Mishti tells her that she doesn't want to come to the Fashion Show, Damini teases her that Angad is coming, and Mishti is like, so? Mishti  tells her that she has to go the Academy, her buddies are waiting for her, Damini asks her Kripa and Harshini. Mishti tells her only Harshini, because Kripa will be gone for the Chorus Practice. Damini is surprised and asks her wasn't Kripa supposed to be the lead with Angad, Mishti makes a bad face and tells that Naina Aunty was very unfair to her and put her in the Chorus Group without any explanation! Damini is very surprised and wonders why that could have happened. Damini once again very sweetly asks Mithti if she is sure she doesn't want to meet up with Angad, Mishti is like, Mom, Please cut this off and breaks out laughing with Damini!

KRIPA SINGING, AND ANGAD ENTHRALLED – (Parvaton Se Aaj Mein Takragaya, Tum Nein Di Aawaz, Lo, Mein Aagaya……..)

Angad, looking his burning hot and attractive self, is the Chief Guest at some Fashion do, with Damini in tow there and is happily cutting the ribbon  and prancing about smiling and enjoying. Suddenly he hears a voice singing, Om Jagdish Hare, and he is rooted to his spot as he strains his ears to listen to the voice! Angad asks some lady standing nearby, if she knows where this voice is coming from, the lady tells him that there is a famous temple nearby, and someone must be singing a Bhajan there. Damini too listens to the voice and tells Angad that such an incredibly sweet and powerful voice, wonder who is this. Angad who is totally lost in the song, mutter something to Damini and says that he has found the voice he was looking for and  whoever this person is, will sing along with him in his Concert. Angad still mesmerized by the voice rushes out following it, totally lost to the world, as he nears the temple, the voice becomes more prominent, Angad gets a smile on his face as he listens to the voice and sees a girl standing with a Aarti Ki Thali and singing. Angad keeps looking at her, but is not able to see her face, as it is covered with a dupppata, and follows her throughout the temple, when she is taking the Parikrama. The girl stops midway and lifts her Thali, hence her face is hidden, she is unaware of Angad's presence and is busy praying, when Angad (in that melt in your mouth voice, btw!) tells the girl, in a voice full of admiration and awe, ''Aapki aawaz mein Jadoo hain, aap bahut aacha gaati hain, aap mere saat gaana pasand karengi?'' The girl is stunned as she recognizes the voice (who wouldn't) and gets the Thali dwon from her face and stares at Angad. Its Kripa! Angad's expression was priceless when he sees that its Kripa, and keeps staring at her with a hostile, irritated look. The Panditji comes and gives some Prasad to Kripa nd tells her that it is for her and her husband and may God always keep them together and happy. Kripa is stunned, and Angad's face gets even more severe, as he gives one rotten look at the Pandit and then at Kripa and walks off in a huff. Damini Bose who has followed Angad and asks Angad who was singing, he makes an angry snort and tells that it was nobody and lets go. Damini is surprised and then notices Kripa leaving the temple, when she tries to call her name, but Angad stops her and tells Damini that let her go, Damini is completely taken aback and asks Angad, that it was Kripa who was singing, wasn't it? Angad gets a severe expression on his face and tells Damini, that Aunty, come what, I will never sing with ''that girl''. Damini is stunned and before she can ask Angad for an explanation, he walks away in anger.

PIG-HEADED ANGAD AND PRACTICAL KARTIK (Main Aisa Kyon Hoon, Main Aisa Hi Hoon………)

Angad, Kartik and Damini are in a meeting at her Office, where both Kartik and Damini are trying to reason it out with Angad that Kripa is the only one who can sing with Angad at this last moment, as she knows the composition and is definitely very talented and good. Angad, like a stubborn pig refuses to comply and says that come what, he will never sing with ''that girl'' and that he cannot stand her at all, leave aside performing with her on stage. Kartik is agreeing with Damini but tells her that even Naina is against this. Damini very calmly tells Angad that he is a Professional and as a true professional, his personal feelings for someone should not interfere with his singing, it should not matter to him with whom he is singing, what is more important is, what he is singing. Kartik agrees with Damini and tells Angad that aunty is correct, and that he has to be practical and agree to sing with Kripa, but will Kripa agree to sing with Angad now, as soon as Kartik says this, Angad's expression gets all the more outraged and he fumes thinking about Kripa. Angad is still stubborn and again says that he won't sing with ''that girl''. (Both Kartik and Angad keep referring to Kripa as ''that girl'' only Damini takes her name, these two boys are so manner less, I tell you!) Damini gives up and tells Angad that its finally his choice and if he doesn't want to sing with Kripa, then its ok, they will find someone else, but he should think about it once more. As Damini leaves, ruffling Angad's hair affectionately, Kartik tells Angad that they have to get on with the show, and once its over, to hell with Kripa. Kartik tells Angad that he will have a word with Kripa and convince her to sing, Angad gets an intense expression in his eyes and tells Kartik in a cold voice, that no, I will speak to her myself. Kartik is, ok whatever, just get the job done.

ARROGANT ANGAD AND STRONG-WILLED KRIPA – ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! (Aa Dekhen Zara Kisme Kitna Hai Dam, Jam Ke Rakhna Kadam, Mere Saathiya!)

The Choreographer is waiting for Angad to come and is looking very worried and asks one of the Chorus Girls why is Angad still now come in. Kripa is shown in the background happily chatting with one of the Chorus girls and is completely unaware of anything. Just then Angad comes in and the choreographer breaks into a bright smile and tells him that only two days are left for the concert and they don't have a lead singer yet. Angad (looking like a million bucks in a black sandoz) gets a strange look in his eyes and gives a sideway glance at Kripa, who has not even noticed him, btw! And announces that they have a lead singer, Kripa, the choreographer is like, what? Kripa?, but looking at Angad's steely expression, refrains from saying anything and is like, ok whatever, get back to your positions. Kripa is so taken-aback that she just keeps staring at Angad who is not even looking at her and has already taken his position and he puts his right hand out and tells Kripa, ''Kripa, apni position par aa jao.'' (Some cheek this guy has, I tell you!) Kripa just keeps staring at Angad's back and then at his outstretched hands, Angad has the cockiest expression on his face, as if nothing has happened and that dancing with Kripa was the most natural thing in the World. Kripa comes towards him, gives him one hard look and literally screams at top of her voice by saying, ''Nahin, mein tumhare saat nahin gaaongi.'' And as a ''Oh, Oh'' Kartik looks and Angad is left completely humiliated and flustered, Kripa walks off in complete outrage and disgust. Everyone is left staring at Angad, who looks ready to eat Kripa, and follows her outside and tells her to wait. Kripa turns around and tells him that how dare he suggest that she should perform with him as his lead after all that he and his mother have done to Tania. Angad is slightly taken aback, as Kripa tells him that Angad and his mom might be one who can trample over other people's dreams and go marching forward, but Kripa is one who will prefer to step out of the way, incase her going forward is ruining someone's life. Kripa tells him that what was Tania's mistake, that she dared to love Angad, dared to love a superstar, so that was the price she had to pay, and Naina threw her out of her job leaving her penniless. Kripa tells Angad that she is not ruthless or heartless like Angad or his Mom, and that she will never step into Tania's shoes and hurt her any further. Kripa tells Angad that he is positively disgusting and she would rather quite the Academy than ever sing with a person like him. Angad looks so mad at Kripa, that it seems he will immediately wrangle her neck, he tells her very coldly that she cannot quit the show in this manner, she has signed a contract and she has to fulfill it at any cost. Kripa tells him to get lost and says that she cares two hoots for the Contract and that he cannot do anything about it, if she won't fulfill it. Kripa gives one furious look at Angad and says that she will never, ever sing with Angad, come what, he can just go to hell. Angad is left incensed with wrath and mad rage, as he cannot digest Kripa's major snub to him!

SLIMY KARTIK AND ''IN HOT SOUP'' KRIPA (I can never think of a song, with Kartik in it!!!)

Kartik comes to meet Kripa at the Outhouse, Kripa is surprised but calls him in politely, Kartik is very cool and tells her that she has signed a contract and that she will have to fulfill it anyway. Kripa says that she doesn't want to sing with Angad, Kartik tells her that she doesn't have a choice and if she doesn't report to the rehearsals tomorrow, he will send a legal notice not just to her but to her Parents also in Nainital and that she will have to cough up 50 lakhs if she won't fulfill the contract. Kartik tells her that Angad is a fool and that instead of dealing with the whole issue in a cold, business like manner, lost his temper on her and blew the whole issue like anything, but Kartik has the right method  to regin in Kripa and  that she better oblige to what is being told to her, else she and and her family is going to be in a big soup! Kripa is stunned and doesn't know how to react, while Prithvi who had come to meet Kripa, listens to the entire conversation from outside the room and is furious with the Khanna's but decides about something and walks away from there, unnoticed and quietly!

CUTE MISTI AND CUTER PRITHVI (Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai, Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai….)

Mishti is shown to call up Kripa and tells her that they have been planning a dinner for so long and  that Harshini, Prithvi, Kripa and herself have to go tonight for it. Kripa is in no mood and is worried sick after her conversation with Kartik and tries to wrangle herself out. Mishti refuses to listen to her and says that nothing doing, she has to come to so and so restarurant and that they will be waiting for her there. Prithvi has a cool expression on his face, as if he has planned something. (And he dresses up really well, he was looking very nice in a light blue linen shirt and off-white cargos, goes well with his overall personality)

PRITHVI ROCKS MY WORLD (AND ANGAD STOPS MY HEART!) (Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai, Yeh Na Ho Toh Bolo Kya Yeh Zindagi Hai…)

My Prithvi, my sweet, my adorable, darling Prithvi. He rock like anything! Prithvi very coolly hands over the cheque of 50 lakh and is absolutely relaxed about it. Kartik is surprised and asks him why is he doing this, to which Prithvi replies that their event management company supplies the chorus girls for Angad's shows and that he is just letting go of one of them, by giving the compensation amount back to the Khanna's. Kartik is very surprised now, but does not react and tells Prithvi that its ok then, Kripa is free from the Contract. Prithvi very politely thanks Kartik and leaves the room. Once Prithvi has left, and Kartik is left wondering now whom will they arrange at such a short notice, Angad walks in very coolly and greets Kartik, hi brother, why do you look so worried. Kartik in his usual, deadpan manner tells Angad that Kripa has freed herself from the Contract, now what will they do about the show. Angad's face gets all frigid and terse and he asks Kartik if Kripa was here, Kartik says that no, Kripa wasn't there, but her friend came and  gave this, he hands over the cheque to Angad, who is quite surprised at seeing it. Kartik tells Angad  that he is very surprised at this and he had no idea that Kripa had such powerful friends who would go to such an extent for getting her out of this muddle. Angad is now dying out of curiosity and asks Kartik, who was it who gave the compensation on behalf of Kripa, Kartik says, Prithvi Bose. Angad's is mad with jealousy and his face wrinkles in anger and he is left with a cold fury, as he takes the cheque from Kartik and walks out, leaving Kartik wondering what his brother is upto now!

FURIOUS ANGAD AND LOST KRIPA – ULTIMATE RETORT BY ANGAD TO KRIPA'S SNUB TO HIM! (Aaj Na Chodoonga Tujhe Dam Dama Dam, Tune Kya Samjha Hai Mujhe, Dil Mein Hai Toofan Bhara…..)

Kripa is getting ready for the dinner and combing her hair, when someone knocks at the door and she goes to open it. Kripa opens the door and is staggered to see Angad, who is looking at her with a rotten expression comes in and tells her that he had thought that however arrogant and stupid Kripa was, she was atleast a self-respecting, independent person and not one to take favours from her so called friends. Kripa is taken aback and asks Angad (quite politely, btw) that what is he talking about. Angad (looking really good in a red shirt and denims!) very coldly and cruely tells her that is she was desperate to free herself from the contract, she could have very well spoken to him too, why did she have to go and beg in front of her friend and his mom for that. Kripa is still lost and tells him, that she has no idea what he is talking about. Angad snorts sarcastically and tells her to stop acting so innocent and he has seen through her game already.

Angad's exact words to Kripa are, ''Ms.Values, pehle Angad ke saamne khud khada hona seekho...himmat hai to mujhse akele ladh kar dikhaao...phir mujhse oonchi aawaz mein bat karna.''

Kripa keeps asking him what is he talking about, what cheque, which friend, she has no clue. Angad tells her that Prithvi had come to Kartik and given a cheque of 50 lakh which will free Kripa from the contract, before Kripa can react to this statement, Angad who looks mad with cold rage, tells Kripa that he knows Prithvi and his Mom from a very, very long time and has immense respect for both of  them, especially for Damini Bose. As Kripa listens stunned and reactionless, Angad turns and gives her a powerful, forceful look and throws the cheque on her by telling her that she can return the cheque to her friend and tell him that Angad himself frees Kripa from the Contract, not because she was able to give him the compensation for it, but because he has immense respect for Damini and since Kripa is close to her son, he has no intentions of causing any disharmony between all of them. As a dazed and shaken Kripa listens to all this, Angad throws her one putrid look and walks out of the room!


Good episode! I liked the way Angad fumes and frets when angry! People who lose their temper frequently, are generally very clear by heart! This chap is going to go places, no two ways about it! Kripa was very good today, her acting skills are improving quite well, and she does these emotional, outburst scenes rather well! Prithvi is one cool customer, and its impossible to tell that this is his first foray into acting, he is really natural in his performance! The Trio has a good balance and all of them seem to complement and offset each other, that way their characterization is excellent, we get to see three completely different individuals, woven by the thread of ambition, friendship, revenge, love and self-respect. If you notice, Angad, Kripa and Prithvi are very alike in many ways and completely opposite to each other in some, probably that is why we relate to all of them so well! Also I find Kartik very, very intriguing and interesting as a character, and this fellow acts so well! Amazing serial, I am really impressed by its pace and story line till now!


Tomorrow's promo shows Kripa being really upset with Prithvi, who is his usual cool self and tells her that he did not help her out because he was pitying her, but rather because, he thought that what she was saying and doing is correct, and if she doesn't want to sing with Angad, no one on Earth can force her to do that, Prithvi tells her that he would have done this for any of his friends. Kripa looks confused, as usual!

PS : Er, I hope you did not find my Hindi Film Lyrics too irritating….I am in some mood today, got caught in a horrible hurricane situation and I think the wind went inside my brains………….

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Mrs.Brett Lee IF-Rockerz
Mrs.Brett Lee
Mrs.Brett Lee

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Posted: 27 April 2005 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
chilly awesome update.THE furious Angad, the lost Kripa And the cute Prithvi were wonderful today. i loved your update.i loved your style of hindi film lyrics and your comments.
AALIYAH786 Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Great upate Chilly........................just love this guy Prithvi.........................coming to the rescue of his lady love..........................must say Mishti is very beautiful............................Angad is such a sweetie with Dadi ..................................looks like Kripa just may go ahead with the concert with Angad
maryam16 Groupbie

Joined: 24 April 2005
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 2:35am | IP Logged

i know n i totally agree chilly

with more n more episode v get 2 c more of karthik n wow

hez hot 2........i mean completely effortless natural acting n boy he 2 has a very commanding voiceLOL

but the episode solves the after concert problem

i mean she is booked 4 6 concerts 4 the world tourClap

mango Goldie

Joined: 08 December 2004
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 5:28am | IP Logged

thanks for the update chillySmile

i can't wait to watch this episode 4.5 more hoursTongue

chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Amazing update. Thanks a lot Clap
rano Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Hey Chilly, lovely updates as usual. really better than even the show. i am worried though. Prithvi is turning out to be a better etched character than Angad. i sincerely hope this is not a rerun of the Anurag-Mr.bajaj scenario of KZK. all the best and keep on updatingClap
Angadzgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 9:12am | IP Logged

thanks u so much. great work.


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