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for thoses hu hate jassi now n lyk malika (Page 3)

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 4:35am | IP Logged
OK, This whole Jassi-Mallika revenge debate has me ConfusedOuchCry

I would be a liar if I said part of me wasn't enjoying Mallika's come-down .. but honestly, at what cost, and for what purpose?Tongue

Originally posted by Minnie

      I think Mallika totally deserves what Jassi is doing to her,if not more. Mallika hated Jassi more than anything else because she was ugly and she was middle class. Remember,when Armaan had informed her that Purab had broken the sagai and left Jassi,Mallika had responded with ' Use tumhara kandha mila tha rone ke liye .....( OK,this part understandable) , then,..'koi middle class kandha nahi mila use??'  !!!!!!!!!!

       Now,what kind of girl reacts in that way? What kind of girl insults another girl who took the pains of arranging the former's engagement party and made it a roaring success ?? That too in front of the whole world?? I don't think at that time she even thought of losing armaan to Jassi. So what was the excuse? What girl keeps calling a hard working employee of the company low class at every opportunity she gets? Makes her fetch coffee inspite of knowing she is there for her brains and degree?? Makes cruel digs at her looks whenever she feels like it ? What gave her those kind of rights? Her being rich and being the boss??

Agreed, Mallika insulted Jassi from Day One. The friction began the day Armaan hired Jassi overriding Mallika's protests and bruising her ego. Mallika wanted her thrown out and plotted with Pari over the next few days.. and even though she didn't succeed, taunting Jassi and making her life miserable had become a habit, and Jassi gave her no reason to break it!

The question here is - Why did Jassi take it? It takes two to tango - without a victim there is no criminal and no perpetration of a crime.

Who made Jassi a victim? I think Jassi was a victim of her own thinking! She was every bit as much to blame for their spats and standoffs, as Mallika.

For someone who is gifted with immense grey calls and tremendous EQ, as evidenced by her dealings with people both inside and outside the company, I personally would find it horrifying the way Jassi would turn into a mouse everytime she was accused or confronted by MallikaDead. She had to strategy, no plan to tackle the office menace. She simply stood there and swallowed whatever was dished out to her, allowing Mallika to rip her apart with hurtful words about her 'middle-class' unbringing etc etc and go home and cry about it into her pillow! Angry

What stopped her from drilling some sense into mallika's head then? She knew Armaan would stand by her, she knew Gulmohur would be crippled without her, and at the time of acquiring Gulmohur via Kohinoor she knew Mallika was now a mere employee and moreover whom she could afford to shut up and put into her place. What stopped her was not any kind of deference to Mallika, but her own lack of self-confidence, for which she herself is to blame! It is evident that it was not even a high moral stand which was holding her back - if that was the case, she would not be doing what she is today!

People like Mallika are bullies. They pick on people who they think are weaker and cannot fight back. When has Jassi ever given her occasion to think differently?

Jassi was not a slave of Gulmohur. She could have done 'n' number of things and as a last resort, said to hell with the job, I'm not going to take this lying down! When you think you have nothing to lose, it gives you tremendous strength to fight back.

- She could have opened her mouth more when Mallika was firing her volleys at her, defended herself better.

- She could have coolly and professionally told Mallika in unambiguous terms to back off as this is vilifying the office atmosphere and hampering their productivity.

- She could have simply ignored her, not just her voice but also in her heart - the popular Reinforcement Theory says that when Mallika saw her jibes and barbs were bouncing off target she would simply tire of the game and have stopped firing them.

- Jassi could have launched an offensive against her, telling her that if she does not stop harassing her right now, she would tattle to Puru or the Board (she didn't really have to do it, the threat might have done the trick!)

- Once Gulmohur was in her hands, she could have threatened to launch a formal complaint of harassment. Mallika would never have allowed that as she cares dearly for Gulmohur's reputation, and Jassi could never have been thrown out as she was the legal owner of Gulmohur.

Why is it that Jassi had no sense of power then, but does NOW, just because she has had a facial makeover?!Confused

If Jassi really had the guts, she WOULD have taken her pound of flesh as Plain Jane Jassi and not as model Jessica! In the olden days, it was not considered ethical to declare war on anyone without trumpeting your own identity first! Mallika is pitted against an enemy in disguise, and she does not even KNOW that it's WAR... she has no defences at all!Ouch How fair is that?Dead Why can't Jassi be brave enough .. and why COULDN'T she EVER have been brave enough, to take on Mallika one on one in her real avataar?

I do NOT think Mallika should be blamed for Jassi's feelings of inadequacy. If Mallika ran roughshod over Jassi's feelings, it is as much Jassi's fault for lying down and letting her do it. If Jassi did not have the confidence and the guts to have done it earlier, she should realize that now and accept it, and treat Mallika with cold professionalism rather than wasting her time and energy with revenge fantasies which in no way facilitate her main aim of re-claiming her family's honor!!

Originally posted by Minnie

     Compared to that Jassi did not do anything. She just said she wanted her in a different colour dress and fetch her laundry. Mallika never really knew what it is like to be ordered around in that fashion. So she fumbled. Had she been the snooty Mallika,she would have cooly gone about her business. Changed into a different dress and asked sum1 to fetch the laundry. But then no one ever held Mallika Seth to ransom. Till date that was her forte. But now she knows what it is like to be at someone else's mercy and that kind of a feeling makes the smartest of people making stupidest of choices and blunders. 

I don't think any one of us has the right to play God and 'teach anyone else a lesson'!

Also, Mallika never expected or demanded that Jassi do her personal chores.. it's not quite the same thing. Why doesn't Jassi find legitimate flaws in her designs or her marketing plan and forward her suggestions to Mallika? At least, that way, something good will come out of it - they'll have a better product on their hands!

Mallika is being the willing victim here because she knows she has much to profit from it afterwards. She is merely playing along. She intends to treat Jessica and Nandu with utmost contempt once her selfish motives have been realized, and Gulmohur is out of the dock. Jassi knows that people like Mallika do not mellow down their attitudes and behaviour unless its for a selfish reason - she knows how ruthless Mallika really is. What is she REALLY getting out of it? Does she believe that getting the run-around will sensitise Mallika to the rest of her employees, their hardships, their humiliations? Will she ever treat another 'Jassi' better as a result of this treatment? Nah! The only thing that I can see is Jassi getting a cheap thrill out of it, despite her claiming otherwiseDead

Originally posted by Minnie

     Jassi would have to be a saint not to enjoy revenge. MAllika antagonism had little to do with Jassi's relation with Armaan. In fact,as of now,she does not even know what Mallika did after she found out Armaan loved Jassi. That part has not even begin.

Actually, the way I see it, this is all about Jassi, not Mallika.

No, Jassi is no saint, but neither does he have to commit the same sins as Mallika. She is an individual and she should respect herself.

NO ONE should be able to force you to become someone you don't want to be!

I know people who have, and I have also personally encountered people who try their damnest to pull you down. If we all just sat there simply thinking of ways and means topull each other down, who'd ever get to climb that ladder??

Originally posted by Minnie

    I beleive absolutely in an eye for an eye. Why not? If someone deliberately sets out to cause harm to someone,that person has to be punished.Period. Or else why should be need the judiciary at all ??????

I believe judiciaries exist precisely so that everyone does NOT follow 'an eye for an eye!'

A judiciary is a third party who intervenes for the purpose of awarding punishment to the offender / causing settlement / awarding compensation to the victim. An eye for an eye would take us back into barbaric times where everything is settled between the two parties at the edge of the sword, with no one to arbitrate, no codes to adhere to, no one to decide if justice has been done.

I don't remember the exact quote but it is said that the greatest wars in history have taken place not between Wrong and Right, but between two 'RIGHTs'. So, as long as Mallika thinks she's right, and Jassi thinks she's right, who decides who's wrong - and why they are fighting?

Originally posted by Minnie

    besides as far as I can see,Jassi has not changed. Today it was evident she was not even enjoying what she was doing. But she was egged enough to do it. In fact if anything,the more she tries to go into her new shell,more she reveals the old Jassi. her warmth with her friends,her concern for her parents, her family being even more important than even the realisation that Armaan truly loves her........ I think I am starting to like Jessica more and more.

I like Jassi / Jessica too.. a LOTEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... but I find it so hard to overlook what I feel about her 'revenge!!'ConfusedOuchDead

Originally posted by Minnie

    Way to go Jassi Clap

Watch your step, Jassi!Wink

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smita24 Goldie

Joined: 31 December 2004
Posts: 1088

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 4:40am | IP Logged

wow excellent BEE, that was really great. You wrote all the points i missed out, infact i would not have been able to pen down my feelings so well.

That was great Clap

-misha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 November 2004
Posts: 11774

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lilhenna

Two wrongs do not make a right.  If you slap me, doesn't mean that I have to slap you.  An eye for an eye is arcahic.

No doubt Mallika was awful to Jassi, but as I mentioned, Jassi was having a "thing" with her financee.  What?  Was Mallika supposed to adore her?  Even if one argues that Mallika didn't know, Jassi was still the person taking up most of her fiancee's time.  That has to trigger some warnings and jealousy.

Revenge is terrible, and is not befitting on Jassi.

I'm not saying that she shouldn't run Mallika through hoops.  I'm just say that she shouldn't enjoy it.  Don't know if that makes sense.  If she enjoys it, that would indicate that who Jassi is from the inside has changed.  That to me is sad.

I think Jassi having confidence and flare is great, I just don't want this to turn into a typical Indian saga about hate and vindictiveness.

very very well saidClap

spike Senior Member

Joined: 12 November 2004
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 4:56am | IP Logged
I think Mallika is just getting what she deserved for a looooong time....but i still hate jassi/jessica Angry 
smita24 Goldie

Joined: 31 December 2004
Posts: 1088

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 5:00am | IP Logged

Originally posted by spike

I think Mallika is just getting what she deserved for a looooong time....but i still hate jassi/jessica Angry 

I agree to it that Mallika deserves punishment. What i would have done in Jassi's place was take charge of Gulmohar and then hand over the company to Mehra group of industries. Purab will take care of those people as he is good at throwing tantrums on those type of people. We both will make Mallika's life a hell LOL

Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 28 April 2005 at 5:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by smita24

I don't agree with you minnie. I think the kind of treatment  Jassi got from Mallika was right. We too belong to Middle class family, we too have bosses. We don't  give a damn to what happens in their personal life. Its their buisness. But Jassi took too much interest in Mallika's and Armaan's relationship. Her job doesnot include sending both of them to councellors but she did all that. Getting insulted from Mallika wa jassi's choice. She chose humiliation to a respected and prospective job. Its her fault, if she really wanted to get out from Armaan and Mallika's life she should not have come back to Gulmohar. Her problems would have ended there.

This is highly unpractical that the director of a company is tolerating all this nonsense. In real life she long back would have got a kick on her butt and thrown out.

Originally posted by smita24

But as far as I know, Mallika had been insulting Jassi since the time she set foot in Gulmohar, right?

And also, yes, Jassi could have went to find another job, but that still does not justify Mallika's mean actions!

Just my thoughts..

Thats is true. But Jassi made situation worst for herself. Mallika was bad with Jassi from the first day, but that was not something new for Jassi and secondly Armaan always defended her. What did jassi do ? become the CEO of gulmohar by blackmailing the same Arman. And above all Jassi chose the humiliation she got from Mallika and dragged her family too in it. Nandu had been telling Jassi that Armaan will be forgiven for Kohinoor because he is Puru's son. You will have to bear the consequenses. But Jassi chose to take all that . So now what ?? i guess she is herself responsible for the humiliation she brought to her family.

If Mallika is proud of her being high class she has it. She has money which belongs to her. But jassi she is doing all this on other's money, others fecilities. Besharmi ki bhi had hoti hai Angry Mallika never told Jassi to get her clothes from Laundry even though she was just a secy of Armaan. And now Angry I HATE JESSICA.

     I beg to differ with you Smita. Jassi might have had 1001 faults but being mean has never been one of them. Even today whatever she is doing with Mallika is what she deserves.

     Having money and class means you have the right to be rude and cruel to others? Make jibes at other people's low class upbringing? Make fun of a person and think it is their birthright? Let's not talk of Jassi deserved that treatment or not.No one,but no one,no matter how weak,deserves that kind of a cruel biased attitude. If tomorrow I become the queen of England would mean I would get insulting with anyone not of my class? Don't forget when Jassi landed this job,she was desperate.So of course the classy Mallika found it her birthright to redicule an already flustered and desparate girl??

As for having the class and money,she did not achieve it.She was handed down on a platter which to a certain extent even she herself is responsible for loosing. She did choose Armaan over Aryan as a chairman for personal reasons,did she not? And no matter how much I love Armaan,it is evident he was not very practical and far sighted as far as business goals were concerned. Yet Mallika was least bothered with that.All she knw was,if she supported Armaan,he would marry her. And classy for me does not mean classy clothes and classic arrogance. For me any kind of meanness is low class,especially when it is an attitude.

    Jessica might have had an easy time becoming a model , but the hard times and the deceit she has had to face due to her simple and timid nature requires us to cut some slack to her new self who is just learning to assert herself. People who lack self confidence often fail to react the right way when faced with cruelty. That is the difference between a person with self confidence and the lack of it. Just look at Mallika and see just what one whimsical action of a supposedly whimsical model has done to her. And you think a desparate girl like Jassi had a chance?

   I think the kind of treatment  Jassi got from Mallika was right. We too belong to Middle class family, we too have bosses....Getting insulted from Mallika wa jassi's choice.

    I can't beleive I am reading this.......Anyway,as for us working and having bosses,all of us do not face the same kind of problems. It would be as useless to argue about it here as it would be to argue that there is no racism,castism,statism,sexism or exploitation in the work field. Those who don't face it,are lucky and can afford to say,we also work but such things don't happen to us.  But those who do, how often do they react against it? So what do we say,that they deserve it? OuchAngryDead

     As for those who think Mallika is the only one who is working to get her company back on the feet,think again.Correct me if I am wrong,but wasn't she the one who stole from her own company and pushed it to a definite ruin to settle a personal score with this very girl who we taking to the cleaners for giving Mallika a dose of her own cruel attitude ? mallika Seth, who sent an old woman to death bed,is gleeful over a loss of a home by an elderly couple who have already lost everything just because their daughter happened to be the girl whom her obviously reluctant fiance fell for? and is not even repentant about it??

     A woman who single handedly is responsible for causing so much grief just by her mean and nasty nature,we have started favouring her just because she was asked to change a dress and fetch some clothes  that too from a shop??

    Sorry,but I find no reason to dislike Jessica at all or like Mallika,even a tiny winy bit.

smita24 Goldie

Joined: 31 December 2004
Posts: 1088

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 5:32am | IP Logged

Minnie you are good at Arguing, i won't be able to argue with you , i mean not very good at writing i have my points but won't be able to pen them down so well.

I just want to ask you one thing. How much time did you take to write this loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg post. I don't have the patience to read such a long post. But jitnaa maine para. I just want to ask you one question. You might find it a bit personal (sorry for that )

What will be your attitude if your husband starts giving more importance to his secy,puts you down before her and defends her for everything you do to her, and on basis of that she starts interfering in your personal life ? You will become something more rude than Mallika , i am sure.

Definetely it has class difference, but above that i feel it is jealousy. Nothing more than that.


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Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 8633

Posted: 28 April 2005 at 6:14am | IP Logged

  Thanks for the compliments dear. Don't worry,it's all about interest. I love writing and hence time is all but a factor....

   To answer ur ques,If I feel my husband is giving more importance to his secretary,I will bite his head off. I will tell him in no uncertain terms that I DO NOT like it. But I will not make it a mission of my life to humiliate the girl for no apparent reason. If I do,then I would consider myself a really lowly being. In fact, we have a lady friend whose parents side of the family is one of the closest family friend of my husband. That lady holds a massive candle to my hubby dear. She too is married now with kids but unfortunately still keeps holing the candle.......when we all met again after many years,she started to make his fav dishes, even bring it over to our house...and my hubby dear obviously delighted in being paid so much attention and praised her to no end......and then finally one certain day,I made it clear I don't like it. But I never even let the lady know what I thought. Slowly my hubby understood and started paying a lot of attention to me when she was around and she ultimately got the message. We continue to be great friends. I understand her pov as at one point of time she had dreamt of marrying him but my hubby dear was oblivious to her.........

 See,here is the difference. Here is a person who values me and my feelings. Who clearly loves me and is ready to do anything to keep me happy. Now, if he did not value me or my opinion, I would not even think of making a home with him. I would rather set him free. I would not spend hours doing jaasoosi on him.suspecting his every move, all the time distrusting him, and when finally when my suspicions are confirmed,take my ire out on the unsuspecting girl rather than leave him in disgust. As of now,I don't see even an iota of self respect in Mallika.

   Besides,I could have understood,maybe somewhat even emphathise with Mallika if her redicule of jassi started after she found out about Armaan's feelings for Jassi and vice versa. But if you remember, she started her mean attitude towards Jassi the very day she set foot in GM. In fact,after she found out,she never ever set eyes on Jassi again.LOL

   There is simply no excuse for bad behaviour.



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