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28/5 Dragon Club:Yash's Rise as Husband Finally ?

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged

Credit goes to Maham(Allbut1) for this beautiful Banner

Some Information about Chaskameter Ranking of PV

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The only place where we r lacking is Buzz points and Number of followers ... Now Buzz points r not in our hand because that we will get only when a TB Article comes out LOL but increasing No. of followers is in our hand and let me tell u we r just few points away from no.2 show in terms of  no. of followers Embarrassed...
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Episode Analysis
Today's Episode was more of a positive filler before the real storm coming tomorrow Tongue...What I liked was the complete Younger generation coming together in support of Aarti StarStarStarStarStar
What are the possibilities for tomorrow
I feel the Younger generation's plan is to let Aarti-Ansh win Daddy Scindia's trust since they feel Gayatri's decisions dont matter ...Daddy Scindia is the ultimate boss Wink...so if Daddy Scindia agrees to get Aarti-Ansh back home ...then issue is solved LOLBig smile
But as per promo , Daddy Scindia has still not agreed to accept Aarti-Ansh and we see Yash bringing him back which makes me feel that somehow either the brothers end up telling the truth to Yash or Yash himself comes to know the truth ..mayb he overhears the conversation of Daddy Scindia-Aarti in joggers park and realises who is at fault ?? Ermm...
In short the return of Aarti-Ansh is not possible without Yash coming to know the truth since Daddy Scindia will not get convinced with all the buttering of Ansh-Aarti and nor Yash will agree to anything unless he is told that Aarti wants to come back home but its his family who is opposing it Ermm
So somehow Yash needs to know some part of the truth for him to go and get Aarti-Ansh back home on his own Approve...How he comes to know the truth or how he gets some idea that Aarti wants to return back but its his family stopping her  remains to b seen Ermm
Aarti's intention to not let Pratik or anyone tell the truth to Yash is valid ...
I dont blame Aarti for stopping Pratik not to tell the truth to Yash because she does not want to enter the house making everyone her enemy and she knows well if Yash comes to know the truth then he will revolt against his family which will result in Scindias hating her more which she does not want Ouch...So its a complex situation for her as well since she wants to get back in house on a positive note with elder's blessings and not curse Smile ...
If Yash comes to know the truth on his own , then Scindias wont b able to keep any vengence against Aarti at least but if Aarti or Pratik tells the truth to Yash going against Scindias , then Aarti-Ansh will get further hatred from Scindias and this is what Aarti wants to avoid in her second innings since this time she wants to enter the house with love and blessings and not hate or vengence Embarrassed
Aarti holds her own ground as a Bahu in front of Gayatri and Bua ClapClapClap
 I loved the fact that Aarti did not loose her ground today as well in the starting scene when she kept her upperhand intact in front of Bua and Gayatri ClapClap..Even when Gayatri taunted her for not leaving Yash because  he has everything , Aarti did not bend down but rather kept her ground intact by saying that Yash indeed has everything including a big heart the way he saved Ansh and so she being his mother should hv a big heart too in accepting her as  her bahu WinkClapClap...Loved the way Aarti kept twisting every word of Gayatri against Gayatri only and in the end give her the divorce paper without signing it  Big smileBig smile...this is her first rebel of Aarti as a bahu but she makes sure she never really humiliates Gayatri but also keeps her own stand intact StarStarStarStar...
One can clealy see that today when Aarti was talking so confidently to Gayatri , she looked so damn passionate about saving her marriage  which was missing earlier when she was simply doing her duties to make sure Ansh has a father but this time its the rise of a wife who will save her marriage at any cost StarStarStarStar
Yash does not want to do anything against Aarti's wish Embarrassed
Yash is a man of few words but his words matter a lot the way he say it ... He does not want anything to b forced on Aarti ... he wants Aarti to take her own decisions in life and when as a husband one gives such freedom to his wife , u know he is the guy for u StarStarStarStar ...Today his frustation on the dining table clearly indicates that he really want Aarti back but on her own  and not by force Embarrassed...
My biggest scare
Today first Aarti talks of one cannot give divorce before 6 months  and then Gayatri informs the same to Daddy Scindia Ouch...Now my biggest worry is what if in the end Aarti decide to tell Yash that she wants to give a last chance to this marriage for 6 months time period because they cant give divorce before that and so Yash agrees to get Aarti back in the house ?? Confused
In this case Yash will never get any idea of what his family did with Aarti Ouch...Even if Daddy Scindia as per promo stops them , Yash can say its just for 6 months Ouch..Then Scindias might allow Aarti-Ansh back thinking after 6 months it will b all over Confused..I m saying this because I m wondering why this sudden mention of 6 months ?? Confused
I hope this is not the case because I want Yash to hv slight idea of what all his family did with Aarti ,., He might not know the full story but at least some rough idea  about his family is important here Smile
Overall like I said quite a positive episode where one can clearly see that if Bahus get a cool Sasuma like Shobha , then whether its Vidhi or Paridi , all will hv genuine love for the elders and not out of fear or manipulations Smile... Loved the bonding of all Younger generations in Aarti's support ClapClapClapClap

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
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shubhika124 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged

The episode was quiet in motion. Had no sky-high expectations from Monday as action is stored in for tuesday Dancing

It started from where it ended. Aarti at her sarcastic best Thumbs Up Its noble of the character that she doesn't want to spoil anybody's relation with Yash but what harm would it cause if she'd let her enemies know that she knows the truth. Anyways anxiety was there in Bua's eyes. Yes she was scared! Congrats Aarti tigress. Im glad Gayu didn't pay much attention to Aarti's vast knowledge about divorce. Nah it was basic LOL

PayPal are not only spoilt , they are bitter too. Is this what Gayu was boasting days ago , her upbringing and all? Gayu digging deep to know whats on Yash's mind via gals , Papa Scindiya scolded her for good Thumbs Up

Gayu curses her luck of getting such D-I-L(s) , it should be vice versa Embarrassed . Seriously  AarYa's gene is so cool. One thing I didn't understand , why was Pari sporting her pallu ? Isn't she the more 'modern' one! Anyways coming to the main part , I wonder whats their master-plan all about. Really curious to know Embarrassed Vidhi's emotional outburst was emotional. Really.

The D-I-L , Gayu considers to be the 'phal' of bure karma , one day will become her favorite.

Pari was adorable today (after so long) , her manipulation ain't bad if she does it at right time with right person. 

Now the last part , are they trying to act emotional with Papa Scindiya. 

P.S. His look to Aarti , what was it signifying? Really frightful LOL

Coming to the precap , I find it really significant , remember AarYa's grahpravesh? They didn't enter together plus there was a 'tok' of Ansh. There Aarti-Ansh entered first then Yash followed. Similarly here Ansh has indulged in first & Aarti is showing signs of falling in love first. This time may they step on the rice together Day Dreaming And fall in love together and soon!

P.S. : I love you Shobha ji Hug Hug

Overall a nice decent episode.Star

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
res =)
The new promo brings in lots of new hopes and positivity for AarYa's relationship because we are getting what we've wanted to see all along: Yash as the supportive husband ... it is so amazing to see that even though there is not a drop of love between them ... albeit threr is respect from Aarti's side ... Yash is still doing hus duties as a husband towards Aarti .. I believe Aarti may tell him half/full truth which will make Yash take the decision to bring her back -- on his own will =)
Can't wait to see Senior Scindias' reactions  =D

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Oh my Aarti really played those two witches i love the way she was being sarcastic & wans't backing down no matter what LOL and the proud look Shobha had on her face was beautiful
I'm glad that the Dubeys know that Yash is also against the divorce...Shobha my dear your wish is gonna come true...Yashu is coming to get his other half soon Wink
I even Cry with Shobha when she thanked God and when Vidhi said that she wished she had a MIL like her...I totally love that all of them are so close to Shobha as well Smile
aww so love the way that Aarti knows what Yash want just by looking into his eyes now that's what you call soulmates Heart
G3 questioning the kids is just wrong *smh* haha Yash was so annoyed with her blaming Aarti that he just couldn't eat Tongue
The Fab four, Aarti & Shobha was the best part of today's epy for me Big smile i was literally ROFL when they sat down at the table
at the Scindias' mansion & G3 putted the food on their plates they looked like they were about to hurl thanks goodness they were saved but her phone...So Ansh called his papa & informed him that they were there haha
Sr Scindia looked like he was on the verge of having another heart attack when Ansh seeked his blessings & the look he gave Aarti if eyes could kill she would be Dead LOL LOL LOL LOL
Over all a good episode...Can't wait for tomorrow's episode it's gonna be GOLDEN Evil Smile

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged

This song dedicated to Ram Dulare and Boa-G3.


On a serious note waiting if it is Ansh's sports day.


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shinedosss Groupbie

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
hello everyone... I was eagerly waiting for this weekend to END... 

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