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28th May - You are not my pati..I'm not your patni

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Sanchi the beautiful, Sanchi the brave; steps up to the podium and moves her life-sized photo aside to take her place with a soft smile. Her charade quietens the crowd and surprises Indu, none having expected her to step up to his game. 
She turns to address the crowd with a sweet smile 'Why are all of you quiet suddenly? It's our reception party..I have come here too now..' she pauses briefly, but the audience continue to remain silent 'Why are all of you so surprised? Come forward and congrajulate us...'

Mehek immediately gets a whiff of what her friend is up to. She seizes the opportunity and climbs up to her friend to offer the couple wishes. Soon after, the rest of the crowd follow suit too, gifting them money and presents. 
Watching Indu receiving all the gift boxes, Sanchi instantly takes them away from him telling him that it is generally the bride who has right over all gifts during the wedding reception (Really?)
Indu is perplexed, but doesn't really seem to mind (So sweet lol).
Later on, Mehek takes the cue and steps forward to take the money envelopes from Guddu too. 

As the audience start leaving, Sanchi turns to a silenced Indu and asks him 'What did you think? After you do something so dastardly... that I'll be hiding my face in shame..' she continues with authority 'The other day you told me that you wouldn't be giving me rights or the status of a wife... then why did you announce in front of everyone today, that I am your wife...that is giving me the status of a wife isn't it?' (Excellent point, my lady!)
She uses his tall statements and his very accusations against him 'Today, I tell you that I would not let you have the status of being my husband ever! You are not worthy of it...and nor would your cursed fate ever grant you such fortune!' (These two seriously sound like me and my friends in 2nd you are my best friend... today you are not!)
she vents out in characteristic manner for all to see 'Did you really think that I was so weak...Indu Singh! A girl can be quite vindictive if she wants to - a woman scorned will never far, you have only seen Sanchi's mellow form...from now on, I'll show you another side to me...I will poison your life such that you will wish death upon yourself and I will have you suffer for all your misdeeds.' (dialogue writer just switching names in front of dialogues - one day Indu says all this and next day Sanchi) 
She takes out the mangalsutra from her purse and shows it to him 'I am not going to give this to you now...because I need it...I can use this to inflame your hurt sentiments on the day  you stand a defeated man...the day when your ego, pride, status, arrogance everything will be crushed!' (Ooof some heavy duty stuff going on here! But not the kind of heavy duty we wanna watch *wink wink*)

By this point of time, Indu actually starts becoming a bit amused. Probably surprised to see how much of his 'Induness' had rubbed off on Sanchi. Finally finding his voice (Finally being given a chance to speak lol) he tells her 'Talking of arrogance, I can see how much your arrogance has grown talk of death of 'The Indu Singh' then do you realize that you become a widow too'
Sanchi smiles in return 'Well...I am living FOR that day - the most beautiful day of my lfe.. so, start counting your days Indu Singh...'

The boys laugh out loud as the two friends leave the stage..

The 'I'm proud-of-you-Sanchi' Rita teacher steps forward with the tell-tale 'Ruk Jaana Nahin' tune...and we get to hear all of the dialogues repeated from past episodes...basically all congratulating Sanchi on her stance against Indu!

Shukla on the other hand is quite annoyed. He does his usual job of fanning Indu's wrath 'The more you try to control her, the more she is becoming something where you are able to reign in your feelings for her and yet where she becomes thoroughly humiliated once and for all!'  
The friends speak up sadly about how their plan had gone to dogs, but Indu is quick to defend his pride 'Stupid guys - you might have accepted defeat not me...she is just a flickering lamp - one that is about to die out...the route that she has taken is something that I set upon long back.. don't worry, she will bow down to me!'

Sanchi - Mehek in classroom
The amount totals to 4522 Rs + gifts
Mehek sensibly decides to spend it on shopping, but Sanchi has other plans... and no, the money is not even meant for the University is meant for Paying-Indu-back-with-interest-fund. 
Sanchi explains 'This is the amount we received from the wedding reception tamasha. We'll use this against him. He is the one who has the sole right over it.. we'll return it to him with interest...' (I fail to understand the purpose of this whole money-waala subplot, so if anyone can understand...please enlighten me too)

As Shukla and Indu's friends are busy bad-mouthing Sanchi, Janardhan comes up to Indu Singh and gives him an earful 'How dare you do something like this..this stage...dais..reception...'Indu weds Sanchi' signs...(finally someone talking sense)... just because the VC is not here.. don't run this place like you own it... this is not your house...'
'What if I continue doing what I want to...' the fearless Indu retorts, hardly moved by the rant, 
'I'm the acting VC here.. and stay within your limits...if you do not have everything moved in the next hour..I'll call the police and you know what the police are capable of..'
More wanting to get rid of the frustrating Janardhan than fazed by the threats, Indu rebukes 'Guruji, please remmeber your favourite deity and leave from here...I'll have everything removed...just leave me alone...'

Janardhan and Satyajit (another professor) have a lengthy animated conversation about the harsh & dictatorial nature of Indu and his gang - how they were running the college like their own! Would someone ever stand up against him in the elections?
Janardhan replies with a wry smile 'Someone has already stood up against him' (I don't know if he is referring to Sanchi or to the return of Prabal)

Roop and her mother discuss some plans about ousting tiwaris from their house by cutting off electricity to their flat - and we the audience go 'oo aah ooouch!'

Meanwhile we are also blessed with another repeat from past episodes, where Sanchi uses the 'Mehek's father being a police-officer' drama to save another girl called Shweta from some goons. The only different thing this sub-plot brought out was that Shweta's bag had a bundle of currency, which we as audience were made to notice. Basically, Shweta seemed more worried about the safety of the money in her bag, than her own when the ruffians were manhandling her. 

Precap - Could be VERY interesting - 
sanchi is applying for something but her application is being rejected because
1) For title, she has filled Miss instead of Mrs
2) For full name, she has filled in Sanchi Mathur instead of Sanchi Indu Singh
3) For marital status, she has filled unmarried instead of married

Sorry for my absence in forum and slight delay in posting... my internet connection hasn't been too well for the past 3 days.. so as it takes time to recover...I'll be a bit ermmm not-around... hee hee
have fun guys

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poppy2009 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Great update, Lashy!Big smile
Have to give it to Sanchi...nothing dulls her optimism and self-confidence even one bit! And even though her lectures are super-annoying...I have to say that she is one heck of a girl!Clap
Indu Singh was pretty much left high and dry by his biwi, who tells him on his face that she is waiting to be his widowOuch (That was a bit harsh, but I suppose Indu has literally earned all this loveLOL)
...But Anirudh was looking so good today!Embarrassed Love the way his chocolate brown eyes sparkle! If only the Goonda's of the world were this good-looking!LOL
A dull episode...and even I could not understand the point of collecting the money! What on earth is Sanchi going to achieve by Rs. 4500?Confused
And I could not even understand the part about Sanchi and Mehek's friend being harassed by the two clowns!Confused Zabaradasti ghuse diya tha!
The pre-cap was the most interesting part of today's episode! I think Sanchi is filing for nomination to fight against Indu in the University Elections...
Indu's age is shown to be around 25 (Malti Devi mentioned it in one of the episodes) what is he still doing in college?Confused You cannot be a University Leader without being a student!
And where on earth is Prabalwa? We need him to fuel some more tension between Sanchi and Indu (as if it was neededLOL)
I wouldn't mind seeing a track where the husband and wife are pitted against each other in University Elections!

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged

Lashy... well written...

In this episode the best thing that they hinted towards was UNIVERSITY ELECTIONS and most probably saachi will stand against Indu singh.


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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
True. LOL

If only the Goonda's of the world were this good-looking!LOL and one such Goonda was after me. Day Dreaming

Thanks for the updates. Nice.

Btw remember Prabal has been rustigated from the University by the VC, after that khulasa of poster kaand.

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suki11 Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged

Lovely post as usual Lashy!

Lol I don't understand a couple of things from this epi.

Firstly if Sanchi was going to return the money from the reception back to Indu, why did she take it in the first place? It's not like he gave it to her, or embarrassed her with it (for once!), in fact it was Mahak who snatched it rudely from Rajo!

Also when she said she was never going to give him the respect, and status of her husband why did she, ahem, stand up in public next to him, saying that they were indeed married, and this was their reception?! Erm isn't that rather going to defeat her purpose? Because if she's saying she's married to him, then isn't she as good as saying he is her husband?!

Plus why was she telling him to begin the countdown to the end of his days? Especially after he told her that once he died she would be a widow? I get no one is going to be happier then Sanchi when Indu dies, but was she actually threatening his life there?! Baap re, what next is Sanchi eventually going to attempt to assassinate Indu? The way the CV's are taking this hate track I wouldn't be surprised if that was Sanchi's next hare-brained idea!

Agree with you Lashy about the dialogues being so repetitive, one day Indu says something the next day Sanchi says the same thing, or vice versa. Lol have you noticed that this only started happening after Sanchi's mehandi epi?
Still may be this is the CV's way of showing that are made for each other, that they are indeed one incredibly dumb soul in two bodies.

Loved Indu again he just looked so amused by Sanchi, and I think I detected a hint of pride towards his sherni! Does Indu have a backup plan to hurt Sanchi; is that what the pre-cap was all about? He wants her to bow down to him, but I highly doubt that will ever happen. Well at least not publicly, if she falls in love with him, a tearful Sanchi might in private apologise for all the hurt she caused him. But still I get the feeling that this time for once Indu is planning something big and more far-reaching than Sanchi is prepared for...

Nevertheless atm the battle lines are being drawn out, in the campus, and it seems with the exception of Shaukla, all the other professors are with Sanchi. If the Dean does encourage Sanchi to run against Indu, I wonder which way the student vote will go? I'm practically certain Sanchi will get the female vote, which would be funny because Indu originally pursued Sanchi to get the female voters to support him!
Maybe Indu versus. Sanchi will turn into boys vs. girl's battle eh? Lol now that would be hilarious!

I think tomorrow will show Sanchi grudgingly agree to be known as a married woman (she can't deny it the very day she went public with her marriage!), and take the title Mrs. but I bet, she will refuse to take Indu's name. She will make a big tamasha, about why only girls are expected to change their names after marriage, and as I think there is no legal requirement saying she has to she won't!

Btw the way I have to know who else went awww when Indu called her Mrs. Sanchi Indu Singh?! It was just so cute! Damn you AD we girls were meant to hate that moment!

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Namzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shridevigaddam

True. LOL

If only the Goonda's of the world were this good-looking!LOL and one such Goonda was after me. Day Dreaming

Thanks for the updates. Nice.

Btw remember Prabal has been rustigated from the University by the VC, after that khulasa of poster kaand.

Lol...good one Shri!  Hell, I am married but I still drool over AD Embarrassed

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poppy2009 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
I find it so funny that Indu Singh is mostly amused by Sanchi and she never really manages to ruffle his feathers like he does to her!LOLLOL
And I really wish the creatives would give some more depth to Sanchi's character, so that her ravings and rantings can be taken more seriously!
One thing I find difficult to digest is the sudden change in her behaviour...she has not only lost her case against Indu Singh, but actually been abducted and forcibly married to him...and yet, she behaves like nothing happened!Confused
I am not saying that she should lock herself up in her room and cry her heart out...but the creatives should have shown her reaction to the forced wedding in a more detailed manner...its a huge thing to have happened to a 19 year old girl...and its so unrealistic to see her bouncing back to life so effortlessly!
Her hatred and anger against Indu Singh and what he has done to her would have made a much bigger impact, had the creatives spent some time in showing Sanchi's reaction to it...

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Posted: 28 May 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Namita.Murti

Originally posted by shridevigaddam

True. LOL

If only the Goonda's of the world were this good-looking!LOL and one such Goonda was after me. Day Dreaming

Thanks for the updates. Nice.

Btw remember Prabal has been rustigated from the University by the VC, after that khulasa of poster kaand.

Lol...good one Shri!  Hell, I am married but I still drool over AD Embarrassed

Me too !!! LOL
AD is the only reason why I am watching this show. Love his looks, acting and that killer smile. Day Dreaming Gosh ! I am becoming shameless as I grow old LOL

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