Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

28th May: WU - The GREAT ESCAPE

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Hey Guys... m Tanu .. the Written Updater of MadhuBala for Mondays Embarrassed!  Most of u who are from GEET forum might be knowing me..! Looking forward to a FUN TIME .. Updating and Rocking the Forum with fellow Vishtians Hug

If there are any deficiencies in the Update... please  FOCUS on these two:  

& forget it Wink LOL in MAUF kari diyo Embarrassed


Intro Banner - This is a dedication to 100 years of cinema!

Screen starts to roll - 

... DD introed in and as Madhubala (BG music like the 60s movie) then other characters introed! 

They show background set up in artistic graphics... ! 

RK pose of Vishti! 

Characters shown:

Amma ji

Chaudhary Balraj Singh

Padmini Balraj Singh

Trishna Balraj Singh

Bhagwanti Dai

Guru ji


Part 1

Scene starts at a rocky area wherein several empty bottles are kept! Year is shown as 1991.. someone is shooting at the bottles... kept on rocks.. and then aims at an apple kept on a girls head! They show the face.. its Chaudhary saab  (Raj Zutshi).. sitting on his vintage car and aiming the gun at the girl! She starts to cry.. and he shouts on her! He says.. explain to her.. to keep breathing or she will b  shot.. and if she stops breathing.. shot will b stuck and if shot is missed, she will be gone! His henchmen start counting and he fires the shot..! The girl pees out of fear! 

Balraj Chaudhari (aka Zutshi) walks to the girl and tells her he never misses..! He eats the apple he had shot and offers to the girl...! She tries to avoid but he forces her to eat and stuffs it in her mouth! He declares girl is brave and the henchmen say.. Chaudhary Saab ..after all she is ur daughter! He spits the apple and in the meantime the girl runs to the Haveli and goes and hugs Padmini (Chaudhary Saabs second wife and Trishnas Step Mom)! She is shivering in fear! Padmini asks her aka Trishna what is the matter and why she is breathless and shaking ? She asks if Chaudhary saab hit her and Trishna says how he fired a bullet at her! 

Ammaji (Balraj's mom).. notices the soiled footsteps of Trishna across the house floor and shouts on her and she pulls her from Padmini! Padmini begs her to let go of Trishna! Ammaji says ... her son Balraj aka Chaudharysaab had tied  Trishna instead of a goat in front of a tiger and the tiger died out of heartattack! She takes away Trishna with her and drags and slaps her around! She tells her that Trishna is unlucky like her mom who left this world and now who will clean the mess that Trishna has created as Guruji is coming! Padmini offers to clean it all up for Trishna! Ammaji agrees... and lets go but after warning her to clean up all mess! 

After Ammaji leaves.. Trishna asks Padmini.. if she is her real mom and she says.. yes she is! Guruji arrives! Gunshots in the air! Amma ji greets him along with Balraj..! She says after 32 years, their devotion has borne fruit so they can see Guru ji! Guru ji says that such devotion should be shown for God not him! Balraj says.. they thot Guru ji is their God and Guru ji stares at them a bit annoyed!

Amma ji introes Balraj to Guru ji and she thanks Guruji for his blessings! Guru ji asks why Amma ji wanted to meet him? Amma ji shares that Balraj wants to add to his family! Ammaji introes her Daughter in law (Padmini) who is pregnant to Guru ji! Amma ji asks him to bless Balraj and Padmini! Guru ji says he cant change future nor write it down! He says he can only see the future! Amma ji asks Padmini to offer Shagun ka Halwa to Guru ji and she leaves! Ammaji shares that past was very touf for Balraj and that he has only one girl from his last marriage and that his first wife died at child birth! She shares how Balraj has lost land in court case after Trishna's birth! Guru ji asks her to ask him point blank what she wants! 

Guruji tells that his/ Balrajs first wife was murdered ! He takes out a holy book and asks Balraj to put hand on it and he does! Guruji says.. so they wanna know if Padmini will have son or daughter...? He chides them for asking such question! Amma ji says last child brought bad luck for the family so now they wanna know! Guru ji says.. Balrajs luck is gonna play games with his future like he played with peoples lives! He gets up and Amma ji asks what is the matter? Guru ji says. if Balraj has a son his luck will shine but if daughter is born then his luck will be chopped! Guru ji says.. if Balraj has a daughter the more she becomes famous, he will be embarassed! Saying that Guru ji leaves..! Balraj glares at Padmini then smirks and comes near her! He pulls her hair and asks her if his destiny or his destruction is written in her womb! She says both ways its their child but he says that if its a boy fine but if its a daughter then? He throws the Halwa plate from her hand! Balraj says that he will not let anyone write his destiny and throws her down ..! Amma ji asks him to calm  down! She assures him that if a girl is born, she will be killed! Balraj asks how? Ammaji orders servant to get 'Bhagwanti Dai' ... ! She arrives..! Balraj is waiting with a gun! The Dai arrives and Ammaji calls out to her (Padmini)! She comes out and is asked to walk!Padmini is unsure and Ammaji asks her to walk and she does..! Dai feels her stomach! Balraj is impatient and Dai asks him to calm down! Dai says that she will eat sweets as its a son! Balraj and Ammaji are delighted and Padmini is relieved! But she keeps crying! 

Balraj tells her he is sparing her since she is carrying his son! He shows her the gun he is holding saying he will give it as first budday gift to their son! Padmini keeps crying and Balraj strangles her and says.. smile..! Balraj laufs around saying that Padmini laufs thru tears! Amma ji asks him to ease and asks him to keep a grand celebration in the evening! Amma ji asks her to calm down and rest and get ready for evening party! She leaves...! Dai tells Amma ji that the child is a bit weak! Amma ji asks if the child is in danger and Dai says no and says will go teach Padmini some tips! Padmini in her room says that the news of the kid has saved Padmini but hubby-wife relation is dead! She says she is happy her son is safe! Dai comes and says that only for one month and that Balraj will kill their child! Dai tells her to get firm and courageous to save her child like a cow saves its calf! Padmini is confused and Dai says she is carrying a daughter and that if she told before all, they would have murdered her and her unborn girl child! 

Dai shows her .. Trishna and says she had warned Balrajs first wife also and that when Balraj found out he was gonna throw his first wife from staircase!  But his first wife saved her daughter but died in the process! Dai says that her one lie has given Padmini and her unborn child one month so now she  has to decide what to do?

Amma ji comes and Dai is shocked..! She asks Dai what she is teaching Padmini and Dai laufs that she was teaching her some Totke! Amma ji says to teach Totke next day as Balraj has called Doctor! Bhagwanti Dai says that it seems Ammaji doesnt trust her! Amma ji says just for re-assuarance! She declares that Balraj will get a Doc forcibly along with his machine and determine if its a boy or a girl! Amma ji leaves and asks Padmini to rest..and takes Dai with her! 

Its evening and bg music of 'Choli ke peeche'! The villa is all decorated!  Dancers are dancing in the garden and Balraj is enjoying! Dai and Padmini watch the dancers flirt with Balraj! Padmini recollects the events of the day and looks at Dai..! Dai hints her to leave with her..! Dai hits the watchman and asks Padmini to escape..! She asks Padmini to leave..! She does! Ammaji notices Padmini and Dai are missing! She is concerned and goes to check! Padmini hears Trishnas voice and feels divided! The dance is on and guards on the gate are all enjoying the dance and dun notice Padmini! She walks back inside  the villa! Dai sees and runs to her and asks why she came back..! Padmini says that she cant forget one child to save another! Dai asks her not to do such thing! Padmini says she wont leave Trishna..! Dai rues that Padmini has risked it all! They come back to Padminis room and are shocked to see Amma ji there! 

Ammaji asks where they were and Dai bluffs that she took Padmini for Nazar utaroing in the kitchen as the babys heartbeats were falling! She asks Padmini to rest! Amma ji asks if all is fine with the baby and Dai says let no one come before her eyes since it seems someone may have cast evil eye on her! Dai tells her to stay in the room and not go anywhere! Amma ji orders Padmini to rest and not come out! Amma ji asks Dai to stay back and take care of Padmini! After Amma ji leaves, Dai helps Padmini and Trishna to get up and escape..! Padmini thanks Dai and says whenever she will think of a mom she will think of her! Dai gives her some money as 'Muh Dikhai' of her granddaughter and sees them off! 

Padmini realises that she cant stop and nor return back as she will die and her daughters too! She continues running! The dance is going on and song is still 'Choli ke peeche' at the Villa! Both mom and daughter come before a car and thankfully they brake in time! The driver identifies the duo and are shocked! Padmini runs away with Trishna! The duo who had spotted them arrive at the villa of Balraj and inform him! He shouts to stop and fires a gunshot and all stop! Padmini realises that the duo informed Balraj! Balraj tells all to search Padmini as she must have ran towards the station! 

Balrajs men are rushing towards Station! Padmini and Trishna board the train! The train starts and Balrajs men get on it! They start searching from compartment to compartment! Trishna and Padmini are hiding under the seat! A group of folk singers see them and ask them to get out of their seat! Padmini offers them her jewellery and asks them to let her and her daughter stay and they agree! 

Padmini begs to God to take them to a place where there are only Gods! Its next day morning and they arrive at Victoria Terminus (Mumbai)! Balraj's men are still following them! All start crashing into the duo on the platform and Padmini is clueless and helpless!Balraj's men spot the duo and start running after them! They too are running! Its Ganesh Mahotsav and the duo are protected by a circle of Ganesh Bhakts!  BG 'Dev Shri Ganesh Deva'! Balrajs men follow them there as well and are looking around but cant find them! 

Padmini notices them and they notice her.. they are walking towards her and she looks at Lord Ganesh and shouts at them.. with full strength and they stop in their tracks! Firecrackers are blown and when the dust settles.. Padmini disappears! 


Part 2

Its a dark villa door thru which Padmini and Trishna are entering and Padmini says that this small door has saved them today and they will stay there for now! Both wonder where they are and someone shouts 'Lights' and its switched on and they are in a Villa SET! Someone shouts.. Roll Camera.. sound.. take and ACTION! 

Screen freezes on Padmini...!!


Precap --- Padmini passes out on the pavement and Trishna tries to wake her up and says she wont ask for food! People are standing around them and looking on! 


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Thanks Tanu
We feel that the images of madhubala as the best choice, we know that this serial isnt about madhubala but about the film fetranity but with the serial name as iconic as madhubala we cant resist the use of madhubalas image as a thank you for tanu for giving us the first update of the new serial madhubala

idea by zaara
thanks to all my cdiots (new and old and ancient and mummified) who helped in countdown from the weekend, thanks to you all we crossed 100 pages in 2 days, thanks once again

I am the bestROFL, I am FirstROFL

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Omg Omg Omg its amazing to say my thanks to you again Tanu.. LOVE AND MISSED YOU AND MY OLD UPDATE GANG... TANU ASHU AND SARUU AND ALL CDIOTS...Hug

Congrats Boss on being the first and ME SECOND YAHOO...Dancing

~Again this post on behalf of Bossy and blind miceys thushy and mansu~

Thank you Tanu for the live update...Hug

Thanks from me my cd buddies, including many new buddies, B2B phamily and MadhuMakkis... Hug

Am terribly missing my 2011...Cry

Theme for today is by me.. YAY...Dancing

Theme: Madhubala pictures.. Since its a debut of a show named after her, we cdians wanted to pay tribute to her as well..

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Thanks for the update Tanu...Hug
Today's theme:

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Gosh, missed saying thanks a lot..

Thanks a lot Tanu for the live were a live saver.. and you are now for many of us...Thanks a ton..Hug

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ahhh Tanu i was about to make the new thread!!

Hum phir mil gaye...YipeeeTongue

After 17 pages today i got to know ki the Forum was already openedOuchLOL

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Feels great to say a thanks to you again Wink

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Bossy u again Got the first seat Angry LOLAnyways atleast got a place on first page LOLThanks tanu Embarrassed

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