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.:.Khatta-Meetha Express #3 - Khatarnak Call.:.

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Khatta-Meetha Express #3 - Khatarnak Call

Stuti Enters: Sasriyakal Bahiyoo aur Beheno Dancing
Jyoti Enters: Shocked *rubs eyes* OMG! Shocked Today Stuti is come to welcome everyone.. Big smile Where is Ridzzi Ermm
Stuti: Ridzzi Stern Smile Late as usual?! Sleepy But she never comes late, today she called me so i came and now she is only absent Angry
Juliet Enters: Hello all, I m Juliet.. Hug
Jyoti: Juliet, Ridzzi called u?
Ermm she khud is absent today, chalo, its better we move out Sleepy
Juliet: Oyeee D'oh its me Ridzzi.. Big smile
Stuti & Jyoti together: Shocked *rubs ears* kyaaa?
Juliet: Jee.. Ouch its meee, i changed my name..
Stuti: Sirf Naam change kiya? Bimaag change kar.. ROFL I hope u have become smarter changing ur name.. Approve
Jyoti: ROFL Juliet, where's ur romeo? Wink
Juliet: Wo toh mar gayya... ROFL I killed him Approve Wait, now..Its time to welcome everyone.

Jyoti: We Welcome Everyone to the

Juliet: Parvarrish Newsletter Issue #3
Stuti: Which is Called the Famous 'Khatta-Meetha Express'

I would Like to thank all the NL-Team Members, for their Help and the Entire Forum Members' for their endless Support. Great Stuff by everyone! Special thanks to Jyoti for being such a sweet Moderator and allowing me to put up the NL

Enjoy Reading Everyone! Hope U Like this Issue, and I would like to know ur Feedback on this NL, So that we can Improve and do better in the upcoming NL issues

A Big thank You to the Members of the NL-Team

>Dialogue Of the Week: swethasyam08
> Picture Of the Week: SBSrocks
> Summary Of the Week: swethasyam08
> Emotional Scene Of the Week: -Juliet-
> Funny Scene Of the Week: -Juliet-
> Boring Scene Of the Week: -Juliet-
> Best Scene Of the Week: -Juliet-
> Irritating Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Best Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Rating Of the Week: sns23
> Best Costume Of the Week: sns23
> Best Episode Of the Week: Priyank.
> Filler Episode Of the Week: swethasyam08

> Avi Of the Week: jyoti06
> Siggie Of the Week: jyoti06
> Song: -Juliet-

> Winner Siggie/Avi: Sublime Fantasy (FB)
> Newsletter Banners/Logos: -Stutz- & shareen
> Post Layout/Idea: -
Juliet- & jyoti06

Loads Of Love,
NL-Heads: Jyoti (jyoti06) Cool and Ridzzi (-Juliet-) Approve


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delightful. IF-Stunnerz

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21st May, 2012 Epi # 131
Sweety ji upset with rocky n Lucky ji says that a true heaven is near the feet of a mother. Rocky tries to remove from the top cupboard and falls and Sweety ji who tries to catch him too falls down. They both question each other if they are fine.

Sweety ji is lil hurt and Rocky questions her what's the need to try to catch him. There was a sweet talk between Mom n son. Rocky n Ginny does all the house hold work and are tired.

So was the situation of Raavi n Rashi who were instructed to share the work by Jeet ji. They too were tired. They get to know that maid's daughter is so talented but couldn't continue her studies. She answers to the question for Sunny who was answering to the contest.

All the people assemble in Papaji's place. Papaji praises the kids and gives them a gift of Rs. 1000 each. Rashi says they want to give this money to the maid's daughter so that it helps for 1 yr of her education. All are proud of Rashi. Sunny too wins the contest and gets the chance to go for Manali for 2 ni8's n 3 days. Kids have some fun while their parents see at them.

22nd May, 2012 Epi # 132
Pinky ji n Jeet ji were out of town so kids reach to Sweety ji's place. Rocky feels jealous of them as Sweety ji wasn't putting any restriction on those 3. He thinks she is doing partiality.  Raavi says lets have fun. But Ginny says, in her place (Raavi's) its democracy, what ever they want they can do. But here it is dictator ship. Only thing which will be done is to obey the orders of Sweety ji.

All the kids think to do something as it is boring. Sunny was teased so he goes out of the room. Lucky ji calls n he lifts the phone saying he is bored. Lucky ji asks to give the phone to Sweety ji so that he can take a class to her. Sunny says the same to Sweety ji. Lucky ji is scared. He says that his client is very ill and they have to go see him.

Sunny overhears and spreads the news to rest of the kids. Sweety ji says that she has to go and asks if they can manage. Kids shows their sad faces. Later Rocky by mistake takes the clients name. Kids confuse Sweety ji that she has said the name just now.

Sweety ji leaves and all kids party. They start doing prank calls and irritate the people. The last call goes to some kidnapper.

23rd May, 2012 Epi # 133
Rocky calls at a random no. When the person answers, he says that they kidnapped his son and laughs louder and hangs the phone. They play dark room for long time. They receive call from Sweety ji saying that they will reach in 30 mins. Rocky says to clean all the stuff.

They again receive the call and he thinks Sweety ji n on's the speaker phone. It was the same person whom Rocky called. He says did they fix the rate for kidnapping and when are they sending his share. Rocky says he is mistaken and asks who he is? He says now he can't give his intro n info to all those whom he calls. Then he introduces himself as Firdaus Isabi, he does settlements. Kids are scared. Sweety ji n Lucky ji reaches home. They all run to their rooms and act like sleeping.

Sweety ji feels good when seeing Rocky n Sunny sleeping. Both Lucky ji n Sweety ji had some sweet fi8 and they go to their room. All the kids come down and thinks to be normal if they won't care abt the call.

Next day Raavi says they will inform to them. But Rocky says no. Lucky ji smells something fishy but kids manage. They remove the phone cable so that no phones are received. Jeet ji calls on Sweety ji's mobile and she says kids are fine. He says that landline wasn't connecting. She thinks it is dead n asks Lucky ji to get it fixed.

24th May, 2012 Epi # 134
Kids were playing snakes and ladders. Hisabi comes saying that he came to repair the phone. Sweety ji shows him in. Kids see the gun near him and gets scared. Sunny runs again for bath.

Hisabi calls and asks them to come to some place. If they don't turn up then Sweety ji will be kidnapped. They reach to the park. Hisabi holds Sunny who was abt to piddle. Kids go to search Sunny and they find him near Hisabi. He demands money. Sunny piddles in his pant.

After reaching home Sunny again runs to take bath. Later they go to police station but before they could complain they again receive his call and they are scared again. Lucky ji sees them there and is surprised.

25th May, 2012 Epi # 135
Rocky says to Lucky ji that he lost his identity card so he came to give complaint. Kids too say yes and they were asked to leave to home. When they return, Ginny sees that Sweety ji is kidnapped and informs the rest.

They reach the place and the car driver says it is the place of ghosts. Kids dare to go up but Ginny stays there.

Lucky ji says to put an end to this drama to Mr. Choudary who acted as Hisabi. It was good that he was there when they got the prank call and Lucky ji n Sweety ji want to teach a lesson to the kids.

Sweety ji acts as ghost and scares the kids. She dances to chikni chameli dance. Rocky n Sweety ji later bumps into each other and Rocky faints thinking her to be a ghost. Ginny too comes with fire stick in her hand. All the kids try to wake up Rocky.

Lucky ji comes there with Hisabi alias Mr. Choudary and says that what they have done is wrong. And Parents situation will be worse when they get such calls. Kids learn a good lesson from this.

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Was there any? Confused I don't think there was any Emotional Scene, except a Good Lesson, some boring and some funny scenes were present. Ermm U can say, the scene was when Ginny comes to know Sweety ji is kidnapped and the way she reacted was really emotional! Unhappy That was the only Sad wala Emotional Scene!

Well, the Mondays Episode, Sunny's bath habit and when he tells when he is scared he does such things and Sweety saying, Haye mera baccha, u get so scared of me...  that was damn funny, then the 2nd time where Sunny piddles in his Pant  and his face expression was just perfect!  it was damn funny. ROFL
Now coming to the funniest of all the scenes,  Sweety scaring the kids as a ghost.
Dancing to Chikni Chameli  The horrifying dance to the tune of Chikni chameli was just Mind-blowing, she stole the entire episode. ROFL
The When Rocky see's Sweety and faints, Not once, but twice, was so funny  All in all the last episode and last part was damn funny. ROFL

Well, u Guys must have thought the scene below i would call it Funny, but no, once it was funny but then later it became a bit too Much, too much dragged. Sleepy
Sunny having a bath every minute, Wants to piddle and stuff, it was too dragged.. Next scene is the blame scene, Rocky-Raavi fight, they began to blame each other for non-sense things, it was pathetic do fight at such a time. So it was quite Boring! Pinch

Well that goes without a doubt, the Scene where the kids were taught a lesson not to do such things at home and also when they asked for forgiveness was undoubtedly the best scene. Clap Infact, the end episode was just amazing! It was purely the best episode and the last part was the best scene of the week, without questions. Thumbs Up

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The kids' investigation about hisabi was hilarious.. well, at first they got scared but later they realized that it was a well made plan by their Sweety mummy and Lucky daddyROFL + undercover copLOLLOLLOL All to make the children know that prank calling is sometimes very dangerousErmm..Sweety dancing Chikni Chameli was one of the best scenes this weekROFLROFL
overall, parvarish is a show which teaches the world the real life..entertainingCool

Note: I so wanted to make an avi of Shweta's dance just inspired meLOL and it was really funnyROFL

Sweety Ahluwalia

I think this is pretty self explanatory. Sweetyji looked for the lack of a better word - ethereal in her all white ensemble. Bhooth or not, she is one gorgeous lady!!

Rashi Ahuja

Despite the beautiful effort taken by Sweety and Lucky to teach the kids about the ill effects of prank calls, it's the little Rashi Ahuja who takes the cake of best character this week.. People say 'Growing up is not about understanding the big big things, but to realize the small small stuffs'.. And the little gesture made by Rashi to donate their gift money to sponsor the education of the daugter of their maid, is something which easily touches our hearts.. May be it's not highligted the way it should have been, but surely this small gesture of this kid will put thousand of elders into shame who il-treat their maids.. Rashi not only made her parents and naanu proud by showing such sensibility at such young age but also proved herself to be way ahead of her siblings and cousins in terms of maturity.. :-)

Rocky Ahluwalia

This particular character is suffering from a very seriousyet common disease of the telly world - 'No character growth' .. And that is Mr. Rocky Ahluwalia.. Even after committing thousand mistakes by now, this boy doesn't learn anything and puts his sister and cousins into trouble with the stupid prank calls idea.. Not that other kids were not enjoying and they were innocent, but being edestof them automatically adds some extra responsibility.. And like everytime, this time also he fails to perform it.. His constant repetition of his mistakes and putting her cousins into troubles, his inability to handle any situation etc etc have started to annoy us as viewers as well..

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I have chosen 2 dialogues from the same episode which are connected with the scene.

Epi # 131; 21st May, 2012
Lucky ji to Kids:

Rocky says that they are not able to any work and they don't understand how mom does. Lucky ji says now they understood how their mom takes care of them, cooks for them, concentrates on kids studies.

He adds that his father always said that "Agar is duniye mein kahin jannat hain tho maa ke charano mein" - If there is any heaven on the earth then its in the feet of mom.

Rocky says that's the reason they celebrate Mother's day. Lucky ji says atleast they understood the importance of mom.

Sweety ji n Rocky's convo:
Rocky was abt to fall and Sweety ji comes to catch him and they both fell down. They ask to each other if they are hurt. Sweety ji got hurt and Rocky makes her sit on the chair. He shouts at her that if he is hurt the same way she will shake the entire house. He asks if she is a super woman who can lift him. He is not a kid anymore.

Sweety ji says she is happy that he is not hurt. Rocky says why does she always says kids kids. Sweety ji says when he too have kids then he will know it. Rocky remembers the words Lucky ji said. Rocky says that he don't know "in which factory did God made her." He asks if all mom's are same way or is she something spl? He says love u mom and wishes her Happy mother's day.

25th May (Episode # 125)
Reason : Finally the kids were taught a lesson that playing such prank calls is not good at all and can have adverse effects, also Sweety's performance was too good.

Epi # 134; 24th May, 2012
I felt this episode to be a filler. Not fully but showing Sunny running all through the episode for taking bath or something is a bit drag. It could have been a bit better. So that was the filler for me.

Rating: 4.5/5

This weeks episodes was just what we needed after all the drama with Raavi's stalker. It was just plain fun. After all, prank calls are something that all of us have tried orhave been a victim of - and generally the perpetrator is just a harmless kid, who is just out for some laughs! The twist Sweetyji and Luckyji brought into the prank-call of Rocky and gang was hilarious. An entertaining week - topped off with the unforgettable Chikni Chameli item by Sweetyji!! Just what the doctor ordered.. And yes - a lesson in this as well, not always do pranks turn out the way they were intended to be. So think carefully before doing something - and always be prepared for the consequences..

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In this Section we have the Avi and Siggy of the Week, in which the creators of our forum, their creations will be shown and they will be given a small gift. Big smile

Siggy Maker of the Week Goes to .MohitzPari.

Here is the Siggy by .MohitzPari.

Here's Your Gift!!

Avi Maker of the Week goes to Faraan_4_Shweta

Here is the Avi by Faraan_4_Shweta

Here's Your Gift!!

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Yay.. NL #3 is up! Hats off to the members of the NL for their Co-operation and Help! Guys please give ur views, likes and comments so that we can work and do the NL #4 Better!

There is a place left for Dialogue of the Week, If anyone wants to take that section please post it here or PM me!

-Ridzzi / Juliet-

[This is a Members Only Post]


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Wow, Awesome work once again by everyone, Clap

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