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ArHilicious Droolers #33: " I love you "

Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
ArHilicious Droolers #33:
" I love you "

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  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 7:09pm | IP Logged

This week saw the much awaited departure of Bubbli...Bubbli leaves after confessing her  crimes and All izz well in PAYASH Kingdom...

Nani and Anjali worried about Khushi,  Plan to send her to London as a surprise for Arnav...Shyam is angry and  tries to foil their planning but he is overruled by Anjali and Nani...Khushi gets on her way  but before she could reach the airport, Khushi gets a message from one of Arnav's team member that Arnav never did reach London & never did board the flight ..Khushi is shocked ...Khushi cancels her plan of going to London, heads back home and lies to the family that she did not go cos her parents told her leave next week. A vague feeling of disquiet invades Khushi as she senses that Arnav is in trouble..

Khushi is unhappy with the fact that she hid the true reason from Naani and Anjali , She resolves to tell them the truth , Proceeds towards  but is stopped  when she sees a frantic Anjali trying to reach Arnav , ignoring even her own  health .Seeking to  ease the tension , Khushi pretends that she  is talking to Arnav , Anjali wants to speak to Arnav, Khushi stalls her saying that Arnav is busy..Anjali is relieved that Arnav at least called  Khushi and walks away, Just then the phone rings,Nani realizes that Khushi lied to them about  the phone call and looks  questioningly at Khushi,A scatter brained Khushi rushes away from the scene..but Nani manages to get the truth out of her which is overheard by Masala Maama who informs Maami..The news becomes public domain as Maami blurts out the truth , Anjali is shell shocked ..She immediately wants the police to br brought in, Shyam tries to fend off this suggestion but Anjali seems set on it...Shyam retreats and just then there is a phone call from Arnav..Arnav speaks to everyone  and confesses his love to Khushi sending her into paroxysms of delight ...The family heaves a sigh of relief after receiving the phone call from Arnav...

Khushi heads back to her room , her mind in the clouds , thinking about Arnav, seeing him everywhere  when reality crashes and she begins to  wonder at Arnav's statement, Her sixth sense warns her that something is very wrong with Arnav, she  begins to check up on his whereabouts and gets to know that there never was any flight to Scotland [ where Arnav is now]...Her suspicion getting stronger, she calls up Aman and verifies about the secret deal..Discovering that even the all knowing Aman is ignorant of the deal, Khushi  is convinced that Arnav is in danger...

we also get to see a defiant Arnav staring down the barrel of the Gun !!

The next episode sees Arnav tied up in a chair, trying desperately to reach the mobile but slips into hypoglycemia ..The Kidnappers enter the room, see the unconscious Arnav and one of the minions leave to get him medicine..

A disturbed Khushi  goes to Police station to file FIR but when the Police  inform Khushi that they  will be coming to Rm to continue their investigation..Khushi realizes that this will lead to revelation of Arnav's  disappearance and undo all her actions..

Khushi heads back home and is met by Manorama who notes Khishi's downcast face , Khushi notices an ad for detective agency, decides to contact them but is baulked by disturbances , Maami gets to know that Khushi was in touch with detective and her curiosity tingles...

Khushi sets up an appointment with the detective agency, fends off the advances of Shyam and heads to the detective agency... Khushi  returns disappointed unable to pay the fees..

Maami tries to spill the beans about Khushi's visit to the family , Khushi smartly averts  Maami's plan...but seeks out Maami, reveals everything, urges secrecy and  requests her help...Maami refuses to believe Khushi  and conducts her own investigation and discovers that there is some truth to Khushi's assertion..

This week , we got to see two scenes of arnav-khushi so hands down i am choosing them ,  do i even need to think before :$ they really made me  cry so i am defo sure they made you guys cry hundred times! firstly when arnav finally declared his flames to khushi after a such a long moment of wait : their pain became ours so easily , that shows how much barun and sanaya are talented !
Another one would be the dream sequence of khushi which mademe have goosebumps , hahaha! yes,that's true : the way their feelings were compiled and portrayed was somthing to look out for! the pain and love in their eyes was saying it all so that's pretty much all.

Arnav is missing and Anjali and family is panicking on his whereabouts..and all are gathered in the room..and all of a sudden Arnav calls to tell everyone that he is fine...

Nani hands over the phone to Mami and in all this chaos...Chandu Mama is asking Arnav to bring some shirts for himConfused. Really, the family has just found out that Arnav is safe and this mottu mama is concerned about a shirtAngry. Comedy at the wrong time.Confused I think this entire week any of the Chandu Mama scenes deserved the Joota Award.  

Have a great weekend folks...EmbarrassedHug


Out there when Arnav is really kidnapped and in need for some serious help, our precious Mamiji continues to play 'Bond Bond' trying to find out some home truths. She found out about Khushi meeting Private Investigators by following her ( wearing ridiculously large black gloves!) and then brought it up to the notice of the family next morning. Since she is Manorama Mami, she had to do with her own bizarre way. In the breakfast table, she throws everyone off guard by asking "Where were we yesterday?"

She makes a tally of where everyone were the previous day and bring the lies Khushi had been telling about her whereabouts in front of everyone. Whether she was really curious or just trying to be mean, only Mami knows but she executed her questioning session keeping the fun element intact.

Hi fellow Arhi droolersHug to see our dear ASR n confession on phone...Gr8 job Sobti n SI Clap Clap Clap

Coming 2 fillerswa, MM is occupying screen widout any rhyme or reason, I m sure our CVs can come up with the scenes for watever he has been used without an extra character...also his comedy does not fit well...

Looking forward to a filler less week


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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 7:10pm | IP Logged

Without any doubt d bc is Arhi! they rocked d whole week. eventhough barun was there only in two episodes it was fab! arnav's love towards khushi, his concern, nd finally d much awaited confession was shown clearly. khushi missed her husband, wanted him to come back nd understood dat he's in trouble. i have to say khushi is a brave nd a strong wife! d way she handled d family [poojali] nd d creep was brilliantClap hope she finds out her husband soon.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen.. Thankfully, it won't be Bubbly this time!Tongue

Well, this week the most annoying character of the show is none other than Masala mama. Even the name of the guy is weird. I can't help but feel that is this what the writers of the show think as comedy?Confused All the guy does is sit here and there all day doing nothing at all. His character has no scope. It's obvious that the CV's have brought him in the show to complete the running of the show till the time Barun returns. There are many other ways to portray comedy rather than introduce dull repititive tracks all the time.

Anyways, that is it for this week. Hope to see you in the next! Embarrassed


i guess this one has to go to the only funny character of this show : yes , you got it right guysLOL i am talking about our "hello , hi bye bye " rockstar  ROFL thought we are costumed to hear her talks , she never fails to make us laugh and she did it when arnav called , asking about new stuff and all ! even our arnie slightly smiled after that Embarrassed

so thanks to her for letting us the opportunity to get a smile from our hero while these weird circumstancesStern Smileso yaa , we hope to give this title to our other roxstar who is none other than nk , the next saviour of the show who should better come soon now ! roflLOL

"khushi ... i love you ! "

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curiouscat-LiveMyLife-ThreeDs.DivaDeluxe.nav_batKokila11Barunkidewanisaniya.x-Anu13-Barunshell--sumana13---Akriti-Keshriyastardust-deeps_92.infinite..Jazz.sarra0.hea.Neloufer....shruti....Saraa.mazkachazkapinky_blueskiesDark-Hues-Punjaban...Pwincess...uswahareeba_blossomOmNaMaSteOmilluminated.-Araina-Roshini1494-Deepali-Sunshine Girlmishti_17minuu

Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 7:11pm | IP Logged

SaRun rocked it!! there were few episodes by the CVs that can create such magic and thankfully, we got one of them!!

Barun's Back Baby!! and he's a charmer no doubt! 2 minutes and you are all ears Heart

when tears just flowedd!!

PiCtURe of the week!! Star

credit for this wonderful snap goes to shruti_P


Hands down to our rocking mami bondROFL

Hello all of you! hope the weekend's going good so far! got 2-3 fantastic episodes this week!!Nevertheless here we're on with the bloopers from this week'


This blooper was so obvious, im sure you all must've noticed Khushi is already out in the pool side, she spots Arnav out in the pool side right?then how come Arnav's inside the room lighting candles??like how impossible is that! Crappy editing that is! probably the scene was shot separately! But c'mmon at least the continuity could be maintained..hmm nevertheless the episodes were good..

hint::notice the 2 pics below!Wink


Okay is it just me or I really saw some human figure standing outside while mami-khushi were having a convo?or perhaps its shyamu kamina who is over-hearing them??well anyways..i thought it was a posting it



chalo guys we'll meet next week..that's all for this time..


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by ragz

Here is ur Gift

Made By - 

Here is ur Gift

by jojo 

Here is ur Gift

Made By -.JustaDream

Here is ur Gift

VM Made By :   diva.deluxe

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty 

" Confession of Love "
Arnav Singh Raizada - I Love You Khushi 

Never for a minute I forget about you
The sound of silence was my way of telling you
Only and always held you near to my heart
The depths to which I love you are impossible to measure
Beyond infinity it surpasses even eternity
Like embers we will flash as stars

Twinkling on and on and on
Nothing will tear us apart
No force has greater power than that of our bond
And you do all you can to protect me as i do for my love
It feels like a death to thrash my soul forever
Even though to die let me pour myself out , yearns for you

I saw my dream breaking, and yet I held back my tears,
To fulfill your dreams which you always whispered close to my ears
I was in pain and yet I pretended to be strong,
As I always bear an empty heart a darkness howls
A raging war inside me of pain and love to fight
Stealing my light, my soul, my breath without you
It slowly takes away my sanity

I know you've always reassure and come rain or shine be there
In the otherworldly realms I hear your voices in my head
A deep soul connection because my heart belongs to you
This voyage we have embarked upon has been so stormy rough
Her tears for he hear without the whispers of echoes
As a ocean drowned into their souls of eternal forlorn

Long to tell you all the reasons I Love you and forever will
Long to open my feelings , my heart belongs to you
The memories we share, will always last
You know I love you deep in my heart,
You know we are strong whenever apart
For in my heart I love you like the stars lasts forever,
You're a part of me , i'm a part of you
Theres something you don't know, and that just how i feel,
The thoughts that go through my mind, have never felt this real

You've changed my life from a blink of the eye
The feeling in this heart of mine I cannot deny
You've made each day one I'll never forget
Now I have found what I've been looking for
It's you heart and soul and nothing more
You've showed me the world in such short time
I end this line with something you should know
I love you so much more than these words show
Even if my eyes closes this heart won't stop beating for you
We belong to each other and you fall in my silent tears
For we saved our love into our heart for the lifetime.

P.S - Its needless to say how epic and touchwood the Confession was gone between soulmates. Arnav's deep tone of pain , his realisation , angst , devastation all summed into one thread and fixed in Khushi's heart. When he said those magical words, ' I love you ' the whole world gone paused and it was just them together , and then Khushi's heart lightened up with the joys of smiles. Their bond is so strong that nothing could rip between them. I just can't wait until they get reunite. Though , its miserable to see ASR in such worst position. I'd have never thought that he'll be kidnapped in the future. My heart cries out. =( But now, Khushi has got a super woman power in her hand , she'll get his husband back and how she'll climb the hills that'd be a treat to watch.


Runner Up

Runner Up: The Vraath Breaker by Nmyra

Here is ur Gift


 Pacifying Mrs Raizada by caroline_arhi

Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Dreams Do Come True by vikaluvsmish

Here is ur gift


Up In Flames by DarkDove

Here is ur Gift


made by shy

Here is your Gift


Here is ur Gift

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This week has been very eventful and all due to barun's re-entry which was "the" moment of the week , followed by his confession to khushi and not to forget the beautiful dream sequence of khushi which was not less anytime : but i guess that was pretty much all to remember in the week , with the fact that the following track of mamiji and khushi as the new detectives is going in the good way and our new team is very impressive : the cv's got this right ! so while cutting all the filler shyam scenes and his bad shadow behind khushi and arnav : i'll give a3,5/5because and only because of arhi Day Dreaming

okay so this is "the" message to our dear cv's : i have not too much to say but one think has to be clear : everything we got till date like the show , arnav-khushi , the story and all the small small things which made us smile , cry , laugh or made us angry are done by the "whole" team and  production of the show and we can never forget that Embarrassed but ya ,this is true that we are all obsessed by arnav-khushi so with sanaya and barun more than anyone else but that serously not mean that we're not thanful to all of you because we actually can't thank you enough for what you gave us Hugand i think that we don't even need to say it : do we ? LOL we want to thank you also for handelling the show even after the temporerly departure of barun , the way you managed to stick us to the show is really something to not forget !  hats of to you$
thank you for ending the bubbly track and for bringing nk baack !Hug

we are hoping to get our rocking couple back together and also to not "see" the show going to a bad way Stern Smile

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ThreeDsDorma-LiveMyLife-priyankaa.DivaDeluxe.BarunkidewaniBarunshellnav_bat.infinite.-GredForge-stardust-Keshriya...shruti....Jazz.sarra0.hea.pinky_blueskiesDark-Hues.Saraa.mazkachazkauswahareeba_blossom-Punjaban...Pwincess...OmNaMaSteOm-Deepali-mishti_17Sunshine Girlsomergasm.-Araina-Roshini1494minuu

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
Heyloo everyone Hug for those who don't know me :i am mariaBig smile do i need to specify that i am crazy for arhi ROFL i'll better spare you from my lectures i guesss ! so ya in short as you guys saw ; the newsletter is a bit late this time and i am posting it LOLHug i'll be busy too and i donno how i'll handle everything but felt nice to post it this timeEmbarrassed

    *so , that's becoz my dearest friends : minuu , khushi , neethz , sanju & khushi are having some hectic schedules and i decided to help : this is it thanks to each one of you for all the hard-work you did like always , thanks for all the support and love you gave us by commenting over here and the list goes on & on ! but i have to take my breaak and i seriously have to hit my bed right now !Stern SmileROFL minuu must be coming to make this sticky very soon

so kindly bear with me and the mistakes i've maybe done LOL

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