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Samir Soni FC-||The MAGIC CREATOR||

awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 January 2010
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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 3:49am | IP Logged

(1st Banner&Logo made by-Gayathri.MSK
2nd&3rd Banneer made by Nidhi)

Samir Soni or better "KUNAL", a name that has already found its way to our hearts. Some here found him to be a, what can I say, "A heart throb". Is that who he really is? A heart stealer. No, it might just happen to be a coincidence 'cause his talent would only be underestimated if I were to say so and that would definitely be cruel. But what is that about his acting that makes him so unique, so much skilled from the other chocolate heroes. With him, the meaning of "acting" had to be redefined. He had learnt the real thing alright! For those who believe that anyone can act, they are within a mist. Some believe that when you are finally in front of the lens, the magic happens, you'll act, just like that but is that so or better, are good looks just enough? From the beginning to until now, sadly there were only a few who could bring that transformation from a "chocolate hero" to an "actor" and Samir proudly happens to be one. Now our generation has evolved from their fairy tale fantasy to focus on the real thing. Now even the most innovative fantasy needs to have a certain standard to glue to us. The age of "damsel in distress and superhero to the rescue "has passed. Now we need real people, real lives and real actors to live it out. Samir, you don't pretend in your work 'cause that work you take it as a passion and you live that passion. Your fans would surely agree that the character of Kunal Chopra couldn't have found a better man. The" seem-to-be an arrogant" Kunal Chopra has found it's real avatar and praise the guy who made the decision for you have found a man who deserves to be amongst the creamy layer of the fabulous Indian film industry... 

Date of Birth: September 29, 1968

Place of Birth:London, UK

Education: St. Xavier's School, University of California, Los Angeles

Residence:Mumbai, India

Spouse: Neelam Kothari

China Gate
Kahan ho Tum
Dance Like a man
I hate Luv Stories
Me, Myself, and I (Upcoming)

TV Shows: 
A Mouthful of Sky
Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi
Dil Kya Chahta Hai
Parichay (Currently Airing)

Reality Shows:
Big Boss
For which he won the most stylist housemate award


Colors Golden Petal Awards 2011-Lokpriya Face(Male)
Colors Golden Petal Awards 2011-Lokpriya Jodi (Sameer n Keerti)
The Indian Telly Awards 2012-Best Actor in a Lead Role (shared wid Mr.Ram Kapoor)
Zee Gold Awards 2012- Best Actor(Critics)---Shared with Mr.Shivaji Satam
ITA Best Actor-Desh Ka Sitaara Award-Shared with Barun Sobti

Detailed Biography:

Sami Soni - Professional Life

An amazingly handsome actor gifted with beautiful expressive eyes Samir Soni, made his acting debut with the Hindi serial Samandar which was based on Navy officers. However, he shot fame with his portrayal of cunning but slick Ashok Gupta in Mahesh Bhatt's directed Doordarshan's A Mouthful of Sky In 1996. After that he made his film debut with hugely accomplished film director Rajkumar Santoshi's not too successful endeavor China Gate In 1998 followed by Lajja in 2001. Finally, our loveable Sameer or as we lovingly call him Sammy shot to fame by appearing in a negative role in a super hit film Bagbaan sharing screen space with the legend Amithabh Bachchan. He also played lead roles in few not so successful movies basti and kahan ho Tum. 

In that same year, 2004 Sammy also appeared in Sony TV immensely popular television series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. After that he also did an extended cameo in another popular show on Sony channel called Saaksshi. In year 2006, we saw Sammy as a shy older brother of Shahid Kapoor in an acclaimed film director Soooraj Barjatya's immensely successful movie Vivah. Sammy did full justice to the character and was loved by many and all for the portrayal of a shy older brother. Then Sammy did a film that changed the lives of many actors as it was not only commercially successful, but also critically acclaimed and bagged many awards including the national, Fashion. Although, Sammy played the character of a gay fashion designer, he played it with such command and conviction that won him many accolades and acclaims. Finally, we saw him in a proper love story film, but not playing the lover boy himself. He played a sarcastic film director, who initially troubles the lover boy, but helps him at the end to find his true love.

Lastly, Samir featured as one of the contestants in the reality television show Bigg Boss4 in 2010. He gained immense popularity from this show. He was evicted from the house mere a week prior to the grand finale. It was so sad. I was personally heart broken by this as I wanted him to be the winner in finale.

Currently, Samir is seen as main lead in Balaji telefilms new show Parichay on Colors. He is doing superb job in the serial and has helped this serial to be included in top 10 most popular shows.

Samir Soni -  Personal Life

Samir was born on September 29, 1968 in London in a Punjabi Hindu family. He attended school at St. Xavier's School, Delhi and graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in Economics. Prior to his Bollywood career, Samir was an investment banker with one of the bulge bracket firms on Wall Street in New York, before coming back to India to start modeling. He has attended acting courses in New York and Los Angeles.

During his modeling days, he met his ex-spouse, Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar. The two were married for six months before they split up.

Samir found love again in former Bollywood actress Neelam and tied the knot with her on 24 January 2011

(Credit: KCSammyAT-Parichay Forum)

Other Important Links

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Aarathi V


(press the like button of this post...so dat u can get added to this List)

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 3:53am | IP Logged

(Character Played by Samir Soni in the show Parichay-Nayi Zindagi Ke Sapnon Ka)

Kunal, a gold medalist lawyer, the best brains in the business, incredibly passionate lover, exceptionally obedient son and particularly loving brother, a man every parent dream to have as their son, every girl only wishes to have as a lover, and delight for any sibling.  Kunal once was the most successful and famous lawyer in the country. He had it all, the biggest clients, enormous respect, a beautiful fiance, and what not. Until one day he questioned the morality of a case he was forced to fight for his law firm. Unfortunately his opinions weren't met with enthusiasm from his superiors and he was dismissed from the law firm which he had been serving with most honesty, dignity and loyalty. To make things even worst, his superior took vintage revenge on him and made his life a living hell. That's true hell it was for Kunal as once the most competent lawyer sitting and watching his own life just pass him by. Due to this revenge saga, Kunal ended up losing everything in life that mattered the most to him. He not only lost his job, home, business, love, but also the zest of his life. He has lost the respect of his younger brother, and became the prime reason for his father's agony. At a tying time like this he was also abandoned by his fiancs who he loved more than his life at that point of his life. Kunal was shattered, broken, lost, discouraged and most importantly left with no desire to live his lif. He started living his life aimlessly and without any purpose.

Five long years had passed just like that with no significant change in Kunal's life. He had been just passing his life not living it. You know what they always say "you never know what life has planned for you". Little did Kunal know, the person he loved and adored the most in his life, his younger brother Anand died in a tragic accident.  Anand's death pushed Kunal to take control of the situation and become the man he once was. Anand was the only bread earner of the family and they had lots of hopes from him. However, Kunal who up till now was lost in his own sorrows had to rise up to the occasion and fulfill his family's needs. His brother's death was not the only thing that pushed him to take charge once again, it was his brother's fiance, now his wife, who he was forced to marry as per his brother's wishes and to cure his mother, also helped him finding his aspirations in life.

Once a career oriented and successful lawyer Kunal comes to a crossroad where he finds himself questing his life once again, his place in the world. He finally comes to terms with what's wrong with his career and life. Recording all his thoughts and emotions in a diary, Kunal feels he once again has a new lease on life. Kunal steps out into the law business once again after 5 years armed with only one volatile client (Nisha) and all the people who have belief in his abilities (his family and his new bride) with the impossible task of rebuilding what he once had and achieving much more. Along the way he faces the harsh realities which he'd ignored in the past and a host of hardships that he'd never faced before.

Kunal, however; is strong and resilient who surpasses all the hardships and obstacles that come his way to ultimately emerge victorious.  He is better man now than he was five years ago. He is now older but more desirable; poorer, but more respected; a beginner, but a force to reckon with, lonelier, but with more beautiful and sincere life partner.  

Courtesy-KCSammyAT-Parichay Forum

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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1.Jahan se chala phir wahi pahuncha...
   ki dil mein chot phir haath khaali phir galti apni...
  chakravyu mein phasi phir zindagi saali

2..This shaayari...Explain the life of Mr.Kunal Chopra

Aadhe glass se bharaa mera  Parichay

    Kabhi ladaktha kabhi jhalaktha mera Parichay

Kisike umeed toh kisike jeene ke sahaara

Naa kamiyaab har dagar pe machaltha mera Parichay

          Kabhi kisika saath khokar

          Kabhi kisike saath hokar 

Aaj akela hai khadaa phir badaltha mera Parichay

Jaaye kahan  bol zindagi tere iss gol safar mein

Sookhi pathe sa bhuj raha dagmagatha mera Parichay

Khudko dhoondthe kahi khud mein naa  kho jaaye

Aaj jo naa mila mujhse mera Parichay

Aadhe glass se bharaa mera  Parichay

3.chahthe thee jinhe unke dil badal gaye

  samundar toh wahi the ,par sahil badal gaya

  kathal aisa hua kishthon mein mera

  kabhi badle khanjar ,

  toh kabhi kaathil badal gaye''

..Ahista Ahista Kuch Hone Laga hai
  Dil ka Sukoon khone laga hai
 Dekha nahi tumhe kabhi iss nazar se
 Lekin tumhari nazar ka asar hone laga hai
 Khwabon se poocho ki kya hai ye shararat 
 Jo raton ka chain khone laga hai
 Khud par ab bas nahi hai apana
 Lagata hai shayad pyar hone laga hai

5.Tu Paas hai mere
 Phir bhi saath nahi mere
 Mein saath hu tere
 Phir bhi paas nahi hu tere
 Mazboor tamanna
 Bebas aankhein
 Ajeeb kashmakash hai
 Sard ehsaason mein
 theethurati tanhayee
 Choole mujhko
 Aee meri parchayi
 Sunsake toh sunlo ki mein boltha nahi hu
 ki khamosh lavz mere aankhon mein ghoomthe nahi

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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(Thanks to Bhavi di-BHAVI1972)Smile

[IMG]http://jassifansite.tripod.com/purab13.jpg" />

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2012 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Sammy/Kunal Siggies,AVIs and VM's




1.Kunal Chopra aka Sameer Soni VM (made my Awesumsonia)

2.Sammy Navarasaas(Made by Gayathri.MSK)


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