Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

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Rachna gets worried as Dayal has planned to get her married after she turns 18 years old. She recollects the incident wherein Dayal had announced that Rachna's prospective groom and his family would take the decision about her further education. 

Rachna requests Shail to reject the alliance as she wants to continue her studies. Shail tries to pacify Rachna and assures to help her.

Meanwhile, Gunjan overhears their conversation and gets happy on learning that Shail has assured to help Rachna. 

The women folks of the family are busy making arrangements as a prospective groom and his family were supposed to come to meet Rachna. 

Prabhu finds Shail tensed and asks the reason. He tries to pacify Shail on learning that she was worried about Rachna's future. Shail hopes that Rachna's prospective in-laws allow her to continue her education. 

Mayank feels guilty as he is unable to help Rachna. He shares her feelings with Gunjan. Gunjan does not pacify Mayank, she instead holds him responsible for Dayal's decision of getting Rachna married. Mayank reveals that he had felt jealous after he saw her getting close with Mintu and so he had complaint to the family about her. Gunjan is left confused. 

Gunjan decides to gets Rachna dressed up before the groom and his family arrive. 

When the groom's parents arrive, Dayal and Shail welcome them. Shail, however, gets puzzled on learning that the groom had not accompanied his parents. Dayal and Shail welcome the prospective groom's parents. The family gets surprised on learning that the groom had not accompanied his parents to their house. 

The groom's mother tells Dayal that they wanted to fix the alliance ever since Peehu's in-laws had praised Rachna. She adds that they do not expect any dowry from them. She also continues to praise her son.  

When Rachna comes downstairs, the family is shocked to see her wearing dark makeup. 

Gunjan, Charu and Mayank believe that the groom's parents would reject Rachna after seeing her makeup. However, to their surprise, the groom's parents love Rachna's makeup. 

In the midst of the conversation, Gunjan secretly asks Shail to discuss about Rachna's further education.

Shail gets upset when the groom's mother refuses to allow Rachna to continue her studies. The groom's mother adds that after the marriage, Rachna should only handle the household chores. 

On enquiring the family learns that the groom has an elder brother and a younger sister. They get puzzled on learning that the groom's elder brother was not yet married. Seema questions the groom's mother about it but she ignores her. 

The family gets angry when Gunjan asks for the groom's photograph. When the groom's mother shows the photo to Rachna, Peehu snatches it from her hand. 

Dayal gets happy when the groom's mother gives shagun to Rachna and accepts the alliance. When Dayal gives shagun to the groom, his father refuses to accept it. He tells Dayal to gift his son when he comes to meet them. However, the groom's mother accepts the gift. 

After the groom's parents leave, Peehu barges into Gunjan's room and rages at her for applying heavy makeup on Rachna's face. Gunjan gets furious when Peehu accuses her of trying to get the alliance rejected. Gunjan leaves in a huff when Peehu continues accusing her. 

Later on the terrace, Mayank finds Gunjan angry and seeks Dholu's help to cheer her up.

Gunjan is confident that Shail would help Rachna to continue her studies. 

Shail and Mayank visit Rachna's prospective in-laws. Shail requests the groom's mother, Savitri to allow Rachna to continue her studies. When Savitri refuses to allow Rachna to go to college, Shail tries to convince her. Shail asserts that if Rachna gets educated, she can help her husband in his business. 

Rachna is upset as she believes that her in-laws would never allow her to continue her studies. She shares her sadness with Gunjan, who tries to cheer her up. At that time, Shail and Mayank arrive at Rachna's room. 

Rachna and Gunjan get surprised on learning that Savitri had allowed Rachna to continue her studies. Shail asks Rachna and Gunjan to start making preparations to go to the college. 

After Shail leaves, Mayank offers to make friendship with Gunjan but she ignores her. 

When Charu and Rachna decide to celebrate their success, Gunjan misses Sneha as she used to always celebrate with her. 

Aakash calls up Gunjan but she does not receive her call. On enquiring Rahna learns that Gunjan was upset as her Aakash had left her back alone in India after Sneha's death. Meanwhile Mayank overhears their conversation. 

Mayank plans to celebrate Rachna and Gunjan's success and so he decides to go out with the family for dinner. When he informs his family, they get happy.

Dayal questions Shail why did she go to meet Savitri. Shail informs him that she had been to Savitri to convince her to allow Rachna to continue her education. To her surprise Dayal gets happy on learning that Savitri has allowed Rachna to continue her studies. 

After sometime, Savitri visits Rachna's house. She tells the family that he had allowed Rachna to continue her studies but she should follow certain conditions. Savitri states that Rachna should never go to the college neither do friendship with anybody. She adds that Rachna should only opt for home science as it would be useful for her in future. 

Shail shares her worries with Dayal that Savitri may trouble Rachna in future. Dayal tries to pacify Shail and tells her that they should be thankful as Savitri has allowed Rachna to study. 

Mayank requests Dayal that should celebrate as Rachna and Gunjan had secured good marks in the board examination. He suggests Dayal that they should go out for dinner. The family gets surprised when Dayal agrees. 

The family gets ready for dinner.

Mayank and the family go to the restaurant for dinner. Gunjan gets surprised on learning that Mayank was aware that she and Sneha used to always go out for dinner to celebrate her success. 

Gunjan believes that Mayank had given a treat to the family because he wanted her to celebrate. 

When she enquires with Mayank about it, she learns that Mayank wanted to see her happy and so decided to celebrate her success. He apologizes to Gunjan for creating problems for her. Mayank also offers to make friendship with Gunjan. He feels happy when Gunjan accepts his friendship. 

Following morning, Gunjan gets surprised when she sees the family making preparations for a certain fast. Shail explains the importance of the fast to Gunjan. Seema tells Gunjan that even the unmarried girls keep the fast and prays for their prospective grooms. Gunjan agrees to keep the fast only if her prospective groom fasts for her wellbeing. 

Rachna and the family get upset on learning from Prabhu that Rachna could not get admission in the Swami Vivekananda College. Rachna wanted admission in this college because it was one of the best colleges in Varanasi. Meanwhile, Charu arrives and informs Rachna and Gunjan that she had got admission in Swami Vivekananda College. 

Rachna and Gunjan are left surprised. They further get surprised on learning that Charu's father had helped her to get the admission illegally. 

Mayank decides to get Rachna's admission in the college through sports quota. Rachna was in her school hockey team. He secretly asks her to give her sports certificates. 

Before leaving to submit Rachna's sports certificates, Maayank asks Gunjan to accompany him. He tells her that she should visit the college before filling the admission form.

Mintu gets furious when he sees Gunjan along with Mayank on a bike. He recollects the incident wherein Gunjan has tricked him and deleted Rachna's photos from his digital camera. He also recollects that incident wherein Rachna had slapped Mintu hard when he tried to get close to Gunjan. 

Sangeeta gets surprised when Gopal gifts her necklace. She decides to show the necklace to Seema, to make her feel jealous. 

On the other hand, Seema gets angry when Prabhu gifts her imitation bangles, while Shail gets surprised when Dayal gifts a sari. 

Rachna fears that she won't get admission in Swami Vivekananda College. When Shail learns about it, she tries to pacify Rachna. 

Meanwhile, Gunjan and Mayank return home. Mayank secretly tells Rachna that she can get admission in Swami Vivekananda College through sports quota, if she manages to play well on the following day. He adds that the sports quota students have to play a hockey match in order to get selected. 

Shail gets surprised on learning that Rachna was in her school hockey team and was a good player. She believes that Rachna can get admission in Swami Vivekananda College through sports quota. Shail tells Mayank and Rachna not to inform anybody about it. 

In the evening, the family goes to temple. Rachna and Gunjan pray for their success. When they return home, the women folks design mehndi on their hands for the fast, which is on the following day. 

The family gets surprised when Savitri visits their house. She gives shagun to Rachna and asks her to keep the fast on the following day. Mayank, Gunjan and Shail get worried.

Shail gets worried when Savitri asks Rachna to keep a fast on the following day for the well-being of her prospective husband. 

Rachna is worried as she has to play a match of hockey to get admission in Swami Vivekananda College through sports quota. 

Shail too is worried about Rachna. Rachna, however, pacifies Shail and asserts that she would keep the fast and also play the match. 
Following morning, Shail prays to God to help Rachna. 

When Dayal learns that Rachna would be going to various colleges for her admission process, he tells Shail that Rachna should take admission only in girls college as per Savitri's orders. 

When Gunjan goes to call Mayank, he secretly clicks her photo in his cell phone. 

When Gunjan, Rachna and Mayank leave for the college, Mintu sees them. Mintu wants to take revenge on Gunjan, who had tricked him. 

Shail prays for Rachna's success. At that time, Savitri calls up at Shail's landline number and expresses desire to talk to Rachna. Shail gets worried as Rachna had gone to t he college for the match.

Rachna had gone to the college for her hockey match. At that time Savitri had called up Shail on the landline number and expressed desire to talk to Rachna. 

Shail gets worried and lies to Savitri that Rachna was fast asleep as she was fasting for the well-being of her prospective husband. 

In the college, Mayank and Gunjan encourage Rachna to perform well during her hockey selection. If Rachna gets selected she would get admission in the Swami Vivekananda College through sports quota. 

In the midst of the match, Rachna faints. Gunjan and Mayank panic and rush to save Rachna. Despite of Rachna's fast, Gunjan pours water in her mouth in order to help her regain consciousness. 

When Rachna regains consciousness, the selector does not allow her to continue the game. Rachna pleads to the selector to allow her to participate in the game. 

Seema and Sangeeta find Shail tensed and ask the reason. They get worried on learning that Savitri would be sending some shagun for Rachna but Rachna had gone to the college for admission. 

When the selector allows Rachna to continue the game, she tries her best. Meanwhile, Shail calls up Mayank and asks him to return home along with Rachna and Gunjan. She tells him about the shagun. 

After sometime, Savitri visits Shail's house. Shail gets worried when Savitri expresses desire to meet Rachna. Shail lies that Rachna was taking a shower. 

The selector asks Rachna to stop the game. He tells her to check the admission list for the result. Rachna gets worried as she believes that she must have failed to impress the selector. 

Mayank, Gunjan and Rachna get worried on learning from Shail that Savitri has visited their house.

Dayal is furious as Rachna has not yet come downstairs to meet Savitri. He is unaware that Rachna has gone to the college for her admission process. 

Mayank, Rachna and Gunjan are unable to hire an autorickshaw to return home. 

Dayal's aunty tries to keep Savitri occupied so that she does not learn that Rachna was not at home. 

Shail shares her worries with Sangeeta as Rachna has not yet returned home. Mayank on the other hand manages to hire an autorickshaw. 

Savitri decides to leave as Rachna had not come downstairs to meet her. Seema, however, stops her. A furious Savitri decides to go to Rachna's room. Shail tries to stop Savitri and assures to get Rachna downstairs but fails. 

To Shail's surprise, Rachna and Gunjan were in the room. Rachna apologizes to Savitri for delaying her. Savitri forgives Rachna and tells her to be punctual in future. 

When Savitri was about to leave, she sees a wound on Rachna's hand and enquires. Gunjan intervenes and asserts that Rachna had slipped in the bathroom and so she got late to come downstairs. 

After Savitri leaves, Shail enquires with Rachna about her hockey selection in order to get admission at Swami Vivekananda College.   

In the evening the family gets ready for the function. Mayank is surprised when he sees Gunjan wearing a lehenga. After the arti, Dayal, Prabhu and Gopal help their respective wives to break their fast. 

The women folk perform dance during the function. 

Following morning, Mayank, Rachna, Gunjan go to the college to check the admission list.

Rachna gets upset as she fails to get admission in Swami Vivekananda College. 

Shail is worried about Rachna's admission and so decides to call up Mayank to enquire. Shail was about to call up Mayank but at that time Rachna, Gunjan and Mayank return home. 

Shail too feels upset on learning that Rachna could not get the admission in the college. She, however, feels happy when Rachna reveals the truth and announces that she managed to get admission in Swami Vivekananda College through sports quota. 

Dayal gets furious when he learns about Rachna's admission in the Swami Vivekananda College. He reminds Shail that Savitri had allowed Rachna to continue her studies only if she takes admission in the girls college. Dayal questions Rachna about her desire to study in Swami Vivekananda College. Shail requests Dayal to allow Rachna to go to Swami Vivekananda College but he refuses. 

After Dayal leaves, Mayank requests Shail to convince Dayal. Shail plans to convince Savitri to allow Rachna to go to Swami Vivekananda College. She therefore invites Savitri for lunch. 

Rachna is upset as Dayal has not allowed her to go to the college. She is left confused why Shail did not convince Dayal. 

During the lunch, the family gets surprised on learning that Shail has invited Savitri for lunch. Shail tries to convince Savitri to allow Rachna to take admission in Swami Vivekananda College. Rachna gets happy when Savitri grants her the permission.

Shail tricked Savitri in order convince her to allow Rachna to take admission in Swami Vivekananda College. 

Rachna gets happy when Savitri grants her the permission. 

After Savitri leaves, Shail distributes sweets to the family as Rachna had got admission in the Swami Vivekananda College. 

Gunjan gets upset when Rachna hugs Shail and thanks her for helping her. She misses Sneha and recollects the moments spend with her when Rachna declares Shail as the world's best mother. 

Mayank and Rachna try to pacify Gunjan. Rachna tells Gunjan to accept Shail as her mother. Meanwhile Shail arrives and offers to be Gunjan's best friend. She too requests Gunjan to accept her as her mother. Gunjan hugs Shail. 

Dayal confronts Shail for going against his decision and convincing Savitri to allow Rachna to take admission in Swami Vivekananda College. He adds that he too wanted Rachna to study in the girls college. Shail, however, convinces him. 

Rachna and Gunjan go to the market to purchase rakhi for the festival of Raksha Bandhan. On the other hand, Mayank and Dholu buy a gift for Rachna. Dholu also wishes to buy a gift for Gunjan but Mayank explains to him that Gunjan may tie them rakhi, if they buy gifts for her. Mayank decides to gift Gunjan after the festival. 

On the festival of Raksha Bandhan, Rachna and Pihu tie rakhi on Mayank and Dholu's wrists. 

Mayank and Dholu get worried when Shail asks Gunjan to tie rakhi on their wrists.

Dholu and Mayank get worried when Shail asks Gunjan to tie rakhi on their wrists. Dholu and Mayank make excuses and leave. Gunjan, however, decides to tie rakhi to Dholu. 

Gunjan questions Mayank why isn't he allowing her to tie rakhi on his wrist. She further questions him whether he was in love with her. Before Mayank could confess his feelings for Gunjan, Rachna arrives. Rachna wants to go out for shopping along with Gunjan. 

Seema and Sangeeta try to convince Shail not to allow Rachna to take admission in Swami Vivekananda College. Shail, however, remains determined. 

Following morning, Rachna seeks Dayal's blessings as it was her first day of college. She also requests Dayal not to hold grudges against her. 

Mintu sees Gunjan and Rachna leaving for college and decides to take revenge on them. 

When the duo goes to the college, Rachna gets scared. Gunjan tries to cheer up Rachna and tries to build up confidence in her. 

When Gunjan leaves Rachna and goes to her class, Mintu arrives.

Rachna gets scared on the first day of her college. Rachna gets misguided by her seniors. 

Mintu who was standing outside Rachna and Gunjan's college decides to take revenge on them. 

Gunjan makes new friends in the college while Rachna is still struggling to find her class. She feels relaxed when she sees Gunjan and requests her to be with her. 

Gunjan tries to build up Rachna's confidence and tells her to find her class on her own. After Gunjan leaves, Rachna meets Chaya. Chaya guides Rachna to her class.

Gunjan's classmates make fun of her on learning that she had got admission through sports quota. 

Shail and Mayank get worried when Dholu shows Rachna's hockey stick to Dayal and his sister. Dholu informs the family that he had once seen Rachna getting ready for a match. Mayank, however, handles the situation. 

Mintu sees Rachna and Gunjan heading towards an ice-cream parlor after their college and decides to spray acid on their fall in order to take revenge on them. He wears a mask on his face and passes by the duo but fails to spray the acid. 

Meanwhile, Mayank arrives at the college and sees Rachna and Gunjan near the ice cream parlor. He shoots Gunjan's movements in his handy cam. 

Mintu is unaware about Mayank's arrival and so returns and sprays acid on Gunjan's face.

Mintu splashed acid on Gunjan's body in order to take revenge on her. 

Mayank, Rachna and Chaya panic when they see a person splashed acid on Gunjan. On the other hand, Shail suddenly gets worried and believes that Rachna and Gunjan were in problem. She asks Sangeeta to contact Mayank to enquire. 

Mayank and Rachna rush Gunjan to the hospital while Chaya rushes to the police station to lodge a complaint. When Sangeeta tries to contact Mayank, he disconnects the call. 

Shail gets worried when Rachna and Mayank return home along with Gunjan, who is unconscious. The family panics on learning about Gunjan's accident. 

The family is confused who must have tried to harm Gunjan as she was new in Banaras. 

Meanwhile, Gunjan regains consciousness and recollects the incident. She fears that her face was burnt due to the acid and so refuses to face anybody. She asks the family to leave form her room. Mayank tries to pacify her but fails.  

Shail pacifies Gunjan and makes her realize that her face was not wounded. Rachna too tries to cheer up Gunjan. 

Mayank gets furious as he was unable to save Gunjan. He realizes that while shooting Gunjan's video, he must have captured the attacker. Mayank gets shocked when he learns that the attacker was none other than Mintu.

Shail is confused who must have splashed acid on Gunjan. Gopal and Prabhu too are worried about Gunjan and therefore decide to lodge a complaint in the police station.  

The family gets shocked on learning from Mayank that Mintu had splashed acid on Gunjan's body. Mayank decides to teach Mintu a lesson but Sangeeta and Prabhu stop him.

Meanwhile, the police arrive at Dayal's house. When the Inspector questions Dayal about the incident, he refuses to reveal the truth.   

The Inspector questions Rachna about the incident. Before Rachna could say anything, Dayal intervenes and asserts that Rachna had returned home early form the college. 

After the police leave, Mayank tries to convince Dayal to lodge a complaint against Mintu but he refuses. Dayal believes that Gunjan would not get justice even if she lodges complaint against Mintu. He instead decides to warn Mintu's parents. 

Mayank, however, is determined to teach Mintu a lesson. Rachna agrees with Mayank as she believes that Mintu had harm Gunjan as she had helped her against him. Rachna agrees to help Mayank against Mintu.  

Gunjan gets confused on learning that Dayal refused to lodge complaint in the police station. Meanwhile, Dayal arrives and expresses concern for Gunjan. He also tries to cheer up Gunjan. 

After Dayal leaves, Shail tries to make her understand that Dayal does not want the police to interrogate her and so he did not lodged the complaint. Gunjan accepts Dayal's decision. 

Mayank and Rachna plan to teach Mintu a lesson. Meanwhile Charu calls up Mayank. 

Sangeeta tries to pacify Rachna.

Mayank tries to find out way to punish Mintu without revealing Gunjan and Rachna's name in the incident.

Gunjan wakes up startled when she recollects the incident wherein Mintu had splashed acid on her neck. 

Gunjan fears that she looks ugly after the incident and so she enquires with Rachna about it. Rachna pacifies Gunjan. 

Shail is worried about Gunjan and recollects the incident wherein she has promised Sneha that she would take care of Gunjan after her death. Shail feels guilty as she was not was able to protect Gunjan. 

Meanwhile, Dayal arrives and finds Shail tensed. He pacifies Shail and tries to cheer her up. Shail believes that she should inform Aakash about Gunjan's health but Dayal does not allow her. He does not want to trouble Aakash as he believes that Shail can take care of Gunjan better. 

Shail tries to convince Dayal to punish Mintu for harming Gunjan but fails. 

Mayank assures Rachna that he would soon punish Mintu and help Gunjan get justice. He decides to expose Mintu's crime. He blurs Gunjan and Rachna's footage from the video wherein he had captured Mintu's crime. He uploads the video on a social networking site. 

In few seconds, the video gets shared and viewed my many users. After watching the video, the college students protest against Mintu outside his house. The news channels also broadcast the news. 

The crowd gets Mintu out of the house and assaults him. 

Following morning, when Gunjan wakes up, she gets surprised on seeing her room decorated with flower bouquets. She is confident that Rachna must have decorated her room. 

Mayank calls Gunjan to the terrace for another surprise. Gunjan again gets surprised on seeing the terrace been decorated with flowers.

Dayal and his family get shocked on alarming from Prabhu that the public is assaulting Mintu outside his office for splashing acid on Gunjan. 
When the family watches the news on the news channels, they learn that somebody had uploaded a video, capturing Mintu's crime, on a social networking site. 

Gunjan gets worried when Dholu inform Mayank about the incident wherein the public was assaulting Mintu. Gunjan gets irritated on learning that Mintu had attacked on her as he wanted to take revenge on her. 

The family praises the person who had uploaded the video on the social networking site. They are unaware that Mayank had uploaded the video to help Gunjan get justice. 

Meanwhile, Savitri arrives at Dayal's house. The family is lefts shocked. Savitri enquires with Shail about Rachna and also expresses concern for her. She decides to meet Rachna in her room. 

Shail gets worried as Gunjan was in Rachna's room. She fears that Savitri may not allow Rachna to continue her studies, if she learns that Gunjan was the victim of the acid attack.

When Savitri goes to Rachna's room, Gunjan secretly covers her wound with a scarf.  Meanwhile Dholu informs Shail that the p9olice had visited their house. 

The Inspector wants to question Rachna about the accused. Dayal's sister, however, does not allow the Inspector to question Rachna. 

Shail realizes that Mayank had uploaded the video to help Gunjan get justice against Mintu.

Gunjan learns that Mayank had helped in revealing Minto's truth.  Gunjan and Mayank get intimate and share a kiss.

Gunjan gets shocked when she realises that she had kissed Mayank. She immediately rushes towards her room. On the way to her room, Gunjan gets shocked when she runs into Dayal.

Gunjan gets shocked when she learns that Mayank is going to Kanpur.

Seema tries her best to stop Mayank from leaving for Kanpur, but fails. Sangeeta asks Mayank the reason why he leaving the house. Mayank does not utter a word.

Gunjan manages to stop Mayank from leaving to Kanpur.

Gunjan gets surprised when she finds the terrace decorated with rose petals.

Gunjan feels bad when Charu's parents address Mayank as their son-in-law. Mayank tells Seema that he does not want to marry at this point of time.

While talking to Mayank, Gunjan accidently breaks a pot. Dayal and Dholu hear the noise and rush towards the terrace.

Mayank tries his best to tell Seema that he does not want to marry Charu, but fails.

Charu gets irritated when she spots Gunjan roaming with Mayank on his bike. Gunjan gets scared when she notices Charu heading towards her and Mayank.

Dayal gets elated when he learns that Mayank had refused to take the car which Charu's family was giving him. A greedy Seema tries her best to compel Mayank to accept the car.

The coach tells one of his students that when he first met Rachna, he knew that she has great potential to play the game of hockey. Rachna gets elated as she overhears the conversation.

Charu gets excited when Mayank decides to take her for a movie. Her happiness is short-lived when Mayank invites Rachna, Gunjan and Dholu for a movie.

Charu gets furious when Mayank gets into an argument with the hooligans who passed comments on Gunjan. Rajeev saves Rachna from the goons who are standing outside the collage.

Charu promises Shail that after her marriage, she would take good care of the house. Shail  tells Charu that very soon they would fix her and Mayank's wedding date. Mayank gets irritated as his family members could realise that Charu's real nature.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke is the story of love, everlasting friendship, the joys of sharing & caring, the fights and the make ups between sisters who may not be related by blood but form a connection that completes each other.

Shail tries to make Rachna understand that she must concentrate on her studies. Rachna fears that Dayal had come to know that she was playing hockey, he would not allow her to attend college. Dayal enters Rachna's room and allows her to attend college, however forbids her to play hockey.

Rachna and Gunjan ask their professors about their right of wearing western clothes to college. The professors refuse to comment over the topic as they did not want female students to wear western attire in college. Rajeev assures to support Rachna and Gunjan.

The goons are left shocked when they spot Gunjan, Rachna and the other female students donning in western attire. Just before the goons could attack the students, Gunjan and the other students braverly attack the goons. The police arrive at the spot and arrests the goons. The professors and students praise Gunjan for taking an initiative in standing up for the rights.

Charu and her mother go along with a pundit to Mayank's house. The pundit matches Charu and Mayank's horoscopes and fixes their marriage in the subsequent month. Gunjan gets shocked on hearing the statement, however she does not overreact.

Rajeev goes to Rachna's house to talk to Dayal. He tries to make Dayal understand that Rachna's admission would get cancelled if she does not play the hockey match. Dayal refuses to allow Rachna to play the match. Rajeev gets irritated when Rachna states that she would follow Dayal's decision. Late in the night, Shail tries to convince Dayal that she wants Rachna to play, however Dayal does not relent.

, Gunjan tells Shail that the hockey match was important for Rachna or else her admission would get cancelled. Shail gets apprehensive when Rachna refuses to go to college. Savita calls Seema up and informs that she would be visiting the family. Shail tries to persuade Dayal to allow Rachna to play hockey, but fails. Rachna's team mates insults Rachna when she refuses to come along with them for the hockey match. Sandya replaces Rachna in the team. Gunjan asks Shail to send Rachana to college. Shail goes against Dayal's orders and decides to send Rachna to college, however Rachna refuses to go. Shail, Gunjan and Mayank try their best to make Rachna realise that it is important for her to play the match. Rachna gets surprised when Shail states that she would go to see the hockey match.

Shail lies to Rachna that Dayal had allowed her to play hockey match. On hearing Shail's statement, Rachna agrees to play the hockey match. Sangeeta is sure that Shail had allowed Rachna to play the hockey match. Sangeeta and Seema instigate Dayal against Shail. Dayal gets shocked when he learns that Shail had allowed Rachna to play hockey match. Rachna gets disappointed when the opposing team scores a goal.

Gunjan convinces Rajeev to allow Rachna to play the hockey match. Shail and Mayank get shocked when Dayal arrives at the venue. Rachna gets upset when she learns that Dayal had not permitted her to play hockey. Gunjan and Mayank fail to convince Dayal to allow Rachna to play the hockey match. Sangeeta and Seema instigate Dayal's sister against Shail. Gunjan tries to convince Rachna to play the hockey match.

Shail goes against Dayal and asks Rachna to play the hockey match. In the midst of the match, Rachna gets distracted as she recollects the conversation wherein Dayal had stopped her from playing the match. Shail tries to convince Dayal to watch Rachna's match, but fails. Gunjan asks Rajeev to motivate Rachna. the crowd cheers for Rachna when she scores a goal. On hearing Rachna's name, Dayal stops to to watch the game. He gets bewildered to see Rachna's performance during the game. Everyone gets apprehensive when Rachna gets injured. Shail, Gunjan, Mayank and Rajeev get shocked when Dayal motivates Rachna and asks her to win the game. On hearing Dayal's voice, Rachna gets up and continues to play the game. Rachna scores the final goal and wins the hockey match for her college. After the match, Shail, Gunjan, Mayank get elated when Dayal embraces and praises Rachna.

Rachna thanks Dayal for motivating her during the hockey match. Rachna is awarded with a trophy during the prize distribution ceremony. Shail tells Rachna, Dayal and Gunjan that they have to leave immediately as Savitri would be visiting the house. Dayal gets apprehensive when Sangeeta calls him up and informs him about Savitri's arrival. The family breathes a sigh of relief when Shail and Rachna arrive home. Savitri informs the family that her son would be returning to Banaras and she wanted to conduct his and Rachna's engagement ceremony.  Rachna gets apprehensive on hearing it. Savitri informs Rachna and her family that her son would be returning to Banaras by the coming week. Rachna gets apprehensive when Dholu shows a trophy to Savitri and the rest of the family.  Gunjan handles the situation by stating that she had won the trophy. Savitri states that she is happy that Rachna is not involved in sports. Later, Shail questions Sangeeta and Seema why they did not support her when she required their assistance. Sangeeta and Seema get shocked when Shail informs them that Dayal had allowed Rachna to play hockey. Dayal feels guilty as he had lied to Savitri about the hockey match. Shail makes Dayal understand that he did the needful for Rachna's sake. The next day, Rachna excitingly informs Rajeev that Dayal had allowed Rachna to play hockey. She thanks Rajeev for motivating her during the game. She expresses her gratitude by gifting him a card.  Rachna gets elated when Rajeev praises her. Shail gets elated when her neighbour praises Rachna on her victory. Rachna gives the credit to Shail for supporting her. When Shail embraces Rachna, Gunjan misses Sneha. Shail notices sadness on Gunjan's face and quickly cheers up her mood. Shail tells Dayal that she wanted to celebrate Gunjan's birthday. Seema overhears their conversation. Charu arrives at the Garg residence and introduces the family to a designer, who would be designing her wedding attire. Meanwhile, Mayank gets upset as Gunjan had not informed him about her birthday. Gunjan tells Mayank that she is furious with him as he did not have the courage to inform his family about their relationship. Shail gets busy in arranging a lavish birthday party for Gunjan. Dayal's sister and Seema get irritated on learning about it. Seema further instigates Dayal's sister against Shail. Gunjan gets suprised when Aakash arrives in the house. The next day, Seema suggests Gunjan to take a day off from college as she would get time to spend with Aakash. Aakash tells Gunjan to attend college. Later, Shail notices that Aakash was desperately waiting for Gunjan to return from college. Aakash tells Shail that he was worried about Gunjan when she came to stay with the family. Shail tells Aakash that the family has learnt a lot from Gunjan. Aakash replies that Sneha had taken a right decision by sending Gunjan to stay with Shail and her family.

Gunjan takes Rachna and Chaya secretly to the Agarwal mansion. The trio run away when the security guard spots them. Aakash thanks Dayal and his family for taking care of Gunjan in his absence. He expresses his gratitude by giving gifts to the family. Rachna goes to meet Rajeev in his room. She gets apprehensive when she realises that Rajeev was burning with fever. Later, Gunjan notices apprehension on Rachna's face and enquires with her. Rachna does not tell Gunjan about Rajeev's condition. At night, Rachna, Shail and Mayank get shocked when Aakash announces that he would be taking Gunjan along with him to Australia.  Aakash also asks Gunjan whether she was happy with his decision. Gunjan does not utter a word.  Gunjan announces that she wants to go with Aakash to Australia. Seema and Sangeeta get elated on hearing the decision.  Shail believes that Gunjan is going to Australia to spend her vacation with Aakash. Gunjan clarifies that she would move to Australia forever.  Rachana tries to convince Aakash and Gunjan to change their decision; however Dayal's sister politely stops her. Later, Gunjan gets emotional as she tells Shail that she would miss her. In the night, Rachna expresses her irritation over Gunjan's decision.

Shail gets emotional as Gunjan had decided to go to Australia. Dayal tries to pacify Shail. Seema, Sangeeta and Dayal's sister express her happiness over Gunjan's decision. Seema is irritated as Shail would be organising a lavish birthday party for Gunjan. In the middle of the night, Gunjan recollects the conversation wherein Rachna told her that she needs her.  Gunjan gets emotional and talks to Sneha's photograph. She realises that Sneha had taken the correct decision of sending her to stay with Shail and her family. She feels awkward when Mayank arrives on the terrace. Mayank asks Gunjan whether she would be able to live without him. He gets shocked when Gunjan replies that she would be able to handle her life.  The next day, Shail comforts Rachna as she complains about Gunjan's decision. Dholu asks Rachna to help him in designing a card for Gunjan. Shail gets emotional as she prepares for Gunjan's birthday party. Later, Gunjan tells Rachna that she must not stop playing hockey.  Dholu naively asks Mayank what he would gift Gunjan on her birthday. Mayank mockingly states that Gunjan does not want any gift as she was going to Australia. He ends the conversation by stating that he would not be there for four days in the city.

Gunjan gets upset when she learns that Mayank is going out of the city for four days. While going to college, Gunjan tells Rachna that she wants to go to Australia as people in the city deceived her. Gunjan is referring to Mayank. Rachna is left bewildered on hearing Gunjan's statement. Rachna's team mates inform her about Rajeev's health. Rajeev is left confused when a certain person prepares meal for him and leaves a note on the table. The note read that a certain person had prepared meal for Rajeev. Rajeev gets shocked when Savitri arrives in his room. It is revealed that Rajeev is Savitri's eldest son. Savitri has come to take Rajeev home, however he refuses to go.  Meanwhile, Rachna gets apprehensive about Rajeev's health and so she decides to visit him. Rajeev is left confused when he finds another note outside his door. Shail gifts a dress to Gunjan for her birthday. Aakash tells Gunjan that Shail has been busy with her birthday arrangements. Gunjan gets emotional as she tells Aakash that like Shail, Sneha too used to be busy before her birthday party. At night, Mayank calls Gunjan up and asks her to meet him. Gunjan gets elated when she sees the terrace decorated. Shail gets shocked when she hears Mayank and Gunjan confessing their love. In anger, Shail scolds Mayank and Gunjan. The trio get shocked when Seema and Dayal arrive on the terrace and questions them what they were doing. Shail smartly handles the situation.  Gunjan expresses her desire to speak to Shail, however Shail refuses to speak. Gunjan gets elated when the entire Garg family wishes her on her birthday. Sangeeta and Seema are elated as Gunjan would never return in their lives. Shail refuses to talk to Mayank as she was busy performing the household chores. During Gunjan's birthday party, Dholu's father states that the family was not only celebrating Gunjan's birthday party but also her farewell. Gunjan gets emotional on hearing it. When Gunjan tells the family that she enjoyed her birthday party, Dayal states that she must reconsider her decision of going to Australia.  Seema states that they must not stop Gunjan from leaving as she would enjoy in Australia. Shail smartly asks Gunjan and Mayank to come on the terrace. Shail gets shocked when Mayank confesses that he and Gunjan love each other.


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"On enquiring the family learns that the groom has an elder brother and a younger sister."

Rajeev and Vihaan have a younger sister?????
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Shail gets shocked when Mayank confesses that he and Gunjan love each other. Mayank tells Shail that he cannot marry Charu as he does not like her. Shail scolds Mayank as he betrayed Charu's trust by falling in love with Gunjan. She also tries to make Mayank and Gunjan realize that they are only attracted towards each other. Mayank gets shocked when Gunjan accepts Shail's justification. Gunjan asks Mayank to forget what had happened in between them. Rachna asks Gunjan why she was crying. Gunjan does not tell Rachna anything. The next day, Rachna and Chaya learn from Rajeev that the college was celebrating The Joy of Giving Week. Rajeev along with few college students go to an orphanage and spend time with the children.  He also explains to the college students that a person finds happiness when he shares it. Mayank tries to make Gunjan realize that he is in love with her. Gunjan gets upset when Mayank states that he would start his life afresh after she leaves to Australia. At that time, Rachna enters the room. She realizes that Gunjan is leaving because of Mayank. Dholu tries to stop Gunjan from leaving, but fails. Before leaving, Dayal asks Aakash to take care of Gunjan.  Chaya gifts Gunjan a farewell gift. The Garg family gets emotional as Gunjan leaves along with Aakash. On their way to the railway station, Gunjan stops the car when she spots Mayank following their vehicle.  Mayank hands over a CD to Gunjan and leaves. Aakash asks Gunjan to sit in the coach. He gets down on the platform to bring tea for him and Gunjan.  He gets apprehensive when Gunjan goes missing. Shail goes to the railway station to stop Gunjan from leaving. She asks Gunjan to stay back as she does not want her to leave Mayank. She asks Gunjan to give a chance to Mayank and her relationship. Aakash gets shocked when Shail requests him to leave Gunjan in Banaras. Shail gets elated when Gunjan decides to go with her. When Shail returns home, Dholu and Rachna tell Shail that they are missing Gunjan. Dholu and Rachna get elated when Gunjan enters the house. Sangeeta and Seema get irritated to see Gunjan. Mayank gets happy to see Gunjan in the house. The next day, Rachna gets surprised when Gunjan tells her that she is in love with the city. Rachna jokingly states that Gunjan must marry a boy from Banaras. Shail asks Gunjan and Mayank to meet her in a cafe. She asks Mayank not to meet Gunjan until he informs his parents about their relationship. Rachna goes secretly to Rajeev's room to keep a lunch box. She gets apprehensive when she realizes that Rajeev has come out of the wash room. Rajeev is left confused when he finds a lunch box in his kitchen. He gets surprised when he notices Rachna sneaking out from his room. Mayank tries to inform Seema about his and Gunjan's relationship, but fails. He further gets irritated when Charu comes to meet him. Gunjan and Chaya get elated when they read a notice. The notice is regarding a two day picnic which the college is organizing.  Rachna believes that Shail would not be able to convince Dayal to allow her to go for the picnic. Rachna gets elated when she learns that Rajeev had organized the picnic. On learning about Rajeev's involvement in the picnic, Rachna decides to ask Shail for permission. Mayank rages at Charu when she compels him to try on a suit. Rachna and Gunjan try to convince Shail to allow them to go for the college trip to Chandraprabha. The duo gets upset when Shail clearly refuses to give them permission. While having dinner, Dayal announces that the family must start preparing for Mayank and Charu's marriage. Mayank gets furious on hearing the statement. The next day, Chaya goes to the Garg residence and asks Shail whether Rachna and Gunjan would be going to the trip. Dayal, who is also present in the room, questions Shail about the trip. Chaya informs Dayal about the two days college trip to Chandraprabha. Rachna tells Dayal that she and Gunjan refused to go on the trip. When Dayal leaves, Shail questions Rachna why she did not tell Dayal that she wanted to go on the trip. Mayank tells Seema that he does not want to marry Charu. Seema believes that Mayank is feeling nervous before marriage. Chaya believes that Gunjan and Rachna lost an opportunity of convincing Dayal to allow them to go on the trip. Rachna convinces Gunjan to talk to Dayal about the picnic. Gunjan and Rachna get elated when Dayal gives them permission to attend the trip. The next day, Gunjan prays to God so that Mayank informs the Garg family about their relationship. Gunjan, Rachna, Chaya and the other college students get into the bus. Rachna gets elated when Gunjan gifts her cell phone. Gunjan tells Rachna that she could talk to Shail whenever she wanted. Mayank's father gets shocked when Mayank tells him that he does not want to marry Charu. He tries to convince Mayank to change his decision. He ends the conversation by asking Mayank not to inform Seema about his decision. Rachna gets jealous when she notices Rajeev talking to Anushka.  Shail tries to make Mayank understand that he has to inform the family about his and Gunjan's relationship. She adds that she would always support him. Rajeev divides the students into teams. Gunjan calls Shail up from a nearby PCO and informs her that they reached the picnic spot. Gunjan hopes Mayank must have told at least one family member about their relationship. Gunjan gets terrified when she accidently falls in the river. Vihaan goes to help Gunjan. Gunjan realizes that Vihaan is drowning and saves him. She gets irritated when she learns that Vihaan is lying to the girls present in the camp that he had saved Gunjan from drowning.  Later, Gunjan tells Rachna about the whole scenario. Rajeev tells the students that everyone in the camp would be given equal responsibility. When Vihaan refuses to follow Rajeev's orders, Rajeev states that he could throw him out of the camp. Vihaan agrees to follow Rajeev's orders. Seema and Shail are left apprehensive when Mayank does not return home. While finding branches in the woods, Vihaan and his friends dress up as ghosts and scare Rachna and her friends. Later, Gunjan complains to Rajeev about Vihaan. To prove her point, Gunjan tells Rajeev that she found Vihaan's torch in the woods. On learning the truth, Rajeev punishes Vihaan and his friends.  Back at the Garg residence, Mayank's father recollects the conversation wherein Mayank told him that he does not want to marry Charu.  Mayank's father tells Dayal that Mayank must have left the house. Shail gets shocked when she receives Mayank's letter. The letter read that Mayank is leaving the house. Later, Shail lies to the family that Mayank had called her up. She assures the family that Mayank is safe. To teach Gunjan and the other girls a lesson, Vihaan deliberately adds extra spices to the food. Gunjan smartly handles the situation. The next day, Vihaan plays a prank on Gunjan by throwing a rubber snake toy in her direction. Gunjan gets frightened of the rubber snake toy.  In fright, Gunjan trips and injures herself. When Rajeev learns about Gunjan's accident, he questions the students about the prank. Rajeev gets furious when Vihaan confesses that he had played a prank on Gunjan. Vihaan gets irritated when Rajeev punishes him.  Shail gets shocked when Charu's parents come to the Garg residence to give them Mayank and Charu's wedding invitation card. Gunjan gets shocked when she learns from Shail that Mayank has left the house. She gets stunned when Mayank comes to meet her. Concerned about the family, Gunjan tries to convince Mayank to return to the Garg residence. Mayank tells Gunjan that he would meet her near the PCO booth, which is outside the camp. Rajeev asks Vihaan to stop working as he had injured his hand. Charu asks Seema where Mayank was. Sangeeta smartly handles the situation. Later, Rajeev tries to make his younger brother, Vihaan, understand about his responsibilities.   Chaya gets elated when she learns that Rachna is in love with Rajeev. Savitri is excited about Rachna and Vihaan's marriage. Gunjan gets apprehensive when Mayank tells her that they must elope. Gujan tries her best to convince Mayank to return to the Garg residence, but fails. She gets shocked when Mayank decides to end his life. Back at the camp, Chaya convinces Rachna to confess her feelings to Rajeev. She suggests that Rachana should write her feelings on a paper and keep in Rajeev's tent. Rachna goes to Rajeev's tent and keeps a note. A gust of wind blows the note out of the room.  Dayal receives Mayank's note and questions Shail about it. Seema and Dayal question Shail why Mayank does not want to marry Charu. The family gets shocked when Shail reveals that Mayank is in love with Gunjan. Shail states that she wanted Mayank to inform the family about his and Gunjan's relationship. Dayal's brothers believe that Mayank must have gone to Chandraprabha to meet Gunjan. They also believe that Mayank and Gunjan must have eloped from Chandraprabha. Gunjan writes a note for Rachna wherein she mentions that she is eloping. She also mentions that she and Mayank are in a relationship. Rachna gets apprehensive when she falls in a pit. Rajeev manages to save Rachna. Rajeev gets shocked when Rachna confesses that she is in love with him. Gunjan stops Mayank from committing suicide. Rajeev is left confused when Rachna mentions that she had expressed her feelings for him in the note which she left in his room. Rajeev tells Rachna that he did not receive her note. Rachna gets upset when Rajeev tells her that he is not in love with her. Seema believes Shail knows about Mayank's whereabouts however does not want to tell the family about it.

Chaya pacifies Rachna when she learns that Rajeev rejected her love. Rachna tells Chaya that Rajeev is in love with someone else. Shail gets shocked when Dayal blames her and Gunjan for the family's plight. She further gets shocked when Dayal announces that Gunjan would have to leave the Garg residence once she returns home from the trip.

Mayank convinces Gunjan to marry him. While carrying out the marriage ceremony, Gunjan recollects Shail's words and stops performing the rituals. Gunjan further convinces Mayank to return with her to the Garg residence. Rajeev gets surprised when he learns that Gunjan had already left from the camp. Rajeev decides to take action against Gunjan. While returning home, Shail calls Rachna up and asks about Gunjan. Rachna smartly ends the call when Seema questions her about Mayank. The family gets shocked when Charu and her parents arrive at the Garg residence. The family gets apprehensive when Rachna arrives alone at home. Rachna tells the family that Gunjan and Mayank had eloped.  At that time, Gunjan and Mayank arrive in the house. The family gets further shocked to see Gunjan dressed in bridal attire. Shail rages at Gunjan and Mayank for taking a drastic step. Seema holds Shail responsible for the family's plight.  Gunjan and Mayank make it clear to the family that they did not marry. Sangeeta states that Rachna's in-laws would get furious when they learn about Gunjan and Mayank's relationship. In anger, Dayal announces that he would call Aakash up and inform him about Gunjan's mistake. Shail convinces Dayal not to call Aakash and inform about the happenings at the Garg's residence. Seema gets furious at Mayank as she does not want to marry Charu. Gunjan tries to make Rachna understand that she cannot leave Mayank as she is in love with him. Rachna gets emotional as she recollects the moments which she spent with Rajeev. While taking to Rachna, Gunjan realizes that Rachna too is in love. Rachna manages to convince Gunjna that she is not in love. Savitri gets elated when Vihaan arrives at the Agarwal residence. Vihaan tries to convince Savitri that she must get Rajeev back home. Savitri happily agrees. She asks Vihaan to support her. The next day, Mayank makes it clear to the family that he would not marry Charu. Mayank tries to convince Dayal to stop his and Charu's marriage. Savitri assures Vihaan that she would get him married after he completes his studies. Dholu naively tells Mayank that he too is in love with Gunjan. Mayank gets shocked when Rachna informs him that Gunjan is leaving from the house. Mayank manages to convince Gunjan to stay back. Sangeeta's husband tries to convince Mayank's father that they must agree with Mayank's decision. During dinner time, Seema informs the family that she has agreed to accept Gunjan as her daughter-in-law. Shail, Gunjan, Rachna and Mayank get elated while Dayal, Sangeeta and the others are left shocked. Sangeeta gets furious as Seema had accepted Gunjan as her daughter-in-law. Gunjan is surprised to see a sudden change in Seema's behavior. Mayank apologizes to Seema. Shail gets elated when Gunjan decides to address her as 'Mamma'. Dayal decides to visit Charu's place with Shail, Prabhu and Sangeeta. Sangeeta refuses to accompany them. Mayank and the rest of the family feel awkward when Charu visits the Garg residence. Charu gets the shock of her life when Dholu naively tells Charu that Gunjan would become his sister-in-law. Charu counter questions Mayank. She is furious as Mayank has refused to marry her. Rachana gets upset on seeing Rajeev and Anushka together in the college. Seema questions Sangeeta about Charu's family's reaction after learning about Mayank's decision. Dayal decides to visit Charu's residence along with Shail to convince them to accept his decision.  Dayal and Shail return from Charu's residence and feel guilty that charu's parents didn't react to their refusal. Seema gets happy about it and decides to arrange Gunjan and Mayank's engagement before Diwali. Shail informs Aakash about Mayank and Gunjan's affair. She requests Aakash to accept the alliance. Vihaan jokingly pulls Gunjan's scarf when he notices her, Rachna and Chaya on their way to college.  Gunjan decides to teach Vihaan a lesson. Savitri informs Shail about Vihaan's arrival. Shail invites Savitri to their house. Back in college, Gunjan sticks a funny banner on Vihan's bike. On reading the banner, the students make fun of Vihaan. Charu goes to the Garg residence and apologizes to Shail. She requests Gunjan and Mayank to befriend her. It is later revealed that Seema had asked Charu to befriend Gunjan and Mayank. Charu assures Seema that she would marry Mayank. Gunjan is confused about the sudden change in Charu's behavior; she discusses her concern with Rachna. Chaya informs Rachna that Anushka is leaving the college. Dayal strictly warns Gunjan that she is against the late night chats with boys. Rachna has decided to give Rajiv a love letter. Rachna keeps the love letter in Rajiv's bag. Gunjan asks Mayank if Seema is happy with their marriage.  Rajiv gets shocked when he reads Rachna's letter. Rachna gives Rajeev a letter. Rajeev fixes a meeting with Rachna in a coffee shop. Shail invites Savitri to celebrate karva chaut at the Garg residence. On Savitri's insistence, Vihaan decides to meet Rachana. Rachana gets excited as she would be meeting Rajeev. Rachana gets shocked when Vihaan calls her up and asks her to meet her. She is apprehensive as Rajeev too is supposed to meet her in the same coffee shop. Vihaan decides to decline the marriage alliance on meeting Rachana. Rachana confronts to Gunjan that she has feelings for Rajeev. Gunjan agrees to help Rachana with the same. Seema and Mayank go for shopping and forget to carry money. Coincidently, Charu enters the store and pays the bill. Gunjan is shocked to learn that Vihaan is Rachna's to-be-husband. Vihaan and Gunjan interact in the coffee shop where Gunjan lies to Vihaan that she was going to his to be wife. Vihan is happy after learning the same. Rachana is left heartbroken as Rajeev refuses her proposal. Gunjan consoles her and tells her to be pessimistic about the situation. Vihaan learns it from Savitri that his prospective bride would keep karwa chauth fast for him. Rachna is shocked when Vihaan arrives in the Garg residence. Vihaan and Rachana are shocked to see each other, Vihaan starts interrogating Rachana about Gunjan. Rachana starts panicking and asks him to wait for a while as she goes to call Gunjan. Gunjan handles the situation and by asking Vihaan to leave. The family gets shocked when they learn that Gunjan had kept karva chauth fast for Mayank. Gunjan asks Mayank to be on time in the temple for the karwa chauth puja. In the temple Seema, Sangeeta and Charu plan to stop o Mayank from reaching the temple on time. Gunjan tries to call Mayank up and ask him about his delay but Seema stops her. Rachana gets apprehensive when she spots her prospective  in-laws in the temple. Rachana and Gunjan are scared to see Vihaan at the temple. Dayal and Vihaan get into an argument. Dayal gets annoyed at Vihaan. When Vihaan learns that Dayal is going to be his to be father-in-law, he goes away from the temple. Vihaan wants to avoid any kind of argument between him and Dayal. Mayank manages to reach temple on time. The Agarwal family and Garg family perform the puja. Mayank asks Gunjan to meet him on the terrace where he tells Gunjan the reason for his delay. Gunjan is left shocked to know the same. Gunjan apologizes to Mayank after learning about the reason why he was late for puja. Chaaru assures Sangeeta that she would ruin Gunjan and Mayank's relationship on the occasion of Diwali. Shail tells Dayal that she wants to buy gold for Gunjan. Dayal tells family that Savitri would visit their place on Dhanteras. Rachana and Gunjan get scared after learning the same. Gunjan gathers courage and tells Vihaan the truth about her not being his future mate, but she gets annoyed after realizing that  Vihaan was busy talking to someone on the phone. Gunjan and Rachana make some plan to escape from the trouble which may occur due to Vihaan's visit to their place. Vihaan asks Rajeev to accompany him to meet his prospective in-laws. Vihaan gets nervous as Savitri introduces him to his future in-laws. Gunjan and Rachana act according to their plan and are successful in covering it up for the evening. As told by Vihaan, Savitri asks Shail to fix up a meeting of the new future couple. Dayal is tensed on listening the same. Gayatri insists Shail that the future couple has a personal meeting. Rachana and Gunjan manage to fool Vihaan. Gunjan meets Vihaan on terrace instead of Rachana. Vihaan insists on another meeting but Gayatri stops him and says that they have their entire life for meeting and knowing each other. Gunjan and Rachana are happy that they were successful in fooling Vihaan. Dayal and Shail are happy that Rachana's in-laws are from a good family. Sangeeta tells Shail that she felt that Gunjan had behaved weirdly in front of the Aggarwal family. Gunjan, Mayank and Rachna explain the importance of Diwali to Dholu. Seema feels awkward when Shail gifts a sari to her. Shail tells Seema that she was gifting to her on behalf of Gunjan's family. Savitri informs Vihaan that the Garg family would arrive at their house for the laxmi puja.  The Gargs feel awkward when Charu arrives at their house to wish Diwali. Sangeeta smartly allows Charu to perform the puja along with the Garg family. Later, Charu assures Sangeeta that she has planned to ruin Gunjan's Diwali. Gayatri is worried as Vihaan does not come home on time for puja. Vihaan's father calls up Rajeev inquiring about the same. Rajeev is shocked to see that Vihaan was gambling with his friends. He forces Vihaan to come along to which Vihaan refuses. Charu gets jealous to see Mayank and Gunjan together. She deliberately burns her dupatta and creates havoc.  Later, Gunjan asks Mayank to drop Charu to her place and come back as soon as possible. Gunjan asks Mayank to drop Charu to her house. She feels weird as Mayank and Charu would be alone for the first time after their breakup. Sangeeta and Seema get irritated when they learn that Gunjan too wants to go along with Mayank. Charu gets irritated when Gunjan accompanies her and Mayank. Rajeev brings Vihaan home in an inebriated state. Dayal is left surprised when he spots Rajeev leaving from the Aggrawal residence. After dropping Charu to her residence, Gunjan and Mayank spend quality time with each other. Shail hands over her ancestral jewelry to Seema. At first, Seema refuses to accept the jewelry but later accepts it. Vihaan challenges Gunjan that he would click her picture on his phone. Dayal's sister advices Shail not give away her ancestral jewelry to Gunjan. Rachana warns Gunjan that Vihaan would upload her picture and then everyone would come to know about her. Vihaan succeeds in clicking Gunjan's picture. Rachana and Gunjan get shocked when Vihaan introduces Rajeev as his elder brother. Vihaan introduces Rachna and Gunjan to Rajeev. Gunjan tries to confess the truth to Vihaan, but Rachna stops her. Vihaan tells Rajeev that he too must get married. He suggests that Rajeev must marry Rachna. Rajeev annoyed on hearing the statement. Shail insists that they should get Gunjan and Mayank married as soon as possible. Gunjan finds a gift kept for her. At first, Gunjan gets elated as she believes that Mayank had brought a gift for her. Later, Gunjan gets shocked when she learns that Vihaan had brought a gift for her. Mayank is shocked when he finds Gunjan and Vihaan on the terrace. Vihaan informs Mayank that he came to meet his sister. Mayank believes that Vihaan is referring to Rachna. At night, Vihaan tells Gunjan that he has planned a surprise for her. The next day, Gunjan gets surprised when her friends from Mumbai arrive at the Garg residence. Seema and Sangeeta get irritated to see Gunjan's friends dressed in western attire. Gunjan introduces Rachna, Mayank to her friends. The Gargs feel awkward when one of Gunjan's friend mentions that after falling in love Gunjan does not mind living in a joint family. After Gunjan's friend leave, Rachna and Gunjan go to college. Gunjan learns from Vihaan's friends that he would not be attending college. Seema tells Mayank that she wants Gunjan to wear her ancestral jewelry during Satyanarayan puja. Mayank assures Seema that Gunjan would wear the sari and jewelry during the puja. Gunjan messages Vihaan to call her back urgently. Gunjan spots Rajeev and asks him to give his landline number. She reasons out that she wants to talk to Vihaan. Gunjan rings at the Aggarwal residence. Vihaan answers the call. Vihaan tells Gunjan that he would meet her in a hotel on the subsequent day. Seema tells Gunjan that she wants her to wear her sari and her ancestral jewelry during Satyanarayan puja. Gunjan agrees to wear the sari. Mayank, who is eavesdropping on their conversation, gets elated. Mayank tries to convince Gunjan to bunk her lecture. Gunjan smartly handles the situation. The next day, Mayank's friend, Shree coincidently takes Mayank to the same hotel where Vihaan had asked Gunjan to meet him. Gunjan takes Rachna along with her to the hotel. The duo gets surprised when the manager informs them that Vihaan has booked a room. , the manager informs Gunjan and Rachna that Vihaan has organized a party. He also informs the duo that Vihaan has booked a room for them. Meanwhile, Mayank and Shree check out the hotel rooms. Gunjan and Rachna get ready for the party. The duo later enters a banquet hall. Rachna gets apprehensive when she spots her college mates at the party. Gunjan convinces Rachna to stay back as they decided to inform Vihaan about the truth.  Gunjan tries her best to inform Vihaan about the truth but fails. Vihaan tells Gunjan that he organized a masquerade party and she must enjoy it. Mayank overhears music coming from the banquet hall. He gets shocked when he spots Gunjan in the party. The jeweler informs Sangeeta and Seema that Gunjan had come to his store and wants to design earrings out of an old ancestral necklace. In the middle of the party, Rachna tries her best to tell Vihaan about the truth. She gets scared when she Rajeev arrives. Mayank gets angry when Seema inquires about Gunjan and Rachna. Gunjan informs Rachana that Vihaan had organized this party so that he could announce his fianc to all his friends. Just before Vihaan could announce Gunjan as his fianc, Gunjan stops him. Gunjan tells Vihaan that Rachana is his fianc. Vihaan gets shocked when he learns that Rachana is his fianc. He gets further irritated when he learns that Gunjan is going to marry Mayank. Gunjan and Rachna get surprised when Vihaan congratulates them on the success of their plan, instead of overreacting. Vihaan accepts Rachana as his prospective bride and gifts a ring. Shail questions Gunjan and Rachna when they return home late. Gunjan lies to Shail that after completing their test, she and Rachna had to wait back in to complete their project work. Later, Mayank angrily tells Gunjan that he had seen her at a hotel. Rachna learns about the argument which Gunjan had with Mayank. Gunjan is happy as Vihaan had accepted Rachna as his fianc. Gunjan tries her best to convince Mayank to forgive her, but fails. Gunjan tells Rachna that Mayank is still upset with her. Rachna suggests that Gunjan must purchase a book and gift for Mayank. Before heading for the puja, the neighbors assemble at the Garg residence. Shail gets elated to see Gunjan dressed in a sari. Seema gets upset when Gunjan informs her that she made a new necklace out of the ancestral jewelry. Mayank too rages at Gunjan. Later, Shail pacifies Gunjan and makes her realize her mistake. Shail tells Gunjan that she must apologize to Seema on the subsequent day. Sangeeta restricts Gunjan from entering Seema's room. Rachna tries to console Gunjan about the fight she had with Mayank. Vihaan calls Rachna up and tells her that they should meet and talk often to know each other better. Mayank gets annoyed at Gunjan as he believes that she was lying to him that she had gone to visit Seema. Shail interrupts and asks Gunjan to apologize to Seema. Shail feels that something is wrong as everyone had something different to say about the matter. Rachna consoles Gunjan by saying her that everything would be fine. Vihaan comes along with his friends to take Rachna and Gunjan to visit stamp exhibition. Gunjan refuses to go. Rachna gets shocked when she comes to know that they were going to play pool and not to visit the exhibition. Shail and Mayank get annoyed when they notice that Seema and Sangeeta ignoring Gunjan while she was apologizing to Seema. Shail gets annoyed at Sangeeta and Seema for it, Seema forgives Gunjan. Vihaan and his friends applaud Rachna as she proves herself in playing pool. Mayank apologizes to Gunjan. Shail asks the family that they must get Mayank and Gunjan engaged as soon as possible. Sangeeta disagrees and tells that they all should wait for Akash to arrive and then proceed with the engagement. Shail assures them that they would not conduct a grand ceremony and fixes up the day for their engagement. Rachna and Gunjan are excited for the same. Shail gets emotional with Gunjan as they both get nostalgic about Sneha. Sangeeta is unhappy with the engagement preparations. Seema asks Sangeeta to keep calm and not to lose hope, as there were still two days to go for the engagement. Chaya and Gunjan pull Vihaan's leg, as Vihaan asks Rachna to accompany him to the canteen. Rachna informs Vihaan about Mayank and Gunjan's engagement. The Garg family starts shopping for Gunjan and Mayank's engagement. Chaya and Rachna perform at Gunjan's mehendi ceremony. Mayank informs the family that he has got a job offer and that he has been called for an interview the next day. The family applauds Gunjan for this new opportunity Mayank had got. Both Gunjan and Mayank are anxious for the next day of that night. While, Mayank's mother and his aunt are plots a situations that would bring their happiness to standstill. Vihaan on the other fakes his romance with Rachana on the phone. Mayank's wishes to have Gunjan with him to his company. Sangeeta does not inform Gunjan the correct time for Mayank's interview. Mayank decision to marry Charu annoys their family and hence it creates chaotic situations that leaves Gunjan saddened and hence she leaves the premises.  Shail and Rachana try to console Gunjan while, Seema and Sangeeta shares their joy of victory. Stubborn with his anger, Mayank expects an apology from Gunjan while Shail advice her to not compromise with herself respect. Gunjan and Mayank is firm on their impressions they hold for each other. Dayal and Prabhu try to sought the enigma caused in their family. Shail and Rachana try to convince Gunjan, who later misinterpret Mayank's gesture towards Charu. Notorious Dholu captures Seema's and Sangita's plotting against Gunjan on his camera. Prabhu urges Gunjan to safeguard her relationship with Mayank. Dholu captures the actions of Charu and Mayank. Charu projects her fake intimacy with Mayank which further leaves Gunjan hurt. Gunjan is aggravated by Mayank's actions they hence come to a conclusion to not marry each other. Shail tries to convince Dayal about the enigma caused. Shail on the other hand is firm on her support to Gunjan. Dholu exerts his annoyance against Gunjan's scorn to his mother and Seema. He further urges Mayank to marry Gunjan. Vihaan is delighted after learning Gunjan's breakup. Mayank's and Charu's parents proceed with their wedding preparations. Sahiba (Rab Se Sona Ishq) stays stunned by Ranvir's actions. She further tries to rescue Daljeet. Vihaan and Rachana come to their rescue and take them to the Sharma's.  Shail, Gunjan and Pihu engage in a serious argument. Gunjan further has an argument with Sahiba (Rab Se Sona Ishq) that leaves her tangled. Charu watches her clips in Dholu's cam that leaves her agitated. Ranvir (Rab Se Sona Ishq) on the other hand learns Sahiba's absence and hence, fumes in anger. Dholu's video recording is left unnoticed. Gunjan learns Sahiba's and Daljeet's (Rab Se Sona Ishq) relationship and turns skeptical. Ranvir on the other hand, is perplexed on Sahib's absence. Gunjan and Sahiba share their affliction with each-other. Gunjan, Shail and Rachana attends Mayank's wedding. Sangeeta precedes the celebration with an announcement. Gunjan confronts Sahiba's truth to Daljeet (Rab Se Sona Ishq). Rachana on the other hand, tries to solve Mayank's and Gunjan's grievances. Ranvir (Rab Se Sona Ishq) emerges at the wedding venue whereas, Sahiba and Daljeet (Rab Se Sona Ishq) share their guilty desire of love together. Sahiba (Rab Se Sona Ishq) informs beauty of her wellbeing. Mayank expresses his feelings for Gunjan through a letter, which Sangeeta further destroys. Ranveer fumes in anger, in search of Sahiba and Daljeet.  Sahiba on the other hand, stops Daljeet to face Ranveer. Charu and Gunjan have a serious argument, further leaving the environment disturbed. Gopal and Shail take a stand for Gunjan. Gunjan regrets her relationship with Mayank and outbursts her anger.  Sahiba (Rab Se Sona Ishq) learns about Ranveer's (Rab Se Sona Ishq) presence and further warns Daljeet (Rab Se Sona Ishq). Gunjan has a quarrel with Pihu. Sahiba tries to restrain Daljeet from meeting Ranveer. She further land up meeting Ranveer. Mayank's wedding ceremony properly falls in place however, Shail interrupts the occasion by uncovering the truth behind Gunjan's innocence by playing Golu's CD. The truth hence uncovers the nuisance caused. Seema and Sangeeta held themselves in guilt while the Garg's pester their annoyance on them. Further, the wedding ceremony takes place. Everyone stays stunned after seeing Charu as the wedded bride. Gunjan leaves the premises distressed. Charu's tantrums pester Gopal. Gunjan weeps in pain while Shail gets disturbed on learning Gunjan's actions. Shail and Gunjan sigh in their sorrows. Dayal and Shail has an argument after her actions at the ceremony. Charu plots a strategy against Gunjan. Seema and Shail further have an argument regarding Gunjan. Gunjan and Seema pester her annoyance with Gunjan. Gopal argues with Seema and Sangeeta. Some goons tease Gunjan and Rachana but Vihaan comes to her rescue. Gunjan gets stuck in an isolated place where Vihaan's elder brother comes to her rescue. She further indulges in an argument with Charu. Mayank pesters on Charu after learning her behavior.

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