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~||Story So Far||~(Updated till 31st December)

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The story of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke revolves around Gunjan who lives in Mumbai along with her mother, Sneha. Sneha's husband, Aakash resides in Australia as he had set up his business in the country. 

Gunjan and Sneha share a friendly relationship. Having been brought up in warm and friendly atmosphere, Gunjan is a fun-loving person and lives her life to the fullest.
Gunjan and her friends go for a long drive. Gunjan's friends get surprised on learning that Gunjan had joined a dance class to learn Kathak. 

Sneha who suffers from cancer is concerned about Gunjan and has not informed her about her ailment. Sneha has video recorded every moment that she had spent with Gunjan. Sneha video records a message for Gunjan wherein she expresses her concern for her. She decides to gift the video recordings to Gunjan. 

While hanging out with friends, Gunjan recollects that it was Sneha's birthday the following day. Gunjan plans to gift flowers to Sneha. She accelerates her car and immediately reaches the place from where she usually purchases flowers for Sneha. 

Gunga gets upset when she fails to find the vendor at the stall. She however, gets happy when she notices the vendor standing at the bus stop. Before Gunjan can approach him, the vendor leaves in a bus. 

Gunjan drives her car at full speed and overtakes the bus. She stops the bus and purchases all the garlands from the vendor. 

Gunjan plans to host a surprise party for Sneha and returns home along with her friends. Gunjan gets surprised when she finds that the house was already decorated. Gunjan gets upset on learning that Sneha had already made preparations for her ow birthday party. Sneha, however, cheers up Gunjan. Sneha gets surprised when Gunjan gifts her flower garlands. 

After the party, Sneha gifts the video recording to Gunjan but asks her to open the gift on her birthday. 

Sneha usually puts her bindi tilted. When Gunjan notices Sneha's bindi, she quickly adjusts it. Sneha recollects the moments how her elder sister, Shail, would comment on the way she used to put her bindi.

Shail lives along with Dayal, her husband, sons, daughters and daughters-in-laws in Banaras. Shail prays for Sneha at Ganga Ghat.

Early in the morning, Shail decides to call up Sneha to wish her but changes her mind as she believes that Sneha must have not woken up. 

On the other hand, Sneha wakes up early morning and gets surprised when Gunjan offers her a cup of bed tea. Sneha enquires with Gunjan whether Shail had called up. She feels upset on learning that Shail had not called up yet. 

Gunjan tries to pacify Sneha and states that she should not be concerned about Shail as she does not deserve her concern. Gunjan also asks Sneha not to wait for Shail's call. A sad Sneha tells Gunjan that Aakash too had not yet wished her. 

Brought up in a traditional way, Shail's youngest daughter,  Rachna is very shy and conservative girl. She fears that Dayal would get her married if she failed in the examination. Rachna is also excited about her school farewell party. 

Shail wishes to meet Sneha and so she comes to Mumbai. Sneha gets surprised when she sees Shail. She expresses desire to talk to Shail something important. Shail's gets shocked on learning that Sneha was suffering from cancer. 

Sneha requests Shail to take Gunjan along with her to Banaras after her death. She also requests Shail to take care of Gunjan. Sneha gets upset when she realizes that she was imagining her conversation with her sister.

Shail learns that her sister-in-law Seema was suffering from headache and gets concerned. Shail also asks Seema to take rest. Meanwhile Shail's younger sister-in-law, Sangeeta arrives. The trio gets scared and stops their conversation when Dayal arrives.

Rachna and her cousin brother Dhollu return home from Ganga Ghat. Rachna who is scared of dogs fears that a dog named Damodar may follow her and Dhollu. Dhollu tries to pacify Rachna.

On her way home, Rachna meets her friend Chaya. Chaya shows Rachna a film magazine and discusses about various outfits and hairstyles donned by the celebrities. Chaya tells Rachna that she should get dress up like a celebrity for their farewell party.

Meanwhile, Chaya's father arrives. She fears that her father may get angry, if he sees the magazine with her. Chaya therefore requests Rachna to take the magazine home. Rachna fears that her father too may get angry at her, if he sees the magazine and so refuses to keep it with her. Chaya forcefully hands over the magazine to Rachna and leaves. Rachna is left tensed.

Shail gets worried as Rachna and Dhollu have not returned home. Rachna She fears that Rachna may not be allowed to appear for her HSC exam if she reaches the examination centre late. She shares her fears with Sangeeta and Seema.

Meanwhile, Dhollu and Rachna arrive. A concerned Shail questions Rachna where had she been. Dhollu informs Shail that Rachna got scared of Damodar and so they got late.

While entering into her room, the magazine falls down from Rachna's hand. At that time Dayal arrives and sees the magazine. A furious Dayal rages at Rachna and questions her about the magazine. Before Rachna could plead innocence, Dayal warns her that she should not buy any such magazines in future.

Later, Sneha calls up Shail and requests her to visit her soon. Shail is left wondering and enquires with Sneha why she wanted to meet her. Sneha does not reveal about her illness. She is confident that Shail would visit her. Sneha therefore asks her maid to clean the guest's room.

Gunjan gets puzzled on learning that Sneha has asked their maid to clean the guest room for Shail even before Shail confirmed about her visit. She believes that Shail would not visit Sneha.

Shail believes that there was some reason why Sneha had asked her to come to Mumbai. She asks permission from Dayal as she wanted to visit Sneha. Shail assures to return home in two days. Dayal does not allow Shail but she is determined to visit Sneha.

After Dayal leaves, Sangeeta and Seema enquire with Shail about her decision to visit Sneha. Shail informs them that Sneha wants to meet her urgently. She also shares her fear with the duo. Dayal overhears their conversation. Shail asserts that she would go to Mumbai only if Dayal allowed her.

Aakash calls up Sneha and wishes her on her birthday. He enquires with Sneha whether she informed Gunjan that she was suffering from cancer. Sneha states that she does not want Gunjan to get depressed and so she had not informed her daughter about her illness.

Gunjan's dance teacher praises her dancing skills. Gunjan wanted to give a tribute to Sneha by performing Kathak for her. She requests the teacher not to inform Sneha about it. Meanwhile, Sneha arrives at Gunjan's dance class and overhears their conversation. Gunjan plans to invite Sneha for a first live performance.

Shail gets surprised when Dayal issues flight tickets for her. He wanted Shail to go to Mumbai and meet Sneha. Dayal is left wondering as he does not know why Shail wanted to visit Sneha urgently.

Before leaving for the airport, Shail hands over the house keys to Seema and asks her to take the responsibility of the family until she returns home.

Gunjan challenges Sneha that Shail would never visit her. At that very moment, Shail arrives in the bunglow. Both Gunjan and Sneha are left surprised to see Shail.

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thanks pia

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Shail had visited Sneha.

Shail finds Sneha's bindi titled and adjusts it. She expresses concern for Sneha and questions her why did she called her to Mumbai urgently.

Rachna faces trouble as she wears a sari.  She wishes Shail was present at home to guide her. Rachna calls up Shail and informs her about her problem.

Seema and Sangeeta are unable to take care of  the family's responsibility . At the dining table, they serve the family as per their mother-in-laws instruction. Dayal gets impressed when Rachna offers him a glass of warm water. Dayal believes that Rachna has become responsible. He gets impressed when he learns that Rachna was aware about his likes and dislikes.

Sneha and Gunjan take Shail along with them to a beauty parlor. Shail gets surprised when she learns that Gunjan does eyebrows. She gets puzzled when Sneha asks her to get hang off Gunjan's style of living.

Out of curiosity, the parlor attendant enquires with Sneha about her wedding. Shail gets upset but Sneha smartly changes the topic.

When they return home, Sneha apologizes to Shail for marrying Aakash. Shail was supposed to marry Aakash but Sneha fell in love with him and got married to him.

During the conversation, Shail realizes that Sneha was hiding something from her. She therefore forces Sneha to reveal the truth. Shail gets shocked when she learns that Sneha was suffering from cancer.

Sneha gets confused when she sees Shail along with luggage. On enquiring Sneha learns that Shail has decided to get her admitted in the hospital and so she had packed up her bags. 

Meanwhile, Seema and Sangeeta offer to help Rachna to wear sari. Rachna feels shy and refuses to accept their help. 

Sneha refuses to get admitted in the hospital as she fears that Gunjan would never be able to accept the truth about her illness. Shail tries to convince Sneha but fails. Meanwhile Gunjan arrives and overhears their conversation. She enquires with Sneha about their conversation but Sneha lies to her. 

At that time, Aakash arrives. Gunjan, Sneha and Shail get surprised. 

Dayal calls up Shail and questions her when would she return home. He is left stunned on learning that Sneha was suffering from cancer. Shail tells Dayal that Sneha requires her help and that she does not want anybody else to learn about her illness. Shail requests Dayal not to inform anybody about Sneha's illness. Meanwhile, Rachna arrives and expresses desire to talk to Shail. 

After Dayal leaves, Rachna enquires with Shail when would she return home. Rachna panics on learning that Shail would not return before her farewell party. Shail asks Rachna to seek Seema and Sangeeta's help. Rachna refuses to seek her aunts' help, instead requests Shail to return home. 

Aakash too tries to convince Sneha to get admitted in the hospital. Sneha assures to get hospitalized only after Gunjan's dance performance. 

When Gunjan requests Sneha to help her in the preparations for her performance, Sneha asks her to seek Shail's help. Sneha wants Gunjan to get comfortable with Shail. Gunjan initially refuses to accept Shail's help but eventually agrees. 

Gunjan takes Shail along with her to a shopping mall to buy certain things for her performance. 

Meanwhile, Rachna and Chaya visit a store to buy lingerie but hesitate to tell the male attendant. On the other hand, Gunjan buys the lingerie without hesitation.

Rachna feels awkward to purchase the lingerie and runs out of the store. She calls up Shail and tells her that she had been to the store but felt awkward. Shail pacifies Rachna and tries to convince her to seek Seema and Sangeeta's help. Rachna once again requests Shail to return home before her farewell party. Gunjan overhears their conversation.

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Sneha and Aakash go out for a stroll. Aakash gets emotional when Sneha states that she would miss him and the moments spent with him.

Rachna is upset as Shail had refused to return home before her farewell party. Chaya tries to pacify Rachna.

On the other hand, Gunjan tries the dress for her dance performance, which is scheduled for the following day. Sneha, Shaila and Aakash praise Gunjan, when they see her dressed up beautifully.

Soon after Gunjan leaves, Sneha suffers from tremendous cancer pain. Aakash and Shail try to comfort Sneha.

Rachna approaches Seema and Sangeeta and apologizes to them for refusing to accept their help while trying a sari. She hesitates to tell Seema and Sangeeta that she needs to buy new lingerie for her farewell party. Rachna gathers all her courage and tells her aunts about it but they make fun of her.

On the following day, Sneha requests Shail to take care of Gunjan after her death. Shail pacifies Sneha and assures to look after Gunjan in her absence. 

At that dining table, Dayal's mother questions him about Shail's return. On Shail's requests, Dayal does not inform his mother about Sneha's illness. He rather ignores his mother and leaves.

Before leaving, Gunjan invites Shail and her parents for her Kathak class' annual day, where she would be performing live. Gunjan, however, lies to her family that she would not perform at the event as she does not like to dance Kathak. Aakash fears that Sneha may not be able to travel as she was unwell. Aakash tells Gunjan that they would not attend the event, instead watch it live on the television. Gunjan, however, convinces him.

When Shail tries to tell Gunjan that Sneha would not be able to attend the event, Gunjan rudely asks her not to interfere.

Sneha again suffers pain and faints. Shail and Aakash panic.

 Sneha suffered from tremendous pain due to cancer.

Shail and Aakash panic and decide to hospitalize Sneha. Sneha stops Aakash and asserts that she would get hospitalized only after Gunjan's dance performance. 

Aakash gets surprised on learning that Gunjan would be giving tribute to Sneha through her dance. Sneha requests Aakash to let her watch Gunjan's performance on television. Aakash allows Sneha but calls up the doctor immediately. 

Shail calls up Seema and informs her about Sneha's illness. She also requests Seema not to inform Rachna about it. She requests Seema to take care of Rachna in her absence.

Rachna gets surprised when she sees the preparations made for her farewell party. She believes that Shail had returned home and had made the preparations. She gets surprised on learning that her aunts Seema and Sangeeta had made the arrangements.

Before the event, Gunjan gets upset on learning that her parents have had not yet arrived.

When Rachna goes out to buy milk, some local boys pass comments on her. She feels upset.

After examining Sneha, the doctor informs Aakash that Sneha was in a critical condition. A worried Aakash informs Shail about it and requests her to get Gunjan home immediately.

Gunjan performs during the event and gives tribute to her mother. Sneha watches Gunjan's performance on the television. Gunjan is in the midst of her performance,when  Sneha once again suffers through the pain. The doctor tries to revive Sneha by using a defibrillator. 

After the performance, Gunjan gets furious when she notices Shail. Shail follows Gunjan to the dressing room. A furious Gunjan changes her clothes and leaves.

Gunjan gets angry as her parents did not come to see her performance. After the performance she changes her clothes and leaves in anger before Shail could inform her about Sneha's health. 

Gunjan rushes home and confronts Sneha for not attending her event. Gunjan gets shocked on learning that Sneha was unwell. 

Sneha pacifies Gunjan and tells her that she saw her performance on the television. In the midst of the conversation Sneha breathes her last, which leaves Gunjan panicked. 

Meanwhile, Rachna gets ready for her farewell party. She fears that she may not be able to manage her sari but her aunts pacify her. 

Rachna is about to leave when Shail calls up. Dayal receives the call and gets shocked on learning about Sneha's sad demise. Dayal tells Seema and Sangeeta not to send Rachna for the party. Shail requests Dayal to let Rachna attend the party as she does not want her to miss the fun. Dayal agrees to allow Rachna to go and decides to leave for Mumbai immediately. 

Seema and Sangeeta too get shocked on learning about Sneha's death. 

During the farewell party, Rachna gets awarded as Miss Chuimui (coy and timid). Rachna feels hurt when her classmates make fun of her. 

During Sneha's funeral, Aakash and Shail panic when they fail to find Gunjan in the house. The duo gets puzzled when they see Gunjan returning home. On enquiring they learn that Gunjan had gone to the drycleaner's shop to get back Sneha's saris. She adds that she had also gone to the tailor to get Sneha's blouse as Sneha always complains that she does not help her. 

Shail tries to make Gunjan realize that her mother was dead but fails. Aakash too tries to make Gunjan accept the truth but she refuses to believe him and leaves.

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Gunjan refuses to believe that Sneha was dead. She panics when her friends make her realize the truth. 

Meanwhile, Rachna returns home after the fare well party. She gets puzzled when she overhears her uncle asking the pundit to make preparation for a puja. She enquires with Seema about the puja but she refuses to answer Rachna. Seema instead asks Rachna to change her clothes. 

Gunjan insults Shail saying that because of her Sneha never informed her about her illness. Shail tries to pacify Gunjan and also tries to convince her to accompany her to Banaras. A furious Gunjan refuses to accompany Shail and throws tantrums at her. Meanwhile, Dayal visits Sneha's house and notices Gunjan's behavior towards Shail. 

Rachna gets shocked when she learns from her aunts about Sneha. She calls up Shail and enquires about Sneha's death. Shail tries to pacify Rachna and tells her that she would soon return home along with Gunjan. 

Gunjan gets emotional when she recollects the moments spent with Sneha after she sees a pink colour sari in the wardrobe. 

Dayal learns that after Sneha's post-death rituals, Aakash would return to Australia. When Dayal enquires about Gunjan, Aakash informs him that he would take Gunjan along with him. Shail overhears their conversation and recollects that Sneha had requested her to take Gunjan along with her to Benaras after her death. 

After the conversation, Dayal asks Aakash to hurry up as they had to leave for Banaras to immerse Sneha's ashes.

Gunjan misses Sneha and mourns over her death. Aakash tries to console Gunjan and asks her to get ready as they had to leave for Banaras to immerse Sneha's ashes into the River Ganga. 

Gunjan reaches Banaras along with Aakash, Dayal and Shail. Rachna feels sad on seeing her. 

While immersing Sneha's ashes into the River Ganga, Gunjan recollects the moments spent with her mother. 

After they return to Shail's house, Aakash receives a call from his colleague, Mike. Aakash gets worried when Mike asks him to return to Australia immediately. Aakash has no other option but to resume work. 

Shail gets shocked on learning that Aakash had to leave for Australia on the following day. Aakash is worried that Gunjan would not get a visa in such a short span of time. He requests Shail to allow Gunjan to stay with her for some days. Shail says that she too wanted Gunjan to stay along with her. She adds that Sneha had requested her to take care of Gunjan after her death. 

Aakash believes that Gunjan would be safe at Shail's house. He, therefore, decides to keep Gunjan along with Shail. Gunjan feels dejected to overhear their conversation.

Aakash requested Shail to take care of Gunjan in his absence.
Gunjan feels dejected after overhearing their conversation. She does not wish to stay along with Shail in Banaras.
At the dining table, Dayal enquires with Aakash about Gunjan. At that time, Shail asks Rachna to call Gunjan for dinner. When Rachna goes to Gunjan's room and asks her to join the family for the dinner, Gunjan refuses. She rages at Rachna and asks her to leave.
Dayal gets furious when he hears Gunjan's harsh voice. Aakash apologizes to Dayal and tells him to understand Gunjan as she was depressed.
Aakash thanks Shail's family for supporting him and Gunjan after Sneha's death.
Shail gets tensed as she had not taken Dayal's permission before promising Aakash that she would take care of Gunjan in his absence. 
Gunjan is missing Sneha. She is upset as Aakash has decided to go to Australia and leave her in Banaras. 
At night, Dayal is worried how Aakash would manage to take care of a stubborn  daughter like Gunjan. At that time, Shail wanted to inform Dayal about her promise to Aakash but fails.
Next morning, before leaving for the airport, Aakash meets Gunjan. He informs her about his decision of keeping her under Shail's guidance. Gunjan accepts his decision. However, she feels lonely after Aakash leaves.

After Aakash leaves for Australia, Gunjan rushes towards Ganga ghat. Chaya is left wondering to see Gunjan in hurry. At that time, Rachna and her grand mother pass by Gunjan but fail to notice her.
On his way to the airport, Aakash calls up Shail and tells her that Gunjan had easily accepted his decision of keeping her in Banaras. He requests Shail to give Gunjan some time to mingle with the family. He also requests Shail to take care of Gunjan in his absence. Shail pacifies Aakash and assures to look after Gunjan and accept her as her daughter.
On returning home, Rachna gets surprised when she learns that Gunjan did not accompany Aakash to Australia, instead she would be staying along with them.
Shail gets worried when Chaya informs her that she had seen Gunjan rushing towards Ganga ghat. Rachna decides to rush to the ghat to search for Gunjan.
After Rachna and Chaya leave, Shail decides to inform Dayal that Gunjan would stay along with them.
When Rachna and Chaya reach Ganga ghat, they try to look for Gunjan. They notice Gunjan sitting alone near the river bank and so approach her. Rachna requests Gunjan to return home but she refuses. Rachna holds Gunjan's hand and tries to drag her but to her dismay, Gunjan slips and falls into the river.
Despite of not knowing how to swim, Rachna jumps into the river to save Gunjan. Gunjan swims and returns to the bank. Rachna was about to get drowned. On Chaya's requests, Gunjan jumps into the river and saves Rachna.
Dayal finds Shail tensed and asks the reason. Before Shail could tell Dayal about Gunjan's stay in their house, Gunjan and Rachna return home.

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Rachna jumped into the river to save Gunjan but was unable to swim. Gunjan swam and returned to the bank. However, Rachna started struggling in water and was about to drown. On Chaya's request, Gunjan jumped into the river and saved Rachna.
Rachna and Gunjan return home in wet clothes. Shail gets worried when she sees the duo and enquires. Gunjan does not reply and leaves in a huff. 
After Gunjan leaves, a furious Dayal questions Rachna where had she been. He fumes on learning that Rachna had gone to the Ganga ghat to search for Gunjan. Rachna adds that she jumped into the river to save Gunjan.
Dayal questions Shail who allowed Gunjan to stay in their house. Shail tells Dayal that she had allowed Gunjan to stay along with them. She adds that she wanted to inform him earlier but failed. Dayal warns Shail that Gunjan should not spoil Rachna's behavior.  Meanwhile, Gunjan overhears their conversation and gets angry.
Seema tells Dayal's aunt that her son Mayank would return to Banaras next week and would get angry if he learnt that Gunjan was using his room. Dayal's aunt believes that Shail had taken a wrong decision by allowing Gunjan to stay with him. Gunjan overhears this conversation too and feels upset.
Gunjan calls up a friend in Mumbai and tells him that she does not want to stay in Banaras. Gunjan's friend gives her an idea to escape from Shail's house.Rachna rejoices on learning that Dayal had agreed to allow Gunjan to stay along with them. Seema and Sangeeta, on the other hand, feel displeased.
On learning from Seema that Mayank would return home the next week, Shail assures to shift Gunjan to another room.
Gunjan wants to watch some CDs. She tries to search for a computer in the house. She also wants to charge her cell phone but has failed to carry her cell phone charger. While searching for a computer, Gunjan finds someone's charger and plugs her phone to get charged. She also finds a computer and switches it on to watch the CDs.
Sangeeta gets shocked when she sees Gunjan switching on the computer.
Sangeeta gets furious when she sees Gunjan switching on her computer. When Sangeeta confronts Gunjan, Gunjan tells her that she had some work on the computer and so she was using it. Shail witnesses Gunjan rudely answering Sangeeta and reprimands her. She explains to Gunjan never to insult elders.
Meanwhile, Gunjan receives her friend's call. She complains to him about the behavior of Shail's family towards her. Gunjan's friend advises her to behave well with Shail and her family so that they can accomplish their plan. Gunjan's friend has planned to help Gunjan escape from Shail's house. He further advises Gunjan to apologize to Sangeeta.
After disconnecting the call, Gunjan goes to Sangeeta's room and apologizes to her. She requests Sangeeta to lend her the cell phone charger.
Gunjan politely tells Shail that she wants to purchase a cell phone charger and some other things from the market. He asks Shail for a permission to visit the market.
Shail doubts Gunjan's transformed behavior and therefore does not allow her to visit the market alone. She instead asks Gunjan to take Rachna's uncle along with her when he returns home. Gunjan does not argue as she fears that Shail may doubt her.
While having lunch, Shail requests her brother-in-law Prabhu to accompany Shail to the market. Gunjan tells Prabhu that if he has some work then she may go alone to the market. He, however, agrees to accompany Gunjan.
On her way to the market, Gunjan enquires with Rachna about the railway station. She gets surprised on learning that Rachna had never been to the railway station.
After buying the cell phone charger, Gunjan and Rachna return home along with Prabhu. Prabhu drops Rachna and Gunjan outside the house and leaves for his work. Gunjan takes advantage of the situation and gives an excuse that she had forgotten her wallet in the market and therefore wanted to go back. She asks Rachna to go home but she refuses and accompanies Gunjan.  
At the market, Gunjan decides to trick Rachna and escape to the railway station.              
While arranging Gunjan's room, Shail finds an envelope, which she had seen in Gunjan's wardrobe in Mumbai. She is left puzzled wondering why Gunjan carried the envelope to the market.
Rachna fears that Shail would get tensed worry as she and Gunjan had not yet returned home from the market. She requests Gunjan to call up Shail and inform her about their whereabouts. Gunjan pretends to call up Shail and gives excuse that her cell phone battery was low and so she could not connect the call. 

Shail gets worried when Dayal asks her to tell Rachna to go to the stationery store to buy some blank papers. Dayal gets furious on learning that Rachna was not at home.

Gunjan is worried as she has to escape and reach the railway station on time to board a train to Mumbai. She gets tensed as she was unable to trick Rachna. 

Dayal further gets furious on learning that Rachna has gone to the market with Gunjan. A furious Dayal reminds Shail that he had warned her that Gunjan's behavior should not influence Rachna. Shail tries to pacify Dayal and states that the girls had gone to the market with Prabhu. Meanwhile, Prabhu arrives from his work. 

Shail gets worried when she learns that Prabhu had returned home alone. On enquiring about Gunjan and Rachna, Shail learns that Prabhu had dropped them home before heading to his work. Prabhu gets worried when Shail states that Rachna and Gunjan had not returned home.

In the market, Rachna gets worried and tries to convince Gunjan to return home. Gunjan, however, refuses and expresses desire to attend the Ganga Arti. She instead asks Rachna to return home. Rachna refuses to leave Gunjan alone. 

Shail and Seema rush to search for Rachna and Gunjan. They enquire with Chaya but she too is unaware about Rachna and Gunjan's whereabouts. In the evening, Rachna and Gunjan attend Ganga Arti at Ganga ghat. Realizing that Rachna was engrossed in praying, Gunjan escapes from the spot. After praying, Rachna panics as she fails to find Gunjan. Meanwhile, Shail and Seema return home without being able to find Rachna and Gunjan. Shail decides to call up Gunjan to enquire about them. At that time Dayal calls up someone. Gunjan hires an autorickshaw to the railway station. Some local thugs notice Gunjan and follow her. Gunjan's friend, who was helping her to escape from Banaras, calls her up. At that time, Shail too calls up Gunjan. Gunjan decides to keep her cell phone busy and so requests her friend to continue talking to her. Shail panics when Gunjan's cell phone number keeps giving a busy tone.  Rachna tries to search for Gunjan in the vicinity. She passes by Prabhu but they do not see each other. Shail gets worried when she finds a newspaper on which Gunjan had written the name of the train by which she has planned to return to Mumbai. Shail fears that Gunjan must have escaped from the market.
Rachna and Gunjan had not returned home from the market.
Shail gets worried when she finds a newspaper on which Gunjan had written the name of the train by which she has planned to return to Mumbai. Shail fears that Gunjan must have escaped from the market.
Gunjan reaches the railway station. To her dismay, she is unable to get a ticket to Mumbai as all the tickets were sold out. At that time, one of the goons following Gunjan, approaches her and offers to help her. He tells Gunjan that his wife has dropped her plan of visiting Mumbai and that he could give her the ticket. Gunjan agrees to purchase the ticket.
The goon tells Gunjan to follow him to a certain platform to collect the ticket. Gunjan gets suspicious when she reaches the platform with the man. She tries to run away but the goons surround her. When one of the goons misbehaves with Gunjan, she slaps him hard. The goons plan to abduct Gunjan.
Rachna is worried about Gunjan and prays to God for her safety.
Dayal finds Rachna sitting alone near Ganga ghat. He questions Rachna about Gunjan's whereabouts. Rachna tells Dayal how she couldn't find Gunjan after the Ganga arti.
Meanwhile, Shail arrives at the railway station to search for Gunjan. She panics when she notices the goons abducting Gunjan. She tries to stop them but fails.Aakash calls up at Shail's landline number and expresses desire to talk to Gunjan.
Gunjan cries for help but a helpless Shail is unable to save her.
Aakash calls up Shail's landline number and expresses desire to talk to Gunjan. Dayal lies to Aakash that Gunjan was on the terrace. He asks Aakash to call up Gunjan after some time.
Shail finds an iron rod on the platform and threatens to kill the goons, who were trying to abduct Gunjan. Shail manages to hit the goons and get Gunjan freed.  
Dayal and the family are worried as neither Gunjan nor Shail had returned home. At that time, Shail arrives. When the family sees Shail alone, they believe that Shail was unable to find Gunjan. Meanwhile, Aakash calls up again. The family gets surprised when Gunjan enters the house.
When Gunjan answers the call, she gets emotional and does not talk to Aakash. She hands over the receiver to Shail and rushes to her room. Shail gives an excuse to Aakash that Gunjan was missing him and therefore got emotional. She asks Aakash not to worry about Gunjan and assures to look after her.
Seema and Sangeeta enquire with Shail where she found Gunjan. Sangeeta gets puzzled on learning that Gunjan was in the market.
Sangeeta fears that Dayal would not allow Gunjan to stay in their house. Sangeeta shares her fears with Shail. Shail is left worried.Shail tries to convince Dayal to forgive Gunjan. Dayal fears that Gunjan may create problems for them, if she continued with her stubborn behavior. Shail assures to look after Gunjan and make her understand. 

Shail keeps this a secret from Dayal that Gunjan had tried to escape to Mumbai and that some goons had tried to kidnap her at the railway station. She lies to Dayal that Gunjan had lost her way in the market and was unable to return home. 

Shail requests Dayal to give sometime to Gunjan to change her behavior. Shail promises to send Gunjan to Australia, if she failed to transform her behavior. 

Sangeeta indirectly asks Shail to shift Gunjan to some other room as her son, Mayank would soon return home. Shail decides to ask Gunjan to share the room with Rachna. 

Shail tells Gunjan that she had not informed anybody about her attempt to escape to Mumbai. Shail requests Gunjan to promise her that she would not try to run away from Banaras. She assures to send Gunjan to Australia after six months, if she failed to make Gunjan feel comfortable in their house. 

Late at night, someone sneaks into Gunjan's room and jumps on her bed. Gunjan wakes up startled and hits the person.
someone sneaked into Gunjan's room and jumped on her bed in the middle of the night.
Gunjan wakes up startled and hits the person. The person asks Gunjan about her identity. Gunjan cries for help. The family hears Gunjan's cry and rushes to help her.
It is revealed that the person is none other than Sangeeta's son Mayank. Mayank had planned to surprise his family by returning home early.
Dayal gets furious at Gunjan for creating a commotion in the midst of the night. He asks Shail to shift Mayank to some other room.
Sangeeta is furious as Gunjan had behaved rudely with Mayank. She plans to throw Gunjan out of Mayank's room on the following day.
Next morning, Seema gets surprised when she sees Sangeeta working in the kitchen. Sangeeta always feigns heachache in order to avoid working. Seema jokingly taunts Sangeeta over it.
Gunjan sees Mayank exercising on the terrace and makes fun of him. Mayank does not get furious instead insults Gunjan by stating that she had a bad habit of interfering in others life. A furious Gunjan plans to teach Mayank a lesson.
Shail tells Dayal that she would ask Gunjan to vacate the room so that Mayank can shift back to his room. Shail adds that she had decided to shift Gunjan to Rachna's room.
Gunjan gets furious when she sees a maid shifting her luggage. She further gets furious on learning that Shail had decided to shift her to Rachna's room. 
At that time Mayank cries for help. Shail, Sangeeta and Seema panic and rush to help Mayank. Gunjan rejoices as her prank on him was successful.
Shail, Seema and Sangeeta panic when they hear Mayank crying for help. They rush to the terrace to help Mayank. The trio gets worried when they see a stem of cactus stuck on Mayank's back. Seema removes the stem and pacifies Mayank. 

Rachna feels excited as she has to share her room with Gunjan. Gunjan, on the other hand, does not want to share room with anyone. Rachna plans to stay awake late night and spend time with Gunjan but Gunjan is not interested. 

Gunjan is furious at Mayank as because of him she had to vacate the room. Meanwhile Shail arrives and tries to pacify Gunjan. Gunjan tells Shail that she cannot adjust in the house as the family has not yet accepted her. She asserts that the family also behaves rudely with her.  

Shail apologizes to Gunjan and assures to convince the family to accept her. Shail asks Gunjan to make a list of the items she needs. Before leaving, Shail asks Rachna to help Gunjan to arrange the room. 

Gunjan gets excited when she receives a parcel. On enquiring, Shail learns that Gunjan had asked her friend's mother to send her some items from Mumbai. Shail asks Rachna and Dholu to help Gunjan to unpack the box. Gunjan gets happy when she sees her belongings.

Gunjan gets happy when Rachna gifts her pair of earrings. Gunjan accepts the gift and thanks Rachna. Shail gets emotional when she sees Gunjan and Rachna's bonding.
Dayal informs Shail that some guests would visit their house in the evening. He asks Shail to make arrangements for the guests.
Mayank sees Dholu in hurry and enquires. She gets puzzled on learning that Gunjan needed an extension chord.
Shail tells Dayal not to worry as she was making arrangements for the guests. On overhearing the conversation, Mayank learns that some guests were supposed to visit them. Mayank plans to seek revenge on Gunjan.
Rachna gets surprised when Gunjan manages to connect the music player. When Rachna praises Gunjan over her smartness, Dholu intervenes. He tells the duo that Mayank feels that girls were only good at household chores. Meanwhile, Mayank arrives and warns Gunjan to be careful while switching on the system.  
When Gunjan attaches the music system to an extension chord, Mayank purposely removes the electricity fuse. At that time, Dayal arrives with the guests.
Gunjan fears that the electricity failure was due to the music system. Rachna fears that Dayal would not spare them if he learns about it.
Dayal enquires with Shail about the electricity failure. At that time Mayank intervenes and instigates Dayal against Gunjan. Mayank alleges that he had warned Gunjan not to mess up with the electricity connection while connecting the music system.
When Dayal gets furious at Gunjan, Shail tries to pacify him.
Gunjan gets surprised when she sees Mayank fixing the fuse. She realizes Mayank's plan to create problems for her.Gunjan is furious at Mayank as he created problems for her by purposely removing the electricity fuse. She complains to her friend at Mumbai, who advises her not to pay heed to Mayank. 

At the dining table, Dayal informs the family about a new deal that he had signed with the clients, who had visited his house. 

Gunjan tells Shail that she needs an internet connection for her laptop. Mayank intervenes and tells Shail that they already had an internet connection on his computer. He adds that they must not get a separate connection for Gunjan. Gunjan requests Shail to connect internet as she wants to chat with her friends. Shail tells Gunjan that she would take a decision only after conversing with Dayal about it.  

At night, Gunjan gets emotional after watching the CD in which Sneha had recorded her message for Gunjan. 

Dayal is worried whether he would be able to complete the new order before the deadline. He shares his worries with Shail, who pacifies him. 

Shail requests Dayal to allow Gunjan to get new internet connection for her laptop. At that time Mayank intervenes and tells Dayal that Gunjan can use his internet connection whenever she wants. Shail continues to request Dayal to let Gunjan have a separate connection. 

Mayank again intervenes and tells Dayal that internet usage is not safe for girls. A furious Shail rages at Mayank and asks him not to interfere. Dayal supports Mayank and refuses to allow Gunjan to get internet connection for her laptop.Shail requested Dayal to allow Gunjan to get an internet connection to her laptop. Mayank instigated Dayal that internet usage was not safe for girls.
Dayal fears that internet may have bad influence on Rachna. He, therefore, does not allow Gunjan to get a separate internet connection on her laptop. He asks Gunjan to use the internet connection which is on Mayank's computer wherever she needs. Gunjan gets upset while Mayank rejoices as he succeeds in instigating Dayal.
Sangeeta plans to fix Mayank's marriage with a girl named, Charu. She calls up Charu and explains her plan. Sangeeta tells Charu not to make Mayank realize that she wanted her to get married to Mayank. Sangeeta believes that Mayank would not reject the alliance, if Charu succeeds in wining his heart.
Rachna gets surprised when she sees Gunjan accessing internet. On enquiring, Rachna learns that Gunjan had purchased the internet connection against Dayal's permission. Gunjan warns Rachna not to inform anybody about it.
Rachna requests Gunjan to open an account for her so that she too can chat with her friends. Gunjan fears that Dayal would get furious, if he learns about it and so refuses to help Rachna.
Rachna feels hurt and later complains to Dholu about it. Chaya overhears their conversation and offers to help Rachna. She takes Rachna to a cyber caf and helps her to open an email account.
Rachna gets scared when she sees Dayal outside the cyber caf.Chaya had taken Rachna and Dholu along with her to a cyber caf and helped Rachna to open an email account.
Rachna gets scared when she sees Dayal outside the cyber caf and hides. Dayal comes to the cyber caf when he sees Chaya and enquires. Chaya lies to Dayal that she had come to take printouts of her notes. After Dayal leaves, Rachna and Dholu breathe a sigh of relief.
At home, Mayank asks Seema to serve him a glass of juice. At that time Charu, who is Sangeeta's cousin arrives. Sangeeta introduces Charu to the family. She personally introduces Charu to Mayank as she wants to get her married to him.
Gunjan gets surprised when Rachna informs her that she had been to the cyber caf and had opened an email account. She also narrates the incident wherein she had to logout after she saw Dayal standing outside the cyber caf. Rachna requests Gunjan to help her log into the account to make friends. She also requests Gunjan not to inform anybody that she had gone to a cyber caf.
Sangeeta is happy as Charu was able to impress the family. She, however, feels that Charu should put in extra efforts to impress Mayank. 
After some time, Charu goes to Mayank's room. She fails to find Mayank as he is in the shower. Mayank believes that Seema had come to his room and therefore asks her to give him the T-shirt, which he had kept on his bed. Mayank wears a towel and comes out of the bathroom. He feels awkward on seeing Charu standing there. On the other hand, Charu is impressed by Mayank's physique. Dholu secretly sees Charu's reactions.
Rachna feels guilty as she has not informed Shail that she had gone to the cyber caf. Gunjan fears that Shail would learn about her  internet connect, if Rachna informed her about her email account.Mayank gets puzzled when Charu offers him a glass of juice, which is half filled. On enquiring, Mayank learns that on her way, Charu accidentally bumped into Gunjan and spilled the juice on her. Mayank feels happy. 

Dayal is worried about Rachna's HSC results and enquires with Shail about it. Dayal plans to get Rachna married after her results. Shail, however, wants Rachna to continue her studies. She shares her wish with Dayal, who asks her not to worry about Rachna. 

Late at night, Gunjan is busy chatting with her friends. Rachna too wishes to check her account before going to bed. Rachna feels sad when she learns that Gunjan had decided to chat with her friends all throughout the night and so she would be occupying the laptop. When Gunjan realizes that Rachna too wanted to chat with her friends, she allows her to access her account through her laptop. 

Early morning, Shail calls out to Rachna. She gets surprised on learning from Gunjan that Rachna had not yet woken up. Rachna, however, is still chatting with her friends. When a concerned Shail visits Rachna's room, Rachna hides the laptop. Shail asks Rachna to get ready as they had to make arrangements for the Mata Ki Chowki to be held in their house. 

Mayank gets surprised when he sees Gunjan offering prayers and distributing the prasad. He questions Rachna about Gunjan's change in behavior. Mayank wonders why Gunjan had stopped demanding separate internet connection for her laptop. Rachna feigns ignorance. After Rachna leaves, Mayank questions Gunjan about it but she too refuses to answer him. 

Mayank realizes that something was fishy and believes that Gunjan would never give up so easily.
 Shail overheard Rachna and Gunjan's conversation about the internet connection on Gunjan's laptop. 

Shail questions Gunjan she managed to get a separate internet connection for her laptop. Shail gets furious as Rachna too did not inform her about the connection. 

Mayank instigates Shail against Gunjan and alleges that she was trying to influence Rachna. Gunjan gets furious at Mayank as he had informed Shail about her internet connection. 

When Shail questions Gunjan about it, Gunjan asserts that she had purchased the internet connection as she was in need of it. Gunjan adds that she had no intention to hurt her or Dayal. She agrees to disconnect the connection on the condition that the family should allow her to use a cyber caf. 

Gunjan sees Mayank and Charu together in a room. She decides to take revenge on Mayank. Meanwhile, the electricity gets cut off. Charu gets scared and hugs Mayank. Gunjan purposely locks up the room. Charu gets excited when she learns that somebody had locked them up. 

Mayank fears that the family would misunderstand him, if they learn that he was with Charu in a room. He tries to call out to Seema, Sangeeta and Rachna. 

Meanwhile, Sangeeta comes upstairs and learns that someone had locked up Charu and Mayank. When Sangeeta sees Gunjan and Dholu hiding, they run away. Before Sangeeta could open the door, Dayal arrives. Sangeeta fears that Dayal would not tolerate, if he sees Charu and Mayank together. She asks Mayank to stop banging the door. Dayal is about to approach Mayank's room when Sangeeta stops him. She advises him to seek Prabhu's help to repair the fuse. 

After Dayal leaves, Sangeeta opens the door. She suspects that Gunjan must have locked up the duo in the room. Sangeeta, therefore, complains to Shail about Gunjan. 

A furious Shail confronts Gunjan but she refuses any hand in the mess up. Sangeeta intervenes and asserts that she had seen Dholu and Gunjan hiding outside Mayank's room. To prove Gunjan innocent, Dholu refutes Sangeeta's claims and asserts that Gunjan was along with him. 

Rachna feels guilty of hiding from Shail about the internet connection for Gunjan's laptop. Gunjan tries to pacify Rachna. She tells Rachna that if Shail asks her to disconnect the connection, she could use the cyber caf to chat with her friends. At that time, Shail arrives and informs Gunjan that Dayal had allowed her to use a separate internet connection.Shail gets busy making arrangements for Mata Ki Chowki to be held in her house. 

Seema plans to get decked up for the Mata Ki Chowki. She shares her plan with Sangeeta. 

When Chaya visits Rachna's house, Rachna informs her about the internet connection on Gunjan's laptop. She tells her that she had opened her account last night and was chatting with her new friend. Chaya gets excited and asks Rachna to log into her account. Shail notices Chaya and Rachna sharing some secrets and enquires. Chaya handles the situation by stating that they were telling some jokes to each other.  

Rachna assures to log into her account during Mata Ki Chowki as her family would be busy in the arrangements. 

Dholu helps Gunjan to draw rangoli outside the puja ghar. He asks Seema to learn, how to draw rangoli, from Gunjan. Seema feels insulted and gets furious at Dholu. 

In the evening, the family welcomes the guests for the function. When Charu arrives with her family, she praises Mayank. Meanwhile, Gunjan, who is dressed up in a jeans a T-shirt arrives along with Rachna and Dholu. Mayank too praises Charu, who is dressed up in Indian attire. He insults Gunjan by commenting on her dressing style. 

During the function, Charu wishes to sit beside Mayank so that she can impress him. At that time, Sangeeta purposely gives flowers to Charu and asks her to give them to Mayank. 

Mayank tries to prove to Gunjan that Charu loves him and that he can make any girl dance to his tunes. While performing arti, Shail looks for Rachna. Rachna, however, is in her room, busy chatting with her friends. Chaya wishes to get an internet connection at her house too. Rachna requests Chaya not to inform anybody about the internet connection. 

Meanwhile, Gunjan arrives and informs Rachna how Charu was trying to lure Mayank. She asks Rachna to log out of the account. 

When Rachna refuses to logout, Gunjan removes the net connection. Rachna requests Gunjan to allow her to access her account for sometime. The duo gets shocked when Shail and Mayank arrive in their room and overhear their conversation.

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