Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

Kunal Misses Siddhi Very much - Chapter Six

Silambu IF-Dazzler

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Here's the link for those who have missed my past chapters ...
I apologise for the late update as I was busy with work. Please read this at your own risk. A little hot but I thought, I can take you  guys a little bit further...but keeping still within the boundaries of romance... Sorry if my writing offends anyone.
Chapter six:

"Where are we going, Kunal?

" To a place, where we can be alone and without the presence and the constant interruption of my family members." Kunal  said with ragged laugh.

Then , he leaned towards her  and gave her one last , deep kiss before stepping hard on the the gas of his winning blue  Mazda3 , which leapt into the night purring  towards the city...

Kunal was driving fast towards his pre-planned destination. He had used most of the afternoon by making calls to make arrangement for tonight , for his  Siddhi.  He just wanted everything to be perfect for his beautiful wife. He risked a glanced at her, sitting very quietly  besides him.  The beautiful face. The gorgeous seductive body. The red dress that was an invitation to sin and the "come on, take me" stiletto heels, was doing strange things to Kunal.  A muscle knotted his unshaven  jaw and  he wondered  how he can keep his hands off her, he was going crazy with wanting this beautiful woman- his wife, who was the love of his life". Just a bit more,  before reaching the destination and he will have her alone with him at last.!

"Here , we are." Kunal said with a relief, driving through the security gate of an exclusive condominium into the carpark.

"But whose place is this" Siddhi asked Kunal in  bewildered surprise.

"This place belongs to my French friend, Bruno Falck. We were in University together. He travels a lot and is based in Hongkong. He used to have an Indian girlfriend and bought this place for them but things did not work with them. They have parted ways and he asked me to keep an eye on this place for  him as he now rarely comes here.  There's a lady who comes and clean the house regularly. "

Siddhi trembled  from the sudden cold breeze as she stepped out from the car.

"Here" , Kunal said, and shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, to keep her warm. He was smiling down at her tenderly and put his arm possessively  around her waist   hugging her close to him,  walked up to the lift lobby.

The lift took them to the top floor where there was only one apartment.. Kunal reached in his trousers pockets for the keys to open the door of the apartment

Kunal and Siddhi stepped into the foyer which led to a spacious ultra modern   living room.

She ventured  ahead of Kunal slowly  into the  living room, looking around her  admiringly. The living room was huge with big leather black leather sofas   and wall mounted flat screen 50 inch TV and Yamaha audio system. There was a sliding door leading to a open terrace balcony with potted plants. The wind was breezy  and was blowing the curtains at the sliding doors softly...

As she turned, she noticed that there was another alcove which was the dining room. It was dominated by a rectangular six seater glass top table with white dining leather plush dining chairs. One side of the the dining area had a huge mirror. The room just looked even bigger with the reflection on the mirror.

Just opposite was an ultra modern kitchen with all the built in oven and latest Kitchen appliances.  A kitchen to die for.

Siddhi: Kunal , I am surprised that you friend Bruno doesn't stay here. This place looks Cozy. Real shame that no one is using the place. Why doesn't he put up for sales?

Kunal:  You like it?

Siddhi: I love it. Its simple and cozy...

Kunal smiled : . Come, let's go the living room.

Siddhi walked ahead of Kunal and made herself comfortable in the sofa, looking around her admiringly. Kunal was busy preparing some drinks.

Kunal came back with two glasses of red wine.  Siddhi was only a social drinker

Kunal: Here, have some wine. Its from my Bruno's own vineyard. Merlot Chateau Carcanieux 2002 from Bordeaux France. According to Bruno, 2002 one of the best vintage.

Siddhi: I don't really know how to appreciate wine.

Kunal: No problem, just drink slowly, don't gulp. See

Kunal   sat opposite on the sofa  near the balcony. He twirled his glass, sniffed and took a sip appreciatively.  He smiled at Siddhi and asked her to do the same.

Siddhi sipped the drink. The Wine  went down easily  her throat but still she was clueless about wine... not like Richa , his ex-girlfriend who has travelled around the world and was well accustomed to European food and flavours.

Kunal was sitting cross legged and was leaning against the soft looking very comfortable . He was gazing down at her with indolent eyes with a wicked grin slowly slashed his wide sensual mouth.

Siddhi suddenly felt very self conscious. She felt   the sudden change of the atmosphere with her every fibre being but could not have looked away than she could have stopped breathing. He gaze was mesmerizingly powerful , holding hers...Siddhi's mouth ran dry. Tension was frantically building fast within her. Sweet torture... The pool of liquid  heat was forming in her belly was sending electrifying surge of responsiveness wrecking her entire body, pinching her to another world of sensitive sensuality...

She came back to earth with a shock, when Kunal's arms closed her hips with an intimacy that sent shock waves to her. He drew her up against his hard muscular length and slowly lowered his mouth and kissed her softly, tenderly ... It was a  kiss full of passionate demand that rocked her where she stood. It was as if she was hit by lightening with her sizzling  like meat on a grill  and her knees almost crumpled under her weight. If not for Kunal strong arms holding her upright, she would have fallen to the ground. He continued  his intoxicating  kisses and teased her reddened  lips with tiny provocative caresses. Finally , reducing her senseless and without her resistance, he  went in for the kill. He kissed her deeply dipping his tongue between her lips in a sweet invasion that provoked a series of whimpering  shivering gasps from somewhere deep inside her...Then she felt it. The raw hunger that has been gnawing her, so powerful, it rolled through her making her more bold and out of control, like a shameless hussy.  For just a few seconds, she became defenceless and aggressive, clinging to Kuna'sl  lean hard body  and angling her head back to accommodating  him. Meeting him to match his kisses. Her entire body yearning for much more of the same.

Closing strong arms around her, Kunal lifter her up close to his chest and carried her to one of the bedrooms. Siddhi was floating and could not think straight. She tried to speak but no words came. Finally she said" What are you doing?"

Kunal did not respond but with dark vibrant eyes,he just gave a scan on her flushed face and  settled her gently on the bed. It was clear from his expression, that the last thing he wanted to do was talk... His eyes were full of desire for Siddhi. He was not in the mood to talk about anything... He followed Siddhi down to the mattress and began to kiss her again with a groan...

Siddhi wrenched her mouth from Kunal and gasped: Kunal, wait!

Kunal : What? And where do you think  you are  going?" as siddhi pulled free from  beneath him and got up from the bed.

Siddhi did not say anything. Kunal was looking at her with a funny stunned if she gone mad when things were heating up...

Siddhi  walked towards the door , then turned and angling a hip back against the door to close it. And leaned against it and stood  there  watching him lying on the bed, with her eyes full of predatory fire. Now she was calling the shots and the tables changed. She lifted her hands to the back of the dress and pulled the zipper of her dress down. She slowly stepped out of the dress , wearing only the the briefest of the lacy latest Victoria Secret undergarments, which specially purchased to wear for Kunal only.

Stockings and suspenders really did it for him and Siddhi wearing it was truly a shocking but a welcoming treat for him. Siddhi walked slowly  towards him in her stiletto heels and he knew an invitation when got one and he almost groaned out aloud in his frustration  but did not want to frighten her off, just yet..

Kunal got up a little unsteadily from the bed. He wrenched loose his tie and his hand went to his shirt button when Siddhi placed her hand on his and said

" No, let me do this'" . Siddhi slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Her fingers were clumsy on the buttons and she finally daringly  tugged it free from under his belt. Deep down insider her, a nervous voice scared voice was asking " What on earth are you doing?" over and over again. She was losing her sanity, when her hand came in contact with the springy  black hair curled over Kunal's' powerful pectoral muscles and arrowing down over his taut abdomen  ...She ran her tips of her fingers lightly across his chest , teasing him playfully. Kunal  made a muffled sound of protest. She ignored him and trailed kisses on his chest. Kunal grasped her hands and held it .

Kunal reached her from behind and with record speed, unclasped her bra and discarded it on the floor.

Siddhi, had the powerful urge to cover herself , she felt so exposed, naked standing there infront of him..

" You are magnificent, Siddhi" Kunal reassured as if reading her thoughts. Siddhi  went into his arms and hid her face into his chest. Kunal held her and swept her off her feet and  carried her to the bed, depositing her there, and then quickly  getting out his clothes while Siddhi watched him silently in shy and open appreciation. He had a well tone muscular body.  Kunal grinned at her  and asked her cheekily

"Is that you way of telling you like what you see"

Siddhi blushed to her roots as if  steeling candy from a jar,  and said " Its passable"

Kunal  looked hurt and said" hmmm, that's not much of a compliment is it?' Well, I have to show and persuade  my lady that it's a lot  more than that by showing what I can do with it."

Siddhi lowered  her lashes, shyly looking away and bend down    to take her shoes off, when Kunal said huskily , " No leave them on and the stockings, love the stockings."

Kunal looked at his wife lying on the bed. He wanted to fill his eyes with the sheer beauty of her. Her body was as smooth as satin that tempted him to do things... Looking at her was more than his body could stand and he joined her on the bed and hauled her roughly to him so that he could kiss her ' ravaging demanding hungry kiss that had her writhing against him... All in good time. His imagination running wild with thoughts of what was to come...

Kunal was teasing her with his hands and mouth, while whispering softly in a lover's language... that was doing strange unwanted  but sweet things to  her body and Siddhi, just went incredibly out of control fast like a tornado...she was conscious of her intense pleasure just as he was reaching the same...

The only sounds in the room,  were those of their love-making in the silent night...

"The only sensible thing I ever did in my life was marry you.",  Kunal muttered shakily some time later, his broad muscular chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath again.

"And your father had to twist your arm to get you to the altar ", she could not resist reminding him that.

Kunal looked down at her flushed face and closed his arms around her in a crushing embrace and pressed his mouth on her smooth brow in a soothing manner and said" Actually , Papa did me a favour even though I did not want it at that time, even if it would cure Mother, but I am glad that I did it and I have you to thank you for what you wanted to do for my family, such selfless act."

Siddhi, caught by a little surprise by this unexpected out of character burst of self- declaration, she luxuriated in his affection and wrapped her arms round him snuggling deeper and closer to him.

They both went off to sleep... but was woken by Kunal with his trailing and teasing kisses, as dawn was breaking out. Siddhi lost count of the number of times Kunal had  possessed her... Her Kunal was totally insatiable, could not get enough of her...Afterwards she was so weak with exhaustion that she could not move. She just slumped in the shelter of his cradling arms. She felt for the first time in her marriage to Kunal, contented and happy and she fell into a blissful sleep assured by a conviction that everything felt  incredibly right at this moment...

She woke with a start and sat up on the bed feeling disoriented. The morning light was peering through the tiny gap of the curtains through the windows. She looked around and realized that she was alone. The pillow beside her was dented but was empty and the sheet was cold when she touched it with the palm of her hand.

She sprang out the bed too fast and had to suffer for the impulsive moments , as her body was wincing from pain as her muscles  stretched and complained and were aching...she blushed  she remembered how she spent the night with her husband. Coming out of her thoughts, she instantly grabbed, the nearest clothing, Kunal's shirt  and covered her nudity by shrugging into it.

Where was Kunal? Like a woman in a dream, she wandered down the hallway towards the kitchen, and stiffening when she heard a noise somewhere. Could it be the housekeeper? She did not want to be caught half naked walking in the house by a total stranger.  Just as she was about to retreat her steps back to the bedroom, a dark head  appeared in the doorway of the kitchen and Kunal stood there , clad in nothing but  denim jeans looking  very  impressive and sexy. Unshaven, his usual trademark, and hair dishevelled where she remembered running her fingers though it and even pulling it at times..during the throes of their passionate lovemaking.  No one had the right to look this drop dead gorgeous as glossy as a tiger on the hunt for its prey at this time of the morning at that.

"I thought I heard something...I thought it was the housekeeper." Siddhi said lamely, feeling all shy like a new bride.

" I was making breakfast."  Kunal announced with a surprising coolness as if he does this sort of stuff routinely. " Thought you will be hungry as I am, as I rushed you out of the restaurant, without having our dinner".

Her heart was racing and her tummy flipping as she moved closed " You making Breakfast?"

"Just coffee, eggs, toast," he declared just in  case she might be expecting much more than that... Not that he cannot cook but he did know want to risk doing something more than that as it been quite a while, he lost interest in the culinary skills department..

She walked into the spacious kitchen and sat at small but cozy kitchen island and sniffed around her appreciatively .' Hmmm, smells nice."

Kunal was dishing the scrambled eggs into two plates and place it with the coffee and toast at the island . He carried one of  the plates and put in in front of her and leant and gave her a quick kiss on her cheeks and sat opposite her at the island to eat his breakfast.

Siddhi didn't realize she was ravenous as she missed her dinner last night and with all the activities they did together,she could certainly eat like a king ...

As Siddhi was gorging herself to the toast with melted President butter and strawberry jam, she realized Kunal has stopped eating and was looking at her with crooked  lop sided smile.

"What?" , Siddhi asked self-consciously. She thought "was Kunal smiling at her mockingly because she was stuffing herself like a greedy pig with food, so unladylike?. He was used to see women eating small portions with class. Gosh, what he must be thinking about her?  " What a glutton my wife turned out to be... was he thinking that...She could just die of embarrassment

 "  You got strawberry at the side of your mouth.." Kunal pointed out

"Huh" , here? Siddhi face was reddened  and she moved her hand clumsily to wipe off but could not do the job effectively as her hand effectively shaking.

Kunal  laughed and leant across the table and put his mouth close to hers and caught her by surprise  , and  licked the offending strawberry away with his tongue.

" Hmmm, Done. Job accomplished. " He said and stretched like a satisfied cat who had his meal and continued to watch her tugging so heartily, clearly enjoying her meal...

"Enjoying , your breakfast, aren't you ?, Kunal asked  her with an infuriating grin.

" Not bad , for someone whom I have never seen stepping into the kitchen at our house, even to make tea."

" oh, is that righ Madam? . You will pay for this. You are wearing my shirt ," Kunal said with an arched eye brow.

" I will give it to you once I am done with my breakfast" Siddhi said without even looking up  and proceeded to eat her breakfast as if she did not hear him.

"No problem, you can eat your breakfast but I want my shirt back...  NOW" Kunal said silkily smoothness but with each word said with authority, into the now totally deathly silent room. He got her all her undivided  attention  now and  Siddhi was looking at him as if he had taken leave of his senses. Good, this  stubborn arrogant girl whom he loves to bits, must be taught a lesson not to mess with him the matters of passion. She has just rekindled the feelings  which had abated for a while and now he wanted her again... how is that possible? Sweet torture.  If only she knew what she was doing to his sanity, his frame of mind. ...he was losing control. He had none where it concerned his wife...never felt like that with any other woman. He was quite shocked to discover this as well. There's just something about Siddhi, so  innocent, untouched, virginal... only his . He was her first and he was very arrogantly possessive about that...

" Kunal, no, no. We just... not again,  please... ?" Siddhi said less confidently , her voice wavering and she slowly stood up as if she read his mind. Before he could react, she twisted around and ran from the kitchen...she was excited now with...anticipation what was to follow. She just becomes like a puppet in hands and his seductive lips. It was no use. She can't keep her hands off him...could not get enough of him...She thrilled in her thoughts that she was her first and would be her last... no other man would take his place.

Kunal  gave a shocked yelp and gave her a short chase before catching up with her . He pulled her and hugged her to him from the back . Folding her in a  tight grip with his arms around her , he whispered  softly, by nuzzling at her neck.

" Now I am going to have my wicked way with you, ravish you till you scream for mercy." He announced aggressively with a warning.

With that he swept off her feet and stepped into the shower cubicle with her. He took off their clothes with just great speed... as bold as brass as he always was in a challenging situation.

Before she could react, he turned on the faucet and caught her wet slippery body to his and ... his mouth down with such hungry demand...It crossed her mind, that during the months of their marriage, they were the best of friends with lots of verbal exchanges but none of the intimacy except for that one night... She acknowledged this dizzily,her hormones surging up with greedy enthusiasm to interfere with such clear minded thought.


Folks, I  think that's enough for today. Stay tune for more sizzling romance next week... See you . Enjoy!



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hey silambu ..thanx alot for updating part 6 ...nd i must say it was an amazing update  ..very very romantic nd passionate ..felt like i am reading a mills nd books novel ..loved the update lots..

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amazingly done. loved it

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very well written Smile

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the most romantic n Passionate update
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hey silambu ..finally u updated and wat a romantic nd passionate update it was ...was blushing badly while reading it ..very well written ..loved it very much..
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Ab Fab!Big smile Loved the way you described their surroundings and their closeness. Tooo Good. I can actually imagine it. Embarrassed I only wish the CV's could take a leaf out of your book or even take notice of this forum.Confused

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