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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 27/4/2005

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Posted: 27 April 2005 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

This encrypted update has been transmitted to Earth through Akashvani, courtesy the Rain Gods. I am merely acting as the decoder. Our-menEmbarrassed!

Friends and fellowmen, I suggest you skip this boring Update and go straight to tomorrow's Preview.. it ROCKS!!!WinkTongue

Diehard Fans, watch this episode for:

Nandu … aww… my heart cried for him todayCry… oh, for a friend like him!!!!

Armaan .. and another 'touching' scene between Armaan and Jassi!Embarrassed

Billu … excellent histrionics!


Last time, we left Jassi and Mallika staring at each other at the Riviera Coffee Shop…



Mallika picks up the bags strewn on the floor and walks unsteadily towards Jassi, pasting a sweet smile on her face. "Hello! Look, I managed to reach on time, didn't I! Your clothes!" She keeps them on the table and Jassi looks on with a wily face. Mallika asks her about the designs and Jassi replies casually, "You know, Mallika.. I just thought of something!" Mallika comically steels herself for another blow. Jassi continues, "Only that.. what do clothes matter? A person's identity remains the same.. how does it matter what you're wearing at this moment or.. what I'll be wearing on the ramp? So…." Mallika adjusts her dupatta self-consciously, "So?" Jassi says sweetly, "So… these designs, I won't need to see them after all!" Tongue

Mallika doesn't know whether to laugh or cry! "What do you mean.. you won't need to see the designs?" Jassi exclaims, "That means that I have approved your designs!" Mallika looks as if she's received a gift from heaven! With a broad smile and a confused face, she says "Thankyou!"



The next day, Jassi is sitting and reading the newspaper. There is a large photograph of Mallika tumbling down with bag and baggage with the caption, 'Mallika Seth, the Big Fall'.

Jassi thinks to herself, "The tables have turned, Mallika Ma'am! You are where I was yesterday. I'm going to be insulting you every step of the way, the way you insulted me! The only difference being that you took twisted pleasure in doing it to me – but not me!" Nandu appears suddenly with a sheaf of papers and asks her, "You are talking to yourself??" She stands up and says hurriedly, "No!" He comes closer and she asks with her heart in her throat, "What did you hear?"

Nandu says good-humoredly, "Nothing! You know my friend, Jassi, she would also keep talking to herself for hours! Now sign these quickly, then I must leave for some personal work." Jassi asks him where and he hesitatingly tells her, that at Jassi's place, there is… She impatiently asks, WHAT? He directs her to a page in the newspaper and asks her to take a look. She reads out aloud, breathlessly, "Walia House on Sale, at Very Low Prices?" Nandu explains that he had tried very hard to convince them otherwise but they didn't listen to a word he said!!Disapprove



Amrit and Billu are having a heated argument. Amrit says to Billu, "Yes, but did you inform Bebe before placing the advertisement?" Billu shoves her away and he says he will tell her when he feels the time is right!! Amrit begs him, "But she will get a very big shock when she comes to know!" Billu says with extreme irritation, "But SHE is the one I'm doing everything for! How will we pay for her treatment without the money?? Does no one in this house understand this but me?"Angry



Mallika walks into the room unannounced, while Armaan is sitting quietly in his chair. "Arre Armaan, you're still here? You didn't go?" Armaan looks clueless. "Where?" Mallika says, curling her lip, "The same place..  your ex-assistant.. and ex-God-knows-what-else Jassi's home?"

Armaan sits up straight. She goes on, "Haven't you read the paper? It was written that her family members are selling off their home! How ironical – here someone is soooo very worried about her, that he doesn't even let anyone enter the cabin she doesn't even use now… and there her family members are all set to sell off her WHOLE HOUSE, where she used to live!!! So sad no, Armaan??" Armaan is stunned!

Just then, Raj enters carrying a whole bunch of newspapers in his hands. He announces with a sarcastic grin, "Overnight, Mallika has taken Gulmohur to new heights!!" Mallika gives him a 'Drop Dead!' look. He exclaims, "Err… Just so that no one ever gets to know about this, I've bought every single newspaper in the city! I think I'll set fire to them! Have a match, anyone?" Mallika keeps staring at him.. "Gotta light up a.." She keeps staring … "fire…" He fizzles out.Tongue



A couple is standing before Billu. They are the prospective buyers. The man asks, "Why are you selling such a good house at such low prices?" Billu explains that he needs the money at this point of time, and although the property deed has been misplaced he has applied for a duplicate deed… but it will take some time, and my need for the money is urgent! The couple immediately loses interest. "You don't have the papers?" Billu reaffirms the sad fact, and they tell him that they will let him know later and bid him a hurried Goodbye!

Jassi enters the Walia home and overhears Billu saying, "These are the 11th people since morning who have turned tail and run away after hearing about the papers!" He starts venting his frustration at Amrit, "This is ALL because of YOU!" Amrit pleades, what have I done? Billu shouts that she has been ranting at him since morning – Don't sell the house! Don't sell the house! "If anyone comes to me now, I shall tell him to take it at half the price, but to please, please take it!" Jassi hears all this and gets disturbed.

Billu sees her standing with her back to him and calls out, "Suniye? Hello?" Jassi fearfully turns around to face him, and although he gets a jolt, there is no recognition on his face at all! "Are you here to have a look at the house?" She answers, "Ji" and he guides her inside. He asks, "Madam.. you…?" She replies, "Jessica!" He nods his head in enlightenment, "Oh ok ok, Nandu waali Jessica!" Amrit arrives and sees her. "Arre? Jessica beta, you?" Hard as it is for her, Jassi says, "Namaste!" Amrit replies in kind and Jassi says, "Uhhh… Nandu had told me that you are selling this house. I would like to buy a house in Bombay.. I thought I would take a look!"

Billu is gladdened to hear this. "You have done a very good thing by dropping by, beta! What could be better than someone who is known to us owning this house?" Amrit encourages him to show her around while she brings something for her. In the next scene (presumably the Ground Floor tour is over) Billu tells Jassi, "You've seen the kitchen, bedroom, the garden.." Jassi asks, carefully, gesturing upwards "Ahh.. but there? Whose room is that?" Billu is debating mentally on what to tell her. "That's the guest room!" Hearing that is a blow for Jassi! He says, "It's usually empty!" Jassi says softly, her throat choked with tears, "Guest room! May I have a look at it?" Billu makes a tortured face!



Once in her room, she is besieged by memories of the love that Amrit and Billu had once showered on her! She looks around, pretending to be interested in the surroundings. Billu assures her, "Actually, no one lives in this room. Madam, shall I tell you something? Nowhere in Mumbai will you find such a good house at rock-bottom prices!" Jassi replies gently, "No-one can find such a good house ANYwhere at ANY rate! Why are you selling it so cheap?"

Billu says, "Well, Madam, it's like this. We're old people. What will we do with such a big house? We don't even have a child, for whom we could leave this house!" Jassi looks like someone dropped a bomb on her! She sits down on the bed just as Amrit arrives with a cool drink. She asks worriedly, "What happened, Beta? Are you all right?" Right at that moment, Bebe enters and seeing only the back of Jassi's head, says, amazed, "Jassi?" Her voice rises a pitch, questioning, "Jassi…???"


Jassi turns around in shock and Bebe takes a good look at her. Bebe says, "Oh! Beti, it's you!" (To the best of my knowledge, Bebe had never laid eyes on Jessica before! How did she know who is 'YOU'!?!?Confused) "I heard noises coming from this room and thought Jassi had come back home!" Billu looks perturbed and walks out of the room. Jassi looks achingly sad…



Armaan and Nandu alight from Armaan's car. Armaan says, "Shall we go in?" but Nandu cautions him, "I'll go in from the back!" Armaan asks why and Nandu replies that Uncleji will be around, so first he intends to go and tell Auntyji and Armaan can come in later. Armaan agrees.

He is standing there when Jassi is coming out of the house. She stands at the top of the steps and is taken aback to see him standing there alone, his head bent, reading through a sheaf of papers (the property deed)! She walks down slowly, and he is so engrossed that he doesn't see her until she says, "Armaan?" He is so surprised, he drops the papers he is reading and they both bend together to gather them. Jassi glances at what he has been reading through.They stand and he mumbles, "Thanks."

She asks, "These papers?!? Mr. Walia told me that he didn't have the papers and he would be letting the house go cheap as a result!?" Armaan replies, "Nandu didn't want Mr. Walia to sell off this house, so he stole these papers and gave them to me for safekeeping." Jassi is confused, "But this…!"

Armaan explains, "Actually, Nandu is Jassi's childhood friend. Jassi was born here, she grew up here…. every brick, every wall has Jassi's memories attached to it. Whanever I come to this house, I feel like she is around, somewhere…" He closes his eyes and breathes deeply, stretching out his hand… "Her 'ehsaas' is so strong, so strong that, I feel if I only reach out my hand, I can touch her.." So saying, the back of his outstretched hand touches Jassi lightly on the cheek and he opens his eyes the moment he feels her touchEmbarrassed. He looks embarrassed and says, "Sorry… Jessicaji!"

Jassi says, "Are Jassi and this house really that important to you?" Armaan says with a self-deprecating smile, "Even Jassi does not know how important she is to me! I wish I could tell her!" Jassi says softly, "So why didn't you tell her?" Armaan replies, "In the beginning, I myself did not know what was in my heart. When it did understand, it was too late. Jassi had left me and gone. I think I'll go now and hand over the documents to Uncle." Jassi says 'Ji' and moves aside.

Once he is gone, she thinks, "It's still not too late, Armaan Sir! You could not tell your dil-ki-baat to Jassi, but I am understanding everything, slowly but surely!"Ouch



Billu is beating the life out of Nandu! Amrit is trying very hard to hold him back but he is in an uncontrollable rage! He shouts like a madman, "You say he has done NOTHING!!! He has made a fool of me! Who are you to take such a decision???" Nandu is bleeding from the side of his lip and his noseOuchOuch! Billu finally stops his assault and turns around to see Armaan Sir. "Mr Suri, you too are a nobody in this house! This is a personal matter, please go and stand outside, please!"

Armaan says in a controlled voice, "Uncle, I will go from here. But before I leave, I only want to tell you that whatever Nandu did, he had your best intentions at heart! He had no bad intentions, none, none!" He hands over the papers to Billu and says, "Your papers, Uncle…" and walks out, leaving Amrit looking very distressed!

Just then, Bebe arrives and says for all to hear, tears in her eyes, "Billu! If my being alive means that you will be selling off this house, I will prefer to DIE!" Billu says crankily, "What are you saying, Bebe!!!!" Bebe looks coldly at him and shouts, "Chup! I am your Mother! And I shall be he one to decide what should happen to this house! Understand? You will have that right only AFTER I die!" And motioning towards Nandu, who is standing subdued in a corner, "And don't you ever dare to lay a hand on my puttar again!"Cry



It is night-time, and Jassi alights from her car outside the house. She thinks, "Have I committed such a big mistake that my family is paying so heavily for it? I have already lost my future, will I also have to lose my past??" She notices Billu opening the front door and coming to sit on the steps with a drink. He looks sloshed!

Jassi hides behind a plant and cries to herself, seeing his condition. She is only a little distance away and can hear every word as he lets out his frustration.

"Today, the whole world has given me the realization – that I am a useless father and a helpless son! Neither was I was unable to stop my daughter from doing the wrong thing, nor was I of any help to my mother. Jasssssssssssiiiiiiii! There's one thing I want you to know! It is not your fault that you are not here right now. It is mine! I am talking about selling off our ancestral home! If I can buy some more time for my mother, at least I can prove myself a good son!" Unknown to each other, they are both crying openly now. "Be happy wherever you are, Beta! And if you can , do me a favor.. " (I couldn't get what he said next, but here's a guess) "Don't ever call me a good father!!!"



It is morning, and Amrit approaches Billu with a cup of tea in the living room. He says conspiratorially, "I hope the tea is strong!" Nandu arrives at the doorway. She chides him, "Yes, it's strong tea, but the way you got yourself drunk last night, it's going to take you many days to get over your hangover!!" Billu asks her to lower her voice in case Bebe should hear. Nandu says playfully, "That she will! BEBE! Bebeeee!" Billu scolds him and asks him what he is doing! Nandu says – I am calling Bebe, so that she comes to know what you've been up to last night!! Billu tells him to leave but Nandu teases him, "You won't get rid of me so easily! First say sorry or I'll tell Bebe how much you drank last night!!" Billu dares him to go and just as Nandu is about to break the news in a loud voice Billu says, "Oye! Oye, oye! Sorry!" Nandu teases him again about not hearing very clearly and calles out "Bebe!" so this time Billu grumbles and says it loud and clear – Sorry!

Nandu catches sight of Armaan standing at the door and says, "Ok! Armaan! I finally did today what I have been trying to do for years – made Uncle say Sorry!" Billu is embarrassed and says, "Ohhh.. that… I was just kidding around with Nandu. Please.. do come in! I wanted to speak to you urgently."  Armaan says, "You don't really need to say anything. I know this is a family matter and I shouldn't be interfering. I merely want to be around when you speak to prospective buyers, so that you can get a good price for the house. Billu says sadly, "That is all irrelevant now. Bebe has made it clear that she will not sell this house."

Just then, Bebe arrives and says, "No, Billu, it's not like that now! I am ready to sell this house now!" Billu looks zonked as Bebe spins him her googly!

She goes over to sit on the jhoola. Billu asks her to rethink but she assures him she has thought it over, and she is ready to sell it off, but only to the person whom she wants. Billu asks her if it's someone very important and she responds – Yes, Very! Jassi enters the room and looks shyly from one to the other. Amrit says under her breath, realization dawning on her, "Jessica..!" Everyone looks pleased to see her and Jassi is happy to get a warm welcome.

Billu ruins the mood by going up to her and saying somberly, "Sorry Madam, you're just a little late. This house has been sold!" Jassi looks crestfallen but Bebe quickly clarifies, "Arre Billu, SHE is the one who wants to buy our house! Billu is very happy to hear that and says, What? Everyone is smiling, and Armaan is flashing his pearly whites with genuine happinessBig smile!

Billu says to jassi, "You have come into our home as God!" Jassi shyly says it's nothing like that. "But I have a condition!" Everyone looks concerned. Jassi restates, "Not condition! Sorry… I meant, I have a problem! MY CA told me that I should buy a house before filing my tax returns.. but my pandit is warning me not to set fot into this house for another 3 months!" Billu says humbly, "But Madam.. we need the money NOW.. at once!" Jassi hastens to reassure him, "Please don't worry about that! I will give that to you right away."

Amrit asks her if she has checked out the house thoroughly and Jassi asks to see it once again. Bebe encourages her, saying that it is now her own house! Billu takes her away on another round of the house. Then he stops once again in Jassi's room and tells her, "Can I say something, beta? Ehh.. can I call you beta?" Jassi says, "Ji, of course, I would like that very much!" Billu continues, obviously finding it a difficult admission to make, "Beta, this is not the guest room. This was my daughter's room!"

Jassi asks, "Jassi's?" He replies sadly, "Yes! You remember I had told you that we have no children but.. we DID have a daughter (Hamara ek beti thi)!" Jassi eyes fill with tears at the use of the past tenseCry. He looks away and amends his words, "I mean, We DO (Hai!)" Jassi looks at him with new hope in her eyes… smiling gently through her tears!



I didn't catch the words very well, because this happened so fast it knocked me for a six, and the voices are raised and very fast and heated. Make of it what you will!!TongueTongue

Jassi is wearing her specs, and Armaan is holding her very, very close, saying passionatelyEmbarrassed, looking into her eyes, "Jassi! You are Jassi and you hid youself from me! Why, Jassi, why?"

Jassi says weakly, "I am Jessica!" 

Armaan says vehemently, "Look into my eyes and tell me that you are not Jassi, but Jessica!"

Purab comes then and tears them apart! He gives Armaan a shove and says sternly, "Cut it Armaan, leave her alone!"

Armaan begs her, "Jassi, I love you.."

Purab shouts, "LEAVE HER ALONE, Armaan!"

Armaan raises his voice as he is pushed towards the doorCry, "I know that you are Jassi! I love you Jassi! I really love you, Jassi! Jassi, please! Jassi!"

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urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Wow, Cant wait till tomorrow...


Thanks QB

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I don't know why I laughed though! Tongue
sukh IF-Rockerz

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thax a billon times or even more for a wonderful update.Clap u r too goodEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by queenbee

Jassi is wearing her specs, and Armaan is holding her very, very close, saying passionatelyEmbarrassed, looking into her eyes, "Jassi! You are Jassi and you hid youself from me! Why, Jassi, why?"

Jassi says weakly, "I am Jessica!" 

Armaan says vehemently, "Look into my eyes and tell me that you are not Jassi, but Jessica!"

Purab comes then and tears them apart! He gives Armaan a shove and says sternly, "Cut it Armaan, leave her alone!"

Armaan begs her, "Jassi, I love you.."

Purab shouts, "LEAVE HER ALONE, Armaan!"

Armaan raises his voice as he is pushed towards the doorCry, "I know that you are Jassi! I love you Jassi! I really love you, Jassi! Jassi, please! Jassi!"


OHMIGOD!!! Thank you... now I have to make the time to watch. Argh... my patients can wait for a half hour..


loveneha_r Goldie

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wow!! thanks QB!!! cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!!! 24 hours moreCry
usa_girl0021 IF-Dazzler

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oh my god i cant wait for tomorrow
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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i cannot express my happiness in words. i think iam gonna have a  heart attack. dont be surprised if iam not around tomorrow.

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