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FF:Love Arranged- Part 53 (Pg99) 3 Aug (Page 56)

snigdhanagar Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged

hey nishaaa...i loved d update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prents r playing cupid...shaa ne paratha khaya lol...

wats gonna happ nxt...soo eager to knw...

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sangitasengupta Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 1:04am | IP Logged
One can decipher Shaan's state of mind right now !! Chitresh has funny bones !!

Someone mistook a paratha for brown bread !!

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ktym Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:52am | IP Logged
please update soon...

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ABlank90 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 12:21pm | IP Logged

Hey guys! 

I'm really sorry to tell you all that I will be unable to update today. There are 2 reasons for this:
1) Short on time- I've really had to work through a few things that could not be delays. At max, I'd be able to give a chotu update but what's the fun in that when our Shanak have to tour London, right?
2) Your comments have made me make a few additions and subtractions from my initial plan about this tour...so I want to incorporate all that in one nice update.

I've read all your comments and since I'm really running in a time cruch, I'm afraid I won't be able to reply to your all individually. IF isn't letting me "like" your comments for some odd reason, but rest assured I've read and loved them all. Your feedback and support is truly invaluable. There will be Sameer and lots of Shanak in the next update Wink

Now for the good news: Looong update will be published a few days from now. It'll have our Tour de London and another prelude to a changing Shanak relationship. 

Hope the little spoiler makes you happy!

Much love,

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IF_rida Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Dont worry take ur time dear and update wen its psbl and feasible for u
and this spoiler has made me happy and em luking fwd to the shanak moments and progress in the relation.

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SJ6... Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
don't worii bbz take ur time, ooh can't wait and hopefully after a few updates they realise they're love for eachother... can't wait for the update xxx

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ABlank90 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much Rida, Aasma and Sangita! It means a lot to know you guys understand. Smile

I've been up the whole night studying and then I just wanted to update because everyone has been so patient. It's not all that I wrote the update is going to be but since it was becoming so long I feared IF won't let me post it in one go so might as well post the part I've written so far. Mind you, it's pretty long too. Hope it suffices! Big smile

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ABlank90 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2012 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Part 29

Shaan was just getting up from the breakfast table when a familiar voice called out his name and Khanak came in the dining room. For reasons unknown to him, he was gifted with her melodious laughter.

Had Shaantanu not been as sleepy and surprised at the events at the breakfast table and had he heard clearly what his mind was telling him, he would have been shocked at his own response to her laughter. Yes, readers, Shaantanu Khandelwal was no longer the Shaantanu Khandelwal any one of us knew a few monts ago. That Shaantanu would have instantly disowned this Shaantanu, for this lad was noticing Khanak's half-closed eyes, full-smile laughter and titled head as if he were shooting for a Karan Johar movie!

Catching on to his cluelessness about her abrupt laughter, Khanak tried to suppress her laughter and explained:
"Woh...Meine sirf Shaantanu kaha tha. Statue nai.." she laughed again.

To this Khanak responded by raising her eyebrows and signalling Shaan to look at himself. Realizing that he had stopped mid-action from getting up from the chair upon hearing Khanak call out his name, Shaan quickly straightened himself and stood straight. He looked a bit flustered and embarrassed, noticed Khanak. But unlike any ordinary heroine, our Khanak did not feel any awkwardness at her hero's discomfort for being caught in such a situation. In fact, she revelled at his current state.

There were two reasons for this: the lady did not know, yet, that the man in front of her was indeed the hero of her story; also, it was good to see him flustered and jumpy for a change. God knows how much he caused her to nervous and fidgety! Whether he noticed those moments of her vulnerability or not was besides the point, the fact that he affected her to such a degree demanded reprimandation in itself.

"Woh mein aap se poochne ayi thi ke when do you want to start our tour today?"
"Err..Khanak you don't have to. I mean, I know uncle ne kaha hai but..."

Surprised at our hero's reluctance, readers? Well, who can blame a man going through what he had gone in the last twelve hours? A man who was still unsure about his feelings for a conservative girl tries to get to know her better and in the process finds out she has a male best friend, who seems inseparable from her. The moment he decided to pursue her, he doubted whether she wasn't being pursued already. The instant he believed himself to have a right over her time, she announced she had prior commitment elsewhere. He wanted to keep her from spending time with her best friend, but did he really want to force himself on her? Didn't he want her to choose him rather than accept him because she had no other option?

"Aap bas time bataein..I too have to get ready." she interrupted him, in a light-hearted way.
"Khanak I'm serious.."
"I'm serious too. Would 30 minutes be good enough?" she interrupted him again, not wanting to talk about the topic he seemed to be bent upon talking about.
"Khanak. You have your plans, seriously itna koi issue nai hai..mujeh koi interest nai hai London dekhne mein aaj."
"Tou phir interest bana lein...we leave in 30 minutes." said Khanak with an air of finality, and started to leave.

"Ruko Khanak!" Shaan started after her and held her arm to restrain her from moving away. "We can do this some other time. You go to the movies with Sameer aaj."
"Shaantanu," Khanak said removing his hand from her arms, "aap Sam ki fikar na karein. All that's been handled. Bas 30 minutes mein ready ho jaein."

At this point in time, another wonderful idea struck Shaantanu. Since he was being so "gentlemanly" about this whole Sameer affair which was irritating him to no extent inside, why not act a big more magnanimously? Don't girls like guys who don't seem overly possessive or protective?

"Nai Khanak. Tum dono ka pehle se plan tha..I don't want to be a kabab mein haddi" said Shaan.
Khanak laughed.
"Don't worry, you won't be." she said and left him to go upstairs and get ready.

Upstairs while getting ready, Shaantanu was occupied in Khanak's thoughts. He reasoned with himself over the events of the past night. Khanak was conservative, fine, but she wasn't reclusive.
Traditional yet modern- that's what she is Shaan!

Okay. So does a traditional yet modern girl have a guy friend?
Could be.

Does she have a guy "best friend"?
Doesn't seem illegitimate.

How long do they know each other?
Pata nai.

How well do they know each other?
Well enough, I guess. At least better than Khanak and I know each other.

Do you think she is really close to Sameer?
Lagta tou yahi hai.

Do you think Sameer can be a potential danger to you?
Umm..could be. Maybe. Maybe not.

Depends on whether she has feelings for him.

Does she have feelings for him?
Pata nai.

Do you think she has feelings for him?
Pata nai. She is fairly close to him. More close than she is to a lot of other people I guess.

But phir, is she just stringing you along?
This self-posed question made Shaan think rationally for a moment. He went over all he knew about Khanak and then decided on the right answer.

Why do you think she isn't stringing you along?
Why would she? I mean, if she liked Sameer tou why would she hide it? Alpana aunty seems to know and like Sameer. And if the two are friends tou masla kya ho sakta hai. And then, the other day Aunty ne khud hi tou mujhe confidence diya tha ke even though there is no pressure on either of us but if we want to get to know each other and form a relationship tou our families support us fully. And she even said ke I'd have to be interested in Khanak to capture her interest. Unhoun ne hi tou kaha tha ke Khanak seedhi hai but nadaan nai. And that if I pay attention closely tou mujeh koi mushkil nai honi chahiye.

Okay, so Aunty ka support hai, but Khanak?
Nai yaar. If Aunty is so understanding with me, she won't ever force Khanak. And Chitresh uncle bhi ayse nai lagte. Tou Khanak awein kyun mujeh dhokay mein rakhey gi?

But Khanak did say ke she wants to see where the two of you go because hum dono ke parents want to see us together. What if she's doing this to please her parents?
Even if she is giving us a chance because of her parents doesn't mean ke she's being forced. She respects them and that's why she didn't automatically say no but ab tou she can easily say she isn't interested. We've gotten to know each other so much over the past few months.

What if she has an ulterior motive? What if Sameer really is a prominent part of the picture?
Shut up Shaan! Tu fazool mein gol gol ghoom raha hai. You're just trying to convince yourself ke kuch masla hai. Fazool baqwaas ko sideline kar and dekh ke aaj ka din kaisa guzarta hai. She could've taken up your offer and gone with Sameer but she chose to go with you, samjhe? Tou relax ker ab and get ready.


Meanwhile in her room, Khanak pondered over what she should wear. She wanted to put in effort into getting ready today.

Last night had been a mixture of fun, surprise and confusion. She had gone out with the intention of unwinding and spending time with Sameer who would give her some much needed therapy because she had finally understood that Shaantanu did have an influence on her, whether she liked it or not. Deep down, she kind of liked it. She kind of liked him.

He was smart, witty, understanding and fun. He made an effort to know her and tried his best to make her comfortable with him. He liked the fact that she took a keen interest in her further studies. But he was secretive about himself. He seldom spoke about himself and seemed to be cynical about people, especially women. At times, she felt he was just some stranger with whom she felt at ease with and with whom she could talk about anything.

Sameer was one person who knew her inside out. Who could be trusted with anything that related to her. Who was a friend but was unbias, though he was protective of her. He knew about her introduction to Shaantanu and was in agreement with her insecurities regarding Shaan and his bachelor life. All this mystery would attract any other woman looking for an interesting relationship with a handsome boyfriend to show off, but Khanak wanted none of the superficialities.

The evening had started out well. Sameer had convinced her to relax and not base her life totally around just Shaan, yet. He rightly pointed out that there was no commitment between the two of them and so Khanak should not devote too much time of her day to thinking about him. Taking it slow was the best option, especially since Shaan was taking it that way.

The other way was to be the proactive one. But was she ready to hold the reigns? No, she wasn't and she knew this.

But Sameer had also warned her of this: she needed to make up her mind about Shaan soon. She couldn't keep on delaying making up her mind. She needed to decide whether she was willing to give Shaan the time he needed. Whether she thought he was important enough. Whether she liked him enough.

And if she wasn't willing to be the one to reveal her feelings first, even if it was simply telling him that she just liked him or was attracted, then she should be careful not to be overt in her interactions with him, or else the cat would be out of the bag. Of course, this was what she was doing. An introvert, conservative girl like her would never put herself in a compromising position such as one where she would proclaim her liking for a man who hadn't given her a substantial sign that he liked her just as much. It would not do to wait outside in public for a man who might never show up. Or who might show up, but leave citing issues with other women. She needed to know if he trusted her, let alone liked her.

That said, readers, the right decision can be made in a moments time. After breakfast, Khanak had decided this much: she wouldn't reveal herself to Shaantanu, but she's give him ample opportunity to reveal himself to her. That should clarify things.

And so, this trip was crucial.


"Chalein?" said Khanak, entering the living room and noticing that Shaantanu was already awaiting for her.

Shaantanu took in her petite figure and the red wrap that she wore on top of a plain white figure-hugging shirt. Paired with casual denim jeans and peep-toe ballets, Khanak's attired looked beautiful to say the least. Shaantanu noticed a light pink gloss adorning her plump lips and perhaps, a little something that made her eyes even more captivating. All in all, she looked as cute as a button, yet as stylish and graceful as a woman who was going to go sightseeing on a day off.

"Bye Ma...see you later." she hugged Alpana good bye and Shaantanu followed, hoping his observation of her hadn't been caught by either the mother or the daughter.


"Err...Khanak. I know you love history but ye back in time kahan aa gaye hein hum?" asked Shaan.
"Firstly, hum back in time nai aye. London mein old British architecture kaafi hai.."
"But ye tou Victorian Era lag raha hai yaar and it's all so... old feeling..." cut in Shaan.

"Victorian?" laughed Khanak , "Victorian nai hai, Georgian hai Shaantanu."
"Oh. Chalo. Big difference."
"Big difference. Centuries hi farq hai. Georgian is older than the Victorian age. This is the Old Hampstead Village Shaantanu. It's characterized by the original Georgian architecture."
"Yep, it's a preserved Georgian village." said Khanak with a twinkle in her eyes.

"See the proportions and the calmness in the architecture, Shaantanu?" said Khanak, touching the name plate of a small flower shop which was decorated with at least ten different kinds of colourful flowers at the display window.
"That's the beauty of this Georgian architecure. Isn't it serene and reassuring?"

Shaantanu smiled at Khanak, who was staring at the name plate, as if lost in another world.
"Tumhein history itni achi lagti hai? I never knew," he remarked.
Khanak turned to him and started walking along the street again. Shaantanu followed.

"Mujeh history and culture dono hi bohat ache lagte hein. It's such an amazing feeling to know ke aap se pehle itna sab kuch ho chukka hai. Itne logoun ne itni mukhtalif kisam ki zindagi ji hai aur apne rehn sehn ke naqsh iss duniya pe chor diye hein." said Khanak.

After a few steps, she noticed that Shaantanu was not walking beside her any longer. She stopped and turned to look behind. He was standing a few feet away with a boyish grin on his face. She gestured him to come with her.

Once he caught up with Khanak, Shaan said: "Seriously Khanak, tum iss sab ko iss tarhaan dekhti ho?"
"Haan. Kyun aap kis tarhan dekhte hein?"
"Acha tou bataein what is believable?"
"Believable ye hai ke ye sab sentimental cheezein hein. Jo guzar chukka so gazr chukka. Apni life araam se jiyo yaar. Ye sab log culture ke naam pe humare liye problems chor ke gaye hein. Building building hai. Ap triangular ho ya square. Name plate wooden ho ya metal ka. Kya farq parhta hai?"

It was Khanak's turn to be quiet now, though she didn't stop walking like Shaantanu.
"Kya huwa?" Shaantanu asked after a while.
"Kuch nai. I was just wondering ke humare views itne farq hein."
"Haan. And you'll soon realize ke mein aysa kyun keh raha houn."
"Nai," said Khanak stopping at a small open jewellry shop at the corner.

While she was looking at earings decorated with beads, Shaantanu asked her to elaborate.
"Shaantanu, soon aap realize karein ge ke mein sahi keh rahi houn. Past ka asar present pe tou hota hi hai. Aap se behtar ye kon janay ga. Zindagi ke kuch experiences ne aap ko itna aloof bana diya hai. But problems ke saath saath culture and it's people humare liye kuch aysi cheezein bhi chor jaatein hein jo aaj kal ke log humein nai de sakte. Jo aaj kal ka mahol humein nai de sakta."

Though initially he had been caught off guard by her mention of his experiences affecting his present, thinking this conversation would move to women or some other similar serious topic Shaantanu cashed in on the sentimentality of the last line Khanak spoke and sniggered. "Such as, Khanak?"

"Such as this feeling that you're experiencing right now Shaantanu. Despite the fact that we're having this discussion where we don't agree with each other, aren't you feeling relaxed?"
"Haan, relaxed. You're not complaining ke meine subha subha aap ko itna walk karaya wo bhi after breakfast. You're not annoyed ke mein aap se behas kar rahi houn.. In fact, you're smiling even when someone is disagreeing with you."
"What nonsense Khanak. Iss mein iss mahol ka kya kamal hai?"
"Architecture aur streets aysi hein Shaantanu. Cobbled pavement, quaint looking shops and cottages...everything is so orderly and gives a vibe of peacefulness. Don't you feel as if duniya mein koi jaldi nai hai?"
"Mausam aysa hai Khanak iss mein Queen Elizabeth ke ancestors ka koi kamal nai hai," retorted Shaan.

Khanak rolled her eyes, still smiling, and started walking on the street again. Shaantanu followed after a few minutes.
"Na manein Shaantanu but the atmosphere is calming. Agar yahi baat hum Bond Street ke concrete nazaroun mein kar rahey hotey tou conversation iss tarhaan na ja rahi hoti." Khanak tried to make Shaan see the light.
"That's just your stubborn view, Khanak."
"Well, then that makes the two of us then," she smiled.

Tried to make it long and Shanaklicious! Hope I succeeded! Too tried now...so I'll be off to doze now. Tongue

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