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FF:Love Arranged- Part 53 (Pg99) 3 Aug (Page 25)

ABlank90 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ppriya_11

I'm not a frequent visitor here and read your FF recently. I must say a very different plot & beautifully written story. I loved all the parts , specially last 2-3 parts. Those were awesome.. I loved reading them. Please continue.
Priya P

Hello Priya! 

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Will be updating the next part in a while. Glad you're liking the story Smile

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RB81

lovely nisha..
but bechaari khanak cried a lot..
now i'm waiting for her to come face to face with shaan in her home..n to see the reaction..
eeekkksss...i'm super duper excited for the time they will be spending in the same place..fireworks galore chahiye mujhe..LOL!!!!!
snail mail haan..snail mail door delivery hotha hai na from the person himself.. Wink

Yeah.. I felt so bad writing about the Khanak's disappointment. I felt like slapping Shaan for his idiotic choice of words! 
Fireworks indeed will be my aim now. Firework na huwi tou I'm counting on you guys to tell me Tongue

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ktymfan

OMG nisha...wat an update...nw eagarly waiting fR nxt ...aaha cant wait fr nxt:::::: update soon plzWink

Thanks a lot Saroj! 
Updating in a while! Smile
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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by heer_85

Nisha it was really well penned 
loved it to the core
 it was emotional too she cried  n make me cry too Poor girl 
 now waiting them to face each other n  Khanak ka agla kadam 
 update soon abb aur intezar nahi hoga LOL

Thanks Heer! 
I felt so bad for Khanak while writing the update too waise. Update soon mil jae gi! Big smile
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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Part 15

What happened that day was unusual. But what is usual to common observation is that unusual instances are often easily covered up by usual excuses.

When Khanak did not come down to help her prepare breakfast, Alpana thought it was good to let her daughter have some extra sleep. When the eldest daughter did not come downstairs for breakfast, the father was worried. When they weren't awakened by their sister's soft voice, the twins too were anxious. There was one person, however, who was fidgety- Shaantanu Khandelwal.

"Aysa kaise ho gaya  Ma ke Didi ne humein nai uthaya aaj? Aap ko hum pe ziyada pyaar aa raha tha kya," teased Manya as she sat down on the breakfast table.
"Oh! Good morning Bhai," exclaimed Harshit when he saw the addition to their dining table. Manya too, said her greetings.

Khanak naashtay pe kyun nai ayi? Thought Shaan.
Kahin ussey mera khat tou nai mil gaya?
But iss mein neechay na anay wali tou koi baat nai thi.
Maybe she doesn't want to see my face.
But why?
Meine tou khat mein aysa kuch nai likha.
Yeah. In fact I've told her clearly ke I want to get to know her better.

"Khanak said ke ussey sar dard ho raha hai. I went to check on her jab wo 8 o clock kitchen mein nai ayi. Panadol and naashta de di hai meine ussey, she'll be fine soon." Alpana explained.
"Sar dard? Par kyun?" asked Chitresh.
"Pata nai. Normal si cheez hai jee, theek ho jae gi jald hi."

Though it seemed too coincidental to Shaan that Khanak had had a headache the day he had reached he let it pass. If this headache was somehow related to him he'd know sooner or later.

"Uncle aap office ke liye kitnay bajay niklein ge? Mein tab tak tayyar ho jata houn."
"Nai Shaan betay. Aaj tum rest kero, waise bhi tumhein raat ki flight ki thakawat tang kar rahi ho gi. Flight bhi lambi thi. Aaj ka din rest kero, kaam tou hota hi rahay ga." replied Chitresh.
"Nai uncle, I'll freshen up. Kaam mein meri waja se deiri ho ye main nai chahta."
"Chalo acha hai ke you're so serious. But don't go in an overdrive. Aaj ka din relax kero, kal se hum details dekhna shuru karein ge. London tak aye ho, thora- what do you kids call it?-chill bhi kero." smiled Chitresh.


It was around 11 o clock when Khanak decided that it was ridiculous to hide under the duvet, trying to shun away reality. She had to get out of bed some time and face what life had in store for her. Life, and her mom. Mom or anyone else who had gotten hold of the letters.

She rubbed her head as if to assess her headache. It seemed to have gotten better, probably because she had stopped crying hours ago and had dozed off for a while. She got off her bed and started getting ready for the day. A cap-sleeved white chicken top and a skirt was her selection for the day. She felt subdued and putting effort into getting ready did not seem to be a good choice.

With heavy footsteps, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen where her mom no doubt was preparing dishes for lunch. The twins were at college and Ada was at office.
"Namaste Ma," Khanak said as soon as she took a breath after entering the kitchen.
"Uth gai aap. Kaisi tabiyat hai ab?" inquired Alpana.
"Theek ho ab Ma. Please ghussa thook do." Khanak said this while moving closer to her mom.

As her mom was busy cutting vegetables, Khanak stood sideways and fumbled with her hands, awaiting an answer.
"Kaisa ghussa?"
"Jo aaj huwa us ke liye"
"Jo aaj huwa tou kabhi na kabhi tou hona hi tha. Tumhara lifestyle hi aysa hai."
"Par Bai meine aap ko ya Ada ko pehle tou kabhi shikayat ka mauqa nai diya. Ek ghalti maaf nai kar sakti aap kya?"
"Ghalti? Tum issey ghalti kehti ho? Arrey -"
"Nai Ma, mein pehle hi bohat sharminda houn, please ayse na kahein." Khanak began to sob.
"Arrey beta kya ho gaya hai? Ro kyun rahi ho. Kuch nai hota."
"Kya sachi?"
"Haan baba. Ek baar neechay naashta nai bananay ayi tou kya huwa. Waise bhi ye tumhara kaam nai hai."

If Alpana was surprised to see her daughter's condition, Khanak was confused to hear her mother's response.
"Kya? Kya kaha aap ne Ma?"
"Yahi ke itna ghar ka kaam karey gi tou thakawat ki waja se sar dard tou hoga hi na. Kuch nai hota agar aaj naashta mujeh akele banana parha."
"Ohh...umm..jee Ma thank you."
"Acha are you well rested? Agar abhi bhi you feel low tou jao upar araam ker lo, khana mein bana loun gi."

Low hi low feel kar rahi houn mein Ma. Kya bataoun aap ko, wisphered Khanak to herself.
"Nai Ma, mujeh bataein kya kaam rehta hai. I'll do it. Ab aap araam karein."
"Oh I just remembered ke meine spa mein booking karwai thi. Sure ho beta? Ker lo gi kaam?"
"Jee Ma, aap jaein aur relax karein," smiled Khanak, ushering her mom to go out and leave the work to her.
"Theek hai beta. Byeee" said Alpana as she briskly walked to get ready to go.

Kya zaroorat thi tujeh Khanak iss sab mein parhnay ki. Ullu hi ban ke reh gai hai tu.
Wo tou mazay se Mumbai mein aysh kar rahey houn ge aur tera dimaagh kharab kar rahey hein.
Men! Kasam se different ho ke bhi sab ek jaise hi hotay hein!

"Aaj kya different hai?" inquired a deep husky voice from behind Khanak's back, interrupting her private conversation with her mind.
The voice smelled of a distinct fragrance that that up till now consumed her mind like no other  fragrance had. But now she was on a mission. And for the mission to be completed successfully, it would not do to hallucinate about that troublesome Mr. Mumbai!

"Pagal ho gai hai tu Khanak!" the woman dressed in white said out loud, under the impression-of course- that she said that to herself.
"Phir tou acha huwa ke mujeh pehle se hi warning mil gai," the voice she had labelled as her hallucination replied.

Most of us think we can't hallucinate immediately after we've reprimanded ourselves for doing so. Khanak was no different. So, when she heard the voice again, it was but natural for her to turn around. And turn around she did.

Perhaps that wasn't such a good option afterall for she was met with a toothy but ever so attractive smile by a man she had convinced she hated and wanted nothing to do with. Not trusting herself with word, she stood there stunned.

"Kya huwa Madam Marriage? Pehle ignorie and now silent treatment?"
"Aap yahan kya kar rahay hein?"
"Kya kar raha houn matlab? Tum se baat kar raha houn,'' replied Shaan in a matter-of-fact tone.

By this time Khanak had gotten hold of herself. Her silly heart wanted to talk to him, but her mind kept her in check. The heart, yet again, told her to be hospitable but her mind concluded the man was a trespasser.

"Wo tou dikh raha hai mujeh," retorted Khanak.
"Great! Tou poocha kyun?"
"Dikh raha hai ke ap hum se baat kar rahay hein. Magar kyun kar rahay hein? Aap aye kaise yahan?"
"Airplane se. Kal raat ki flight se. Us flight se jis ka tum land honay ka intezaar nai kar sakti thi."
"Meine kyun kisi flight ka intezaar karna hai?" said Khanak and starting moving back to cutting the vegetables.

So the miss is playing with words?
Very smart haan Khanak. I didn't expect this from you.
Abhi shaadi bhi nai huwi and you're treating me as if I don't have any rights.
Kuch ziyada hi sure ho tum meray baray mein.
Maybe I shouldn't have been too overt in my letter.
But chalo. As long as you're playing games tou I'll play along.
Shaantanu was resolute about his decision to give Khanak a chance and found this Khanak to his liking. She had the innocence of a deer and the power of a lioness. The game was on!

"Sunna tha ke tum bohat suljhi huwi ho. Mehmaan ka suwagat nai karte kya tumharay haan?" started Shaan again.
"Karte hein. Magar bin bulaey mehmaan pehle daffa dekhein hein. Inhein alag tareekay se handle kiya jaata hai I've heard."
"Ouch! Maheena bhi nai huwa aur itna badlao?"
"Haan. Aap ki tou soch hi yahi hai na. Girgit ki tarhaan rang badalna tou insaan ki fitrat mein hai, aur auratoun ke tou khoon mein ye aadat dorhti hai, haina?"
"Tou tum ne mera letter parh liya?"
"Parh bhi liya and samajh bhi liya."
"That's brilliant. Tou suno: I don't like beating around the bush so letas do this. Jab tak mein yahan ho let's try to get to know each other better. Daal na gali tou hum very clearly apnay parents ko samjha bhi saktay hein aur un ka dil bhi nai tootay ga."
"Shayad aap bhool rahay hein Mr. Shaantanu Khandelwal. Log humari jodi banana chatey hein, hum ek jodi hein nai."
"So I propose the agar aap ne koi strategy banani hai tou aap banaein. Magar mujh se ye expect na karein ke mein apnay walidain ko ambush karoun gi."
"Arrey ambush kya, I'm proposing a fair deal here!"

Khanak was being righteous but the game so far had started to make Shaan feel insincere. The woman was mocking him and thinking it was alluring. Soon, Shaantanu's patience would run out.

When Khanak turned around to answer to Shaan's last comment it was clear that the "game" had gotten the better of her too. Her breath had taken up pace and her eyes were a little numb. This caught Shaan off-guard and his rising frustration quickly evaporated into thin air.
"Meri aur aap ki dictionaries farq hein Shaantanu. Mujeh palak jhapkay bina interested aur acha dikhna nai ata. Mein jo houn so houn. Aur beparwah logoun ki humdardi mujeh manzoor nai."

Fearing she would not be able to contain her tears any longer, Khanak calmly kept the knife back on the kitchen top. With as much composure as she could gather, which was a lot considering the turmoil she was in, she walked out of the kitchen holding her head high.

2 updates in less than 24 hours, if I am not wrong! And 2 lenthy ones too! Big smile

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Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
2 great updates..!LOVED it girl!
love ur writing style..beautiful...!
n finally they met..!Day Dreaming the scene ws super cute..!<3<3
n lol!shaan tho gaya kaam se..hez thinkin abt their marriage every now n den.. 'shaadi ke baad kya hoga?' TongueLOL 
waitin fo him to realize the newly change in himEmbarrassed
the convo ws gud, making some points really clear..!loved d way khanak held her dignity n didn breakdown infront of him!beautiful...
n ahhh!am sure..this london trip is gonna b d most memorable fo both..!jaane se pehle..kuch tho zaroor hogiDay Dreaming

Cant wait to read mre...!!cont.sooon

Luv ya lotss..,

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Yasharanrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
nice update plz jaldi upd8 karo.want 1 mre upd8...

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged
LOL!!! poor her..head ache..
the way she came to her mom to forgive her..glad her ma saved her from talking abt the letter..
btw i was expecting her to analyse the envelope..ie,agar mail min aaye toh ussmein seal rahega na..of some sort..as this was personal door delivery it had just the address n the ribbon..
n haan i didnt like the way khanak said unannounced guest..she is jumping too much into conclusions..y didnt she not think may be her parents didnt inform her abt shaan's visit..
arre..yeh kaisa takraar kar rahe hai dhono..
i want to scream out loud..stop talking in riddles n talk clearly without judging the other..
so here i'm team shaan..may be his way of speaking is blunt but i cant blame him..khanak should make herself clear..lagtha hai khanak has some ego issues..
awaiting the next update to know more..
hope khanak thande dimaag se soch kar sab samajhegi..

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