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"Dear Diary"- A Junara-nyanniqziamunni OS

Sophronia IF-Dazzler

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"Dear Diary"-

A Junara-nyanniqziamunni OS

dedicated to -MzIndependant-


[Note: everything mentioned in "{}" are my own little comments :) ..also this is made purely for fun & it is for my friend's birthday :)]


Entry one

"Dear diary, today my jaanu showed me a video sung by the hottest munda I have EVER SEEN Heart_Heart. His name is Junai Kaden and I think I am in love with him. He is sooo much better than my ex hubbies..who were they again? Oh yeah, the big ballooned vamp, Zebby aka "SHUT UP", Mr Topi spinner "just believeee in yourself", and all the other losers..no wait, I liked youffie boy and n I still like kaalia..hayee kalia makes me droool..don't forget my sexy MSK (basin-less of course Wink)..Wow Sara how many men have you been with?! *taps self on back Cool* Hang on-did I say men only...*giggle* I forgot I was also married to my loves-to-lotion-herself lesbo Wink ROFL and also my scrap wifey/ my kekta CV buddy/sautan of kaalia! NO WAIT! KAALIA IS MINE MUMMY AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE! TRY TAKE HIM N I'LL STEAL YOUR DAAL AND SEND U CLOSE UP PICS OF ELEPHANT N MOTI AUNTY MAKING OUT Dead*evil laugh* ROFL .. WAIT WOAH WOAH WOAH I ramble A LOT! I was supposed to be going on about my new hubby to be and I ended up taking a trip down memory lane :L :P ROFL'so where was I? oh yeah, omg so jaanu showed me this sexbomb's song jabbi teri yaad and wooow I am in LURVEEE..BUT..she also showed my twips and she's in love with him too..nahiiin now I bet shes gonna wanna be his wifey too :L..ok il leave that thought for now, I'm gonna rewatch his vid n check out his other songs for the rest of the day ;P-and chat to the kameenianzzz Cool"

Entry two

"Dear diary, twips is in love with him too n decided that she is married to my junaii..but I love him too n said hes my hubby as well and we both mutually agreed to share him Big smile..she gets him on Friday-Sunday and I get him on Monday-Wednesday Wink..Thursday is his day to chill with his boyz n make music..to sing to us ofc Wink ..we are gonna get married to him this Thursday coming-which is in two days -and so on our "first night" aka SR, none of us have him so that makes it fair for both of us Big smile. Us twippies r cool like that ;D Cool..and besides, il just have kaalia the day after tomorrow and there's nothing mum can do about it Wink muahahhaha ROFL"

Entry three 'two minutes after entry two

"Dear diary, I just realised that junai doesn't even know he is getting married to us!! LOOOL! Twips and I need to kidnap him and tie him up n get married to him-by hook or crook Wink ROFL Cool gonna have to call the maha don aka mummy to let us have the donicopter, and then get lesbo, amu, jaanu and sunni to sort out weddin preps..mum can make daal for the wedding food n if there is still some maamir icecream left in the freezer we can serve that for dessert-jheeze aren't I such a don with my ideas Cool ROFL"

Entry four 'Kidnapping Junai

"Dear diary, guess who is locked up in the kameenian mansion basementtt Wink..yeah that's right, MERI JUNAI JAAN! Blushing (twips & I thought of that name for him, he is our "JJ"Day Dreaming) wanna know how he got there? Pfft don't panic, il tell you ;P

*flashback 2:28-2:35 music n the humza hand movement Click Me *ROFL

Sara wakes up late in the morning, gets herself ready and makes her way to mummy don who is busy making daal in the kitchen since 5am {mum you are obsessed with daalROFL} Iqz is already there having kebabs for breakfast-no surprise, and Sara munches on some cocopops then both twippies make their way to the helipad on the K.M roof after they get the donicopter keys from Foz.

~meanwhile, sanz has just had a bath and is lotioning herself with 5 different creams-olay, nivea, dove, garnier and johnsons baby lotion {LOOOLROFL}

Amu is doing shisha on her own in the garden shed n giggling to herself like a lunaticROFL

Foz aka mummy don has stopped making daal and is 'polishing' her aguero shrine, by licking it in circular motions from top to bottom ROFL

And Annie is sitting in her room, playing "tea party" with  her one direction dolls ROFL~

Nakul, the kameenian's servant, who is also a pilot was going to fly the donicopter to JJ's masnsion. Both twippies took their seats and then started playing drawsomething against the one and only wrinkly forehead dude Ben. W ROFL

{twips he started a game with you again & you couldn't resistROFL}

Within two hours they had reached the Kaden Mansion {LOL both kameenian mansion n Kaden mansion r "K.M" ..AND KHURANA MANSION brappCool} and Nakul landed the donicopter on the roof. Iqz n Sara got out  and put on their black turkhaz and tiqaabs over their kapre. Using their don like skillz, they both absailed right down and then snuck into one of the rooms.

Iqz: woaaah check out our future houseee twipss!!!

Sara: omgg this place is like heaven! Look at all the junai photographs and portraits on the walls!!!

Both kameenians rush over to the nearest Junai pictures and take them down from the walls. Both start kissing their respective photographs like mental but they don't realise that their tiqaabs are covering their mouths-they look like chickens and the way they peck seeds from the floor; bouncing their heads up and down ROFL

After 1 minute and twenty nine seconds of failed making out with the pictures, both girls quietly snoop around the house trying to find junai.

Sara (whispering): I think he's upstairs twips.

Iqz: Let's go and see

They climb up the stairs as silently as they can and then Iqz with her 1.something inch ears {how embarassing :$ :( :p} picks up a sound down the corridor.

"jaadhfdg teri yahdfh aahdfg" {just imagined its muffled singing ok :P}

Both Iqz n Sara at the same: OMG ITS JUNAI SINGINGGG

They rush to the source of the sound and find Junai in his bedroom singing to himself, clothed only in a TOWEL as he had just stepped out of the shower. BlushingBlushing

Blushing"EEEFEEEKSSS5SSS!!!!!" BlushingIqz n Sara both screamed as they saw Junai's bare body, glistening in the sunlight as water droplets made their way down from his neck, to his broad strong chest, down his rock hard abs and disappeared behind the towel.

Junai suddenly turned towards the door, saw two beings covered in full black from head to toe, and in shock ALMOST dropped his towel. Fortunately {rather unfortunately :P ROFL} he caught on to it and managed to save his dignity. -*sara thinks to herself as she is writing this in the diary-"pfft well i have a right on ALL of him so he wouldnt have lost his dignity if his kebab was accidentally flashed."ROFL* Bechara Mr Kaden was so traumatised by the thought of what would have happened if his towel dropped that he fainted.ROFL

Iqz n Sara burst out into laughter thinking how much easier their task has become, and Iqz pulled out some rope from her rucksack and both girls tied Junai up. 

Sara pulled out her walkie talkie and messaged Nakul telling him to come down and help carry Junai up so then they can quickly escape before anyone tries to contact him.

After a couple of minutes Nakul scurried in and froze on the spot as he saw Iqz n Sara caressing an almost naked unconscious Junai on the floor. ROFL


Sara, Iqz, Junai & Nakul almost reached KameenianMansion. Nakul was praying to God to help ease his pain as he flew the donicopter in a lot of discomfort- the girls left him to carry Junai up to the roof all on his own ROFL

Junai was seated in the middle of the two twippies, still in his towel-Sara & Iqz couldnt bring themselves round to cover his greek-God body, they wanted to drool over him throughout the whole journey Wink

Soon they arrived and with the help of the other servants they managed to take Junai down to the basement. He woke up after they placed him down but Sara forcefully gave him an injection which was to knock him out till the next day.ROFL They locked the basment and made their way up to share what happened with the other kameenians. Both twippies were desperately waiting for the following day to arrive so that the wedding could take place and they would finally become "Mrs J Kaden" x2. ROFL ROFL

*End of flashback*

So diary, what do you think about that? Wink and bechara pati to be is still downstairs, knocked out cold in his towelBlushing ROFL...i think i shall pay him a visit and offer to heat him upWink..no wait, hes gonna regain consciousness tomorrow so that wont work. Pfft I can still sneak down and snuggle with him alone without anyone knowingBlushingCool..And it doesnt matter if we arent married yet, Ive given my heart body n soul to him and so has he! (although he doesnt know it yetROFL). Besides, i'm a don who has many men, I've already broken the rules so breaking them one more time shouldn't hurt Wink ...will write again soon Wink"

Entry five

"Dear diary, I just got back from the basement..*giggle*...no one even knew I was down there! Jaanu was dancing around her room singing 'wheels on the bus go round and round'ROFL, Lesbo and mummy were wrestling over baabu n jaanu shrines ROFL, Amu was drawing pics of karan tacker and ranbir kapoor on her chuddis ROFL ROFL, and twips was singing yeh ladki hai allah in the shower ROFL 

Oh yeah back to 'Junara'LOLEmbarrassed...Junai was all shrivelled up in his unconscious state and I saw him n just gazed at him for a min, tryna have a 'maahii' moment with him-even though his eyes were closed ROFL then i felt his body and it was very cold, I felt guilty for leaving my JJ with no kapre but a towel :( ;)Tongue.. so i took off my  hoodie n cuddled up to himBlushing - poor guy didnt know what was happening to him but his body started heating up Blushing..i wrapped his arms around me n sighed with contentment =D then I remembered twips and started laughing, poor girl would kill me if she knew what I was doing BUT what you dont know cant harm ya WinkROFL After a while I forced myself to leaveCry before anyone got suspicious and came down to check on me :(..

Owel, im happy :D, i got to feel junai before twips did ROFL n now I shall sleep and dream of my SR in a few days time... Blushing"


Precap: The wedding, Pranks, & the awaited SRs Wink

Hope you liked HALF of my present twips, I'm sorry for the delay :(. once again and I Love you soo much. <3

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Sophronia IF-Dazzler

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Res for part 2

"Dear Diary"-

A Junara-nyanniqziamunni OS


Entry six

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Sophronia IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Amu.PunjabiKuri

Oh yeah, the big ballooned vamp,ROFL

lmaooo abhay with his blown up balloons aka curves ROFL
he was twips' first hubby ROFL
-ScarletRose- IF-Sizzlerz

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