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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
My Forum Arts and Crafts Page copied onto Madhubaala forum too - Pls do not copy.
 Please see all 6 Threads
I would suggest for you to save this thread in your fav's so u don't loose all this info
Hello - A quick intro.. I'm Carisma, 
I normally have this thread in all forums I visit.. So have fun and hope you all learn some new crafts.
I Thought of making this thread to help newbies and silent members more active and for existing members to try and develop their skills. This thread will give you all u need to help learn how to do EA'S (funny animation and emo posts), VM making, Siggies, Adding Avatars, Banners, picture creations and adding music to threads. They are the tools to help you and your forum too.
There will be tips on how to keep the forum on top of the CM Ranks and live and kicking.
So I hope this will help and also I sincerly hope that the other existing creators will not be offended.
A little help - if u wanna change ur username - contact mods..
Goodluck and God bless. Big smile
Carisma.. xx
** Please see the below 5 threads **

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 January 2007
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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

Hints and Tips.

1. First and foremost a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR is the key, and out of the box thinking must be applied.
2. Press Chaska Meter and Vote for your show actors ranking.
Improve your IF STATUS...
Newbie 0 - 49 posts.
Groubie 50 - 99 posts
Senior member - 200 - 1999
Goldie 1000 - 2999
IF Dazzler - 3000 - 4999
IF Rockersz - 5000 +
3. When you create a topic, do not create it for the sake of it and make sure you will revisit your topic and comment on it.
4. Rather than creating multiple topics on one episode by one member. If members can add their thoughts into one thread, then the thread will have more weight for discussion. You rather have one healthy pink thread than multiple blue threads created by the same person. This will still serve the purpose but you'd be working smarter rather than harder.
5. There are plenty of members on this forum participating, if at least 25 people commented in each thread then the topic will turn Pink. Remember 25 comments will give you a pink thread as well as 250 views will do the same.
6. You need to attract more people on the forum to participate. Hopefully this thread will encourage more people to join.
7. FF really sells.
8. A a picture really will help threads as people will re-visit and it will increase the number of views use pic creation to make pics, it takes just a few mins. OR use Freebies posted by others in the Gallery.
9. Let other people use your stuff, like pics too... If you post a pic or siggy in the gallery in pics Gallery and do not mind other copying it from there - then write Freebies with it.
10. Do not create repeated topics, Otherwise your topics will be left in blue as the comments will be divided.
11. When you click on your dashboard, you will see upcoming birthdays of your buddies. Celebrate your friends birthdays so no one is left out.
12.If your friends have a birthday coming up - PM members to post gifts. It makes the quality of the Birthday threads much exquisite.
13. Create more humourous posts rather than too many serious topics. You watch the show for entertainment, So have fun. I used to vent my anger out in EA's (Funny post using emo's and animations) using humour instead.
14. If you need help with anything - just ask. If you don't ask you don't get.
15. Add colour font, and style in your posts... it makes reading those threads more fun. Add some emo's too. Have your own signature writting style.
16. Attack articles with comments, it will help the actors and show ranking.
17. Share your thread links on FB and Twitter and other blogs too - as this will increase the viewing, commenting and encourage your friends to join too.
18. Having more members - more ID's participating will also help increase the forum ranking.
19. Please share some ideas here too. I don't know every little bit so I would also like to learn more.

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Priya_AbhiyajoleedarshuViviCa15Chaapa93...mano...Harshi.IPKkakacool123Udita4be-happy-always-serenity-amni375sweety095prema_ksMarwa.A.WFragile_QueenJareenDDkimsy5moonbeautiegurudrishtiQuintessentialIANJALI_SAMARIYA0-SD-0.tanu.DDbiggestfanbangaloresOmaRamdassRibellesush12_RM..KpopIsLife..Mystic_nights_Dark_ChocolatechirpyhapibirdAnjalika13susan7-brokensoul-sonia_koolkhanSahSahFallen AngelJ.LOShru77Tyroankita24---Priya---Sunsetglowsuk19Jyo_Ksgfaria86-Sexy-Maria-capri..NightDragon..-PuNiTh--LetItGo-harshdbriyya6pyar-ishkkirti_fijiThe.LannisterMuneebaSheikhsilent.desireleelaa9undisclosedsingh24.Shiva.

carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 January 2007
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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

How to make vm's AND add Music to threads

Now plenty of help pages on IF, Beat around the bush.. but VM making is easy is simple.. how your VM turns out depends on your use of imagination.
Step 1. Download Realplayer
Step 2. Download Anyvideoconverter or Anydvdconverter
Step 3. Open a youtube account.
You will have a Movie maker with windows which you can use or you can downlaod a movie maker - just search for a free movie maker in google. Some are trial versions. I would suggest that during your trial period - make some special effect clips that you can save and use later on.
Go to U tube. or using Star player/ Desiforum vids download them. If you move your cursor over to the top right hand corner of the u tube vid it will pop a little box 'Save to realplayer' just click that box.
Once to have downloaded the video - yu can change the name of the video aswell.
Open this in the convertor program by adding video and you will see all your downloaded files from real player. They will be in FLV forat and you need to convert them into WMA.
Just select file and press convert.
Now in your Movie maker add vids - they will normally be in the WMA file... From here you start.
You add music, your music files would be saved in the computer MP3 files.
Then you just edit as per your preference. Practise will make perfect.
Yu need to then upload your video - by clicking on the Youtube icon.. fill out the details. In description always try and use the disclaimer that these clips do not belong to you.
Once uploaded - you can set the settings whether you want it to be private...but then other than yourself no one will be able to see it.
You can have it as public but then everyone will see it and due to third party infringement sometimes your youtube account can be shut down.
You can also choose to have them unlisted so that only those with a link will be able to view and you will also be able to embed them on the forum for viewing.
Depending on which Movie Maker you are using - Help for using those can be provided on Youtube.
Now to Embed your Vids on the forum you need to code it like this
And that's job done!
Extracting Music form Youtube Vids.
Just download vid to real player, and when download complete in youtube - select convert and then convert to MP3. This music will be saved in your downloads in your computer.
Adding music to Threads.
Okay frst of all u need to go to below site

There select the song and u will find two des written there from there u have to pick SWF link


Make sure you leave no gaps... when you post on the forum - it may not work the first time.. so from the thread just copy the link again and repost using the [FLASH] AND [/FLASH] Codes again. It's just that if it has the underline under the http link showing, it posts it as a link rather than converting it - so you have to just repost .

Like u will find below code and bold ur SWF link
<br><br><center><div><div><a href=><img src="" width="100%"></a></div><div style="background:#000000"><table><tr><td width="50%"><img src="" width="100%" height="362"></td><td><EMBED src= width=448 height=361 /></td><td width="50%"><img src="" width="100%" height="362"></td></tr></table><div><a href=><img src="" width="100%"></a></div></div>More?</div></center>

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...mano...Chaapa93Fragile_QueenJareenDDprema_ksbe-happy-always-serenity-moonbeautiegurudrishtiQuintessentialIANJALI_SAMARIYA.tanu.DDbiggestfanbangalores..KpopIsLife..OmaRamdassSunsetglowsuk19hemameenuFallen Angelsonia_koolkhanSahSahSia889Anjalika13chirpyhapibirdsusan7Mystic_nights_-brokensoul-J.LOTyroankita24Jyo_Ksgfaria86seelaks..NightDragon..harshdbpyar-ishkriyya6The.Lannisterleelaa9undisclosedsingh24.Shiva.

carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 January 2007
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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

Making siggies and Banners, 3d Writting, Glitter writing

Various animation software packages available for download(Some free, shareware, trial ware):

GIMP with Animation Package For Banners.
This is the best freeware software for making amazing photo-effects. If you do not have Photoshop, this is a good s/w for you. Now also comes with Animation Package for creating animations.
You will need to download three files for this.
1. The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.10) 7863 kB
2. GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment (version 2.8.9, for Windows 2000 and newer; updated installer) 3734 kB
3. GIMP Animation Package (version 2.2.0) 2542 kB
Download page

Animation Shop
This is a trial version but definately does good job of animating. It has some premade transitions and effects to be applied on the image.
Download page

This application converts several GIF images into a single animated GIF file. So you can create gif files like different texts, save them as gif and then join using this freeware app.
Download page

Other softwares that you might want to try:

Irfan View
This is basically a freeware graphic viewer which can also edit, add effects and optimize images.

Download page

Smart Morph
This is a freeware which can morph an image from one to another. Give this a try and you will like playing with this!
Download page

THE BEST PROG FOR SIGGIES - JASC ANIMATION SHOP 3 -I use the wizard to make my creation
Use JASC Animation Shop 3.
I use the wizzard - makes it easier.
use movie maker to make your photo clips.. you need to snap a lot of pics in slow movement.
Then save them on your computer.
Open them in JASC.
Upload them using MINUS simply share to get your direct HTTP link...
Upload on forum
And Voila!

Online tools for creating signatures, banners etc. :

Banner Maker
Some descent banners here! Although difficult for beginners, but still has more controls.

3DText Maker

Banner Break
Another good generator.

Glitter Maker

Optimization tools and articles:

GIF Works
This is online GIF image editor which can do optimization and add effects too!

GIFeq 1.1
GIFeq is a small utility that allows you to optimize your GIF files, and reduce the size of them by removing comments and interlacing, optimizing palettes and more. Its a freeware and only 500KB download.
Download page

Article on optimising GIF animation.

Tutorial on making glitter tags

Tutorial on making siggies/avatars in MS Paint
Glitter Writting
My space
If you google Glitter text - then there are plenty of sites.
**Hint.. when you want to post your Siggie on the forum use MINUS
U'll need to code the HTTP LINK to your creation like this**
Where I have typed http libk you would need to paste the direct http link there.

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:40pm | IP Logged


For those who don't know how to put up signatures & avatars, here is the detailed procedure for you

1) Go to the website, where the picture is, the one you want to put in ur signature

NOTEThe picture, which is saved in ur computer and u want to put in ur signature that won't work bcz location of picture should be URL address, so the picture should be from a website.

2) When u open the picture from a website, the one u want to have as a signature. RIGHT click on the Picture then click on Properties.

3) The Properties dialog box will open.COPY the Address (URL). COPY THE WHOLE URL ADDRESS.
it would look like this:

4) Then come to India-forums website.Go to Setting, then press on Edit Profile. In the Signature box Type [ IMG ] then paste the whole URL Address & Type [/IMG]
it should look like this:

[ IMG ][/IMG]

: u do NOT need space anywhere when u r typing.

5)Then you can just click on signature preview & then u r ready to go.

Note: you have to put [ IMG ] {with NO space in bracket & IMG} before the URL address and [/IMG] after the URL address. IMG stand for image

You can click on FORUM CODES near to Signature Box to see how u should write URL address to put a image. In Forum Codes, 2nd options is Images and Links, in those check the 1st link they wrote, thats how you should type the IMG before & after the URL.

MOVING AVATARS. (Thanks Manal for this info)

this 1 >>>
here is the link of this Avi >> 

now copy this link !! go on Dashboard n thn >> Update My Profile >> thn go on preference !>> Scroll down, thn Paste the link in the small box ! n thn Hit submit

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 12:41pm | IP Logged

Creating Pics, Using Emo's, Posting pics.

Creating Pics.
Save a picture you like in your computer pictures.
And select a template - add your pics through option (From Disk) browse and pull up the pic from your pic library.
You can use pics from Google images too... you select the option (Enter URL) So highlight the http address of image copy and paste it.
Once done - Press the Share button and copy the BBCODE FORUM  and paste it on the forum.
You can also use SMILE BOX to - Go to
And follow the similar procedure.
You can also use Go to FLICKR
Using Emotions
I only trust these sites..
 Posting Pictures
You can use the hyper link in IF's editor - but most of the time that doesn't work.. so you can either use picture creator,to post or use
Another way is to Print screen of the image, save as jpeg file, crop and uplad using flickr to get a URL address.

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-chrys- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged

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vidhisalot IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Hey thnx a lot for this thread...
N do u have tutorials for making siggies in photoshop???

And i mostly use cellphone to come to IF n so i m nt able to change font and colour ...
Do u knw any options or using some codes i can change the colour n font

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