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Mere Papa Maan#3 /Thread Four added page 134 (Page 78)

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Will we get update today????

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                         Chapter 29

For next few days Maan did his best to keep himself busy.So to keep distance from Geet and Mannat.But really he wanted this ? No he never.He wants to be with them.Even with this distance he always remained close to them.He always kept eye on Mannat and Geet's health..their lil to lil needs without letting them know.But some where Geet knows.But reason of this distance she was not able to understand.

But to which extent Maan can go away.Now after one week Mannat's plaster had been removed.She was fine and wanted to go school as it always became bore for her to stay back at home in absence of Rehaan.So unwillingly family and doctor decided to permit her to go school.

After two weeks

Kids at school.Even Geet is also fine now looking at her improving  girl .She was ready to go to office after days as now Mannat is at school so she can go to Legacy (Handa Group of Hotels) Her phone buzzed.

Geet : Papa I was thinking about r u (answering Inder's call she said )

Inder : I m fine beta how r u ? 

Geet : Ek dam fit...I was leaving for office when u called m(she laughed)

After some formal and casual talk Inder came to real matter

Inder : Geet beta we hav to stay here for more(he dropped bomb)

Geet : But why Papa aap two weeks k baad aane wale thay.(she yelled)

Inder : Ur Mausi has to undergo cardiac surgery so beta we hav to stay with her.We r not worried about u both .With Mrs Khuraana and Maan u r safe .But ur Mausi has no one to care for    (he tried to make her understand)

Geet : Okey Papa but how much time u gonna take more (she became normal)

Inder :  May be one more month but we ll try to make ur Mausi's mind to be with us here for recovery after operation 

Geet : Okey Papa as u wish aur ha We r very much happy and safe here...not just Daddi Maa and Maan care for us but each and every member of their staff cares for us.So don worry Papa (it was true and chirping in her voice clears it to Inder)

Inder : Ya I m not worried..issi liye to we r tension free one more thing Geet which is important .Hamare Gurgaon walle resort ki site tum finalize kar lo beta

Geet : But Papa how can I (confused)

Inder : Why not beta.Maan se baat hue meri.He has sent me three possible site details.U r new generation beta so it is much better instead of me u should do business with Maan.I did business with his father now its ur turn.Also u know whats rite and wrong for us.Kal bhi tumko he dekhna hai why not now.When Maan is with u to guide u. (he tried to make her comfortable in this matter)

Geet : Okey Papa as u wish (sighed)

Inder : Its good beta.Maan wanted to start as soon as possible becoz in this project he is not just taking care of construction but our partner also.He said that property price ll rise soon so we hav to take decision 

Geet : Okey Papa 

Inder : Good then I ll inform him that u ll take care of this project.(Much happy Inder cut phone and dialed Maan)

After this Geet was about to sit in car when Maan back called her.As he was also about to leave and after getting Inder's decision wanted to talk to Geet

Maan : Geet wanna talk to u ? (he said hesitatingly becoz he can't avoid Geet now as its his business matter now and he has to face her )

Geet : Ji 

Maan : Uncle has informed me about ur decision so I want to know when we can go to finalize site 

Geet : Maan I hav to take care of kids too...if there is no problem plz u finalize one site and I ll visit it instead of visiting three sites.It ll take more time.I hav full faith in u (when Geet said this amazed Maan was looking in her eyes how easily and comfortably she said she has full faith in him in such a big deal ..then why he is running away from her)

Maan : Actually Geet wo...(searching for words after listening this from Geet) ha wo Daddi ll take care of kids and u hav to be with me becoz out of three sites two r very much suitable so want ur opinion and has some paper work too... for that I need u so plz tell me u wanna go today or next morning...

Daddi who was listening them.She was waiting for such a chance when they can be alone .It doesn't matter it is for business purpose or any thing else...She came near to them

Daddi : Sorry to interrupt u both I think u should go today. Tomorrow is no school for kids so they ll not let u go any where so go now.Jab wo ghar aa jaye gay I ll take care of them key Geet beta(she petted her cheek)

Geet : Okey Daddi Maa (she said yes to Daddi and looked at Maan)Maan its alrite if u both think its rite .Lets go

They left at around 9

Daddi gav a winning smile atleast they became ready now: Geet what was ur past what health problem u hav Humme isse koi matlab nahi.Kyonki humme pata hai u r the best match for Maan and best mother for Rehaa

Daddi (thinking) : Waise Delhi se Rohtak and Rohtak se Delhi yeh donno air ways se to travel  nahi kar rahe...its road ways so it means about 5 hours to nikal he gaye up down karne mai...aur waha jo time lagega wo alag.Late nite se pehle to aap aane se rahe..To trap u its good idea.Aab kaha bhago gay Maan beta.Becoz I know how much u r into this project and unwillingly u hav to be with Geet (she giggles and moved inside)

Maan Geet busy in visiting locations called kids around three.But they felt relieved kids r not missing them much.When they r with each other they need no one.On other side Geet had been rejected all three sites due to her own reasons.Even two more locations  recommended by dealer. But why now she asked Maan to come here.A site bit away from center of town 

Maan : Geet sarra din ghumma kar itni achi sites reject karke u selected this one (confused)

Geet : What's wrong with this site Maan look around how beautiful place is this (she smiled looking around the natural beauty )

Maan : Beautiful place what to do with this place when u hav rejected most suited site in mid of city.That  is more beneficial Geet per tumko samjh aaye to...Uncle se he discuss kar leta that was much better.(he gav tough looks to Geet looking in her eyes)

Geet : Uncle se discuss kar lete why u asked me.Aur yeh badi badi aankain dikha kar mujhe mat daraea aab...I told u do what ever u want per nahi tab to meri advice ki jaroorat thi.Now when I m giving advice then uski koi value nahi.Aap aur apke uncle sirf aap dono ko business nahi atta Even I know business (she made face which melted Maan)

Maan :Geet I m not saying u don know business but think this place is away from main town (said calmly)

Geet : ya I know Maan but u know wo jo site aap keh rahe hai many sites and properties around that r disputed and it can effect our project.Also there r so many resorts and hotels around our site so I don think it gonna be beneficial for us  (she cleared)

Maan : But Miss Handa whats so special about this place can u explain

Geet : Special he special hai first thing its in much peaceful area but also near to national highway.So it gonna b more easy for people to come here.Around this place there r so many places to visit.But due to no proper arrangement for stay people avoid to visit places .But with our resort it gonna b more easy .U know Maan this national highway kai international projects k route main hai so I think for international delegations meetings our resort gonna b best place. 

Maan : And Miss Handa same national highway k pass honey se is zameen ki value 10% high hai ...than the site which u rejected and most importantly it is on national highway which is connected to airport directly so no chance for down price...In India national highways k pass ki har zameen itni he costly hoti hai.If u know (Maan placed his hands on waist )

Geet Ji pata hai for this I also hav to pay 5% more but it is beneficial in future Maan aur apke two shopping complexes bhi issi route main hai..Maan u know jo construction material Rajasthan and Punjab se aayega that gonna b cheaper at rates due to easy trasportation here instead in mid of town.Aur construction to chalti he rehti hai.Maan so we ll cover this cost (she said with confidence)

Maan had been convinced but he is Maan Singh Khuraana so can't show that she is rite

Maan : Okey theek hai if u hav decided fine 

Geet : Ya Maan its too late now.Almsot eight we hav to go now.Kids n Daddi Maa ll b waiting for us.Aur ha saara paper work delhi main he ho jaaega...I hav asked for that.So we need not to come here (she was happy atleast at this point she convinced Maan)

Maan: Oh to Madam ji ne pehle he sabh plan kar rakha tha.I m just here to stamp it  (he thought smiled and moved toward car)

But they had hardly covered two miles on National highways.Maan had to stop car becoz road had been blocked by protesting farmers. Against center to raise paddy prices .So police was busy in diverting traffic .This protest was for next 24 hours 

Geet : Maan aab kya hoga.How we ll reach home soon (scared she said)

Maan : Geet main hu na why r u worried wait let me ask policeman for any short cut the way they r diverting traffic is much longer (he asked Geet...consoled her placing hand on her cheek..and came out of car)

His words were like gods words for Geet if he said every thing gonna b alrite he was rite

But the short cut they took that was not very good road.So Maan was driving slow.

Geet : Isse ti acha tha hum bhi wahi road le lete...

Maan : Its okey Geet humme pata to nahi tha...

Geet : Maan I m hungry .Need some thing to eat (she made face)

Maan : But Geet there is no hotel around (he looked all around)

Geet : But dhaba to hai..look there Maan (she pointed her finger toward flashing banner of Sonu ka Dhabba)

Maan : But Geet how can we eat at dhaba...(confused Maan's expressions were priceless )

Geet: Kyo why not chaliye (she forced Maan to park car and dragged him inside)

This was totally new for Maan.But not for Geet as Inder likes this type of dhabba food.When ever he feds up from hectic hotel  business he always drive away from city with family to dine at these type of dhabbas.Geet has seen this routine of her father from childhood and loves it.Even dhabba stall is one of best part of Handa caterers.High class parties demand this specially.But this is not of Maan's type

Maan poor baby when asked to sit on coat he was about to fall backwards For this she controlled her laughter.

Geet : Okey Maan let me order 

Finding new clients waiter came running 

Waiter : Saab ji what u want to eat chana masala, butter chicken, (and gav long list of items in one go)

Maan : Chup bilkul chup tumhare pass manu card nahi hai (annoyed Maan said)

Waiter (confused): Sir wo to hum nahi banaate 

Maan looked at him with wide open eyes.Looking at seriousness of situation Geet asked waiter to bring food.How much that shocked Maan

Maan : Geet this food is for two of us 

Geet : its less.we ll order later if it ll become less for us.Actually I don wanna waste food.Ho sakta hai koi dish pasand na ho to wo magwa kar hum kyo waste kare 

Maan : Geet u r impossible (he thought and nodded his head)

Maan he was not able to eat.Every thing seemed unhygienic to him.So he was just looking at Geet.But her foolish acts brings a smile at his face.After one hour when they came out more shocking things were waiting for them.

Geet : Maan kya hua (looking at shocked Maan she said)

Maan : Kya hua ..kya nahi hua dekho ek nahi whole four r missing (he dragged her toward car where all four tires were missing.Geet was shocked but she knew this type of things can happen in these areas so she burst in laughter )

Geet : Maan ek ka kya karta koi...char to kissi kaam bhi aa sakte hai (she teased )

Maan : Geet u r impossible u r making fun.How we ll go home aab late nahi ho raha (he gav her tough looks)

Geet : Waise derr to ho he gayi hai Maan kids ll b alrite Daddi Maa hai unke saath.Waise hum ek idea se ghar jaa sakte hai

Maan : How

Geet : On our feet (she cracked up ..her laughter vanished whole  anger out of Maan he was just looking at her)

He started to laugh.But suddenly rain starts

Maan: Iski he kasar bakki thi (he ran inside car also asked her to b inside)

She refused to go inside.She was enjoying every drop of rain

Geet : Maan kyo darte hai aap barish se aise .iska mazza he alag hai 

Maan : Mazza I think u need mental hospital .I hate this mud dirt(he shouted)

Geet : Maan apko yeh dirty lag raha hai but Maan this is real life the true happiness .But I think apne to apne mann k darwaze ko itna kas k band kar rakha hai k lagta hia kisi baddi kushi ka intzaar hai apko..per uske liye in khushiyo ko kyo jaane de rahe hai Maan aap..inse he to badi kushi ka intzaar alag he ho jaata hai...(she tried to make him understand but no effect on him.She started to enjoy rain)

Maan amazed just was looking at her.What she was doing.A girl who has too much burdens in her heart.She was trying to smile.This side of Geet was different for Maan.What she was hiding inside.Why she is not able to tell him

Behne De in background (skip dev part)


Maan came out looking at Geet.They were in each other's arms. How and why they don know.When Geet  realized she was in his strong trap.Why she was feeling secure.Why he was feeling peace from that restlessness which he has from years.

Geet : Maan mujhe ghar jaana hai (she started to ran away from him)

Maan : Geet rukko kaha ja rahi ho...(Maan ran behind her and grabbed her wrist)

Geet : Maan chodiye mujhe .I wanan go (she tried to free herself)

Maan : Geet its too dangerous to go on feet and we hav to cover long...okey we hav to wait for any vehicle.don be a child (he said calmly)

At last they got lift in a truck which was going to Delhi.Maan paid driver to drop them outside KM and he became ready.But this incident brings some unexpected things.Things which no one can expect.Maan some where was in love..really its true or not...But he know one thing he was changing ...but not able to understand why he was changing.

Hop u ll lik.Plz do comment and hit like.I was planning to write big big walla update but accidently I deleted my written update so wrote twice.Plz bear me 


Jass NagraLOL

tense liberties r according to rules and situation

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-Mitu- IF-Rockerz

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Cute update hai kids scene nahi tha
i miss them
why maan avoiding geet and manat
dabba scene come in my favriate scene
last me turck bhi aa gaya
love it awsome update

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Daadi and her plansWink loved their cute nok jhoks and must say, Geet is indeed an impressive business women!!

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manesha76 IF-Stunnerz

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very nice part Tongue

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heytal IF-Rockerz

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Really liked the part
Dadi was too cute
finally succeeded in her missionThumbs Up
Loved Maaneet moments
good they have started feeling for one anotherEmbarrassed
Would like Maan to open up to Mannat too
waiting for Maaneet romanceBlushing
Continue soon

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Awesome update...
awww reminded me of the show..really miss Gurti...
hmmm maan avoiding geet...
liked geet the business woman..
plzz continue soon

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