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ff:forever & always Part 64 pg 123 (19/06/2017) (Page 6)

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Posted: 25 May 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Hey both parts was eagerly waiting for next part..(ofcourse for Udayveer)...

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Next day manyata woke up with a smile on her face as she was happy to be back at home with her family'.. She got out of her bed and went to have a shower' after 30 minutes manyata came out of the bathroom and went straight to her wardrobe to find something to wear. Yes the servant could have done this for her but manyata like doing stuff by herself, she was looking for a nice anarkali to wear and finally found one (manyata does wear western clothes and also traditional Indian clothes as well). She applied kajal, hint of blusher and a flavored lip-gloss and left her hair down. and once she was done she headed downstairs to the dining table.

M dress

Manyata: morning everyone she said sitting near J, and the rest greeted her back.

Brijraj: manyata you look amazing beta.

Manyata: thanks paa. She then heard someone speak and looked up to see girirag, vasundra and unnati walking towards the dining table.

Giriraj: not just amazing brij but she looks like an angel after all she is my beautiful angel.

Manyata smiled and went to Giriraj and vasundra and hugged them while unnati went to DS, brij, komal and manika and took their blessing and hugged j and Vijay. Manyata loved Giriraj and vasundra and considered them just like her parents. Once they greeted each other they sat on the dining table. The youngster were talking with each other while the elders were doing the same

DS: Giriraj where is uday I thought he would come with you all.

Giriraj: maa Saab udayveer was meant to be here this morning but his flight got delayed so he will be here this afternoon.DS nodded.


Manyata was in her room looking for a book to read for ages but was not able to find any, Vijay entered and saw this.

Vijay: what happened M bhai looking for anything,

Manyata: I'm looking for a book to read.

Vijay: book to read or to look at something in that book he said with a sly smile.

Manyata: please Vijay bhai u clearly know that I like reading books so please stop ur nonsense,  Vijay bhai didn't want to give up and wanted to tease her a little more he went and sat on her bed.

Vijay: M bhai u know these days a lot of ppl keep their lovers pic in the book'.. I TELL YOU

Manyata: so what do you want me to do about it she was really annoyed as she couldn't find the book and on top of that vijay was annoying her.

Vijay: nothing well I was just thinking if you had done the same thing and just imagine if you did and someone saw it, omg what will happen then.

Manyata: please vijay bhai stop your nonsense otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do to u.

Vijay: aww poor baby here have some water he got up and handed her a glass of water. Manyata took it and was about to drink it when she heard him speak again. Don't worry I won't tell about ur lover to anyone but if you find the book then please show me the pic.

Manyata with a fake smile: vijay bhai ur so dead now she looked at the water in the glass and after a while she ran after him with the water.

They were running around the room and vijay made a quick exit when he was near the door but manyata was not going to give up, manyata was running down the stairs with still a glass of water to catch vijay bhai and spill the water on him who was ahead of her.

Manyata: stop vijay bhai.

Vijay: no because I know what you are trying to do.

Manyata was running down the stairs with still a glass of water to catch vijay bhai and spill the water on him who was ahead of her. Vijay bhai ran towards the entrance and manyata decided to throw the water on him at that time but vijay bent down on time and the water splashed on to someone else

Vijay turned around and looked up to see Him standing there while manyata looked shocked thinking that instead of spilling the water on vijay bhai she spilt it on someone else. There was pin drop silence'' Manyata looked at vijay bhai who was standing next to her now and then look at the person in front of her, she saw his brown eyes which had a serious look staring deep into her eyes. Somehow she found courage to speak. But didn't dare to meet his gaze.

Manyata: I'm sorry I didn't mean to spill the water on you she said still looking away from him but from the corner of her eyes she could seem his walking closer to her which made her nervous. Once he was close she saw his hands move towards her and quickly she closed her eyes after few sec she felt her dupata moving slightly and opened her eyes to see that the person in front of her was wiping his face using her dupata and still staring at her. Manyata looked at him angrily

Vijay bhai was happy to see that person face to face but he also was shocked to see him using manyata dupata to wipe his face and he very well knew that manyata won't like this.

Vijay bhai in his head: OMG why did they have to meet like this because right now I can see the rage in manyata eyes, while in his oh god how can I forget only he knows what's going on his head. He came out of his thought when manyata spoke.

Manyata: excuse me how dare you use my dupata to wipe your face (she said snatching her dupata from his grip). My dupata is not a towel which you can use to wipe your face got it. And then she heard him say:

"and my face is not a sink or river where you want to spill water now do you get it" manyata looked at him annoyingly and was going to reply back when vijay bhai shouted out loudly.

Vijay: nani Saab, Mami sa, mama sa, mom, j, unnati, Giriraj uncle and vasundra aunty look who is here he shouted. Vijay looked at manyata and saw confusion on her face.

DS: what happened Vijay beta why r u shou'' she stopped when she saw the person in front of her' she was happy to see him'. Manyata looked at DS confusingly'' after a while DS spoke UDAY beta she said she was so happy to see him. Uday went up to DS and took her blessing.

Uday: Khamma ghanni daadi saab

DS ghanni khamma beta I'm so happy to see and she hugged him while uday smiled.  Everyone gathered in to the hall and saw uday and they were very happy to see him. vasundra went up to him

vasundra: uday mera bacha she said and kissed him on his forehead uday smiled  nd gave her a small hug

 Uday took everyones blessing turn by turn and hugged vijay, j and unnati he then went and stood in front of manyata who had this confused expression on her face. Komal came next to manyata and said

Komal: Manyata this is uday remember your childhood friend I'm sure you must have seen and spoken to him when unnati called him.

 Manyata smiled at her mom and then looked at the smirking uday even though he was her childhood friend she found him a bit different as if this is another uday.

Unnati: no aunty komal the thing is that whenever dada called me manyata was never around because her internship timing was different nd she never got a chance to speak to him,

J: wow that interesting uday and jiji haven't seen each other for years she said in a naughty tone.

Unnati: actually jay the thing is manyata didn't see dada pics but dada has seen one of manyata which I sent to him. Manyata was shocked as she didn't know anything about this.

Manyata: what? when did u send my pic? and u didn't tell me.?

Unnati: Manyata remember we took a pic on our first day of internship that's when I sent dada our pic I'm sorry I forgot to tell u.

DS: you kids talk and enjoy ur self while she and the other elders left to go in daadi saab office.

Uday: no worries chotti im sure Manyata is happy to see me now see she can't even take her eyes of me. Manyata looked away from him she didn't like his attitude especially that smirk which was still showing on his face.  Everyone laughed at wt uday said.

J: uday y don't u rest for a while. Hold on a sec... she called sheetal and told her get udays room ready (uday has his own room in the mahal because when he was young he use to stay there most of the time).

Uday: thanks j that was so sweet of you otherwise I was thinking I might have to find a place so that ppl don't throw water on me. J and unnati were confused while manyata and vijay knew what he meant'.. manyata looked at uday one last time and went to her room and udays gaze just followed until she disappeared '' one of the servants came and told uday that his room is ready and also he left. And only vijay, j and unnati were left in the hall.

Vijay: thank god I called everyone on time otherwise there would have been a war'' I TELL YOU.

J: what do u mean vijay bhai'. 

Vijay: what I mean is'.. and he narrated what happened b. When he finished he looked at unnati and jay who looked like they will burst out laughing''. Y r u laughing he asked both of them.

Unnati: vijay banna don't you think it will be fun seeming these two like this they r just like a challenge for each other



Uday entered his room and decided to fresh up after few minutes when he came out of the bathroom he was wiping his face with the towel when a incident flashed in his mind of him using manyata dupata to wipe his face which made him smirk. He decided to go and spend time with other however he stopped in front of a room when he heard her voice. Yes he was in front of manyata room.

Manyatas room door was open and she was talking on the phone to one of her friends'.. uday leaned on the door and was just staring at her moves, the way she was moving from one corner to the other twisting the end of hair while a cute smile playing on her lips. Once she finished speaking she turned towards the door and found uday leaning against the door and staring at her. She didn't know what to do because the way he was staring at her was making her nervous but she had to be strong in front of him.

Manyata: what are you doing here she said walking towards him.

Uday: well I was just going downstairs when I heard ur sweet voice and my heart couldn't resist going without you (flirtiest tone)

Manyata: look'

Uday: that what I'm doing I'm looking at my princess '.  Manyata felt a bit odd when he said that and tried to ignore that.

Manyata: now if you stand in the way then I won't be able to go downstairs so PLEASE can you move because I want to spend time with everyone (but the truth was she just wanted to run away from him)

Uday: hayeee I never knew you want to spend time with me too

Manyata: did I say ur name no na so that doesn't include you ' and she was about to walk past him when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him she didn't expect this move and landed straight in his arms he smirked at her and said

Uday: well sorry to say princess but when you say everyone that should include me actually not should it DOES include me''.. she felt shiver run through her spine when he spoke by being so close,,, she was just looking in to his eyes but when she regained her conscious she pushed him away and ran downstairs,,,,,, once she reached at the end of the stairs she took a deep breath and was trying to breathe normally and when her breathing got normal she went and sat next to unnati'' until she saw him come and sit opposite to her.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ok guys here is part 3 hope u like it please do leave a comment and don't forget to press the like button I will be waiting till then i will write the next part nd sorry for any errors

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Shazzie IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update. Loved their first meeting.  Pls do continue. Very interesting story. Thanks for the pm

(YEAY!!! I am the first one to post)

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I LOVEDDD was awesomee...and that water was very funny...update soon... thanks alot for 4 PM...
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uday's enter was super

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Loved the update!! Do continue soon n thanks for the pm!!:)

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loved the update!

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ClapClapthanks.great job...awesome...loved it...ClapClap

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