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you are mine only mine my BAATCUTTER!#thread 2# (Page 5)

shiksha_03 Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
congrats for d new thread n d teaser was really interesting...pls update soon

medha_is_me IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 May 2012
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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
teaser sound super intresting
plz jaldi upd8 karo,jst dying 2 read it
Jeeya_Angel Goldie

Joined: 11 January 2012
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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 9:58am | IP Logged

Congrats for ur new thread. Wish u many more success ahead.

My god  WHAT A TEASER!!!!

Itne jhatkeys de diye teaser mein. So many twists in the story. As usual humari Rani Lakshmi Bai opposing on KriYansh relationship.

But what i am hearing, Swayam and Kria bhai aur behein. Are yeh kaise hogoaya.

Plz jaldi se update kar dena. Eager to read whats next.

-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 14816

Posted: 23 May 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Congrats Nish for the new thread.

Teaser its bit sad part up?????

Update soon.

-FrozenRain- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 January 2012
Posts: 14816

Posted: 23 May 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Congrats Nish for the new thread.

Teaser its bit sad part up?????

Update soon.

--Nishi-- Senior Member

Joined: 21 January 2012
Posts: 957

Posted: 23 May 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Hey guys am soo happy !!!!This time no bakwass goes the update...

Rey:mei kisko tere uppar haat nahin lagane dhunga!

KRia:chill baba meine bas aisa hi bola tha ..chalo chalthe hai...

They come near the gang but their eye lock continues...

Gang:ahem ahem!!

THey  come to their senses Nd both of them start blushing..

Rey's mom:ok agar blushing session bandh ho gaya toh chalo chalthe hai...

They all go near the parking area ,three cars were arranged all decided that boys except reyam will go in one car nd all girls except krisha will go in other car Nd krisha&reyam in one car...As rey sat in the driving seat he was soo excited as he thought that kria would sit next to him but as he turned his head towards left with excitement ,his all excitement was flushed!!his face became very sad Nd angry too as he saw swayam sitting beside him

Rey:swayam tu yaha kya kar raha hai?

Swayam:bait raha hun...

Rey:arey mera matlab jake sharon ke saat peche bait jaoo na..kria ko yaha baitne dhona plz muje usse baat karna hai...

Swayam:mei aisa nahin kar saktha...


rey's mom:kyun ki maine kaha!

Rey turns back Nd was shocked to see rey's mom sitting in between kria Nd sharon...the seating was something like..Rey in driving seat ,swayam next to him,kria back of rey n sharon back of swayam n rey;s mom in middle of sharon n kria...

Rey:mom!!Thum yaha kya kar rahe ho?!is gaadi mei?!!

Rey's mom:kyun tumhe kya prob hai?waise bhi mei aapni bahu se baat karna chahthi hun isliye yaha baiti hun!

Rey*sad face*:par mom...

rey'mom:par var kuch nahin gadi chalao.!!

He however started the car with his sadness...

Rey's P.o.v

I turned towards the steering Nd started the car becoz i dont have a choice.i felt why is my mom poking in my love life..oh GOD!!!I JUS HATE IT!! i wanted to talk to kria ,but somthing or the other is happening Hey kriya ki universe ji plz help me i prayed to god !...After few mins i came out of my  train of thoughts as i saw her face in the mirror...She was looking soo cute ,her eyes were like two pearls i wish i could spend my whole life in her beautiful eyes ,when she blushes
her cheeks become crimson in colour that i think oh god how can anyone look so cute??..i think god was tired of my questions as i questioned him numerous times about her beauty ,but what to do she is killing me with her cuteness..Nd those lips UFFF!!!!!whenever i see them i just wanted to go straight Nd kiss her no matter what happens...My train of thoughts was again disturbed by swayam as he pushed my steering hard

Swayam:Rey dekh ke chalna gaadi plz!!!

I realized that i waz soo lost in her beauty that i lost my concentration over my driving ,But what to do this girl is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!


Rey's mom:rey kaha hai tumhara dhyaan?

WHat should i say to my mom that am lost in her beautiful eyes?when my mom had shot a question to me i just remained blank i dint understand what to answer but finally i answered her as she was asking me repeatedly...

Rey:kuch nahi...

When i answered her Nd looked at the mirror i saw kria lookin at me in the mirror..i was again lost ...i was soo addicted to her  that i cannot define it...I waz not in my senses without knowing few words were let out my mouth

Rey*dreamland*:plz dont look at me like that i cant concentrate on anything else...

Then i realised that all of them heard Nd kria was blushing hard.ALl were giggling Nd i felt a bit awkward but soon concentrated on the road as swayam turned the morror to the other side..

Kria's P.o.v

We were seated in the car ,i wished to sit near rey but her mom want me to sit near her ,i felt a bit sad that i couldnt sit side of him ...we started gosiping but i felt his intense gaze through the mirror but i dint see him as i could not handle his gaze ,i would not able to speak to anything if i see him so i drifted my gaze towards his mom Nd was concentrating on what she was saying..Our gossiping Nd his gaze was continung non-stop But suddenly i heard swayam shouting when i saw the road i saw a car coming towards us,n swayam had handled the steering from rey's hands and controled it ,THANK GOD!!...Rey came to his senses ...As soon ash he said sorry to swayam i saw him in the mirror..his gaze met mine ,his chocolate yes were melting me i was not able to ans what his mother...But i came to my senses when i heard him sayin not to look at him like that as he is not able to concentrate on anything I blushed hard...all were giggling i felt a bit awkward,uncomfortable,happy it was a mixed feeling but i loved it...

(Hey guys Rey's p.o.v is blue as he is a boy n kria's is pink as she is a girlTongue..n my writings are in black)

ALl of them atlast reached Swayam's house The SHEKAWAT's MANSION!Wink

All of them got down Nd all the girls went in..Rey was standing outside with a sad face as his mom was not allowing him to talk to kria Nd his mom is poking in btwn their romance...All the boys noticed him Nd surrounded him...All at once shouted "Rey!" .He was startled!

Rey:guys chila kyun rahe ho?

Nilesh*mischevious smiles*:waise teri romance kaise chali uske saat gadi mei?

All boys except swayam*mischevious smile*:batana!!

Rey*sad face*:Kiski romance ?kaise romance?

all except swayam:KYa?

Nilesh:tera aur kriya ka romance

Rey:swayam bolna in logon ko..

Swayam:guys actually romance karne ka chance hi nahi mila isko


Swayam explains everything what had happend

Nilesh:arey teri maa..!

Rey glare at him

nilesh:teri mummy kyun bech me tang ada rahi hai??

Rey:pata nahin yar..muje kria se baat karna hai par maa toh usse chod hi nahin raha hai..

Vicky:guys mere pass ek idea hai!!!

Nilesh:tere idea bul jao!!

Vicky:arey sun toh sahi!

All:chal bata

Vicky says his plan

Rey:Kya plan hai!mana padega tu toh bahut intelligent

Vicky:thnq thnq

Rey:Miss.dehradun mei araha hun watch out!*attitude*

All:Watch out *attitude*...*confused*miss wat??

Rey:arey wo sab chodo na!!

Even boys entered the house Nd all were amazed to see that whole house was decorated so beautifully that no one could not take eyes from it!

Actually it was night...All of them gathered near the dinning table...all couples sat opp to each other (remember how they sat in nicole mam's house?but a small change is that in swayam's place rey's mom was sitting Nd rey to the left n kria to the right)

all the couples were having look look hawa hawa

their LLHH was disturbed my rey's mom

Rey's mom:ahem ahem...guys am also ther with u ppl

All came to their senses n started eating all were talking Nd gossiping Rey n kria were stealing glances...Rey's mom saw this Nd smiled to herself...While they were eating suddenly rey's mom says...

Rey's mom:kria tumhe rey ke saat sona padega na..

suddenly kria's throat choked,she was coughing hard immediately rey got up from his seat went near kria gave her some water Nd started patting her back ..

Rey*concerned*:kria are u okay?

Kria was feeling a bit better now...

Kria:ya...ya am ok rey

Rey*angry*:maa kaise kaise baate karthe ho aap kathe waqt!!

Rey's mom*confused*:meine kya kaha?meine toh sirf yeh kaha hai ki tum dhono ek room mei soyenge

Rey came back to his seat...

Rey:woh ..woh sabke samne aise kaha toh ...(he was not understanding wat to say)

Swayam:woh aunty chodo na...waise uncle nahin aya?

As soon as swayam changed the topic Rey thanked him through his eyes Nd immediately looked at kria asking him as she was ok...She was very touched with his concerned she just smiled back at him he too smiled at her...

Rey's mom:woh usko nahin pata hai...woh bussiness mei busy hai isliye meine socha baad mei keh dhungi...

Swayam:oh okk...

ALl completed their dinner...Actually forgot to say kria was wearing a chudi as she was meting her sasuma for the first time she changed into chudi...Sorry did not mention but as soon as rey saw kria he was lost in her dreamland,as the gang were making wierd sounds to make him come to earth stopped him from going into her dreamland...He was just admiring her all the time...actually wash basin was present to a corner of the room...ppl who are standing near the dinning hall cannot see the ppl near the wash basin as it is a kinda closed...Rey was the last person to complete his dinner...All except kriyaansh were seated iin the main hall...Kria but wer is kria??wait lemme explain...LOL

Rey went near the basin Nd started washing his hands...He was again lost in Kria's land ,He was thinking how she smiled how she looked in that chudi etc etc he was smiling to himself..water was flowing continuously Nd was he was seeing somewer Nd washing his hands continuoslyLOL..

Suddenly the water flow stopped.WAit someone offed the tap!who is it?
Its none other than kria...He sensed that water was not flowing anymore when he saw to his right he found kria crossed her arms over her chest,was leaning to wards the wall Nd smiling at him..

He was also smiling at her dreamingly...

She snapped her fingers infront of him ,he came back to his senses...

She handed him napkin to dry his hands when he was about to take it she pulled it back Nd handed her Duppata to him to dry his hands,by handing him the dupata she was smiling...He smiled st her actions Nd took her dupatta to dry his hands..LLHH starts...She broke the LLHH nd started blushing ,she was turned back Nd was about to go when he pulled her duppata which was in his hands,Nd she landed on him...Again LLHH startedSmile

They were soo close rey came close to her Nd they were about to kiss when rey's mom shouts "kria kaha ho tum!!"

Rey was so irritated...He pulls back goes near the wall Nd starts Hitting his hand against the wal in a filmy way saying "Kyun bhagwan kyun sab mere saat hi hotha hai!!!??"..kria was just laughing at him ...Suddenly he had hit a bit hard without knowing ,


Rey's mom*shouts*:kya hua rey?!

Rey*shouts back*:kuch nahin mom chintha maat karo...

As soon as rey shouts in pain ,kria rushes towards him , starts taking his hand in hers Nd starts caring for him...

Kria*Concerned*:rey yeh app kya kar rahe ho?bada chot lag gaya toh?

Rey was melting in her concern(kitni baar lost hoga yeh rey kria ke dreamland mei?haad hota hai yar!LOLTongue)

Rey:toh tumhe bura lagtha hai?*softly*

Kria:Muje nahin lagega toh kisko lagega

Kria bits her tongue to what she said ..rey feels happy at what she said Nd was smiling at her...

Rey's mom*shouts*:Kria ktinchen mei help chahiye kya mei aau?

Kria*shouts*:nahin!!!kam ho gaya hai mei arahi hun!!

Kria to rey:sorry rey jana padega...While going she moves a bit forward again comes back kisses his wound Nd runs away from there blushing before he could answer her anything..Rey also smiled at her action Nd kissed the place wer she kissed Nd smiled...

ALl however convince rey's mom that girls will sleep in one room Nd boys in other...

Its early morning Nd its the Day of SWaron engagement

Kria wakes up stretches herself Nd says "good morning rey"
Then she immediately gets a msg frm rey ,When she saw his name she had a wide smile on her face ,the msg was-"good morning my dear baatcutter"

(guys am skipping a little bit swaron's engagemnt marrige coz am gng to concentrate on only kriyaansh.sorry if any swaron fans felt bad)

She replied back -"i love u rey"

Got a msg from him "Love u too baby"

She felt something different when she read the word baby,but she loved that feeling...

She got up ,all got ready Nd all were busy with the works given to them Nd rey kriya dint get time to romance,rey even did not get time to complement her as she was looking so beautiful in her salwar kameez...Finally the ring cermony completed Nd all were seated around a round table Nd were gossiping kria n rey were stealing glances Nd rey did an ishara that she was looking great ,kria blushed to the core ,Nd rey was enjoying every bit of it...


Here ends my update i hope i gave a bada wala update...hope u ppl lik it...

Plz do hit the like button

Nd do give bada bada comments

Sorry culd not give precap bcoz dint think of anything yet...

Edited by nishirockzzz - 23 May 2012 at 1:09pm

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spicyrays Goldie

Joined: 06 April 2012
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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
teaser was really... full of twist... nw update jaldi m eager to  read more... k tc
spicyrays Goldie

Joined: 06 April 2012
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Posted: 23 May 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged
hey m d first one to comment nd lyk... waiting to read more...

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