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22nd May WU *Rab ne bana di jodi*

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Hey hey heyyy.. I'm back with the updates..I know a little late but what I slept when I came home..Dead neend ki qurbani nahi na de sakti.. anyways a nice episode again..When is that vampire serial starting?? I saw on IF i think today right? whose gonna watch it.. not mee.. neither I watched geet nor the vampire serial..Dead acha anyways.. enjoy the episode and if anybody has seen  the hindi movie Department.. Update me on it.. I love Rana Day Dreaming.. AgNi scenes are in red as always and the key to the nick names I use is under..OMG I totally forgot you guys watched yesterday's episode?? boy was it good.. it was amazing.. must watch for all AgNi and non AgNi fans just to see how the story is proceeding..The scene where Agam is giving explanations to Nimrit how he is not uneducated Navi emoted so well.. his inhibitions, his sorrow, how he didn't wanna tell her but told her at the same time was Bingo.. Awesome Thumbs Up I'll do yesterday's epi as soon as I get more time..

Agam's mother: Cupid Mummy/MIL/Mummy jee
Agam's father: Ganju Patel/Kameena no 1/FIL
Amrit's signature evil expression Evil Smile
Amrit's maha fake smile Smile

22nd May Video Update: Watch Here

Written Update

Starts with Agam challenging Amrit to make the cow dung cakes instead of Nimrit.. Amrit accepts the challenge and does so.. she asks Nimrit to do something else while she will make the cow dung cakes.. Nimrit is elated to hear that.. Beeji senses something is definitely wrong.. Amrit makes the cakes giving her Evil Smile and Smile from time to time..Amrit comes outside to wash her hands where Cupid Mummy is asking Tej to come inside.. Tej says he won't come in the pooja as today's Agam's big day and if Agam sees him he will get mad..MIL says nothing would happen as Agam after listening to Tej only paid the money to save Nimrit's house..and also Tej's father took Agam's guarantee of Tej's say (Awww Tej is a cutiee pie.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed he is a true friend) Tej says Agam needs some time and he is giving him that.. after some days Agam would be fine by himself.. Amrit listens to all this and thinks to use this for her benefit Dead..she decides that she would do something so that Agam would never forgive Tej and with that he would also throw Nimrit out of his life.. In the pooja Nimrit is thanking Tej's parents for all their support Amrit comes and asks for Tej from them.. His mother says Tej is not coming inside..Amrit says the pooja is incomplete without Tej because only on Tej's say his father took Agam's guarantee.. Nimrit is shocked to hear that coming from Amrit as are Tej's parents.. Amrit says Nimrit can bring Tej into the pooja..Nimrit goes outside and tries to convince Tej to come inside..She tells him not to think about anything but to think like her friend.. Agam is her husband and he is her very good friend and she needs her good friend in her husband's happiness..back inside Amrit is trying to instigate Agam against Nimrit.. She asks for Nimrit saying the pooja mahurat is going away and why is Nimrit not there.. she says nothing should have been more important for Nimrit then this pooja.. Agam asks her to stay behind and talk as she is smelling ShockedShockedROFL Amrit says she washed her hands.. Agam says he doesn't know but there is something which is smelling ROFL (OMG Agam you are the best.. kya bezatti ki hai.. maza aagaya LOL) Nimrit and Tej come inside Nimrit comes to Agam and says she has to tell him something.. she says Tej and just then the Pandit says it's time for the pooja and get started with it (Pandit tu kabse intezaar karaha tha 2 min nahi ruk sakta thaa AngryLOL... and silly silly Nimrit how did she even think of telling Agam anything infront of the evil rajkumari Dead) Agam and Nimrit start with the pooja..Beeji looks happy as Amrit is mad..Nimrit puts her hand on Agam's when he is performing the pooja.. Amrit is burning like a house on fire Evil Smile and a new song plays on her something zeher bhari hoon main ROFL (such an apt song.. zeher bhari hoon main ROFL) Raajmata sees this and asks Amrit if she is jealous LOL (She says Jal gayi ROFL Raajmata tussi baray mazaki ho).. she asks her to put the Smile on else people will see her real face.. Amrit is going Wacko Beeji says Agam and Nimrit's jodi is very pretty and no one can separate them now as God made this jodi.. Amrit is constantly burning..LOL AgNi come to give everybody the aarti.. Beeji blesses them of a companionship for seven lives.. Amrit is burning she puts her hand over the diya and then puts her hand on the cotton thing to blow it off.. The diya blows off and Tej's mummy is worried.. Nimrit is worried that Amrit is hurt but Amrit says she is fine.. Agam looks disinterested LOL ( I love this expression of Agam.. whenever he is not interested he shows it off.. as if he is saying in his heart.. Saali natak karahi hai ROFL)

Amrit says she is sure somebody would have a first aid box here and MIL says Tej has it.. next we see Tej is dressing up Amrit's burns Dead.. Amrit asks how Tej is .. he says he is fine.. she says she heard he got his posting here only.. he says yes.. Amrit asks if he is angry with her.. Tej says we only get angry with our own people and he doesn't have any relationship with Amrit Clap.. She says you never know they will become friends again.. Tej says maybe she is forgetting but in Mahi Malik's party she asked Tej to stay away from her and Nimrit..She says Nimrit and Agam's marriage has changed everything and she has changed too.. she says she now wishes well for Tej and also feels sorry for him Confused..She says what not did Tej do for Nimrit and what did Nimrit do.. she broke of the friendship and married Agam (These are so not gonna work on Tej, Amrit.. he is a smart one.. but I can see a jodi in the making.. Tej and Amrit Cry feel sorry for Tej but the story has to move forward) Tej asks Amrit to stop.. he says he knows why Nimrit did this marriage and after the marriage he respects Nimrit even more.. he says if he had a last friend in this whole friend it has to be Nimrit.. he was her friend and will always stay her friend Clap.. Amrit says she was just checking on how his friendship is with Nimrit (yeaahh right jalkukdi kahin ki... Jhooti Dead) Amrit thinks she has to use this friendship against Nimrit-Agam and as soon as Agam gets to know he will think this is not friendship but something else.. she says she will make sure that this happens..Nimrit is taking Amrit to the doctor.. Nimrit asks how Amrit is feeling.. she says she is good and she knows how to tend to her injuries Dead (yeaahhh sure kyun nahi doosron ka jeena haram kardo bas yehi aata hai) Amrit asks Nimrit to come home.. Nimrit says she can't as Agam is leaving to Delhi for some paper work related to dhaba so she has to help him in packing and also go to the station to see him off (AWWW what a perfect wife she is.. beauty with brains and kindness.. Nimrit is a perfect blend of everything.. Agam is Maha lucky and Vice Versa Embarrassed) Amrit asks Nimrit to come to Gurdwara the next day because she has arranged some program there for Agam-Nimrit's success in the business.. Nimrit is happy to know that and she says she will come (I'm sure Amrit has a plan in the dhaba thingy telling you..she has planned something else for sure..itni achi to Amrit kabhi ho hi nahi sakti na) Agam is sitting on the dining table and his mother brings him tea.. Kameena no 1 comes just then and asks if the tea is for Agam..Agam is going to drink the tea when Mahi asks him to put the tea down.. he asks him to pay for the tea Shocked He says whoever eats and drinks here will have to pay.. Nimrit is standing at the back listening to everything.. MIL asks him who does that for their own kids and 500 rs for a cup of tea (OHHH TERIII.. freaking paanch sau rupeeeyyy.. Mahi to poora sathya gaya hai.. gadhaaa DeadDeadAngry) Agam asks his mother to stop.. she stands up, pays him 500 rs and leaves (awww poor poor poor Agam he didn't even take a sip from itCry I feel so bad for him.. already he is running low on the money *tears* *tears*) Just when Agam is leaving Mahi calls from the back saying this 500 is not included in the 9 crore Shocked Agam leaves..MIL is sad and Nimrit has tears in her eyes Cry

Agam is in his room packing ready to leave for Delhi.. he is talking to someone on the phone when Nimrit enters and sees the money in the suitcase.. she asks about them.. Agam says he told her that he taught boxing in the gym sometimes so he saved this amount..He says he didn't even get the whole amount from the bank and whatever he got is gone for the dhaba's installment..he says he also has to pay someone 45 thousand in Delhi (I think Pentaalis is 45 Confused.. Agar main urdu theek se parh leti to aaj yeh din naa dekhna padta OuchLOL) He says now Mahi Malik is asking for money so they need money for the kitchen expenses too ..Nimrit says all this is not Agam's worry..How to spend money in the house, how to save it etc etc is what a wife thinks.. A husband earns and gives it to her.. she says Agam should give her the money and she will take care of everything..she says he will get the amount he needs before he leaves for Delhi.. Agam gives her the money and looks impressed (They are adorable.. both of them together in the screen make it much more interesting Embarrassed) Nimrit is going down the stairs with money in her hand and tensed..She tells everything to MIL and says she told Agam that she will take care of everything just because he was very upset.. But now she is confused.. she says she doesn't know what to do..MIL says all you need to manage the expenses are 4 fingers..MIL then explains her the method with the marriage mantra's playing in the bg so we don't know what MIL is telling her..Nimrit says she is the best MIL is this world.. MIL says the type of atmosphere they have in this house Nimrit will have to be very cautious.. she says she is sure Nimrit will be able to do it (I love Cupid Mummy even more now.. she is sooo good Hug cupid mummy aapke liye jaadu ki jhappi.. lelo lelo.. free hugs) Agam is standing on the terrace when Nimrit comes with a plate of food in her hand..she calls Agam and gives him the plate.. Agam uncovers the food by removing another plate to see there is only a roti, some onions and very less achaar/sabzi in it.. Agam looks at Nimrit and Nimrit looks worried (Nimrit doesn't eat until Agam eats and here I think the food is less.. so is she even gonna eat?? Are they going to share ? awww Day Dreaming)

Precap: Amrit says where is Nimrit? she says Nimrit and Tej are both missing.. where are they?? Mahi says Nimrit must have gone with her lover aka Tej Angry Amrit asks him to control his tongue and not to forget that he is talking about her sister..

Nice episode.. too much happening.. I like how Nimrit has taken the responsibility.. they complement each other so much.. As Beeji said they truly are Rab ne dana di Jodi..What Agam lacks Nimrit provides and whatever Nimrit lacks Agam fills in.. Amrit can never ever in this life be nice to anyone.. she is so freaking mean and disgusting but guess who is even more disgusting.. Mahi Malik.. badtameez aadmi.. I hate him.. he is so ewww ewww ewww.. but the guy playing Mahi acts good too.. he convinces me totally that he is super evil..and how can he even link Nimrit and Tej??? ghatiya Dead Nimrit is definitely falling in love with Agam especially after watching yesterday's epi.. I hope AgNi miss each other whlile Agam is in Delhi.. and hopefully fingers crossed Agam won't fall for Amrit's nonsense.. he isn't a stupid character but you never know it is still a hindi serial where doubting your wife is every husband's birth right SillyLOL

Enjoy the episode guys.. Yesterday's update will come soon.. take care all of you
-Pulwasha- Hug

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O o again a funfil episode... Wow Amrit is trying & trying her luck but failed uh uh poor girl ... Amrit shd pair up wid tez --- looks good ... Have u noticed while bandage her hand he ( tez )never sees Amrit face... Bichari Amrit ---- insult pe insult...

Thnxx 4 the lovely update...

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Thank you so much ...What a lovely update..Thumbs Up

Its always a pleasure reading your write up about the Epi with its added comments and emoticons..Smile

So truly said Agni are each other's strength in this bad phase of their life..

I can see them succeed even though amrit is trying her best to separate them..

Amrit should learn to respect herself and learn a much insult and agham this guy rocked ..he knows wat's amrit doing and the badboo scene was like a big slap on her face..

Mahi malik less said about him is better but he will pay for all his sins..its his days now but it will be the reverse in the future..agham malik will give it back to him..

In tonight's epi i want amrit to get a zor ka jhatka again and nothing happens to nimrit with her antics..

LOL liked what you said its the birth right for a husband to doubt his wife and above all in a hindi fiction..its so cliche but this time i want Rajan sir to do an exception for this awesome character of Agham..he is too powerful a character to make him have doubts on a wife like nimrit...dont make him fall in that category of doubtful husband..but never know with these creatives for TRPS..

I'm enjoying this show very much as Agni is a delight to watch on screen..Smile

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Welcome back  Pulwasha hope you have a great weekend in NYC because the  weather was beautiful. Any thank alot for your awesome update as always. I hope some one can volunteer to do written update when you are not available.

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