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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

The written update for May 22nd 2012

SuganthiS Goldie

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Posted: 22 May 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged

Hi Everyone, with all the news floating around about an impending leap and a storyline which we don't really like or want, here's hoping for something positive to happen in BALH which makes us all happy!  I am writing the update on behalf of Maria. The written update for May 22nd 2012...

The episode starts with Priya giving instructions to Bansi Kaka about the things needed for the pooja at the old Kapoor mansion (haveli). Daadi comes there and enquires about the pooja items and Priya assures her that she has kept the things according to the list given by Daadi. Ram comes there and listens to Priya saying this and Daadi praising Priya. Ram smiles and Priya suddenly realises that she is not supposed to be so enthusiastic about the pooja or anything to do with Ram!! :whistling: :whistling:

Daadi wonders where her Chutki was when Rishabh informs Daadi that Slimy Sid would come directly to the old Kapoor house and his mom...we see Niharika coming down the stairs, holding her head. Ram asks her what was wrong Niharika is all wrong from head to foot! Niharika pretends she isn't well and says that she would not be able to come for the pooja at the old house. Her head was aching and she felt like a fever was coming.

Ram tells Rishabh to call the doctor but Shiney Mama stops him and he hops along :prosper: to his sister Switty to take care of her! He asks the rest of them to go. But of course, Priya cannot have Niharika staying back! How can Niharika stay back...what will happen to Priya's master jasoosi plan?! Priya tells Shiney Mama to go and she would stay back. Priya nudges Daadi to give Niharika some desi medical treatment!

Daadi says that as the elder daughter-in-law, she has to come for the pooja. Priya pretends to support Niharika :laugh: but Daadi shouts to Bansi to make some khada (medicine) for Niharika. Ram looks on with a Oh God, the women of my house have gone cuckoo! :laugh: expression. Priya puts on an act and says that they should call a doctor, Mummyji cannot drink the khada. Daadi insists that Niharika will drink the khada.

Daadi, like an army general walks with the khada to Niharika who looks like she's going to faint anytime! Priya asks Ram to convince his mom to drink...Ram also tells Niharika to drink the khada. Niharika with a :puke: expression holds the glass and tells Daadi that the khada was magical, just by holding and smelling it, she was feeling better. Ram gives Niharika a strange look...Ram actually has a buy one, get one free option in his life...his stepmom is a drama queen and his wife Priya...:P

Neha is back home and Vikram tells her all about what's happening between Ram and Priya. Neha is happy that what they have not been able to do all these years, trying to bring Niharika's true face to Ram, Priya would be able to achieve it. Lets just hope that our dear creatives don't decide to be uncreative and make Niharika win in this situation! :furious:

We come to the old Kapoor mansion. We get to see a big mansion and the servants are cleaning up the place. Ram is happy and emotional to be there. Niharika looks as if she's just seen a ghost! Ram tells his Daadi that she was the first bride to set foot in the house and he wants Daadi to come in first. Niharika doesn't want to come in but Shiney Mama pulls her in!

Everyone goes in and Ram turns back and invites Priya in. He tells her that if his father was alive, then he would have been so happy to see Priya. Priya now puts on her act, she acts as if she's not interested in seeing the house. She wants to go back. Ram request her not to have any bitterness in her heart that day, it was a special day. Ram says not for him but at least for his father.

Priya starts her lecture about how she's not interested in Ram, his father, his father's ancestral home...Ok, I feel like telling Priya...enough already! Ram doesn't believe in whatever Priya is saying. Vikram is also there and he also tells Priya to come in. Priya again starts her...Is it compulsory that I have to come in etc etc. dialogue!

Priya continues and tells Vikram that is he also telling her that she has to cover her head and come in like a proper daughter-in-law. Vikram says not a bad idea. Priya tells him not to expect all this of her. Vikram tells Priya to do it not for anyone but for the traditional custom. Ram has this cute expression on his face, he totally doesn't believe Priya and her words. Priya pretends like she's being forced to do things, covers her head with her dupatta and bends down and touches the floor. She gets emotional while doing this and Ram watches her with a smile on his face.

Priya steps into her ancestral home. Ram looks around and instructs the servant to get the whole house clean. Someone from the office brings Ram a file and gives it to him. Niharika is wondering what the file is. Daadi tells Priya that this was the home where Ram was born. Ram gives the file to Nihrika and tells her that it was some papers pertaining to the textile company which is in Niharika's name Niharika owns a textile company and yet she only owns 3-4 pairs of clothes! Ram tells her that the office had sent the file home for her to sign because Niharika wasn't feeling well. Wow, the news about Niharika not feeling well has spread so fast and yet the things that should come out in the open don't come out for years and years!

Niharika says that she will read the file and send it through a servant to the office after signing it. Niharika goes to a corner and opens the file. An envelope falls out. She picks it up and there is a scrap of cloth in the envelope. Niharika looks frightened. She picks up the scrap of cloth which she drops and quickly puts it into the envelope, looking truly scared. :eek:

Vikram and Priya are walking and he starts to tell her about Ram's memories in the house when Ram interrupts. He wants to show Priya his old house but Priya tells him that she isn't interested. Poor Golu...Ram, forget Priya, I don't mind a tour of the house! :innocent: Vikram tells Priya to go with Ram, the house held his childhood memories. Priya again starts her I am not interested dialogues! Please creatives, do give Priya some new dialogues. Priya goes with Ram, who has a God, if I didn't love this woman, I wouldn't have tolerated all her nakras look on his face!

Slimy Sid is walking around, Shiney Mama asks him what was wrong. Sid says that he was expecting a call. He leaves when he gets the call. Mamaji says to himself that Sid has exceeded his Mom in being a villian! What is this call that Sid gets, who is it from...stay tuned, BT creatives will let you know in about...ok, I cannot predict the time frame, its a Balaji serial...can be anytime from a week to 6 months to the CVs completely forgetting about this call!

Niharika comes there looking pale and tells Shiney Mama that she wants to leave the haveli (mansion). She tells her brother that she's scared, she feels like Amarnath's ghost is staring at her. That was why she got Ram to leave this mansion and got the new Kapoor Mansion built. Niharika is angry with Daadi for bringing Ram back to the old mansion. Sid comes after his call and asks his mom if she was alright. Not bothering for an answer, the filial son Simy Sid :tongue: leaves and Niharika and Shiney Mama want to leave too when Daadi stops her with her Oye Chutki :laugh:

Shiney Mama tells Daadi that Niharika wasn't feeling well. Daadi tells about giving Niharika the khada. Niharika wants to go home and Daadi tells her that she could do so but to tell Ram before she goes. Niharika and Mamaji go hunting for Ram. Vikram misdirects them about Ram's whereabouts! :clap:

Ram and Priya are walking and Ram shows Priya the corridor where he spent running and playing in his childhood. He points to a small window where he used to sneak out when his Dad would forbid him to go and meet his friends. Ram looks emotional while telling Priya all of this while Priya tries to look as if she's not interested. We get a flashback of a young Ram sneaking out of the window. Ram has a happy look on his face when he tells Priya that it was difficult to imagine that the fat Ram could once sneak out of that small window.

Ram wants to show Priya his old room. He welcomes her to his old room and shows her his old cupboard. Ram opens the cupboard and we see his childhood toys. Ram says that he would keep all his important things in that cupboard. Ram takes out a box and opens it. There are marbles in the box. Ram remembers when he was young...we get a flashback...

A young Ram is keeping some things in the cupboard when his Dad Amarnath comes there to give him something. His Dad also hands him a box on the bed which contains the marbles. Young Ram keeps it in the cupboard and locks it. His Dad asks him why he was locking the cupboard. Ram tells him to keep his things safe. Ram's Dad laughs and tells him that no one in the house would touch his cupboard and the things in it would remain as there are. We come back to the present and see Ram remembering his past with a nostalgic look.

Priya thinks to herself...Ram, even though you are older, you are still a child at heart and innocent. Some people whom you think are your own, are trying to take advantage of this innocence. Niharika and Shiney Mama are still trying to find Ram :laugh:...Mamaji says that the way they are searching, they could find even Lord Rama. Vikram sees the brother and sister pair searching for Ram and has a smirk on his face. He thinks to himself that the game has just started and to see what happens as time goes on! Don't mind anything happening as long as there is no disgusting storyline after the leap!

Ram tells Priya to come, there was more to see when he stops in front of a room. We see the door half open and there is a prayer altar there. Ram's face has a pained, angry look and he walks away. Priya asks him if they were not going to see that room. Ram tells her that the room was not important. Priya tells him that they should see the room, otherwise Ram would later tell her that she has not seen that room and make her come there again.

Priya sees the prayer altar and says that it should definately have been a woman's room Don't guys pray? :hmm: Ok, I'm asking too many questions, aren't I? Priya asks if it was Ram's mother's room. Ram is getting annoyed and tells her that he doesn't want to talk about that room. Priya tells him that she forgot...Ram hates his mother, has asked her not to talk about his Mom. Priya says that looking at the room, she suddenly remembered Ram's Mom.

Priya tells Ram that she has a reason for asking for a divorce. Ram asks her what? Priya tells him that Ram doesn't respect his Mom. A man who doesn't respect his mother, how will he respect his wife. Ram never bothered to find out the truth about his mother, then how will he trust his wife? Ram looks at Priya while she continues. She tells Ram that all these years, Ram did not bother to find out about his mother, how was she, was she alive, how was she living alone. Priya says that she was worried if Ram would behave the same way with her. If he did not respect his biological mother, Priya was an outsider in Ram's life...theirs was a marriage of compromise. There's that phrase I hate, marriage of compromise! :frusty: Ram looks on, giving good expressions while listening to Priya's words. At last better dialogues for Priya!

Priya tells Ram that woman was his mother, they had a blood relationship. If Ram did not love the mother who gave birth to him, how would he love his wife. Priya tells him that Ram was not capable of love...she did not want to have any relationship with Ram (Ram has a Oh no, Priya, not the same dialogue again look) and seeing his behavior today, she was more determined, Priya wanted a divorce. Ram tells Priya, Priya, please, I beg of you...I have already told you that I don't want to talk about my mother or my past. Ram walks away and Priya looks on with a frustrated and sad look.

Precap: Priya, Vikram and Daadi discussing about Niharika and the piece of cloth that was found by her in the envelope. They are happy that Niharika is frightened and Priya says to see what happens as time goes on!

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thank u for the update!!

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Great update to such an episode :)!  Thanks!

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Thanks for the update Suganthi

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thanks for the update

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thanks a lot for the update...
god i dont want the ram ayesha marriage dont spoil the story line plz...

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Thanks Suganthi for the nice WU.. Just a small doubt. According to the precap all three(dadi. Priya and viks) are discussing that everything is going acording plan. Is Dadi aware of Nikhs real role?If so she  could have put her DIL in her place long time back na?

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Thanks Suganthi for a wonderful update! Thoroughly enjoyed your opinions in bold! Even
Better than the show! Big smile

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