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FF : I Feel Everything Part 36 Updated (Page 45)

dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
arnav made a mistake again he let his anger overrode his brain and shut down his thinking akash asr is going to kill him when he gets his hand on him and nk know she is not safe and the idiot left her alone hope he gets her back before that snake hurts her can we kill him yet please 

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--drama_queen-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
amazinf update...
nd woahhh the precap looks interesting...
continue soon asap...
cant wait for more.

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velangini IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
great update

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Desi- Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 1:39am | IP Logged

FF : I Feel Everything Part 24

As Arnav continued to wait, he heard his door  creak open...

What he saw woke the beast inside him.

"Bhai...please listen..."

Arnav dropped the phone and lunged towards Akash...

Fixing his grip at his brother's throat, he slammed him painfully against the wall...

As Akash choked and spluttered, Arnav growled..."How DARE you come back here! "



Akash tried to shake his head but Arnav only pressed against his windpipe harder...

"I swear, I will kill you if you don't tell me!"


Releasing him slightly, Arnav's eyes almost burned with fury...

Shyam has robbed me of something more precious than life!!! And YOU ARE GOING TO TELL ME how he has done this RIGHT NOW! Or I SWEAR...I WILL KILL YOU...NOW!"

"He wanted to take Khushi...but he won't kill her... Not until you're there to watch..."

Arnav, possessed with primal rage, withdrew his fist and slammed it into the wall right beside Akash's head...

"Why!?" he re-gripped his brothers collar..."Why have you done this! Why have you helped him!?!"

Akash was shaking in fear..."I...I had to...He threatened Payal & Khushiji's family! And also Payal..."

Hauling him by the collar, Arnav threw him brutally onto the floor..."You bas***d! You could have come to me for help! You weren't willing to risk YOUR wife, but you were willing to risk your wife's sister! MY WIFE!!!!!"

"Bhai! I'm...I..."

"SHUT! UP!" Arnav boomed...

Striding to pick up his phone, he heard the voice on the other end trying to get his attention.

"Sir, we don't know how, but He is NOT in his cell. The video feed shows that he is, but I don't know who would have..."

Arnav's rasping voice interrupted..."Has Akash Raizada been to visit him?"

"Yes sir. Many times...but just know that we have every available officer out searching for Shyam, we are checking out surveillance and we will contact you the second we find..."

Arnav cut the call.

He had stopped listening.

His eyes were fixed on Akash.

"You, are going to tell me where she is..."

Akash stumbled as he tried to stand..."I only know a few places of where he could have taken her..."

Grabbing his shirt in a tight fist, Arnav dragged Akash out to his car...

"Tell me the way. And do NOT think that ANYTHING will get you off the hook for this..."

"But ...her...her family!? What about..."

Arnav picked up his phone and called for security to be placed at the Gupta house immediately.


"Thanks Bhai..."

"They were NEVER in danger! Shyam has used everything that you care about to manipulate you!!!"

Akash looked down...his hands were shaking..."Turn left here..."

Arnav sped into the parking lot, pulled the keys from the ignition, and stormed into the offices..."Khushi!?"

He raced down the halls.



Hurrying back to the car, he flung open the passenger door...

Grasping onto Akash's hair, he punched him hard in the face..."She's not in there! WHERE!?!"

"I ...Don't...know for sure! I was only supposed to divert you towards Di!!!"

Arnav froze..." made me ignore Khushi!? You..."

Slamming the door shut again, Arnav let out a loud scream which he felt throughout his body all the way into his soul...

His eyes widened..."Khushi..."

He knew why his scream was louder, because she was screaming too...

Back in the car in seconds, he sped away...

"Where else!?" he screamed



Akash rattled off an address and Arnav slammed his foot to the floor.

"You better bloody hope she's there!"


Lifting her hand to her head, Khushi unsuccessfully tried to massage away the throbbing...

Before she focus properly, the door swung open and a man entered...

As her eyes adjusted, she saw him as he looked her up and down.

A cold chill slithered through her...


With a lecherous grin on his face, he stepped forwards.

Khushi quickly got to her feet and searched frantically for an escape...

Shyam stalked toward her like a jungle animal.

Her throat began to constrict.

She instantly knew that he was going to hurt her...

Draw it out...

Make her feel his pain...

He had an unmistakable predatory look in his eyes.

The distance between them closed in seconds.

His big hand closed around her waist and held firm.

Instinctively she started to  writhe and tug against him, but he wouldn't let her.

"You and I are going to have some fun while we wait for Saale Saab..." he murmured before leaning so close that his mouth touched her ear.

She tried to suck in a deep breath but found it impossible.

Her lungs refused to expand.

Her breathing was shallow and all she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat.

Like a bass drum it thumped in her ears with no reprieve.

"Arnavji..." her thoughts echoed..."Please find me..."

Her mind came to a terrifying shut down when she felt his hands slid down her hips.

She froze.

With wide, horrified eyes, she looked up at him...

His sickening smile told her everything...

Beginning to buck and kick, she yelled, "No! NOO!"

He was holding her  tight.

She almost wretched when she felt his hand move between her thighs...

Rage and embarrassment burned inside her.

Her strength begging to fade, she attempted one last scream...

As her shrill agonizing screech filled her surroundings, she heard the echoes of another...

"Arnavji...he's looking for me..."

Shyam could see her thinking about Arnav, and gripped her fiercely, cupping his hand over her privates...

"Don't you DARE think of him..." Each word came out punctuated and precise.

She brought her knee up hard into his stomach.

He grunted with the impact, but didn't let go of her.

Instead, he used his leverage to flip her to the ground.

She thudded to the floor, her body splaying awkwardly.

And before she could scramble to her feet, he threw himself on her, forcing the air from her lungs.

He had her wrist in his grasp, twisting it to the breaking point.

Khushi bucked under him, clenching her free hand into a fist and punching him in the jaw.

Shyam rocked back from the blow.

"Bitch!" Then he backhanded her in retaliation.

Clawing his hands into her hair, he snarled..."Today you will become mine..."

His hips jerked forward and she pushed back the bile in her throat when she felt his erection against her hip.

Instinct overtook her fear as she shoved against him... "You're vile and disgusting!!!!!"

She continued to struggle but he was immovable.

Grabbing her wrist, he pinned it above her head.

When she swung out at him again with her other hand, he snapped it up with the same precision.

She tried to tug against him, but the man's grip was like an iron shackle.

Cold sweat blossomed across her forehead and spread the length of her body.

She racked her brain, trying to think of a way out of her situation when a loud shout and glass breaking inside caused him to let her go.

But not before he thrashed her across the face and growled, "Stay! You move, I shoot!"

The abrupt action surprised her more than it hurt.

A dull throb spread across her cheek, but it was nothing compared to what would happen to her if she didn't get out of there.

As he started to reach for a gun tucked in the back of his pants, Khushi staggared to her feet and tried to run...

But she felt a firm hand wrap around her ankle and she fell to the ground...

Her head hit the concrete hard, and her thoughts became fuzzy and incoherent...all she heard, before she lost conciousness was the sound of Arnav calling for her...


Shyam crawled towards her body and roughly gripped her shoulder to flip her around...he knew it was over, and he'd been found...

She was now laying flat on her back...

He gazed at her..."Well, the damage is done , my love..."

Slowly his hands moved over her breasts and he gripped her hard...


Shyam's head shot up and saw Arnav...

He was now face to face with an enraged husband...

Raw, untamed energy hummed through Arnav's veins...

He pulled his gun and aimed at Shyam's heart..."Stand up...and get the hell away from her!"

As Shyam moved slowly, the smirk on his face was disturbing Arnav's control...

He finally let his eyes lock onto Khushi...

She was completely dishevelled.

Her face was stained from tears and welts...

And...she had blood dripping from her forehead...


There was a stark, raw fear evident in his eyes and he wasn't trying to mask it.

Rushing forwards, Arnav almost reached her when he heard a click.

He looked up, and saw the light flash on the egde of a knife...

A blade... in Shyam's hand...

"You going to shoot the knife out of my hand again!? Or do you want to fight like a real man...?"
Arnav wanted to fight. 
More than anything he wanted to end this sick game ...

But Khushi's words from months ago drifted back to him...

She wanted him safe.

He promised that he would leave Shyam for the police.

Sirens began to blare in the distance.

"I see that you have me trapped again..." shyam leered...

Arnav stood protectively beside Khushi, keeping his gun aimed straight at Shyam's heart.

"Well, let's see if Khushiji will forgive you...again...since it was YOU who left her alone for me to take..."

Arnav's control snapped.

Aiming, he shot the knife from Shyam's hand.

Hissing, Shyam merely laughed..."Is that the only trick you have?"

As police began to swarm the building, Arnav lifted the gun once more...

As the shot rang out, he watched Shyam groan and clutch his shoulder as the bullet wound began to leak blood.

Arnav saw a blur of Officers burst into the room and he instantly dropped to his knees beside Khushi...

He lifted her in his arms..."Khushi..." he leant his face close to hers..."Khushi, I'm here, Open your eyes sweetheart..."

Shyam was yelling and laughing as they hoisted him away...

Paramedics raced in with a stretcher and tried to pry Arnav's arms away from his wife...

His focus was on her face..."Khushi...Khushi ...I'm so sorry...I'm sorry..."

The  paramedics became louder..."Sir! We need to check your wife, I you don't mind...

Arnav pulled her  closer against his chest and growled..."I do mind!"


At the loud yell, Khushi began to moan...

Shock began to attack her system.

Her cuts and bruises burned...but the rest of her was cold as ice...

As she opened her eyes, she saw Arnav...

Her heart overloaded with anger and betrayal,  she began to struggle...

" no, Khushi, I'm so sorry!"

With no strength left to scream, she moaned out breathy sobs that cut through Arnav's heart...

Painfully, Arnav released her to the experience of the Emergency team.

She hurt, hurt all over.

She just wanted to get out of this building...

Everything now moved in fast forward...

She was on a stretcher and being carried out...

Khushi could feel Arnav's strong presence beside her and she turned her head away...

Utter despair almost made him double over in pain...

She looked ahead and saw the ambulance...

Inside...She just wanted to get inside the ambulance... where it was safe.

Away from the light.

Away from the memories.

Away from the building.

Away from Arnav.


He knocked at the bathroom door...


Again he knocked.

"Khushi? Sweetheart?! You're scaring me! Please talk to me!"

Still nothing...

This time he knocked harder. 

Perhaps she needed the time alone...


He'd left her alone before and look what he'd allowed to happen...

He heard the water spraying in a constant uninterrupted stream.

He frowned at the door, ran a hand through his hair.

If she were in the shower, wouldn't he hear the change in the water?

But there was not a single sound.

She might hate him, but be damned, he had to know she was all right. 

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Loved it 
me firstwa 
oh babes part 24 awesome as well...

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euphoria_ Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 1:57am | IP Logged
URGHHH i hate AKASH...

'TO DAY I"LL MAKE U MINE...' snakewa just said it...bitch...



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Amanram IF-Dazzler

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Wow! what an update!! can't wait for the next chapters Wink

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shehreen97 Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
aaahhh...finally u've updtd..thnx a lott...superbbb updt...Big smilefantastic,fabulous,hatss offf etc n many more...Big smileLOLLOL.
but how dare akash!!!i want to rip his hair...firstly aakash thn shyam..hate thm both...cont soon... wanna slap them...Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

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