Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hi Guys...Plz Don't Kill MeLOL...Just Updated One n Now started with anotherROFL...ok as I gave a hint at the end of Jhagrate Lovers...I'm going to write another OS on Jhagralu wud be Jhagarte Lovers 2...Wahi Jodi New Love StoryBig smile...However it wudn't be anytime soon...I've to finish some other pending works bfr...So Let Me Know Ur views on that...Smile

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~*~ Teaser

Arjun Singhania

Arohi Ahluwalia

Both Has One Thing Common (Jhagralus)
Let's See Who's The Winner & Who's The Loser In This Game Of Love~~


Part 1 ~ PG 1
Part 2 ~ PG 13
Part 3 ~ PG 24
Part 4 ~ PG 24
Part 5 ~ PG 41
Part 6 ~ PG 52
Part 7 ~ PG 74
Part 8 ~ PG 81
Part 9 (Last Part) ~ PG 85



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Angel4KMH.BI IF-Rockerz

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Jhagarte Lovers II

Part 1


          "Arjun, Arjun, Arjun, Arjun" loud cheers could be heard throughout the stadium. Arjun Singhania the Jaan of his College; a handsome, dashing, fascinating young man who was perfect in every aspect. He was a star between his friends, proud for his teachers and a man that every girl dreams for. If he was a heartthrob for his looks then admired for his friendly nature; well respected for his hard work and achievement. He was successful in every way, an all-rounder in college, excelled in studies; at the same time handling business with his father proficiently. Anything he did was passionate about it; his simple theory...any work you do put your hundred percent, you will get your hundred percent back. Today his team was competing nationally and as always every single person of college was there to cheer for their role model.

          With the last goal kicked by Arjun, the game was over. Everyone yelled in joy; within a minute he was surrounded by his mates when others joined them with equal excitement. Again he made his college shine; in the locker room "dude you rocked as always paar past few games mein tu out of character tha, I mean tune bohot achha khela otherwise hum aaj celebrate nhi karte, still kuch tho tha lekin tune aaj wo kami puri kardi, you are back man" Arjun gave a fade smile "I know, shayed mera lucky charm mere saath nehi tha" "aur aaj??" Arjun thought for a moment, he let out a sigh "pata nehi, chal I'll see you in the cafeteria"'..

          Arjun's whole gang was in cafeteria, celebrating team's success when Sanjay who joined college just two months ago came holding his cheek with right hand. After joining college he got along with Arjun pretty well, so he was welcomed in the gang. Sanjay was a flirt by nature, so Shefali never liked the idea. She was the only girl in their group; in fact she was Arjun's bestie. Arjun had countless friends but his special people belonged to this group where Romit along with Shefali was his best buddy. Suppressing her laughter with sympathetically tone Shefali asked "kya hua Sanjay?? Phirse pari kya??" Instantly he bent down in front of Shefali, acting innocent "haan Shefu dekho na bohot dard ho raha hai" Shefali gritted her teeth "Sanjay meine tumhe kitni baar kaha hai call me Shefali, only Arjun and Romit call me that aur agar dosri gaal pe bhi chaiye toh bol do" at which all laughed loudly. "Baby'" before he can start with his nonsense again, Romit came at Shefali's rescue "Sanjay yaar chod na, let me see tere gaal pe kya hua hai??" he checked "oh no yaar kaafi laal hai, kisne mara??" Billu remarked "kisne nehi, poocho kyun mara??" Shefali making a disgusting face "issyne kuch kya hoga!!"


          Sanjay ignoring everyone dreamily "kya ladki thi yaar, aaj taak meine aisi ladki nehi dekhi, jaisa look waisa andaz aur jab chalti hai tab..." Arjun rolled his eyes while Romit shook him "oye apni thappad ki duniya se bahar aa aur aage bata" "kya bataun yaar uski thappad bhi mere dil ko choon gayi, you know kuch kuch hota hai, paar kash...!!" Shefali mockingly "kash kya Sanjay??"...Sanjay with a sad tone "bohot hi gussewali hai, pata hai mere saath aur doon ladke bhi te, mujhe toh gaal pe paari lekin unko toh jute se maari". Everyone present there burst into laughter; Billu "tab toh wo ghamandi bhi hai; seriously I feel pity for you, tera kismat hi phooti hai" Sanjay sat on the chair "haan wo toh hai, mujhe nehi lagta wo ladki college ki kisi bhi ladke ke haath aayegi" Rohit cleared his throat to get their attention "hmm lagta hai tu bhul raha hai, hamara star yaha hai". Everyone's eyes drifted to Arjun "what, saab mujhe aise kyun ghur rahe ho aur Rohit..." Sanjay cut him in mid-sentence "aare yaar meine toh ye socha hi nehi, aakhir mera dost kis din kam aayega, ek tu hi toh hai jo iss impossible kam ko possible kar sakta hai" Arjun rasied his eyebrow "matlab??''...Rohit smiled knowingly...Sanjay continued "tujhe uss ladki ko patana hai''...Arjun yelled "kya, dimag toh kharab nehi hai tera??" Sanjay sweetly "apne dost ke liye nehi karega??" Arjun scornfully "saab ko apni tarha samajh rakhha hai" which made others laugh. Boys in unison "Arjun maan bhi ja, humara dost ka izzat ka sawal hai yaar"...Arjun glared at them "tum logo ko pata hai na??"...Sanjay in his manipulative tone "achha tu patake mujhe hook up kaar dena...baas" Romit murmuring "taab toh samjho ho gayi, Sher ko chod ke tere jaise Bandar ke gale mein kaun haar dalega" Sanjay "tune kuch kaha??"...Romit "nehi, nehi yaar meine kya kaha!! Arjun angrily "saabke saab pagal ho choke ho, mein ye kabhi nehi karunga" saying he started walking out of the cafe.


          Sanjay ran behind Arjun while all friends followed them; on reaching hallway Sanjay hurriedly went in front of him blocking his way. Arjun irritatingly "Sanjay mere raaste se haat ja"...Sanjay fall on his knees, folding his hands "plz plz" now all moved behind Sanjay...Billu shockingly "aabe ye kya, ek ladka dosre ladke ko propose kaar raha hai"...everyone giggled...Shefali high-fived with Billu "Sanjay tune toh aaj haar ladke ko maat dedi, bechara Arjun badnam ho gaya"...Arjun gave them a deadly look which definitely made them mute. He turned on his heels for opposite direction when Sanjay again blocked his way. Arjun banged his forehead in palm "Sanjay agar aab..." he stopped finding Sanjay looking somewhere else; Arjun tapped on his shoulder and asked "kya hua??"...Sanjay excitedly "Arjun plz tu ek baar uss taraf dekh, wo ladki arehi hai, agar tu usse ek baar dekh lega na kabhi mana nehi karega"...Arjun brought his hands around Sanjay's neck gesturing to kill him...Sanjay pleadingly "plz plz". Finally Arjun gave in, he turned to look but his so called buddies were standing in front of him. He gestured them to move aside and when they did Arjun's world stopped.


          The girl was wearing a short white dress till her mid-thigh exposing her legs; her hairs were straightly fallen on her bare shoulder. Her curvy body, creamy-smooth skin reflected the feeling of rejuvenation. She didn't were any jewelry except a nose ring that just added fuel to the fire. Her lips were rosy pink, she wore flip-flops and her eyes looked ocean of innocence. It was visible she applied khol on her eyes which gave her a sexy look at the same time. In one word she was looking stunning or maybe there was no word to describe her beauty. Her walk also had style in it, as she moved forward Arjun's heart skipped a bit. His eyes were glued to her; he closed his eyes to breath in her odor. Slowly she passed by him, but didn't give an inch to him. Everyone looked at Arjun now, his mouth open, eyes stuck to the empty hallway from where she had left; he was lost in his own world.


            They called him by response, Billu shook the end Sanjay snapped his fingers in front his eyes which brought Arjun back to the real world. It was like she casted some kind of spell on him and only with magician's twist of finger he came back to life. Arjun composed himself...finding his voice "kya hua, mujhe ghur kyun rahe ho tum saab??" Billu worriedly put backside of his hand on Arjun's forehead "beta tera tabiyaat toh theek hai na??" Arjun jerked away his hand and asked in Singhania style "kyun??"...confused Sanjay reminded him "tu toh thodi der pehle aise bhag raha tha jaise wo koi allergy ho"...Arjun turned to look at Sanjay, he moved bit forward and stood face to face "haan tu kya keh raha tha, wo aur mein right?? Mujhe manjur hai. Arjun was about to leave when he took two steps back, his hand raised to Sanjay's cheek in a patting manner "iss gaal pe maara tha na, bhabhi hai bura nehi mante" saying he started walking on his track, turning for a while gave a wink to Romit which assigned Romit his job, soon Arjun was gone leaving behind an open mouthed Sanjay. Shefali smiled naughtily "kya hua Sanjay, apna muu toh band kar warna machhar ghus jayega"...Rohit put his arm around Sanjay's neck "aab sadme se bahar bhi aaja, uss ladki ne aisa catwalk kya hai Arjun ka dil bhi wild baan gaya hai; tera kuch nehi ho sakta aab, chal tera level ka koi dhundte hai"...he started walking holding a dazed Sanjay.


          Billu looked at Romit and Shefali...both were lost in their separate world...he coughed which made them look at him instantly. Scratching the back of his head "achha yaar mein soch raha tha catwalk hoti hai, toh dogwalk kyun nehi hota??" Romit angrily...for breaking his romantic moment and that too for a nonsensical question "tujhe janna hai" he grabbed Billu with one hand by the neck "chal...mere gali mein ek pagal kutta hai...mein tujhe uske paas le jata hoon, answer milega ke pata nehi paar katega jaroor"'...Billu yelled and Shefali laughed. These three also left teasing each other, enjoying their moments...


Teaser:Arjun was sitting on the staircase engrossed in his book when someone came and started pulling him toward an empty place. He felt a push; soon his back bumped with the tree, as he looked up his eyes met with hers.

Hello guys srry I'm in a gayebing mood...somehow manged to write this much for's boring, nothing like u wanted I guess...hope I don't disappoint u...plz leave ur comments n hit the means a lot...plz let me know ur views...positive negative both r welcome...

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i m alll innnHug

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brilliant cant wait

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Wooohhhaaa  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing  Dancing 

Its an awesome surprise ...Wow 

Cant wait to read it ...Amazing :)) 

Yiipppeee this is gonna be Rocking For sure Big smile

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im ready but im nt happy wid the sur names of arjuhi :-(
i liked singhus n allus   but im all the way happy continue ASAP n ur other works too;-)

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kya baat hai.. chutya enjoy kr rhe ho sch much LOL

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