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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

May 20th: Memories of Amar Vyas (Page 5)

secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
@All: Cool posts Thumbs Up

@Anu, Bazinga. Pooja & Jazz: Zabardust posts! Star We're on the same wavelength :) You girls managed to cover all the points from dfrnt angles LOL

@Bazinga: I really enjoyed reading your post ROFL You are three much ROFL

P.S. ROFL @ Youtube removing the video for being too long ROFL

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shell16

Agree the episode was a bit odd, long, draggy,  I kept thinking let's get to the point here!  While I understand Megha needed to go down memory lane so that  she gets some sort of closure with her life with Amar...however, there was no need to go on and on and poor Mohan didn't need to witness each memory. WORD...exactly what I was thinking during the epi tooLOL Megha could have done some of it in private.   It was too much.

I know that papaji didn't mean for the remark  "not everyone is lucky enough to have a son like Amar" to be hurtful but it was a low blow to Mohan.  I was left reeling on his behalf. It was a very low blow indeed...left me reeling on Mohan's behalf as wellOuch

I find all the FBs of Megha and Amar's life to be nice and they show that they had a good life.  But there seems to be something missing.  Where is the big love and passion?  It was all very cute and sweet.   Not sure if that was the point...tooth decay sweetness of first love.  I don't think they've ever portrayed Amar-Megha's life as being of big love and passion since the beginning of the's always had a simple sort of sweetness about it from Megha's descriptions as well...they lived a simple but happy life...

In the promo there was a mirror and bindi scene where Mohan walks in...foreshadowing that Megha will have a reason to wear a bindi again.  I thought that was an amazing piece of imagery but it was missing from the epi.  That promo was just shot seperately for the episode...they were wearing different clothes as well...I didn't expect any such scene in the actual epi...the promo was just going for some symbolism.

Lastly I too don't like the new song version.  I guess it needs to grow on you.  They just over did it today!  If they play it as often as they played it in this one single epi, I have my doubts about it growing on meLOL

I don 't know about the upcoming kidnapping track!  I already don't like it. Arey kyun? ACTION hoga DRAMA hoga...SpiderMan sabko rescue karega...aur kya chahiyeLOL

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
And another thing i just rmbered ..when Ved said Amar jaisa son har kisi ko nahi milta ...wait till one day he says Mohan jaisa second chance bhi har kisi ko Nahi milta tho i wunder will Mohan make his place as a son or a SIL ? I bet on Son but who knows LOL

And idk if anyon
e noticed Ved's very hands were used to throw that chappal on Mohan and aaj wohi haath got Mohan ka sahara and those very hands offered Mohan the plat

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--Hope-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Amar is such a clean shirt adorable as he is the character is boring and while I do appreciate Megha's pain at Amar's loss I still cannot relate to the character

He seems TOO good to be true. somebody should write memoirs.  I am suffering from a sugar overdose of Amar-Megha

The good sheep bad sheep comparison seemed below the belt especially the college dialogues

Still waters run deep.  Mohan does not show his serious depths often does not mean its an empty vessel.  wonder where the CVs are going with that

The only thing poignant about today's epi is the woman's struggle between a past she does not want to let go and a future which seems to be taking over.

Megha has stopped loving Amar and started idolizing him.  Mohan should not even try to replace him.  It would be wrong to try to erase or replace someone that valuable in her life

what will be interesting to see is the moment when Megha realizes that her past and her future can both take up space in her heart and her head harmoniously in their own unique niches. 

Megha will fall in love with Mohan or accept her feelings for him eventually as she has come to depend on him in her own grudging way unknowingly

but the song trying to create a moment between mohan and megha while megha was reminiscing about Amar was just wrong.  cannot explain it but it just did not seem right

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by without-fathom

- Too long. There was too much of a repetitive connotation about the whole "evoke feelings" in the viewer for both Amar, and MM. They could have definitely been more precise there, and I think it would have been better impact. That said, I personally LOVED Aakanksha in her FB scenes! She just looks so fresh and in love and yet NOT OTT for a wife and mother of two kids - you can see the home was sheer bliss, and the contrast between Megha then and now just STANDS OUT. Everyone was talking about the difference between Amar and Mohan - but I personally latched far more onto the difference in Megha. Not taking away anything from the guys. yes I do wish they had kept it a bit more precise but I too loved the FB bits...Aakanksha was wonderful in them and honestly I could fee the WARMTH in that elaborate on the contrast b/w Megha that you're talking about here...yes I agree she's changed but I guess the epi was more OBVIOUS about showing the contrasts b/w Mohan and Amar since Amar was being constantly brought up in convos and memories.

- The bus sequence in the beginning was cute, fun, and clean! A well rounded up thing to the Friday fun! From Friday through today, the one thing I'm more or less quite liking is how they're showing the equation between Ved and Mohan. I dunno if anyone else will concur, but somehow the way Ved is with Mohan at this point reminds me GREATLY of the way Megha was with him before she finally placed her full and final trust. Like that time when she told him that she can see he's been their aid and more than once, but that even if she wants she cannot truly overlook of forgive him the pain he has caused. Papaji is somewhere in that realm, even if currently on the gruff-ier side. He's definitely not blind anymore to the Mohan who grows on anyone! But the prejudice against him runs so deep - it cannot be just dismissed and all the grudgingly cooperating moments come hence!  Oh most definitely...there is no doubt at all that Megha and Papaji are VERY similar in their outlooks...Megha needed her own catalysts to get over her prejudice towards Mohan but Papaji hasn't gotten those he also is wary and grumpy around Mohan right now...Papaji and his fav. bahu/beti are very similar, no doubt...isiliye toh Mohan remarks on them being a double package of ammo with himLOL

- Now comes the tricky part. I'm not sure whether I should feel some deep intrigue about the very odd range of clues thrown at us, and believe the writers have some good well knit mystery track here - or just put it down as they're still deciding what to do LOL Bade ajib ajib clues the LOL Even in my Sherlock viewing dedication I have seen more "connection" between clues LOL Khair, benefit of doubt given for now. Let's see how they "work" out from here! Yeah the clues were kinda all over the place...cohesiveness itni nahin thi us scene mein and the pace felt like a drag too.

- The most stand out touching moment HAD to be (like you said Nur) the college pointing out, and Mohan comparing his own adolescence and bond with Mr. Bhatnagar vs Amar's. It was funny how even in a Amar dominant episode, where my feelings should have been quite singularly devoted to Megha and FIL - Mohan's cynical expressions now and then just tugged! Like here. And then again, at him confessing Amar could not be replaced. I love how Kunal/Mohan brought that strain out - without any tang of jealousy, but at this kind of cynical marvel about the other guy's all rounded luck! Then of course you think of how short lived and gory-ended Amar's life has been - and you see some divine play in balancing "blessings". It evens out... in the big picture.  Beautifully described Jzee...and ofcourse to bring out the Gulaal parallels again...very reminiscent of how Kesar too never intended or wanted to take Vasant's larger than life place in the lives of Gulaal and the family...but somehow those moments were so much more powerful...maybe also cuz of the special connection that Kesar himself shared with Vasant...*sigh*

- To rant once more - I'm going to take forever getting used to this new music. Either they timed it bad on a day where it made a longer ME episode seem endless, not in a good way! Or they just over used it! It kinda just jarred the impact of certain scenes for me! Like it was in the way of the flow - even thought independent lyrics here and there were good. Just the BG score of the whole episode, felt kinky to me. Like abrupt start and end to moments with music!  [email protected] kinkyLOL

- Fave Megha reminiscing Amar moment had to be the after shave - I just LOVE how she touched up her wrist with it, and then by the time the FB was over her she just felt the memory! =) Senses can so play up like credibly - because she truly did "use" it in that moment! Also liked MM reaction to the sight of that slip in the end which read My darling wife... SmileDitto...that bit was BEAUTIFULLY done...fabbb acting from Aakanksha

- Mohan telling FIL that since the "right means" have led them wrong place, they may as well try the "wrong means" this time. I REALLY like how in THAT one statement, Mohan and Amar are distinguished. As two people with similarly well meant intentions, to similarly far reaching extents - but difference of "grooming and growing up" playing a role in the way they "implement" their principles! Mohan the cynic. Amar the angel. Very true...lovely pointClap

Overall, kinda slow for an ME... There was so much news about "mysteries and unraveling" for today, the "action" itself fell somewhat short for me. But yes, like everyone said, it had its moments... Eager to watch the kidnapping and consequences play out - but REALLY hoping the execution itself of this stage in the track doesn't drag! My expectations were low to begin with so not surprised that the actual revelations got passed on to the Monday epi...but the drag tested my patience...and not to forget THE SONGStern Smile

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adoremevirgo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
i loved the epi to the core...

although that kharooz papaji was everywhere...but still they managed to show the pain of megha on seeing all the things that reminded her of amar...and the pain of mohan of helplessly watching her and wanting to do the world for her but cud not...
getting back to their home which has so many memories and getting swept way in the memory land...holding each item and shedding tears...remembering the old days...beautifully executed...
in spite of megha and papaji getting lost in their own world...mohan found a space in the epi...
i liked megha's scenes where she remembered amar...mohan watching from far...helplessly and realising that he has no space in her life...

there was dialogue that mohan said to himself...i cried..."amar vyas u must hv been a very nice person...noone can ever replace u in their lives"

mohan was being witness of every single tear of megha...wen megha felt that amar was touching her cheeks...she touched her cheek by instinct and mohan noticed that too...

then wen mohan was emptying a box...a scrap of paper came out on which was written "my darling wife megha"...megha held it and smiled thru tears...and mohan was looking at her...KKK was brilliant today...mohan was feeling sorry for the same time we cud feel that he was feeling pain for himself too...

mohan has taken megha's advice too seriously...he has fallen in love with megha shiddat se...
two scenes i liked best...
1. megha looking at amar's photo and remembering and crying...just then lights came on and mohan entered...i loved the doubt amar was a wonderful person...but the fact is that he is dead...and life for megha has to go on widout him...and the darkness that has engulfed her will be removed by mohan...
2. wen megha was doing the bed she was remembering how amar and she played with pillow...then wen she got back to present...she saw mohan standing in front of her...till now he was standing outside the bedroom but now he was entering while looking at her...clearly he cud feel every single emotion that she was feeling...wen megha saw was clear she cud feel nothing for him because amar was fresh in her memory...but mohan looking with so much pain...and wen he saw tear in her eye...he lowered his eyes to avoid her gaze...

and of course another scene that stood out...wen megha cud not console nanhi over phn mohan offered to talk to usual that kharoos taunted that wen a mother cannot how can he stop nanhi from doubt mohan taught that papaji a gud this age papaji is yet to learn that it is not always mother-child bond that works...there is another relation that is born straight from the heart...and is equally special...papaji will now know spiderman and chavanni has a bond which can never be explained in words...
i remember once megha telling (whom she was telling i dont remember) that she can never understand the relation between mohan and nanhi in spite of their age difference and so she never comes between their friendship...

one scene i want to mention here...wen papaji was showing amar's college and was remembering those days wen amar won awards and all...mohan said that amar is lucky because mr. bhatnagar doesnt even know his college name...and papaji said amar jaisa beta sabko nahi milta...although that sounded heartless and even mohan was very hurt but said nothing...but i felt papaji was immersed in his son's memory at that time...i felt he did not even properly hear wat mohan said at that time...he just said that thing because at that moment it was only amar in his mind...

overall i hate papaji's attitude towards mohan...more because he knows that widout mohan's help amar's name can never be cleared...but still papaji is behaving as if vyas family is doing a favour on mohan...if papaji cannot like mohan...he shud at least show a minimum respect because if now mohan turns his back then vyas family can do nothing to clear amar's name...

today's episode has been very has taken the show to a higher level...

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by without-fathom

It's pretty interesting how they squeezed in that nuance of Megha's discomfort and FB of Mohan's confession! Yeah that is what made it interesting to me...the timing of the FBs and the subsequent reactions from Megha.

What's even more interesting is how that was the only point she "showed" any such reaction. It's almost like FIL's presence and approval is letting her be her same self with Mohan as pre-realization of his love for her, that guilt free now - even though she's not particularly using Papaji's as her shield technically speaking! Yeah it was like this was the only moment where all that she'd sort of blocked away and brushed under the carpet sort of HIT her...she maybe didn't have her guard up, was caught up in memories and then Mohan suddenly appears in front of her giving her the INTENSE wala lookLOL...and BAM everything comes rushing back to her, dragging her back to the present

And yes - the whole Mohan "ka gham for which his aankhein also cannot be nam" was quite endless LOL But other than that, I liked the balance between Mohan "at work" vs Mohan who "feels". Kunal and Aakanksha both did very well. The song really should have cut short and not played FOUR times!!! It was almost like the prime purpose of the ME was to launch the new song - because saare promised twists are toh are technically shown happening in the precap LOL I guess I will be ranting about the song for a just reminded me of the OSSUM lyrics...Mohan ka gham jiske liye aansoo bhi nahin hain...ohhh so deeepLOL Oh the epi was deffo being used a launch pad for the new song...KOI chance nahin chhoda to bajaao it 24/7...I guess it's going to be the new MM lowe anthem...rabba ve ishtyleLOL

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Maz. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
@Bazinga..I really liked how you described the whole MM sequence at the houseClap Mohan sure does feel her pain..and even in this process of clearly Amar's name, on one side he is undoing the major wrong that he has done, he will be mighty pleased to be the one to provide that closure for Megha and the Vyas clan..

And yea like you guys were discussing yesterday...also the moment JZ pointed out, how Megha never thought all this would stretch so long.. they have not had a chance to move on also, he just did not die of an accident, the entire case and accusations against him have not stopped in the past 2 it's all the more difficult to accept this as a chapter in their lives and go on to the next without having to look back and wonder why all this sorrow was inflicted on them..

@Usha...LOL @ Dinanath's men...areyy he's a big gunda yaar...he'll have men all around Madhya Pradesh at his disposal...LOL..

Oh I forgot about the articles mentioning the CDs...why do I have a feeling then that Megha will probably be having the CD at home in Indore itself and this whole trip would be a waste in terms of finding a clue? Confused

Edit:...Forgot to tell ya the avis! from Friday's episode and especially the one I'm using..I like the new coloring too! Star

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