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May 20th: Memories of Amar Vyas (Page 3)

Meera_Ka_Mohan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Hi Anu, thanks for the analysis.Hug
Agree with you, the episode was dragged a bit.

I too join your club, didn't like the new song - khawwali types, but the song did justify Mohan's dil ka haal... he was feeling her pain...
You know when the song started, you came to my mind, I thought, surely you are going to comment on this... you did!!!.LOLLOL

I have one doubt!!!, why the Bhopal house is sealed?? why they have to enter thru window??Shocked why doesn't Megha have the authority to enter??? The house is no where related to Amar's case na?? I don't understand...Ermm

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Maz. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Edit : Ho gaya finally!...I think I took like forever to

OK seriously what was up with that song? ..bahut jarring laga..with an ajeeb mix of doesn't sound so good...and though the lyrics are probably nice as a separate's a little too mopey for Mohan who really is actually not that sad about his whole situation with Megha I think Ermm ..

I agree with your points about what stood out..

@the auto scene.. That was really harsh...poor could have been counted as one of the moments where Ved just connects with Mohan on you know insaaniyat ke naam pe..he's after all like his son's somewhere woh parent wali feeling aani thi wahan..but Ved's comment was way too harsh..

Basically Mohan was witnessing first hand what Amar meant to these people...and I really felt for Mohan is one guy who would kill for the affection of his dad like so.. and on the other hand who was always hoping he could love someone who would love him back as much and more..(like what he expected of Rashmi long ago)... but he has neither at the moment.. aww hugsy for Mohan Hug 

Megha's and FIL's flashbacks with Amar were sweet yeah... Megha in salwars is just so so it weird I like her in the sari look more?..hehe.. I guess those FB's of Megha's were even before they had kids..

But I liked how he stayed focused to what his real objective is for now...

@kitchen scene...I liked how Mohan was being the host there...LOL.. really sweet how he served them food.. and how he tried to distract them to come to the kitchen.. also liked how Megha tells him that they are just so overwhelmed with everything that has happened...

@your point no.6... LOL... Mohan ki prem ki naiyya doobti ja rahi hai..

I liked the bit where Mohan consoles Nanhi...the poor thing was so scared..I understand her fears...Renu's words were disturbing even for sour faced MIL and I could see Nanhi being all flustered about it. FIL is surprised to know that Mohan- Nanhi have that level of bonding... lol... he's definitely seeing a different side to Mohan..

@bus scene...Mohan splashing water on that weirdo passenger was hilarious! LOL.. even the FIL..couldn't help but chuckle...

Guru's call to Mohan and Mohan's remarks about it to the FIL! LOLLOL.. FIL would definitely be wondering what a weirdo pair these two are...pehle that few seconds before they boarded the bus and now listening to Mohan..

I loved that bit where Mohan is trying to control his smile when he realizes that Ved needs to go and do the business...hahaha...such a naughty bratty smile that was! LOL

@Precap... I think MM will escape out of the house..and end up meeting FIL in the street...and then will come the news of Nanhi missing to them..

@clues... I think it's probably the recipe they won't have to go back to the house again I guess..

Oh yea there was this one bit where Mohan dusts the carton and that 'to my darling wife' piece falls out...ohh I felt for Mohan there, that split second reaction from him..wonderful emoting from KunalClap...though Megha kept staring at it for a loong time, till the song played on loop LOL.. but it kinda felt like that moment in PL...when Megha passes a photo of her and Amar in that file...dil pe lagi thi Mohan ko!.. that earlier scene felt very in your she was screaming out there can be no other person in her life...she's spoken for forever and always..

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ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Agree the episode was a bit odd, long, draggy,  I kept thinking let's get to the point here!  While I understand Megha needed to go down memory lane so that  she gets some sort of closure with her life with Amar...however, there was no need to go on and on and poor Mohan didn't need to witness each memory.  Megha could have done some of it in private.   It was too much.

I know that papaji didn't mean for the remark  "not everyone is lucky enough to have a son like Amar" to be hurtful but it was a low blow to Mohan.  I was left reeling on his behalf.

I find all the FBs of Megha and Amar's life to be nice and they show that they had a good life.  But there seems to be something missing.  Where is the big love and passion?  It was all very cute and sweet.   Not sure if that was the point...tooth decay sweetness of first love. 

In the promo there was a mirror and bindi scene where Mohan walks in...foreshadowing that Megha will have a reason to wear a bindi again.  I thought that was an amazing piece of imagery but it was missing from the epi. 

Lastly I too don't like the new song version.  I guess it needs to grow on you.  They just over did it today! 

I don 't know about the upcoming kidnapping track!  I already don't like it.

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Micron IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shell16

I know that papaji didn't mean for the remark  "not everyone is lucky enough to have a son like Amar" to be hurtful but it was a low blow to Mohan.  I was left reeling on his behalf.
Totally forgot about that scene...Yup Mohan seemed very hurt though it was really unintentionallyOuch...he is always shown to be pained when ever Mr.Bhatnagar is mentioned and guess that dialogue just made him think ki he is not the good son that Mr.Bhatnagar wantedOuch

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Bazinga IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Edited my post on the first page :).


I forgot to add this in my post - my final verdict on the super episode is it was okay. It was not surprising like the FH SE but it had its moments.

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Sunna_Deewani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mohan-sun-na

Hi Anu, thanks for the analysis.Hug
Agree with you, the episode was dragged a bit.

I too join your club, didn't like the new song - khawwali types, You know when the song started, you came to my mind, I thought, surely you are going to comment on this... you did!!!.

I have one doubt!!!, why the Bhopal house is sealed?? why they have to enter thru window??Shocked why doesn't Megha have the authority to enter??? The house is no where related to Amar's case na?? I don't understand...Ermm

I think whole amar's properties and bank accounts are sealed till the court gives the final verdict. 

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Bazinga IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Anu, I am with you on the new tune. It did not have that feel honestly. And yes I too liked the female version of De Re Naa that popped up briefly in between. May be because the female De Re Naa signified a slight evolution in Megha's outlook towards Mohan? She does notice him silently being there for her , hinting that he has her back if she needs him and I think Megha acknowledged it in her own demure and subtle way. That scene where Megha tidies the bed , recollecting the moments with Amar as she does it and then looks up to find Mohan standing at the window seemed like it symbolized Megha finding Mohan if she can look beyond Amar, for once...     

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without-fathom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AreYaar

Originally posted by booosi

Edit: This is the message that got displayed when I tried accessing the 3rd part of today's episode ROFLROFL...Anu its not just usLOL

LMFAOOOROFL Even YT is asking for rehem nowROFLROFL


My face actually bore that expression for some significant parts of the episode, no kidding ROFL What a find Usha ROFLROFLROFL

So anyway - pretty much word to your post Nur. I think if I had to put down the one factor that really bore me down today, it was the music. No kidding. Minority hai ye opinion sai mein?! So people were not feeling compelled to forward it through those one, two, three, four times of MM sequencing?! 

Here's how I sum up the like/dislike of the ME: 

- Too long. There was too much of a repetitive connotation about the whole "evoke feelings" in the viewer for both Amar, and MM. They could have definitely been more precise there, and I think it would have been better impact. That said, I personally LOVED Aakanksha in her FB scenes! She just looks so fresh and in love and yet NOT OTT for a wife and mother of two kids - you can see the home was sheer bliss, and the contrast between Megha then and now just STANDS OUT. Everyone was talking about the difference between Amar and Mohan - but I personally latched far more onto the difference in Megha. Not taking away anything from the guys. 

- The bus sequence in the beginning was cute, fun, and clean! A well rounded up thing to the Friday fun! From Friday through today, the one thing I'm more or less quite liking is how they're showing the equation between Ved and Mohan. I dunno if anyone else will concur, but somehow the way Ved is with Mohan at this point reminds me GREATLY of the way Megha was with him before she finally placed her full and final trust. Like that time when she told him that she can see he's been their aid and more than once, but that even if she wants she cannot truly overlook of forgive him the pain he has caused. Papaji is somewhere in that realm, even if currently on the gruff-ier side. He's definitely not blind anymore to the Mohan who grows on anyone! But the prejudice against him runs so deep - it cannot be just dismissed and all the grudgingly cooperating moments come hence! 

- Nanhi's call was so natural and well done. For a moment, this too transported me back to the time when Nanhi had gotten lost and we'd all been on the edge about how the saving would happen! She isn't even kidnapped yet, but somehow when she bawled out like a kid on the phone, fearing for her mother courtesy that "doubt" which has been seeded in her mind by Renu (grrr!) - I somehow remembered a time as a kid when I got lost (long story) and for a the one hour or so until I was found I couldn't but help think of how the cops for kids would take me to a place where they take kids with no parents, because I'd lost mine! Somehow, a child's mind can weave the most limitless of disasters and dreams - and Nanhi in this bit was that kid who has lost one parent, and suddenly, with Renu's ominous words, a dread takes over her - possibly she feels threatened by what that bad man has previously done to them, and can do now - and just like Megha from the false alarm scene  where she panics to get to her kids, Nanhi here feels the threat on her only parent. Add to that the fact that the 3 people on this expedition are the 3 people who matter MOST in her life at this point. I think Ashnoor was fab in that scene - and cherry on the top was of course, Mohan coming to respite! I just loved how they wove in that bit - what better way to introduce Papaji to the wonderful bond that between MN! Again, his reception of the entire thing was quite reflective of Megha's initial half mind reactions to MN LOL When she could see what was, and had come to accept it to some extent slowly, but it didn't really redeem Mohan anyway. Not then, not quite! 

- Now comes the tricky part. I'm not sure whether I should feel some deep intrigue about the very odd range of clues thrown at us, and believe the writers have some good well knit mystery track here - or just put it down as they're still deciding what to do LOL Bade ajib ajib clues the LOL Even in my Sherlock viewing dedication I have seen more "connection" between clues LOL Khair, benefit of doubt given for now. Let's see how they "work" out from here! 

- The EPIC moment of the episode HAD to be A) Mohan throwing water at that co-pass (about time) LOL B) Mohan talking about "biwi" Guru! Honestly, kahin bi shuru hojata hai bichare ki buraai karne - he's no less than a typical hubby LOL C) Megha's VERY MUCH pun intended comment - bachon ke saath safar kitna asaan hojata hai LOL I loved the double meaning here, her obvious jest at Mohan babu, and the way Mohan is being "almost" son like to Ved... not typically and definitely not accepted so - but from Megha was viewing their bond, I could totally feel the kind of peace she felt at their odd ball equation LOL

- The most stand out touching moment HAD to be (like you said Nur) the college pointing out, and Mohan comparing his own adolescence and bond with Mr. Bhatnagar vs Amar's. It was funny how even in a Amar dominant episode, where my feelings should have been quite singularly devoted to Megha and FIL - Mohan's cynical expressions now and then just tugged! Like here. And then again, at him confessing Amar could not be replaced. I love how Kunal/Mohan brought that strain out - without any tang of jealousy, but at this kind of cynical marvel about the other guy's all rounded luck! Then of course you think of how short lived and gory-ended Amar's life has been - and you see some divine play in balancing "blessings". It evens out... in the big picture. 

- Also liked  Mohan "plate and spoon bajaying" to call attention - it was just, cute! LOL And somehow the way it flowed from how Mohan had espied upon Megha and FIL in their moments and then breaks the wave of melancholy for them without actually "interfering", I liked!  

- To rant once more - I'm going to take forever getting used to this new music. Either they timed it bad on a day where it made a longer ME episode seem endless, not in a good way! Or they just over used it! It kinda just jarred the impact of certain scenes for me! Like it was in the way of the flow - even thought independent lyrics here and there were good. Just the BG score of the whole episode, felt kinky to me. Like abrupt start and end to moments with music! 

- I'm liking how Megha is quite in her skin showing gratitude and comfort around Mohan, even in FIL's presence! I would have been disappointed if she'd shown awkwardness on FIL's account - because that would just not go with the fact that she was TRULY at this point not "guilty" of sharing Mohan's feelings! Also, Mohan heaving that sigh of relief at FIL's departure LOL Bichare ke multiple ended lafde getting good and lucky boy Amar his due justice! 

- Fave Megha reminiscing Amar moment had to be the after shave - I just LOVE how she touched up her wrist with it, and then by the time the FB was over her she just felt the memory! =) Senses can so play up like credibly - because she truly did "use" it in that moment! Also liked MM reaction to the sight of that slip in the end which read My darling wife... Smile

- Mohan telling FIL that since the "right means" have led them wrong place, they may as well try the "wrong means" this time. I REALLY like how in THAT one statement, Mohan and Amar are distinguished. As two people with similarly well meant intentions, to similarly far reaching extents - but difference of "grooming and growing up" playing a role in the way they "implement" their principles! Mohan the cynic. Amar the angel. 

Overall, kinda slow for an ME... There was so much news about "mysteries and unraveling" for today, the "action" itself fell somewhat short for me. But yes, like everyone said, it had its moments... Eager to watch the kidnapping and consequences play out - but REALLY hoping the execution itself of this stage in the track doesn't drag! 

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