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.:.Khatta-Meetha Express #2 - Women's Power.:.

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Khatta-Meetha Express #2 - Women's Power!

Ridzzi Enters: Welcome Everyone to the 2nd NL Issue of the Parvarrish Newsletter Big smile
Jyoti Enters: Yes Guys, heard it right, 2nd Issue. Cool
Ridzzi: Jyo Shocked Ofcouse they'll hear right ErmmLOL
Jyoti: When u speak Stern Smile people Become really very Doubtful. Confused
Ridzzi: Angry I knew u would temme sucha thing, but i don't worry about that..
Jyoti: So Nice! Cool Now Come on, Introduce na! Big smileLOL
Ridzzi: Ok Naaa Ermm

We Welcome Everyone to the


Parvarrish Newsletter Issue #2
Which is Called the 'Khatta-Meetha Express'

Ridzzi & Jyoti: We would Like to Welcome ALL of YOU to the 2nd Issue of the Khatta-Meetha Express of the Parvarrish Forum!

I would Like to thank all the NL-Team Members, for their Help and the Entire Forum Members' for their endless Support. Great Stuff by everyone! Special thanks to Jyoti for being such a sweet Moderator.

Enjoy Reading Everyone! Hope U Like this Issue, and I would like to know ur Feedback on this NL, So that we can Improve and do better in the upcoming NL issues

3 CHEERS to ALL the Parvarrish-NL Members and also a BIG BIG THANK YOU!

> Dialogue Of the Week:
aquariun26 & Shwets1502
> Picture Of the Week: SBSrocks
> Summary Of the Week: swethasyam08
> Emotional Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Funny Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Boring Scene Of the Week: -Ridzzi-
> Irritating Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Best Character Of the Week: prerna4rishav
> Rating Of the Week: sns23
> Best Costume Of the Week: sns23
> Best Episode Of the Week: Priyank.
> Filler Episode Of the Week: swethasyam08

> Avi Of the Week: jyoti06
> Siggie Of the Week: jyoti06

> Winner Siggie/Avi: Sublime Fantasy
> Newsletter Banners/Logos: -Stutz- & shareen
> Post Layout n idea: -Ridzzi- & jyoti06

Loads Of Love,
NL-Heads: Jyoti (jyoti06) Cool and Ridzzi (-Ridzzi-) Approve


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14th May, 2012 Epi # 126

Papaji is upset with all in the Ahuja house. He questions Jeet ji and also shouts at Sweety ji  n Pinky ji. He motivates to fight back and asks them to talk to DJ's parents.

Raavi apologizes to Pinky ji but She says that Raavi hasn't done any thing wrong. She hided the truth as she don't want to hurt her. She asks her to come for dinner and all are waiting for her. Both hug.

Pinky ji n Sweety ji I DJ's house. But DJ's mom don't believe their words and shows what her status is and compares with them and insults them. They both fight with her and she asks them to get out. She also says to teach manner to Raavi.

They both return home and complain abt her to Papaji. He says them to use brains and explains the plan.

Pinky ji calls to DJ's mom as receptionist and gets to know her plans that day. All the three are excited to implement the plan.

15th May, 2012 Epi # 127

The trio are all set to teach a lesson to Mrs. Khurana. Papaji asks Mrs. Khurana to help him in selecting the shirt for him Mrs. Khurana does so. The 2 sisters were hiding and watching them. Pinky ji drops a item in Mrs. Khurana's bag and leaves. While leaving,  the alarm goes off n the security stops Mrs. Khurana. When her bag was searched they find the item. Papaji comes to rescue her. And in the end she pays even for his shirt. He puts his hand over her shoulder making sure the store's CCTV records this drama.

The 2 sisters are happy to see the plan is working. Mrs. Khurana was in the restuaran with her friends and Papaji follows her. Her friends think something fishy going on.

Mrs. Khurana calls security and papaji asks them to check in the recorded tapes of CCTV After seeing the footage they are convinced and her friends leave from there.

Later in the mall, the 2 sisters (Pinky ji n Sweety ji) confront her. Pinky reveals that the old man with whom she was is their dad. She asks to warn DJ and understand the situation of her daughter too. Mrs. Khurana looks belittled.

Papaji, Sweety ji & Pinky ji celebrates for the success of their plan.

Later in the evening, Pinky ji and Jeet ji tell Raavi that she has nothing to be ashamed of or worried about anymore. Pinky motivates Raavi to be brave and face the situation with courage. She assures Raavi that she trusts her completely, and she can never commit a mistake.

Later Raavi is walking on the road, when DJ comes in her way again. Raavi is taken aback, but asks him to get lost and get out of her life. DJ stops her. Raavi is irritated.

16th May, 2012 Epi # 128

Raavi removes the Chilly spray and sprays on DJ's face. He is in pain due to the spray and Raavi is panicked and afraid seeing the crowd surrounded suddenly. She throws the spray and runs to home.

Pinky ji enquires what happened and runs to home. She assures Raavi that what ever she has done is ri8 and says not to worry. Jeet ji to reaches home and he too supports Raavi.

Lucky ji n Lovely were discussing abt the teasing and all which Rocky over hears and misunderstands him. Lucky ji says his experience with Sweety ji to Rocky. He adds that teasing in a jovial way is one thing and teasing in such a way that it hurts them is very bad. Rocky apologizes and says that he was worried due to Raavi.

Sweety ji comes and says that the problem of Raavi is solved. And all were happy.

Everyone reaches to Jeet ji's place and they all support for what Raavi did and its also legal. They get a call from police station that DJ's parents have complained on Raavi. All gents go to station.

Inpector says that they would have complained well before so that the complained would have been from their side n DJ would have been in jail. He says Raavi either need to apologize them and if they won't agree she need to stay for one night in the station n mother / father can accompany her as per the law.

Jeet ji says his daughter won't stay in the station n she hasn't done anything wrong. DJ's parents come there and ask abt Raavi. Jeet n DJ's father have a fight. Jeet says that its legal for self defense. Even if its not then he is ready for the fi8 even its against the law.

17th May, 2012 Epi # 129

Jeet ji and Khurana are having a war of words at the police station. Papaji says them that Raavi is not wrong - the use of pepper spray in India for self defense is legal. Mr. Khurana's lawyer suggests to file an attempt to murder case on Raavi. The inspector tries to object him, but Khurana wants to teach a lesson to the Ahuja's - and raavi. Jeet ji explains Pinky ji, and tells her to bring Raavi to the station.

Pinky ji is determined. She takes Sunny and Rashi's friends with her along with Raavi. Pinky ji tells the inspector that if its wrong for a child to listen to her parents and defend herself, then she won't do it. From now on, he is responsible for all these children and tells the children to listen only to the inspector from now on. The inspector yells.

Pinky ji says that hope he had warned DJ instead who tortured her daughter so much. She says to Mrs. Khurana that if she had taken care of her son, this situation wouldn't have happened.

Mrs. Khurana has a change of heart and takes back the case, & Mr. Khurana is surprised. He leaves the station, frustrated, and Pinky ji thanks Mrs. Khurana for with drawing the case. She inturn apologizes for Deejay, and asks them to pray that he gets better soon. She leaves. Raavi wants to see DJ & Papa ji accompanies her.

In the Hospital, Raavi apologizes to DJ's mom and says she cannot sleep if she won't apologize even to DJ.

She makes DJ to realize what he had done to her and they both say sorry to each other.
They go home, and everyone is happy that this mess is over. Raavi hugs Pinky ji who is relieved to see her daughter becoming normal.

18th May, 2012 Epi#130

It's early morning 4 o'clock. Ginny and Rocky both woke up and are planning to surprise
Sweety ji as its Mother's day. But it fails as Rocky on's the wrong switch and the fuse is burnt.

Sweety ji n Lucky ji thinks it's a thief n comes down but to their surprise their kids wish Mother's day. Lucky ji repairs the fuse there was a mess in the kitchen. Kids says today they will take care of all the works. Sweety ji suspects may be its coz they want costly gift.

Raavi n co too surprise their parents by serving the tea. They too plan for doing all the household stuff and gives off to Pinkyji. Pinky ji goes to Papaji's place and says it's a off for her due to mother's day. When he calls Sweety ji she says she want to keep any eye on the kids.

Raavi n Rashi have a fi8 and Rashi burns omlet too. Jeet ji shouts at them.

Rocky breaks the kiddy bank of Sweety ji which was the last gift given by her mom. Rocky assures to fix it. Lucky ji brings breakfast and Sweety ji don't allow them to eat and she starts having them.

Bai calls and says she can't come as her mom is ill. Rocky shouts at her and says her mom is ill n not dying ri8? Sweety ji n all are shocked and she says is this the gift he gave on mother's day. She leaves from there leaving the kids to Lucky ji.

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I don't think there was anyone in particular, But if u see, the scene where Raavi goes to the Hospital and asks for forgiveness for what she has done was somewhat really emotional by the way she said things. DJ wanted to say sorry but he wasn't given a chance by Raavi. So, Anyway, that was a Scene which touched my heart a lot!

The Scene of the Kitchen which started on a Funny Note ended on a Sad Note, As Rocky broke Sweety's Piggy-Bank and all the money broke, so that was really 1 scene which was Emotional.

Well, Its definitely has to be the scene where Raavi-Raashi brought tea in the morning for Pinky and then they drop some of the tea and so they tell Pinky, U remain her we will Clean. After that chota so scene we hear some big big noise, Of Someone Snoring! ROFL Sunny Rajkumar was on the Sofa and was Snoring and sleeping away to glory! Pinky-Jeet's reaction was also solid! So this was definitely the Funniest in the Entire week!

Another Funny Scene was that when Raavi throws Water on Sunny and then he wakes up and tells, Now Mummy will feel i have pissed on the bed and then when he asks whats there to eat and then Raavi tells, Mera Sar (my head), and he replies, That is Empty, isn't it Cornflakes, and then Raavi's expression was so hilarious. Then the scene goes to Ahuja House Kitchen where Raashi is doing Aha Balle Balle dance, that was damn funny. Both on them then Argue so much, was hilarious too.

Now Next Scene at Ahluwalia family, Lucky brings food from outside and then Sweety comes and tells I got holiday so all started disobeying me. Then Sweety begins to eat Kachori, Lucky tells, 4 are there, Rocky, Ginny U and Me and then Sweety tells, No Rocky, Ginny, Me and Me. That stuff too was Hilarious, in all the entire episode was really Hilarious, I don't know the way the episode ended how funny its gonna be next week, but anyway, this entire episode was Hilarious! So it wasn't Funny Scene of the Week it was Funny SCENES of the Week!

Well, Another Scene which i enjoyed! I definitely deserved the Funny Scene of the Week. The Friday's Episode in which The 2, Ginny n Rocky wake up early in the morning and decide to do all the work that Sweety does, their acting was Fab, then when they come to the kitchen the Sher of Rocky, "Kitchen Suna Suna" made me laugh so much! Then when the electricity goes off, Sweety-Lucky wake up, and the Bhasan Sweety ji gave Lucky was so funny! In-fact, Sweety is really hilarious when she shouts at Lucky. "Bijli Bill" and then when Lucky replies, he just says "Thand Pao" that made me laugh. And then they think there are robbers and they decide to catch the robbers, Sweety ji's plan again made me laugh. Then when they come down and see Ginny-Rocky and when they 2 wish Sweety, her reaction like "Happy Mothers Day" was hilarious, her expression was Super! And If u see throughout the Scene when the lights come on, the expressions of Sweety-Lucky was Super Hilarious and then along with that, Sweety's BG Music. Then Sweety tells, Fathers day i will send them to ur office, this dialogue was hilarious! So All together, the two scene's both of Ahuja Family and Ahluwalia Family, Both were, Hilarious!

Then the scene shifts to Khanna Family, Lovely, Dolly, Papaji all three are hilarious characters, the way they reacted on the way, Pinky told on Mothers Day was funny! Papaji didn't know a "Mothers Day" existed and then Dolly just remembered it was "Mothers day" Oh God! It was a Fun Filled Scene and i think fun filled episode! Then Papaji calls Sweety and their Convo was also hilarious. Lucky ji then coming and telling that see so quietly they are doing the work and then Sweety's reply saying, When they are quite that time only i get scared was also Hilarious! Their Convo was also, so damn Funny! Then it goes back to the kitchen where Lucky tells that he wants to eat "Chole Bhature" that too was so damn hilarious, Rocky and Ginny's expression and their Answers. But then after this scene it became Sad, so thats why won't mention, so thats it, so many Hilarious n Funny Scene's and yes, thats it!

In the Scene where Mr. Khurrana comes and starts shouting bring that girl here in the Police station was all NONSENSE, his screaming and they scene was boring, Also, when Mr's Khurrana took the case back, the way he reacted was so damn boring! Foolish scenes! Anyway, this was the boring part of the entire Week's Episode!

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Well, It was the scene in which Pinky comes with the entire group of Children and the way she explains each and everything to the police, that why has she brought the children here. The way she explained each and every single thing about why her daughter was right, that was definitely without a doubt the Best Scene of the Week. Well the way Mr's Khurrana was inspired and she decided to take back the case was really great. Pinky was totally a Supportive Mother which was really Great!

In this scene only Pinky was the speaker, she was the one who supported her daughter, not a word from anyone else. And then, when Mr's Khurrana asks for forgiveness all her pride was in he drain, which was a good change. Also, When Raavi decided to Meet DJ in the Hospital and the hand of blessing Papaji gave her was also really nice, So ALL in ALL the Best Scene!

A big change from the cotton salwars that Pinky usually wears, this salwar set, is for sure an eye catching outfit. The salwar set, gorgeous on its own looks perfect, paired with a pretty pink purse. All in all, a perfect dress, for an evening get-together..

Pinky Ahuja

A mother is the embodiment of God. And Pinky this week was a true mother, a nurturer and a protector. She gave Raavi the strength to face her demons, she went through all possible channels, to give her daughter some relief and when everything else failed, she went all guns blazing in defense of her daughter. Her single minded determination to ensure her child's safety in the face of adversity, makes her the best character of the week.

Mr. Khurana


He walked on air, because of his status, sure that his son wouldn't resort to such cheap tricks because of all the money at his disposal - did not realise that all the money in the world could not rectify a person's character. He was willing to go the extra mile to send Raavi to jail, but unwilling to look at the faults in his own son. When parents themselves start overlooking the faults in their child, and look for ways to cover them up, instead of correcting them, there is no way the child will learn anything right. Khurana with these acts, has earned himself the title of worst character of the week.?

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I love how the kids are making Mother's day a memorable day for their mothers<3Blushingraashi,raavi and sunny are making tea for their parents in the early morningEmbarrassed.. ginni and rocky are cooking for the dearest Sweety mummyWink 
Hugthe mothers are relaxed and feel proud of their childrenHug
Always love your mother..she is the one who has shown you the worldEmbarrassed

Best Episode of the Week - Episode # 129, 17 May, Thursday

Reason: Really liked the way, Pinky along with the kids confronted the police inspector and also the Khuranas making them realise that when Raavi was being mentally tortured, that time no one was there to help them

There wasn't any filler this week too.

Rating - 2/5

I find it very difficult to give anything more than a 2 for this week's episodes.  The reason being, the flippant attitude of dealing with such a serious issues. Is sexual harassment or eve-teasing, that simple of a problem which can be solved by playing tricks on the mother of the perpetrator? Is it right for the creatives to romanticise the whole track at the end of everything? I wish when this issue was taken up in the first place, they had a proper idea outlined - that this is what they expected to portray, and this is the message they aimed to send out. The complete lack of sensitivity in dealing with a storyline like this, was what shone through at the end of the week. One of these two points, is for Pinky's speech to Raavi - telling her, never to blame herself for someone else's wrong thoughts and telling her to always walk with her head held high! The other point is for the mother's day special episode -which was a good change from the overdose of drama over the past few episodes.

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Best Siggy Maker of the Week Goes to Zaryab-Khan
Here is the Siggy made by Zaryab-Khan

Here's Your GIFT!!

Best Avi Maker of the week Goes to Faraan_4_Shweta
Here is the Avi made by  Faraan_4_Shweta

Here's Your GIFT!!!

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Posted: 20 May 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Thats It for This Week! Hope You Guys Enjoy Reading the NL! Thanks a lot for all the Support and Help from the Forum and NL Members!


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Congrats to all the team for the second NL issue. awesome selection of all the sections Clap

thank u Ridzzi n Jyoti for giving us the opportunity. Hug

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